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Website launches interactive ‘choose your own abortion adventure’ game

Remember those books that you read as a kid?

You would read to the end of one chapter, and then be faced with a choice. The results of that choice would vary throughout the book, leaving you facing heroic or hilarious antics or even death.

Now, pro-abortion feminists have decided to snag that brilliant idea and turn it into a “choose your own abortion adventure” game, as Newsbusters author Kristine Marsh described it.

This is Fusion, a new website that includes contributors, such as Jezebel Founding Editor Anna Holmes, has created an interactive game that allows you to make decisions for a young woman living in South Dakota, the most evil anti-abortion state ever.

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Baby Carson was saved from abortion after his grandmother begged his mom to choose life

Laurie Burk’s life changed at 19 when she had an abortion. But that abortion was also a turning point for the life of her daughter. And today she is a grandmother of a child that almost wasn’t born.

Burk was 19 when she found out she was pregnant. As she cried, realizing how alone she was as a college student without family nearby, her doctor placed a piece of paper in her hand; it held the number of an Iowa City, IA abortion clinic. And soon after, she was a patient in that clinic, having an abortion.

“I went by myself and denied any pain medication during the process as I felt I needed to feel what I was about to do.  I asked them to stop at least 3-4 times (not because of the pain but because I knew I was making a mistake and wanted my baby) and finally was told there was no stopping from that moment on.”

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Viewers react to video showing Planned Parenthood accepting donations to abort black babies

What does Planned Parenthood do when it is offered money to eliminate the number of African-Americans through abortion? Live Action’s latest investigative release probes the abortion giant and its readiness to bankroll racism inside facility walls.

Live Action’s “Planned Parenthood and Race” video reveals how the abortion giant is willing to target black lives in order to make a profit. The investigative video comes at the heels of Planned Parenthood’s condemnation of the Ferguson tragedy, and of white officers who allegedly targeted and killed unarmed African-Americans. Although Planned Parenthood claims “Black lives matter,” its documented readiness to perpetuate racism in turn for cash proves quite the contrary.

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110 Congressmen introduce Health Care Conscience Rights Act to stop Obama’s abortion enforcement

A Thursday press release from Congressman Diane Black’s office reported:

Today Congressman Diane Black (R-TN-06), Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE-01), and Congressman John Fleming (R-LA-04) announced the reintroduction of H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act. The bill would protect Americans’ freedom of conscience and stop the Obama Administration’s attack on religious liberty. H.R. 940 offers full exemption from Obamacare’s Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate and ensures protections for individuals and healthcare entities that refuse to provide, pay for, or refer patients to abortion providers because of their deeply held beliefs.

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Abortionist: “when I start to see little hands come out, it bothers me”

Abortionist Lawrence Scott was interviewed in 1994 by a pro-choice author. He said:

When I start to see little hands come out, it bothers me, even though I know the fetus is not completely developed and cannot feel any pain. It just bothers me. In the early 70s, when I first started doing abortions, we didn’t have ultrasound. I was doing an abortion on a woman whom I thought was 16 weeks pregnant, but during the procedure, I discovered that she was in fact 22-23 weeks pregnant. That shocked me….I totally adore and love children, so when I see these little body parts, I start seeing kids, and it bothers me.

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Nurse who assisted in abortions now pro-life, opposes abortion

A nurse identified only as “Julia” talked about her experience as a nurse at a teaching hospital that did abortions. Her story appears at Priests for Life. She says:

20 weeks
20 weeks

I was a nurse practicing in North Carolina.  I worked on a Gynecology/tumor unit at a teaching hospital. The unit included 4 prostaglandin abortion beds.  The babies who were aborted were between 18-20wks of age.  Most women were young, but occasionally there were patients whose babies had life threatening defects.  I assisted the doctor in the initial placement of the prostaglandin.  Then the women were left on the floor to deliver.

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5 pro-life training videos you should watch

1) The SLED Defense of Life

This video by Scott Klusendorf is a classic pro-life training video, and one of the best around. Even if you’ve seen it before, get a quick refresher by watching again. Scott demonstrates that there are actually very few differences between you, me, and a preborn baby. None of these differences make it just to take away the baby’s basic right to life.

This video will also enable you to talk a friend or loved one through the basic pro-life position.

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Teenager dies after man rapes her and forces her to take abortion pill

According to The Times of India, Indian police are attempting to hunt down a man accused of raping and killing a teenage girl through a forced abortion. While being treated for the abortion, the girl died in a hospital.

A police official told The Times:

On Friday, Monu compelled her to consume a pill that would cause an abortion. Soon after consuming the pill, the girl’s condition deteriorated and she collapsed. Monu abandoned her at the spot and fled. Later, she was spotted by locals who informed her parents, who rushed her to a nearby Community Health Centre from where she was later referred to Lala Lajpat Rai hospital.

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New video details the moments stolen by abortion

What is a preborn baby? If you ask someone working at NARAL or Planned Parenthood, they’ll say that it’s just a clump of cells, a product of conception, or some other similarly dehumanizing term to deny the preborn child his humanity.

If you ask just about any other person what is growing in a pregnant woman’s womb, the answer is almost always simple and immediate: a baby. The lives of the preborn killed by abortion were stolen from children who had beating hearts, faces, and futures.

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Mississippi’s restrictive abortion law lands at Supreme Court for review

A Mississippi abortion law is the latest to arrive at the Supreme Court. Mississippi has asked the high court to review the decision of a federal district court that blocked a law from going into effect; that law requires physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges in local hospitals.

Common in many states, the law helps ensure women’s safety by assuring them of quick hospital care should something go wrong during the abortion. But abortion advocates say it’s a ploy by pro-lifers to disguise outlawing abortions in the guise of safety.

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