Quote of the day: Columnist says being pro-life and pro-Second Amendment are “intertwined”

D.C. McAllisterBeing pro-life and pro legal gun possession are not mutually exclusive nor are they at odds with one another. In fact, they are morally, legally, and ideologically intertwined, working in tandem to protect innocent lives, in different ways, both offensively and defensively.

Without the right to defend oneself with force, law-abiding Americans would be as defenseless as a newborn—incapable of defending themselves, looking only to the state to prevent harm.

That’s the world Trevor Noah wants us to live in. It’s not the world most of America wants.

~ D.C. McAllister, responding to The Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s claim that pro-lifers who are pro-Second Amendment aren’t really pro-life, The Federalist, October 7

University of Pittsburgh abortion advocates “twerk” on Students for Life display

(Students for Life) On the fourth day of the Students for Life of America and FRC Action five-day, five-campus Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood bus tour, the University of Pittsburgh showed pro-life students the tolerance that the pro-choice side is typically known for.


In reality, they were disrespectful, obnoxious and vulgar.

Abortion advocates took a page out of Miley Cyrus’ playbook and lewdly twerked, yes twerked, on the banners displayed at the display and on one of our SFLA staff members. It was ridiculous.

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Pro-abortion House members deflect, try to change topic at Planned Parenthood hearing

On Thursday, some House Judiciary Committee members who didn’t wish to discuss the topic at hand – abortion – decided to shift conversation toward gun violence, voting rights, and even immigration, reports the Washington Times.

But if they weren’t trying to change the topic, they were asking for certain videos to be stricken from the Congressional record

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Pro-life group sues Colorado State University, Planned Parenthood over body parts scandal

The Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado, a pro-life group, has filed a lawsuit yesterday against Colorado State University and Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains for “enter[ing] into a contract with defendant Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood whereby CSU was to purchase parts of human fetuses aborted by defendant Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood,” reports The Denver Post.

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Republicans pressuring Paul Ryan to run for House Speaker

Following House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the Republican Speaker of the House race, a growing chorus of Republican and conservative voices are urging Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to run for the position.

Ryan, Mitt Romney’s presidential running mate in 2012, has long been a pro-life voice in Congress. However, in 2010 he called on Republicans to accept a “truce” on social issues such as abortion in the name of prioritizing fiscal issues: “We will agree to disagree on those issues. But let’s rally around the tallest pole in our tent: fiscal conservatism, economic liberty.” Last month, Ryan also voted for the federal budget resolution which funded Planned Parenthood.

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Wendy Davis TV “dramedy” series coming to NBC

NBC is developing a television series inspired by former Texas state Senator and failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis according to Deadline.

Davis herself will executive produce the combination drama-comedy alongside Jennifer Cecil, the as-yet-untitled show’s writer. It will reportedly follow “a female Democratic senator who, after losing the Texas governor’s race, gets her world turned upside down.” Continue reading

Ambulance summoned to Planned Parenthood as pro-lifers plan nationwide protest

Days before a national protest outside Planned Parenthood, Operation Rescue has obtained audio documentation of a third emergency call to a Planned Parenthood in the state of Washington.

The 911 call was placed by Planned Parenthood in Spokane on September 16, 2015, for a patient suffering from a “uterine perforation.” Though the Planned Parenthood caller does not state the perforation was due to a botched abortion, Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue’s senior Vice President said that uterine perforations generally occur when the sharp abortion suction cannula, which is used to dismember the preborn baby, is thrust too deep into the uterus, tearing a hole in the woman’s womb.

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‘Blessing’ abortion clinics won’t help women

At Think Progress, Alex Zielinski has written a glowing report on clergy’s efforts to “bless” an Ohio abortion clinic – more than a bit out of place in the pro-abortion news site’s “health” section.

Also completely out of place are many assertions made by Mr. Zielinski and those featured in the article – clergy and others who view abortion as something that should be ‘judgment-free.’

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TOMORROW: Join the next National Day of Protest against Planned Parenthood

#ProtestPP, a coalition of pro-life groups led by Created Equal, Pro-Life Action League, and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, has announced its next nationwide protest against Planned Parenthood will take place on Saturday morning, October 10.

Co-sponsored by dozens of pro-life organizations, including Live Action, the previous National Day of Protest on August 22 brought out more than 78,000 pro-lifers at over 300 locations across the United States, as well as six other countries. The coalition described the event as the “largest nationwide protest in history.” Continue reading

Four ways abortion demeans women instead of empowering them

We are supposed to believe abortion serves as an empowering option for women. We are told they not only should be allowed to abort their children, but many women need to be able to do so. Pop culture teaches youth that abortion will correct any “mistake” made in the sexual arena.  Abortion is said to be like pushing the “reset” button on life.

We have over 40 years of experience watching the aftermath of legalized abortion in this country.  What have we learned in those four-plus decades?  Have we been shown that abortion helps women?

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