Abortion counselor calls preborn babies ‘unwanted growths,’ lies about their humanity

While some abortionists admit to becoming callous to the horror of abortions, others have to assuage their conscience in other ways — like by dehumanizing the human being that they’re killing. Such was the case with former abortion staffer and counselor, Amy Beeman, who writes in Salon about how her time assisting with abortions challenged her pro-abortion convictions.

She was able to get past it by dehumanizing the baby.

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‘Bully bill’ requiring pro-life centers to advertise abortion passes CA Assembly

A bill that violates the free speech rights of privately-funded pro-life pregnancy centers in the state of California by forcing them to advertise and promote abortion has now passed the state Assembly and advances to the Senate.

AB 775 passed its last Assembly hurdle Tuesday when it was approved by the members with a straight party-line vote, with Democrats in support of the bill.

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Court stops Planned Parenthood from doing surgical abortions by Disney World

Last May, Planned Parenthood of Greater Florida purchased an 8,800 square feet property to conduct their abortion business in Kissimmee, Florida.

In September, LifeNews.com reported that Planned Parenthood got approval from an appeals court to perform abortions.

The initial court battle occurred because deed restrictions did not allow surgeries to be performed without the permission of other owners. Furthermore, zoning regulations for the building did not apply to surgery.

The building owners did not want Planned Parenthood performing surgical abortions there, but unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood fought to get around the law.

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11-year-old Uruguay rape victim refuses to abort her baby despite pressure

An 11-year-old girl who was raped by a 41-year-old man has ignited an abortion debate in Uruguay with the girl’s refusal to abort her child.

The victim, 18 weeks pregnant, was admitted to the hospital where she refused an abortion. She is said to be in good health. Despite her desire to give birth, family members, doctors, social organizations, and even the media have pressured her to end the life of her child.

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1/3 of Americans say animals deserve the same rights as people, while preborn babies have no rights

No meat, no pets, and perhaps even jail time for manslaughter if you hit an animal with your car? Yes. If 32 percent of Americans who want animals to have the same rights as human beings (according to a Gallup poll) had it their way, this would be a realistic future in the United States. And the number of Americans supporting this is up from 25 percent since 2008.

In another Gallup poll, 34 percent of Americans believe preborn humans shouldn’t have any rights at all.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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Woman gives birth to rare identical triplets

A couple in Texas welcomed three baby girls this month— identical triplets— a one in a million occurrence.

Catalina, Ximena, and Scarlett were born at 34 weeks gestation via C-section. The babies are doing well, although Scarlett and Ximena are conjoined at the pelvis – a one in 50 million occurrence.  Their parents, Silvia Hernandez and Raul Torres, also have a two-year-old son.

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Barack Obama tries to teach Christians about poverty and abortion

On May 12, President Barack Obama spoke at Georgetown University on poverty and the Christian focus to it as it relates on other issues:

…But I also think it’s important to have a voice in the larger debate.  And I think it would be powerful for our faith-based organizations to speak out on this in a more forceful fashion.

This may sound self-interested because there have been — these are areas where I agree with the evangelical community and faith-based groups, and then there are issues where we have had disagreements around reproductive issues, or same-sex marriage, or what have you.  And so maybe it appears advantageous for me to want to focus on these issues of poverty, and not as much on these other issues.

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Abortionist: ‘A fetus is nothing’

Pro-lifers know that abortions are sad and brutal procedures where babies are killed and women scarred for life.

The abortionists who perform these procedures are sometimes challenged by stigma, pro-life pressures, and the grisliness of procedures, while some seem to be in it for the money.

For others, performing abortions is an altruistic calling. They believe they are making the lives of women better, or saving them from illegal, back alley abortions. Whether they fully believe this in their hearts, one can only wonder.  Some seem to genuinely believe that they are on the side of the angels, making the world a better place for women by killing their unwanted children, setting them free to pursue their goals without hindrance. The fact that the babies have to die is just collateral damage.

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Pro-life center plans to open 10 feet from abortion clinic

They call it “hope in the heart of hell.” Seneca Choices for Life in Columbus, GA, is a pregnancy resource center (PRC) not even a year old, but its quest is to move in next door to the Columbus Women’s Health Organization. Only 10 feet would separate death and life, and Seneca says that’s really the choice.

Responding to current pressures to be “neutral” in its approach as a PRC serving pregnant women, the center is not backing down: “Seneca believes it is time that a pregnancy resource center boldly presents itself to the community as a pro-life option that wants to rid the community of the intolerance of abortion.”

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Abortion clinic worker shows aborted babies to women for their ‘spiritual healing’

You don’t usually see abortion workers giving much significance to preborn babies. If you look at most abortion clinic websites (in fact, all abortion clinic websites that I’ve seen), you see words like “the pregnancy” used to describe the preborn babies the facility aborts.

For example, this is how one abortion clinic describes abortions performed up to 14 weeks:

14 weeks
14 weeks

The procedure begins with the gradual and gentle opening of the cervix by a series of narrow, tapered rods called dilators. The doctor will then insert into the uterus a small plastic tube that is attached to a suction machine, similar to the one dentists use to clear the mouth of saliva. The tube is moved within the uterus for a minute or two to remove all of the pregnancy tissue by gentle suction. During the aspiration, you may experience cramping that is similar to heavy menstrual cramps. The surgical abortion procedure generally takes about five to ten minutes to complete.

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Wendy Davis at Planned Parenthood fundraiser: Abortion of 7-pound babies ‘never happens’

Everyone’s favorite late-term abortion crusader has popped up again. Wendy Davis has been laying low after her humiliating defeat in the Texas gubernatorial race, but she made time for her favorite cause: abortion. Davis served as the keynote speaker for Planned Parenthood’s annual fundraising luncheon in Dearborn, Michigan.

And after the luncheon, she was confronted by an anonymous citizen who asked her why it was acceptable to abort a 7-pound infant, in a video obtained by Breitbart. Davis’ answer? Well, it never happens:

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