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Abortion clinic encourages abortion on Sunday with $50 gift certificate!

What would possess an abortion clinic to encourage women to seek out an abortion on a Sunday?

That’s exactly what the Orlando “Women’s Center” offered on its website:

Of course, Sunday is when most Christians attend Church. So perhaps one of the goals of this promotional stunt is to encourage young women to seek abortions on a day where pro-life Christians would be spending time in prayer and with family instead of prayerfully protesting and witnessing outside this abortion clinic. Sunday is also traditionally a day of rest in America when most businesses are closed, but as many pro-lifers know, abortion ends innocent lives 24/7.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers seemingly can’t help themselves when it comes to offering gift certificates on sacred days as an incentive to abort. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Illinois got in hot water in 2010 for offering “Choice on Earth” celebratory abortion gift certificates to coincide with Christmas, and that’s not the only example.

This idea to give out gift certificates for Sunday abortions reminds me of the infamous line by pro-abortion activist Florynce Kennedy: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

Perversely, it is not men and pro-life Christians who are obsessed with abortion, it is abortion providers such as this Orlando clinic, so much so that they are scared to even allow women the opportunity which Sunday provides to contemplate and bravely choose life.

  • There’s a clinic in San Diego County that did abortions last Christmas Eve. I think Jewels Green has also written here about other “clinics” that did this.

  • They can still contemplate it on Sunday. It’ll just cost them $50 less. Which is good, because it should really be free.

    • Seriously Wondering

      Jonnie, I completely understand your rationale for saying they can contimplate it any day of the week. Abortion are legal. But how do you justify that abortions should be free? Why should other tax payers be responsible for a persons sexual and reproductive choices?

      • [email protected]

        He probably meant they should be free because it is illegal to pay someone to kill another person… or you shoulnt have to pay someone money to rip a child out of your womb and kill it… F’ers don’t derserve to make money on such a dispicable act.

    • Stacey

      Perhaps they should contemplate responsible behavior. that’s free. if they want to be irresponsible, they should have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Nothing is free. someone always has to foot the bill and this is something that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for. if they are grown up enough to have sex, they are grown up enough to deal with the aftermath. if they want us (taxpayers) to pay for their lapses in judgment, well, then perhaps we should have a say in their lives.

    • Carlos Helms

      As much as I hate to use the reference: Jonnie Marbles is a troll. Probably associated with some Occupy group somewhere. They seem to believe that nobody should be held responsible for their actions and – when they experience the downside of stupid – somebody else should pay for it. Under-30, white, suburban, male, public school graduate…still living at home. Right, Jonnie?

  • disgusted

    Oh now this is disgusting…

  • Depraved…just when you think you’ve heard everything. Can it get any worse? So sad.

  • SKH

    Can you please fix the typo above on Florynce Kennedy’s qoute – it takes away the value of your point

    • notimportant

      Although, if men could get pregnant, I would think rather than abortion being a “sacrament”, what we would really see is: paid maternity leave, maternity leave of a minimum of two years, flexible hours for post-partum dads once maternity leave ends, a celebration of his pregnant body, his post-partum body being revered for the fact that it bore life (despite its permanent alterations from its previous appearance), paid time off for sick baby/kids….Did I miss anything? Lol!

  • they must be desperate if they are offering a discount on Sundays! *rolls eyes* its NOT about helping women. Its about the $$$$$$, despite the “discount”.

  • Well this just proves that nothing is sacred anymore, not even the Lord’s day! It is another senerio that proves how very sick our society has become!
    When I was a child the only store that was open on Sunday was the Rexall Drug store. Mr. Rupp, the pharmacist opened the store at 12pm, after he had been to church and then he was only open for 6 hours. I remember him saying that he wished he didn’t have to open at all, but sick people needed medicine and he felt that was a way he could be a blessing to those in need.
    Now every store imaginable is open to make that almighty buck. What a difference 50 years has made! You can miss church to go shopping and break the 3rd commandment, (Remember to keep holy the LORD’S Day) and you can legally murder your child on Sunday, breaking the 5th commandment (Thou shalt not kill) ! Lord have mercy on us all!

  • Carlos Helms

    “The whole world lies in the power of the wicked one.” The great war for hearts and minds is no longer “just beneath the surface;” it is in your face. The Prince of Darkness is now in charge of the powers that be and knows full-well what he can get away with…for awhile. “Oppose the devil – and he will flee from you.”

  • Okay I know abortion downright pisses me off but now THIS?! What the heck is going on in this messed up world?!

  • My stomach is turning. My God please help us. This story “encourages” my urgency to pray.

  • Where ever 2 are gathered in my name…Church on the curb in front of Orlando Women’s Center. Wonder if Susan B Komen $ help pay for discount?

  • 441019

    I find it hard to believe this $50 coupon is for real. I feel as if the world I am living in has become a bad dream.
    Those who are pro-choice don’t realize that America is “under judgment” by God, and one of the main reasons is the 52 million abortions that have been performed since Roe vs. Wade. (The other main reason is “sins of the flesh.”)
    There are many indications that we are now living in the “end times”–at least in the beginning of the end times, and this promoting of abortion is an additional indication. I encourage everyone to look at the website “,” which contains messages of divine origin–according to the messages, God will be intervening soon through an event, “The Warning,” in which every person will be made aware of the state of his or her soul in the eyes of God.