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10 pro-life books to read in 2013

Knowledge is power, right? To be a credible pro-life activist, you need to know what you’re talking about. People will trust you only if they trust that you are sharing the truth. Reading pro-life books is a great way to learn more about our movement. In 2013, resolve to learn more and read a few of these books!

 1. Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn

This is an easy-to-read logical book that walks you through the major arguments presented by abortion supporters. Learn logical ways to answer their arguments with truth.

2. Why pro-life? by Randy Alcorn

Like the last book, this walks you through logical reasoning behind pro-life beliefs. This is a short book that is awesome to hand to a friend who may be on the fence about abortion.

3. unPlanned by Abby Johnson

As a former Planned Parenthood worker, Abby Johnson reveals her story behind her time at Planned Parenthood and the working environment she was in for years. Her conversion story inspires readers to reach out to clinic workers and get uncomfortable standing up for life.

4. Planned Bullyhood by Karen Handel

Read the truth about the battle between Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.

5. Unwind by Neal Shusterman

This book is set in a futuristic America where abortion is illegal, but parents are allowed to “unwind” (surgically take apart for organ donation) their children from age 13 to 18. While this is not a specifically pro-life book, the story of three “unwinds” keeps you on the edge of your seat.

6. The Liberal Case Against Abortion by Vasu Murti

Without using religion, Murti explores the case against abortion.

7. Three Approaches to Abortion by Peter Kreeft

In a logical and philosophic way, Kreeft explores the abortion issue with three main approaches.

8. A Bump in Life by Amy Ford

This is a collection of stories documenting stories of of hope and courage when women chose life for their babies. This book will come out in October 2013.

9. The Hand of God by Bernard Nathenson

A former abortionist who performed over 75,000 abortions, Nathenson discusses his story and what led to his conversion.

10. Fighting for Dear Life by David Gibbs

This book reveals the untold story of Terri Schiavo and discusses end-of-life pro-life issues.

There is so, so much to know about the pro-life movement! What books have you read that have affected you as a pro-life activist? In 2013, let’s learn even more by reading these and other books. Share your ideas in the comments below so we can find new books to read in 2013!

  • Julia

    Thanks! I have only read one (“Why pro-life?”). I will definitely add the others to my reading list

  • Didaskalos

    Francis Beckwith’s *Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice* is a superlative book. I’d agree with a reviewer who wrote (on the website), “Defending Life is the most comprehensive defense of the prolife position on abortion ever published. It is sophisticated, but still accessible to the ordinary citizen. Without high-pitched rhetoric or appeals to religion, the author offers a careful and respectful case for why the prolife view of human life is correct. He responds to the strongest prochoice arguments found in law, science, philosophy, politics, and the media. He explains and critiques Roe v. Wade, and he explains why virtually all the popular prochoice arguments fail. There is simply nothing like this book.”

    • First Citizen

      Defending Life is probably my favorite Pro-life book of all time.
      Also Fighting for Dear Life was good.

  • “Aborting America” remains a classic and a must-read. You have to understand how we got here.

    “Won by Love” is great as well. “And a little child shall lead them…..”

    “Having Your Baby When Others Say No” is more timely now than ever and should be updated.

    “Surprise Child” is encouraging for women reeling from news of an unplanned pregnancy.

    “The Search for an Abortionist” is more important than ever as we edge closer to recriminalizing. We need to understand how the abortion underground worked and will work again. I’d add “The story of Jane” and “When Abortion Was a Crime” and “A Woman’s Book of Choices” for the same reason. Divide the reading up among your friends and then discuss what you learn.

    “Abortion Rites” as well. And since unlike the books I just mentioned it’s written by a prolife author it’s not as prickly a read.

    “Abortion Practice” by Warren Hern is nearly unreadable, it’s so sickening, but everybody needs to have it handy and be ready to find and pull passages when needed.

  • Rebecca Frazer

    “Won By Love” by Norma McCorvey (alias Jane Roe) completely changed me as a person, a Christian, and a pro-lifer. It is an incredible book.

  • Brian F Hudon

    The Bible.

  • How about C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man? It was prophetic for its day and age, and talks about a time where human beings will become commodities that can be manufactured in a science lab or on a factory assembly line.


      This idea of human beings as commodities is actualized in so many ways. An organization known as Senomyx has been working with trusted corporations (e.g. Pepsico/Tropicana, Cadbury’s) in testing the use of fetal cells in product flavor enhancement. Pepsico, after a boycott, says it will no longer participate in that research. Fetal cells have reportedly been used in vaccine preparations, in burn grafts and in skin rejuvenation preparations. I believe these industries were already set up and ready when Roe-Wade was passed. Surgery is what keeps hospital budgets in the black but is dependent on the number of clients who have pathology. An abortion can be done in 15″, which means many patients can be processed in and out of a hospital in one day. Think of all the products “given” to each patient – emesis basins, water jugs, underpads and pharmaceuticals, such as pain meds. Think of the profits from labwork and ultrasounds. What is that Body Exhibition in Atlanta but the exploitation of human beings for profit even after death, instead of giving them a decent burial? The porn industry, advertisements, TV, movies, exploit humans by selling them products they didn’t need but were persuaded to want.

  • James Egan

    And Abandoned by Monica Miller

  • Richard

    Imagine debating a pro-abort type person, and while in the midst of impeaching you they cite facts and statistics from THEBLAZE.COM. They proclaim “you are wrong because THEBLAZE.COM says this…”. How would that make you feel as a pro-life person? Would you feel a sense of validation that your position has merit? When the opposition uses your side for reference, you absolutely would.

    Getting to the truth is the most important part of any issue. And if both sides cite the same source, I think we’re in agreement the source is true.

    A contributor to this site,

    Calvin Freiburger

    while supporting his pro-life position on December 8, 2012, cited the Guttmacher Institute. Here is their most recent video:

    Here is Mr. Freiburger’s quote:

    “Your premise that “women” per se is who we’re talking about is yet another lie, when the truth is that we’re merely talking about one subset of women. Guttmacher says a little less than a quarter of pregnancies end in abortion, and women are often *more* pro-life than men. That means the clear majority of women ARE smart, strong, and just enough to see through the lie and do the right thing. The subset who consider abortion consists of those who either have been lied to by your side about what abortion does and what their baby is, are in circumstances where they’re not thinking clearly, or are so callous that they don’t care that they’re murdering their offspring”.

    Mr. Freiburger has, therefore, decidedly given credibility to the statistics supplied by the Guttmacher Institute, consequently giving it respectability in the eyes of the pro-life movement.

    The next time you are told the elimination of Planned Parenthood is a just act, consider this video.

    Mr. Freiburger gives you his blessing.

  • Basset_Hound

    I was a flaming feminist after reading Glamour and Cosmo for years. I found an earlier edition of “Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments” on the bargain table at a bookstore. I picked it up, took it home and literally made a 180° turnaround almost overnight.

  • Guest

    The Case for Life by Scott Klusendorf is excellent. I’ve also heard The Ethics of Abortion by Christopher Kaczor is a must-read, though it’s somewhat more rigourous than lots of these.


    Purchase the book ‘Watch Me Grow’, by Prof. Stuart Campbell, a UK Ob/Gyn, and give away to every expectant woman, or couple, that you know. How nice for them to get a gift when they make the announcement, instead of waiting for the third trimester baby shower. On every page is a 3D full color pic from embryo until birth, accompanied by an explanation of development or behavior. The ones that astounded me, were serial pics of a babe nearing the end of the first trimester, who was “standing” in the womb and lifting up his leg to place it in front of him. as though he was preparing for walking. Augment your reading, by purchasing ‘The Biology of Pre-Natal Development’ , a National Geographic, medically objective video, in which you can see the 21 day old baby’s heart emptying and filling and hear it beating at 113 beats per minute. Watch the vid, then give it away to a church youth group, a middle or high school, a medical or nursing school or your local library. You can purchase it for $20 from Priests for Life.

  • Jean Jones

    Carol Everett’s “Blood Money” is good to read. Carol is a former abortion clinic owner.

  • Mina Milburn

    Recall Abortion by Janet Morana is available now and it is excellent. Years ago I read a novel called Attonement Child, don’t remember the author, just that he was Protestant. It was about a pregnancy by rape, very moving,

  • harveydude

    For pre-teens (and even a little younger) there is a good fiction book called “Olivia’s Gift” by Nancy Belanger which has a strong but subtle pro-life theme.

  • Juan Campos

    “Abandoned” by Monica migliorino Miller is the most moving book I have ever read on abortion, and I have read several mentioned below.