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Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom, and is married to the amazing David Brown. Together, they have the cutest two kiddos in the world! Kristi loves her Savior, Jesus Christ, speaking out for the truth, reading historical fiction, scrapbooking, politics, and cooking.

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McDonald’s Super Bowl ad will feature girl with Down syndrome

In the midst of the trashy ads that tend to fill TV screens on Super Bowl Sunday, a few beautiful ones also make their appearance.

One of the most beautiful ads this year comes from McDonald’s. The burger corporation included Grace Ramsburg, an eight-year-old with Down syndrome, in its one-minute spot: “Pay With Lovin’.”

Grace’s mom is thrilled that her daughter’s face will be seen by millions throughout the nation tomorrow. And indeed, the more often people are able to truly see the personality and spirit of people with Down syndrome, the more they realize their intrinsic beauty.

“There’s still misunderstanding and there’s still judgement,” Holly Ramsburg said of having a daughter with Down syndrome. “I feel like everyday when we go out and we’re able to get her face out there and get her personality out there it is wonderful.”

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Another Planned Parenthood closes – this time in Colorado

Joining six other Planned Parenthood clinics that have closed or been blocked from opening in the first month of 2015, the Pueblo, Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic will close before the end of February.

KRDO, a local news channel, reports that the shopping center where Planned Parenthood is located came under new ownership recently. The new owner would not agree to a lease with Planned Parenthood, and the abortion giant could not locate another place in Pueblo to rent.

The Pueblo clinic is under the direction of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM), a particularly corrupt branch of Planned Parenthood. Recently, this branch has been complicit in committing a forced, botched abortion; sending a minor girl back to her rapist; suggesting illegal activity to a minor; misusing taxpayer dollars for sex ed; and more.

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Meet three premature babies who defied the odds

Before you meet these three beautiful babies, there are three notable things they have in common:

1) They could have been aborted.

Every one of these babies could have been aborted, somewhere in America. There are clinics that specialize in aborting babies just like these ones. Thankfully, each of these babies had parents who saw their value and fought for their lives, instead of willfully destroying them.

2) They would have felt terrible pain.

While science shows that unborn babies may feel pain as early as their fifth week, it almost undeniably proves that these babies — all over the age of 20 weeks — can feel pain, excruciatingly so.

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Pampers releases new ad celebrating babies – born and preborn

This month, Pampers released a new ad: “A Newborn Journey of Firsts.” Pampers has been known in the past for its beautiful, visually stirring ads that broadcast a pro-life message. A previous ad called babies miracles who “deserve protection” and referred to a baby on an ultrasound screen as a “he” instead of an “it.”

This time, Pampers’s ad — which has already received over 860,000 views on YouTube — opens as a mother lovingly caresses her pregnant belly. The scene switches to an incredible ultrasound where a baby is moving in the womb and, as Pampers puts it, is giving her “first hello.”

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Do pro-lifers believe in “shaming women”?

One of the most common accusations thrown against pro-lifers is that we want to “shame women” into agreeing with us. Here are three reasons why that’s simply not true:

1) It’s not “us” we want people to agree with.

We don’t think we’re that great or that important. Really, we don’t. The pro-life issue isn’t about “us” at all. It’s about innocent, helpless human beings who are literally being executed every day.

Strong words, I know, but it’s the reality of what actually happens in abortion that we want people to face. Human babies are ripped apart, limb from limb; women are physically and emotionally damaged — sometimes destroyed; families are broken apart; society becomes callused to violence and death because it occurs literally everywhere we look.

So what is abortion? Go here to read more about it, here to see the reality with your own eyes, and here to read about 10 reasons not to choose abortion.

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Woman tells of horrific abortion: “There’s no way possible that what they’re doing is humane”

North Carolina has assigned investigators to the Hallmark Women’s Center in Fayetteville, the place where abortionist Malana Moshesh works. Moshesh has been reported for a horrific abortion she performed in the fall of 2014.

Every abortion is a horrific experience for the unborn child involved, but some are particularly physically horrific for the mothers as well. Cheryl Sullenger took a phone call from the woman whom Moshesh performed the reported abortion on:

[I]t [the abortion] was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in my life. … I would not send an animal to die there. And what they’re doing – it’s just not humane. There’s no way possible that what they’re doing is humane.

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After undercover investigation, U.K. set to ban gender-based abortions

It seems there may finally be an end to the U.K.’s gendercide saga.

A 2012 Daily Telegraph undercover investigation revealed that baby girls were being targeted for abortion, simply for being girls. The investigation found evidence of two U.K. doctors who were committing gendercide, at the request of the babies’ parents. And yet, despite the clear facts — and a law that appeared to outlaw gender-based abortions — the government refused to prosecute the doctors.

The reason?

It was not “in the public interest” to prosecute.

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Scheduled by her boyfriend to abort at Planned Parenthood, this young woman chose life

Molly* – a beautiful girl with a sweet smile and an easy laugh – grew up in a Christian home. Taught to save sex for marriage, she changed her mind after she’d been dating Darren*. He said he loved her, and in her words, she “gave in.”

Molly shares about the day she knew she was pregnant:

One day I just knew I was pregnant and I told Darren I needed a test. We went to Target, and I went into the bathroom there and saw the positive test sign. Thoughts started swarming in my head and my heart. What would I do? What would people think? I didn’t even have to tell Darren; he knew. We walked out to the car and I lost it – bawling and crying and screaming.

That night we went home after much talking with a friend. Darren ordered us parenting books that night, and it seemed things would be ok. But thoughts of doubt filled us both. Darren suggested an abortion. Never in my life would I think of that. As a child who was adopted and given a second chance I couldn’t do it.

But despite her resolve, Molly started to think about abortion. Darren kept talking about it, suggesting that it could be the answer to their unplanned pregnancy. Molly felt as though her mind was being overrun with thoughts and feelings that she never, not in a million years, wanted to consider.

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CNN prints “I’m a feminist and I’m against abortion”

Yesterday, on the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, CNN printed an op-ed by attorney Erika Bachiochi. She unwaveringly declared the truth that women can be pro-woman and pro-child (thus, pro-life) at the same time.

Ms. Bachiochi argues that abortion lays the sole responsibility for the life – or death – of a child at the feet of women. And, instead of making women equal, it only serves to demonstrate that they are treated anything but equal in abortion.

Abortion expects nothing more of men, nothing more of medicine, and nothing more of society at large. Abortion betrays women by having us believe that we must become like men — that is, not pregnant — to achieve parity with them, professionally, socially, educationally. And if we are poor, overwhelmed or abandoned by the child’s father, or if medical expenses would be too great for us or for our child, social “responsibility” requires us to rid ourselves of our own offspring.

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(Photo credit: John Stephen Dwyer)

Why we marched for life today

Today, on the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, thousands of Americans gathered in our nation’s capital to peacefully protest abortion. Others gathered today, or in recent days, in their state capitals or a close-by city to physically demonstrate their stand for life.

March for Life president Jeanne Monahan-Mancini was struck by today’s march in Washington, D.C.:

The crowds are massive…I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life.

Why did we march today?

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Disturbing: Obama speaks of “future generations” in State of the Union while supporting their genocide

On Tuesday night, in his State of the Union address, President Obama said (emphasis mine):

I want future generations to know that we are a people who see our differences as a great gift, that we are a people who value the dignity and worth of every citizen – man and woman, young and old, black and white, Latino and Asian, immigrant and Native American, gay and straight, Americans with mental illness or physical disability. [Emphasis mine.]

Speaking of children and life, he also said:

I want our actions to tell every child, in every neighborhood: your life matters, and we are as committed to improving your life chances as we are for our own kids. [Emphasis mine.]

As Steven Crowder explained, the president’s message of “your life matters” clearly applies only to children who are already born. Not to “every child.”

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Is “personally pro-life” good enough?

A couple years ago, I wrote about why “there is no such thing as ‘personally pro-life.‘” But even beyond the question of whether it’s possible to be “personally pro-life,” there’s the question of whether it’s good enough.

Even if we could be “personally pro-life,” would it matter?

Well, since abortion seems to be a harder topic to wrap ourselves around these days, let’s bring up a few easy ones.

  • Is it good enough to be “personally pro-consent” when it comes to rape?
  • Is it good enough to be “personally pro-designated driver” when it comes to drunk driving?
  • Is it good enough to be “personally pro-paying for what I buy” when it comes to theft?

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