Breaking: Haskell’s attorneys will not appeal, surgical abortions to end Friday

martin-haskellOn Monday, a judge ruled that late-term abortionist Martin Haskell had to close his abortion clinic for good. Haskell was given five days to appeal the judge’s ruling. Operation Rescue has revealed that Haskell’s attorneys have decided not to file an appeal, meaning that the clinic will close permanently, with surgical abortions to end tomorrow.

Attorneys for Martin Haskell’s Sharonville abortion facility have announced that they will not appeal a ruling issued last week by Judge Jerome Metz upholding the Ohio Department of Health’s closure order. Haskell must cease surgical abortions his Sharonville office by Friday, August 22, 2014.

“This is such a huge victory for all who respect life and the rule of law,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which worked with Greater Cincinnati Right to Life to expose Haskell’s abortion abuses. “Haskell had the attitude that he was above the law and deserved to operate under a different standard as everyone else. Today, the law has prevailed.”

Haskell is the abortionist who pioneered the notorious partial-birth abortion method which was banned in 2003.

Porn and Violence: What Planned Parenthood’s role models have to offer

In 1892, Lizzie Andrew Borden stood accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe. Apparently that made her something of a role model: over a century later, “extreme” porn director Janet Romano began releasing films under the name “Lizzy Borden.” Taking a colorful approach to cinema, many of her early works featured women drinking blood and urine. The most famous of these, Forced Entry, included scenes of a pregnant woman being gang raped, tortured, and killed.

Ms. Romano’s fans once had to purchase her material on DVD, but that’s no longer the case. Websites modeled after Youtube now offer clips from every porn genre, all free of charge. These probably aren’t the best sites for teens to hang around on. After all, given the amount of porn that doesn’t involve condom use, they may get the impression that this “safe sex” business is overblown. In any event, no responsible adult would ever introduce a 15 year-old girl to  such a site. Doing so would be reckless, unconscionable, and could result in a felony conviction.

Or it could get you a job at Planned Parenthood.

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Student Spotlight Header

Student Spotlight: Deanna Wallace

deanna headshot
Deanna Wallace.

Deanna Wallace  is a student at Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she is working on her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer for the pro-life movement. Adopted by a loving family, Deanna first found motivation to do pro-life work through her own personal history. Now, as a law student, she makes use of every possible opportunity to reach out and encourage others.

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Be there for her!

Abortion advocate implores pro-aborts to stop calling abortion a difficult decision

Most Americans aren’t fond of abortion. They may support keeping it legal under limited circumstances, but they don’t like it. Recent polls found that a majority of Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong, and they support restrictions on abortion as well — waiting periods, parental notifications, gestational limits, etc.

Don’t tell that to the pro-abortion extremists out there, though. They continually insist that all women just love abortion, with the latest example coming from former Emily’s List staffer Janet Harris, who complains that abortion advocates need to stop calling abortion a difficult decision.

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A beautiful gift

Richard Dawkins: It is immoral to NOT abort babies with Down syndrome

Richard Dawkins, the outspoken atheist, has triggered outrage after he announced on Twitter that it would be immoral to bring a baby with Down syndrome into the world. The conversation started when Dawkins slammed Ireland for being a pro-life country, saying it was a civilized country except for “this one area.” England and Wales, on the other hand, are much more civilized. One incredulous follower responded, unleashing Dawkins’ stream of hatred and intolerance for people with disabilities.

Dawkins later retweeted the puzzling argument that just because all babies with Down syndrome should be aborted, it doesn’t mean that he thinks that none of them deserve to live:

Except that’s exactly what he’s saying — if he believes it is immoral to choose to allow your child with Down syndrome a chance at life is not saying that he personally would choose to have an abortion. His comments about autism vs. Down syndrome also illustrated his disturbing thought process on who is worthy of life: those who can contribute to society by Dawkins’ standards, and those who cannot. While he tries valiantly to claim that this is not an example of eugenics, he fails, because eugenics is exactly what this is. He believes certain people should be aborted because he feels they don’t contribute enough to society — he probably would have gotten along famously with Margaret Sanger, then.

Continuing his pitiful attempt to defend himself, Dawkins also claims that he just wants to prevent the “suffering” of people with Down syndrome. It’s more merciful to kill them before they have a chance to live, since their lives will be so horrible and painful, right? It’s an argument that pro-abortion extremists make quite frequently, and it’s a lie. People with Down syndrome aren’t suffering, and that’s not why people who choose to abort them have abortions. Too often, they do it because they’re selfish and because a baby with special needs is inconvenient, plain and simple. A comment on a previous post of mine illustrated that point rather perfectly:

We terminated after a positive DS diagnosis. I am so glad we did. Our quality of life would have been terrible. We actually have the chance to retire in 9 years at age 54. Had we birthed such a needy child, such dreams would have gone down the drain as would our summers in Spain, Mexico and Israel.

A baby with Down syndrome will ruin your life, didn’t you know that? That’s the steady drumbeat pounded by abortion advocates, despite the reality of raising a child with Down syndrome. They’re dumb, miserable, empty people forced to plod along, living a meaningless, unfulfilling life until they finally do the world a favor and die. The reality, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. One study found just how much positivity people with Down syndrome bring to the world: over 99% of people with Down syndrome report that they are happy with themselves, their lives, and their appearances. Over 90% of parents report that they love their child with Down syndrome and an overwhelming majority also report having a more positive outlook on life; almost 90% of siblings report that their brother or sister with Down syndrome has made them a better person.

We obviously need to abort those babies with Down syndrome, stat, because if we don’t, we might end up with a world full of happier, more loving people, and that would be just awful. Richard Dawkins surely prefers a world filled with selfish, judgmental, hate-filled people like himself instead.

When I was 15 weeks into my second pregnancy, less than a week after my husband had deployed to Afghanistan, I got the phone call notifying me that my son has Down syndrome. Obviously, since Wyatt is still here, we didn’t choose to have an abortion. I never even considered it. And while Wyatt has some developmental delays, he is still a healthy, happy child who is an integral part of our family.

People with Down syndrome are now living longer, fuller, healthier lives than ever before; they can go to college, work, live on their own, get married, and even have families. My decision to let Wyatt live was hardly immoral. Choosing to rob someone of life simply because they don’t fit into your personal definition of a worthy human being… that is immoral.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge creates chilly conflict with pro-life values

While many Americans are pouring buckets of ice water over their heads in the name of research for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, few are aware of the life issues involved with this fundraising. The ALS Association, which has been the beneficiary of more than $22.9 million from the Ice Bucket Challenge, is involved in the use of embryonic stem cells for its research practices and has long been recognized as a research organization whose practices conflict with pro-life values. Continue reading


The troubling “Christianity” of abortionist Willie Parker

Esquire ran a piece last month lauding the abortion “ministry” of Willie Parker, a Chicago abortionist who rotates into Mississippi to commit abortions at the state’s lone remaining abortion mill. The facility’s owner has been unable to procure an abortionist who is capable of obtaining admitting privileges at a nearby hospital because all of the Mississippi abortionists appear to have too-shoddy records to be considered fit by any nearby hospital credentialing committee.

One of the many troubling aspects of the piece is Esquire‘s portrayal of Parker as a dedicated and faithful Christian. In Esquire‘s view, the abortionist is, simply paraphrased, more enlightened than the rest of the ‘judgmental’ Christian community (cue the article’s predictable segment bemoaning the awful Christian sidewalk counselors who are ruining their lives).

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Red Petals  by Patrick Cleary

From shoelaces to angels: Pat Cleary’s artistic vision

At an art studio in rural Pennsylvania, Patrick Cleary examines a handful of ordinary white shoelaces before he begins a new work. Will he arrange the laces in playful whirls and spirals for the start of a sunset, one of his favorite themes? Maybe he’ll use them to create a variation on the American flag, another subject close to his heart and always undertaken in honor of his late brother Michael Cleary.

To replicate different textures on his paintings, Pat experiments with the laces, removing their plastic tips and fraying the threads to mimic grass, or an angel’s wing or a sky full of fuzzy stars. One of his paintings features a cheery turquoise owl perched on a branch made from extra long laces, meant for a tall man’s sneakers, painted to resemble tree bark.

Sunrise Over the Ocean

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h pray candle

Reflections on faith and suicide

After Live Action News re-printed Sarah Terzo’s piece from Secular Pro-Life Perspectives, I felt compelled to share my own thoughts. Sarah writes often for both sites, and it certainly was brave of her to share as much as she did, and selfless as well.

Well I can thankfully not speak to having a suicide attempt, I have struggled with anxiety and depression, and even when not driven to taking my own life, life can still feel pretty difficult.

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Pregnant and single: Mickaela’s story of hope and grace

Embrace Grace, an organization dedicated to helping single, pregnant mothers to find the strength needed to choose life and find hope in their difficult situation, recently released the following video testimony by Mickaela.

Mickaela is a young mom who found herself abandoned by her father as a teen. The abandonment left her questioning her own self-worth and in search of someone who would accept her for who she was. She thought she had found a good companion in her baby’s father, but before long Mickaela realized that her boyfriend was not meant to be a permanent fixture in her life and that of her son.

Alone and unsure where to turn, Mickaela found Embrace Grace through a friend. The group helped her find camaraderie with other moms like her, and assisted her with the other needs she experienced during that time.

Learn more about Embrace Grace’s mission here.

Most women do not "love abortion."

Delusional, Planned Parenthood takes credit for abortion decline in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a state full of dedicated pro-life advocates, the abortion rate last year reached its lowest since 1974. Credit for the continued decrease is due to pro-life citizens who have insisted on life-affirming laws despite opposition from the state’s pro-abortion governor, Mark Dayton. Dayton has vetoed every effort pro-lifers made to lower the abortion rate.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood demonstrates its delusional attitude towards the abortion rate drop in the state, saying that credit for the drop goes to their preventive “services” like STD screenings, and child sex ed programs.

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baby shane 2

Parents of baby diagnosed with anencephaly are helping him live life to the full from the womb

baby shane
Photo from Prayers for Shane Facebook page

I recently came across this touching Facebook group, Prayers for Shane. It was created by the mom and dad of baby Shane, a little boy who is due in October.

Baby Shane has been diagnosed with anencephaly, a malformation of the baby’s skull and brain. Many parents, upon receiving this heart-wrenching diagnosis, lose hope for their child’s future.  But Shane’s parents, Dan and Jenna Haley, are no ordinary parents. With a deeply-rooted faith in God, which has remained unshaken by the unclear path set before them and their son, Dan and Jenna have relinquished their anxiety and fear and chosen to embrace the time they have with Shane — however long or short that may be.

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Victorious pro-life lawyer: ‘There is no such thing as a small pro-life case’

On a hot 2012 summer day in Columbia, Missouri, 40 Days For Life campaign director Kathy Forck handed a bottle of water to a Stericycle truck driver outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Mrs. Forck’s seemingly innocuous deed became the target of trespassing charges from Planned Parenthood. Accused of crossing the Planned Parenthood property line, Mrs. Forck was found guilty in Columbia Municipal Court.

Enter Daniel J. Baker, Thomas More Society special counsel at the Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC in Sedalia, Missouri. Previously, Baker was a college graduate with a degree in mathematics when his church sent people to pray outside a Granite City, Illinois abortion clinic.

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Sister of aborted baby describes her struggles

I recently interviewed Donna, who struggles with feelings of loss, sadness, and guilt over an abortion her mother had before she was born.  Her testimony is raw and honest, and she is still struggling with the death of her sibling. Even though neither her testimony nor her views fit neatly into the typical pro-life narrative that some people may expect,  I feel she deserves a chance to be heard. May her story raise awareness of the pain that siblings of aborted babies often feel.

What were your feelings on abortion before you found out about losing a sibling?

I had always been pro-life, to varying degrees. I went through a “personal pro-life” phase around middle school – I would never make the choice, but it doesn’t necessarily mean no one should have the right, you know? But it got to a point where I couldn’t justify anyone making the choice, ever.

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Late-term abortionist Martin Haskell ordered to close his clinic

Notorious late-term abortionist Martin Haskell has been battling to keep his Ohio abortion clinic open, and last Friday, a judge ordered Haskell to close his clinic for good. He has five days to file an appeal, or he will be forced to close his doors permanently.

According to Life News, the state of Ohio has been slowly making that all abortion clinics were in compliance with the law since 1999, as many of them were not operating legally according to Ohio standards. Haskell has therefore been off the hook for 15 long years. Yesterday’s ruling ensures that one less abortionist will be able to flout basic health and safety laws.

Haskell’s clinic has seen numerous emergencies, and one of Haskell’s doctors was barred from practicing obstetrics in Kentucky. Haskell is most infamous, however, for pioneering the grisly partial-birth abortion technique, eventually banned in 2003.


For the sake of a baby: Life-affirming “The Giver” delivers

Note: May contain spoilers.

The pre-release buzz on the film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s acclaimed bestseller for young people, The Giver, was positive, from fans, from the author, and, notably, from the pro-life community. Indeed, the film version of the book brings visuals to the startlingly accurate pro-life message of the novel.

While many prevailing themes exists in the film, the films rising action and climax center around a saving a baby not considered good enough to live.

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human hand mom baby

Sibling who lost brother to abortion talks about how the pro-life movement can help others

In a previous article, I presented an interview with Renee, whose mother had an abortion, about what it is like being the sibling of an aborted baby.   In this followup piece, she gives suggestions to the pro-life movement on how to help people like her and also reaches out to other post-abortion siblings.

How can the pro-life movement reach out to people who have lost a sibling to abortion?

For several years after finding out about the abortion, I purposely tried to avoid the whole pro life movement. Mostly due to not wanting to dwell on the topic at all ( how he [my brother, the aborted baby] died, how mom felt, etc). In addition though, I felt it was more about shaming the post abortive, bashing the abortion minded, and using those graphic images. It’s tricky being a pro life sibling, because it feels like if we agree with abortion being murder and such, that we are betraying our parents  who we still deeply love. And we don’t want to express our pain in front of them, for fear that we will only add to theirs. ( obviously this does not describe the feelings of ALL siblings, but myself and plenty I have spoken to/heard of).

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woman screaming2

Harsh and judgmental words drive people away from the pro-life movement

Pro-choice author Anne Eggebroten, edited a book entitled Abortion: My Choice, God’s Grace which tells the stories of Christian women who had abortions. The book celebrates abortion as an acceptable choice and tries to justify it based on the Bible. There is one story in particular I want to comment on.

It is a first-hand account of a pro-choice clinic escort who describes how she got involved in the pro-choice movement. I think what she said is worth considering:

My participation in the pro-choice march was motivated by boredom and restlessness as much as by a desire to be of service. I had thought about getting involved in some kind of cause, but I didn’t know which one. Having been too young in the 60s to participate in the peace movement, I look forward to attending a real political march. I didn’t attend the antichoice march held the same day because the newspaper letters to the editor with “pro-life” views seem too cold, uncaring, and judgmental; one letter even said that any woman who died from an illegal abortion deserve to die.

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“Flare of blind rage”: Pro-life wedding shocks intolerant feminist

xoJane.com is where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded.

You know we’re in for a treat when a website advertises its character flaws right in its own slogan. Today’s example of praiseworthy narcissism is Natasia Langfelder’s harrowing tale of being “a bridesmaid at a wedding that became an anti-abortion PSA”:

I knew I was going to stand up for my cousin in a traditional Catholic ceremony, thereby embracing the values therein. But I didn’t expect to be bombarded with anti-abortion rhetoric the entire time.

After a three hour plane trip and three hours of driving on the longest, flattest expanse of land I’ve ever seen in my life, the bridal party and Duke’s and Diamond’s families all met at the church for the wedding rehearsal.

“Look,” my nine-year-old cousin exclaimed, “there are babies on the wall!” She pointed to a wall covered in multiple four foot high posters showing fetuses at several stages of development. Matching pamphlets were fanned out on a low coffee table in the center of the room.

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Still, there is hope. (Photo credit: Paul Willows)

Suicide prevention tips from a survivor

The suicide of Robin Williams has shaken just about everyone, but for those of us who suffer with depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental health issues, it is especially hard. I want to address the difficult topic of suicide from the point of view of someone who has struggled with it. First, I’m going to talk about some reasons why you should’t do it. Second, I’m going to walk you through what happens when you reach out for help.

There are many, many reasons why a person should not commit suicide. I’m going to talk about just a few.

Reasons you shouldn’t do it.

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