Aborted babies incinerated and being used to heat British hospitals


A report out of England today is making waves around the world. An investigation found that the bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were burned and then used to heat UK hospitals.

Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat.

… One of the country’s leading hospitals, Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge, incinerated 797 babies below 13 weeks gestation at their own ‘waste to energy’ plant. The mothers were told the remains had been ‘cremated.’

Another ‘waste to energy’ facility at Ipswich Hospital, operated by a private contractor, incinerated 1,101 foetal remains between 2011 and 2013.

They were brought in from another hospital before being burned, generating energy for the hospital site. Ipswich Hospital itself disposes of remains by cremation.

U.K. Health Minister Dan Poulter called the practice “totally unacceptable,” and the Department of Health instituted a ban. It still raises the question, though, of why hospitals would think this was acceptable to begin with.

As horrifying and monstrous as this report is, it unfortunately isn’t altogether surprising. For most people, burning waste to generate heat isn’t a bad thing. What makes it so despicable is that these hospitals see the remains of babies as waste. But it is the inevitable result of a society that allows abortion to remain legal.

Unwanted children are discarded as garbage, their lives snuffed out before they even have a chance to live them, so it isn’t much of a leap for hospital bureaucrats to deem the remains of these children waste. If we refuse to respect the lives of these babies from the beginning, then why would anyone bother giving dignity to them in death? After all, they’re just aborted children. They were unwanted trash. Who cares what happens to them afterward?

  • PJ4

    Is anyone surprised by this? This is what happens when life is devalued.
    Of course the true pro aborts wont even blink an eye at it.
    They probably relish this bit of info

    • dramaqueen^

      seriously you overreact so much…. you act as if all pro CHOICE (no such thing as pro aborts) are the same. no. no we are not. it is a woman’s CHOICE in the matter, however what is done beyond that is on those in charge so them using it as fuel to keep hospitals warm is on them not the pro choice people. quit being so hateful towards right minded people, you don’t want to abort a baby? fine. DONT. thats your CHOICE.

      • PJ4

        Seriously.. you picked a fitting name.
        You’re quite the drama queen.

        Sigh… you apparently don’t understand the movement for which you stand.
        Most pro aborts don’t

        If you are in favor of a woman killing her child in the womb then you are pro abortion.

        Look, it’s even in the dictionary.

        it is a woman’s CHOICE in the matter
        No one gets to pick who is deserving of life.
        No even women.

        What happens to the babies after they are dead falls on the pro aborts who are committing the atrocity

        quit being so hateful towards right minded people
        Yup.. .thank you for proving that pro aborts are mostly all alike.
        Pro aborts are the most hateful wrong-minded people I’ve ever encountered.
        Right minded people understand who wrong it is to kill babies in the womb.

        you don’t want to abort a baby? fine. DONT. thats your CHOICE.

        That’s like saying: Don’t want slavery? Don’t own a slave. It’s your choice.
        You’re in good company.

        Perhaps you should take your own advice and quite being hateful to right minded people who want to protect the innocent among us.

        • Ingrid Heimark

          Of course she is pro-abortion, anyone who wasn’t, would nt pick THIS article to spew their anti-life agenda. The fact that she chooses THIS says everything

      • Basset_Hound

        Don’t want to molest a child…fine DON’T…that’s your CHOICE.
        Don’t want to drive drunk…find DON’T…that’s your CHOICE…

        Yet when the Komen Foundation tried to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, did those of your ilk respect THEIR choice. HELL NO!! The media assault was so vicious that not only did Komen reverse the short lived stand, but the woman who was responsible for making the decision was booted out the door.

      • Cauchy

        “Right minded people” How can a person be “right minded” when they are committing something that is objectively wrong?

        You may decide to abort a child, but that is objectively wrong because you violate their intrinsic moral value. Children are not property of the mother or are commodities in themselves.

      • Ingrid Heimark

        you think we overreact to children being burned like in the holocaust……… Such a comment deserves no response

        • dramaqueen^

          oh terribly sorry because abortion is now in the same category as the holocaust? really? like REALLY? you’re going to belittle the holocaust that badly?
          your response truly did not deserve a response, in fact my name applies directly towards you

  • PJ4

    Is anyone surprised by this? This is what happens when life is devalued.
    Of course the true pro aborts wont even blink an eye at it.
    They probably relish this bit of info

  • Jonathan

    Here are two quotes from the comment section of that report: “Not far off from Nazi Germany.” “Beyond Nazi!”

    Seriously, Brits? Of course, no excuse can justify such inhumane act of making the supposedly safest place in the world a bloody crime scene, but in America, the remains of the victims are stowed in big jars and transported to laboratories for stem cell research in hope to find a cure of Alzheimer, while you just burn it up for heat!

    • MamaBear

      How barbaric we (Britain and America) have become!

  • Basset_Hound

    Look at the bright side. At least the UK hospitals are using a renewable resource, and not burning EEEVVVVIIILLLL fossil fuels.

  • Mary Lee

    I haven’t commented on this because I was quite upset after reading it; I had a very visceral reaction to this. It is beyond appalling. It is ….I cannot find the words. It is from hell. It is from hell.

  • Carol Dickinson

    Oh this is sooo sad. This horrorific act (of aborting innocent babies then incinerating them to warm the hospital) is no different than Nazi Germany.

  • Paultoon

    Sounds like an extremely inefficient means to heat a hospital…. would it be that they cremate the bodies and it simply is the same heating system they use for other cadavers. If I was cremating cadavers, for efficiency, I would ensure that the heating system benefited from this process.