Ad agencies work to “rebrand girls” as awareness of sex-selective abortions rise

In the past couple years more and more people are coming to realize that abortion is a sexist phenomenon that disproportionally targets girls for death before they are even born.

The Economist wrote in 2010 about “The Worldwide War on Baby Girls” and this summer the Wall Street Journal published an article (“The War on Girls“) reviewing a book on the subject, which among other things, pointed to the fact that since the late 1970’s over 160 million female baby girls have been aborted by parents seeking sons.

All of this attention has generated a wave of popular media comment on the subject, which has also increased interest in research papers showing just how prevalent this awful practice has become, especially in developing nations such as China.

Now the tech magazine Fast Company has reacted to all of this with a media campaign entitled “The Birth of An Idea: Ads to Rebrand Girls“:

Fast Company asked several of the most creative ad agencies in the world to rebrand baby girls. Their mock campaigns recast girls as the No. 1 choice for consumers from China to the U.S.

Now obviously treating unborn baby girls as a “commodity” to be “consumed” is deeply offensive to human dignity – male and female alike. And some of the promotional ads are in very poor taste. But the core concept: that women face discrimination in the womb and in countries which allow them to be targeted for abortion is a sound one.

In the fight to achieve full human dignity for all human persons, male, female, born and unborn, we may come across surprising allies and among them, yes, even ad agencies. Welcome to the true pro-woman movement!

  • oldmanbob

    Speaking as a guy I will say that nothing else I know of will make a socity more unstabel than having an imbalance of the sexes with a surplus of males.  We men  just don’t get along without women to calm the waters and the women that are left WILL be fought over; not to mention devalued as sex objects and worse.  My own home town Laramie, Wyoming in the 1870’s & 80’s was such a place and the history of that era was wild and lawless.  In part this led Laramie to have the 1st women voter in the US. 

     Stoppping sex selection baby killing must be done and soon.

  • truth4life

    The danger of this approach is that it could promote simply switching to sex selection in favor of girls and increasing the abortion rate for males, which clearly would be just as bad as the present situation.

    • Ana Turin

      I really don’t believe that would ever happen, since males have almost universally been considered superior to women since human history began.    

      But that brings up a good point, that these adds are trying to show the “value” of women.   Although it is certainly true that this is an issue of sexism, it may be more helpful to emphasize the value of ALL human life, and of selfless love.  
      Societies are sexist and this pressures many parents to prefer boys.  But it is almost always a “personal” choice of an individual to abort their daughter.  In my opinion, the most helpful thing is to help people chose love instead of selfishness, even if they live in a society where women are not as valuable as men.  They have to make the decision that they will sacrifice and love their children in spite of their culture.   When individuals begin to change, THEN their culture will also change.