"Nobody puts Baby in a chastity belt."

3 things we need more of (if we’re going to end abortion)

Nobody knows exactly how abortion’s going to end. But the following three things certainly will help us make abolition a beautiful reality.

1. Pro-life feminists

Dudes, you hear it all the time: “Abortion is not your business unless you can get pregnant!”

Appealing to intellectual honesty doesn’t work on these people. If it did, we could point out the hypocrisy of their statement, considering abortion was declared the law of the land by nine men. Logic also doesn’t work, or we could mention that if men could get pregnant, we’d be against them having abortions, too.

What does make an impression is when women who are self-described feminists adopt a pro-life position. It blows people’s minds a little bit. It’s the thing that started me on my road to conversion. Groups like Feminists for Life of America remind people that our early feminists were dead-set on freeing women from tyranny, not just passing the tyranny on to their children.

Justin Bieber says he’s pro-life, and it’s mildly interesting and a bit heartening. But imagine the shock-and-awe effect if Tina Fey became publicly pro-life. Holy cow, right? Even one hipster-feminist idol coming out as pro-life would have an enormous impact on the movement.

I call myself a feminist because I believe in what the original feminists believed in. I believe that women are awesome creatures capable of great things, but I also believe that embracing true femininity in motherhood and the natural processes of our lady plumbing is true empowerment, not aborting our children so we can finish our super-important degree in comparative literature. True feminism used to be about self-respect, not sexual wantonism, abortion, and the various sex trades that destroy women, body and soul. Because of that, I am pro-life and anti-fauxminist.

Organizations like Feminists for Life of America and New Wave Feminists must keep arguing – and proving – that not only is it possible to be pro-life and feminist, but it’s an essential component of being an empowered female.

2. Pro-life doctors

My gynecologist back in Dallas was 100% pro-life and Catholic. He did not prescribe artificial birth control. And he was the only one I could find in the entire city.

Too many doctors are willing to ignore the Latin maxim they are taught in early medical school: Primum non nocere. First, do no harm. Unlike the women they “treat,” they are not ignorant of the reality of what they’re doing. They know full well that it is no “clump of cells.” They have convinced themselves – like so many pro-abortion people – that the ends justify the means, even when the “ends” turn out to be grieving, regretful, or even dead and maimed women.

Groups like the Association of Pro-Life Physicians and the American Association of Pro-Life OBGYNS help women find pro-life physicians. The more doctors refuse to perform abortions and respect their patients enough to tell them the truth, the fewer abortions there will be.

3. Premarital chastity

“Nobody puts Baby in a chastity belt.”

Abortion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. I say it all the time. Abortion usually happens when people have sex as recreation, not intending to make a baby. According to ProChoice.org, a site I obviously visit all the time, about half of all pregnancies are “oops” pregnancies. I won’t call them “surprise” pregnancies, because I think it’s safe to say most people who have sex know where babies come from.

Of the over one million abortions that occur every year in the United States, 83% are committed on unmarried women. That’s, like, a lot. So, according to logic, if people stopped having sex before marriage, there would be roughly 83% fewer abortions.

Of course, you can never get everybody to stop having premarital sex. But back in the olden days of yore, when there was a standard – and when if you got caught having sex before marriage, you would get your butt beat and get sent off to Ye Olde Forbidding Nunnery & School For Wayward Girls – there were a lot fewer teenagers having sex. You see, when you lower and then completely eradicate the standard, people – surprise! – fail to live up to that standard.

I was at my in-laws’ place the other night, and the TV was on with the volume off. A program called “Christmas at Rockefeller Center” came on. It’s an annual show in which celebrities frolic Christmasly in New York as the big pretty tree is lit. It’s supposed to be family-friendly, I think, considering the presence of Muppets cavorting with Cee Lo. But the show opened with Mariah Carey dressed like a very slutty elf. Her dress was cut so low you could see her sternum. It wasn’t just cleavage – it was the entire middle section of her ta-tas.

Also, I occasionally flip through the channels and see that ABC Family is showing Dirty Dancing again. Now, I love Dirty Dancing just as much as the next 25- to 34-year-old female. I was pretty sure Johnny Castle was going to materialize and marry the hell out of me. But, um, it’s a movie about young people rubbing their privates on each other, when they’re not having premarital sex and getting back-alley abortions. ABC Family? Really?

No, we’re never going to get all unmarried people to stop doing the nasty. But we have to do better. We have to have some standards. We don’t have to put chastity belts on all young people to knock that 83% down a bit. There is nothing more rebellious today than respecting yourself. Ladies, it is absolutely revolutionary in our time to decide you are not going to dress and behave as though you are in a Ke$ha video. Guys, all those people who tell you that acting on every impulse is “normal” are trying to drag you down to their level. Rise above your primitive urges. You’re a man, not a monkey.

I could add to this list – and whom are we kidding, I probably will – but if we started with adding more of these three things – pro-life feminists, pro-life doctors, and premarital chastity, we would be on our way to ending abortion.

  • You need a lesson in history. You believe that in the “good old days” people had less premarital sex. Before antibiotics, the 4th leading killer was syphilis. Also, there is nothing righteous about the way the Catholic Church dealt with “wayward girls” , they made money off off selling their babies, and subjected the women to slave labor.

  • Basset_Hound

    It would also be nice if we had teen magazines that pointed out that having sex with every dude that takes her to Starbucks twice is NOT going to make her feel closer to her BF. It does, however cause many girls to feel used when he dumps her and hooks up with some other hottie after the next party.

    • american freedom

      maybe if these girls listen to their parents about when a man says, “i love you,” that doesn’t mean he loves you.

      girls are so sheltered and raised to be freaking princesses theses days, they can be easily played… half of them can’t tell what a good man these days — they are destroying our gene pool.

      but if men had proper ways to express himself — instead of bedding woman after woman…this abortion thing wouldn’t be happening, but that’s why we have abortion.

      • Basset_Hound

        Maybe if these girls heard “I love you” from their parents (who had made the effort to stay together and maintain a loving relationship themselves), they wouldn’t be looking for love from a multitude of strangers.

        • Well as we like to point out this isnt a perfect world where every child has a perfect, loving set of parents. Some parents beat, rape, and sell their children for money or favors. Others just leave them out in the street which over a period of time swallows them up and they wind up dead or in jail.

          • Basset_Hound

            So what’s your point? Parents who beat, rape or pimp their kids should be put in jail.

          • stop.

            I am happy to say I am promiscuos, or lets not cover it up and use something so negatively worded, I have sex with a lot of boys. Also, I have two very strong males in my life, my father and my grandfather, and my younger brother is blossoming into one too. My family, who are the average family I suppose, tell me they love me everyday. I am a happy, stable person, and I don’t even need a boy to take me to starbucks twice to have sex with them. I don’t have low self esteem, I am a confident, educated 19 year old female. I choose to have sex with these boys.
            I hope reading that didn’t make you have a heart attack, girls like us exist too.
            There is so much wrong here I dont know where to start with you “pro-life feminists” but lets start here.
            Your suggestion that a woman needs a ‘strong male figure” in their life caused me to vomit a little bit in my mouth. You do not need a strong male figure in your life, how about a strong female figure in your life? one to teach you that sex is not something to be ashamed of, that your body is brilliant, that your VAGINA is something to embrace and be enjoyed as your own. You are promoting patriarchy, you are not a feminist.
            Also, blaming girls for not knowing what a good man is these days is a pathetic excuse to blame them for ruining the gene pool. Pathetic. You are making generalisations of the way girls are raised with this point, and you are also gender stereotyping with the way men and women behave sexually, suggesting that women only want relationships and to be told “I love you” and that men only want to have sex. Stop talking please.

            Also, with this article in general, if you believe in a religion and seek to influence the politics in the country based on your own beliefs, you need to take a good hard look at yourself because not everyone should be denied something because you believe in it.
            The ‘catholic gynocolgist” was possibly the most shuddering thing of all, how can you see a ‘medical proffesional’ who is blinded by religion. I don’t think religion is bad, but it is a horror story when you let it influence politics or medicine. Health is not your place.

          • Basset_Hound

            No, your post didn’t make me have a heart attack. It makes me sad because you’re cheating yourself. I’m aware enough of my body to know that it’s “brilliant” and I “embrace and enjoy my VAGINA” in the context of a loving committed relationship with my HUSBAND of 23 years. I wouldn’t trade my life for your empty meaningless existence for all the money in the world.

            If you want to have sex with any dude who will give you the time of day, knock yourself out, As long as you’re not trolling around looking for underage partners, I don’t give a damn. But if you want to kill a child that results from your carelessness, then I have EVERY right to oppose you in the arena of ideas, religion or no. Some of the people who sought to overturn slavery used religious arguments to influence the policy of their country. It did not make their arguments any less valid.

          • see how when she addresses you she didn’t feel the need to insult your entire life and be generally a judgmental, close-minded bully? But you who claims to follow religious teachings did that? That’s what we call a religious hypocrite. You are trying to force women to obey your beliefs in Christian Mythology, yet you do not even subscribe to it yourself. If you did, you would recognize that though this girl may have fundamentally different beliefs then you… she is happy and confident. Any life of happiness and confidence is never an “empty meaningless existence”

            also about the slavery, well the slaves we’re biologically attached to their owners against the owner’s will. There was no question of who’s rights were being violated and you didn’t need to disregard the slave owner’s rights in order to free the slave.

          • Basset_Hound

            Spare me your melodrama!

            Where, pray tell did I “bully” her? Where did I insist that she “obey” my “Christian mythology”? And how do you know what beliefs I subscribe to? Are you a telepath? As for that “happy and confident” claim, I used to know “happy, confident” people who were getting drunk up to their eyeballs every other night, and I thought their lives were empty an meaningless. So I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m not entitled to mine.

            Your slavery argument is absurd too. The vast majority of pregnancies come from consensual sex. The rights of an unborn child are violated when he/she is treated like chattel and property for the sake of someone else’s lifestyle or convenience.

          • because you are manipulating her via faked empathy trying to make her think her life is empty and meaningless because it’s not YOUR life (which she doesn’t want but didn’t feel the need to insult it as much as you). yes, that is a form of bullying recognized by psychologists. A more manipulative and dangerous one then average bullying.

            I know your beliefs because I’ve read your comments and you state them in it…

            If you knew people getting drunk up to their eyeballs, then no they were no confident. I’m glad you fell for that awesome self-defense mechanism of faking it though.

            (insert every rational abortion argument I’m tired of re-writing and you won’t read anyway here)

          • Basset_Hound

            More cheap theatrics and violin strings?. PULLLEEZZEE!

            I’m “manipulating” her “into trying to think her life is meaningless”? How? Is she so thin skinned that she can’t take the opinions of a stranger with a grain of salt? Are YOU?

            How do you know my empathy if “fake”? You don’t know a thing about me, yet you think you can judge my motives.

            If you want to talk of something recognized by psychologists, try the negative effects of sexual promiscuity on physical and emotional well being.


          • If you don’t like defending your statements don’t make them on a public domain that lets people comment! lol

            Now let me explain to you how proving a point works in the real world. These articles you linked are nothing more than articles. they do not link to studies and are only the author’s opinion (and are published on HIGHLY biased sites with the tendency to lie lie lie just to make the point that sluts are bad)

            Also, just because people are sexually active w/o being married does not mean they are sleeping around. Either way, you’re post is all wrong again. lolz /shrug

            I’m glad your two friends made you think you know how EVERYONE should live, but I verify all my psychological babble with someone with a degree in psychology. I think that wins over your two friends.

          • You are amazing!!! Love the post!

        • You are stereotyping all women who have unplanned pregnancies as being unloved and looking for love from a “multitude” of strangers.

          • Basset_Hound

            No, I did not say anything about “all women who have unplanned pregnancies”, I am pointing out that there are women who lack a strong male role model in their lives can turn to promiscuous sex. You are debating with your own interpretation of what you think I said.

          • Why are you singling out promiscuous sex from the types of sex that result in unplanned pregnancies? How do you know what motivates people to have promiscuous sex? Is there some kind of data on whether their fathers are strong or not?

          • Basset_Hound

            This is a study which shows the role fathers play in a teen’s sexual attitudes….http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/weird-wide-web/fathers-advice-affects-teen-sexual-behavior-study-says
            Yes, since both my husband and I were the RESULTS of an unplanned pregnancy of a “menopause mom”, I’m astute enough to know that not all unplanned pregnancies are caused by promiscuity. Both of our moms were married at the time.

          • “May” is the key word in that title. In the science world, not the blog about something you half read, correlation does not equal causation. There is no proof at all of causation in this…

          • or sometimes they just enjoy sex… and this is America where we are allowed to so that’s okay. How about teaching less slut shaming chastity and more safe sex?

    • yes pathetically slut shame a young girl… that sounds like it will fix all her daddy issues.

      • stop.

        Firstly, I am not cheating myself. I know I am not, I’m not telling myself I am loved by all of these boys who “give me the time of day”. A woman is free to embrace her body as she chooses, I can sleep with as many men as I want, and you can be in a committed relationship if you want (especially if you want to be one of those women who believes the only way to be with a man is if you belong to one). You can’t just sit and believe that you are superior to me because you have been with the same man for 23 years, and you cannot tel me that my existence is meaningless, I live a colourful life and I am fufilled in every way, sexually, emotionally and spiritually. I am a free person. Woman. If any person is living a meaningless marriage it is the woman stuck with same man for decades, being financially dependent on him and doing nothing all day but making sure the towels are clean, I’m not saying this is what you do, you probably have a fantastic career or something, right?
        To immediately assume that because I have a lot of sex means I am careless is a pretty bold statement, I was more careless when I was in a long term relationship of a few years to be honest with you. Do you still have a charged sexual relationship with your husband? did you ever have that? Just asking, not saying you don’t.
        But if I suddenly got pregnant, even if I am taking measures to prevent it, even if I was married, and was not prepared to bring this baby into the world, or the father was not ready for it either, would you suggest I keep it? You say that the sort of women who have abortions or get pregnant are the ones who have “daddy issues”, well who are the ones with “daddy issues”, the cute little christian girls who are raised by a loving family (Even if they are forced together by social convention)? or the one whos dad left their mother after she got pregnant and was forced to keep it because society told her she had to? The latter one obviously, so essentially your argument about girls with daddy issues or not being told they are loved is ridiculous in itself, how can you promote everyone keeping a baby if the baby will grow up in an enviroment that you seem to think would promote sex that does not comply with your standard.
        Also I don’t get drunk up to my eyeballs every night. I sit at home surronded by friends, having fun, enjoying my life, having joyful sex, getting a higher education (one that I know that will garauntee me an international career, a way of furthering my life, and eventually setting up a fantastic, cultural, exciting life for my future children. I am not going to burden them with a lifestyle based beige walls and white sterile sinks of bordem and blandness based on mac and cheese or meatloaf every night, raise your kids how you want but don’t tell me I have to give my possible kids a boring life just because I got pregnant) and forgetting that people like you exist until I have to see you trying to tell me what I should do with my uterus. How dare you think you have a right.
        Slut shame me all you want, it just proves you have no place in feminsim because the more you try, the further backwards you are sending it with your anti female opinions, you hate your own sex, not once have you even suggeste that maybe the men I am having sex with are conducting in an act of mutual respect and that I am just being used, or once have you considered that I am using these boys, you seem to think that because I am a girl I am the one with all the blame.
        Have fun doing the ironing and not having fantastic sweaty sex with your husband on the kitchen counter.
        Your religious views do make your argument invalid, an abortion is a hard thing to have and seeing a doctor who is going to make it worse by imposing their own views on it are only going to make it worse.
        Politics and religion have no authority over the health of a woman or her uterus.

        • Stop.

          What if I said I sometimes have sex with women? would you have a problem with that? or is it only when I am having sex with men? are women using me too? or is it not a problem because you aren’t going to have to worry about what is happening inside my uterus?

          • stop.

            and also it would be nice if you could recognise abortions are not just about protecting ones current lifestyle, maybe recognise that people have serious medical issues that means pregnancy would risk their life and the babies. Why are you so obsessed with protecting a potential human and slamming a current one? Wouldn’t saving one life be better than losing two?

            I would like to see a coherent, none judgmental, reasonable and rational explanation as to what your opinion is instead of just a slut shaming anti feminist rage about how pathetic my life is.

        • Basset_Hound

          REALLY??? I have “no place in feminism” and I’m “anti-female” because I don’t agree with you? Talk about a bold statement!

          Seriously, I don’t give a damn about what you “do with your uterus”, as long as it doesn’t involve killing an innocent baby. So you can clog up all the discussion threads you want with inane descriptions of your sex life and how you use other people for your pleasure. You can also make as many assumptions as you want about me, my relationship with my husband, my life or my motivations. Some of them are actually humorous.

          As for your comment “But if I suddenly got pregnant, even if I am taking measures to prevent it, even if I was married, and was not prepared to bring this baby into the world, or the father was not ready for it either, would you suggest I keep it?”

          I would suggest you have two alternatives….adjust your attitude or place the child up for adoption. It’s called being an adult and accepting responsibility. What you are “prepared for” should not be a criteria for whether or not a child lives or dies.

          I would also suggest that I have every right to point out that promiscuity IS risky behavior both physically and emotionally.

  • american freedom

    1. “Appealing to intellectual honesty doesn’t work on these people. If it
    did, we could point out the hypocrisy of their statement, considering
    abortion was declared the law of the land by nine men. Logic also
    doesn’t work, or we could mention that if men could get pregnant, we’d
    be against them having abortions, too.”

    wow, the pot calling the kettle black… that saying was created after ROE,because you people tried to dictated your morality on women, who didn’t want it.

    i personally, don’t care which celebrity is a pro-life-schizophrenic-fascist, my abortion is none of their business…if they are not going to help ME pay for it.

    2. “like so many pro-abortion people – that the ends justify the means,
    even when the “ends” turn out to be grieving, regretful, or even dead
    and maimed women.”

    that doesn’t stop plastic surgeons, but whatever.



    3. “Abortion usually happens when people have sex as recreation, not intending to make a baby.”


    it’s possible to have unprotected sex and not get pregnant, and unfortunately, they are not being taught how to do it.



  • ima

    As a reminder to you good folks on here, it is legal to be an atheist. Given that, I would love to hear an intelligent, non-emotional response to this article.


  • KayJay

    As a pro-life feminist, I reject any identification with you. Kinda made me throw up a little inside: “I believe that women are awesome creatures capable of great things, but I
    also believe that embracing true femininity in motherhood and the
    natural processes of our lady plumbing is true empowerment, not aborting
    our children so we can finish our super-important degree in comparative

    Wait, what? true femininity? Who are you to just what a woman finds to fit herself and her life style? Is it really so difficult for people to believe that there genuinely are women who are not interested in becoming mothers but who are nonetheless empowered? I do agree, that it is not right to kill another, but to suggest that there is one, right way to “empowerment” for women, and you provided it is insulting.

    “My gynecologist back in Dallas was 100% pro-life and Catholic. He did
    not prescribe artificial birth control. And he was the only one I could
    find in the entire city.”
    Derp. 1) Birth control =/= pro-life.
    2) Birth control = less pregnancies = less abortions.
    3) want to reduce abortions? comprehensive mandatory sex education for all and super ease of access for birth control (at no or reduced cost for those who require help)

    “Of course, you can never get everybody to stop having premarital sex.
    But back in the olden days of yore, when there was a standard – and when
    if you got caught having sex before marriage, you would get your butt
    beat and get sent off to Ye Olde Forbidding Nunnery & School For
    Wayward Girls – there were a lot fewer teenagers having sex. You see,
    when you lower and then completely eradicate the standard, people –
    surprise! – fail to live up to that standard.”

    Wow. What world do you live in? People did have tons of per-marital sex. I know! My ultra-Catholic side of the family had 2 siblings who had kids out of wedlock, and 3 siblings got married too early either because they did, and felt bad about it, so they married quickly, or they didn’t, but had natural human urges so married ASAP with terrible men, who they later divorced after being beaten or cheated on. Out of 8, only 2 are in stable, married relationships, and one of them, my dad, certainly did not abstain. Unlike your la-la land assertion though, girls would still get pregnant, only, they’d either have forced abortions by their families, try to have abortions themselves, alone, or if they did keep the kid, get expelled from school (while the father could continue on his merry way).

    And you can bet I sure am glad I didn’t wait. Sex is a very important thing to a relationship. You learn everything else about your partner, what he’s like, his ticks and personality. Getting married means being okay with dealing with that for the rest of your life. If sex is bad, or if the two of you are just looking for different things you are going to have a lot of repressed problems down the road.

    You get the feminist label revoked from you.

    • Y’know, you start off with the presumption that “Birth control = less pregnancies = less abortions.” However that’s not true. Look it up: in Africa, four neighboring countries tried to reduce the spread of AIDS and extra pregnancies. Three did it by following the demands of certain charitable groups to teach and use birth control. The fourth broke from the other three and implemented a policy based on chastity, waiting until marriage for sex, and monogamy. Guess which one of the four saw a DECREASE in the number of AIDS cases added and the number of abortions?

      (hint hint: one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same)

      That’s right! The three other countries actually saw an INCREASE in the rate of AIDS cases and of abortions.

  • Steve Farrell

    Being pro-life is “an essential component of being an empowered female”? Kristen Walker Hatten lives in a fantasy world where a “feminist” is any woman with strong opinions and being “empowered” means being able to force other women to make only the family planning choices you approve of.

  • stop.

    :but I also believe that embracing true femininity in motherhood and the natural processes of our lady plumbing is true empowerment”
    if you need to use the euphemism “lady plumbing” instead of just saying vagina your argument is already that of a woman too scared to acknowledge her biology without having to ‘tone it down’.
    You’re argument, or should I say opinion, is the product of someone who is happy to say she is a feminist, but refuses to stand for sexual liberation, a key part of the female fight for social equality. It is people like you who, people who need to call sex “the nasty” or use any other euphemism with a negative connotation, that are holding women back, one who promotes social acceptance of female inequality without even realising it, it is sometimes women like you, who are worse than some men.
    This is just from skimming over your wording, your opinion is completely undermined by the fact you are unwilling to use exact terms and have to dance around the subject.
    and they aren’t “ta tas” they are breasts.

    • I’m also a firm believer in if you can’t say the word, you are not yet mature enough to talk about it.

      • stop.

        I’m so done with these people like honestly get a grip.
        “rubbing their privates on each other” probably caused them all to blush and get a bit tingly between their legs.
        There is a word for that guys, it is sex. SEX.
        PLEASE. IT IS SEX.

        • …get tingly between their legs then feel guilty about it for the rest of the day. All you have to do is picture that to know what’s wrong. Imagine how emotionally and mentally you’d mess yourself up if every time you got aroused, you felt all the combined guilt of this page…EVERY TIME. that is definitely enough to hit mentally unstable status!

        • No. It isn’t. I was talking about the form of dancing in which they engaged, which consisted of mostly rubbing their privates on each other. Wow. Just… wow.

    • I wasn’t talking about vaginas. If I were, I would have said, “vaginas.” I was referring to the functions of our reproductive organs, from periods to fertility to birth and beyond. I chose a funny, engaging way to say it – “lady plumbing” – because it encompasses a lot and a great many readers find it descriptive and amusing. They get it. The fact that I don’t go around saying “vagina” and “breast” every other sentence is not – sorry to crush your dreams – that I am a horribly repressed prude. I would imagine, my dear, that I’ve been more of a libertine than you can imagine. I choose the words I choose because there is a more accurate or funny way to say it. I hardly ever respond to people in the comments or even really read comments, but yours are so completely ridiculous I had to respond. So congratulations on that. In fact, you may have just inspired another blog. Oops! Be careful!! Leaving silly comments on our blogs is the pro-life writer equivalent of feeding Gremlins after midnight. It just hatches more inane, repressed, misogynistic pro-life blogs.

      • ” Leaving silly comments on our blogs is the pro-life writer equivalent of feeding Gremlins after midnight. It just hatches more inane, repressed, misogynistic pro-life blogs” Well, at least you know your audience!

  • You forgot the biggest easiest way to take the biggest chunk out of the number of abortions each year (more than all 3 of these “ideas” combined)…BIRTH CONTROL. Studies have shown that in areas where contraceptives are affordable and available, decreases the amount of abortions by a about a third last stats I saw. If you were truly against abortion and not what the post reads as, which is you simply think everyone should be forced to follow your beliefs because to hell with my freedom of religious belief, you would be pro-contraception!

    • Basset_Hound

      In Spain the number of abortions doubled when contraception was made easily available. Likewise for the UK, despite millions of pounds being spent making contraception readily available to teens…http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1155824/Labours-300m-policy-disaster-teen-pregnancies-rocket-highest-level-decade.html

      • Correlation is not causation, and the Daily Mail piece you link (which, btw, is strictly about teen pregnancy rates, not the population at large) bears that out. It makes no claims about contraception causing pregnancy rates. Just that the Labour program didn’t seem that effective.

        All links aren’t created equal. I know folks around here (most notable LA writers) love to plaster their pieces with links, giving the veneer of research and attestation, meanwhile hoping nobody actually follows them down the rabbit hole of meaninglessness they point to.

      • If I can find the link to that REAL study I read on abortions declining by a third (the one done in America, the country we’re talking about) I’ll post :/

  • Nancy Dee

    You seem to think that all women want children. I am happily married, have been for awhile now, and I do not want children, never have, and neither does my husband – we are of a small group of adults who have chosen to not procreate, but that doesn’t mean we have to be chaste – we are MARRIED, you cannot expect that of us. And since I am not a Christian, you cannot throw any reasoning my way that will allow me to think differently – in this country, in this day and age, we are all given the choices to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and for some of us, that happiness does not include a family of more than me and my spouse. To be forced to carry a child that my husband nor I want is similar to forcing me to do a number of life-altering things that I would not choose for myself.

    I have no issue with those who want children as well as those who believe it is wrong to abort an unwanted child. However, to believe that the more doctors there are who “tell women the truth” is wrong – they are not telling them the truth if they are not giving the woman all the options available to her. As it stands, abortion is not illegal, and it goes against that doctor’s Hippocratic oath to withhold information that could ultimately treat a woman – not all abortions are performed because the child is “unwanted;” some are performed in order to save the woman’s life. To be for the life of the unwanted, unborn child and not for the life of the mother? That doesn’t make you pro-life, that makes you a little close-minded. I believe if you spoke to women who actually have had an abortion, you would realize that.

    • Jamie

      Another non-christian childless by choice woman here – happily married for 25 years. I’m past my childbearing years, but it’s still rather infuriating that I was unable to obtain a tubal before the age of 33, as if I didn’t know my own mind about the matter. The women most likely to regret permanent methods already have children.

  • Angel

    Birth Control Pills work by preventing ovulation. No ovulation = No Baby.

    • They work primarily by making the lining of the uterus impervious to the fertilized egg IF conception does occur. For those of us who believe life BEGINS at the instant an egg and sperm collide, that is the definition of an abortifacients. Especially the so-called “Mini” or “Lo-Dose” pill which is desirable because it has fewer negative effects on users than the more powerful pill with the “decreasing ovulation” abilities.
      And yet…amazingly…neither version is as effective as abstinance at PREVENTING an unplanned pregnancy.
      (Oh, and the whole “life begins at conception thing” — I also believe Grandma is still alive even though she’s is a chronic vegetative state.)

      • Nepenthe

        No. They work primarily by preventing ovulation. Full stop.

        Uterine lining thinning is a secondary process of the medicine.

  • Karen

    There is a very well thought out response to this post, that you really should read: http://freethoughtblogs.com/aronra/2012/12/01/a-professed-pro-life-feminists-attempt-to-co-opt-feminists-of-the-past/

  • “YES, YES,YES!!!” That is my REAL, not fake(Harry Met Sally), reaction to your suggestions! As a former liberal feminist, now prolife activist…wow! So good to here there are more of us out there :) . The only thing I would add is that 1 in 4 teens have an STI/STD according to the CDC. Last time I checked, pregnancy is not a disease, the longest it can last is 18 years of child support and instantly you are cured! Herpes is for life. Prolifers protect teens from both when we set the sexual self-control standards high. Thanks

  • As a video game fan, I find it rather irritating slash ironic, that so many people will point the finger at violent games and say they’re the cause of school shootings and general youthful shenanigans. Yet, when talking about all the sexual antics of the world everyone ignores the music videos et al? People want to ban an R18 video game that you get carded to buy in an attempt to stop kids getting violent ideas, but no one sees a problem with a 12 year old girl buying a Marie Claire mag with a “sealed section”?

  • Rayne

    What the fuck??

    Exactly why do we need more people advocating for the disempowerment of women and policing of not only our reproductive rights but also our right to get down and dirty whenever we want?

    The pro-life movement is one movement I will never get. Deeply rooted in right-wing religious misogynistic thinking, the pro-life brigade justifies the continued oppression of women by yelling that their tactics are simply “for the children”. What? The foetuses who aren’t considered viable in America until 24 – 28 weeks as determined in Roe vs Wade (1973) let alone have personhood under the law until they are born?

    Being pro-choice doesn’t mean that we tell or want pregnant women to get abortions – we merely want abortion as a legal option for women so they can make a safe fully informed choice and be more in control of what happens in their lives. Limiting women’s choices means taking control from women and putting a women’s right to choice in the hands of the government. Education around abortion and having abortion as a legal option for women means that women can evaluate all their options and make fully informed decisions.

    So how can Kristen Hatten claim to be a feminist when she is actively attempting to abolish a service that is intrinsic to women’s health and economic development?

    Full reply: http://statik-media.com/Ness/?p=230

  • Chrissi

    Finds it beyond amusing that the ranter and raver of requiring all things accurate within the language of vagina and sex speak, just called a fetus “a potential human” in order to diminish and dismiss it’s relevance within a matter of life and death. Interesting.

    While a mother is a functioning living adult human being her child, even if found to be in the rare less than 5% of cases where endangering his or her mother, is also a functioning human being. The child is functioning exactly as it should in his or her specific stage of human development just like his or her mother is, his or her toddler brother is, just like a child just born yesterday is. The only potential human beings are those we think about as future generations..and frankly we give those mere thoughts of people more rights than we do human children within the womb. So yeah, It’s a vagina and not lady plumbing , you’re correct but the child in the womb is a human being, regardless of you wanting it, liking it or needing it. He or she is a human being, there is nothing potential about it, per science.

  • janburkholder

    Kristen, one can tell you are not a true feminist for you have not escaped your hangups on your body. They are breasts not ta-tas and it is called premarital sex and not “the nasty”. I don’t know what kind of mother you had who gave you your attitudes, but mine told me my body was beautiful . She encouraged modesty so I would not be misjudged by my appearance. She also warned me not to have pre marital sex for one got pregnant that way and that was not a proud moment for a young girl. But she never called it “nasty”. One who has unprotected sex and not married are having risky behavior and can be educated that way is not a constructive decision. Educated about commitment, bonding that occurs with sex that may lead you to pick the wrong mate for you. Also using alcohol changes your judgement and will lead one to make bad decisions. So think ahead and what decisions should be made early.Those are true feminist goals. I am 66.