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50 shades of pink: why Planned Parenthood should be blushing

Planned Parenthood ought to be blushing 50 shades of pink for promoting dangerous and violent sex advice to naive teenagers, but the abortion-giant is far from showing shame. Instead, the billion-dollar organization, partially funded by the tax dollars of hardworking Americans, continues to bolster a pro-abortion agenda coupled with alarming sex advice for underage boys and girls. Planned Parenthood’s promotion of S&M sex should be anything but normal, but in the name of fun and games, the organization counsels young people how to experiment with asphyxiation, torture, bondage and sadomasochism.

Planned Parenthood’s “sex-education” to teenagers parallels 50 Shades of Grey, penned by British author E.L. James. After all, both James and Planned Parenthood promote violent bondage and torture sex as a way to express romance, and both have made a profit because of it: Planned Parenthood rakes in additional allocation of $75 million each year under the Affordable Care Act, and James, who enjoys a hefty sum from the sale of her novels.


The novel, written to a young audience, tells the story of Anastasia Steele, an inexperienced literature student who meets the suave, yet troubled womanizer, Christian Grey. The trilogy has sold millions of copies worldwide, making it one of the best selling paperback novels of our time.
The novel’s widespread success portrays the sad reality of our sex-obsessed culture. Ironically, the Hollywood version releases in time for Valentine’s Day. The message of 50 Shades of Grey gives young people the impression that romance is all sensual and sexual abuse is normal, and fun. Strongly peppered into the book’s message is the theme that that BDSM sex, though violent in nature, has no consequences. Like Christian Grey, Planned Parenthood whisks away naive, inexperienced young girls like Anastasia Steele through charisma and curiosity. Though Steele is punished and abused through the BDSM relationship, Grey has no intention of loving her. Teens are tricked to hand over their virginity, like Steele, in order to be subjected to torture and abuse in the name of pleasure. The crux of 50 Shades affirms that.
Consider how Planned Parenthood caters its sex education materials to young people. Under guise of safety, the organization’s promotion of abortion-inducing drugs, BDSM and other controversial sexual practices, is anything but safe. The organization continues to push the normalcy of dangerous sexual practices through its printed materials, education and through a panel of sexperts who encourage teens in dangerous 50 Shades type relationships. Not only does the organization have an ironclad grip on children at a local level, Planned Parenthood’s pen pals in the White House and state legislatures continue to enforce the institution’s pro-abortion ideology through legislation and funding. In fact, Planned Parenthood was a key sponsor of a seminar for educators of teenagers titled “50 Shades of Safe,” which promotes BDSM relationships as safe and normal.
Live Action‘s latest SEXED investigations further expose Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex advice for kids. The series under covers Planned Parenthood counselors teaching teens how to whip and torture their partner, visit local adult sex shops and view pornography secretly. Teens are counseled to use handcuffs, watch “educational pornos,” tie their partner to a bed or tree, and even defecate on each other for sexual pleasure.
Without parental consent or knowledge, Planned Parenthood is wooing young girls into a promiscuous, sexual lifestyle that will ultimately lead them down the dark road of abortion. It is in the aftermath of abortion that Planned Parenthood abandons teens to deal with the grief, trauma and emotional scarring. To make matters worse, the organization continues to charade its agenda under the umbrella of health care and women’s rights.  It’s clear that the abortion-giant is only concerned about filling its bank with more dollars, and not about the health and safety of children. After all, Planned Parenthood, funded by $500 million in taxpayer monies, is concerned with one thing and one thing only: abortion. It is all in the plan of Planned Parenthood.

To make it crystal clear, consider Planned Parenthood’s response to Live Action’s SEXED investigation. Notice how the organization refuses to address the illegal and questionable sex advice Planned Parenthood staffers are offering teenagers:

“A group opposed to our mission and services [Live Action] has a history of pretending to be patients and secretly recording visits with staff and then using highly edited versions of these videos to create a false impression of our services, mission and values,” noted Planned Parenthood in response to Live Action’s investigation.

Planned Parenthood’s far-fetched outcry against Live Action’s “highly edited versions of these videos” proves that the organization still continues to dodge hardball questions. It is clear that Live Action did nothing to manipulate the very words spoken by Planned Parenthood staffers. In fact, Live Action has posted full, unedited versions of the investigations on its website, PlannedParenthoodExposed.com.

What is most alarming is that Planned Parenthood shows no remorse for its promotion of BDSM to teenagers. Instead, the organization has mastered the blame game, pointing the finger at the whistle blower when it should be addressing issues that affect the safety of children. What is more disturbing is the institution’s rich history of covering up up criminal activity, such as sexual abuse, rape and human trafficking. The organization has solidified its image to the public as a caring entity dedicated to health care, but that image it is far from the truth.

What else is to be expected from an organization that has built a market around an ideology of making profit off of murdering innocent, unborn children? Care, no matter what: the company’s slug does not fit its ethos.
So, when 50 Shades of Grey releases in time for Valentine’s Day in theaters nationwide, let’s send a message that these violent practices promoted to teens are not acceptable. Save a pretty penny. In the same manner, let’s demand to defund the organization promoting it all; let’s demand that our half a billion dollars go towards a cause that is not detrimental to the health and well being of society, and its smallest and most vulnerable members.
  • MamaBear

    PP’s “sex education” as caught on video is outrageous.
    All the more reason we need to demand that sex education be limited to parents and people parents can hold accountable. If sex ed is offered in schools, and most middle and high schools do, materials and syllabus ought to be open and available to parents, and parents should be notified when. The same goes for if the church youth workers plan to teach about sex (which I think they should).
    If a teen goes to an adult privately, I am not saying no conversation should take place, but no adult has the right to undermine the values taught in the home. If you do not know the teen and his/her parents well enough to know what those values are, you should not have the conversation.
    “50 Shades of Grey” is a fad. It will go the way of other best sellers. Anyone remember “Clan of the Cave Bear?” Or for us religious folks, the “Left Behind” books? Anyone finish either series? The concern here is that it might introduce young adults and teens to BDSM, and young women especially, might be victimized by it.
    What adults do is their own business. But BDSM is not something teens should be introduced to, especially behind their parents’ backs.

    • Faithkuz

      Most especially when 50 Shades is presented as a guidebook, sex ed becomes problematic–the PP rep was encouraging exploration in this dangerous activity.

  • Faithkuz

    Today, a liberal friend posted a video on her FB wall that detailed an undercover investigation of car repair businesses (including use of hidden cameras, etc). This is a long-standing, legitimate practice from the likes of 60 Minutes. My liberal friend has no objection to the hidden camera’s use because it is in the service of detecting and rooting out corrupt business practices. Likewise, Live Action is alerting the public to what occurs behind closed doors–We need such rigorous journalism to get past euphemisms such as “reproductive health” to expose the perverted and unhealthy advice being promulgated by Planned Parenthood.

  • Ernie NJ

    The world is an evil place. The god of this world our advesary walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. Jesus said in the last days it would be like in Noah’s time. Men’s hearts were only evil continually. This is either the last days or a revival is coming. With the ancient assyrians (terroist) back on the move, killing of babies all over the world via planned parenthood the list goes on. pray and evangelize maybe it’s time to get ready are your laps lit and do you have enough oil? Bridegroom is coming

  • daveveselenak

    You won’t hear 60 Minutes, C(ommie)-Spin or NPR doing a report on this!