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A front-row seat to abortion horrors in Norway

Editor’s Note: This is a letter to the editor from Heidi in Norway.

In a way, American pro-lifers are lucky, so are your unborn.

We're talking about real babies. Like this one.
Abortion kills real babies. Like this one.

True, you have a million abortions a year. But you have freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, most of you don’t pay for elective abortions, at least yet. You have many challenges. We have a nightmare.

All abortions are done at public hospitals, for tax money. No copay whatsoever.

Because all abortions are done at public hospitals with women in there for a variety of reasons, including miscarriage, we have no way of reaching these women to be a voice for their child. Show up at the hospital and the police will remove you. You can’t show a picture of a dead baby in the face of a woman there for cancer treatment or a miscarriage

Are you a pro-life primary care physician? Refer for abortion or lose your job, even though referral isn’t necessary for a woman to have an abortion. In public, people compare conscience-minded doctors to people refusing to refer for cancer treatment. Abortion is mainstream medicine; question that, and you are publicly beheaded in the media.

I am a member of a Norwegian pro-life organization – they even have to state in discussions they don’t want to make late-term abortions more hard to obtain when trying to put an end to live-birth abortions. I am seriously considering quitting this organization. But there is no one else that cares for these children.

11 babies born alive over a ten year period left to die in our hospitals. Do you know how it came to light? Health care staff asking if there isn’t a better way to let these babies die? Abortion is on demand for the first 12 weeks, but then again, the ones who decide after that – a jury of some sort – agrees to 98% of applications after. They even agreed they broke the law by allowing abortion in weeks 23 and 24. They still have their jobs. Deciding over life and death. Even though they cannot kill after 22 weeks anymore, to the protest of our gynecologists.

8 week old human fetus
8 weeks old

A Christian politician posted a picture of a 12 week fetus on his Facebook profile. He was accused of lying, of bigotry, of being a dark man against women. Even the Christian party have to go to the media saying a woman’s legal right to abortion can be combined with a physician’s right not to refer. Every other party defends abortion rights.

I had surgery once, in the GEN/GYN-room. Wonder how many babies have died in that room before and after they saved my life.

This is Europe. This is Norway. This is what happens when you don’t keep the issue warm. Later I will write about a forced abortion attempt and abortion pressure in Norway. Or about how they kill multiples and leave them dead inside their mother with the remaining few allowed to live.

Don’t ever give up the fight! Don’t ever quit telling women the truth outside the clinics! Don’t ever give up on the unborn and doctor’s conscience. Never allow abortion to become mainstream medicine. Or maybe one day you will find yourself in abortion heaven: Norway.

  • Basset_Hound

    This is Europe where the old, the very young, the chronically sick and the disabled will be as expendable as the unborn. In some countries, they already are. Wake up America. This is your future.

  • PJ4

    Wow.. Norway sounds like PP and Naral’s wet dream come true.

    Talk about a nightmare.

  • MamaBear

    Sadly, this sounds like the goal of pro-abortionists here.

  • Christine

    I live in Norway to. Possibly the worst thing here, apart from not being able to speak up for human life, is the enormous pressure to abort. If everything is 100% picture perfect (25+, a college degree, a parter you’ve been with for years) people actually have the audacity to ask why you haven’t had an abortion?! What on earth is wrong with people. You can’t just ask a woman why she hasn’t killed her child? But apparently, here that is just normal. To expect people to have an abortion, and it’s even normal to advise FOR it and pressure people into it. HOW IS THAT RIGHT? The abnormal thing here, would be actually caring for human life. I rarely find someone who agrees with me, apart from christians (I’m personally not a christian, but I think that just goes to show that abortion is not a religious issue, it’s a human rights one).

    My country really sickens me in this aspect. I’m 8 weeks pregnant, and when I told my best friend, my BEST FIREND, she immediately started asking me really rude questions on “well, what can you give this baby? Do you REALLY think YOU are ready to be a mother yet? Think of your child, you are selfish for wanting to keep it in your situation” (father might go to jail). I was called SELFISH for not wanting to kill my child. I feel like the only person exited for this child is me (and my parents, who are being very supportive)

    • Christine

      isn’t 100% *

      • It’s brave of you to stand up for what’s right even when it isn’t the popular thing to do. Also, it’s sad when your friend thinks that choosing NOT to kill someone constitutes selfishness.

        • Christine

          Thank you :) Most of the time I feel like people think I’m(or other people who oppose abortion in this country are) evil. Not used to getting praise

          I think it would be more selfish of me to kill it, just for my convenience, not ever giving it a chance of life… How on earth anyone can say that it’s selfish not to kill a baby, is beyond me. I think she thinks it’s selfish of me to want it (as she just sees it as “a clump of cells”, which is rubbish). And that I have to think of the life I’m putting the child into.

          Oh, you mean a life where I, as the mother, can give my child unconditional love and support? The life where he or she will have everything they could need, because I have the support I need (financial and otherwise, my parents are very supportive). The life of loving grand parents, on both sides (the fathers mother is positive towards it). And sure, the father might not be able to be there at first, but he wants to. And he’ll be there later, and the child will see it’s father (although the situation is complicated).

          But by all means, me giving my child a life where he/she has everything she needs, and all the love in the word, is SO much more selfish than killing it while it’s defenseless in the womb. Logical…

  • Thanks Heidi for helping to expose these facts. The anti-child mentality controls much of Europe, but then again so did support for the slave trade and antisemitism. Those things were curtailed, and one day you can have victory over this as well.

    • Heidi

      Yes, now it seems like it might even be getting worse. Gynecologists are calling for women to be able to abort viable babies when they have a non-lethal handicap, such as severe mental retardation. We are talking 27-28 weeks. The basis for this is that some norwegian women have gone abroad to abort babies after the limit in Norway. Of course making it easier for the ones who breaks our already lax law is more important than protecting the babies that actually had our legal protection. This means more babies will die in our hospitals after birth. Hopefully this does not come through