Rachel Crockett and her son Connor

Baby born at 23 weeks inspires parents to ask that abortion limit be lowered

Rachel Crockett and her son Connor
Rachel Crockett and her son Connor

Connor Walkow wasn’t expected to live when he was born at just 23 weeks gestation. His mother, Rachel Crockett, and father, Craig Walkow, of Buckinghamshire, England, were told to be prepared to lose him within moments after his birth.

“We were told to say goodbye to Connor and that we wouldn’t see him again. It felt like the end of the world, we were numb,” Crockett told the Mirror. The hospital doesn’t revive babies born before 24 weeks, but the doctor told Crockett and Walkow that if Connor showed signs of life, they would help him.

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Opposing clinic inspections protects the abortion industry. Women? Not so much.

President Obama has been accused of trying to silence his critics. Apparently he’s silencing his supporters now, too.

That was Gwyneth Paltrow’s experience, anyway. Obama was attending a Democratic fundraiser organized by the Hollywood star when he allegedly robbed Paltrow of her ability to communicate. After describing herself as one of the president’s “biggest fans,” Ms. Paltrow went on to declare, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”

As a heterosexual man, I’m probably not the most qualified person to evaluate President Obama’s physical attractiveness. What I can say is that no matter how handsome someone might be, there are some things that pro-lifers just shouldn’t stay silent about. That includes supporting sensible rules to protect women from negligent and malicious doctors. The good news is that Arizona and other states have passed laws allowing surprise inspections of abortion clinics. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board.

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Planned Parenthood prez Cecile Richards tells ‘Elle’ magazine she had an abortion

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has revealed that she had an abortion. In an essay submitted to Elle magazine, Richards recalls:

There’s a big difference between sharing your story and being forced to justify your decision… I know this firsthand. I had an abortion. It was the right decision for me and my husband, and it wasn’t a difficult decision.

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After an abortion: a look into the recovery room

Carol Everett owned two abortion clinics and was the director of four. She eventually became pro-life and now speaks about her experiences. 

Carol Everett
Carol Everett

Like nearly all abortion clinics, Everett’s clinics had “recovery rooms” where women could stay after their abortions until the anesthesia wore off or they felt well enough to leave. Everett says there were two main reactions among women right after their abortions:

…[T]here are two reactions in the recovery room. The first one is: I’ve killed my baby. And even then, it amazed me that that was the first time they called it a baby and the first time they called it murder. But, you know, as bad as that sounds, that’s probably the healthiest reaction. That woman is probably going to have the ability to walk out of there and deal with it, and perhaps be healed and go on.

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Planned Parenthood president celebrates her own abortion saying it “wasn’t a difficult decision”

In the name of ending the “stigma” about abortion, the president of Planned Parenthood says aborting her baby “wasn’t a difficult decision.” In a story written for Elle, Cecile Richards says abortion isn’t an issue that should be stigmatized, and sometimes it’s what’s “right” for people.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards lists abortion as #WhatWomenNeed for Valentines Day.
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards lists abortion as #WhatWomenNeed for Valentines Day.

“I had an abortion. It was the right decision for me and my husband, and it wasn’t a difficult decision. Before becoming president of Planned Parenthood eight years ago, I hadn’t really talked about it beyond family and close friends. But I’m here to say, when politicians argue and shout about abortion, they’re talking about me—and millions of other women around the country.”

Richards joins the chorus of pro-abortion voices who are straying from calling abortion a difficult but needed choice to boldly praising the act of killing. But Richards says abortion should never have been an “issue” in the first place.

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Letter to editor: Not all pro-life people are religious

Hello, everybody. I’m 19 years old, and 100% pro-life.

I’m also an atheist.

But before you decide to stop reading this, you deserve to know a few things about me.

I was born and raised in a Catholic family. I was baptized a month old, went to Sunday school, and went to church every Sunday. Okay, I went most Sundays. I also know that there are other divisions of Christianity, as well as other religions, and I respect your spirituality, what ever it may be.

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Predators & Prey: Why Planned Parenthood is hunting in Alaska

Alaska draws hunters from around the world. In fact, Planned Parenthood is hunting there right now; their target is GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Sullivan is trying to unseat the Democratic incumbent, Mark Begich, and that’s put him in Planned Parenthood’s crosshairs.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has launched attack ads against Sullivan, including one that says, “Dan Sullivan would let the government control what you do with your body.” I can see why the folks at Planned Parenthood would run an ad about trying to control women. After all, they’ve been helping abusive men do that for years.

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One couple’s heartbreaking tale of miscarriage gives contrast to abortion

A pro-life woman whose unborn baby girl died in the womb shared her experience on her blog.   The loss of her daughter, whom she and her husband named Olivia Amy, led her to reflect on the lives abortion takes every year.

Lisa and Bill were expecting their fifth child, and the couple was eagerly awaiting the baby’s birth.

Just like with my other pregnancies, we spent time wondering if this child was a boy or a girl; deciding on names; dreaming what he or she would look like and so on. Reading over the fetal development pamphlets was amazing; we got to “watch” our baby change and grow daily.

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Male heckler ironically interrupts female pro-life speaker on behalf of “women”

On Wednesday, Lila Rose and other pro-life leaders expressed their concern about Planned Parenthood’s increasingly negative impact on American culture. Lila Rose pointed out that, as a woman, she finds Planned Parenthood’s complicity with the rapes of underage girls offensive.

At precisely this moment, a male heckler sabotaged the podium to shout insults at Rose and the pro-lifers showing their support.

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Planned Parenthood tweets a picture of baby carriages for its 98th birthday

98 years ago, on October 16th, Margaret Sanger opened the first clinic that would eventually grow into the abortion behemoth that is Planned Parenthood. And they chose to celebrate in a rather odd way… by tweeting out a picture of baby carriages.

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For Apple and Facebook, babies are a road block to success

Ignore your biological clock, ladies, Facebook and Apple have announced that they will now be covering the cost of freezing your eggs. Both companies are willing to dish out up to $20,000 per woman for this technology, enough to cover two elective rounds of egg harvesting.

Egg freezing isn’t health care

Just like abortion, egg freezing isn’t necessary for maintaining a woman’s health. And pregnancy and childbirth at later ages can lead to more complications. Paying for this new technology is not about supporting women’s health, it’s about getting more work out of women to benefit their companies.

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texas flag

SCOTUS halts Texas pro-life law at the request of abortion industry

The highest court of the land has forced the state of Texas to allow the predatory abortion industry to begin functioning under shoddy standards once again. A crucial provision of HB2, the landmark pro-life bill which passed the Texas Legislature last summer, requires that abortion mills meet ambulatory surgical center (ASC) standards before committing abortions.

These standards ensure a basic level of safety for mothers, one that is guaranteed to all Texas women who have to undergo similar surgical procedures that do not involve abortion. But the Supreme Court of the United States has blocked these provisions while the case is being litigated.

“Texans have the freedom to prioritize women’s health and safety over the bottom line of abortionists, and this good law affirms that,” said Casey Mattox of Alliance Defending Freedom.

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The pro-choice myth of “forced pregnancy”

When a woman falls pregnant against her desire, pro-abortion advocates argue that restricting her right to abortion condemns her to “forced pregnancy” or, in even more radical terms, “gestational slavery.”

By their logic, a woman unable to attain an abortion is enslaved both to the burgeoning life within her uterus, and to those who, by restricting access to abortion, oblige her to remain pregnant.

But the idea that government, men, or any other outside source can force a woman to remain pregnant implies that they take an active role in gestation, one that enables them to control it in some way. The idea implies that outside forces possess the power to dictate when, how, and for how long a woman will be pregnant. The truth is, however, that neither men nor even women ultimately control when and for how long a uterus gestates.

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Slate writer: Abortion is a social good and “no big deal”

Let’s get one thing straight: Abortion is not empowering, it’s an abuse of power. As grown adults, we have authority over our children and power to do a great deal of harm to those that are weaker than we are, including killing them in the womb. But that doesn’t mean we are empowered. It means we are tyrants.

Slate writer Hanna Rosin recently reviewed the book Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Pollitt. Rosin is all for abortion. She had one herself between her second and third live births because another child didn’t fit into her life at that moment of raising two children and working.  And she’s proud of her power to abort her child saying that, while having a child is a big deal, aborting a child is “no big deal.”

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All eyes are on Tennessee

All eyes are on Tennessee.  Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State, Music City USA, home of Elvis Presley, Beale Street, the buckle of the Bible belt, and the Great Smokey Mountains. Now it has another moniker…abortion destination of the Southeast. Tennessee ranks as the third state nationally for out of state women coming to get their abortions.

This occurred because the ACLU and Planned Parenthood sued the people of Tennessee in a lawsuit known as Planned Parenthood vs. Sundquidst.  Planned Parenthood sued to remove three regulations around abortion that had been voted into place by bi-partisan legislators. These were informed consent, 48 hour waiting period, and that later term abortions must be done in hospital settings.  The ruling was announced September 15, 2000 in their favor by the TN Supreme Court, and with it a broad right to an abortion in our state Constitution was discovered.  This prevented any regulation from being enforced that could not pass a strict scrutiny standard.

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Thousands fight back against pro-life censorship on TLC

Viewers can probably guess where the stars of 19 Kids and Counting stand on abortion. Heck, you could probably figure that out from just reading the title of TLC’s hit show. But for some reason, TLC thinks pro-life speech is too offensive for their audience to handle.

In the past, the Duggar kids have worn Stand True’s pro-life t-shirts on the show which simply say “I survived Roe v. Wade, but Roe v. Wade will not survive me.”

But on a recent episode, the shirt was blurred out on the program. Can you believe it? A simple statement of opposition to Roe v. Wade was deemed too offensive for viewers of the show to handle.

Censored! (photo credit: Bryan Kemper / Stand True)
Censored! (photo credit: Bryan Kemper / Stand True)

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Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis goes negative with despicable ad on opponent’s disability

Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis seems to have realized that her pro-abortion platform has failed to capture the attention of Texans and she’s stooped to a new low in her desperation to win. She has spent much of her time rushing ridiculous attacks at her opponent, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Because Abbott has a squeaky clean record (unlike Davis), Wendy has stooped to attacking him for being disabled. Watch her new ad here:

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Planned Parenthood is targeting Black America. Sen. Mary Landrieu is helping them do it.

Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu is waging a tough fight in Louisiana’s senate race. That fight got tougher this month as Landrieu faced new criticism from State Sen. Elbert Guillory.

Guillroy, the first African-American to sit in the State Senate as a Republican in over a century, appeared in an ad that accused Landrieu of ignoring black voters. Guillroy alleged that Sen. Landrieu’s lack of concern for education and economic development has disproportionately harmed Louisiana’s African-American community, particularly its children. I can think of something else that Mary Landrieu has done to harm black children: throughout her career, she’s supported Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider.

For years, abortion and racism have gone hand-in-hand. Disgraced President Richard Nixon favored aborting mixed race children, stating that an abortion was needed “when you have a black and a white.” Nixon also pointed to abortion as a means “to control the negro bastards.” That may have been why federal funding of Planned Parenthood began under his administration, a move that the group’s CEO praised Nixon for in 2012.

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A new low… Planned Parenthood uses Ebola outbreak to promote abortion

Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion buddies will exploit anything they can to promote abortion, including holidays. Now, they’ve even sunk so low as to exploit the Ebola outbreak in an apparent fit of jealousy over the attention it has received in the media.

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Live Action and pro-life allies call for ending Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding

This morning, pro-life advocates led by Live Action held a press event raising awareness of Planned Parenthood’s dangerous influence in American culture. Live Action was joined by leaders from major pro-life organizations, who noted that the abortion giant’s power in the US is made possible by tax funding opposed by many Americans.

Missy Martinez of Students for Life of America was clear about the goal: “Defund Planned Parenthood, and stop this corrupt organization from preying on our women.”

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