Myth that 1 in 3 women have abortions persists despite hard evidence to the contrary

The latest in a pro-choice effort to normalize and de-stigmatize abortion among women is the 1 in 3 Campaign. It’s set up the same way as Not Alone; women share stories of why they’re happy they had abortions. The 1 in 3 Campaign‘s entire premise is that abortion is normal and good because 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime.

But, here’s the thing: that’s not true.

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What this pro-abortion group discovered and how it can help the pro-life movement

Sea Change, a pro-abortion program with a focus on reducing the stigma surrounding abortion has released the results of a recent survey on the public sharing of abortion stories.

The aim of the study and report, called Saying Abortion Aloud, was to find out how post-abortive women feel about sharing their abortion stories publicly, and what pro-abortion organizations can do to help these women share their stories in order to make society even more supportive of abortion.

While the pro-life movement knows that abortion is a moral wrong and is working to make it a legal wrong, this survey from the pro-abortion side can help pro-lifers do a better job of listening to post-abortive women and helping them share their stories of pain, regret, and loss.

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Curtis Boyd

Abortionist Curtis Boyd says of abortion climate: “My God what has happened?”

Abortionist Curtis Boyd, who has been committing abortions since before they were legalized in 1973, was featured Friday by UK-based publication The Guardian in a piece on American abortionists.

The tone of the piece is one of shock and dismay that America has grown more pro-life, rather than more accepting of the tenets of Roe v. Wade, since 1973. To drive this point home, the piece includes this startling infographic from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute displaying the radical pro-life shift in opinion as evidenced by legislative restrictions on abortion.

For The Guardian and for abortionists like Boyd America’s lack of acceptance for abortion on-demand is inconceivable. When Boyd began his first legal abortion business after Roe v. Wade, he says he never imagined that, over 40 years later, abortion would remain a medical industry separated from the rest of medicine – much less one that is opposed by most Americans:

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Women, it’s time to be thankful for good men

As we celebrate all we have to be grateful for this week, women need to take a step back. With all the talk of a “War on Women,” the constant emphasis on women’s rights, and the rampant spouting off about feminism, we seem to have thrown good men under the bus.

Yes, there are horrible jerks out there; it’s true. (Though it’s true to a much higher degree in places where women are really oppressed – like under Sharia law, for instance.) We could go on and even wax eloquent about all the guys who fail their wives and children, all the men who shirk responsibility, and all the guys who force women to have abortions or who pay for them.

But. But, but, but.

Feminism – and yes, I’m a proud, pro-life feminist – all-too-often ignores the great men out there.

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Video from a NY Planned Parenthood affiliate: inaccurate and downright weird

A lucrative Planned Parenthood affiliate in New York pulls out all the stops to bring viewers the most awkward and misleading video experience possible. The video was released in 2011, but until Saysumthn’s Blog brought it to the fore this week, the video languished in obscurity with very few views… and we can see why. This isn’t the first of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic‘s super creepy and awkward videos, either. This video, for example, shows young girls how the very existence of condoms will make their desire not to have sex magically disappear. Here’s the 2011 video:

Let’s see the sampling of lies PP pulled out for the video above.

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New phone scam targets pro-lifers with fake donation request

Vermont Right to Life Committee Treasurer Sharon Toborg emailed a warning to pro-life Vermonters this week asking them to be careful of who they trust on the telephone. It seems that someone has been calling pro-lifers in the state claiming to be from “the Pro-Life Committee” or the “National Pro-Life Committee”.

The caller is asking for donations by telephone to help the pro-life movement, however, it is definitely not a call from the Vermont Right to Life Committee (VRLC) or the National Right to Life Committee, which the VRLC is affiliated with.

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“Miracle of Life” sand sculpture creates powerful image of life

Both  a sand sculpture and a baby in the womb are fragile masterpieces, which are both shown in a powerful sand sculpture called “Miracle of Life.” John Gowdy and Jan Zelinka won the People’s Choice award last week in the Siesta Key Crystal Classic, a Master Sand Sculpting Competition held annually in Florida. In the competition, sand sculpture artists create their work over a 7 day period.

The “Miracle of Life” sculpture is a reminder of the fragility and beauty of human life. The sculpture, a sleeping baby held safely in the hand of a master creator, reveals a picture of the miracle that life is. Yet its creation from sand that can be so easily destroyed, likewise, holds a reminder of the fragility of life which can itself be so easily destroyed by choices.

Debbie Lacy via Facebook Siesta Keys page

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silver-ring thing

Silver Ring Thing: Dynamic show empowers teens to wait for sex

I waited in the next room as she took her pregnancy test. When the test came up negative, she came to me with a look of sheer gratitude. ‘I do not want to have a baby with this man,’ she said. ‘He’s a jerk.’ As we talked, I asked her a simple question. ‘Why are you involved in a sexual relationship with someone you don’t even respect?’

Tears welled up in her eyes throughout our conversation. Her boyfriend told her she had to abort if she got pregnant. He insisted men should be the ones to make pregnancy decisions. When I asked her why she was giving herself to someone she didn’t trust, the answer she gave was, ‘I don’t know.’

This teenage girl walked in to our Pregnancy Resource Center just to take a test. Since then we’ve been meeting to talk about love, sex and healthy relationships. I enjoy every visit with this beautiful and bright young woman.

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Mitosis, a short pro-life film, is now available on YouTube

One decision can change everything. Mitosis, a short film from 18-year-old director Hannah Victoria (Worth Saving), aims to prove that. It may seem that the choices we make for ourselves will affect us and us alone, but it simply isn’t true. There is always a ripple effect, whether small or large.

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Abortionist: we let babies born alive ‘expire’

A while back, I wrote a series on abortions that resulted in the births of live babies. In the instances I wrote about, these babies were left to die or even killed by the abortionist. Also, in almost every case, the abortionist evaded any kind of punishment.

An investigation by Live Action revealed that many clinics are still willing to allow infants born after abortion to die.  And a representative of Planned Parenthood gave shocking testimony where she refused to condemn the killing of babies born alive after abortions and refused to say what Planned Parenthood doctors did in cases of live birth.   Sadly, it seems that the killing of born babies, either by neglect or by direct action, goes on in abortion clinics to this day.

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When it comes to abortion, Canada is the Wild West

For nearly five decades, John Wayne played western heroes on the silver screen. In reality, the Duke probably wouldn’t have lasted fifty years out on the range: 19th Century American men usually died in their 30s and 40s. Disease was the biggest killer, but violence cut lives short too. And, as Canada’s Cypress Hills and Frog Lake massacres proved, homicide wasn’t an exclusively American problem.

The North-West Mounted Police were formed  in 1873 to impose order on the Canadian frontier. Known today as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, their red dress uniform is recognized as a national symbol. Yet despite Canada’s history of venerating authority, there is one area in which the country is essentially lawless.

When it comes to abortion, Canada has few rules. It has no legal gestational limits and no laws requiring parental consent either. Gary Cross would’ve liked that situation: the California sex-offender impregnated his 13 year-old victim and then covered it up with a late-term abortion. As a result, the abuse continued unreported.

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Pro-life doctor designs womb-like experience to reconnect people with their beginnings

“When people remember their preborn life, they discover the continuity of living,” says pro-life psychiatrist Dr. Philip Ney. This continuity was Dr. Ney’s impetus for creating CYRYB, a womb-like experience that combines physical and technological elements to simulate nascent development for those of us who have long since forgotten it.

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Pro-life initiative shows the beauty of choosing adoption

Saturday, November 22 was National Adoption Day. For pro-lifers, adoption is an integral component in transforming the culture and ensuring that every life is cherished. Because of adoption, families are made whole, and mothers in unplanned pregnancy situations are able to make the best choice for themselves and for their children.

Last year, to celebrate National Adoption Month, the Radiance Foundation released the following spot featuring the Dunbars, a family made whole by adoption.

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Planet Fitness breaks its own rule by asking a pro-life man to leave

Earlier this week, a Florida man reported that an employee at Planet Fitness gym asked him to leave the premises after a fellow gym-goer complained about the pro-life t-shirt he was wearing. Mike Amoroso’s shirt read, “Abortion Kills a Person,” and the employee told him that if he did not change into something else, Mike would have to leave the premises. He went home. But, undeterred, Mike returned the next day wearing a shirt that he thought would be more palatable than the first. It simply read, “Pray to End Abortion.” Watch 70-year-old Mike Amoroso’s story below:

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Forced into Obamacare, pro-life family refuses to pay hidden abortion surcharge

A Connecticut family that was forcibly transitioned from private insurance coverage to Obamacare has won a legal battle that preserves their right not to pay hidden abortion surcharges that formerly existed in 100% of the insurance exchanges in Connecticut. Abbie and Barth Bracy and their children will now be able to pay for their insurance program and not for other people’s abortions in the process. Barth also happens to be the executive director of Rhode Island State Right to Life Committee.

Working in conjunction with pro-life attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom, the Bracys were able to remain true to their pro-life convictions, as they will not be forced to pay the abortion surcharge. Now, in fact, plans without the secret fee will be made available to residents of Connecticut. As a result of this decision on the state’s part, ADF voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit, according to LifeNews.

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Pro-aborts’ accusations of pro-life hypocrisy aren’t even trying anymore

Screenshot 2014-09-21 at 10.38.00 PMLongtime readers know that pro-abortion publications like SlateRH Reality CheckThinkProgress, and Jezebel don’t exactly have the most stringent evidentiary standards for their attacks on pro-lifers. But for a community as large, influential, and self-righteous as the pro-choice movement, you’d think that at least a few of its websites would be intellectually honest.

So, in the interest of fairness, let’s see how some of the less prominent outlets fare. Here’s one: Medical Daily sounds like a pretty evenhanded name. What does Samantha Olson have to say…

People Against Abortion Hide Their Own Procedures And The Truth To Change Public Perception” 

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Live Action wants to fly you to Washington, D.C.!

Live Action wants to send you to the 2015 March for Life in Washington, D.C., for a chance to stand for LIFE with hundreds of thousands of passionate pro-lifers! Each year, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade,  pro-lifers from across the nation stand against abortion at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

One person will win the grand prize: a trip for two to the 2015 March for Life, and a chance to meet Live Action President Lila Rose! The winner will receive two round trip tickets to Washington, D.C., as well as a two night hotel stay, the opportunity to March for Life with Live Action, a basket of Live Action swag — which includes stickers, signs and copies of Live Action’s pro-life magazine, The Advocate — and a recommended itinerary of March for Life events.


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Nancy Pelosi vows to empower women… And then discriminates against a pregnant, disabled veteran.

As an online writer, I come across a fair number of memes. Some of them are cleverly arranged to convey a well thought out message. There’s also ones like this:


The sign on the left conveys an obvious fact: it’s pretty hard to hold “pro-choice” beliefs (or hold anything at all) if somebody’s already killed you. The logic behind the sign on the right, however, is a little more hazy.

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University funded organization takes field trip to Planned Parenthood

Blake Seitz, a student of the University of Georgia and editor-at-large of The Arch Conservative broke the news of  a university funded group on his campus, SHAG (Sexual Health Advocacy Group), taking a field trip to Planned Parenthood, a sex shop, and a cross-dressing organization.

While neither SHAG nor the group’s faculty adviser responded to repeated requests for comments about the excursion, the vice president for public affairs at the university responded by e-mail:

Thomas Jackson Jr., vice president for public affairs at UGA, told The College Fix the trip held academic value.

“As future health educators and counselors, they study and learn about a wide range of matters so as to gain accurate information and learn best practices in providing health education and counseling to the public,” Jackson said by email. “The visit to Planned Parenthood and an adult store was chosen by the students so that they might get an understanding of the types of issues with which they’ll be working as future health educators and counselors.”

Regardless as to if such a visit “was chosen by the students…” it does not merit any claims of having “academic value.” That is unless “academic value” now can refer to spending three hours hearing from an organization which promotes and performs abortions.

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Essure birth control is ruining women’s lives

According to recent news coverage and personal testimonies, hundreds of women have experienced adverse side effects from Essure – “the only non-surgical, permanent birth control available”.

How does it work? Metal coils are inserted in both fallopian tubes, causing a woman’s body to grow tissue through them, blocking the fallopian tubes. In most cases, this prevents pregnancy by making eggs unable to reach the uterus.

But Essure stories aren’t all happily finished families as the product owner, Bayer, would like you to think.

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