Melissa Harris-Perry tampon

Abortion-backer Melissa Harris-Perry: Life begins whenever you feel like it does

The worldwide excitement over the royal baby has seemingly upset pro-aborts, who feel the need to break and in and remind everyone that they shouldn’t be so excited, because ABORTION! It’s as if they took a class on how to rain on someone’s parade. Only in the pro-abortion world would it be considered good form to celebrate the birth of a baby by talking about how more babies need to be killed in utero.

Melissa Harris-Perry tampon
Melissa Harris-Perry.

One of the most ludicrous examples of the royal baby-abortion phenomenon comes from MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, whom you may remember as the anchor who wore tampon earrings. She’s also a recipient of Planned Parenthood’s Maggie Award, so you know that she’s really drinking the Kool-Aid.

When Harris-Perry decided to weigh in on the fervor surrounding the royal baby, of course she had to talk about how not every baby is wanted. We can’t have people get too excited about pregnancy and babies, now can we? She then decided to show off her rather unique brand of logic, where it isn’t science that determines when life begins – your feelings do.

Noting the worldwide excitement surrounding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry compared the hoopla surrounding the British royal birth to Texas abortion politics, and then offered her own definition of viability:

“When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling – but not science,” Harris-Perry said on her show Sunday.

Forget everything you know about embryology, pregnancy, and reproduction. What do your feelings say? A baby’s just not convenient right now? Well, then, lucky for you: you can just decide that the baby isn’t really alive yet because you don’t want him to be! And hey, why stop there? What if you feel like your two-year-old isn’t alive anymore, either? If feelings are all that we need to determine whether or not something is alive, then why limit those feelings to pregnancy?

Harris-Perry then put her foot in her mouth even more:

The problem is that many of our policymakers want to base sweeping laws on those feelings.

Well, yes. We pro-lifers would agree. The problem is exactly that: too many pro-aborts want to ignore the science of embryology and reproduction, and want to keep abortion legal on-demand based on nothing but their feelings that an unborn baby isn’t truly alive yet. Forget what science tells us. What does your heart say?

This does make perfect sense, of course. It aligns with the pro-abortion position beautifully. If abortion advocates can obfuscate the truth, and keep the science hidden, then all women have to go on is their feelings. And it’s a lot easier to abort a blob of tissue than it is to kill your unborn child. If we stuck to science, and not feelings, there wouldn’t be any argument over whether abortion should be legal at all. Thank you, Melissa Harris-Perry, for pointing that out so perfectly.

  • Mary Lee
  • JDC

    So, if the parents feel life has not yet begun after birth, would Harris-Perry consider the baby to still be abortable?

    • Michelle

      How old can we go with that? Logically to continue her thinking there is no age limit, because it makes parents the determiners of life or death over their children–no consequences whatsoever. And, perhaps, why not throw in strangers into the mix? Why not just legalize murder? Oops—that’s been done…when Roe vs. Wade passed. Now every abortionist is a contracted killer…but you have as well the vulnerability of the mother. Pregnancy isn’t the time to make this horrible “choice.” I don’t believe women really know what they are doing. No one in their right mind would advocate such an act.

    • Ingrid Heimark

      Abortionist Carhart also said this, that life starts when the mother believes it does, including not seeing the born child as a life. It’s scary. My mother said she wanted to kill me as a teenager, was I not a life then? Am I not a life now?

  • princessjasmine45

    so.. can we apply her logic to Global Warming, Evolution and second hand smoke?

  • Andrew Orlovsky

    This may be the first time I heard a liberal actually admit she’s anti-science. I would give her credit for her honesty if what she said wasn’t so abhorrent.

    • Mehnow

      That’s not unusual, the argument by liberals of being pro-science is stupid on its face since they do not agree with it whenever it conflicts with their agenda…

      • Brandon Woodcock

        and the conservative christian right doesn’t?

  • Billy Valentine

    Wow, she is soooo enlightened and smart!

  • Basset_Hound

    Wow! Just wow!

    I can see it all now. If a mom decides to kill her small children, she won’t even have to snivel, look lost and say her hormones made her do it (a la Andrea Yates). All she has to do is tell the authorities “OMG! Like I really didn’t see these brats as human. I did once, but I changed my mind”. The DA won’t be able to touch her with a ten foot pole.

    • Shoshanna

      Andrea Yates is mentally ill. She killed her kids because she was psychotic and wasn’t taking her medication. She still deserves to be separated from the rest of society obviously since she’s dangerous, but maybe if those close to her had addressed her problems instead of sweeping them under the rug, her children would still be alive. It’s just not something you can compare to a woman who has an abortion for convenience at all.

      • Basset_Hound

        Yes, I’ll agree she deserves to be kept under strict supervision for as long as she’s alive because she’s dangerous. Granted, there was a lot of denial on everybody’s part. By the same token, I believe there was a good deal of premeditation on Andrea’s part. She was astute enough to call the authorities to report the crime. However I pray to God that someone doesn’t find her working at a Wal Mart in some small town six months from now, like her “bestie” Deana Schlosser was (before a customer blew her cover).

        • Griffonn

          Andrea Yates was hospitalized for schizophrenia prior to the murder. When that happens, the person stops being legally responsible for their actions.

          She should have had a guardian who was responsible for making sure she did no harm, or else the person who judged that she could be released from guardianship or hospitalization on her own recognizance should be held to account.

          Psychiatry makes big money playing at being professional. I do not understand why they are not held accountable for their results the way real professionals are.

          • Marauder

            Rusty, Andrea’s husband, had been told that Andrea should never be left alone with the children. He arranged for his mother to come to the house and be with her every day, but on the day Andrea killed the children, he was trying to get to work on time and figured that Andrea would be okay for fifteen minutes until his mother showed up.

          • Basset_Hound

            OK, I’ll give. Andrea Yates was a bad example. We still have Susan Smith, who left her car (with her two boys strapped in their car seats inside) roll down a boat ramp. Her rationale for staging the whole event – the guy she was dating didn’t want kids. So she got rid of hers.

          • Gail Finke

            And how long would you leave a dangerous schizophrenic in charge of anything?

          • Vashra Araeshkigal

            Actually, thanks to much leftist pushing in the arena of mental “health,” being hospitalized for schizophrenic behavior no longer removes one from legal responsibility for one’s self…nor is the hospital required to begin any procedure to take one’s autonomy and get one a guardian.

            “Catch, “stabilize,” and release” is the order of the day for the wackadoo patient in the USA.

        • Marauder

          Andrea Yates knew it was considered wrong legally to kill her children, but she thought that God considered it the right thing to do, and felt that obeying (what she thought was) the will of God was more important than obeying the law. She premeditated it, but because she wasn’t legally sane, that wasn’t the legal issue.

          The entire Andrea Yates case was a series of tragedy after tragedy. I don’t think we need to add a dismissive attitude towards mental illness on top of it.

          • Gail Finke

            Thank you for writing this. People who do not understand mental illness just don’t get it — premeditation is not the same thing in a person whose psychosis makes them believe that reality is different from what it truly is. Their thoughts just don’t work right. That poor woman was failed by so many people, including a manipulative husband (who is the one really responsible for the children’s deaths, as he knew how unbalanced she was and left her in charge of the children). It is wrong to use her as an example of willful murder.

  • Rebekah

    If you think about it, the “I don’t want it to be human so it’s not” argument is the only real way that abortion can exist. It is also the argument that has been used in the past to justify slavery, genocide, and many other ills. The logic behind this kind of reasoning is backwards, flowing from a conclusion, i.e. “I want abortion to be legal,” operating on a true premise, “It is wrong to kill human beings,” and creating a false premise, “The unborn aren’t human,” to support the preconceived conclusion.

    • Miles Eggimann

      Yes, the deliberate marginalization of the innate value of “certain” humans, once made normative, leads neck-snappingly quickly to the general cheapening of the whole breed, all according to exigencies of the moment. Western civilization is circling the drain.

    • Mehnow

      That’s right Rebekah.

      It’s all about self deluded idiocy. You have folks who WANT abortion, so they convince themselves it’s just a ball of cells to be flushed in a toilet. It’s all about them. It’s all about the right to play God for personal convenience.

      Human life belongs to that human. Not to another human that finds him/her a liability, when usually they are responsible for bringing them into the situation to begin with by choice of sex…

  • patriciacarrasco

    “FOLLOW YOUR HEART” isnt that the modern mantra? and people DO take it seriously…..

  • Alex Hunter

    Kate Middleton’s latest claim to fame is doing what any animal with a working uterus can do. Remember that there are some women out there who have problems conceiving and this glorifying of something they can’t do could make them feel like they’ve failed as women.

    Also remember that the Royal Family are prospering while some people – including children – are sleeping on the streets of London.

    • princessjasmine45

      Her pregnancy was publicized just as any other celebrity pregnancy and birth would have been in the US.
      Nothing wrong with that…

      That there are children sleeping on the streets of London ( or anywhere for that matter) is hardly a justification for murdering them before they have a chance to live.
      What kind of society gets rid of their unwanted by killing them in droves?

      • Alex Hunter

        The same society that invented artificial insemination and doesn’t see how it can negatively affect the adoption industry.

        • princessjasmine45

          so should we kill of our homeless and disabled then?

          • Alex Hunter

            Would you rather let the liberals hike up taxes to support them?

          • princessjasmine45

            Is that the Only solution to support them?

          • Michelle

            We could cut off funding for Planned Parenthood—since they have cheated Medicaid anyway—and why are abortions paid for with public monies?………..and use those MILLIONS or BILLIONS of dollars to help the homeless and disabled. Plus there will be plenty left over to help with adoptions of all the babies not murdered by PP. Problem solved.

          • Michelle

            Just wait…a society that kills its most innocent and defenseless will have no qualms about doing harm to any other member… :'(

          • Michelle

            Just wait…a society that kills its most innocent and defenseless will have no qualms about doing harm to any other member… :'(

    • Marauder

      My mom had problems conceiving – I’m her only child, who was born after years of infertility treatments – and hearing about the royal baby didn’t make her feel as though she failed as a woman. She was just happy that William and Kate seemed so happy. That’s because she gets that infertility is a medical issue, not something indicative of a person’s worth or lack thereof.

      • Alex Hunter

        That’s just your mother, though, not the entirety of infertile women.

        • princessjasmine45

          And you know the hearts of all infertile women in order to make such a blanket statement?
          Funny how you accuse people of “making blanket statements” when that seems to be your M.O.

          • Alex Hunter

            Better to keep the options open than to expect everyone to fit down a narrow corridor of morality without even knowing where it ends.

          • princessjasmine45

            Better to err on the side of life than the side of death.
            One doesn’t even need religion or a god to understand that the taking of another human life is basic start for morality.

          • Alex Hunter

            Is it really a good thing to bring an innocent life into a world where fantasy isn’t real but bullies, pedophiles and terrorists are?

          • princessjasmine45

            can you people ever come up with anything more original than that? ah well.. I knew it was inevitable….But I was hoping against all odds that you’d be more interesting than that….
            ah well… if there were no disappointments in life, I suppose the joys wouldn’t be as wonderful…

            Have you lost that much faith in humanity?
            The good far out number the bad.
            Just because of the a few bad apples you would rob a child of his/her life?
            Perhaps that child could make a great difference in this world?
            Imagine if Steve Jobs’ birth mother (unwed college student) decided to abort instead of having him and giving him up for adoption? What if Beethoven’s mother had the option to abort? Or Mozart’s? or Davinci’s?
            Where world this world be without Christopher Hitchens?
            Gahndi? Would you have robbed us of these great people as well?

            Do you think you would have been better off if your mother “chose” to not give you a chance at your own life?

          • Alex Hunter

            “Have you lost that much faith in humanity?”
            I’ll regain my faith in humanity when they stop giving power to people like the Kardashians and reality TV bumpkins.

            “Perhaps that child could make a great difference in this world?”
            Perhaps someone who’s already here could make a great difference.
            All the people you’ve listed are already dead. Can you not name a single influential figure who’s still alive? If there is a god (I’m an atheist by the way), it has robbed us of whatever they could’ve achieved if they’d lived longer.
            Finally, if my mother chose to give birth to me without letting me have a say, because I couldn’t even acknowledge my own existence when I was a foetus. Also, I have three siblings so that would just mean there’s less mouths to feed.

          • princessjasmine45

            oh you poor thing! no wonder you’re so negative! I know this is going to be very very difficult for you.. but TURN OFF THE TV

            In the real world, (not in the realm of Hollywood) the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo have no more power than you or I.

            I never said that a person currently living could not make the world a better place…

            Yes all the people I listed are already dead… my question was.. Can you imagine a world in which their mother’s decided to abort than to give birth?

            I’m not here to deal with your god issues… don’t bother me with that…

            you couldn’t acknowledge your own existence on your first birthday either… is that a reason to kill you?

            You’re a very cynical person….
            I’m sad for you.

            oh.. and…
            A single influential person alive today: Dawkins


          • johno

            The Kardashians are actually better than Anthony Wiener, Eliot Spitzer, and Bob Filner. They do crazy stuff for the camera. (For MONEY!). The other 3 I just named are plain crazy loons. Not sure if they are bumpkins, but these loons make LAWS/Rules for us the great unwashed. By the way of some sarcasm Anthony Wiener has made a great difference last week. He kept newspapers, tabloids, and the old news going. So, he can help you regain faith in humanity. He’s keeping all those New Yorkers employed with a job.

          • Michelle

            Maybe YOU are supposed to be an “influential person.” There’s lots for you to do to help others…but you are restless. I will pray for you to find Him. Just because you do not believe in Him does not mean that He does not exist. You are worth EVERYTHING. I am not a “fanatic.” I don’t get into that. I am just practical. Take care.

          • Michelle


          • Hannah Mallery

            I not so tremulous a person as to roll over and let “bullies, pedophiles, and terrorists” take over the world, thank you. I am raising my children with the hope of a time when these poor excuses for humans are brought to justice, and perhaps, by raising courageous young men (so far I only have boys), I can be part of it.

          • Michelle

            They are already “in the world.”

    • Hannah Mallery

      I think the Brits have every right to be excited about it. Prince George represents (at least part) of the future of Britain.

  • cat4christ

    This women is stupid!! This makes me sick to my stomach. The prophecies of the Bible are coming true. Abortion is murder! Killing your children at any age is murder! It goes against the Commandments!! I wont judge a woman for having an abortion. I question our society are laws that tell women it’s okay to have an abortion we justify it we made it legal. SAD SAD SAD

  • Gingerriffic

    If Melissa Harris-Perry moves to Paris as she recently wrote her 11 year-old daughter wants because, “Paris—the destination of choice for generations of African-American intellectual and artistic expats, trying to escape the systemic and dehumanizing racism they experienced in the United States.” She’ll be in for a surprise when she finds out that bastion of enlightenment effectively bans abortion after week 12.

    • princessjasmine45

      An American Harris in Paris?

  • The Voice of Reason

    If thats the case, she should be abortable.

  • Delilah

    I was young when I first got pregnant. I was in high school, and I knew a month after I got pregnant, not because I got sick, but because I felt something in my uterus. It was a mix between pressure, and a happy feeling. I had this feeling for around 2 months, and then one day, it just stopped. No feelings, except pain. I had miscarried. I felt the baby I carried when it attached to me. Even though it was a “blobby embryo” I didn’t care, it was my baby.

  • Thank you for bring this up. The views of Melissa Harris-Perry – “children don’t belong to their parents” and now ” life begins when the parents feel it does” is a stark and devastating example of relative morality broadcasting it’s eugenic agenda through the propaganda media and the height of ignorance. She is being consistent with her own brand of arrogant ignorance, which is more than I can say for Obama, who weeps for Trayvon and Newtown while murdering 221 innocent children with drones.

    • Alex Hunter

      How many innocent Middle-Eastern children died on Bush’s watch?

      • bubbles2213

        Probably about as many that died on Obama’s watch.

  • Thank you for pointing this out. Melissa Harris Perry’s comments – “children do not belong to their parents” and now “life begins when the parents feel it does” brings her eugenic ignorance and moral relativism to the mainstream propaganda machine. At least she is consistent in her appalling self propelled universe, unlike the hypocrisy of Obama; he weeps for Trayvon and Newtown and at the same time condones the slaughter of 221 innocent children in Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen by Drones. Wake up, America. This same technology is coming fast and furious to a neighborhood near you. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  • Gail Finke

    She pretty much agreed, then, that science says it IS a baby from conception. Which is more than many pro-abortion folks will admit. It’s scarier, though, when they do admit that they want to be able to kill human beings.

  • Mehnow

    The only objective marker is conception. 46 chromosomes fuse from 23 each. Fact is, if you shake a baby, their brains inside the skull are situated such that even after birth, it’s unsafe, unlike doing so to an adult. It does not make them worth more or less, but shows that they are humans not fully mature, but not less personhoody.

    A person is not less a person when at a less developed or more developed stage. Subjective feelings are involved by those not knowing or respecting/ignoring science. This is the problem with the entire irrational self serving anti-life pro-abort stance.

    They are in denial because they want to be able to abort, out of convenience.

    There is no debate when life begins. Sorry, but that’s objective, and no, it’s not on a continuum where a wasted sperm which has not united/divided is equally arguable so we need to pass laws to defend that, too, etc.

    Frankly, the lack of education in this country is frightening…

  • LROwens

    Way to go, Cassy Fiano….you laid it out straight. My volatile temper has come close to getting me in real trouble on some occasions, and if I ever chose to (conveniently) believe that my feelings about you or anybody else were the determiners of whether or not your life has really begun, I would run afoul of a little thing known as LAW, which somehow thinks that my elimination of YOU would be a bad, socially unacceptable thing. Where do THEY (lawmakers) get off anyway, saying a thing like that?! I would welcome being named the arbiter of many criminals’ worthiness to continue consuming this world’s resources, but that is simply a luxury I don’t enjoy. No child should be executed for the crimes of his/her father (a rapist), nor executed for the emotional immaturity of his/her mother, who – for whatever reason – has sex without accepting the possibility that a person may be created as a result. Grow up people….women, don’t give sex away, it’s not a Constitutional right… and if you don’t want that child, LOTS of couples do.

  • 441019

    Melissa Harris-Perry is not at all rational in her thinking.
    My mother raised nine children, and my parents had very little money. When my mother was expecting her 6th child, she was very depressed and cried every day of her pregnancy, because she didn’t think she could handle taking care of another child. Also, she was having marriage problems. I am not saying that this was a happy situation. However, as soon as the baby was born, which was my younger sister (after having one girl and five boys), my mother’s feelings totally changed, and she was very happy to have the baby. My sister was a very beautiful, healthy, well-behaved baby–and even now, as an adult, she is a very special person.
    My point is that a mother’s feelings often change. When a woman is not trying or planning to get pregnant, the first reaction to being pregnant is negative–that is normal, because she had not been planning on having a baby, and of course, being pregnant can change any previous plans a woman may have had. But in many or most cases, the woman’s feelings change as she faces the reality of her pregnancy, or sometimes, her feelings about the baby may not change until the child is actually born, and she “falls in love” with the newborn baby. There are probably some cases of a child being unwanted even after being born–but that is rare, as far as I know. Normally, Mother Nature provides mothers with a natural love for their offspring (the maternal instinct)–unless it is distorted by mis-education or negative experiences.

  • noodles5

    The more this woman opens her mouth the more you realize how secular and socialistic our society has become. These are the words of a Maoist, Stalinist, Nazi theorist. Rigid leftist thinking and extremism. And these kinds of people are spewing their hate on prime time TV. Yeah, we’ve come a long way baby. And every step has been wrong.

  • MissyT111

    This ignorant, Melissa Harris-Perry, also believes the world is flat…………………

  • Meprolife

    Does this same logic apply to animals also, ms Perry?

  • Jenn

    ok….here is a good question…..why is it that pro-aborts don’t consider themselves lucky to have been born? they so much want to end life but yet they are living proof that their mum did not abort them so…..???

    • Alex Hunter

      Probably because some of them were molested, abused, or know someone else whose life didn’t pan out well.

      • Ingrid Heimark

        I was abused, but I don’t wish my mother killed me instead of “just” abusing me

  • Fluorescent Grey

    lol, terribly written ‘article’

    • Rebekah

      Here is a question for you. Even if the article could have been written better, does that negate the validity of the arguments presented therein? If so, why?

      • Fluorescent Grey

        well for one it seems to distort what she even said. Look, she’s a partisan hack idiot, like all the others off MSNBC but obviously she wasn’t saying it was ok to abort a child who’s out of the womb. It just seems like there are plenty of real and legitimate things to go after generic partisan hacks on the left OR right for, but exaggeration and hyperbole never makes for good criticism.

        • Rebekah

          This article isn’t saying that Melissa Perry said that it was ok to abort a child out of the womb. The article points out her quote and says that this kind of reasoning could easily lead to killing children outside of the womb.

  • Michael Ferrullo

    Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    • Alex Hunter

      Written by someone who saw no problem with worshipping his destroyer.

  • KPalerm3

    You should all read this article…there are scientist trying to say babies up to the age of 3 are only “potential people” and college students signing petitions to make fourth trimester abortions legal. Not even realizing or questioning that would be after the birth of the child. I am so disgusted!! It was done as an example of how dumb our college students are, one women was even an active person in planned parenthood, another bragged how she had a three month old!!

  • IndigoRed

    This is sick. It is, however, essentially the same argument as for pre-birth abortions. If the fetus is unwanted and killed, it’s abortion. If the fetus is wanted and killed, it’s homicide. How old must a child be to be old for post-birth abortion? Eventually,none because any limit would discriminate against the parents of the kid who is just one year too old. Would the Left also agree to the death penalty if it was renamed Judicial Post-Birth Abortion? Probably not because killing is wrong.

  • ANTI-melissaHarrisPerry

    Can you imagine how her children are treated, could you imagine havig this bag as your mother….GOD HELP HER UNBORN CHILDREN, oh but then again, she doesn’t look like she can have children anymore, or can you in your 60’s? Hey melissa, i wish your parents would have aborded you AFTER YOUR LIFE BEGAN!

  • Diva

    Why do people like her even exist? I ask myself. People with no feelings for a precious baby? People who doesn’t even care to find out exactly how an abortion is preform? People who doesn’t care about they’re own flesh and blood. ! People who simply believe in murdering they’re own babies thought the practice of abortion. This to me is un human. Even animals have feelings and protect they’re newborns.
    Too many people guilty of murdering they’re own babies. Too many people guilty of premeditated murder. There’s have to be a better way what about adoption? Not abortion. What about tubal ligation. And the man get them fix too! C’mon people we are adults lets find a better way for everyone. And stop committing murder because abortion is never going to be the right way …

  • Bridget

    No, life starts at conception. Science has proven it.

  • MEL

    “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling – but not science,” Harris-Perry said on her show Sunday.
    Hmm….are we talking about a new religion here? The Self chooses what reality it will accept and manifest? Wow. Think of the possibilities…..a world full of megalomaniacs…..

  • Jessie

    What a stupid lady Melissa Harris go kill your self . Talking about taking innocent babies lives . You are sick !!

  • brisonc3

    so if I’m on a Jury hearing an accused rapist describe what he did to his victim, but the accused said he didn’t see his victim as a person, but merely a lump of flesh; I have to vote to acquit because the assailant said this lump of flesh really wasn’t an alive human being. That makes perfect sense to a pro-choicer I suppose, but to a regular joe(with a college degree) that sounds very nutty.

    I don’t think this individual would believe in the “I don’t believe my killing of my victim is problem if I don’t believe he/she is a person” argument if someone who believed the same thing was attacking or torturing her because he didn’t see her as a human being.

  • Tilt

    Has anyone ever heard the phrase, “if you give someone an inch, they will take a mile”? This applies here. Now let me get this straight, I am neutral on the abortion topic because I don’t care, if it’s PART of YOUR body, that’s one thing. However, one it is no longer a piece of your body you don’t really have a say unless it’s in the best interests, aka health.

    Now, say they legalize this idiotic excuse for murder… Here is where that little phrase plays a part in this. As a child, it was taught that you don’t actually start your life until you, live on your own and make a living supporting yourself. So taking that into account, and using her logic, eventually this could turn into a situation where you could “abort” a teenager about to graduate from High School.

    Seriously, think about that! Give an inch, they’ll take a mile. This woman is insane and this idea is garbage. Common sense is not a common virtue, no one has the physical right to do so.

  • Eclod

    Melissa Harris-Perry is just a blob of flesh. Should we abort her?

  • The Wumpus

    ….This is a scary way of thinking. Science is better to depend on than emotions. Relativism is so terrifying. Imagine yourself stuck in a jungle with a tiger, and you decide it is a nice cat because you feel like it should be, only to have it attack you the next second. What is crazy is when you have a new human being growing inside your womb, and you have people telling you it is not a life, while other’s are celebrating the arrival of this new tiny little human with a baby shower. Talk about unnecessary confusion and inconsistency in our culture. I thought we were past the ignorant age with all the evidence, experiences, etc. at hand via the internet, tv, news, etc. You have a double homicide when a pregnant mother gets killed, but all of a sudden the human fetus being human or alive is now debatable when the mother considers abortion….what?