Most women do not "love abortion."

Abortion activist Leela Yellesetty brags about pushing women into debt for abortions

pregnant-womanSteven Ertelt spotlights an abortion activist named Leela Yellesetty. Writing at The Socialist Worker, Yellesetty talks about her experiences as a volunteer with the Community Abortion Information and Referral (CAIR) Project. They provide grants to help low-income women help pay for abortions. According to Yellesetty, though, there wasn’t always enough money to cover the astronomical cost of having an abortion, which can be thousands of dollars.

So Yellesetty “helped” these women.

IT FELT good to be able to help out some women–to know that along with their own resourcefulness, I was able to play a part in ensuring their ability to take control of their bodies and their future. Much harder were the many women I could not help. I had $850 total to spend for the week and, as I mentioned, over 30 women calling in looking for assistance. This meant I had to make some very difficult calls.

I had to ask women who weren’t as far along if they could delay their procedure another week or two. I counseled one woman to put a $3,000 procedure on her credit card–even though she was unemployed and had no way of making payments–because most of the women I spoke to were not even able to access credit. One woman got a payday loan at a 322 percent annual interest rate. I had to ask women if they had any valuables they could sell to the pawnshop, or if it was possible to put off paying some bills for the month.

I never asked a woman to tell someone in her life if she didn’t feel they would be supportive, but I had to ask a lot of them to swallow their pride and ask for help from friends and family.

So her version of “help” for low-income women is to convince them to have a later-term abortion (which is more expensive), to pawn their valuables, take out payday loans with interest rates over 300%, and destroy their financial future.

LifeSiteNews points out whom the CAIR Project is affiliated with:

The CAIR Project is a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), which encourages women to consider “lying to a friend or family member” to get money for an abortion. It asks young women to join “medical testing groups” and cultivate their “relationship” with their landlord. It also suggests they drop out of college.

Considering that, perhaps Yellesetty’s warped version of aid for women makes a little more sense. It doesn’t change how despicable it is, however. Putting $3,000 on a credit card that a woman is unable to make payments on isn’t helpful. It’s making a bad situation worse.

Unwanted pregnancies happen, but there are alternatives to abortion. What are the chances that the women Yellesetty counseled were given those alternatives? Instead, she pushed these women into financial ruin and then congratulated herself for “helping” them. It’s just another shining example of the depravity inherent in the abortion industry and those who claim to be fighting for the rights of women.

  • peach

    I feel like you sensationalized this article quite a bit. The women who go to CAIR are women who have already made the decision to abort but they are struggling to pay for it. CAIR is able to provide some financial assistance for some of these women. But as Leela pointed out, they have limited funds so some of the women need some counseling to determine other means to make payment. Leela does not seem to me to be bragging about “pushing women into debt.” She has a very difficult job. The takeaway point seems to be that making abortion so inaccessible to so many women is doing far more harm than good so the logical solution is to make abortion more accessible. Did you read the entire article and just choose not to address the actual point of it?

    And that quote from LifeSiteNews is just beyond ridiculous.

    • MOS was 71331

      You’re wrong, peach. LifeSiteNews accurately quoted the NNAF people. This is one fund raising suggestion I copied directly from the NNAF site: “Are there people who might not help me cover the cost of an abortion, but would help me cover other costs? Am I comfortable lying to a friend or family member, telling them that I had an unexpectedly high electric bill or gas bill due to heating or A/C costs?”

      Here’s the URL for the full list of NNAF suggestions:

      Go there, and see the list for yourself. I don’t know why desperation would drive any pregnant woman to the site. Didn’t Planned Parenthood recently offer abortions for $5?

      • Sorites Paradox

        No, Peach is right. The point of the original article was to express frustration that these women had to make extreme financial sacrifices to have abortions. Cassy hyped it up to say that Leela “bragged.” Not so, if you read Leela’s post. She also laments that so much money goes to must go to addressing legislative and political efforts rather than to direct care.

        “Instead, she pushed these women into financial ruin and then congratulated herself for “helping” them.”

        Babies are free?

        I’d like to know how a woman who can’t afford an abortion (before 9 weeks costs less than $500, usually) is supposed to afford proper care for a baby. If she can’t make payments on her credit card already, how in the F* is she supposed to absorb the costs of gestation, birth, and childrearing.

        In reality, a woman who struggles to meet this cost is likely to be a woman whose job does not allow her to take adequate time off for pre-natal care, maternity leave, and taking care of a child for 18 years. THAT’S a problem I’d love to see one “pro-life” person even try and talk about.

        • “THAT’S a problem I’d love to see one “pro-life” person even try and talk about.”

          You never heard a pro-life person talk about adoption before?

          The reason so many Americans adopt babies from other countries is that there aren’t enough adoptable newborn American babies for every family trying to adopt to be able to. Lots of adoptive families are happy to pay doctor’s bills for their baby’s birth mother. Woman doesn’t have to pay to raise baby, baby lives, family who wants a child gets one. It’s not without its hardships and complications, but compared to woman goes into debt, baby is dismembered, and family who wants a child doesn’t get one, it’s a win-win situation.

          • Sorites Paradox

            Nice try. Can’t afford prenatal care? Give your baby away! What a great option! Boss will fire you if you take too many bathroom breaks for your morning sickness? Oh well! Just find a new job!

            No woman should be forced to give up her child because she can’t keep her job or will go into debt for medical care otherwise. What a disgusting frame of mind. Would you say that if her child was two and her boss threatened to fire her if she didn’t give the child up? If she loses her job, do we tell her to give her baby to a rich couple? No. Of course we don’t.

            The idea that poor women should have to give up their babies because rich people want them makes my stomach churn.

            And FYI, a woman could STILL be fired because of her pregnancy even if she gives her baby up, as well. It’s obvious you haven’t thought this
            through at all.

            Saying “just give your baby away if you can’t afford it” is no substitute for creating truly equal opportunities for mothers in the work place.

            “The reason so many Americans adopt babies from other countries is that there aren’t enough adoptable newborn American babies for every family trying to adopt to be able to.”

            Don’t care. Poor women aren’t broodmares for rich families. No one is entitled to a baby.

          • I agree with you that pregnant women need to be treated better in the workplace, but you were framing the question as “either get an abortion or lose your job” and I answered inside that framework. Pro-lifers aren’t the culprits when it comes to pregnant women and women with children having difficulties in the workplace. It’s a wider cultural problem that many different types of people have had some responsibility in creating.

            If you want to talk about strategies for helping working women keep their children, that’s a conversation I’d love to have. :)

          • It usually is the liberal pro choicers that would give a pregnant woman a hard time bc they do not understand how important motherhood is, and they cannot stand women who want children!! Or believe the career should come first! Pro lifers would be compassionate and have empathy!

          • beenwiser

            my family is very liberal and pro-choice. when my sister got accidentally pregnant at a young age, none of us pressured her to abort. we stuck to our belief that it should be HER CHOICE whether she wanted to carry the pregnancy to term or end it. she decided she wanted to be a mom, and we have all pitched in to help her out. forget what you heard, pro-choice really is pro-CHOICE.

          • Sorites Paradox

            Thanks for a respectful response. I disagree that I framed my question in such a way that “adoption” was the only proper response. Especially because a pregnant woman who adopts out still risks losing her job. See below!

            “Its cultural problem that many different types of people have had some responsibility in creating.”

            I vehemently agree. I never blamed anti-choicers for creating this problem. What I said was that I rarely see them addressing this problem. I read as many “pro-life” sources as I do pro-choice. For example, (if you’re the Marauder I’m thinking of, this will be more relevant) I read Stanek’s blog and the (often freakshow) comments routinely. I never comment there. Too crazy.

            However, a pro-life belief system often corresponds with conservative political beliefs which often correspond with voting against policies that help pregnant women (and non-pregnant women) be treated equally in the workplace.

            The only pro-life group I see working to address the core reasons women might abort (rather than frothing about “sluts” and “secular humanism” and “the sexualization of youth by planned parenthood”) is Feminists for Life. Maybe there are more?

            The issues pregnant women face can be tremendous. Lack of Family and Medical Leave Act protection for women working for small employers, unpaid maternity leave, and the fact that it is legal for employers to refuse to make accommodations for pregnant women (like, allowing them to take extra bathroom breaks) are some of the major ones. Passing Pregnant Worker Fairness Act type legislation would go a long way to fixing that, by closing the gaps between the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and requiring employers to make what are called “reasonable accommodations” for pregnant women. And these problems affect just low-skill “crappy dead-end” as our resident Rhodes Scholar Basset hound pointed out.

            Even in highly paid, highly skilled professions like mine (lawyer), women/mothers face significant challenges. We’re starting to see change, but the legal profession is extremely conservative and changes come slowly. And until we get a critical mass of more than 20% women partners in law firms, progress will still be slow. Granted, it’s hard to complain about being “mommy tracked” at your firm when you know there are women out there who are literally fired when they have babies.

            TL;DR: I don’t ever want to see a woman who feels pressure to abort because she’ll get fired for having to take bathroom breaks. That’s not choice. I don’t ever want to see a woman pressured to give a baby she wants up for adoption because she can’t pay her medical bills. These issues reach women in all kinds of careers. There are things we can do.

          • Basset_Hound

            I won’t disagree that the challenges women face in the workplace as mothers aren’t tremendous and that there are women who have legitimate grievances against employers. But many of the proposals that have been suggested are actually counterproductive, as they make it more costly for employers to hire, not just women, but men as well.

            I’ve been following Feminists for Life for years. I agree that they have valid points to make about why women abort. But they have also pointed out that the sexualization of our youth by popular culture IS a serious problem which contributes to both abortion and poverty.

          • Sorites Paradox

            “But many of the proposals that have been suggested are actually
            counterproductive, as they make it more costly for employers to hire,
            not just women, but men as well.”

            That doesn’t make them “counterproductive.” It only means employers are more interested in their bottom lines than creating inclusive workplaces and societies in which both men and women can thrive. I’m tired of the argument that any suggestion that makes hiring someone slightly more expensive on its face should automatically be dismissed because of that fact alone. Would you say the same thing about Title VII, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination Act?

            Do we want to live in a society where women can be fired because of the impacts of their pregnancy? Where women aren’t in a position to make management decisions? Where a woman has to choose between adequate prenatal care and her job? I don’t.

            Anyways, got any other alternatives?

            And when those women lose their jobs, who pays to take care of them? The tax payers. Expensive.

          • Basset_Hound

            Personally, I’m tired of government bean counters telling businesses who they can hire and fire, and how they should structure their pay scales. As for the ADA….how about companies who are bullied into retaining addicted, incompetent employees who “lawyer up” (pardon the pun)? Who pays for that…

            And when people remain unemployed because businesses can’t afford to hire or expand, who takes care of them…The tax payers….expensive.

          • Sorites Paradox

            Lord, have mercy. You think poor women shouldn’t have sex and we shouldn’t have laws protecting people from employment discrimination. The only other alternative is that you can’t process abstract thought.

          • Basset_Hound

            Lord have mercy. I said that there are ample anti-discrimination policies on the books, but that sometimes they had unintended consequences. I also said that poor women “shouldn’t have sex”, but that if the act produces a child, that the child should not be killed because the parents took a gamble on contraception, You apparently live to construct straw man arguments at other people’s expense. But then again, I guess that’s what you get paid to do.

          • Basset_Hound

            Nice try…got a dead end crappy job and no husband? How about not having sex in the first place.

          • peach

            You’re precious. But seriously, what about poor married women? Are they supposed to stop having sex?

          • Protection is free at planned parenthood!! What is their excuse now?? Should we have to apply the condom, or call them when to take the pill?? Excuses are for losers!

          • peach

            Don’t you guys hate Planned Parenthood and free birth control?

          • Basset_Hound

            Many agencies provide low cost birth control, not just Planned Parenthood.

          • Basset_Hound

            No, but if their birth control fails, they can either put the child up for adoption, place it in foster care (or with relatives) temporarily or rearrange their finances and priorities to adjust for the child…just like couples HAVE been doing for generations.

          • peach

            So single women should be able to get abortions. Good point.

          • Basset_Hound

            So apparently you don’t believe women are capable of setting personal boundaries, or of showing any degree of self restraint.

          • Sandra Arnold Carroll

            WOW!!! You just plain love the idea of murdering babies don’t you??? You will jump at any excuse you can find…You need help!!! I will never think of a peach as something soft and sweet again!!!

          • Sorites Paradox

            Nice that you can dumb down the myriad complex issues facing women in the workplace to the old “close your legs, slut” canard. What a valuable contribution.

          • Basset_Hound

            Then how about if a woman could take stock of her economic situation, her job potential, and the possibility of a continuing relationship with an intended partner BEFORE having sex. It’s called weighing short term decisions in the context of long term effects. In other words, it’s called using thinking processes that are characteristic of ADULTS.

          • Sorites Paradox

            I was really trying to avoid having to write a post like this.

            I’m not sure how YOU do it, but for me and the vast majority of thinking women I know, women aren’t deciding on one random night in their lives whether to have sex. Having sex isn’t a short term decision, its an important part of an incredibly important part of most women’s lives (intmate relationships). Most women are in relationships with men at some points in their lives (degrees of seriousness may vary), and eventually decide they want to be physically intimate with their partners. That’s totally normal. It’s human. It’s not like deciding whether to go to the golf course one day; humans have a strong, innate desire to have emotionally and physically intimate relationships with others. 99% of people have sex in their lives; 95% before marriage.

            To choose not to have sex for a significant swath of her life could very well require a woman to opt out of a meaningful intimate relationship with a partner. With extremely effective birth control options on the table, that’s an unacceptable bargain for many. It’s an unacceptable bargain for me. I’ve been successfully navigating such intimate relationships for 14 years without ever being pregnant. It’s just ludicrous to expect women to give up boyfriends, physical intimacy, marriage, or sex within marriage because of a 1% chance that their birth control will fail and because if that does, she might lose her job/ health/ who knows what because of a pregnancy she never wanted.

            Adults take calculated risks all the time to achieve much less important life goals (driving to the store to grab milk). We don’t tell them they should have stayed housebound to avoid accidents.

          • Sorites Paradox

            TL;DR: a woman shouldn’t have to choose between being able to hold a job and having meaningful intimate relationships with men.

          • Basset_Hound

            Adults take calculated risks, and if consequences occur that are less than favorable, they come to solutions that have an optimal outcome for ALL parties. If an adult takes a calculated risk to have sex and becomes pregnant, she should not force her unborn child to pay with his life for her choice.

            I am WELL aware that, especially when a woman is involved in a serious relationship that she has a strong, innate desire to be physically as well as emotionally intimate, but shouldn’t she be capable of stepping back, setting boundaries and avoiding becoming sexually involved in a relationship that is tenuous at best?

          • beenwiser

            If jesus were here today, would he force women to carry unwanted pregnancies as a punishment for fornication?

          • We all have made choices in our lives, and we can either accept responsibility and make things better, or you can tell women they are not going to be able to improve their situation so aborting your baby is the best option for you!! Maybe having a child would push these women to become a productive citizen!! I grew up poor, hungry and I am so happy my mother chose life. I am not a product of my childhood, I created a better future for myself! I drive a Mercedes, live in a country club community, and a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls! People need to suck it up and do what you gotta do!
            Easy way outs are not so easy in the end. because the feeling guilt for aborting your own baby, feeling miserable, and having the abortion surely didn’t help with the financial situation. Tell me the up side to an abortion?? Don’t use rape/incest, or medical bc that only makes up 3% of all abortion, and medical issues could be a migraine, or low back pain, rarely it is life and death! Furthermore, 70% of rape victims decide to give birth and put the child up for adoption or keep them, betcha your liberal media doesn’t report that!!

          • peach

            So you married rich. What an inspiration for us all.

        • Bubbalouwee

          How about teaching people that sexual reproduction is not a recreational activity and it often results in God creating a new life, thus this type of activity should remain within the sacrament of marriage. If you are not prepared to raise children, then maybe you should consider that you are not prepared for marriage. This is a difficult teaching, and I strongly recommend turning to Jesus Christ for His help in applying it to daily life in trying to live a life of purity.

          • The whole women’s rights bs have brain washed so many people. I when a woman does not understand the blessed purpose we exist. the idea of a family unit and love of a child seems foreign and uncomfortable to the left. they in return believe men and women are sexual partners and that is it. Men are scum.
            My hubby is a father, husband, son, uncle, brother, friend and all around great guy. Maybe they need more on the left?

          • Basset_Hound

            they in return believe men and women are sexual partners and that is it. Men are scum. ”

            You nailed it. They don’t see a need for men, other than as living sex toys. Definitely not people with feelings.

          • beenwiser

            if my feminist GF really thinks i’m just a dildo with a pulse, why did she make me fly across the country to meet her family? if she doesn’t see a need for me beyond sex, why is she always telling me to do the dishes? if she thinks i’m scum, why did she agree to move in with me?

          • beenwiser

            ? LOTS of feminists start families and love their children. but is that really THE purpose of every woman’s existence? brainwashing is when you tell your girl child repeatedly “do what god wants or you’ll burn in hell. god wants you to serve your husband and raise children”

      • peach

        Yeah, I found the original list too. 1. It doesn’t encourage them to lie, but says it’s an option if the woman really feels the need to and is comfortable with it. 2. “Are there any market research groups, product testing groups, or medical
        testing groups that I could participate in for a day or two?” That’s from NNAF. LifeSiteNews makes it sound like NNAF wants women to go test experimental drugs that will make them grow tumors on their eyes or something. 3. “What is my relationship with my landlord? Can I pay rent late this month?” Again, LifeSiteNews made that sound more terrible than it is. “Cultivate” their relationship with their landlord? LifeSiteNews is twisted and perverted. 4. “Can I get a partial refund on my tuition if I drop a class now?” I don’t interpret that as telling a woman to drop out of college.

        You don’t know what desperation would a drive a woman there? You obviously have never been poor and pregnant.

        • Barb

          Sex can lead to pregnancy. If you cannot afford a baby, don’t have the sex that can lead to pregnancy. If you choose (focus on the word ‘choose’) to have the sex that can lead to a baby, make sure it is with a man that can/will help you support a child. I will not enable you to kill a child because his mom and dad make poor choices.

          I have been poor and pregnant so there goes that argument.

          Get real and woman-up already.

          • peach

            You’ve been poor and pregnant? Then what are you doing telling poor women to not have sex?

          • Barb

            Only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise person from the mistakes of others.

            Preach wisdom to women, not foolishness.

  • StefanieRose88

    im really disappointed by the conversation that has gone on here, as a pro-life woman. I think that the comments about how poor women “just should not have sex” or “just give the baby up” are really simplistic and dont address real life with real issues I am a Christian, and agree with no sex outside of marriage of the fact is that most woman dont live by my moral principles and I dont hold them to my belief standards, Also, even Christian women are human and sin and make mistakes and end up pregnant sometimes. I think that we need to be more understanding, and adoption is simply not an option many women are willing to accept and its horrible that women would be forced to give up their baby, or abort their baby, due to their income level. I love pregnancy centers, and the new stoke buses,because they address practical issues in a meaningful and compassionate manner. Sometimes there are no easy answers, and its okay to admit that (life is hard sometimes!), but I know the answer is never to take the life of an unborn baby.

    • Barb

      Sometimes being more understanding of others is telling them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

      Simple as that.

      • StefanieRose88

        I think that we should always be truthful, but I felt some of what was said was condescending (just be responsible! just think before you act!, etc)

    • Basset_Hound

      So what, precisely is wrong with suggesting that a woman who is not married, refrain from sexual activity and direct her interests elsewhere? In fact, women who get married before they have children are significantly less likely to become poor in the first place.

      What is “simplistic” with encouraging women to weigh their relationship choices in terms of their long term goals, and to set personal boundaries? In fact young women who delay the start of sexual activity are more likely to achieve a higher level of education.

      • StefanieRose88

        I am in total agreement with you that abstaining from sex before marraige is the best choice, both before God (the only choice that isnt sin) and also practically (no chance of STDS, pregnancy, emotional pain, etc). I meant its simplistic in the sense that, as you admitted, most will not follow this advice therefore we need to accept that and offer practical help. I think we should teach and encourage abstinence before marriage but also, as I said, realize this will often not be the case sadly.

  • Richard

    Imagine debating a pro-abort type person, and while in the midst of impeaching you they cite facts and statistics from THEBLAZE.COM. They proclaim “you are wrong because THEBLAZE.COM says this…”. How would that make you feel as a pro-life person? Would you feel a sense of validation that your position has merit? When the opposition uses your side for reference, you absolutely would.

    Getting to the truth is the most important part of any issue. And if both sides cite the same source, I think we’re in agreement the source is true.

    A contributor to this site,

    Calvin Freiburger

    while supporting his pro-life position on December 8, 2012, cited the Guttmacher Institute. Here is their most recent video:

    Here is Mr. Freiburger’s quote:

    “Your premise that “women” per se is who we’re talking about is yet another lie, when the truth is that we’re merely talking about one subset of women. Guttmacher says a little less than a quarter of pregnancies end in abortion, and women are often *more* pro-life than men. That means the clear majority of women ARE smart, strong, and just enough to see through the lie and do the right thing. The subset who consider abortion consists of those who either have been lied to by your side about what abortion does and what their baby is, are in circumstances where they’re not thinking clearly, or are so callous that they don’t care that they’re murdering their offspring”.

    Mr. Freiburger has, therefore, decidedly given credibility to the statistics supplied by the Guttmacher Institute, consequently giving it respectability in the eyes of the pro-life movement.

    The next time you are told the elimination of Planned Parenthood is a just act, consider this video.

    Mr. Freiburger gives you his blessing.

  • ♥ and ☭

    If Jesus were alive today, I don’t think he would try to force pregnancy on the unwilling