Stained equipment in an abortion clinic right next to an examination table - in one of the "more than 50" clinics that were closed down.

Newly released abortion clinic photos show disgusting, unsanitary conditions dangerous to human life

Stained equipment right next to an examination table

In December, Women’s Medical Services in Muskegon, Michigan was forced to close its doors by the Muskegon Fire Prevention Bureau. Multiple violations were found, which led to the clinic’s closure. The abortionist, Dr. Robert Alexander, blamed pro-lifers for the violations (no, really), claiming that his clinic had always been in perfect condition.

Well, local news station WOOD-TV has aired photos of the disgusting conditions at Dr. Alexander’s clinic. And if this is his idea of keeping his clinic in “perfect” condition, then it’s scary to imagine his definition of unsanitary.

The photos show unsanitary conditions, including stained medical equipment near an examination chair, trash near lab equipment and discarded in a storage room, and water stains and holes in a leaky ceiling that is falling apart.

The investigator also reported ‘blood dripping from a sink p-trap in a room used by patients.’ …

The photos document a long list of violations that pose a danger to ‘human life and public welfare,’ according to city documents.

Other violations include unsterilized medical equipment, improper dumping of chemicals, and improper disposal of needles. The roof was also leaking, leaving the clinic with dirty and missing ceiling tiles and buckets left around the clinic to catch the leaking water. Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis described the clinic as “dirty or filthy.”

And this is all somehow the fault of us rascally pro-lifers? Someone broke in and did all of this? Right. Meanwhile, the owner of the building also acknowledged that the clinic was often “messy,” and city officials confirmed that they had not been inspecting the clinic on a regular basis.

Yet again, more evidence has come to light that abortionists care not a bit about the safety and welfare of the women they claim to serve.


  • Basset_Hound

    I wouldn’t take my dog to that clinic.

    • Leah

      When I was a kid, my parents yanked me out of a dental clinic that looked pretty bad. “All” clinics need to be regulated more, not just abortion.

  • If only more clinics were investigated, more would be shut down.

    • Basset_Hound

      Not likely. The media protects clinics no matter how filthy they are.

    • Tell us how to initate an investigation.. I’m on it!

  • Wow.. Where are the woman’s rights protection advocates on this issue.. Why are they not forcing clinics to create sanitary conditions… How do you get the board of health involved locally? I think every pro-lifer should be pushing this.. I will here.. Just tell me how to do it.. Even if I have to sue the board of health..

    • “Where are the woman’s rights protection advocates on this issue.. ”

      Here’s one. And I’ll say this, if the conditions of the facility are, indeed, the fault of the operators (and that sounds likely), then I’d say the authorities took the appropriate steps. One should note that this Muskegon clinic wasn’t accredited with the National Abortion Federation, while all the other Western Michigan facilities are accredited. With Lansing’s new TRAP law on the books, however, I won’t be surprised when their operations come under scrutiny, too.

  • Ashley


  • Anna

    This place needs to be purified. With fire. This is horrible.