Australian mom expecting quintuplets refuses abortion

Kim Tucci and her husband were the proud parents to two little girls when they decided to have another baby, hoping to add a boy to their family. What they never expected was to become pregnant with five babies – the boy they were hoping for, plus four baby girls.

As promised here is a short clip of one of our most recent ultrasounds. I will post another in a few days time. Next ultrasound is scheduled for early next week.

Posted by Surprised by Five on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tucci was thrilled to discover she was pregnant after being diagnosed with endometriosis. However, she shared on Facebook that when she first learned she was pregnant with five babies all she could do was laugh.  She wrote:

[The doctor] started to count ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE!!! Did I hear that correctly?? FIVE?? My legs started to shake uncontrollably and all I can do is laugh.. […] I could see the excitement in [my husband’s] face he told me ‘We can do this’

Screenshot 2016-02-03 06.39.02

Screenshot from ultrasound video on Facebook.

But then Tucci reveals on September 26 that she was “scared of the unknown” and that the doctors advised the couple to abort some of their babies. She explains:

After my initial ultrasound I was told I could consider the selection method to give 2 babies the best chance in life… I watched a YouTube video on the procedure and I cried, I could never do that! Was I selfish for not giving two the chance of 100% survival?? All I knew is that I already love them and that every heart beat I heard I connect with them more.

For me life starts when a heart starts beating and all I know for sure is that I will do whatever it takes to bring them into this world healthy.

Tucci is now 29 weeks along and is feeling “very uncomfortable and sore.” But she is grateful for the outpouring of support she and her family have received, and that her babies are all healthy.

“My husband always reminds me I should wear my stripes with pride and that I should be proud of them and what my body has achieved,” she wrote on Facebook. “Without him I would have broken down along time ago. […] Is it all worth it? Yes!!!! I will keep pushing through.”

Another little video from the ultrasound I shared with you the other day. It’s amazing how you can see one of the babies umbilical cords!

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