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The love that makes tough men cry

He sat across from us at dinner, wiping his eyes just a bit. The tears seemed to come easily, when they were least expected – except, by now, he’d come to expect them. When it came to his son, he was going to get emotional.

He’d just opened a little gift we’d brought for his son who was yet to be born: football jammies with the abbreviation “MVP” on the left chest. The new dad, my husband’s good friend, beamed with pride, and it was obvious that whether his little boy ever played a day of football in his life or not, he was always going to be his dad’s MVP.

Before we dug into our plates of delicious Mexican food, he showed us a video of his son’s first ultrasound. A tiny little gummy bear, with a very round belly, kicking and swinging for all he was worth. Even at the size of mere bean, this little boy wasn’t going to let anyone miss the truth of his humanity.

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Couple aborted their baby at 28 weeks because of a deformed left hand

People with disabilities are not often valued in our society. They’re demeaned as burdens or drains on taxpayers. And heaven forbid if a child is diagnosed with some kind of disability during pregnancy – even if the disability isn’t life-threatening, that child’s life is likely to be taken by his parents, simply because his life might consist of some measure of hardship.

An Australian couple chose to abort their baby at 28 weeks for just this reason: their child was diagnosed with nothing more than a cleft hand, and they thought that the baby might have a “hard” life.

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9 reasons why 2014 was a great year for pro-life

The pro-life movement experienced a milestone year, with huge national victories across the board. From a record number of pro-life legislators elected to Congress to wins protecting the freedom of conscience and pro-life legislation, 2014 was a benchmark year for pro-life. Not all pro-life victories of the past year were front-page news. Like Live Action investigations, some of the biggest pro-life victories happen “undercover.”

Here are nine ways you made a difference with Live Action in 2014!

9) Millions of people saw the ugly truth about abortion.

Live Action’s groundbreaking investigations into the abortion industry shaped the dialogue on abortion. In 2014, Live Action’s “What is Human?” video went viral, obtaining millions of views on Facebook. This exposé, released as part of Live Action’s Inhuman investigation, revealed the ugly truth about late-term abortion through taped, undercover conversations with the abortionists who perform them. “What is Human?” details the abortion industry’s refusal to recognize the humanity of pre-born children, as well as the willingness of abortionists to violently slaughter babies in egregious late-term abortion procedures.

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Observer at an abortion clinic: “death overtakes me”

Pro-choice author Magda Denes witnessed abortions for her book In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death Inside an Abortion Hospital. Her book was published decades ago, but is still relevant today and is one of the most detailed and poignant books by an observer at an abortion clinic.

Here she describes viewing the bodies of aborted babies killed in the second trimester:

I am drawn to the unit, irresistable, by my reactions of disbelief, sorrow, horror, compassion, guilt. The place depresses me, yet I hang around after working hours. When I leave, I behave outside with the expansiveness of one who has just escaped a disaster. I have bad dreams. My sense of complicity in something nameless grows and festers. I consider giving up the research…

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michael jr

Mom told to abort her baby, who is now a 7-year-old “joy”

When Nalida Besson was pregnant with her third child, she was told to abort. It seemed some people, including her midwife, didn’t think Nalida could handle a third child, especially one who had a 50/50 chance of inheriting congenital cataracts, a condition that makes the eyes small and leads to blindness. It’s a condition her husband Michael and both of their daughters were born with. However, Nalida and her husband Michael knew that their son was worthy of life.

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Horrifying: Ethicist says abortion after birth is moral

In an article for the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, a well-known Canadian bioethicist, Udo Schuklenk, argues that aborting a child after birth is moral.

Naturally, Schuklenk draws his own arbitrary lines as to when after-birth abortion is moral. He says that when a baby’s life contains “overwhelming pain and suffering,” it would be a moral choice. Schuklenk thinks that even future overwhelming pain and suffering should be considered, not just what a baby might currently be dealing with.

And in a horrifying pro-choice statement, Schuklenk writes:

The parents should be able to freely decide on what would amount to postnatal abortion.

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NARAL sounds alarm: “there’s no guarantee we can stop” late-term abortion ban

NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue announced that they are unsure if they can stop a new effort to protect pre-born children.

What has NARAL panicked is the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – legislation that would ban abortions after twenty weeks. Part of the impetus comes from Dr. Kawaljeet Anand’s research at the University of Tennessee, as his work suggests that a fetus can suffer pain by week twenty. This is especially relevant in light of what a second-trimester abortion typically involves: pulling the fetus apart one piece at a time.

While some contest the findings, University of Utah neurobiologist Maureen Condic argues that “there is sufficient uncertainty to warrant giving the fetus the benefit of the doubt.”

Ms. Hogue doesn’t agree, sending out an e-mail to complain how “the 20-week abortion ban has already passed the House of Representatives, and with only 37 pro-choice votes left in the U.S. Senate, there’s no guarantee we can stop it there.”

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Planned Parenthood caught violating Montana campaign law

Planned Parenthood has a history of flouting the law, and now, they’ve been caught doing it again. This time, they violated Montana campaign law.

Montana’s political practices commissioner has ruled that Planned Parenthood violated campaign law by not alerting a legislative candidate she would be the target of an attack ad.

While it may be a small infraction in this instance, it is just another example in a long line of law-breaking behavior. They have been caught, both in Live Action’s undercover investigations and in real-life instances, covering up child rape again and again, many times returning the victim back into the hands of the abuser.

They had shown a willingness to aid and abet sexual trafficking. They were found defrauding Medicaid, and blatantly broke the law in Wisconsin when they violated the WisconsinEye user agreement, not once, but twice. This stunt in Montana shows yet again that Planned Parenthood believes themselves to be above the law.


If we want to stand against racism, we should stand against Planned Parenthood

With the recent attention to race, discrimination, and violence in the news, there’s a major racist organization that’s been entirely ignored by the mainstream media: Planned Parenthood.

Yes, you heard me right. Planned Parenthood – all too often thought of as merely a “women’s health care provider – is actually America’s abortion giant and racist to boot.

Not only does Planned Parenthood constantly erect new clinics in areas of cities where minorities live in larger numbers, but the organization has also been caught on tape happily accepting donations to specifically target black babies for abortion.

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Raped while on a business trip, my husband and I chose life

Last January, I was traveling on business, staying in a little hotel in a college town.  I like to think I’m usually more aware of my surroundings, but it was so snowy and windy that I wouldn’t have heard his footsteps even if he had he been stomping.  It happened so fast.  I got the door open, turned around to close it, and he was there – a huge man.  My first instinct wasn’t fear, just confusion.  In an instant, he punched me in the face.  I don’t remember being dragged from the room, but I was found in the stairwell.  I don’t know why – maybe I was trying to go for help.

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In Virginia, elections have consequences as safety standards for abortion centers gutted

The Virginia Health Department has voted to make it easier for abortion businesses to remain open, even if they cannot meet basic health standards outlined in a previous law.

This is certainly devastating news, and not just to pro-lifers in the Commonwealth, or the unborn babies they’re trying to protect. It will also make for more dangerous conditions for women seeking an abortion in Virginia.

As tragic as such ramifications from the vote may be, the results are hardly surprising. That’s because this was a pet project of pro-abortion Governor Terry McAuliffe, back when he was pro-abortion gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

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16 weeks

Nursing journal: late-term abortion a “distressing clinical event” of a “complex nature”

From an article in The Journal of Clinical Nursing:

Second trimester terminations require the woman concerned to go through an induced labour, the result of which is a fetus in a very human form. This event requires sensitive management as it is has the potential to cause a great deal of distress for the women involved due to the psychological and physical impact of the procedure. However, health professionals involved can also find this a distressing clinical event due to the complex nature of the management and care required.

ANNETTE D. HUNTINGTON RGON, BN, PhD “Working with women experiencing mid-trimester termination of pregnancy: the integration of nursing and feminist knowledge in the gynaecological setting” Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2002, 11 273-279

This is only one way to do a second trimester abortion. Others are done by D & E, where the baby is dismembered inside the mother’s body.


Pro-choice reporter responds to display of aborted babies

Monica Migliorino Miller and several other pro-lifers set up a display of aborted babies outside the abortion clinic where they were found. Miller and the others had retrieved the aborted babies from the clinic’s trash.

Pro-Choice columnist Linda Gorov of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote about the display:

All the antiabortion pickets in the world cannot convey the loss you feel when you look at a 10 week old fetus in the bright sun light. You can be for abortion or against abortion. It doesn’t matter. You look and you look away and you feel lousy for a long time afterward.


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Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 11.57.44 AM

This viral video is changing minds about abortion

How do abortionists describe preborn children and the violent abortion procedures they perform on them? A video has gone viral that exposes what abortionists admit when they don’t realize the cameras are rolling.

Live Action‘s  “What is Human?” undercover investigative video probes America’s late-term abortion industry, and reveals chilling admissions from abortionists on the humanity of children in the womb. The video, which has garnered millions of views on Facebook and YouTube combined, has been shared approximately 50,000 times, and counting.  “What is Human?” details the willingness of abortionists to brutally slaughter babies able to survive outside the womb, and exposes the violent and inhumane nature of late-term abortion procedures that occur daily in abortion facilities. 

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Dear UVA protestors: If you’re looking for “enablers of rape,” go to Planned Parenthood.

Phi Kappa Psi has faced some serious accusations. In October, Rolling Stone magazine published a student’s account of being gang-raped on broken glass at the fraternity’s UVA chapter.

Identified only as “Jackie,” the woman said she was lured to a party before being slammed through a table, punched, and then raped for three hours by seven men–one of whom penetrated her with a beer bottle. Jackie claimed that after the ordeal was over, she was advised to stay quiet about it.

The report generated an uproar, with protests on campus and vandals damaging Phi Kappa Psi’s building. The story is certainly horrifying, but Rolling Stone did leave out one detail:

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Nicki Minaj hints at abortion during Saturday Night Live performance

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live featured rapper Nicki Minaj as its musical guest. While many may know Minaj for her more upbeat tracks, such as “Starships,” her performance on Saturday featured the incredibly personal “All Things Over.”

In the song Minaj sings about having been proposed to, as well as about a baby, who was either aborted or miscarried. Minaj likes to think of the baby as being an angel to her younger brother, Caiah:

“I want Caiah to go to college just to say we did it/My child with Aaron would have been 16, any minute / So in some ways I feel like Caiah is the both of them / It’s like he’s Caiah’s little angel, looking over him.”

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boy girl

“If it was a boy, I’d wring her neck”: clinic worker tells of patients rejecting baby girls

When legislation came before Congress that would’ve banned abortions done because the baby was the “wrong” gender, pro-choicers fell all  over themselves to say that this never happens. However, a number of abortionists and clinic workers have documented incidents where it has.

Sallie Tisdale, a pro-choice clinic worker, said the following in her article in Harpers magazine:

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Lila Rose Ilyse Hogue Crossfire

5 revealing things abortion supporters said in 2014

In many ways, 2014 was a revealing year. Pro-life legislation continued to pass at the state level while the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate remained unwilling to even vote on a fetal pain bill.

A poll from the liberal CNN confirmed that the majority of Americans believe that most abortions should be banned. A famous pastor preached a hard-hitting sermon on abortion and wrote an op-ed for Fox News. New blogs began and old pro-life sites expanded.

But one of the most revealing things of all turned out to be the things said by abortion activists. Here are five statements that take the cake this year.

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Cecile Richards: We want to make pro-life candidates ‘completely unacceptable’

Antagonism towards pro-lifers from the abortion lobby is nothing new. Andrew Cuomo notoriously said that pro-lifers are not welcome in the state of New York, for example. And Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards showed the utter contempt she has for pro-lifers in a new interview with pro-abortion sympathizer Jill Filipovic for Cosmopolitan magazine, in which she says that she wants to make pro-life candidates “completely unacceptable”. Newsbuster’s reports:

For a Dec. 8 piece, Cosmopolitan’s senior political writer Jill Filipovic interviewed Cecile Richards, president of taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, on “where the pro-choice movement is headed next year.” Richards admitted her organization wants to “make it completely unacceptable” for “someone who opposes women’s rights” to run for office.

At Filipovic’s prompting, Richards gushed, “[I]t was pretty amazing to me that in all the competitive races across the country [in 2014], I didn’t see any candidate, Republican or Democrat, proudly running as an opponent of legal abortion or birth control or even Planned Parenthood.”

She continued:

We clearly want to move the needle away from the idea that these issues are partisan, because I don’t believe they are, and we want to make it completely unacceptable to run for office as someone who opposes women’s rights or wants to take us backward.

… Also for 2015, Richards highlighted a new rationale for killing babies: the economy. “We can’t be having a conversation about economic security for women and families without talking about women’s access to reproductive health care,” she said.

“Women may not get up every morning thinking about what constitutional rights they have,” she argued, “but they certainly do get up thinking about their health and the health of their families, and that includes reproductive health care.” Yes, nothing says healthy families like infanticide.

Half of all Americans identify as pro-life, but Richards wants to essentially leave those people without a voice, and without someone to represent them in Congress.

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Writer for Salon describes abortions she witnessed

Margaret A. Woodbury, a writer for Salon magazine, describes two abortions that she witnessed in an abortion clinic. The first abortion was done on a woman who was 23 weeks pregnant. It was a “partial-birth” abortion, which is now illegal.

This was the most difficult procedure to watch, mostly because of the pain experienced by the least sedated of the women. As the doctor, with a resident by his side, slid most of his hand deep into the patient’s vagina, she moaned horribly and could not remain still. Only when the anesthesiologist administered a drug to increase her sedation could things proceed.

The doctor, using only his fingers, pulled a foot into view and then another. “OK,” he said, “now I have the sacrum.” Letting the resident take over, the doctor instructed: “Pull down. Down! Not Up! Down! All right, now the shoulder, then twist. Then the other shoulder.”

At this point, only a few minutes had passed. The fetus was perfectly limp, its tiny feet and hands flaccid as they immediately darkened from oxygen depletion. In the three intact D&X procedures I witnessed, not once did I see even a glimmer of response from the fetuses — the anesthesia having passed through the placenta into their bloodstreams. (1)

Actually, the theory that anesthesia given to the mother provides pain relief to the fetus has been debunked.

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