5 states defund and 13 states investigate Planned Parenthood

Since the release of the first incriminating Planned Parenthood video from the Center for Medical Progress, a flurry of investigations have ensued. These videos at least show evidence indicating a strong likelihood of illegal activity, and at worst show despicable, callous disregard for the law, human life, and women. Here are the ongoing official investigations and government actions taken against Planned Parenthood.

As of Wednesday, five states have made moves to defund Planned Parenthood, or end participation in the funneling of federal money to the unscrupulous organization. These states are New Hampshire, Utah, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Alabama. Thirteen states have launched investigations into Planned Parenthood, including Florida; this investigation caught Planned Parenthood illegally performing second trimester abortions. South Carolina also announced a probe into state abortion facilities.

As states continue to launch investigations and take appropriate action, the federal government remains largely divided on the issue. A Senate effort to defund Planned Parenthood was blocked earlier this month, although a majority of senators voted in favor of ending forced taxpayer funding. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a federal agency, has threatened several states that their “plans to terminate Medicaid provider agreements with Planned Parenthood may illegally restrict beneficiary access to services.”


On the other hand, a handful of congressional committees have announced probes into the abortion corporation. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has begun to investigate whether the Obama administration provided any federal grants to Planned Parenthood that were ultimately used in relation to the illegal sale of aborted baby body parts. The Department of Justice has also committed to review the videos and investigate. Meanwhile, in a predictable display of indifference, the White House seems unwilling to even watch the videos.

The issue will likely come to intense conflict in Congress this fall, as lawmakers attempt to move forward with plans for the new fiscal year, which begins October 1st. Regardless of how state and federal bickering and political jockeying play out, attention is being called to the unethical and illegal practices of Planned Parenthood, and the American people are watching.

Attempts to discredit the Center for Medical Progress lack the coherence and facts needed to convince honest and open-minded citizens that a full and unbiased investigation into Planned Parenthood is not needed. Some writers have even tried to draw attention to the “illegal” nature of states’ actions to defund Planned Parenthood – a laughably silly notion, considering the grave nature of the truly illegal and disturbing actions taken by Planned Parenthood, which led to the states’ decision to defund. Needless to say, that tactic is called a smokescreen – and it rarely works.

In the words of California attorney Kristi Burton Brown,

“With such a situation, rife with illegalities, continuing to brew, it is little wonder that a number of states are choosing to defund Planned Parenthood or distance themselves from the abortion giant in other legal ways. If Planned Parenthood affiliates want to stand together – despite laws being broken, women being harmed, and babies being killed and sold for profit – they will likely fall together, under the law, as well.”

  • MamaBear

    Even if the federal government is hesitating to act, at least some of the states are acting.

  • Cindy Templin

    What do we as the people need to do to get the ball rolling in our state to defund this organization?

  • Hmmmmm

    Obama disgusts me in so many different ways. Thank God his reign is almost over.

    • clr1390

      Abortions been legal since 1973. They are not going away. The part of Planned Parenthood that does abortions gets no federal funding. They will be quite busy.

      • Elaine

        And I guess you did your own investigating or were witness to how they handle their money??? Do you really think they are going to admit what they did? Greed drives this money making scheme. When greed is involved, the perpetrator(s) will do or say anything to cover it up.

        • clr1390

          It is the LAW. The abortion industry has more regulations and hoops to jump through. THE Planned Parenthood’s are operated as 2 complete separate corporations fool. They always have. It is called dealing in FACTS. Something you fools know nothing about.

          • Celia Morelli

            And the name calling begins…

  • Chris

    Who tracks if the federal money is used for abortion? I could understand someone who says , “If we give money to them, but not for abortion, they’ll just use the money they raise for abortion and then they’ll take the tax payer money for everything else they offer.
    On the other hand, why should they just be de-funded? That would include every other NPO who gets tax payer money/ relief.

    • Linda Zimmerman

      Congress CAN and SHOULD de-fund PP….. Money to other federal clinics serving women would not be cut…. and there are plenty of places besides PP where women can get the same services….

      • CJeanne

        State Departments of Health provide ALL educational services, access to pregnancy testing, women’s health exams, etc, without attempting to talk women into having abortions if their pregnancy test is positive.

        I’ve worked Maternal Child Health care in hospitals and in Public Health in several states. I am VERY familiar with PP!
        I’ve also worked with reporting births to the state, in 3 different states! Definitions for LIVE birth (for registrations/birth certificates/state stats).

        Delivery of a baby/fetus is considered a LIVE BIRTH, if there are ANY visible signs of life (heartbeat, cord pulsation, breaths or even gasps, movements) REGARDLESS of gestational age! I am very aware of 18, 19, 20+ week gestations being born alive!!! Have seen 19 – 20 weekers live and even survive with critical care following birth.

        Hence, I am sickened to know how many of these babies are born alive, and then being sold for tissue. I am also VERY aware of how PP shuffles their finances and report activities it does NOT even do to justify expenses!

        This gigantic organization seems to have a direct relationship with evil itself! ABORTION IS NOT HEALTHCARE; ABORTION IS ABOUT KILLING…. Planned Parenthood MUST be defunded. NO taxpayer dollars should be allowed to go to PP!

        • clr1390

          Tax dollars have never funded abortions. Fetal tissue is allowed to be donated. It is the law. You can charge delivery cost. Planned Parenthood is 2 separate companies. The part that does abortions will still be going strong without federal tax dollars since they never had them in the first place.

          • Elaine

            Get your head out of the sand. If you believe that one, you’re really gullible. So much corruption and deception in PP, they can tell you anything to cover up their dirty acts.

          • clr1390

            it is the LAW fool. Get your head out of the Salem Witch trials? You fools might not like abortions, but it is LEGAL. Defunding Planned Parenthood is NOT going to stop abortions. YOUR edited YOUTUBE videos are as close to the McCarthy era BS as I have ever seen. Donating fetal tissue in some states is LEGAL. TOO bad. What is priceless is we fund the military in Israel. They in turn have universal healthcare for all…GOOGLE facts. Abortions are LEGAL in Israel. They have to get permission but 98% are allowed, and many just do it the illegal way because they do not like having to ASK.

          • Elaine

            You’re the fool. There are plenty of other places that provide healthcare for women. They don’t DONATE baby body parts (yeah its a baby, not a tissue), they sell them for profit…. NOT LEGAL!! Excuses, excuses..blinding yourself to what is reality. It’s not about abortion being legal, it’s about what they do with the aborted baby body parts and their unethical, barbaric late term abortions. But I guess you think it’s okay to turn a blind eye by blowing off the videos as being “edited”…that makes it easier for you to ignore the facts. Funny how it’s okay to look the other way with these videos, but not with the myriads of other allegedly damning videos out there that go viral and create an uproar…pathetic…hypocrites.

          • clr1390

            No, you are the fool. Using highly edited YOUTUBE videos as your evidence is so laughable. Remember James O’keiffe. IT IS LEGAL TO DONATE FETAL TISSUE IN SOME STATES.. WHY FLUSH IT DOWN THE DRAIN? Does it make you fools happy to flush the science down the drain? They do not make a profit. They get reimbursed for the COSTS of transporting it. YOU non science believing fools are so full of BS smoke and not an ounce of truth. Abortions are legal. You people are NUTS.

  • Sheryl Feike McIntyre

    Why not defund the CPC’s. After all, they are not serving a purpose, and they admit they are lying “in the name of God”.

    • Linda Zimmerman

      Sheryl, I am not aware of ANY CPC’s who use any kind of tax money. They exist on people’s private donations, some churches donations and their own fund raising and a lot of volunteers who make all of this possible. I am also not aware of any lying by CPC’s…. and have been a volunteer in one of them… I can’t help but wonder what inside of you hurts so badly that you would accuse an organization who provides services to women in need without any charge EVER to women. Seems like you have an anger problem…. and I wonder why?

    • CJeanne

      Let’s just defund PP….. ALL their services, other than abortions, are already being provided, at taxpayer expense, at State Departments of Health, and they don’t don’t usually coach women who have positive pregnancy tests into getting an abortion!!!

      In addition, someone also commented that there are 2 separate PPs, and that tax dollars are not used for abortions….. Totally disagree. Any large organization can shift funds from one department to another as they chose to! Unless there are 2 separate financial organizations estsblished, dollars can, and are, shifted

      Planned Parenthood refuses to run 2 separate Financials organizations as they believe doing so would decrease their overall income because of the name recognition they get with Planned Parenthood!!!

      • clr1390

        Liar, liar. Health departments do not offer women’s health services. You people are so clueless. There has NEVER been funding for Planned Parenthood…The part that does abortions. So…….business will triple. You people are morons.

        • CJeanne

          Better get your info correct via state government information, or at each countys level…Some counties may provide more services than others, but these are the Women’s health services available from most county health departments….
          Physical/women’s exams, including pelvic required to order wide range of types of birth control/ conceptions/ an emergency conception.
          Doing so also brings STD exams an treatments available there as well.
          TO not refer to Planned Parenthood for abortion services!
          In addition. Children can start getting WIC for both food for mom while pregnant, and after baby born, an important vaccinations are avail from birth thru natural life. Also…condoms available in great quantities!!! If that doesn’t work well, we also do prenatal programs there, and an can evaluate and coach in domestic violence issues, as well.
          I’ve a RN doing maternal/pregancy/ an new Newborn assessments.
          I’ve worked in 3 different states in three Midwest, an have worked at some of these facilities for years! These programs can be very helpful and I really encourage young women’s to check these kind of programs out!! In addition there are excellent MD contacts available there, contacts who have MD privileges in local hospitals so if a problem ever occurred, The mom could easily be moved to the hospital setting, WHILE you know that ALL THE TIME, you and your baby have been receiving care consistent with national nursing and obstertical standards of care, and you have the peace of mind in knowing that ALL THE TIME you’ve known the safeguards set up for you.
          That’s more than you can get from Planned Pregnancy!

          • clr1390

            You people are CLUELESS…. Health departments do not offer services like Planned parenthood. Especially in Red states where healthcare period has been gut to the bone. I called 10 counties in Texas, and NOT one county health department offered squat. In Ohio they do not either. I also called Ok and NOPE…..Clueless fools. Name me 2 states and the counties that the health departments provide services like Planned parenthood. I will call them. I will be waiting.

          • CJeanne

            “You people are CLUELESS”. NO, I’M NOT CLUELESS!!! I’m an RN who has worked in, or with these services in Health Departments in many county Health Departmrnts, providing Women’s and Children’s services —- IN 3 DIFFERENT STATES. No, we/they fid NOT provide abortions! However, about as close to abortion as I want to me, and unless you walked in a nurse’s shoes and had to do the things nurses do, you better not call me CLUELESS!!!!

            There may be states who set their health services up differently; state Departments of Health DO provide the services I defined. I’ve worked across the entire Midwest! Maybe the Southern states are set up differently. I, FOR ONE, have never seen it NOT DONE AS I DESCRIBED! COME TO ILLINOIS, AND I’LL PERSONALLY MEET WITH YOU!

        • CJeanne

          Most state departments of health offer pregnancy and STD checks, prescribing of bc/condomns, WIC and nutrition care, infant assessment and immunizations, as well as interventions being provided which meet national medical/nursing standards of care!

          • clr1390

            Call Texas health departments No,no, no……You people are clueless.

  • dwdraw2

    Why aren’t people marching on Washington in droves on this issue? They should be demanding a through investigation. Desperately need about 2 million while the weather is nice.

    • jeanbean14

      I would like someone to film, interview, and broadcast honestly the huge pro-life demonstrations that take place regularly. There has been more than one pro-life march on Washington, and they were ignored completely, except to report on the counter-protesters who behaved outrageously. But I agree, it needs to happen again.

    • jeanbean14

      Have you seen the numbers on the demonstrations to stop taxpayer funding of abortions that took place last Saturday outside PP facilities across the country? I found a Washington Post article online that included some numbers, reported by attendees who took a count:

      Autoroa, IL – 1,600

      Columbus, OH – 600

      Falls Church, VA – 850

      Fort Worth, TX – 520

      Lincoln, NE – 600

      Plano, TX – 350

      Toledo, OH – 250

      • CJeanne

        And you are only identifying clinics in 4 states…., and then only a few of the clinics in those states. There were MANY more states (maybe even all 50) whose # of protesters are not included in this count!

  • Shanna Moyer

    They are selling whole children in court systems for federal funds and to drug companies….the planned parenthood idiot protesters don’t care about that ???? Where is the outrage in the streets for our living breathing children in our country being sold on a minute by minute basis for a federal fund agenda ????? I am appalled at our society
    Shannafightscps FB community page is where you can read my real emails of corruption
    Follow on Twitter @shannafightcps ..plz share help and support our children.
    This crap is not it …these are real families in crisis they are killing whole family by way of family court slaughter …no not with a gun!
    With a u policed family court system riddled with flaws and hiding behind a Sheila of confidentiality…no more …read for your self the gorilla tactics used to try and steal children alienating fathers among making me a refugee e in my own country to protect my daughter

    • clr1390

      They do not give a sheet about live breathing babies. They are a burden once born.