Baby Zechariah was saved from abortion after his mother sought a reversal

(Pregnancy Help News) On April 19 Rebekah Buell stood before California’s State Assembly to defend AB 2134, a bill stating that all abortion clinics providing the abortion pill RU486 must also inform their clients of the pill’s reversal alternative.

While still a 17-year-old high school student, Buell became pregnant with her first child. Determined not to become a stereotypical teenage mother, she managed to graduate early, get accepted into Sacramento State University and marry the father of her child.

Soon after her marriage, however, Buell realized she was in an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship.

“I was about halfway through my freshman year of college and my marriage was very physically and verbally abusive. I knew I needed to leave,” Buell said. “Right as I began the divorce process I found out I was pregnant again.”

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Oklahoma is right: Abortion isn’t medical care

ThinkProgress is outrageously-outraged at Oklahoma for its recently-passed (but not yet signed) bill that would effectively ban abortion for any reason other than saving a mother’s life by revoking the medical licenses of anyone who performs one.

As a purely practical matter, it’s true that the bill will almost certainly be struck down as a de-facto ban on first-trimester abortions, because the Supreme Court doesn’t yet have a majority willing to overturn the fraudulent, indefensible Roe v. Wade.

But while it may have been strategically wiser for pro-lifers to focus their energies on invalidating Roe and reining in judicial activism, that’s an entirely separate question from ThinkProgress’s bogus case that the law is somehow illegitimate and foolish.

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College group thinks abortion is “a public good.” Racists do too.

Wanna celebrate abortion? Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) does. Last month, the organization brought their Abortion Positive bus tour to 10 college campuses. Rather than “see abortion as a bad word,” URGE thinks it’s “a public good.” They aren’t the only ones.


Black children face the highest risk of being aborted, something plenty of racists are happy about. It isn’t surprising when you look at the way America’s largest abortion chain has targeted them. Using data from the 2010 U.S. census, the group Protecting Black Life has created a map showing how Planned Parenthood disproportionately locates its abortion centers in or near minority neighborhoods.

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Abortion coercion bills closer to becoming law in Michigan

On Tuesday, a pair of bills to protect women from being forced to abort their babies passed the Michigan State Senate’s Judiciary Committee 3-1.

HB 4787 would criminalize abortion coercion and HB 4830 would define specific criminal penalties of different forms of coercion, such as stalking, assault, or battery. Cases of abortion coercion have taken the form of both physical violence and financial pressure.

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Cruz drops out, Trump clinches GOP presidential nomination

After winning Tuesday’s Indiana Republican primary with 53% of the vote to Ted Cruz’s 36%, Donald Trump has likely sealed the GOP nomination for President of the United States.

Trump now has 1,007 delegates, 230 away from the number needed to secure the nomination and almost twice Cruz’s delegate count. Seeing no viable way to deny Trump the remaining delegates to force a contested Republican Convention, Cruz announced his withdrawal from the race last night.

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My son was conceived in rape, but my wife and I chose life

(Save The 1) I really don’t like thinking about this time.  Just saying the words are hard: My wife was raped.

There’s grief and anger — rage really, like I’ve never felt before toward anyone, wanting to find this man . . . .  Above all, there was frustration. Jennifer had just been through something so horrible and scary and I couldn’t make it better.  I couldn’t fix it for her. Continue reading

Federal court restrains hospital from removing life support from two-year-old

The name Israel means he who prevails with God.  Right now, there is an emergency calling for the performance of God’s love and work here on earth.  In no uncertain terms, prevailing in this instance means life and losing results in death.

Israel Stinson is a beautiful two-year-old boy with baby soft caramel skin and big brown sparkling eyes, the kind that penetrate through your chest and make you feel as if part of your heart is smiling.  Israel’s mom uses her graceful fingers to comb Israel’s dark curls into a pile on the top of his head that gently rests on a white pillow case at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Roseville, California—the hospital determined to end Israel Stinson’s young life.

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Daily Beast columnist: Planned Parenthood does a “very small number of abortions”

During a recent discussion on The McLaughlin Group regarding a new Georgia law funding pro-life pregnancy resource centers, The Daily Beast’s columnist Eleanor Clift told a whopper of a tale about Planned Parenthood.

While Clift noted that she doesn’t have an issue with the state funding pregnancy centers, she said she objects when “they try to cut funding to Planned Parenthood which provides a lot of health services and a very small number of abortions.”

Oh my. It seems that Ms. Clift has some research to do…

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Blackburn demands StemExpress CEO stop stonewalling baby parts investigation

Last Thursday, Rep. Marsha Blackburn sent a letter to StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer (pictured above), calling on her to turn over documents related to her company’s involvement in Planned Parenthood’s fetal organ harvesting activities.

“Over the last several months, we have made numerous attempts to acquire business and accounting documents from StemExpress that are necessary to complete our work at the Select Investigative Panel,” Blackburn wrote. “All of these requests have been met with verbal and written objections from your attorneys.”

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