Andrew Cuomo’s New York: The abortion capital of the world

There’s no shortage of abortions being performed in the state of New York. In fact, the abortion industry is thriving there. Ninety-three percent of New York women live in a county that houses an abortion clinic. New York’s abortion rate is almost double the national average according to the Guttmacher Institute, at 39 abortions per 1,000 women. New York provides abortion coverage through Medicaid, and there are virtually no restrictions against abortion whatsoever – no waiting periods, parental consent laws, nothing. And in New York City, it’s even worse, especially for black women.

Embryotomy Scissors
Embryotomy scissors, a commonly used tool to dismember a human fetus in the womb.

That’s not enough for Governor Cuomo, though, who is looking to make abortion even more widespread. He’ll be allowing any health care practitioner to perform abortions, not just doctors (because not enough women are killed by abortion already). Late-term abortions will be allowed for just about any reason, and that means we may have more LeRoy Carharts running around putting women at risk.

All of this is happening against the will of New Yorkers, who find this too extreme even for them. But Cuomo doesn’t care, and abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and NARAL are surely rejoicing, as this means much more money rolling in for them. Allowing non-physicians to perform abortions, as well as allowing abortions to be performed at any time during a pregnancy, means that the number of abortions performed in New York will likely skyrocket. And abortionists will happily line their pockets with the blood money that Andrew Cuomo made it so easy for them to get.

What happened to this whole idea of “safe, legal, and rare”? Cuomo’s push for more abortion is a perfect example of how pro-abortion extremists never bought into that. The only part of that phrase that they actually cared about was “legal.” Safety? Not quite as important as unfettered access to abortion for women. After all, a New York woman just died from a late-term abortion, but Cuomo’s all about having more of them in his state. Rare? Clearly not.

The shockingly high rate of abortion in Andrew Cuomo’s state is apparently not high enough. It’s not good enough for abortion to just be legal to these people. It’s got to be widespread and commonplace. And having moral objections to abortion won’t be allowed anymore, so pro-life counseling centers and Catholic hospitals, beware.

Abortion can’t just be legal in New York. It must be accepted, beloved, celebrated. Welcome to Andrew Cuomo’s New York, the abortion capital of the world.

  • Josephine (D)

    This breaks my heart, not only for the babies, but for the fact that we have yet another “Catholic” politician who is deliberately going against the Church’s teachings. It’s sad and disgusting.

    • kgarman

      Boils my blood! They should be kicked out the church!

      • kgarman

        out of

      • prolifemama

        @kgarman – Since Andrew Cuomo (and his father before him) openly support abortion, he’s already walked out of the Church’s doors. And any bishop who would give a publicly pro-abort person puts himself into danger too, of excommunicating himself. Excommunication isn’t something the Church does to us, we do it to ourselves with our arrogance, that we know better than God what is sinful and what isn’t.

        He needs our prayers, for not only is he pro-abortion, he is living in sin with Sandra Lee.

    • shrgngatlas

      It makes me ill to think that most Bishops will not deny the sacraments to this phony weasel who calls himself a Catholic. Why does the Canon Law say what it says about notoriously scandalous behavior if they won’t follow it? Forgiveness is one thing, and a good thing it is, but Cuomo has NEVER asked for any forgiveness so far as I know. And standing up spouting off those slogans directly promoting sinful and immoral acts in public would seem to me to trump any secret requests for absolution. Where am I wrong here?

    • Jamie Garcia

      Yeah how come the Catholic church doesn’t automatically kick these guys out? I understand reconciliation with lay people but these politicians are using their “Catholic” status to lie cheat and steal votes/$. It’s like you guys have two systems in place, the real Catholic church and then the hijacked one in this country…what gives?

  • Kat

    Cuomo is the NY Hitler- NY- vote him OUT


    O’Reilly had a very good piece last night on the ABORTION KING IN NY CUOMO. Yet we don’t see any outcry from Cardinal Dolan regarding the issue. Cuomo gives legal cover to abortion providers and Dolan gives absolution to Cuomo when he comes to church to get communion.

    The Bishop in Albany is Howard Hubbard. He has been MIA as far as I can see on this issue. He lives around 2 blocks away from the Cuomo Palace yet I’ve never seen him condem this so called Catholic or see him lead direct protest against this man. Where are the leaders of our Catholic Church. The Cardinal has no problem with taking away our rights as far as gun control is concerned but to excommunicate a man like Cuomo, well ” we have to be forgiving etc etc ” aka We have to be politically correct and not rock the boat we all hang out in, aka clubs. ( Al Smith Dinner Roast ) should be called the Al Smith ” Sinner’s Roast”.

    • shrgngatlas

      Do I ever agree with you on this, Kctwoykn.

    • disqus_6pK0NkjKjx

      I really have my concerns with Cardinal Dolan!

  • Well, of course NYC leads in abortions – this was where Margaret Sanger’s vision of racial genetic purity was founded.
    Ebonics has been traded for eugenics – and the “gimme’s” line up for the slaughter.

    • Detroiter327

      Could you clarify what a “gimme” is?

      • A “gimme” is a Taker. The South American pregnant woman who walks across the Border as she’s going into labor so he child will be a citizen and can get on SSI and Medicare. A teenage mother who figures she can “make more” by popping out a few more kids and getting all of them on SNAP, than graduating high school and trying for a career.

        The drug dealer or pimp who goes to the Welfare office in a Mercedes wearing his knock-off Rolex and spats to pick up his welfare check…….

        • Detroiter327

          Lets go with this odd, insulting, racist “gimmie” idea for a second. Did you know that most welfare recipients are actually white people living in suburban and rural areas? You must have a fascinating imagination in order to overlook this and make up an army of urban pimps, money hungry teenagers and South Americans coming for your tax dollars. I’d also like to address how surprised I was you singled out “South Americans”! I thought most racist xenophobes hated Central Americans (specifically Mexicans) too? Maybe you are just too ignorant to know the difference?

  • Stop sending in $$ and tell all your freedom gun loving friends in the pews to stop sending money for the annual Cardinal Appeal. Instead send him a letter with your feelings about his inaction on Cuomo’s abortion proposals and his wanting to disarm the flock to the wolf’s of the state. The HOMELAND aka FATHERLAND

    • kgarman

      Although I am not sure why you felt the need to refer my Catholic friends as “freedom gun loving friends” (not sure what the two have to do with eachother?) but I truly do like your idea about writing a letter instead of money…I’m doing it!

  • Jennifer

    Dear Mr Cuomo,
    I am respectfully writing
    to you to ask you to reassess your views on abortion rights. I’m not the
    best communicator or writer but I find I have a moral obligation to my
    soul to express my opinion on your new proposals. You stand in front of
    the audience and repeat 3 times, “Because it’s her body and it’s her
    choice.” We already know this, as abortion is protected as a right as a federal law. Those words to me are propaganda and an insult to my intelligence as a woman.

    Let’s review some facts from your state: 1. NY has 39 abortions
    per 1000 women. 2. This is twice the national rate. 3. 2 in 5
    pregnancies end in abortion in NYC, black women in 60%. 4. New York has
    13% of all US abortions. 5. New York has 250 abortion clinics.

    By all accounts these are very large numbers and large does not always
    mean good. You don’t like large sodas. You don’t like large portions.
    Then you shouldn’t like these numbers. I don’t want to deny women a
    right they have under the law. My personal opinion about abortion does
    not matter here. But, there are some important topics you are missing.
    Life is precious and we need to teach goodness and virtues to our
    children. We can’t teach them sex ed., hand them some free condoms and
    morning after pills and call it a day. This in itself is not a solution
    to raising strong, healthy, smart, thinking people.
    I ask you,
    have you ever truly looked into the medical and psychological details
    of abortion before you made your political stand?? I am no expert but I
    have tried to educate myself in this. I am a Physical Therapist and I
    have worked with handicapped infants to teens my entire career. I have
    also worked with families who have lost a mother in child birth only to
    have saved the baby who would soon die due to anoxia. I know there are
    exceptions to some rules even though there are difficult choices to be
    But, these choices must remain difficult ones. We do not
    grow as humans or a society without tough work. So, I ask you to go on
    line and pull up the pictures and videos of abortions at all stages of
    development to just see what it is all about. I know, it’s not pleasant.
    I also used to hide behind the curtain and say,” it’s a women’ s right,
    it’s her body.” I hated watching women on TV flash abortion photos at
    an abortion clinic. But, there is also a living creature in that womb
    and we can’t ignore it like it’s not there or have some people call it a
    blob of tissue at 10 weeks, when in reality it is a formed human
    looking thing. If you choose to research all things you will find
    scientific evidence that pain may begin to be felt at 9-10 weeks
    gestation. I watched a 10 week abortion as the little fetus wiggled
    around to avoid the suction tube. All research agrees that by 20 weeks
    the baby feels pain. And babies can live outside the womb at 20-21
    weeks..I know I worked with a strong little preemie born at 20 1/2 weeks
    and she is perfect mentally and physically to this day..actually a
    great swimmer!
    When you have done your research thoroughly
    regarding this and all the statistics of medical and psychological
    issues following abortions I will tell you, OK, keep your laws but don’t
    add more. Why should you force any religious based institution to go
    along with abortions. I can’t force a hug on a hasidic Jewish rabbi
    after he’s counseled my dying mother because that would be offensive to
    his religion, even if he is a public servant.
    So keep your laws
    if your people support it, but add some education for the students so
    they can learn the embryonic development and the ethics involved with
    life. Teach them the tough choices, show them the ugly side of things.
    Teach them about death too, maybe they will respect their elders more.
    Life is not always going to be easy for everyone and that’s the way it’s
    supposed to be. Nothing worth having should not be worth having without
    a little struggle. Those kids may surprise you…on their own they may
    choose less abortions. They may value their own life and the lives of
    others a little more. They may wait all on their own to have sex later
    or chose to find the right partner instead of the many partners.

    More free and easy abortions is not a good end goal. More caring, selfless, loving, moral people is a virtuous attainable goal.
    Thank you for reading, Jennifer

    • Janet

      Jennifer, the only thing I disagree with is that you are “not the best communicator or writer”. Great letter! We all need to write a similar letter to the pro-abortion politicians!

      • Jennifer

        Thank you Janet..I just read this today. I really never spoke out before and was afraid of hate mail but you inspire me to keep writing what I believe in. Thank you<3

    • AnnP

      Jennifer, What a great and thoughtful discourse. It moved me to write an email to Governor Cuomo complaining about the law, even though I live on the other side of the world.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you AnnP…you are so inspiring to me to write something from another part of the world where this does not affect you. I have to admit as I did above..I never checked the responses as I was afraid of hate speech but your comment made my day-thank you. I have since learned to have a thicker skin and speak for what I believe in. Thanks again!!!!!-Jennifer<3

    • shrgngatlas

      Great letter, Jennifer. Love you.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you, shrgngatlas……I am sorry I didn’t thank you before for your support..I was afraid to look as I thought I would get more hate I did when I posted my letter to a few Face Book pro-choice sites. I truly appreciate your support..If you see this- Thank you <3-Jennifer

  • DearMom

    Too bad you weren’t aborted Andy.
    For the sake of all the innocents you want to kill.
    You liberals are no different than the tyrannical killers from history.
    ~~~> Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Etc <~~~

  • Kathy

    What does Mr Cuomo have against women? This shows what the liberal thinking people really think about women. I call for prayer and fasting for the changing of heart for Mr Cuomo.

  • Bill

    This Librails are as evil as the devil there not one that haves any morals they despise God and the Bible they hate any thing that is good this poor excuse for a human will not have a smile on his face when he’s burning in hell.why people vote for ungodly Librails I never know abortion is a cold blooded act of murder.

  • Kathy

    Found this challenging statement from a commencement address in 1940 at University of Notre Dame by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen. ..”The Church will not be rescued from the present crises by the bishops, priests, and religious, but by the laity.” We, the laity, need to love God more than we love a political party. Vote Cuomo out better yet recall him.

  • Rick

    First off we could learn waht God wants by going to the “book of life” the Bible- Jesus says if we love him we will follow his commandments (John 14:21) So I guess Andrew Coumo doesn’t love him to much. Andrew is not just a sinner – we are all sinners. Andrew is an unrepentent sinner . Jesus says in Matthew
    Matthew 7:21 Not every one that says unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    This is just a little of what the Bible has to say on the subject. Andrew Coumo is about as much of a Christian as Chuck Schumer is.

  • Paula Bee

    Hang on a second, what precisely is the difference between allowing abortions to be conducted by any medical practitioner and the back street abortions that legalising abortion was meant to avoid? Sounds like “six of one and half a dozen of the other”. If the argument was meant to be about women’s safety, given that back street abortions will happen anyway, why is not the safety of women the paramount consideration? Makes no sense.