Help stop Planned Parenthood from writing its own regulations in North Carolina

Legislators in North Carolina did the right thing in July 2013 when they voted to raise the quality standards for abortion clinics in the state.

The hand-wringing response from the abortion industry was entirely predictable, with Planned Parenthood’s vice president for public affairs, Melissa Reed, calling it “the most restrictive access to safe and legal abortions this state has ever seen.”

That was then.

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Pro-life groups join MRC in denouncing media blackout of March for Life

Nineteen leading pro-life organizations joined the Media Research Center to chastise the networks for their near blackout of the 2015 March for Life. The annual March for Life, which attracted over 200,000 participants from around the country, marked the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

The only network that offered coverage was CBS, which dedicated 15 seconds to the March in the context of highlighting moderate Republican opposition to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Meanwhile, NBC, ABC, and Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo completely ignored the March. The networks did, however, find time to cover “DeflateGate,” sidecar dogs in America, and Prince Andrew’s sex scandal. Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell reacted:

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Planned Parenthood abortionist talks about the babies he aborts

Author Nancy Day quotes abortionist Ed Jones (pseudonym), who had worked at Planned Parenthood for four years at the time of the interview:

This can burn you out very, very quickly… not so much by the physical labor as the emotional part of what’s going on. When you do an ultrasound, particularly if you have children, and you see a fetus there, kicking, moving, living, doing things that your own child does, bringing it’s thumb to its mouth, and things like that – it’s difficult. Then, after the procedure, sometimes we have to actually look at the specimen, and you see arms and legs and things like that torn off…It does take an emotional toll.

Nancy Day. Abortion: Debating the Issue (New York: Enslow Publishing, 1995) Quoted from Clinicquotes.


Another Planned Parenthood closes – this time in Colorado

Joining six other Planned Parenthood clinics that have closed or been blocked from opening in the first month of 2015, the Pueblo, Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic will close before the end of February.

KRDO, a local news channel, reports that the shopping center where Planned Parenthood is located came under new ownership recently. The new owner would not agree to a lease with Planned Parenthood, and the abortion giant could not locate another place in Pueblo to rent.

The Pueblo clinic is under the direction of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM), a particularly corrupt branch of Planned Parenthood. Recently, this branch has been complicit in committing a forced, botched abortion; sending a minor girl back to her rapist; suggesting illegal activity to a minor; misusing taxpayer dollars for sex ed; and more.

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Documentary shows Belgian doctor euthanizing a depressed, suicidal woman

A new PBS documentary glowingly features euthanasia in Belgium, including one performed on video by Dr. Marc Van Hoey, one of the leading advocates of assisted suicide in Belgium. ProWomanProLife featured the video, which will send chills down the spine of any sane person who watches it.

In this video, a woman named Eva wants to be euthanized because she has been struggling with depression her entire life. She is suicidal and has attempted to kill herself many times. Now, she’ll finally be successful, because an obliging Belgian doctor was not bothered at all by the fact that he was killing a healthy young woman who was struggling with mental illness.

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Meet three premature babies who defied the odds

Before you meet these three beautiful babies, there are three notable things they have in common:

1) They could have been aborted.

Every one of these babies could have been aborted, somewhere in America. There are clinics that specialize in aborting babies just like these ones. Thankfully, each of these babies had parents who saw their value and fought for their lives, instead of willfully destroying them.

2) They would have felt terrible pain.

While science shows that unborn babies may feel pain as early as their fifth week, it almost undeniably proves that these babies — all over the age of 20 weeks — can feel pain, excruciatingly so.

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Mom diagnosed with cancer while pregnant said, ‘I’m not going to kill a healthy baby because I’m sick’

CNN released a video interview with an unbelievably courageous mom, Ashley Caughey. Ashley’s bravery in the face of suffering is simply awe-inspiring.

In 2012, Ashley was enjoying life with her boyfriend Jonathan and their son Braiden. That spring, an aching knee became increasingly more painful. After a few trips to the doctor, Ashley realized that something was wrong. A doctor misinformed her that the pain was likely arthritis. A year later, Ashley had increased trouble walking and decided to see a specialist.

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Pro-choice book to teens: keeping your abortion secret may be a positive experience

K Kaufmann wrote a book called The Abortion Resource Handbook, which is meant to guide women through their abortion decisions. It is aimed specifically toward women considering abortion. To put it mildly, the book takes a pro-choice position. In one passage, the author encourages teens not to tell their parents:

However sad or angry you feel right now, keep in mind that not involving a parent is often a sign of maturity – that you are able to make and take responsibility for your own decisions. Keeping the pregnancy and abortion a secret may even turn out to be a positive experience. For many young women, it may be one of the first times they make an important or life-changing decision on their own, and they may feel more confident and better about themselves as a result.

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Pampers, ultrasound

Pampers releases new ad celebrating babies – born and preborn

This month, Pampers released a new ad: “A Newborn Journey of Firsts.” Pampers has been known in the past for its beautiful, visually stirring ads that broadcast a pro-life message. A previous ad called babies miracles who “deserve protection” and referred to a baby on an ultrasound screen as a “he” instead of an “it.”

This time, Pampers’s ad — which has already received over 860,000 views on YouTube — opens as a mother lovingly caresses her pregnant belly. The scene switches to an incredible ultrasound where a baby is moving in the womb and, as Pampers puts it, is giving her “first hello.”

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Spiritual fatherhood

Spiritual Fathers are men who pray and sacrifice for little lives they cannot yet see — the most innocent and helpless creatures on Earth, so weak they don’t yet have a voice.

Men are called to save these little ones by standing up to a culture of death and a society that discards them — with vigils on cold nights and hot days amidst scornful looks, degrading gestures, spit, and insults as their pay and reward.

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Do pro-lifers believe in “shaming women”?

One of the most common accusations thrown against pro-lifers is that we want to “shame women” into agreeing with us. Here are three reasons why that’s simply not true:

1) It’s not “us” we want people to agree with.

We don’t think we’re that great or that important. Really, we don’t. The pro-life issue isn’t about “us” at all. It’s about innocent, helpless human beings who are literally being executed every day.

Strong words, I know, but it’s the reality of what actually happens in abortion that we want people to face. Human babies are ripped apart, limb from limb; women are physically and emotionally damaged — sometimes destroyed; families are broken apart; society becomes callused to violence and death because it occurs literally everywhere we look.

So what is abortion? Go here to read more about it, here to see the reality with your own eyes, and here to read about 10 reasons not to choose abortion.

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Clinic worker pressures distraught woman to make quick abortion decision

In book on postabortion regret by Melinda Tankard Reist , an Australian woman identified as Genevieve describes the “counseling” she received in an abortion clinic.  Torn between having her baby and having an abortion, Genevieve went to her appointment but ended up outside the abortion clinic door, sobbing. She describes a conversation she  had with a clinic worker:

I collapsed in sheer exhaustion. I told her that I had been outside for hours. I cried hysterically, curled over with my head in my hands on my knees. I said that “I feel that I’m depriving my child of life.” I stopped crying in disbelief when the counselor told me that if I was going to abort that I would have to do it right now. The counselor said, “Look, I’ll give you five minutes to think about it when I come back, I want your answer.” I couldn’t believe it. Now I was going into a state of panic and shock. I could now barely speak… The counselor glared at me, sighed a deep sigh, and impatiently said, “Look, they’re all waiting for you, you know…” They seemed angry at me. They were sick of me and in the end I weakly obeyed their commands.(1)

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