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What they don’t tell you

The propaganda of the abortion industry (to which here I will refer as Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States), is that it wants to provide information for women to make the best decision for themselves; however, the information they actually offer is often incomplete and misleading.

Planned Parenthood pamphlets describe abortion as “a simple procedure which takes about ten minutes or so. You can go home the same day…”  This information can be misleading because, while it is true that an abortion takes about that long, Planned Parenthood,  does not actually describe what takes place in these few minutes.  For many women, knowing what takes place would mean a different choice about abortion.  Anyone who claims choice for women as a priority should admit that good choices cannot happen without good information.

Here are some things the abortion industry might not tell women:

1st Trimester

At this age, the baby is already a full, biological human being.  She was one at the moment of fertilization where she had 46 chromosomes, her own set of DNA, metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli and cell reproduction.  In fact, by the time the baby is old enough for her mother to have an abortion (5 weeks), she already has her own heart which beats at a different rhythm than her mom’s. She even has her own blood type! When women go into Planned Parenthood and ask them how developed their baby is, it is well documented that they answer that the baby is nothing more than a pregnancy, or a clump of cells, or a product of fertilization, which is inaccurate and misleading because a pregnancy is a condition of a woman, not a thing.  The fetus is way more than a clump of cells and, unless someone sprouted into life from thin air, we are all a product of fertilization.  The abortion industry uses these terms to portray the baby as less than human and to negate or undermine the baby’s development.

The abortionists insert a canulla, which is a vacuum with suction power stronger than a home vacuum, into the cervix and suck out the baby.  The abortionist will then put all the parts of the baby’s body together to make sure that he got the whole body and that there’s not an arm or a leg left inside of the mother, which can cause a serious infection.  It is true that this takes about ten minutes.

2nd Trimester

The baby now has her own set of fingerprints that no one else shares! Because she has muscles, the mom can feel her kick sometimes! She has eyes, small ears, and even hair! The baby has all her organs in place (like lungs) and she’s practicing how to breathe. If the mom talks to the baby, she can hear her!

By now, the baby is too big and strong to be sucked out, so what the abortionist has to do is take her out by breaking her apart limb by limb.  With his special tongs, he will break off her legs, then her arms, then the bottom part of her body. Finally, he will crush her skull and pull it out.

3rd Trimester

The baby is getting bigger and bigger. She can sleep and suck her thumb and even dance (she moves to the sound of music). In fact, a lot of her learning begins here. If she doesn’t learn how to breathe correctly and do other important tasks in here, she’ll have trouble learning to speak and walk a little later.  The baby is ready to be born any minute now and can even survive out of the womb before she is nine months old.

The baby is lucky now that it is not before 2006, when the Supreme Court declared the following method unconstitutional: abortionists would abort babies by birthing them out feet first, delivering the baby but leaving the head inside.  The nurse would help hold the baby still when it kicked and moved.  The abortionist would then puncture a hole through her head and suck out her brains.  He would then crush her skull.

After 2006, the abortionist can no longer start with this procedure, but today, if he begins an abortion with any other method and feels it necessary to end with this procedure, he still can.

Another way they will abort the baby at this age is the abortionist will find the heartbeat using an ultrasound and will inject digoxin into the baby’s heart.  He will then deliver the dead baby.

This is what abortion is.  These are the facts that Planned Parenthood will not mention.  Check out this video of Planned Parenthood lying to a young girl as they often do:

  • jtoddleffar

    Thanks for this post, and for clearly detailing what's involved with each procedure. It's great to have all this info in one location.

    • alexa_bear

      See Rec's post below. If you want the info, just go to PP and they'll give it to you!

  • alexa_bear

    They also don't tell you that abortion is a much safer medically than giving birth (like they do in England).

    They also don't tell you that giving birth to a child is just about the single most physically damaging thing a woman can do to her body, not to mention her psyche.

    I would say that compared to England, America has a pretty fair abortion provider in that they don't try to scare you off of having the baby with all the awful explicit details that will happen to you if you actually go through with the pregnancy.

    • jchofmann

      Source for your data please. My wife seems in good health, both physically and mentally, after having our 7 children.

      • alexa_bear

        Hey Jchofmann, sure, my pleasure.

        The CDC mortality rate for pregnancy in 2006 was : 13.3 deaths per 100,000 women

        In comparison, the CDC mortality rate for abortion in 1972 was: 4.1 deaths per 100,000 women.

        Sorry I don't have more recent abortion stats handy – if you're desperate I can look them up, no problem. The last article from the American Medical Association interestingly concludes: In terms of dying, abortion through the 15th week of pregnancy is at least tenfold safer than childbearing.

        Here's a website that lists a few side effects and complications both temporary and long-term for pregnancy:

        Keep in mind that list is incomplete. The list of side effects for abortion, I'm sure you know since they like to advertise them all over sites like these. Suffice it to say the list is MUCH shorter.

        I'm glad your wife has 7 children and is healthy! The single example of your wife isn't exactly basis for constitutional law, though. If we're just naming examples of women as if that proves something, then I can name a whole bunch of pregnant women or mothers who are NOT healthy. My aunt had post-partum depression that was so terrible she tried to commit suicide. My current boss is pregnant and is bed-ridden for the entirety of her pregnancy due to complications. My sister just got pregnant and she found that as soon as she started visibly showing, she began to get sexually harassed, both verbally and physically, when she rides the subway to work — apparently psycho men try to pick on the most vulnerable population, and visibly pregnant women are pretty much the single most vulnerable-looking people out there.

        But like I said, these stories don't mean much. Anyway, you said that your wife "seems" in good health — have you asked her how she's actually, honestly feeling lately? How she feels about her body after birthing 7 children? All the women I know with multiple children definitely feel bad about a lot of the things pregnancy has done to their bodies. That's not to say they wouldn't do it again in a heartbeat, but you can't say pregnancy has zero effects on your body.

        Oh yeah, and here's the source for the UK doctors citing pregnancy as being more dangerous than abortion:

        • jchofmann

          Sorry, originally posted this as a response to a separate post you made. My bad. Here it is:

          Thanks for the info. Your first link leads to a dead-end. The second deals mainly with mortality and not complications. The third is from a lawyer and the fourth from a UK newspaper, unlikely unbiased sources. We could spend lots of time going back and forth with dueling reports. I think we may just be in totally opposite camps on this issue.

          Question: I admit that due to the divisive nature of the abortion debate it is nearly impossible to discern biases in any report on both sides of the issue. Do you agree?

          Oh, and by the way, my wife is feeling fine, thanks for the concern.

          • alexa_bear

            Apologies, I don't know where the 1st link disappeared to. Here's another article citing the CDC:…. You can find a lot of other statistics on the CDC website, feel free to browse around there too.

            I completely disagree that we can't find un-biased sources. I consider the CDC and the AMA to be un-biased sources, don't you?

            I don't understand why you think an article from the UK about the side effects of pregnancy is irrelevant. Are you saying that women in the UK have a completely different experience of pregnancy there? Like totally different side effects?

            Yes, I know the second link deals with mortality. So does the first link. Childbirth leads to death much more often than abortion does. That is exactly my point: childbirth is statistically much riskier, and when there is the option to avoid risk, it's unethical not to permit women to take it. It's so insanely obvious after knowing hundreds of women who have both given birth and had abortions that giving birth takes an exponentially larger toll on your body and health. I honestly don't understand how you can possibly tell me that abortion is more dangerous a procedure than a C section.

            Pregnancy also makes you vulnerable in a social sense–would you agree? Visibly pregnant women are some of the most obviously vulnerable people out there on the street. Every pregnant woman I have known has talked about how strangers on the street feel like they can just come up to you and touch your belly when you're pregnant, or start talking to you. Every pregnant woman I have known has talked about how vulnerable they feel because they can't physically run away from a situation that is scaring them. So many pregnant women I have known have experienced an increase in harassment when they are walking down the street or riding the subway. Why? Because they are vulnerable, and sexual harassment is about having power over the vulnerable. It's not just medically that pregnancy makes you vulnerable — it also makes you vulnerable socially, to increased sexual harassment and abuse from men. Every few weeks in the news it seems like there's a story about a wife being killed by her husband, frequently related to getting pregnant. It's a very real risk, on top of all the other physical risks.

            Women have the right to assess both the benefits and risks for themselves of both childbirth and abortion, and legally we can't force them to choose the riskier option. You are trying to take away the right that I have to protect myself. We don't outlaw handguns because even though their single and only purpose is to kill lives, we believe that Americans have the right to assess risk themselves and use their guns responsible, i.e., in self-defense. Similarly, women have the right to defend their bodies if their assessment is that they don't want to choose the higher-risk option, i.e., pregnancy and childbirth.

          • livewell8

            The AMA is pretty strong in support of abortion…

            EXPOSED: American Medical Association, Radically Pro-Abortion

          • alexa_bear

            You can't demonstrate that one source is biased by citing an extraordinarily biased source (ie, this site). That's not how legitimacy works. Nice try, though.

            Anyway, I don't understand how that kind of bias would work, anyway. The AMA is advising all the doctors who do studies to skew their data and draw false collective conclusions? And they're advising the researchers who fact check and follow up on studies with more studies to draw similarly false conclusions that agree with the other false conclusions? It's all just a huge conspiracy, is that what you're saying?

            Just because it turns out that the results of the studies that AMA does don't support your side doesn't mean that AMA is pro-choice.

            Using the term "pro-abortion" is particularly inaccurate in this case. You're saying that the AMA believes all babies should be aborted?? This makes absolutely no sense. Actually that term never makes sense, for that reason. On the other hand, "anti-choice" makes sense because you are hoping to LITERALLY take away the choice to have an abortion for ALL women.

          • capechik

            If you are talking purely about physical risk versus morality, late-term abortion is every bit as risky as childbirth. The reason abortion statistics make abortion look so "safe" is because such a large percentage of them are performed very early in pregnancy. Mortality statistics cite only the risk of death, not the risk of complications such as infection, PID, uterine scarring, or damage to the cervix that can affect future fertility.

            I would not agree at ALL that the CDC and the AMA are unbiased sources on this or a wide variety of other issues. In fact, I believe they are becoming increasingly less impartial every time I turn around.

            ~ from a mother of 5 children who thinks pregnancy is mind-blowing and finds the capacity of my body to nurture life before and after birth extraordinarily empowering and awesome. Pretty cool when all your parts suddenly have a purpose. One who also finds pregnancy to be a time that other people are incredibly considerate of a pregnant woman's needs, a time when perfect strangers offer you help or share their joy in your expectant state.

          • alexa_bear

            Hey capechik, I'm not talking about late-term abortion. I'm talking about early abortion. Early abortion is extremely safe, and as long abortion is made accessible to women, then women will be able to get abortions early. This is exactly why PP is so important. Personally, I think in many if not most instances, late-term abortion is unethical, for precisely the reason you give.

            Infection is a risk in both childbirth and abortion. Uterine scarring is a risk in both abortion and C-sections. Why are you so worried about the fertility of women who get abortions? By definition, these are women who do not want a child.

            Anyway, I'm not asking you to list the risks of abortion for me. We all know that there are risks to abortions. We all know that there are risks to C-sections. We all know that there are risks to childbirth. Both options have risks. The point is that it's unethical for you to assess these risks for someone else. As Americans we have the freedom to get all the information and decide for ourselves what risks are acceptable to us and what risks are not. The answer might not be the same for everyone, because Americans come in all shapes and colors. But it is unethical for the law to decide for any citizen what risks he must take regarding his own body in order to save someone else's life.

            For the exact same reason, we don't require that people donate their organs after death. America gives people autonomy over their own bodies, even when the result is that their choices sometimes kill people, such as in the case of organ donation. If we had mandatory organ donation after death (or even just default organ donation, where you had to opt out if you didn't want to) we would completely solve the organ crisis in this country, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

            But we don't have a system like that, because we believe that people should have the power to decide whether or not they want to save a life using their own bodies. Even if this means that innocent people die every single day on the organ waiting lists. Even if this means that some innocent babies die in utero.

            In terms of the CDC and AMA becoming less impartial, why do you think this? "Every time you turn around" makes it sound like they're doing something behind your back. What is it that you think they are doing? Why do you find their statistical analysis and research to be invalid? Do you have a suggestion for how they might improve their research methods to be more impartial? What is it that you would like to see from them, ideally?

            —- from a virgin who hopes to never have children, and who plans to stay a virgin until after menopause, and who gets harassed on the street on a daily basis and lives in constant terror of being raped as a result.

            I'm glad you found pregnancy to be "pretty cool" — but just because you found it "pretty cool" doesn't mean everyone will, and "cool" doesn't mean you should force all Americans to make the same decision you did.

          • SunshineBuzz

            You know what Alexa-I just think you've looked so much into it that you cant see the forest for the trees infront of your face! And as a person that believes in choice-you sure dont give the unborn the choice do you? The choice to live and breath and run! Well-that is also in the constitution or amendment- and its called "The Pursuit of Happiness" and you should be jailed for taking that away from a baby or any living thing when they havent even been out of the womb to experience it. You are what we call cold hearted and us pro lifers stop people like you because your one of the reasons the world has gone bad. Look at what you put down and tell me your not trying to kill or murder a baby-I dont need to know a bunch of junk to know what is right or wrong-its called common sense!!!!! Try it!!

          • alexa_bear

            Hey Sunshine,I don't think it's fair to call me cold hearted. I believe abortion is deplorable in many cases and I believe that the majority of women are smart, capable, intelligent ladies who know enough to be able to make the RIGHT decision for themselves. It sure sounds like you are planning to make the right decision and not abort your baby if you got pregnant. And it sounds like you came to that decision by yourself, without the help of the law. Why are you convinced that everyone else isn't going to come to the right decision too? Under your reasoning, everything that helps to save life we should turn into law. Do you think we should make it the law that everyone has to donate blood every 2 months? Should we make it the law that everyone has to sign organ donor cards?That sure doesn't seem like “common sense” to me.—

          • Mama Jo

            Have you ever looked into the woman, Margaret Sanger who founded PP? Her philosophy might interest you…the real reason was to get rid of the black race. She also stated that if you just exterminate the blacks, the old, the crippled, the mentally retarded, and the poor, then all the world’s problems would be solved. Check her out. THAT is the foundation of PP and, though they hide behind a mask of caring about women, the PP clinics are usually in the poorer areas, and black areas….see even now the medical profession wants to abort babies that they find are not up to the standards we feel they should be to have a good quality of life. Have you ever seen the pastor Vic K. who was born without arms and legs? You can find him on the web. Have you ever actually looked at pictures of aborted babies? Margaret Sanger did NOT have the best interest of anyone at heart. She believed the kindest thing a family could do for a baby was to kill it. Women clamor for the frredom of choice, but MOST women get an abortion because they feel they have NO other CHOICE. Find some sites that have women who HAVE had abortions and are writing about their experiences. I haven’t found anyone who was happy they did it. Listen to the real people, the ones who HAVE listened to the lies and propaganda of PP and others. Think for yourself. Satan appears as an angel of light and his ministers as ministers of righteousness..He is the deceiver of all mankind. We need to wake up and smell the roses before there is no one left to smell them! Have you looked into world population control agendas? We are nearing 6 Billion people and the “agenda” is to just have 500 million people on earth. There is more to these PP and others than meets the eye. There IS room for everybody. God KNEW how many people the earth could hold and sustain, but we have turned our backs on Him and gotten ourselves into this pit. HE is the only way back to sanity!. Mama Jo

          • jchofmann

            It would be great if we had un-biased sources women could rely on for honest information regarding abortion. I believe its next to impossible to find such sources leaving women to make life decisions based on studies with biases in both directions. For example, in the second article you reference, one of the co-authors is Roger W. Rochat, MD. Dr. Rochat has a pro-abortion bias. He has been affiliated with the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, and the CDC. As a "anti-choicer" I should be skeptical not only of this doctor's studies, but also the organizations that associate with someone who has such an apparent pro-abortion bias. Do you agree I should be skeptical? (do a Google search, his full resume is available online). So, when you present studies and newspaper articles I believe it is incumbent on you to provide evidence they are un-biased. After all, you are trying to sway me and other pro-life folks who read this blog to your way of thinking.

            Just curious, can you name two or three things you can point to that helped form your decision to be pro-choice?

          • alexa_bear

            I don't think you can discredit Rochat's study simply because he is pro-choice. Did you notice a flaw in his methodology? Perhaps he is pro-choice because he has done all of this research, and it was the research that pointed him in the direction to support women's choice. That seems a likelier situation than that he is fictionalizing his data and lying in his scientific articles. So no, I do not think that you should be skeptical of him based on his personal background. I think you should read his studies and use your critical analysis skills to determine for yourself the legitimacy of his studies. This is what I do when I read studies that seem to support the pro-life side.

            I'm happy to identify methodological flaws or limitations in studies that seem to support the pro-life side, which I've done elsewhere in these comments, and critique the studies based on what is actually in them.. But it seems that the anti-choice commenters here simply disregard any data that doesn't jive with their personal opinions, without explaining what it is about the methodology, test group, etc, that they found to be problematic.

            Thanks for asking such an interesting question about what helped form my decision to be pro-choice.

            I would have to say that growing up in a poor neighborhood where I was constantly harassed and catcalled from about the age of 12 helped. I learned from experience very early that men everywhere try to make you feel vulnerable sexually by making comments, or worse. Over the years, even after I moved away, the level of harassment has stayed constant. Often it's just cat calls, but I find that as a single woman living alone, I have to be constantly vigilant — I can't ever let my guard down. Taxi drivers occasionally try to touch me or take me other places. My landlord knocks at my door at odd hours, making me nervous about his intentions. A coworker of mine keeps getting way too close to me physically at the office, no matter how many times I remind him to give me some breathing space.

            All of this is just to say that I live in constant fear of rape and have since childhood. I do absolutely everything I can to protect myself. But the fact that abortion exists as an option enables me to live my life. That knowledge enables me to go out into the world and not stay home in my room with the locked door, never daring to leave. I ended up moving out of my poor neighborhood because I got a full scholarship to Harvard. I have so much to contribute to the world professionally. But I feel like men are constantly trying to push me down through sexual domination.

            The anti-choice movement feels like one more attempt to silence me, and it is a particularly terrifying one, because it doesn't seem to be acknowledging what an extraordinarily high rate of rape occurs in American society. It seems hypocritical to me that you want to force me to make sacrifices in order to save the life of a fetus. But you don't care about forcing men to make sacrifices such as donating blood or organ tissue to save lives. If we changed the policy on organ donation, making it the default that you had to donate your organs after death (but could opt out if you wanted) we could totally and completely eradicate the organ waiting list. Why don't we do this? Because we have respect for men's ability to make a rational decision to choose what to do with their own bodies, even though it means we lose hundreds of thousands of lives. Why don't we make abortion illegal? Because we have respect for women's ability to make a rational and informed decision to choose what to do with their own bodies.

            I would also say that critical reading, biology, and philosophy classes at Harvard helped me form my pro-choice views. This is because I learned the analytical skills I need to read studies and determine if there are any flaws in the conception, methodology, execution, etc. I learned about the difference between correlation and causation, and I learned how to deconstruct political rhetoric to see how it works to manipulate audiences. All of this enabled me to go out into the world and decide, through rigorous intellectual analysis, that abortion needs to be an option for women.

          • alexa_bear

            When women are compelled to carry and bear children, they are subjected to 'involuntary servitude' in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment—

          • jchofmann

            Ok, in a nutshell your pro-choice views are based on (1) a constant fear of rape (2) the use of your intellect to discern that the entire body of work regarding abortion and pregnancy points in one direction; that women have better outcomes over their lifetime when they abort.

            I'll share with you how I arrived at my anti-choice viewpoint. (1) when an egg and sperm meet a new human is formed, distinct from its mother and father (2) abortion causes the death of a human life (3) a moral truth that every human life deserves respect and dignity.

            My guess is you don't agree with (3) because you can't arrive at that moral truth by using your intellect alone.

            Well, its been fun. Hope everything goes well with your husband…. oh, sorry you were married in the post above, here you single. Sorry.

          • alexa_bear

            Hi Jchofmann,No, I think you're misunderstanding. I do not live in “constant fear” of rape. I live in “constant threat” of rape. There is a major difference. This “fear” does not come out of my imagination, it comes out of actual physical and verbal threats that I receive regularly. And it is supported by the statistics about rape in America. I think it is highly immoral for the pro-life side to simply ignore the reality of rape in this country, and I don't understand your reluctance to acknowledge that this reality exists. I get the impression that you think women are physically designed to be baby incubators and no matter how the embryo gets in there, that's their God-given moral duty to nurture it, bear it — and ENJOY it. Is that right?What about this idea — I know that you must also feel men have a duty to step up to the plate and support any babies that they create, right? If a woman has a child that she doesn't want, and is forced to bear it to term, that's 9 months that we're forcing her to spend as a parent, right? So in order to have equal punishment, we should force the child's father to step in and raise the kid for at least 9 months before it goes off to be adopted. Doesn't that make sense? Things would be a lot more fair, no? It seems like your side should support some kind of gender equality system in cases where you're punishing women for deciding to have sex (or worse, punishing them for being raped. That would be great — let's have rapists be forced to be parents, just like their rape victims are forced to be parents).I absolutely 100% agree with point 3. You asked me for a couple of factors that influenced my views, not all of the factors. You didn't ask me about my religion. You didn't ask me about my moral or spiritual beliefs. Do you want to know about these things? I would be happy to tell you.I'm sharing this user name with several people, so yeah, I'm single, others are married. Deal with it.—

          • jchofmann

            "All of this is just to say that I live in constant fear of rape and have since childhood. "
            Your words (unedited), not mine. Or were these the words of the married person sharing the user name with you?

            You are digging yourself deeper into a hole and it appears to be making you angry. Thanks again for the lively discussion.

          • alexa_bear

            I am angry; you (live action) are trying to take away my right to make decisions about my body. You're being hypocritical since you even give dead people the right to control their bodies and not donate organs if they choose not to. You are trying to close Planned Parenthood and you have no realistic or comprehensive backup plan for how to replace them and get PP clients access to services. I am furious.I am living in “fear” as a result of “threat” — does that make sense now? I said that I live in fear BECAUSE of the constant harassment I receive. It's not the fear that makes me lean towards being pro-choice. It's the source of the fear, ie., the threats.—

          • alexa_bear
          • alexa_bear

            Hi Jchoffman sorry for all the messages. I also just wanted to say that I find it interesting that anti-choicers always seem to try to reduce the factors going into their decision to just a few points, like you do here. Isn't the law a bit more complicated than this?I also am curious to know what your thoughts are on the organ donation laws, since this seems to be to be a hypocrisy of the pro-life view. Can you or anyone else resolve this seeming contradiction for me? Why is it that pregnant women are forced to give of their bodies in order to save life, but the rest of the population is not? It seems that dead people here have more rights than living people.—

          • Mama Jo

            It is amazing to me that a woman will RISK her body to the possibility of getting AIDS when HAVING sex but if she gets pregnant then she doesn’t want to RISK her body because giving birth is so dangerous? There is a real PROBLEM HERE! Alexa, do you wish YOUR mother would have been YOU? Then you wouldn’t he here on this site having this conversation and you wouldn’t have to be defending having an abortion because YOU would have been one! Is that what you really would have wanted? Are you that full of unhappiness that you are in this life? Maybe you can find a doctor to ASSIST you in suicide? But, there IS a better way…God is not willing that any should perish, not even YOU. He loves you and wants you to LIVE! Maybe you might look to Him for some answers. HE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL OF THIS.
            Being a mother is a wonderful PRIVILEDGE and a JOY and the baby has no choice but it it did, I am sure it would be for life and to have a mother to love it. Your heart is so cold. Maybe your mother abandoned you or hurt you somehow and you relate having babies with your own pain of rejection. Motherhood is a wonderful thing….I pray your heart will one day soften. Yesu anakujali…Jesus care for you.
            Mama Jo

          • alexa_bear

            I wonder when I see studies like this one how it is you can say the CDC is biased towards the pro-choice side <a href="http://:<br />Isn't it true that the results of this study support the pro-life side? That abstinence education is working?—

      • Mama Jo (Joetta Smith)

        Amen to that!! I am now approaching 70 years. I have 6 children and from those I had 17 grandchildren (one was killed in an accident), but from those grandchildren I will soon have 13 great-grandchildren and ALL mothers are doing well, in good health and I am a missionary (for over 8 years) in Kenya. The father of my last son wanted me to get an abortion and I refused and I thank God I did because I never would have been blessed with my last grandson who is now 1 year old. Also, yes, it is painful to have a child, my last 2 were almost 12 pounds! But, after that pain there comes a kind of forgetfulloness of the whole ordeal and you are filled with joy that you have that child!! Then you go on to love and enjoy raising that child. But, what does the mother of an aborted baby get? NOTHING! And certainly there is NO JOY after having an abortion. I have heard story after story of the agony of the mental pain that a woman can and usually does suffer after she realizes that what she has done is a horrible thing and she can never go back. Have the pain, have the baby! Have the joy! Kill your baby and you will have nothing but the pain of your actions and the knowledge that the safest place in the world for your baby should have been your womb and that you allowed it to become a death chamber.
        Where is GOD in all of these discussions? HE made a woman’s body and HE made it in such a way that childbirth is the normal function. Have you ever seen a horse or a cow or other animal give birth? They really have it rough! Why don’t we start just aborting all those poor animals, too. What has happened to the human race that once thought having a baby was something to be celebrated? Shame on us! I think it is wonderful that you have 7 children! Here in Kenya we never encourage abortion or even birth control pills that can harm a woman. A woman’s body is not spoiled from having other children after giving birth, but after an abortion her chances of having a normal or full term baby are cut way down. Women need to look into WHAT is done with those baby parts! That is where the big money comes in…Let’s hear it for BABIES!!! God bless you.

    • SunshineBuzz

      And another thing about safety is dont eat anything outside your garden-dont take medicine-dont eat meat you dont kill yourself-and dont use soap unless you make it yourself. Plenty of reasons why-I trade those safety reasons for a babies life anyday!

    • Leah

      Look Alexa-you are so selfish-you dont care about babies-why dont you just tell the truth instead of trying to justify an abortion. I agree that you can do whatever you want to your body ok-not argueing-but a baby is not your body-does not share your soul and only has half your dna. So the kid isnt your body-point made. And you are so paranoid about organs for some reasons-if I can regenerate my organs you bet your ass I will donate them! And blood as well-there are people that need it-what harm is it doing anyways to give some blood? As for organs-your to paranoid-and the law-the law should most def abolish abortion-you or anyone else can never change my mind about it-so you can say whatever you want but its not changing my mind. I know whats right and wrong and abortion is definately wrong! So if you look at yourself in the mirror and think that it is right-then you are no different from the mother that murdered her child. I dont care about this or that-my bottom line is that abortion is wrong-I dont care what you want inside your uterus-and a woman that does the back alley thing deserves the sickness and pain that comes along with it-the baby dies and she lives? This is a sick world we live in and to even consider it you yourself help make it sicker than it already is and for the life of me I cannot understand why people would want to condone that to anyone and these small teenage girls. JUST SICK…..

    • Leah

      You see what you said here that abortion is medically safer-dont tell me you are not for abortion Alexa when your statements prove that you clearly are.

  • anabenderas

    Alexa, they don't tell you that because it's not true. Actually, they do lie and say that: look at the video above. But they are lying.

    • alexa_bear

      What are you talking about? It is 100% true that pregnancy is much more dangerous than abortion. Are you kidding me? This is general knowledge. Most women consider pregnancy worth it cuz they get a child at the end. But it is takes an enormous toll on a woman's body, and giving birth is probably the single most painful thing most women go through. Ask any mother.

      For the same reason that America doesn't require everyone to donate their organs or their blood, you can't require women to go through with pregnancies simply because it's going to save a life. If this is your reason, then why don't you also support mandatory kidney donation? Or even mandatory blood donation for all healthy citizens every 2 months?

      • jchofmann

        Another very selfish reason to kill a human being.

        • alexa_bear

          What is the reason you're saying is selfish? That it's harmful to women's bodies? Is that what you're saying is selfish?

          If so, then along your lines of reasoning, it's really selfish to kill a human being by not donating a kidney. You aren't using both of yours, and thousands of Americans die each year because they need kidney transplants. Along your lines of reasoning, we should make it illegal for anyone who has an extra kidney to spare to NOT donate it to someone in need. The same goes for donating blood (which I do every 2 months – how often do you do it?). The same goes for donating part of your liver. The same goes for donating skin for grafts. Along your lines of reasoning, it's just plain SELFISH of people NOT to donate blood, therefore we should make it the LAW.

          Thoughts on making blood and organ donating mandatory, jchofmann?

          Wait, I think I know what you're going to say. I bet you'll say that women CHOOSE to have sex, therefore they should be PUNISHED for choosing to have sex by being FORCED to give birth.

          Should they also be PUNISHED for being the victims of incest? For being raped? 1 in 3 women will be raped in her lifetime. Think of how many women you have ever met. In your entire life. Then divide by 3. That's a heck of a lot of rape victims.

      • farmchick20

        Hey, I just want to let you know that I AM going to reply to the other discussions we had going! I'm really enjoying talking with you; it's just that life has gotten crazy lately. So for now, I just wanted to post this link regarding your comment about the relative safety of abortion vs. pregnancy.

        This is a study that was done by members of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. I tried to find it for you on their site, but I'm not a member so I don't have full access to the back issues.

        • alexa_bear

          Hey farmchick, it's definitely an interesting article, thanks for sending. However, it actually supports the pro-choice side of the argument! I will explain why below.

          Firstly, the study acknowledges its own critical flaw: that it didn't look at complete reproductive histories. It only looks at the info available to them through Medi-cal records. So if a woman traveled outside the US for a few years and came back, they would have no record of any pregnancies or abortions she had outside the country. If a woman didn't use Medi-cal or report it to them, it didn't get recorded–some might have been wealthy early on in their lives and then fallen into poverty later, and they might have had pregnancies or abortions before going on Medi-cal. This means that the study could very well be counting women on the "pregnancy" side who've had abortions, and on the "abortion" side who've had pregnancies. The study's authors recommend that more studies be done where a complete reproductive history is used in order to get more accurate results.

          But for the sake of argument, let's pretend that the study is 100% accurate in its statistics. It still supports the pro-choice side. This is why:

          This study clearly states that they are not studying CAUSE of death. They are studying CORRELATION of death with abortion. This means that they are looking at people who have had abortions and calculating the number of those died within 8 years from various causes. They aren't looking at cases where the abortion literally caused the death, they're only looking at correlation, or association.

          The reasons that the women in the study died were: suicide; accidents; natural causes; AIDS; circulatory diseases; cerebrovascular disease. None of these are direct side effects of abortion. They are direct side effects of lifestyle choices, or genetic conditions such as mental illness.

          The study concludes that women who choose to have abortions probably also have other lifestyle habits that put them at high risk for dying young. For instance, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease are primarily caused by things like smoking, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol. AIDS in in the US is most often caused by needle sharing, blood contact and rape. Mental illness is the primary cause of suicide and it is hereditary. These are all things that can be controlled through lifestyle choices (except mental illness). These aren't diseases that can be cured by simply giving birth instead of having an abortion. Abortion correlates with instances of these diseases — abortion does not CAUSE these diseases.

          The study states that women with 1 pregnancy had fewer deaths than women with multiple pregnancies, which suggests that the more times you get pregnant, the more you are at risk of dying. The study also observes that in women ages 40-49, women who had been pregnant were at higher risk of dying than women who had an abortion.

          Therefore, the conclusion of the study actually supports the pro-choice side, not the pro-life side. The conclusion is that women who have abortions have unhealthy lifestyle habits or mental illness more often than women who have pregnancies. The study concludes that it is these unhealthy lifestyle habits (smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, drug use) and mental illness that causes death, not abortion itself. This makes sense, as women with unhealthy lifestyles or mental illness are not equipped to be mothers, not even for the 9 month period of the pregnancy.

      • SunshineBuzz

        You know why they dont is because they just clone them. It is an enormous responsibility-but the only real thing that takes its toll are the bathroom breaks and the labor pains. Its not hard to take care of yourself when your pregnant-I was a teen mom-and it was alot easier to be pregnant when I was younger then when I got older.

        • alexa_bear

          What are you talking about? The waiting list for organ transplants is years long and most people die before they get organs, cloned or otherwise.In terms of taking care of yourself when you are pregnant – it sounds like you had an easy pregnancy, which is great. But a lot of women have really difficult pregnancies. Your experience does not apply to the entire world. Some women have to go on bed rest and if they are poor women that means they will lose their jobs. How are they going to pay to feed their babies then? Some women have incapacitating vomiting where they can't work for months, and lose their jobs. Some women have to have C-sections, which is major surgery and like any major surgery, you can die from it.—

  • alexa_bear

    Anti-choicers, I have a question. I am a married woman and I never, ever want to have kids. How do I make sure that this never happens?

    I am already refusing to have sex with my husband until after menopause. I'm 20, so that's another 30 years in my marriage without having sex. Is this realistic?

    I'm already taking care to keep myself safe but at least one in 6 women get raped, so that's always a danger. I'm a low income woman so the risks are especially high in my neighborhood. What should I do if I get raped?

    I am taking birth control as a preventative measure but a commenter here warned me that there are health drawbacks to oral contraceptives. It's also really expensive, $50 a month. But I don't want to support PP, so I can't go there to get it for cheaper. What should I do about this?

    How do I make sure that I NEVER ever ever have kids????? Please, help me out!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

    • jchofmann

      It's called natural family planning or NFP. Very effective and no pills. Could also make your marriage stronger. Studies show about a 4% divorce rate for married couples who use NFP compared to over 50% in the general population.

      • jchofmann

        Sorry, forgot to mention NFP is free.

        • alexa_bear

          Hey Jchofmann thanks for your suggestion. I've actually already talked to my doctor about NFP. Unfortunately he advised that for me, it's not a very safe option because I have extremely irregular periods. Sometimes they're 10 days apart, sometimes they're 45 days apart. There's really no way of knowing when my next period will come, therefore there's no way of knowing when I'm ovulating. It's completely impossible to know when I am fertile and when I'm not. Apparently it's quite a common condition to have such irregular periods. But it means that NFP is EXTREMELY dangerous and very high risk for getting pregnant for someone like me.

          And even so, "very effective" is not good enough for me. I CANNOT EVER get pregnant or my life will be totally and completely over. Please advise a 100% effective birth control method that I can use with my husband.

          • MoonChild02

            NFP has come a long way since the old days, when they timed a woman's periods. Now, those with irregular periods can use NFP, because they use measurements of mucus, temperature, etc. to know when you are fertile.

            You can get more information at these sites:

          • alexa_bear

            Moonchild, that's an extraordinary amount of work for someone with absolutely no time and a terrible tendency to lose track of things. NFP ONLY works if you are organized enough to follow through with it. If you lose track just ONE month, everything goes down the drain. Just like you said in the real world condoms are less effective because they're used improperly, in the real world, NFP is less effective when it's used improperly, and based on my lifestyle — the number of time zones I switch, the extraordinary amount of variety in my periods — it's simply not going to be possible to follow NFP correctly 100% of the time.

            You have to help me out here and give me a way to ensure 100% that I will not get pregnant. PLEASE!

          • jchofmann

            Hi MoonChild02. This is great information. My wife and I use NFP and it has worked wonders for us.

          • alexa_bear

            NFP doesn't prevent you from getting pregnant in the case of rape, though. Do you have any ideas for how to prevent pregnancy for the 30 million Americans who are raped? Crossing your fingers and hoping it doesn't happen during a fertile week?

          • jchofmann

            Invariably when I respond on blogs to questions related to rape I am met with very emotional responses suggesting that I have no place speaking for women on this issue. So let it be known that I was not the first to bring up the issue of rape on this blog and I am specifically being asked for a response. If I offend anyone, I apologize.

            First, I could not find the 30 million figure anywhere so please, if you have a source share it with us. Here are statistics I found for 2004 along with sources:

            Forced Rape 2004 (1): 94,635
            Statutory Rape estimate 2004 (2): 31,545
            Total rapes 2004: 126,180

            Up to 60% of sexual assaults are not reported in the US (3). Therefore, the total number of rapes in 2004 may have been as high as 315,450 so I will use this number. Note, due to the way the FBI reports their statistics the number of forcible rapes also includes threats of forced rape where the act did not actually take place. For this analysis, I will consider all 315,450 as rapes where the act was completed.

            <continued next post>

          • jchofmann

            <continued from previous post>

            Research shows approximately 5% of rapes result in pregnancy (4). Therefore, out of the 315,450 rapes in 2004, 15,773 resulted in pregnancy. Let’s make the assumption that every one of these 15,773 pregnancies were terminated by abortion. In 2004 there were 839,226 induced abortions in the US (5). Therefore, the number of abortions in 2004 which resulted from rape was approximately 5% using my assumption. According to the Guttmacher Institute 1% of abortions in 2004 were related to rape. So, the number of abortions due to rape was somewhere between 1 and 5% using 2004 as an example. Conversely, somewhere between 95 and 99% of abortions were due to reasons other than rape.

            So, about your statement, are you arguing that we should accept 100% of abortions because of the 1 – 5% associated with rape? If not, what was your intention with bringing up the issue of rape?

          • jchofmann

            <continued from previous post>


            (2) 1 statutory rape in 2000 for each forced rape.
            (4) Holmes MM et al. Rape-related pregnancy: estimates and descriptive characteristics from a national sample of women. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1996, 175:320–324

          • alexa_bear

            Estimates are that between 1 in 3 and 1 in 6 women get raped in their lifetimes. So I made the calculation based on 150 million women in the US. 30 million of them will be raped in their life times.

            I'm not arguing that we should accept 100% of abortions. I'm arguing that we should at the very minimum accept 100% of abortions that were a result of rape.

            But then you get into the sticky question of what rape is. Intriguingly, you used the term "forcible rape." Is this in contrast to all the volunteer rape victims? Should we let women abort who say they were raped but the jury acquitted the guy? What if the case never went to trial? How are we to know what is and isn't a result of rape?

            Early term abortion should be legal and accessible because there is absolutely no way to determine what is and isn't rape, unless you are the body that was (or wasn't) raped. You can't make that assessment for someone else.

            Anyway, are you saying that you would like to condemn over 15,000 women every year to be forced to bear the children of their rapists? Are you saying that's a number that's too small to care about? Where do we draw the line? How large does that number have to get before we start thinking it matters?

          • jchofmann

            Thanks for answering my first question. Back to my second question, what was your intention with bringing up the issue of rape ?

          • alexa_bear

            Hi Jchofmann, I brought up the issue of rape because my first question in this thread was what do you suggest I do to protect myself from ever getting pregnant. My goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancy so that I am never in the position of having to get an abortion. You answered that I should try NFP. I brought up rape because obviously NFP doesn't protect me from getting pregnant in the case of rape.

            Can you answer my question now, which is how many women would need to get pregnant through rape for it to matter to you? What number is too small to care about?

          • jchofmann

            Thanks. You are correct. NFP will not help with rape. Here is my answer to your question: if one woman becomes pregnant because of rape, it matters to me. Any woman who is violently attacked and raped matters to me. The question to you is this: is abortion the answer? Does abortion heal the rape victim or does it add one violent act upon another?

            Hey, its been great going back and forth with you on this topic. You are certainly set in your ways. I admire that. Keep working for your cause and I will do the same. Cheers.

          • alexa_bear

            I definitely do not think abortion is the answer to rape. In fact, I think that abortion is almost never the answer. I think that abortion is used too often in this country, and I think that there are instances where it is deplorable for women to get an abortion.However, I do think that abortion is one answer. It's not THE answer. It's one possible answer. I consider it a violent act against a woman to force her to live with her rapist's child for the duration of 9 months, then go through labor to bear it. I also consider abortion a violent act.Our laws need to allow women to evaluate those two choices and decide which route would be less damaging for her. Personally, I would hope that most women would choose to go through with the pregnancy, knowing how many people are waiting to adopt. But it's immoral to force her to go through with it. —

          • Savedkris

            "I CANNOT EVER get pregnant or my life will be totally and completely over."
            "Please advise a 100% effective birth control method that I can use with my husband."

            Have your ovaries removed, get a tubal ligation or have him get a vasectomy. That doesn't seem very complicated. I have never heard someone so anti-pregnancy before.

  • PowerAhead

    If it weren't for Planned Parenthood, many children would be alive today.

    • alexa_bear

      If it weren't for Planned Parenthood, many women would be dead today from cervical cancer not caught early enough.

      If it weren't for Planned Parenthood, many men and women would not be aware of their HIV status today because they wouldn't have access to a safe, non-judgmental facility where they could have the test done.

      If it weren't for Planned Parenthood, millions of women wouldn't be able to afford to prevent unwanted pregnancies because they couldn't access affordable IUD implantation surgeries.

      Yes, it is true that without PP, many children would be alive today: all the children that never even got conceived in the first place because PP made birth control accessible.

      I fully respect your campaign to reduce the number of abortions. But attacking Planned Parenthood is a war against the women of this country.

  • Rec

    After taking a friend to pp to have an abortion and talking to her afterward, I can tell you that they DO explain all this to you. Atleast the one she went to did. And they made her come in in the morning and stay most of the day to make sure that she wanted to go through with it and that she wasn’t being forced by her boyfriend. I personally go to pp to get my birth control. I am not seeing what yalls problems are with pp. They were professional and provide all the information that you just posted here. Stop lying and accusing pp of not providing info for women.

    • alexa_bear

      Thanks Rec

    • SunshineBuzz

      Ok-well maybe they tell you some of it-but in fact they dont want you to know all of it-and to even go through with it is ridiculous-look at what they do to the baby!!! So when you know what is gonna happen-you are a monster for letting this happen to a defenceless baby-open your eyes Rec! What if it were you-and think deeply when you do-I want you to imagine all the pain you would endure with getting your legs suctioned and ripped off-broken and pulled apart!!! Think about it-and then tell us how you feel. I have 2 answers already waiting for you.

      • paul_macintosh

        My wife works at PP and I can promise you that they tell you every last detail. PP's mission statement is to educate women about reproduction. They tell you exactly what's going to happen in an abortion. In some states, they have to literally tell you that what you're doing is killing a human life. The only thing they don't tell you is all of the risks of pregnancy and childbirth (because that might be seen as trying to coerce someone into abortion).

  • SunshineBuzz

    At Alexa-whatever you say is just stupid!!! I have had 3 kids-and I was a teen mom who raised my kid until I got married. And your talking about safety? Ok well so since your so concerned about safety-then live in a bubble! Things happen everyday even un intentional things-accidents-I think you are just paranoid about life in general. I myself am a sports extremist and like to live my life on the edge-but actually taking a life is off of the edge on the other side! But your not getting that abortion is murder because your so used to it being "ok" that you think its ok-well wake up hun because its not ok for anyone to kill someone else-and if you dont wanna get pregnant then keep your legs closed and learn how to fight off rapist because I for one was a rape victim along as a victim of child molestation and domestic violence-and to hear you tell us this is a load of crap!!!!

    • alexa_bear

      Sunshine, if we make abortion illegal and force women to become baby incubators, where do we draw the line? What's next – forcing everyone to donate their organs to save lives? Forcing everyone to donate blood? Forcing all women to be stay-at-home moms and not have careers because that's better for the child? I am just as opposed to abortion as you, but I don't think it should be the law that women can't have them. The law should not be used to regulate our bodies, and it's not used to regulate our bodies in any other area, with organs, life support, or anything. Would you like the law telling you when you're allowed to take your husband or child off life support and when you're not? The law does not belong inside my uterus.

      • laceyebay

        A no one is forcing them to get pregnant. Rape pregnancies are extremely rare because she has to get raped during the 3 days out of a month she's actually fertile have low acidity and he has to have sufficient sperm numbers in the gender for which her stage of ovulation is most hospitable.

        Also a rape victim can use plan B. (within the same amount of time she has to get anything done about a rape she has to be in the hospital or clinic anyway)

        after that she can't kill the rapist, a prosecution against the rapist wont hold up, and she has no right to kill the child. THe child deserves more protection than the rapist at least as it was entirely innocent. To wrongs do not make a right.

        A fetus isnt part of the woman's body. Its an independent body that will eventually be expelled no matter what. The only difference between a baby in the womb and a baby born is breathing air. Everything else is still just as dependent on a parent or guardian. More so because at that point it requires actual conscious effort and isn't taken care of automatically by the body. In fact its several days after conception when rapid development has occurred before its even connected to the mother by the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is not part of the mother or child and is discarded after birth.

        A baby is no more part of a womans body than a tape worm would be. The only difference is the baby is human.

        No one says there should be laws dictating a woman's body. But their should be laws protecting a child's body no matter how small.

      • banana

        Why are you against abortion?

  • laceyebay

    Alex its so sad that you dislike your self and your husband so much that you don't want to reproduce with him.

    However for mature adults there are lots of different natural methods of avoiding contraception. You only have to avoid sex during ovulation and fertility. With new cheap technologies its actually more acturate than birth control pills (because birth control pills are subject to any chemicals processed in the liver making them not function). Birth control pills have a 98.8% failure rate when used perfectly with no supplements alcohol prescription or over the counter medication and when taken at precisely the same time every day with no error. Human error makes them much less effective. 50% of unplanned pregnancies occur with the use of one or more contraceptives. Chemical contraceptives also contribute to many different types of cancer like squamous cell ect. (though it does tend to reduce other types of cancer but no more than an actually pregnancy would).

    But thank you from the rest of us for not reproducing but please don't murder your child just so you can have sex when ever your horny. Surely you can muster up the will power to avoid sex on an average of 3 days a month.

  • laceyebay

    sorry that should be success rate not failure rate.

  • laceyebay

    also if you get raped Plan B is available for 48 hours after sex or rape and will prevent pregnancy. (it doesn't prevent conception though) If you wait longer than that you aren't likely to get the rapist prosecuted, you cant kill the rapist, and you have no right to kill the child. The law expects you to act in 48 hours because after that itll be impossible to tell you were raped. It should be much sooner than that and before you shower or change clothes.

  • Leah

    You know whats unethical Alexa-is just the mere fact of abortion. I f you think seeing a baby getting torn up and suctioned out is better than your sorry uterus-that just makes you a scumbag-lower than the devil himself-an abomination to the world-a baby killer-a threat to everyones kids-because mentally-you dont like kids or want them-that is why you would kill one and not even care. And for the sake of your uterus? Or having a baby safely-oh-I get it-you can be pregnant but dont want the baby so kill it right? Get over it-yhere are risks in everything you do Alexa-from eating out to riding in a car to going on vacationj-so pregnancy is just another risk since you are a woman-its part of being a woman-and dont tell me no because if it werent meant to be then you wouldnt be a woman or able to conceive children. Its common sense wheter you like to look at it like that or not-its the truth plain and simple-and as for having it easy-maybe my first one was easy-the last two were something else-but I would never kill my kid becausee I was scared to die-and thats what your problem is-you are scared to die. I wouldnt be scared to die for my kids-its a noble thing to do and very respectful. And to sacrifice my kid because I didnt want to have a baby? Thats nuts! Yea-you know what-they need to make it a law where the lady has to have the baby-c section or natural to avoid the death of the child because thats what counts. At least your kid wouldnt learn your cruel ways and become something if you died giving birth because it was a law.

  • Leah

    And another thing because Im gonna always have something to say about this is that if those bits and pieces of baby parts dont tell you wrong than you are a failure. You are so blind-no matter what situation you are in-the baby should always come first-I always saw it that way-ever since I was a little girl I never thought it was a good idea-I was always protective over anything that was about to get hurt. But “unethical” is exactly what abortion is no matter early or late term-its still murder and murder is wrong-I mean who thinks murder is right? Its all about the labeling here and killing a baby is no different from killing you or me or anyone else. You remember what happend in the Scott Peterson case? He got charged with 2 counts of murder because the baby came out. It kind of upset me because what if the baby was still inside and didnt come out? It would of been the same size and everything-people need to recognize that a baby is a human inside growing-not flesh and blobs of cells-were all blobs of cells!

  • Elaine123

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  • AKaniecki

    Having an abortion myself, I know all too well of the long term damage that having an abortion causes. I was 20 years old and now 16 years later i’m still suffering the aftermath of that decision. I know that Jesus has forgiven me but its hard to forgive myself. I know that it seems like its a great way out of an awful mess that we might have put ourselves into but its not. They never told me what was going to happen in years to come or even if there was someone I could talk to about it. Feeling so guilty I feel into a drinking problem. So the bottom line is I have yet to met one person who had an abortion and have not been affected negatively one way or another. Anyone that is thinking about having an abortion please I beg you to reconsider and really learn from both sides, talk to women who can really relate to your situation. The pregnancy center is a wondering place for Confidentiality and support. i just wish someone had told me when I was trying to decide.
    Jer1:5 in the Bible reads Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
    Remember whatever you decide Jesus loves you …….and your baby very much! I’ll be praying for you all. Thank you for taking the time to read alittle of my story. God Bless

  • Albert

    Where do you know from that Jesus has forgiven you? The same thing said my mother after I found out at age of 35 that I would have a brother or sister if she hadn’t had an abortion – she was over 30 and happy married but my father didn’t want another child she told me. 
    I think we all know that Jesus has forgiven us when we die. But not before we die.