Baby survives with rare disease despite diagnosis of death

Alyssa Reidhead and her husband Ben we’re thrilled when they found out they were pregnant. For the young couple from Idaho, having their first baby was the happiest time of their lives. When their preborn baby was 23 weeks old the Reidhead’s went to the doctor for a routine appointment. They assumed they’d learn the sex of their baby but the additional news they received was shocking.

Ben told Fox News, “We were going in for one of the happiest times of our lives and come out walking like we just heard the worst news we could’ve ever heard.”

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Pageant star with Down syndrome accepted into college

While debate rages about aborting those diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero, those who are living with it continue to inspire in all sorts of ways.

Just like many other students, Mickey Deputy has been accepted to start her college career in the fall. Mickey, whose excited reaction  was captured in a video shared by “HumanKind” for USA Todayhas Down syndrome. Mickey read her acceptance letter aloud while her mother, Jenny, and father and brother, Michael and Brad, watched. She paused after reading “we want to congratulate you on your,” and after prompting from her mother, excitedly finished with “acceptance into our program.”

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Pro-abortion Oregon denies justice to abused baby, but pro-lifers get the blame

Sometimes when pro-abortion propagandists are desperate to find a new angle from which to attack pro-lifers as heartless phonies, they end up blaming us not only for problems we had nothing to do with, but for problems that can more closely be traced back to themselves.

At Raw Story, Sarah Burris tells the heartbreaking story of an Oregon couple who came home to find their one-year-old son Jacob (seen above, via the father’s Facebook page) had been beaten by a babysitter to the point where little Jacob could have been killed.

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Pro-abortion attacks on pro-life advertising low on facts, high on hypocrisy

On Wednesday, Sharon Coutts at Rewire (formerly RH Reality Check) reported on crisis pregnancy centers’ use of geo-fencing technology to advertise alternatives to abortion directly on the smartphones of people in or near abortion facilities. In her telling, this “presents a serious threat to the privacy and safety of women exercising their right to choose, as well as to abortion providers and their staff,” and the rest of the pro-abortion blogosphere agrees.

The Daily Kos likens it to the dystopian novel 1984. Jezebel calls it “creepy,” as does Mother Jones. Fusion deems it “harassment” based on “questionable ethics” (try to overlook the irony of abortion advocates questioning the ethics of other practices). Is this just another pro-abortion hysteria campaign, or do they have a point?

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New study: Up to 71% of premature babies can survive if given active care

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics just released a new study that shows that medical advances continue to make the point of viability earlier and earlier in pregnancy. The study, conducted in 2015, tracked 106 micro-preemies, babies born at either 22 or 23 weeks gestation (which is 20-21 weeks post-fertilization), at the University of Cologne Medical Centre in Germany from 2010-2014. Of these 106 babies, 86 of them received active care instead of palliative care. 58 of those babies survived until hospital discharge (67%), with 20% of them surviving without any severe complications.

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Ted Cruz pledges he’ll fight to keep GOP pro-life platform

On Thursday, Texas Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz told Oklahoma radio host Pat Campbell that he was holding on to his delegates in part to ensure the GOP platform’s pro-life plank is not weakened at the Republican National Convention.

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Planned Parenthood will apply for an abortion license in Louisiana, despite pro-life laws

As Live Action News’s Calvin Freiburger reported, on Monday, the Louisiana Senate voted 33-2 to eliminate taxpayer funding for any organization the provides elective abortions. Governor John Bel Edwards, a pro-life Democrat, is expected to sign the bill into law.

Despite the new law, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards says the abortion giant “absolutely” plans to apply for an abortion license for its new clinic in New Orleans. Richards attempted to justify the move by calling abortion “a legal medical service, not only in the country, but even in the state of Louisiana. And it’s really important that women can get the full spectrum of reproductive health care services.”

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Planned Parenthood merges, moves into facility of incarcerated abortionist in Oklahoma City

It’s beginning to sound like an episode of a bad TV show called Oklahoma Abortion Wars. First, an infamous abortionist announces she’s expanding her offices into Oklahoma, the most pro-life state in the nation. Now, Planned Parenthood has announced a merger to expand abortion in Oklahoma, opening its own new office in Oklahoma City.

On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Missouri announced that, effective July 1, it would merge with Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma and be known as Planned Parenthood Great Plains. Buried in the news release was a quiet reference to a new Oklahoma City affiliate opening in July, as well.

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Clinton: Abortion must be “core priority” in developing countries

Last week, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton yet again made clear her intent to promote abortion, not only in the United States, but in developing countries as well.

Speaking to the Women Deliver 4th Global Conference in Copenhagen via video address, Clinton stated that “reproductive…rights must be a core priority.” The conference centered on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which have been widely criticized for promoting abortion and population control. Clinton apparently sees this as progress, telling the women and organizations present that “this is an important moment as we chart a course to meet the new Sustainable Development Goals.”

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Here are 10 rapists Planned Parenthood has helped

If you’re at college, you might hear about the Sexual Health Advocacy Group – SHAG for short. Known as “shaggers” (seriously), members try “to open up the conversation about sexual health, sex positivity, and sexual communication.” SHAG embraces disadvantaged groups, including those in the disabled community. It’s also fine with aborting them.

SHAG’s chapter at the University of Georgia has a website with links to various pro-abortion articles. Among them is a piece in Teen Vogue titled, “10 Girls Share How Planned Parenthood Made A Difference In Their Lives.”

Included is a story from “Danielle,” who describes being raped at 14 by several male acquaintances.

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