Abortion: the video game!

abortion-gameBecause the evil legislators of Texas showed how much they hate women by putting laws in place that the majority of both Texans and Americans support, there is clearly a need to help those poor, poor Texas women forced to have abortions before 20 weeks of pregnancy in clean, well-regulated abortion clinics. And what better way to do that than with a video game? Introducing Choice: Texas, a “very serious game.”

Choice: Texas, developed and designed by Carly Kocurek and Allyson Whipple, uses careful research into Texas legal regulations and demographics to create fictional characters. These characters encounter realistic situations, financial and geographic limitations, as well as personal choices and goals. By asking players to take on the role of one of these women, the developer invite players to consider the situation Texas woman might encounter, and asks the players for empathy and understanding.

“This game is about an important issue effecting women in Texas, and is intended as a means of furthering discussion and empathy,“ says Carly Kocurek.

… “We really think games can facilitate further conversation about and understanding of these kinds of issues.”

The creators of the video game are asking for people to give money to help make this game a reality, using a video to explain all of the reasons why it is needed. What are the oh-so-awful barriers to abortion in Texas?

Waiting periods! Parental consent! “Biased” counseling! Oh, and worst of all…mandatory ultrasounds which by no means are medically necessary, and definitely are not already the industry standard.

Gosh, Texas women must have it so hard, with these laws that they themselves supported and all. Clearly, this video game will make them all see how stupid they are and how terrible life is in Texas, what with abortion not being super-duper-easy, available in every single town, and most importantly, free. Thank goodness these warrior-women are putting their own personal feelings on abortion aside in order to bring a video game to the public that will enlighten us all!

  • princessjasmine45

    last act of a desperation.

  • Tess208

    …and they weren’t even laughing

  • Basset_Hound

    Wow! Just wow! What’s next? Abortion the Musical or Abortion the Saturday morning cartoon series. I can hardly wait!

    • Griffonn

      “Abortion, the breakfast cereal”.

      • Basset_Hound

        with crunchy fetuses. Yummy.

        • Maura Domashinski

          Don’t laugh. In China, fetus soup is on the menu http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/archive//ldn/2008/feb/08020109

          • Basset_Hound

            I’ve heard they sell fetuses as vitamin suppliments.

          • Bridget

            That’s all black market voodoo. China is the main reason rhino’s are so incredibly endangered, because their horns are ground up into powder, apparently able to prevent cancer. They also starve tigers to death, grind up their bones, and put it in wine. Quite a beautiful country that was ruined by communism.

          • johno


        • Michael Deleon

          I’d buy those.

    • blair miller

      Who knows the way things are going now sadly we might get Abortion the action figure.

      • Basset_Hound

        That would be a Wendy Davis doll.

        • Damien Johnson

          Just googled that and it really exists. Forget This World, seriously.

    • Linda Lee Wentworth

      man don’t feed the ideas to them…can you imagine?

  • jswinder

    What is the problem??? You know you’re pregnant long before 20 weeks. It’s legal prior to 20 weeks. Why the need to let them wait??? I’m so not following their complaints.

    • so don’t understand

      I guess they like inflicting pain on weaker people, so they want to wait until they are SURE the baby can feel everything they do to it.

      • belgianchic

        that is exactly the reason why reproductive rights activists fight for late term abortion access, way to go, you pinned it right on the head. LOL.

    • Arimathean

      The point is that the abortion industry cannot abide ANY restrictions on abortion – not even the most reasonable and moderate restrictions – not even restrictions that are in the clear interest of abortion-seeking women and have the overwhelming support of the public. Once voters see that abortion can be regulated, who knows where it might end?

  • Julie Booth

    Shouldn’t we be fighting back with united prayer? Only God can change hearts.

    • Linda Lee Wentworth

      This is a sure sign they are scared hehe PTL Pray? Absolutely :) Remember that this issue to them is not only about their sacred right to kill innocent babies that have no choice at all, it is also about MILLIONS of dollars lost. This is the first time in my life I have seen the abortion industry losing…feels awesome! We are winning! Keep praying and keep the faith!

    • Joe

      Yes to prayer. But God would not change a heart; He gave us free will, remember? He would not force Pharaoh to let Israel go, why would he force a pro-abortion person to change their thinking/feelings? It is we, mankind, who must not only pray but manifest God’s will on Earth and teach/show the Truth.

  • alvin691

    Empathy, because if you feel bad for a pregnant woman you would agree that killing the life inside her will help?

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Blessings to you and your family, Cassy. Thanks for sharing this info.
    We are a nation under siege by those who hate God, but He is the final Authority.

  • Daniel P. Durham

    This is so ludicrous it’s hard to process as evil and so evil it’s hard to process as ludicrous.

  • Revellious

    They need to go back to English 101. Effecting is not a word. However, AFFECTING, is. Sorry… I just get so OCD when I see simple grammatical errors like improper word usage. I can’t take an argument seriously when they can’t use the right words. Sorry!!

    • Basset_Hound

      Ever use an I-Phone to comment? Sometimes you don’t know what will appear if autocorrect goes bonkers.

    • Patrick J Loveless

      Unfortunately, “effecting” is a word. But my guess is they probably used it in the wrong context, am I right?

      • Revellious

        Yeah, you are right! I totally forgot at the time I wrote my comment. Thank you!

    • Basset_Hound

      I know this is a long delay after you posted the comment. I am of two minds on how to feel about it.

      For years I’ve had a seasonal part time job scoring narrative essays written by secondary students as a part of the standardized testing program for the state of Texas. Believe me, I’ve seen the gamut…from kids who don’t know what a period is to kids who are so good someone needs to hire a literary agent for them. I too am appalled at the deterioration in language usage skills that has occurred in recent years. I can understand your ire.

      But here’s the rub. My daughter fought with dyslexia for years. She went from being two years behind in reading in elementary school to participating in AP English in high school. Her ideas are intelligent. She’s skilled at expressing herself in words, however her spelling (especially when she writes “on the fly” to get her ideas out) is atrocious. Several times when she’d post thoughts, people would make such cruel comments about her spelling, she gave up.

  • jenga

    Madness. Desperate madness. A game to raise awareness about the regulations in place for women who want to kill their own children. Just wow.

  • jenga

    Madness. Desperate madness. A game to raise awareness about the regulations in place for women who want to kill their own children. Just wow.

  • Margie Conway-White


  • Margie Conway-White


  • 4Life

    Love the sarcasm. That’s all you can do when it gets this ridiculous.

  • Vueiy

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the video, the concept is just so sick and twisted. Everyone involved should be utterly ashamed with themselves. I truly hope they repent of their sins.

    • Basset_Hound

      You’re not missing much. It’s a plea for money. As Marvin the Robot said in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” said “I’ve seen it. It’s rooobish”.

    • Anyomus


  • Jennie Senn

    As to the writing: I would prefer a less tongue-in-cheek, less sarcastic tone, in favor of more direct statements. I am totally on the same side of this issue as the author, but find the tone puts me off. That tone isn’t going to convince anyone on the other side of this issue to listen.

    if this video game is targeting teenagers who are of the age to require parental consent, they the are not the same Texans that voted this law in, because they are under voting age.

    Ms. Fiano’s argument that Texas women voted for this will only fuel teenage rebellious inclinations to believe that old folks are out-of-touch with their situation. They don’t realize that their own mothers, even some grandmothers, would have been of age when abortion was legalized. These girls may not have ever heard that abortion was once illegal, just like murder is today.

    Education is the way to reach them. Medical facts tell the truth of what abortion really is. We have technology that was not available in 1973, to show the truth.

  • 1Bobby8

    Aww, the poor abortionists, more and more women are becoming aware that abortion is nothing less than the murder of a human being inside the womb and now the poor abortionists can’t line their pockets with blood money so fast.

  • rockabyebaby

    it’s sad when our country is ready to defend the helpless in other countries but legalizes infant murder in our own country. I have 4 children and no one needed to do an ultrasound to prove to me that I had a baby growing inside me, even at 4 weeks . It wasn’t an embryo whose nerves were not developed and could feel no pain. It was a baby and was as much a baby at conception as it was at 9 months. The Bible says that in the last days there will be no natural affection and I believe we live in those days. God have mercy on us as a nation!

  • confused

    Oh my gosh!!! How stupid can you get?!?

  • Hielo

    The saddest part of this is that these people mean well and have the same concerns at heart that we do (the health and well-being of TX women). It’s just sad that they’re so misguided.

    Pray for the conversion of Carly Kocurek and Allyson Whipple. There’s always room for two more eloquent, creative young women in our ranks.

    • Yeshuafriend

      It’s all about money in the bank, the more baby’s you kill, the more money you make. That is what “Planed Parenthood” is all about, they sell their soul for a paper dollar. Shalom!

    • Basset_Hound

      Like Carole Everett, Abby Johnson, Bernard Nathanson (founder of NARAL and Norma McCorvey who was “Jane Roe” herself).

  • johno

    “Grand theft auto” game becomes “grand theft baby’s life” game. Terrible. What do you get when you “win”?

    • Marie Noybn

      You get to be the abortionist character and rip the baby limb from limb before pulling it out of the mother. Or i wouldnt be surprised. Actually that would be too much reality for these fruitloops, in the end in the game the woman probably simply poofs and is magically happier, healthier, and above all, skinnier than before.. cause thats what REALLY matters (and what their twisted view of reality probably belives. Pray for us all.

    • Yeshuafriend

      A child you murdered to answer for during the time of Yah judgement. Shalom!

    • Basset_Hound

      I watched the video. Predictably, one of the game’s characters is a woman with a seriously compromised pregnancy who’s life is endangered. Never mind that such cases are extremely rare, and the vast majority can be managed and enough time bought for the child so that it can be delivered and cared for in the NICU. Never mind that when a pregnancy goes so desperately awry that both lives will be lost if no intervention takes place, even the most ardent pro-lifers will agree that the life that can be saved is the life that must be saved.

      Another character is a high school honor student. I’m sure they won’t show this girl years later when she is experiencing severe regrets (and possible physical aftereffects as well).

  • Jess

    is there any way we can combat it with a life: texas?

  • Dan

    I wonder if there game will show the end results of there abortion?

  • Basset_Hound

    If the woman has a crappy job; if she lives 200 miles from the nearest clinic and isn’t sure if the guy she just started dating is a “keeper” how about it if she sets the ground rules early that intercourse will NOT be part of the relationship. No unplanned pregnancy or STD’s. It’s not rocket science!.

    • patriciacarrasco

      morality is the highest form of logic..which goes to show why people are so dumb nowadays, lack of morals

    • belgianchic

      if you have a crappy job or live far from the nearest clinic you have to abstain from sex, no matter how long you’ve been together or even if you’re married? Seems dumb.

      • Basset_Hound

        No reading comprehension skills, belgianchic? The “keeper” terminology should imply that the relationship is casual and the couple is NOT married (and probably won’t ever be married). The “just started dating” phrase would indicate that the couple has NOT been together for a long time. In fact it would contradict that. What’s so “dumb” about taking a good look at the other person’s character BEFORE sticking with them for a long time or getting married OR having sex.

        • belgianchic

          notice how i didn’t use that example? you can live far away from a clinic or have a crappy job and still be married, you know. and just because relationships are casual in no way means that neither partner will ever get married…that’s kind of silly. actually, very silly, as most people do get married eventually. and what’s dumb is assuming that people should make the same sexual choices as you- some people have sex casually, nbd.

          • Basset_Hound

            So you’re saying women need abortion because they’re too weak and dumb to recognize and avoid a risk (such as an unplanned pregnancy) before it happens. Wow. Just wow.

          • belgianchic

            what now? women need abortion precisely because contraception fails and accidents happen- that doesn’t make them dumb. it makes them proactive if they recognize what they need. of COURSE i advocate for people to use contraception, and i think its irresponsible not to do so. however, their irresponsibility does not impact whether or not they should receive medical attention. maybe you think all women are willing to change their life for a pregnancy they don’t want? some do. some don’t. all women are not the same and do not make the same choices.
            oh no, there are consequences to an unwanted pregnancy, such as shame and ridicule from people against sex. also, nobody really WANTS to get an abortion. abortion is never Plan A. you only need one if something goes wrong. which happens all the time. abortion isn’t killing someone, so relax with all that. it’s disgusting.
            well, you kind of do, if you say people without resources shouldnt’ be able to have sex for anything other than procreation.

            lawlz to the anti-choicers.

          • Basset_Hound

            1. Babies come from intercourse.

            2. Contraceptives fail.

            3. Life is about choices and choices have consequences.

            Knowing the above, the women who are being “proactive”, as you call it fall into one of two categories.

            1. Decide that they can’t deal with the contingency of having a child, therefore they choose not to engage in an activity that might create one.

            2. If their contraceptive fails then they either raise the child themselves (with or without their partner) OR place it up for adoption because they don’t believe an innocent person should pay for their mistakes.

            “also, nobody really WANTS to get an abortion. abortion is never Plan A.” REALLY? What about all those “on demand, no apologies” types who believe that if all of us eeeeevvviiilllllll nut case “anti-choicers” would just go away and hide off the grid, (or die) then we’d have Utopia! Birds would fall out of the trees with joy, babies (those allowed to escape from their mother’s wombs that is) would poop chocolates, and having an abortion would be no worse than having a plantar’s wort removed and it shouldn’t matter if a woman has one abortion or 20. I mean, aren’t we supposed to tell our kids that abortion is “nbd”?

            We’ve heard all your sermons about “well gee whiz, not everybody makes the same choices”….we’re not talking about getting a tatt on a butt cheek, we’re talking about ending a life.

          • belgianchic

            1. actually, babies come from childbirth. intercourse doesn’t automatically lead to pregnancy. the egg has to be fertilized and implanted in order for a pregnancy to begin. so strike one. Also, sure they can decide that. You can’t decide that for them.

            2. have i said they didn’t? no. the fact that contraception fails is one of the strongest reasons why there needs to be abortion access.

            3. I agree.

            only there is a third option, and that is terminate the pregnancy. It may not be a choice you would make, but it’s there nonetheless, regardless of whether or not abortion is safe and legal.There is ALWAYS a choice. the abortion on demand without apology means that we shouldn’t have to justify our abortions through the exceptions of rape incest or saving our own lives. it should be because we want an abortion, and the no apology means no shame, because there’s no shame in choosing to have an abortion. it doesn’t mean everyone wants an abortion. I certainly never dreamed about the day where I would have an abortion. I wish I had never had to make that choice.


          • Basset_Hound

            “1. actually, babies come from childbirth. intercourse doesn’t automatically lead to pregnancy. the egg has to be fertilized and implanted in order for a pregnancy to begin. so strike one. Also, sure they can decide that. You can’t decide that for them.”

            I never said intercourse “automatically leads to pregnancy”, but that pregnancy occurs from an act of intercourse, (unless conception takes place in-vitro), so instead of me getting a strike, you get sent to the penalty box for putting words in my mouth.

            The “third option” you describe, isn’t “terminating a pregnancy”, it’s killing a child. No matter how hard you try to destigmatize the procedure, and no matter how many excuses you make, you can’t change that fact. You are using what you want to justify brutality. This isn’t tyranny.

          • belgianchic

            actually, you very clearly said that babies come from intercourse. They do not. they come from birth. nice try though, points for effort.

            it’s not killing a child. a zygote is not a child. it simply isn’t. and yes, i would love to destigmatize the procedure that one out of three american women will undergo in their lifetimes.

          • princessjasmine45

            But you’ve also said that you’d like to see less abortion. Taking away the stigma would only increase it.

            The frequency in which such a barbaric practice takes place doesn’t justify it. I would posit that it makes it worse.

            1 in 6 women will also get raped. I hazard a guess that you would not want the stigma of the rapist (or child molester) to go away just because it happens with such frequency.

            When a women is pregnant, she is “with child” not “with embryo or fetus”

            Have you ever been to a fetus shower? I know I’ve, only been to (and had) baby showers.

            No matter how much you kick, scream, stomp up and down with your fingers in your ears and ignore the facts, abortion ends a human. YES, it does.

            Saying that it doesn’t over and over again, wont change anything. You can convince yourself of it, but it doesn’t change the facts.

            You’re a doctor, you know when our hearts start to beat. (8 weeks)

            You know when our fingers and toes form. (week 10)

            You know that by the end of the 1st trimester we have a face (week12)

            (hmmm… good bumper sticker: “your fetus has a face”)

            You know by the 2nd trimester we can hear. We move. We suck their thumbs. We hiccup. We blink.

            Here’s a fun fact: As soon as our eyes open in the womb, twin babies can find each other — and will touch each others faces or hold hands.

            oh the un-humanity of such an action!!!! yes, I can see your point how we’re not really a person at this point (sarcasm).

            You know that by the 3rd semester we can feel pain. We can recognize our mother’s voice. We see dim shapes because our pupils are constricting and dilating

            And now we know that we remember certain sounds and words with the ability to recognize them after birth…( that sounds suspiciously like the “consciousness” you pro death campers constantly scream that we lack in the womb)

            But go ahead… keep denying our humanity while we are in the womb…. it only makes your side look bad.

          • Mamabear

            Babies do not come from intercourse? REALLY!!!! So how do they get inside their mothers so they can come out? Did your mom or dad neglect to have “the talk” with you?
            I very strongly doubt the statistics that one in three women get an abortion. What is the source? Do they adjust the statistics for women who have repeat abortions? AGI (Guttmacher) has very close connections to Planned Parenthood and due to that, many people (not just pro-lifers) question whether their statistics are reliable or inflated.

          • Diana Kline

            Abortion is cold-blooded, pre-meditated, 1st degree baby murder! If you disagree, then explain what is the unborn?

          • Ingrid Heimark

            The unborn is of course a clump of cells, unless the pregnancy is wanted of course. The baby will be formed at the point the woman decides she wants the child, or during delivery, it all depends upon how you feel

          • Diana Kline

            What science journal did you get your information from? National Geographic produced a 90-minute video entitiled, “In the Womb” that scientifically documents when human life begins and documents (scientifically) the growth and development of human beings throughout the first stages of human life development. Basing your answer on your’s or someone’s “feelings” on what is the unborn is utterly preposterous, completely immature and being willfully ignorant of scientific facts.

          • Ingrid Heimark

            I hoped it was obvious that my answer was ironic, reflecting the ignorance of the person whom you responded to :)

  • Mark III

    We were shown photos of aborted children when I was in grade school some years ago.

    It was shocking to the point that some kids lost their appetite for lunch, but we learned that actions have consequences.

    I guess not many schools would allow something like that now, especially since they favor U.N. agendas.

    • Damien Johnson

      That’s what I believe we really need to do to stop teen pregnancies. Not teach kids how to put on condoms using class time, but show kids what an abortion really looks like. That’ll get them to think twice.

  • Dano

    Fiction is needed in order to spin the true horrors of abortion. If its just a choice, how come there’s a biohazard bag filled with blood, remains and regret.

  • KatMT

    I wouldnt give them a penny for my thoughts, because they wouldn’t want to hear them .I had identical twin girls, born when I was 15. This is a self-centered, irresponsible, selfish , world we live in. Nobody takes responsibility anymore . I had to tell my parents. It wasnt easy ,and yes they were mad ,but once the twins were born and they looked into those big blue eyes….their hearts melted. :-)

    • warriorgal

      Amen! So proud of you! America will feel the loss of all our babies murdered in the name of convenience. All those homeowners, inventors, doctors, teachers, etc. will not be there. I heard a statistic that a graduating class should have another 33 students standing with them but they were aborted. We are seeing worship to Molech as in the Old Testament. Thank God, there is a new generation arising! They DO care about the heart of Almighty God.

  • Yeshuafriend

    When the followers of Yeshua come to understand the significance of the following scripture, and the verses which both precede and follow it, they will be brought to their knees in tears. For in this ‘Yah and His blessings’ are removed, and our young men and women become slaughtered in war after war.

    Hos 9:13 “Just as I saw Ephraim like Tyre, planted in a pleasant place, So Ephraim will bring out his children to the murderer.” Shalom!

  • Diva

    Omg! They make it sound like like they are promoting something of “any value”. Like disposable toys or ” disposable bodies”. I can’t beleive what some women would do just to get they’re own wicked desires be known.. If they are really not happy with having babies then why then instead choose “tubal ligation”. Or choosing for them means.” Aborting” or discarting or murdering One child. And then when if they are ready then decide to “choose” then keep it? How can this woman even be moms? And look at they’re kids that are alive in the eyes and tell them I love you. But have “choose to aborted they’re little sister or little brother?

  • boodiebay

    Here is an idea, how about to those women who seek abortion if they get the option and choose to kill their baby in utero they must be sterilized so that they can’t ever get pregnant again!!!!!!

  • Rick Matheson

    All the truth you will ever need.
    Abortion is Eugenics and a blood sacrifice to Lucifer.


  • Rick Matheson
  • Rob

    So these same people who swear that video games are not influential at all, that they are not a factor in the degradation of society, are commissioning a video game to be influential to their cause – further degradation of society.

    Liberals…..you just can’t make them up!

    • Damien Johnson

      It was actually prominent conservatives that came out against liberals trying to force video games into being treated the same as drugs and pornography. For one surprising example, Rush Limbaugh of all people came out against the California govt suing the game industry and taking the case to the Supreme Court two years ago.

  • Beth Nicole Tallent

    Wait… you HAVE to get an abortion, no matter what? That’s the law? Or have I read wrong?

    • APro-lifeteen

      no you have to get an ultr-sound to get an abortion. The day abortion becomes madatory is the day I move to mars because this planet is trash.

    • JDC

      Okay, can you quote anything from the article that sounded even vaguely like that?

  • Hope Johnson Cochran

    I can’t watch the video. I read the article and that’s enough. I just cannot believe people can be so sick. These people are everywhere. All around us. Women who have no problem murdering live babies right in the womb. Its maddening.

    • patriciacarrasco

      these people literally cant think straight, their soul is darkened, and they might have demons too, and people dont like to think about that, but demons influencing them also take part of the blame

    • firefightermeg

      What about rape? I was severely sexually abused by my first husband for 6 years. 4 weeks before I left him, he raped me. I became pregnant from that rape. I had an abortion at 10 weeks. At the time I was struggling with SEVERE Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Finding out I was pregnant sent me into a a VIOLENT rage. I then became actively suicidal. I almost slit my wrists with a razor. I wanted that kid out of me ASAP! I was 26, had no money and no skills and was living with my alcoholic father. My psychiatrist said that if I didn’t terminate the pregnancy that I was going to end up fully psychotic and probably end up in the state mental hospital. Being pregnant triggered violent flashbacks of the physical, sexual and emotional abuse I went through.

      Soon after the abortion I met a 30 something Air Force Sergeant who basically took me in. He encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a truck driver. At about the time my baby would have been due, I was at the DMV doing my road test in a propane truck. I have also become a volunteer firefighter and am going to EMT school at night starting in January. I am also a very active military spouse. I just married my Air Force Sergeant and am a Key Spouse. I deliver propane for a living but once I get my EMT cert. I hope to work as an EMT.

      If I hadn’t had my abortion I would probably be wandering around somewhere homeless or probably dead from a suicide. Instead, I’m doing a ton of good with my life. My abortion was my second chance. I’m not in favor of abortion on demand but it needs to be there for situations where carrying the pregnancy isn’t going to be good for the mother.

      Condemn me if you want but I did what I had to do to survive. I do not miss that child and do not regret my abortion.

  • Linda Lee Wentworth

    Pathetic desparation

  • Josh Duncan

    I’d like to see an unlock able level where you play an unborn infant. They never make games to help you empathize with them.

  • Harris

    I personally don’t see a problem with the game. If you aren’t pro choice, fine. Don’t play it. I actually think it’s a great idea to educate people, including younger generations, about things like abortion and gay rights. This way, they can see the beliefs of both sides, rather then the biased opinion of one side. If the pro life side feels so strongly about it, then they could simply make a pro life game.

  • Jason

    I do not need lectures in empathy from people who callously support murdering children in the womb.

  • Janet Susan

    How self-deceived they have become. smh…

  • Guillermo Pasarin

    This is sickening…….*Throws Up*

    • Basset_Hound

      This is mild compared to what passes as “entertainment” on MTV.

  • Becky

    SICK!!!!!!! Are they serious?

  • Julian Lemont

    Here’s the problem guys… I, an avid pro-life supporter, read this article and find myself disgusted with 2 things. 1. The idea of this game. 2. the ridiculously condescending tone of the writer and the commenters!
    If a pro-choice person is to read this page and the comments, we are basically feeding them ammo to portray us as condescending jerks who don’t “understand women”. You and I know that abortion is the destruction of a human life, but it doesn’t mean we need to hate on those who are misinformed! Jesus himself says “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do” as he hung upon the cross. This should be our prayer, not “Father, thank goodness we are better than them”
    We need to love people into the truth. While condescending comments may make those who are already in the truth feel like they’re patting themselves on the back, it may just serve to repel those who are still searching. Bear that in mind while we fight for the rights of Children.

    • disqus_CR25ev2Z1s

      I’m not really knocking myself out to “understand” a woman who has made it more than halfway through her pregnancy and still wants to murder her child. Anyone who is seeking an abortion at that point in her pregnancy is far from innocent.

  • Darkside

    These liberals are sickening filth.

  • Damien Johnson

    Oh great, give the folks prejudiced towards video games another reason to hate them.

  • Anyomus

    *facepalm* Really? I’m a Texas woman and I am disgusted with abortion!

  • belgianchic

    This is a wonderful idea! What a great way to educate people about the very real barriers to abortion access not only in Texas, but throughout the country. People don’t seem to think about the actual impact of these laws- maybe, just maybe, people will get it through their skulls with a game like this?

  • warriorgal

    And people wonder WHY all creation is groaning? Why don’t they call the game, The Dr. Kermit Gosnell House of Horrors. Over 24 weeks, pass go, to overdose anesthesia room. Do not collect $200. because here is where you die. No fear, go on to where the “fetus” is literally beheaded, separating the brain from the body. Why heck, the “fetus” won’t feel a thing. It’s like a “E” Ride at Disney. Just DON’T tell the mother what she will go through later, that is if the mother does not expire on the table. You’re game sounds as attractive as Dr. Kermit Gosnell, now sentenced for life. This is all GREED at the expense of innocent lives. We will answer to Holy God. God have mercy on all these with blood on their hands.

  • princessjasmine45

    I would add to this video a new level where a women walks into a planned parenthood and is coerced in to an abortion by the sales rep.

    I’d also add a level where she has to put up with he doctor who proceeds with the abortion after she’s changed her mind and said “NO!”

    The bonus levels should be called the Gosnell levels

    • Basset_Hound

      Can you imagine a Jeopardy contestant saying “I’ll choose Great Abortionists for $200”.

  • Mamabear

    Seems to me just a few years ago certain liberal politicians/feminists were claiming they wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.”
    We push for clinics to be held to certain medical safety standards and we are infringing on abortion rights. We want women informed about the medical facts of prenatal development and we are infringing on abortion rights. We seek to offer women support and alternatives through crisis pregnancy centers and we are infringing on abortion rights. We want to encourage teenage girls to wait to have sex until they are in secure monogamous relationships and we are infringing on abortion rights.
    And now they want to reduce abortion to a game?