Tiona Rodriguez

Autopsy: Baby found in Victoria’s Secret bag was born alive

Tiona Rodriguez
Tiona Rodriguez

In what appears to be growing into a disturbing trend, a dead baby was found by authorities inside the purse of  Tiona Rodriguez who was suspected of shoplifting at a Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan. The incident follows a string of recent stories that are disturbingly similar.

In Pennsylvania, a strangled newborn was discovered inside of a toilet tank at a sports bar, where his mother had left him after his death only to nonchalantly return to her friends watching TV in the bar. Another infant, who survived abandonment, was found earlier this month in a backyard in Queens, New York with his umbilical cord still attached. Another abandoned baby who miraculously survived earlier this year was found wrapped in a grocery bag in a dumpster in Houston. A science teacher in Florida returned from summer vacation to find an unidentified dead fetus had been left over the summer in a jar in his classroom. The list goes on.

CBS reported that, in the case of the mall incident, after two 17-year-olds were detained for shoplifting and had their bags searched, a premature dead fetus was found inside of one of the girls’ bags. She said that she had given birth the day prior and “did not know what to do with the fetus.” According to the report:

Neighbors and friends said they had no idea Rodriguez, who has a 2-year-old son, was pregnant. In recent photos posted online, Rodriguez’s pregnancy was not obvious. Late Wednesday night, she posted on her Facebook page complaining of cramps.

Medical examiners have now determined that the baby, which was full-term at birth, had been born alive. The baby’s mother could face homicide charges if the continuing investigation confirms suspicions that the baby was asphyxiated after he was born.

  • obxoceanlover

    Dear God in Heaven help us to respect & value the wonderful gift of life from conception to natural death!!! Amen!

  • Guy

    Execute her for MURDER!

    • Basset_Hound

      Lock them up for a long….long time.

    • craziiness

      Find something else to do with your time please. These are actual people–hurting people– you are talking about.

      • Guy

        If you believe it is okay for this little mutant to kill a baby and not have to pay the ultimate consequence for it, you are as evil as she is!

        • Beverly Harlton

          And what if she repents and opens up a how for unwed mothers so no more girls will feel like they have to turn to murder in the event of an unplanned pregnancy? If she did murder her child, that is completely reprehensible, and I can’t blame you for advocating the death penalty in this instance. Bear in mind that we aren’t God and we’re not psychic. There’s a chance that her life may turn around for the better, and who are we to rob her of that? Just because she may have robbed her child of a future doesn’t mean we’re any better if we turn around and do the same to her.

          • Guy

            Beverly, we are not God, you’re right…. However, that doesn’t mean we do not, or should not, punish evil behavior. As the saying goes…. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” – including the ultimate consequence of the death penalty.

            For her sake, I hope/pray she repents, because eternity is a long time to pay for ones evil behavior. Although, just because she “repents,” that does not give her a free pass, she still must suffer the consequences for her actions.

          • Kathleen

            Guy, either you are pro-life or you’re not. We cannot pick and choose which lives are precious in God’s eyes.

          • Guy

            Not true, Kathleen, it is perfectly moral to kill somebody in the defense of an innocent human life – the police do it all the time, soldiers do it all the time, and parents have done it in the protection of their kids from imminent danger.

            Killing is not always immoral, MURDER is always immoral….. There’s a huge difference. Murder is the taking of an innocent life. Moral killing is done in the protection of your own life or the protection of another innocent life.

            Pope John Paul II said that the death penalty is NOT always uncalled for, that there are certain times and places where it is warranted – for the protection of innocent lives.

          • Kathleen

            Death penalty is not self-defense. It is not in defense of another. It is vengeance.
            Romans 12:19

          • Guy

            Not true…. There are many people that are in prison for “life,” that still “call the shots” and hold the power for life & death over others. The ONLY way to stop them from exercising this power is to execute them.

            Also, there is always the chance for an escape, the most dangerous of people need to be executed because just them being alive puts others’ lives in danger.

            These are all examples of self defense.

          • MarcusFenix

            Or..Genesis 9:6. Just saying.

  • Trenaway ElDaryl

    Planned Parenthood, the democrat party, and the news media; all are teaching that a babies life is not life at all. These impressionable people are believing this propaganda and killing their own children. Not saying that she is not responsible for her own action; she is, but these entities are influencing people to evil!

  • Adonza Harrison

    Yet… chopping babies up before they’re born is quite ok by the law. So… if we’re now reaping what we’re sowing… Father God have mercy for they don’t understand that if they have sex outside a loving marriage before you… the consequences could be an unwanted pregnancy. RIP lil angel.

    • faith3003

      Adonza Harrison– Amen!!!

  • vanessa montes

    they’re nothing but fourth trimester abortions. :-(

    • Bridget Longtin

      There’s no such thing as a fourth TRImester. It’s infanticide.

      • PrincessJasmine4

        don’t tell the media that… they haven’t realized that yet.

    • Damien Johnson


  • Basset_Hound

    Like wow. Who are you to judge these women? Have you walked a mile in their shoes? Do you have any clue as to what it was like to live in their circumstances? Maybe they had hopes and dreams and felt that the children would totally ruin their lives! Who are you to shame them just because they didn’t make a choice YOU would approve of! I hope they come forward and speak out about their experiences of smothering their newborns so that the stigma will be reduced! After all they weren’t actually killing real babies, just potential lives. Seriously now, you baby-loving anti-choice fanatics need to get your noses out of your Bibles and help REAL people. Quit slobbering and bawling over globs of cells who aren’t sentient enough to perform simple math problems. They’re not human because I say so and I’m an EXPERT. Trust me, if these babies would have lived, they would have been rejected, and their lives would like totally SUCK. Google up the studies.

    /* troll mode off */

    Did I cover all the cliches or did I leave any out.

    • JDC

      Well, you could have worked the word “slut” in their somewhere, but otherwise you did very well.

      • Basset_Hound

        You’re right JDC. I missed the “you’re just trying to slut-shame these women because you can’t conceive of sex as being for anything else than making babies”. I’ll remember that next time.

    • craziiness

      Really? How is that not “killing real babies, just potential lives”? No matter how liberal you are on the issue of abortion, you have to admit that if a baby is born alive, then strangled, it was killed. Perhaps you should read or reread the article.

      • JDC

        Uh, she was making fun of the type of trolls this blog receives. You might want to reread the comment, it may become more obvious to you the second time.

    • PrincessJasmine4

      You are so awesome

    • nonce37

      You jest, but as you know this may not stay satire for long.

      • PrincessJasmine4

        Staring with Europe of course

        • Basset_Hound

          PS – as for elasticguy (or whatever)…here’s a suggestion. Do not engage him. Just flag his comments as offensive and move on.

          • Val

            Dog face, why not try doing something useful. Trolling around here may dumb you down, apparently.
            From the frequency of your posts, I suspect you are lonely.

        • nonce37

          This is why I feel a flicker of sympathy for people like Rodriguez and our old mucker Gosnell. Because they couldn’t play the game and observe the proper social niceties they find themselves friendless and facing jail for first-degree murder for what others do with legal impunity and public celebration. (That said, I’m far for certain that Rodriguez won’t end up walking free: watch this space.)

          And of course they aren’t *just* social niceties: the rise of in-utero forms of late-term abortion at the expense of “live-birth” abortions has to represent a significant additional risk to the health of the mothers undergoing these. So basically Rodriguez is going to be punished for not endangering her life by participating in a meaningless legal/public-opinion dodge (and of course paying a hefty vig to an abortion professional to do so). The, er, relatively muted outrage about this from feminist and pro-abortion voices is notable.

    • Evie

      No you’re just ignorant. Abortion is legal, go to a facility and have one, don’t carry around your dead baby. It’s a terrible thing to do….so maybe you should check your morals.

      • Basset_Hound

        So it’s a “terrible thing” to kill a a newborn and stuff her in a bag, but perfectly OK to kill a baby in the womb? And you tell me to check my morals?

        PS – Even though I wrote this as satire, there are people making the exact same arguments on another story on this site to justify abortion.

      • Lauren Enriquez

        Women who take abortion drugs carry around dead babies before they’re expelled from their bodies. Medical waste companies carry around lots of dead babies when they pick up the “garbage” at abortion facilities. If “carrying around dead babies” is what makes killing a baby wrong, abortion won’t fly, either.

    • faith3003

      Bassett Hound- If a baby would totally ruin their lives then maybe they should think before hopping in bed with someone. Maybe a idea would be to be a responsible person and use protection to not get pregnant and if you choose to be a irresponsible person then you suffer the consquences of having a baby. There is always adoption!!! Having a family member of my own who is unable to have children trust me she and my brother would love to give a baby a very loving christian home regardless of the baby being totally healthy or even a child who may have a disability. Children are blessings from God!!! There is a heart beat from Day 1. hmmm if there is a heart beat how could it not be a baby?

      • PrincessJasmine4

        Faith, Basset was being facetious
        She was listing all the excuses pro aborts feel the need to come up with to justify the killing of their unborn child.
        Yes, life begins at conception, but the heart starts beating at around week 8.

  • craziiness

    Really, it is sad–so sad–that anyone would feel whatever they felt when killing their own children. I know the whole abortion issue seems so huge, like we can never stop it, but we all can do something.

    These girls who are so overwhelmed, angry, hurt, betrayed, confused, or whatever else they are feeling–these are girls you and i probably know. Of course, they won’t probably come out and say, “Hey I’m pregnant and I’m so depressed I want to kill my kid.” No, instead they may appear to not care or may seem to have their life together, but inside they are facing this battle of what to do.

    Let us all try to be the person who will listen when she needs to talk, or give her a second chance when she’s made an awful choice. Let’s try to be the one she’ll feel safe talking to when she’s faced with a decision like this.

  • PrincessJasmine4
    • Basset_Hound

      One of these days (real soon) she’ll simply be able to take the child to a clinic in Amsterdam and have THEM “do the honors”. Then Jezebel and RH Reality Check will laud her for being a “hero”, “making a brave decision” and “exercising her choice”.

      • PrincessJasmine4
        • Basset_Hound

          Oh my God. And we all know that the criteria for “severe medical problems….” will get broader and broader. What could be included? A high fever and ear infection? Failure to walk before the first birthday? Dad taking off, and new squeeze not wanting to raise another man’s kids?

          Then there’s all the old farts (like me) who are faced with “living in a society we cannot comprehend or attempt to assimilate to…”.

          I’ve said for years that if we become so totally nonchalant about killing the unborn, so that the “stigma is removed”, we won’t have freedom and choice, but anarchy.

          • JDC

            “And we all know that the criteria for “severe medical problems….” will get broader and broader.”

            The guy in the debate even says that infanticide could be justified in broader circumstances. It’s like he’s not even trying to sound sane.

          • Basset_Hound

            Scary and upsetting.

    • johno

      Don’t forget Belgium.

    • Damien Johnson

      WTH?! That’s horrible!

  • slx lohocla

    I can barely get through reading about these things.

  • Mamabear

    Sadly, this was described as a growing trend. What has our society become?

  • Babs

    Amazing that this mother will face homicide charges for the death or her unborn child – however; if she had gone to her local abortion clinic aka planned parenthood at the taxpayers expense, they would have killed this little one and
    she would not be facing the charges and neither would the abortionist!

  • lhsliveaction

    Basset_Hound, Martin Luther King must of had his nose in the bible to include our children in his speech. Our children include the unborn even an animal has more sense then you. Where else is the unborn to grow and develop? Most abortions are done within the first trimester or further into the pregnancy. Have you not educated yourself on the development of the unborn? I guess living cells, genetics, blood, tissue, is all dead. We must all be zombies from conception until birth. Wake up lady! Good thing your mom didn’t abort your potential life.

  • Valerie

    My goodness, how do you give birth in a restroom? There’s the 3rd stage placenta delivery and a fair bit of blood. She just had enormous pads that she brought with her?
    Even a miscarriage involves huge blood clots and the need to lie down.
    Maybe Pearl S. Buck was on to something.

  • mother of God, that is revolting! i cannot figure out how somebody could treat a baby like trash. i dont get it.

  • ssoldie

    The Party of Death, DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  • eztalk

    Satan is walking among us like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.