Women’s safety: Another reason court appointments matter

If a business promised “fabulous” service, what would you expect?

Luxury? Excellence?

How about getting rusty objects shoved in you? If it’s Amy Hagstrom Miller’s business, then that just might be on the agenda.

Miller is CEO and founder of Whole Woman’s Health (WWH), a chain promising “fabulous abortion care,” which also happens to have been the plaintiff in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the case decided by the Supreme Court this week. An inspection of its Beaumont, Texas facility found something else: “numerous rusty spots on the suction machines,” a hazard with “the likelihood to cause infection.” Also noted? The potential for “rodents to enter the facility.”

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‘The Daily Show’ celebrates SCOTUS abortion ruling with inexcusable tweet

The 5-3 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which knocked down abortion safety regulations as part of HB2, brought on many reactions from both the pro-life and pro-abortion sides.

Perhaps the worst, or certainly the most easily condemned, came from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in an unfunny and inexusable tweet.

The Daily Show has made weak abortion arguments before, but this disgusting tweet isn’t even an argument. It’s misogyny and pro-abortion filth of among the worst kind right there in the open.

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Raped by a stranger, she rejected abortion. Now she has no regrets

(Libbie Peters) In the wake of this landmark decision by the Supreme Court in favor of “women’s rights” I’ve decided to “come out” so to speak, so that maybe those who are convinced that this decision is a huge victory for our country and women in this country will finally see abortion how I see it. From the eyes of a victim of rape, and a mother to a “product” of rape.

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Just Facts calls for retraction of dubious report on fetal pain

James D. Agresti, president of the fact-checking website Just Facts Daily, is calling on the Journal of the American Medical Association to retract a 2005 paper on fetal pain, and responding to JAMA’s defense of the paper.

Last month, Agresti originally wrote to argue that the paper “Fetal Pain: A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of the Evidence,” which argued fetal pain was “unlikely before the third trimester,” warranted retraction because its contention was refuted by subsequent papers establishing that pain perception actually begins in the second trimester, and that the development of a cortex is unnecessary for pain perception.

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How a public university and late-term abortion clinic worked together to aggressively expand abortion

It’s a match made in hell.

The revelations that the University of New Mexico (UNM) and its medical facilities, the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNMHSC), have been partnering with abortion facilities for years has shown the sinister doings of a publicly-funded flagship university enmeshed in the for-profit abortion industry.

Not only does UNM obtain fetal body parts from the notorious late-term abortion center, Southwestern Women’s Options (SWWO), but it also has provided university doctors to perform these abortions and hired abortionists as university faculty, as well as providing UNM doctors to a local Planned Parenthood facility. Residents from UNM are allowed to perform abortions at the clinics while being paid by the university.

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3 reasons why the Supreme Court’s Texas abortion ruling is bad for women

The pro-abortion lobby has been celebrating today. The Supreme Court has just struck down Texas’ HB2, which allowed the state to regulate abortion facilities, and required abortionists to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. If you listen to abortion fans, this is great news for women, for one reason alone: in their minds, it will increase the number of abortions in Texas. And for pro-abortion extremists, that is all that matters.

It doesn’t matter whether or not abortion is safe. It doesn’t matter if the woman undergoing an abortion is having rusty equipment pushed into her uterus. No, all of that is acceptable, because the abortion will take place. Make no mistake: the position of the pro-abortion lobby is clearly that an unsafe abortion is better than no abortion at all. From their actions, it appears that they would rather see women maimed or killed in botched abortions at the hands of abortionists in shoddy clinics than they would keep these women safe. And that’s what overturning this ruling does: it makes abortion less safe.

The Supreme Court has just ruled against women. Here are three reasons why…

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Ted Cruz slams Supreme Court for ruling against Texas’ abortion safety regulations

In a 5-3 decision today, the Supreme Court voted to overturn the Texas law requiring abortion facilities to adhere to minimum health and safety standards, as well as hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. The decision came after plaintiff Whole Woman’s Health — an abortion chain with a long history of health and safety violations –sued to overturn the law, setting the court case into motion. In the majority opinion, the justices claimed that the law placed an “undue burden” onto women seeking abortions.

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Pro-abortion media reacts to Supreme Court’s Texas abortion decision

Abortion absolutists have wasted no time popping the champagne corks in response to this morning’s horrendous Supreme Court ruling against Texas’s right to regulate abortion facilities in the interest of women’s health and safety.

Jezebel’s Stassa Edwards, for instance, reacted by declaring, “Thank f***ing god.” You know, to beat back those vicious, unfair stereotypes about pro-aborts being crass juveniles who don’t appreciate the life-or-death stakes of their issue.

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Pro-lifers aren’t enabling violence, but the abortion industry is

America witnessed a horrible crime this month: 49 people were murdered at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Who was responsible? You might blame the guy that pulled the trigger, one Omar Mateen. But according to Rewire editor Jodi Jacobson, he wasn’t the only culprit. The next day, she said pro-lifers also bore some responsibility.


Pro-lifers have been accused before of crimes we had nothing to do with. However, it usually happens when the perpetrator and motive have yet to be identified. That wasn’t the case here: Mateen called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS–not 40 Days for Life.

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UN bureaucrat: Pro-life laws are “torture” but murderers have right to life

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death last year for his role in the Boston Marathon Bombing. That didn’t sit well with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan E. Méndez. According to him, “The death penalty does not show respect for life, in fact it does the opposite.” As you can see,  Méndez is passionate about defending the right to life…

…for murderers. Children in the womb? Not so much.

In April, Méndez released a report stating that pro-life laws constitute “torture.” He said they’re based on “humiliating and judgmental attitudes” while inflicting “tremendous and lasting” damage on women.

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Kermit Gosnell sues prosecutor who convicted him, claiming defamation

Kermit Gosnell’s name is now forever linked with some of the most despicable murders ever committed in our country’s history. Decades of abuses were covered up. His clinic operated under filthy, disgusting conditions. Women claimed they were forced into abortions. Babies were born alive, and then cruelly murdered. Women died. It was horrific by anyone’s standards. And after a trial, he was convicted, and is now serving three life sentences in a Pennsylvania prison. Yet strangely, he is suing the Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, along with the Philadelphia Daily News.

Gosnell is claiming that his rights to due process and a fair trial were hindered by “falsities, slander, libel, and defamation” on the part of Williams, and two Daily News reporters. He filed the lawsuit with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and is representing himself.

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2016 Democratic Party Platform endorses taxpayer funding of abortion

The Democratic Party’s Platform Drafting Committee has officially unveiled the completed draft of its 2016 platform, which makes a more explicit call for taxpayer funding of abortion, and calls for state pro-life laws to be overturned as well as federal measures.

Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz declared that the platform “advances our party’s progressive ideals and is worthy of our great country.”

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