Planet Fitness breaks its own rule by asking a pro-life man to leave

Earlier this week, a Florida man reported that an employee at Planet Fitness gym asked him to leave the premises after a fellow gym-goer complained about the pro-life t-shirt he was wearing. Mike Amoroso’s shirt read, “Abortion Kills a Person,” and the employee told him that if he did not change into something else, Mike would have to leave the premises. He went home. But, undeterred, Mike returned the next day wearing a shirt that he thought would be more palatable than the first. It simply read, “Pray to End Abortion.” Watch 70-year-old Mike Amoroso’s story below:

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Forced into Obamacare, pro-life family refuses to pay hidden abortion surcharge

A Connecticut family that was forcibly transitioned from private insurance coverage to Obamacare has won a legal battle that preserves their right not to pay hidden abortion surcharges that formerly existed in 100% of the insurance exchanges in Connecticut. Abbie and Barth Bracy and their children will now be able to pay for their insurance program and not for other people’s abortions in the process. Barth also happens to be the executive director of Rhode Island State Right to Life Committee.

Working in conjunction with pro-life attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom, the Bracys were able to remain true to their pro-life convictions, as they will not be forced to pay the abortion surcharge. Now, in fact, plans without the secret fee will be made available to residents of Connecticut. As a result of this decision on the state’s part, ADF voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit, according to LifeNews.

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Pro-aborts’ accusations of pro-life hypocrisy aren’t even trying anymore

Screenshot 2014-09-21 at 10.38.00 PMLongtime readers know that pro-abortion publications like SlateRH Reality CheckThinkProgress, and Jezebel don’t exactly have the most stringent evidentiary standards for their attacks on pro-lifers. But for a community as large, influential, and self-righteous as the pro-choice movement, you’d think that at least a few of its websites would be intellectually honest.

So, in the interest of fairness, let’s see how some of the less prominent outlets fare. Here’s one: Medical Daily sounds like a pretty evenhanded name. What does Samantha Olson have to say…

People Against Abortion Hide Their Own Procedures And The Truth To Change Public Perception” 

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Win a trip for two to the 2015 March for Life!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of passionate pro-lifers march on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to protest the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and to end abortion in the United States. And this year, Live Action wants to send you!

One person will win the grand prize: a trip for two to the 2015 March for Life. The winner will receive two round trip tickets to Washington, D.C., as well as a two night hotel stay, the opportunity to March for Life with Live Action, a basket of Live Action swag — which will include stickers, signs, and copies of the Advocate — as well as a recommended itinerary of March for Life events.


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Nancy Pelosi vows to empower women… And then discriminates against a pregnant, disabled veteran.

As an online writer, I come across a fair number of memes. Some of them are cleverly arranged to convey a well thought out message. There’s also ones like this:


The sign on the left conveys an obvious fact: it’s pretty hard to hold “pro-choice” beliefs (or hold anything at all) if somebody’s already killed you. The logic behind the sign on the right, however, is a little more hazy.

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University funded organization takes field trip to Planned Parenthood

Blake Seitz, a student of the University of Georgia and editor-at-large of The Arch Conservative broke the news of  a university funded group on his campus, SHAG (Sexual Health Advocacy Group), taking a field trip to Planned Parenthood, a sex shop, and a cross-dressing organization.

While neither SHAG nor the group’s faculty adviser responded to repeated requests for comments about the excursion, the vice president for public affairs at the university responded by e-mail:

Thomas Jackson Jr., vice president for public affairs at UGA, told The College Fix the trip held academic value.

“As future health educators and counselors, they study and learn about a wide range of matters so as to gain accurate information and learn best practices in providing health education and counseling to the public,” Jackson said by email. “The visit to Planned Parenthood and an adult store was chosen by the students so that they might get an understanding of the types of issues with which they’ll be working as future health educators and counselors.”

Regardless as to if such a visit “was chosen by the students…” it does not merit any claims of having “academic value.” That is unless “academic value” now can refer to spending three hours hearing from an organization which promotes and performs abortions.

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Essure birth control is ruining women’s lives

According to recent news coverage and personal testimonies, hundreds of women have experienced adverse side effects from Essure – “the only non-surgical, permanent birth control available”.

How does it work? Metal coils are inserted in both fallopian tubes, causing a woman’s body to grow tissue through them, blocking the fallopian tubes. In most cases, this prevents pregnancy by making eggs unable to reach the uterus.

But Essure stories aren’t all happily finished families as the product owner, Bayer, would like you to think.

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Students for Life of America video: How to recruit pro-life students on campus

Students for Life of America has released a video explaining how to — as they call it– “clipboard” on campus. Clipboarding is a hugely successful, tried-and-true approach to finding pro-life students on your campus. It also raises awareness about the cause, gives your group a positive identity (because it requires lots of SMILING), and gets the dialog on pro-life issues started on campus before your group is even started. These are all huge advantages to a fledgling college group.

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Margaret Atwood

Attention Margaret Atwood: Texas isn’t abusing women, but your friends in the abortion industry are.

Margaret Atwood is a prodigious storyteller. Since publishing The Edible Woman over four decades ago, the prize-winning Canadian author has received widespread acclaim. But while some of her books have been best-sellers, the truth is that you don’t need to buy one of them to see Atwood spin a fictional yarn. Instead, just watch her recent interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose.

In 1985, Atwood came out with The Handmaiden’s Tale, the story of a dystopian future where women live as second class citizens. When Rose asked her why the book remains popular, Atwood said it was due in part to “the various states in the United States who’ve enacted some quite strange legislation having to do with pregnant women.” Pressed for details, the writer asserted that “if you are pregnant and you are even suspected of possibly not wanting your baby you can be arrested and chained up to your hospital bed until you have the baby. Tennessee has just enacted legislation like that. Texas has got it. A number of them have it. And it’s all right-to-life stuff.”

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Doctors said their son would die, but faith, strength, and a father’s vision are proving them wrong

A day after Brandon and Brittany Buell heard that their dream of having a baby boy would be coming true, their doctor called with news that would end their celebration. There were concerns over the size and shape of the baby’s head. Unsure of an exact diagnosis, doctors discussed five different conditions that they thought might be causing the problem, sent the couple to genetic counseling, and gave them the option to terminate.

“I was irritated,” says Brittany, “It made me mad because they were so quick to offer [termination] without even knowing for sure what his diagnosis was. They gave up. We ran all the tests we could. We were 23 weeks along at that point and they told us we had one week left in Florida to terminate.”

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What SWC'ing looks like (Photo: Austin Coalition for Life)

An open letter to abortion clinic clients

Dear ladies walking into abortion clinics,

As you walk in this morning, I just want you to know that we care about you, and that we’re here for you. Yes, us people on the sidewalk. We want you to know that you’re not alone. I can’t speak for the people who are yelling at you. That’s not what I believe in. But for those of us who are here to offer you information on local resources and spend our time talking with you? We care about you.

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Student Spotlight Header

Advocate Spotlight: Tommy Valentine

Tommy Valentine.

Tommy Valentine grew up with a great model for pro-life advocacy: his mom.  Today her work inspires him to be involved, fighting for the culture of life where ever he can. From political campaigns to school wide talks, Tommy is reaching people and making a difference. He’s a great example of zeal in defending life and for the many different ways one can make an impact.

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New pro-life short film offers unique view into the reality of abortion

“You have to do what’s best for you,” an interrogator says in a room that looks like a police station.

With this opening, viewers are in for a surprise in this new pro-life short film, “The Appointment – a mother’s choice,” both directed and partly produced by filmmaker Brandon Rice.

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Jian Ghomeshi

Made it easier “to f–k women”: Why Jian Ghomeshi favored abortion rights.

Canadian talk radio star Jian Ghomeshi is known for his social activism. In college, Ghomeshi ran for student government on a feminist platform of “battling sexism and racism on campus.” What drew him to these causes? According to fellow student Chris Lawson, the motivation was simple: being a left-wing activist made it easier “to f–k women.” If the slew of allegations that surfaced over the past two months are anything to go by, Jian wasn’t always nice about pursuing that goal.

Thus far, eight women have come forward with claims of being groped, hit, choked, or subjected to degrading comments. Some of these individuals worked alongside Ghomeshi on The Q, a progressive radio program with listeners across Canada and the U.S. One staffer said that the host threatened to “hate f–k” her, while another has accused Gomeshi of grinding up against her at the office. Insp. Joanna Beaven-Desjardins of the Toronto Police Service has confirmed that a criminal investigation is underway.

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ultrasound, baby

Abortion isn’t about a baby; it’s about me, asserts writer

Rebecca Traister attempts to come off as some authority on women, feminism, and the reality of abortion in her New Republic piece entitled “Let’s Just Say It: Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do.” She fails at this task.

She opens her piece by commenting on how she woke up one day in September and realized the implications of the fact that she was 24 weeks pregnant—it meant she had “lost one of the most important tools available to women: the ability to exert control over what’s going on inside my uterus.” Despite the fact that she is carrying a baby she and her husband planned, she comes off as pushy and dramatic. Not too long ago we would chide chauvinistic men who seemed to think they had a right to dictate what happened because they possessed male genitalia. Traister sounds like the female version of that personality, asserting she should have all the control, always, simply because she possesses lady parts.

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Court Records: Planned Parenthood abortionist horribly mistreated patients

Mark Crutcher, head of Life Dynamics,  wrote a well researched and powerful book called Lime 5: Exploited by Choice.The book compiles stories of abortion complications and deaths. Crutcher draws material from court records, published sources, and firsthand accounts.

Often, stories of abortion malpractice are hidden because abortion related injuries and deaths very rarely make the news. There is generally no legal requirement for clinics to report complications; doing so is voluntary. And since drawing attention to botched abortions is not in the clinics’ best interests, there is very little motivation for clinics to report their mistakes to the CDC.  Women who are injured by legal abortion seldom want to publicize what happened because of abortion stigma. In cases of deaths by legal abortion, often the families themselves keep the matter quiet.

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roe turns 41, ultrasound, mother

First proposed law comes as result of TN pro-life amendment passage

Even as abortion advocates in Tennessee try to find a loophole to invalidate the legitimately passed Amendment 1, lawmakers are wasting no time responding to the bill’s passage. First up is a an ultrasound bill, prefiled by Rep. Rick Womick, R-Rockvale. The Tennessean reports that the “main requirement of the bill calls for a woman to receive an ultrasound within 24 to 72 hours of when she plans to have the abortion.”

Womick noted that currently abortion facilities do ultrasounds anyway and that this bill would simply say, “look, let the mother see the picture and hear the heartbeat, that’s all this bill would do.”

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Why ending gendercide is an essential pro-life goal

Recently Live Action reported the UK Parliament passed a bill confirming sex-selection abortion is illegal in the UK.

I posted this all up on Facebook. Because that’s what I do.

And it wasn’t too long before a couple of guys, one of whom is a good friend I respect immensely, started questioning whether or not this bill was a good thing.

His argument was, more or less, that the bill is illogical in that it declares abortion for one arbitrary reason wrong, while ignoring all the others. In other words, it’s not really logical to say,”It’s fine to kill your baby for all of these reasons, but not for that one. That one is wrong.”

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Florida couple chooses life for preborn conjoined twins

A couple in Jacksonville, Florida had just welcomed a baby boy less than a year before when they discovered that they were pregnant again. Despite using birth control, they had conceived twins, and at first, they were thrilled about the unexpected additions to their family.

Then they got the unexpected news: their twin boys were actually conjoined twins. First Cost News has full coverage with some highlights we have pulled out below:

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Joni Ernst (Photo credit: Joni for Iowa)

Meet the five new record-breaking pro-life women elected to Congress

For the first time in U.S. history, there will be 21 pro-life women in Congress. With the 2014 election of Joni Ernst (R-IA) in the Senate and Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Mia Love (R-UT), Barbara Comstock (R-VA), and Mimi Walters (R-CA) in the House, an additional five women will join their 16 colleagues in the hopeful passage of federal pro-life legislation.

Here’s a little biographical information on the five new pro-life women.

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