Workers share how babies who survive abortions are killed or left to die

When a Planned Parenthood representative testified against a Florida bill that deals with babies born alive during botched abortions, pro-choice activists claimed that this scenario never happens. However, live births due to botched abortions have been occurring ever since abortion was made legal. A number of clinic workers, doctors, and former abortionists have broken the silence and talked about these children who were denied medical care after being born alive.

Clinic Workers Describe Babies Born Alive

Pro-choice author Linda Bird Francke interviewed women who had had abortions and clinic workers for her book The Ambivalence of Abortion. She quotes one nurse recounting the following story:

We had one saline [type of abortion] born alive. I raced to the nursery with it and put it in an incubator. I called the pediatrician to come right down, and he refused. He said, “That’s not a baby. That’s an abortion. (1)

Women are empowered by the truth that they can give life to a small, innocent child.

Francke does not reveal the ultimate fate of the child, but it is unlikely that he or she could’ve survived without medical care due to the injuries that would have been inflicted by the saline solution. A saline abortion is performed by injecting a caustic saline solution into a woman’s uterus, where it poisons the amniotic fluid that the baby breathes and kills the child over the course of several hours. The woman then goes through labor to give birth to a dead baby. This method of abortion was abandoned in the 1990s because it caused so many live births and because it was dangerous to women. It was replaced by dilation and evacuation, a brutal procedure where the baby is torn apart with forceps and extracted piece by piece.

A somewhat similar procedure that is still performed today consists of injecting the poison digoxin into the heart of the baby, or, in some cases, into the amniotic fluid. This kills the baby. Digoxin abortions are usually done in the late second and third trimesters. This technique sometimes produces live births, as well.


Another clinic worker, identified as Teresa Etienne, was quoted by pro-choice author Magda Denes:

The only time I thought about abortion in terms of religion was when I saw fetuses and one was born alive. I saw one of them, in fact, I even felt the heart beat. I touched it. It looked like a baby, but it was very tiny. It was real cute. Very quiet. In fact, it was starting to die. The heart beat was getting very low. It was going to Bellevue Hospital and the guy was saying “Oh, I don’t see why we have to take it over there, because it’s going to die anyway. Why go through all the trouble?” (2)

One case where a baby was born in an abortion clinic and then killed by direct action of the abortionist came to light when clinic workers revealed what happened. According to Lime 5, a book by pro-life author Mark Crutcher:

According to five abortion clinic employees, Texas abortionist John Roe 109 [pseudonym] was performing an abortion when a 1 foot long infant girl with light brown hair was born. They testified that the baby curled up in Roe’s hand and attempted to breathe as Roe held the placenta over her face. He then dropped her into a bucket of water, and several employees testified that bubbles rose to the surface. They went on to say that Roe then “dropped the fetus into a plastic bag….The bag was tied and placed at the end of the operating room… [The] sides of the bag pulsated as though someone were breathing into it. Then the bag stopped moving.” One witness said he was holding the bag in which Roe placed the infant, and later put the bag in the freezer where aborted fetuses were stored. (3)

Abortionists Describe Their Experiences

In the article “Pro-Choice 1990: Skeletons in the Closet,” former abortionist Dr. David Brewer described participating in his first late-term abortion. The abortion was done by hysterotomy, a type of abortion where the baby is cut from the womb in a procedure similar to a Cesarean section.

I remember seeing the baby move underneath the sack of membranes, as the cesarean incision was made, before the doctor broke the water. The thought came to me, “My God, that’s a person” Then he broke the water. And when he broke the water, it was like I had a pain in my heart, just like when I saw that first suction abortion.  And then he delivered the baby, and I couldn’t touch it… I wasn’t much of an assistant. I just stood there, and the reality of what was doing on finally began to seep into my calloused brain and heart. They took that little baby that was making little sounds and moving and kicking, and set it on that table in a cold, stainless steel bowl. Every time I would look over while we were repairing the incision in the uterus and finishing the Caesarean, I would see that little person moving in that bowl. And it kicked and moved less and less, of course, as time went on. I can remember going over and looking at the baby when we were done with the surgery and the baby was still alive. You could see the chest was moving and the heart was beating, and the baby would try to take a little breath, and it really hurt inside, and it began to educate me as to what abortion really was. (4)

Brewer would later go on to perform many abortions before eventually quitting and becoming a pro-life speaker. Read his story here.

Later in his career, David Brewer witnessed another baby born alive after a saline abortion:

But one night, a lady delivered and I was called to come and see her because she was uncontrollable. I went in the room and she was going to pieces. She was having a nervous breakdown, screaming and thrashing. The nurses were upset because they couldn’t get any work done and all the other patients were upset because this lady was screaming and I walked in, and here was her little saline abortion baby. It had been born and it was kicking and moving for a little while before it finally died of those terrible burns. Because the salt solution gets into the lungs and burns the lungs too.

Former abortionist Dr. Paul Jarrett told the following story:

Since hypertonic saline was so toxic if it was injected into the uterine wall instead of the amniotic sac; there was a constant search for the ideal drug. Prostaglandin has now become the drug of choice, but one of the early experiments was with hypertonic urea. The major disadvantage in using it, was the problem of live births. I remember using it on a patient that the psychiatric residents brought to us from their clinic from an institutionalized patient who really was crazy. I’ll never forget delivering her nearly two pound baby, and hearing her screams, “My baby’s alive, my baby’s alive.” It lived several days.

Read Dr. Jarrett’s entire testimony here.

Other Doctors Witness Horrors

A doctor who cares for premature babies described experiences he had while still a resident. He assisted a doctor in performing hysterectomy/TAB – a procedure where a pregnant uterus is removed as a type of sterilization and abortion in one.

I already had assisted on two other hysterectomies, one for endometrial cancer and the other for a benign tumor. I had been taught during the first two cases to “always open the uterus and examine the contents” before sending the specimen to pathology. So, after the professor remove the uterus, I asked him if he wanted me to open it, eager to show him that I already knew standard procedure. He replied,

“No, because the fetus might be alive and then we would be faced with an ethical dilemma.” (5)

A short time later, the doctor witnessed a baby born alive after abortion with his own eyes:

A couple of weeks later, now on the obstetrical service, I retrieved a bag of IV fluid that the resident physician had requested. The IV fluids were to administer prostaglandin, a drug that induces the uterus to contract and expel. The patient made little eye contact with us. A few hours later, I saw the aborted fetus moving its legs and gasping in a bedpan, which was then covered with a drape. (5)

He then describes a partial-birth abortion unsuccessfully performed on a baby with hydrocephalus. First he talks about finding out how the abortion would be performed:

The resident described how he was going to deliver the body of the baby and then, while the head was entrapped, insert a trochar (a long metal instrument with a sharp point) through the base of the skull. During the final portion of this procedure, he indicated that he would move a suction catheter back and forth across the brainstem to ensure that the baby would be born dead. Several of the pediatric residents kept saying, “you’re kidding” and, “you’re making this up” in disbelief… (5)

The doctor later sees the aftermath of the partial birth abortion:

Later, that afternoon, the obstetrical resident performed the procedure, but unfortunately the infant was born with a heart beating and some weak gasping respirations, so the baby was brought to NICU: He was a slightly premature infant, who weighed about 4 pounds or 5 pounds. His head was collapsed on itself. The bed was a mess from blood and drainage. I did my exam (no other anomalies were noted)…. then pronounced the baby dead about an hour later. (5)

Dr. Ron Paul, former Republican candidate, told the following story in a campaign commercial:

I happened to have walked into an operating room where they were doing an abortion on a late pregnancy. They lifted out a small baby that was able to cry and breathe and they put it in a bucket and put it in the corner of the room and pretended it wasn’t there. I walked down the hallway and a baby was born early — slightly bigger than the baby they put in the bucket and they wanted to save this baby. So they might have had 10 doctors in there doing everything conceivable [to save that baby’s life].

Who are we to decide that we pick and throw one away and pick up and struggle to save the other ones[?] … Unless we resolve this and understand that life is precious and we must protect life, we can’t protect liberty.

These incidents are only the tip of the iceberg. It is unknown how many babies have been born alive over the years and quietly killed or left to die without anyone revealing what happened to them.

1. Linda Bird Francke The Ambivalence of Abortion (New York: Laurel, 1982) p 53
2. Magda Denes, PhD In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital (New York: Basic Books, 1976) 39
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  • Michell

    I would like to share a recent article I wrote about. This is a personal story and I work for the journal as well. I hope it is helpful. http://greenheritagenews.com/the-aftermath-of-forced-abortion/

  • Michell

    Please check out this article I wrote about my personal experience with abortion. http://greenheritagenews.com/the-aftermath-of-forced-abortion/

  • Sandra Shipman

    How can this be happening in the United States of America? Can those committing these atrocities sleep at night? Those who are the most vulnerable are being treated worse than anything imaginable! Shame on America – undeserving of God’s blessings – the killings must stop!

  • We human beings are disgusting…!

    • T. Nelson

      Not all humans are disgusting. So many people right now just don’t care, and all they do is listen to the media, they don’t think for themselves! We NEED to pray to God to open peoples eyes so they can see what’s really going on!

      • JoAnn Baracosa


  • So very awful and sad,those poor babies how they suffer!they are human beings,Damm all those doctors! .know those babies are alive and that they are murdering innocent babies! Babies that could one day find a cure for any disease’s ,What gives them the right to murder?!SO So Sad makes me hug my girl’s tigher.

  • breaks my heart and breaks my heart there is a team of medical staff just going along with this.

  • lck1978

    These moms need to have the same fate!life prison!

    • Mariah Mullen

      Many mothers are coerced into abortion and believe it was their only choice. We should not condemn them, but help them find healing and work to ensure other women don’t make the same mistake.

  • Hylian Wizard

    How could you think that a tiny little baby should just be left to die? That’s really selfish. I guess if you are heartless enough to kill a baby in the first place, of course you’d see nothing wrong with letting one die EVEN when it has a small chance of living.

  • Ella

    This is horrible, and unfortunately way more complicated then it seems. Its unfair to just declare the mothers evil and be done. Outlawing abortion gets people nowhere as just because its illegal doesn’t mean its going to stop, and then more lives will be at staek. Instead of pointing fingers, lets try and focus on what causes women to go to abortion, and try to cut the problem out at the root (what causes abortion) and not deal with the symptoms (abortion itself.) lets educate people on birth control, and adoption. Lets make it so that pregnant women’s jobs, educations, and so forth aren’t sacrificed.

    Let’s also remember that the mother is also a human being. We can’t forget her rights and turn her into an incubator for the baby. Just like you can’t be forced to give a kidney to someone who needs it.

    • TellstheTruth

      According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s “research” wing, more than half of the women getting an abortion were using birth control the month they became pregnant. Please tell us more about how more birth control leads to fewer abortions. Also, all sort of things that are illegal keep happening even though it’s illegal–things like theft, assault, murder, etc., etc. You name it. If there’s a law against it, people are still doing it. So should we legalize all of those things too and make it easier for people to accomplish?

      • Ella

        Firstly your taking that number out of context. Yes contraception sometimes fails, but the women who it failed on, and sadly decided (or felt forced) to have an abortion probably would have had one if they weren’t using birth control. Also, how many abortions never happened because the contraception actually worked, and the woman never got pregnant in the first place?

        The fact about any sort of contraception is that it can fail, and even if using it the human using it should understand that yes, they might get pregnant, and not have engage in behavior that could get them pregnant if they are unable to have a baby. But people will behave stupidly. Unfortunately.

        Secondly, as horrible as abortion is it is still a medical procedure. I find that until we can make it unnecessary (except if the mother’s life is at risk) its better for women to have access to a safe place, so that their lives aren’t put at risk.

        If we want to say we are pro life, we must also be supportive of the mothers -they are also alive, and also have rights. A woman can’t loose her rights when she becomes pregnant. This is why abortion is such a tricky issue. We must find a way to best balance the rights of the baby, and the rights of the mother.

        • TellstheTruth

          How is it taking it out of context when they report that more than half of the women who came in for an abortion were using birth control the month they became pregnant? By the way, women die today in those “safe places” where they have legal abortions. Women are maimed today in those “safe places” where they have legal abortions. What kind of society are we who offer women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy the death of their child as the solution to their problems? A woman who has had an abortion is still a mother. She’s just the mother of a dead baby.

          • Ella

            When you say that at least 50% of the women who come in for an abortion had their birth control somehow fail, you leave out three very important numbers.
            1: How many women are there in the US?
            2: How many women get an abortion?
            3: How many Women use contraceptive?

            (sorry about half finishing before posting)
            without these numbers I can’t form a conclusion as to what that “greater then half” statistic means. It could mean that of the millions of women in the US, a thousand use birth control, and three women have an abortion. So 2 women who had a birth control failure seek an abortion. Well contraception seems to be working.

            On your second point, I can also go into any hospital for say knee surgery, and because something went wrong, or the doctors **** it up, I die or get maimed. For example Monty Oum (a member of somewhat famous Rooster Teeth) died after having a reaction to the anesthetic used during surgery.

            Look, I hate abortion, but before it was legal, women where having abortions, and if its is made illegal WOMEN WILL STILL HAVE ABORTIONS. They’ll just have those abortions A:Overseas, B: at home, C: in an unregulated environment(far more dangerous then an regulated one).
            So keeping abortion legal so that there is at the least regulated environment for the women to try and not have those screw ups. They will still happen, but not so frequently.

            And Now for Something Competently Different.
            Ella’s 5 Step Plan for Ending Elective Abortions (Note: Some steps might already be in progress)

            1: Help unmarried/ mothers without support by setting up ways for them to give up a living baby through adoption and covering of medical fees, or by helping them keep their own baby, by setting up free or cheep child care services.

            2: Comprehensive, medically accurate sex ed. Talk about what happens during a pregnancy, how to avoid a pregnancy. And don’t scare kids into abstinence (which works so well anyway…)

            3: Set up ways to help teen mothers succeed.

            4: Have some sort of governmental compensation for a pregnant mother.

            5: create a culture that values all forms of life.

          • TellstheTruth

            It doesn’t have anything to do with how many women there are in the United States. It says that 50% of the women who went in for an abortion were using birth control the month they got pregnant. That means using birth control does not “decrease” the number of abortions. That means using birth control can INCREASE the number of abortions because the mother “feels” that she doesn’t want a baby. That’s why she was using birth control in the first place. She “felt” like she didn’t want to have a baby. As for the rest of your illogical nonsense, abstinence, as much as you may hate it, is the only way to make sure you’re not going to have a baby or an STD for that matter. If you have sex, you *might* have a baby. But, if you don’t have sex, you *won’t* have a baby. It’s just that simple. Sex sometimes causes babies, no matter what “birth control” a person is using. A “culture that values all forms of life” isn’t a culture that legalizes abortion. When something is “legal”, it should be something that is right and good. If not, it shouldn’t be “legal” just because some people are choosing *not* to do the right and good thing. We don’t make it “easier” for people to do the wrong thing. People make choices and if they choose the wrong choice, the responsibility is on them, not us.

  • Mariah Mullen

    How awful is it that the majority of Americans would be appalled by this if they knew, yet they still insist that just seconds before, when the child is in the womb, s/he is a woman’s “choice,” to be torn apart and discarded at will? What’s the difference between a baby born alive then left to die and an abortion? How do we open their eyes to the horror so that we can end it?

  • Annie

    well if you are having your children in USA they attack you in your home and take your children from you for profit USA has mad over a million on my six children wicked wicked evil world

  • Cathy L Clark

    OUr pledge of allegiance is a bit hypocritical isn’t it? It says liberty and justice for ALL.
    Who gets to decide that ALL does not include some babies before birth?