“Glee” star reveals she aborted future husband’s baby without telling him

In her new memoir, actress Naya Rivera has revealed that she had an abortion during her time on the popular television series Glee.

The 29-year-old celebrity reveals in her book, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up, that during the series she became pregnant with the child of her then-ex-boyfriend, fellow actor Ryan Dorsey. She aborted the son or daughter during a day off, and chose not to tell him at the time.

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Lozier Institute VP sets New York Times straight on adult stem cell success

At the Daily Caller, Charlotte Lozier Institute research director Dr. David Prentice has an invaluable new article exposing what he calls “the best kept secret in medicine.” You see, there are currently thousands of experiments and over a million people who have benefited from stem-cell research.

But while stem cells constantly made headlines a decade ago, today one barely hears of these advances, for the simple fact that the kinds of stem-cells being used are adult stem cells not derived from the destruction of human embryos.

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Law firm defending StemExpress requests removal from case

McDermott, Will and Emery, the Chicago-based law firm retained to represent StemExpress against the pro-life Center for Medical Progress, has filed a motion requesting that it be removed from the case, according to Life Legal Defense Foundation.

StemExpress went to court against CMP to block the latter group’s release of videos detailing the former’s involvement in Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of aborted babies’ organs for medical research.

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Canada has no rules on late-term abortion. The US isn’t much better.

In Canada, a pregnant woman was hit by a car this month. Despite efforts to save her, Marie-Pier Gagné passed away. However, doctors did manage to deliver Gagné’s baby.

Legally, they could have killed her instead.

Canada has no rules on when an abortion can take place, and children aren’t necessarily protected even after they’re born. The Canadian government has admitted that between 2000 and 2009, at least four hundred ninety one babies were born alive during botched abortions. None survived. When members of parliament raised the possibility they had been murdered, the lawmakers were attacked.

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Lawsuit filed against Chicago over abortion clinic “bubble zone”

As Live Action News previously reported, last week, Pro-Life Action League announced its intent to file suit against Chicago over the city’s confusing “bubble zone” law, which makes it illegal to approach within eight feet of someone who is moving toward an abortion facility once that person is within fifty feet of the entrance, unless the person grants permission.

On Monday, the Thomas More Society filed the lawsuit in federal court.

The lawsuit claims that the bubble zone law violates the constitutional rights of pro-lifers, based on the First and Fourteenth Amendments. The law is unconstitutional both on its face, and in the way it has been selectively enforced against pro-lifers, according to the complaint.

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With feticide conviction reversed, Purvi Patel likely to go free next month

Purvi Patel, the Indiana woman sentenced to 20 years in prison last year for attempting to kill her preborn baby in a self-induced abortion then leaving him to die in a dumpster upon his birth, may be free as soon as September, following the state of Indiana’s decision not to ask the state Supreme Court to weigh in on July reversal of her conviction.

As Live Action News has covered, Patel purchased illicit abortion pills off the internet in an attempt to hide the fact that she had an affair with a married coworker, as confirmed by emails and text messages obtained by investigators. When she delivered her son, she then put him in a garbage bag and abandoned him in a dumpster. The state’s pathologist determined that the child had been born alive and suffocated to death.

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Pregnant women in China coerced to abort, accused of “deliberately” breaking law

“Pregnancy is natural and innocent. That the Chinese Communist Party would treat pregnant women as criminals and tell them they ‘deliberately broke the law’ by becoming pregnant is madness.”

So writes Women’s Rights Without Frontiers president Reggie Littlejohn today in an email press release about yet another woman who has been forced to abort her baby in China, a country long known for it’s One-Child Policy (recently revised as a Two-Child Policy), which has led to countless forced and coerced abortions.

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Once an orphan with Down syndrome, Kayella is now a Target model

Ted and Jodi Aschoff didn’t start their adoption journey with the intention of adopting a child with special needs, but when the birth parents of a baby with Down syndrome chose them to be their child’s adoptive parents, they accepted. However, that adoption fell through when the birth parents chose to raise their child. The Aschoffs had spent so much time preparing to raise a child with special needs that they decided that it was still the right move for them.  They adopted Kayella from an orphanage in Colombia in 2011 when she was nine months old.

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Colorado news outlet was right to refuse to romanticize assisted suicide

Proponents of assisted suicide don’t like for people to call it that. As anyone familiar with the debate over legalization of assisted suicide knows, they prefer to call it “death with dignity” instead. It sounds much more pleasant, doesn’t it? Instead of having the negative connotations that suicide carries, proponents can spin a tale of dying in a “dignified” way. Never before has suicide ever been considered dignified, but now they’re trying their hardest to convince people that suicide equals dignity — and they aren’t happy when people don’t play along.

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Federal judge wants to make you pay for abortions

The Constitution is a marvelous document. Not only are important rights recognized, they’re easy to locate. Free speech? It’s in the 1st Amendment. The right to bear arms? It’s in the 2nd. If you need to kill some time, try finding a right to abortion.

You’ll be looking a while.

Nowhere does the Constitution mention abortion. Oddly, that didn’t stop Justice Harry Blackmun from declaring it a right. In Roe v. Wade’s majority opinion, Blackmun said abortion was part of the larger “right of privacy.” There was just one problem: “The Constitution,” Blackmun admitted, “does not explicitly mention any right of privacy.” Blackmun still managed to find one, though. He just couldn’t say where.

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