NARAL attacked Doritos baby because they know the dehumanizing jig is up

The most interesting thing about NARAL’s freakout over the Doritos Super Bowl commercial depicting a hungry baby on an ultrasound is how few of their own allies wanted to join them in bashing the ad’s “#antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.”

Sure, there were tweets of agreement from pro-abortion viewers, and a variety of news stories that painted the ad as generally unseemly (“‘WTF.’—everyone,” “f’ing weird,” “Making Us Rethink Ever Eating Doritos Again”), but no major commentary from the movement’s usual pundits or websites backing up NARAL’s complaint that putting an ultrasound on a TV screen is intrinsically wrong. The closest anybody came was one tweet from Planned Parenthood Action, and even that was just a broader objection to “sexist #SB50 ads.”

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Unreal: Ann Coulter cheers Chris Christie’s defense of abortions for rape

Once known primarily as pundit that, while not everyone’s cup of tea, was a pro-life stalwart who devoted much of her writing to defending the preborn, Ann Coulter has irked pro-lifers in recent years with a handful of statements, from her criticism of Ebola missionary Dr. Kent Brantly (which I interpreted differently than some of my colleagues) to her tweet that “I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper” (which was a horrendously-phrased expression of her argument that immigration policy ultimately affects pro-lifers’ chances anyway).

But for my money, the biggest disservice she’s done for our cause came this past weekend, where she had a… different… reaction to Chris Christie’s horrendous advocacy of rape-case abortions as “self-defense” than most pro-lifers:

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‘Incredible’ ultrasound photo shows baby boy giving parents a thumbs up

Nicole Kim was feeling a bit down before she went in for the 20 week ultrasound of her third baby. Her husband Tony had recently been laid off from his job, but on this day, Kim was more focused on learning if she would be having a baby girl or boy. Still, when her preborn son gave her an adorable thumbs up, Kim felt reassured about her family’s future.

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Ohio legislature defunds Planned Parenthood, cuts $1.3 million in funding

The Ohio House of Representatives has made its final vote to approve HB 294, which forbids state health funds from going to Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider in the state.

If it is signed, which Ohio Governor John Kasich is expected to do, it will cut off the $1.3 million that the state’s affiliate of the abortion giant currently receives per year through the Ohio Department of Health. The same money will still go to support HIV testing, cancer screenings, and violence-against-women programs in the state, just distributed through providers not affiliated with abortion. Continue reading

Brazilian journalist condemns push for Zika-related abortions

Latin America’s ongoing Zika epidemic has renewed abortion debates in several countries. The Zika virus, which is still somewhat of a mystery to experts in science and medicine, is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and is believed to cause microcephaly in preborn babies.

El Salvador’s Health minister has recently argued that due to the dangers to preborn babies presented by the virus, abortion restrictions should be revised. Colombia and Brazil are also experiencing surges in support for abortion due to the epidemic. But is abortion really the answer?

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Abortion activists lament upward trend in pro-life legislation

As Live Action News reported, 2015 was a historic and monumental year for the pro-life movement. And it appears that 2016 may be even better.

RH Reality Check, a pro-abortion group that promotes itself as “a resource for evidence-based news,” recently reported that 147 pro-life bills have been introduced in state legislatures in January alone. While RH Reality Check’s definition of “anti-choice” legislation is clearly unreliable and debatable, the fact is, they are on to something here. Recent trends show that pro-life legislation is surging across the country.

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Why we’re calling all believers to pray right now for the Supreme Court

(Bound4Life) This week, a coalition of pro-life and faith-based groups—most based in Texas—are coming together under the banner Texas Loves Life. We’re not doing it for press conferences, lobbying or other common reasons. The coalition Texas Loves Life exists solely to pray for the Supreme Court, believing for life to be upheld as the court considers an important Texas pro-life law in the current session.

Carol Everett, founder of The Heidi Group based in Round Rock, Texas, addressed pro-life faith leaders on our first conference call (recording now online) this past Monday. “We recently surveyed our network of 183 life-affirming pregnancy centers in Texas, who reported increases as high as 300 percent of women using our ultrasound and other services,” said Everett.

“Working from that detailed survey, we estimate at least 40,000 lives have been saved in Texas since HB 2 was enacted in 2013,” she concluded. Carol Everett then led us in prayer for the women her team serves and for life to be upheld in this case.

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NARAL wants abortion questions at Thursday Democrat debate

In a rare display of agreement with pro-lifers, NARAL Pro-Choice America is upset that abortion has not been given its due attention over the course of the past Democratic presidential primary debates.

“Reproductive freedom is at serious risk in this country. But still, not a single question about abortion rights has been asked at ANY of the five Democratic debates. Not one,” the organization laments in a new email to members. To rectify the situation, they are circulating a petition to “PBS NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff [who] will make up the first all-woman moderating team of any debate” this Thursday night, demanding that they “ask a question about abortion access and reproductive freedom at the Democratic debate.”

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Baby Adam, whom others called a curse, shares why every child is precious

When Adam was born just over four years ago in India, he was immediately abandoned by his birth parents. Born with severe physical deformities, including a cleft lip and palate, no eyelids, no nose, fused legs, and hand abnormalities, he was considered a curse, and his parents threatened to kill him if they were forced to bring him back to their village. So Adam stayed in the hospital, but it was the same hospital where his soon-to-be parents whom he had yet to meet, happened to be working.

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Dissonance: Hillary Clinton ad celebrates families, but pushes abortion

If one were to watch the beginning of Hillary Clinton’s “I Believe” ad without knowing which campaign it was a part of, one might think it was an inspirational pro-life video. The opening features a father addressing his preborn child: “Hi, little one. It’s me. It’s your dad. You are not born yet… I can’t wait to meet you.” Other parents are then shown addressing their children in similar, heartfelt ways.

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Abortion slacktivism and the white savior complex

(New Wave Feminists) The documentary film After Tiller is a fascinating look at the abortion industry, but it’s also a fascinating piece of propaganda. It delves into the issue of late-term abortions, a topic too grisly for most people to consider.

The film focuses on a few of the few – the tiny percentage of abortionists who will do the procedure all the way into the third trimester of pregnancy. Only four doctors to be exact.

Dr. Hern is one of them. Most days he commits late term abortions in Boulder, Colorado. However, when reminiscing about how he got his start in After Tiller, he talks about his peace corp days in Brazil…

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