China’s family planning “army” ensures population control will continue

“If China’s Family Planning Officials were an official army, they would tie with North Korea as the sixth largest in the world.”

Chinese government officials in Xinjiang last month killed 17 people, including women and children – in retaliation, they said, for a knife attack in a coal mine two months earlier. As usual, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) kept mum on the details.

The conflict is merely the latest in a trend of increasing civil unrest in China. Internal data showed “mass incidents,” ranging from sit-ins to riots, doubled from 2006 to 2010, when there were 180,000 such incidents. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Science in 2012, mass incidents now regularly exceed 100,000 per year.

How to handle this? A million-strong army helps — another reason China won’t abandon forced population control anytime soon: this army consists of Family Planning Officials.

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ACLU offers inconsistent responses to Planned Parenthood, FRC shootings

On August 15, 2012, Floyd Corkins entered the offices of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian organization, with a gun and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Corkins was angry over FRC’s stance against same-sex marriage. As CNN reports, he intended “to kill as many people as he could at the research council and then smash the sandwiches in their faces.” Fortunately, Corkins only managed to shoot one man in the arm before being subdued.

In response to this event, 23 LGBT organizations released a joint statement condemning the violence…

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Cruz defends pro-life movement from charge it encouraged Colorado shooting

On Sunday, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz defended the pro-life movement against the charge that it inadvertently encouraged last week’s shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood.

“It was a multiple murder of what appears to be a deranged individual,” Cruz said. “And it was horrific, it was evil, and we’ll find out more out about the facts, but I don’t think we should jump to conclusions.” He argued there was “very little evidence” to support the media’s desire “to blame him on the pro-life movement.”

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Huckabee: Colorado shootings and Planned Parenthood abortions both violence, “no excuse” for either

Over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee denounced last week’s shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood as an act of “domestic terrorism,” but used the opportunity to stress that Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is also a form of violence.

“What [Robert Lewis Dear] did is absolutely abominable, especially to us in the pro-life movement,” Huckabee told CNN’s Brianna Keilar, “because there’s nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way on something like this.” Pro-life leaders have roundly and unequivocally condemned Dear’s actions. Continue reading

Garrett Swasey is a hero to the pro-life movement

Much has been speculated about regarding the man responsible for the horrible shooting in Colorado Springs, but one person we should be focusing on is Garrett Swasey.

Garrett Swasey is one of the three victims who lost their lives in the shooting. He was a 44-year-old University of Colorado in Colorado Springs police officer who died after rushing to the scene to save another injured police officer. He was 10 miles away on campus when news of the shooting broke out, and was known to respond to dangerous calls off campus.

He was also strongly pro-life.

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Former abortionist: ‘Abortion is big business’

On November 13, I quoted former abortionist Dr. Robert Siudmack, who was featured in a video series called “The Truth about Abortion.”  The series was released by Coral Ridge Ministries and was divided into 10 parts.

The sixth video, which you can watch below, addresses the issues of abortion profits and the lack of doctor-patient relationships within abortion facilities.

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“Wanted” – A short film about adoption with a lesson for us all

By presidential proclamation, this November was designated National Adoption Month. Adoption is an issue very near to the heart of the pro-life movement, and the life enrichment it gives has been reported in such documentary works as The Sidewalk Chronicles (2015). Demystifying the process of adoption and presenting facts are very important, and so is breaking the generational cycle that devalues life.

The cultural zeitgeist too often sloppily defines the value and quality of life according to convenience. Hence, the words “wanted” and “unwanted” usually appear when pregnancy and abortion are discussed.

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Los Angeles newborn found buried alive, residents emotional

Less than a week after a baby boy swaddled in dollar store towels was found in a Christmas manger on the lawn of a Catholic church in Queens, New York, another newborn was discovered buried alive along a riverbed bike path in the Compton area of Los Angeles.

Buried in a foot deep crevice, the 24- to-36 hour old baby girl was discovered by two women who, while out walking, heard a baby’s “muffled cry” that at first one had thought might be a cat’s meow.

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Where StemExpress gets its ‘research specimens’ matters

Oh, was she ever mad.

She was one of the staff members who works at the El Dorado Art Council, located next to StemExpress. They share a driveway flanked by our protest signs. She had had enough of protesters on the sidewalk. She tore into us as she walked up and down the picket line, snapping pictures of each person. We were ‘ignorant fools’ who were harming not only StemExpress, but also the Arts Council, according to her.

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Planned Parenthood releases statement on Colorado shooting

On Friday afternoon, there was an active shooter situation in Colorado Springs. While the details are still unclear, the shooter was confirmed to be firing shots from inside the Planned Parenthood lobby at officers outside. Planned Parenthood says all 15 of their staff members are safe.

The deeply disturbed man, Robert Lewis Dear, was taken into custody, but not before he tragically killed three people, including a reportedly pro-life police officer. The shooting and all deaths and injuries are tragic. The pro-life community has condemned such acts of violence.

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Couple adopts eight siblings to keep them together

Scott and Melissa Groves became engaged to be married six months after their first date. One year later they were newlyweds and parents to Melissa’s daughter Autumn from a previous relationship. Their life together was just beginning and they were eager to add more children to their family. According to People, Autumn, age 5 at the time, even asked Santa for a baby brother.

Little did they know that she was about to get her wish, big time.

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