Babies born alive after abortions, part 3: nurses tell their stories

Often when a baby is born alive during an abortion procedure, the child is kept in the abortion clinic until he or she dies. In rare cases, the abortionist himself takes action to kill the baby. But sometimes the baby is transferred to a hospital, where he can be given medical care. Unfortunately, it is the policy of many hospitals simply to allow these babies to die.

Nurse Kathleen Malloy, from Jacksonville, Florida, witnessed the death of one baby who was born after a saline abortion and transferred to her hospital. Melanie Green of Last Days Ministries quoted Malloy in her pamphlet “Children: Things We Throw Away?“Malloy tells her story:

I worked the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift, and when we weren’t busy, I’d go out to help with the newborns. One night I saw a bassinet outside the nursery. There was a baby in this bassinet – a crying, perfectly formed baby – but there was a difference in this child. She had been scalded. She was the child of a saline abortion.

This little girl looked as if she had been put in a pot of boiling water. No doctor, no nurse, no parent, to comfort this hurt, burned child. She was left alone to die in pain. They wouldn’t let her in the nursery – they didn’t even bother to cover her.

I was ashamed of my profession that night! It’s hard to believe this can happen in our modern hospitals, but it does. It happens all the time. I thought a hospital was a place to heal the sick – not a place to kill.

I asked a nurse at another hospital what they do with their babies that are aborted by saline. Unlike my hospital, where the baby was left alone struggling for breath, their hospital puts the infant in a bucket and puts the lid on. Suffocation! Death by suffocation!

A saline abortion is performed by injecting the caustic saline solution into the amniotic fluid that surrounds an unborn baby in the second trimester. The baby breathes in the fluid, which burns her lungs and scorches her skin, causing her to die within several hours. The mother then goes through labor to give birth to the dead baby. This type of abortion is seldom performed today because it led to so many live births and because it was dangerous to women; it had the potential to cause severe damage to the woman’s body if the saline was injected into her bloodstream. A similar procedure where poison is injected into the baby’s heart, or, in some cases, the amniotic fluid, still takes place today and is used in the late second and third trimesters.

The baby Malloy watched die never had a name and never had a chance to live. In a similar situation, Gianna Jessen, who was also aborted by the saline method, was given medical care and survived. She is now a pro-life activist, and her website can be found here.

A 2002 article in The Journal of Clinical Nursing seems to indicate that nurses encounter babies born alive after abortions with some frequency. According to the article:

In the case of late termination, the death of the fetus before delivery, though usual, is not inevitable except in rare cases of extreme physical abnormality[.] … At times the fetus will actually attempt to breathe or move its limbs, which makes the experience extremely distressing for nurses. Also, whereas the woman will probably go through this process once in her lifetime, nurses may go through it several times a year or even in the same week. (1)

The article quotes author and lecturer Annette D. Huntington, BN, Ph.D. saying that abortion live births are a “regular occurrence.”

premature babyAnother nurse who found herself in the terrible position of caring for an aborted baby told her story in the newsletter of Friendship Pregnancy Center (now called Women’s First Choice Center) in Morristown, New Jersey. Her story, which can be read in its entirety here, is heartbreaking. On the night the aborted baby came in, three premature babies from a nearby hospital were being taken care of. Two of the three were in danger of dying, and doctors struggled to save their lives. While the doctors were engaged in the struggle to help these two wanted babies, the aborted baby was brought in:

The nurse from Labor and Delivery walked into our unit carrying a blanket and stating “This is a prostaglandin abortion. He has a heartbeat so we brought him over.” The baby was placed under a radiant warmer and I was told the rest of the facts. The gestational age of the baby was given to be 23 weeks by ultrasound. The mother had cancer and had received chemotherapy treatments before discovering that she was pregnant. The parents had been told that their baby would be horribly deformed because of the chemotherapy.

I looked at the baby boy lying before me, and saw that from all appearances he was perfect. He had a good strong heartbeat. I could tell this without using a stethoscope because I could see his chest moving in sync with his heart rate. With a stethoscope I heard a heart pumping strongly. I look at his size and his skin — he definitely looked more mature than 23 weeks. He was weighed and I discovered that he was 900 grams, almost two pounds. This was almost twice the weight of some babies we have been able to save. A doctor was summoned. When she arrived the baby started moving his tiny arms and legs flailing. He started trying to gasp, but was unable to get air into his lungs. His whole body shuddered with his efforts to breathe. We were joined by a neonatalist and I pleaded with both doctors saying, “The baby is viable — look at his size, look at his skin — he looks much older than 23 weeks.”

It was a horrible moment as each of us wrestled with our own ethical standards. I argued that we should make an attempt to resuscitate him, to get him breathing. The resident doctor told me, “This is an abortion. We have no right to interfere.” The specialist, who had the responsibility for the decision, was wringing his hands and quietly saying, “This is so hard. Oh, God, it’s so hard when it’s this close.” In the end, I lost. We were not going to try to resuscitate this baby. So, I did the only thing I could do. Dipping my index finger into sterile water and placing it on his head, I baptized the child. Then I wrapped him in blankets to keep him warm, and held him. These were the only measures I could take comfort the baby under the circumstances, no matter how much I wanted to do more. I held this little boy, who was still gasping for breath, trying to stay alive on his own. As the tears flowed down my face, I pray to God that he would take this child into his care, and that he would forgive me for my own part in his death. After a while, he stopped gasping. His heart continued to be, but the beating became slower and weaker until it finally stopped. He was gone.

Ironically, all the while the nurse was holding the dying aborted child, doctors were struggling to save the life of another premature (but wanted) child in the very same room, less than 5 feet away. Sadly, this baby died as well – but she was given every possible medical treatment, while the aborted baby was completely ignored.

Another nurse, Joan S. Smith, told the following story:

It was a night I’ll never forget. It was 11 pm and my colleague Karen and I “scrubbed in” at the beginning of our shift in the Special Care Nursery of a large teaching hospital….Without warning, a harried nurse rushed into the doorway.

Her white uniform seemed out of place in the area of the hospital where only surgical scrubs are worn.

“Here, take this,” she said, thrusting into my hands a small silver specimen pan covered with a paper towel.

“What is it?” I asked, realizing by the look on her face that something was very wrong.

“It’s an abortion at 22 weeks gestation, delivered on our floor. But it’s alive,” she explained, then turned on her heel and was gone. I removed the paper towel to see the perfectly formed body of a baby boy curled up in the cold metal pan….Karen came over to help. “This happens every so often,” she explained sadly. She had trained at the hospital and worked there for over 15 years.

[After a doctor Joan called simply told her to do nothing but fill in the time of death for the baby] Stoking his tiny arm, I tried to sort out my jumble of emotions. I felt powerless, angry, and overwhelmed by sadness. How could our medical system be so full of ironies? Here I was surrounded by medical technology, which was of no avail to this tiny child. I wondered if the parents even were told that their son had been admitted to the hospital as a live birth with footprints taken, and identification number and band given, a physician notified of his birth- yet all of this merely an unpredicted complication of a routine abortion. It took nearly four hours until that tiny heart slowed to a stop. With tears in my eyes, I wrapped his body for the morgue. This was all of a life this child would ever know. He would never know the warmth of a mother’s embrace. No one would ever celebrate his birth. He would never even be given a name.

It is not unheard of for a baby born at 22-23 weeks to survive with medical treatment. Little Amillia Taylor was born at just 21 weeks and six days and weighed less than 10 ounces. She survived and is a healthy toddler today. Amillia’s mother actually had to lie to get the doctors to treat her baby – they had a policy of not treating children born before 23 weeks.

A German baby born at 21 weeks and five days also survived. Her story can be found here. The article also cites the example of a Canadian baby who was born before 22 weeks and survived.

Cases of late-term abortions blur the line between abortion and infanticide. Clearly, when a baby can survive on its own, even for short while, it becomes obvious that abortion is the killing of a human being. In reality, life is a continuum from conception to natural death – although babies aborted at later stages of development are more fully developed, abortion is murder from the very beginning. But stories of babies born alive and then denied medical care are heart-wrenching and a terrible indictment of our society, which permits such atrocities.

1. “Working with Women Experiencing Mid-Trimester Termination of Pregnancy, the Integration of Nursing and Feminist Knowledge in the G

  • Mike N Alycia LaCour

    I cannot believe no one has left a comment about this. This is the most horrific thing I’ve ever read. I knew this was happening all over the world but no one would admit to it. No one wants to read it, no one wants to comment, no one wants to believe it’s true because it’s horrid. They just want to pretend that it’s just this glob of nothing inside a woman and should be removed like a cyst or mole. It’s a human being. How could it lie there and try to breathe, to fight for it’s life for hours before dying. They say it’s not a human being until it knows the value of life. Animals know the value of their lives that’s why they fight for it. That baby knew something was wrong, knew it needed to breathe. It tried to breathe for 4 hours and then died. I wouldn’t be able to work with babies in a hospital, I wouldn’t be able to be a nurse and see that happen. I would’ve illegally taken that baby home and raised it as my own. What’s the big deal? The parents discarded it as if it were an empty gum wrapper. One woman’s garbage is the Lords treasure. Is my treasure. I’d raise them all if I could. I almost threw up reading this. Thank you for putting this out there. People need to know the truth and the media, the lying, hiding, left-wing, lame stream media needs to report about this trial happening right now. They can report the Arias trial where a woman murdered a man and may get the death penalty however these nurses that murdered born baby after born baby only get 20-30 years? This is rediculous. These babies are innocent. No one would be asking the doctor, “How had the baby treated you the time before it’s death. So we can get an understanding on why you though it right to murder them.” This countries heading in the wrong direction and believe it or not, they’ll hate the outcome.

    • Carrie Loofbourrow

      So true that “we” don’t want to admit it’s going on. Don’t want to believe. It’s so heartbreaking! I definitely want to do more! To at least keep my voice and speak! May God forgive us!!! And may He carry all these little ones close to in His arms!

    • margie Peterson

      Mike..we know it is true…we also know these people should be prosecuted and imprisoned for what they do…until society get’s a conscience it won’t be done…God will have no choice but to turn his back on us….all abortion is murder…no woman says I don’t want this fetus, they say I don’t want this baby…they know but justify themselves somehow…in the Bible, David said to God, from in my mothers womb you knew me….judgement will be passed….if not by our society then most certainly by our God…

    • TeaNCookies

      >>>This is the most horrific thing I’ve ever read. I knew this was happening all over the world but no one would admit to it.

      Except it’s not true.

      • Sweetnyss

        Except it is. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it bullshit.

        • TeaNCookies

          What I do not like is lies, I’ve been to an abortion clinic with my sister; it’s nothing like described here. It’s propaganda for your ridiculous campaign, you suffer massive confirmation bias and will accept anything to be true so long as it aligns with your view of the world.

          Now go pray to your non existent sky father.

          • Sweetnyss

            Wow! You should practice some intelligence for commenting on here. First of all you saw the waiting room in an abortion clinic if you went with your sister so you know nothing. You cannot join her in the back for support they don’t even allow husbands inside. Next, you have no experience or proof to back up anything you claim to know about abortions or the clinic unless you’ve had one. And confirmation bias? When things that are stated are facts and truths they are confirmed. You expect me to believe the doctor holding the vacuum to be truthful when thats his livelihood? Why would he tell the truth and get his entire well-being shut down? How about the doctor that was recently sent to prison because he had a disgusting practice where he did in fact, and the courts found proof, of him birthing botched abortion babies and then leaving them in buckets to die. It is you who have Massive Confirmation Bias and are like all the other cattle that believe whatever the media or the blood sucking doctors want them to believe. I’m glad that you’re now an expert on abortion clinics since you’ve sat in the waiting room of one of the thousands in the world that are on existence. And as for my non-existent sky father, at least I have something to stand for. And that’s not murder. He also says be careful not to cast your pearls to swine so I guess I’m done. Swine

  • JW

    Thanks very much for this piece. I noticed that the endnotes appear to be cut off, however; is it possible to correct this?

  • Faithkuz

    These babies should be assisted, allowed to live, and placed for adoption. Current infanticide practice is an abomination!

    • margie Peterson

      I’m sorry, but all abortion is an abomination.

      • Free bird

        I am a Pro-Life Christian ! And I am NOT SORRY to say that ALL ABORTIONS are an EVIL ABOMINATION !! First to Gog than to the rest of us !!!!! :(

  • Terri Price

    Idon’t understand how they can watch and do nothing for these precious babies.

    • TeaNCookies

      Cause it doesn’t happen, it’s fake.

  • Basset_Hound

    Francis Schaeffer once said that the most embarrassing thing that could happen to an abortionist is. Live birth.

  • Susan Poole Howell

    I would have never stood by, I would have had to do something!!! This is so wrong!!! It has to stop! God will judge us as a society for not standing up for the least in his kingdom! There needs to be a law if a child who is born alive as a result of an abortion, they will be treated and saved if possible. The parent or parents did not want them, let some childless couple or someone who wants a child adopt them! Abortion is the most horrible thing and it has to stop all together! A woman’s rights stop when it comes to murdering an unborn child in my mind!

    • Jo Culton

      instead obarry and the gang of democrats along with planned murderhood is fighting tooth and nail for full term abortions.: Botched abortion should be killed on the table. Partial abortion. Even Post- birth abortion. Baby can be born fullterm then killed. I have been signing petions through pro life alliance.

    • Sherry Phillips

      Your right Susan my brother and his wife had to out of the country to adopt because were told that my brother would be to old to adopt in the USA. His 2 children are now grown and have familys of their own. My brother is now 74

  • Erika Dalton

    Dear Lord how cruel have we become to let these babies die? My heart broke reading this article and can’t control the tears. Please people make this stop, birth control is so available nowadays. There should be no forgiveness for people that do this.

  • Jessica Guill

    That is so awful, I couldn’t bear the sight of someone just leaving a baby to die, I cried reading this. It’s horrible how so many people can do this and be just fine with it.

  • Sandy Watt Hearn

    is there none who can rescue the children on the spot…. nice clean hospitals with nice nurses and nice doctors here in America….and the reason they cant resuscitate are intervene???the real reason?? DOES ANYONE KNOW why the nurses and doctors are scared to do their job???? their job!!!!!!! keep an eye on your elderly parent in these wonderful hospitals…

    • Vivian Geroux

      they would be breaking the law if they intervene. It is not considered a baby but a “fetus”. If they did, they could loose their job and face legal backlash. (I DO NOT agree with this, I am just saying what would happen.)

      • Caitlin Ann

        as a future nurse, I’d take losing my job and any legal backlash over doing nothing and watching a baby die.

  • Laura

    I am filled with tears as I read this article. The motto “Ignorance is bliss” claims the mentality of so many in our society, and the ideal hope of “liberty for all” has been selfishly misconstrued to support our own agendas, forgetting the helpless, the voiceless. I am a nurse and this troubles me deeply. Thank you for enlightening the public on the sad reality of post-birth abortion in our own hospitals. This is blatant maleficence and negligence.

    • margie Peterson

      I don’t understand how they can claim ignorance, when they know they have to poison the baby before it is born if they don’t want it to be alive…I don’t know of any other word for these actions…only MURDER!!!

  • Caitlin Ann

    I’m trying not to cry after reading this, but it’s hard. I’m studying to be a nurse and Labor and Delivery is my goal for after I finish school. I absolutely would not be able to sit and watch a baby die while not doing anything to help. I don’t care what the doctor decided, I would have saved him anyway. If that would have meant losing my job then so be it. I cannot believe that this is allowed in the world today.

    • Ola Jean Ward

      To save the 22 week babies, much, much medical intervention must be done. More than one person can do on their own. So sad. The nurses who wrapped them up and kept them warm against hospital policy or their boss’s orders are to be commended. For one single person, that is about all they can do. Sometimes all a nurse can do is give comfort. I worked NICU for a few years, we never had that situation while I was there. Now, I work in a faith based institution, and am very thankful for that. I grieve for the nurses who want to do more, and just physically cannot. Our Lord understands their situation of wanting to do more, but literally physically unable to single handedly start the chain of events to resusitate the tiny baby. All the best in your studies and in your career.

    • Patrea Lynn

      amen. me too.

  • Vivian Geroux

    If you are going to carry the baby halfway then might as well give birth to it. It’s probably less painful to do it that way and for pete’s sake, have a little courage! Have a little faith! This is why I delivered at birth centers. Only thing going on is live births and no funny business. Terrible how the nurses and doctors can’t even make a decision based on their own moral values and beliefs. They are FORCED into doing what the law says regardless of what their moral compass says. Forced into doing what the Supreme Court woke up one day and magically “discovered” to be constitutional. Shame on them! Shame on them!

  • Jimmy Vermeer

    I’ve told pro-choicers about stories like this in the past and they dismiss it as being an irrelevant appeal to emotion. In their eyes, if it’s not yet able to get a job and take care of itself, it’s not a human.

    • TeaNCookies

      They dismiss it because it’s a load of nonsense, you fool. Have you ever been to an abortion clinic?

      • sarah5775

        I have personally interviewed people that have witnessed live births, and read court transcripts from cases that were prosecuted. There have been abortionists who went to jail for this. It is all a matter of public record

        • TeaNCookies

          If it happens, it is an utter minority. I don’t know what else goes in your crazy, bat shit insane country; but nothing surprises me any more.

          You realise, the reality is that illegal abortion doesn’t change abortion rates? There’s extensive research done to this, and the only thing that makes a difference is contraception.

          There’s plenty of studies, I’ll gladly link them if you question my word.

          • Sweetnyss

            You can link all you want but it is true. There have been many out of the millions of abortions a year saline abortions and the children have been birthed alive. There are tons of stories out there of women who have sharwd their stories of being botched abortions. They are alive today. Some are put up for adoption after being born. Abortion clinic doctors and nurses have come forth with their stories. Have you worked in an abortion clinic? Are you a doctor or a nurse? How do you know it doesn’t happen? Women have come forth with stories of their own experiences and shared them. So go ahead and read the crap the media wants you to believe because we all know the news and Abortion clinics ALWAYS print the truth. › 2013/04/05 › 1270-babi…

   › two-teenagers-who-… There’s some web sites for you. And sincw you believe everything you read… You can’t discredit what they say just because they don’t push YOUR agenda.

      • Jimmy Vermeer

        Just because my opinion differs from yours doesn’t make me a fool. If anything, it makes me more human.

  • Evie Lindemann

    I am horrified that this happens…and people think abortion is OK. How can anyone be this cold and heartless:)

    • boden

      this is not abortion, this is murder. when a human being is born, lives, breathes, opens its eyes, struggles to stay alive, that is murder. to kill something that has never had consciousness of the world we inhabit is abortion. this is something else entirely

    • Oliver

      Why do people keep themselves so ignorant. Think about it. We only legalized this in 1972. That’s only how long is been an accepted routine. We’ve been suffocating saline burned children for decades. But its never talked about. No one will turn off the idiot box and discuss anything serious anymore. We just shake our heads and say what a shame. Another sacrifice to the god of self indulgence and pride.

  • Ex-NICU Nurse

    I have been in the same unfortunate position as the nurses in the story…doing everything medically possible to save a one baby while monitoring 2-3 aborted babies that are only 2 weeks younger, waiting up to 8 hours for them to die. It is heart-breaking and you keep asking yourself why. The truth of the matter is, we don’t have tubes and catheters small enough for their tiny bodies. I really don’t want to tell the ugly story of a too small infant that we tried to save because the parents wanted him. He survived two agonizing weeks before he died. it would have been kinder to have wrapped him up and given him to his parents to hold until he passed. I have also seen aborted babies survive. If the baby was big enough, we always resuscitated. Don’t judge the nurses unless you have walked in their shoes.

  • Aine Currigan

    How can they do nothing? I don’t understand. How can they see a living baby and treat it like he/she is just a mass of tissue? How can they NOT help?

  • pennywinkle

    This just breaks my heart to no end. I dont understand how anyone can kill or watch a baby die and do nothing. I do not judge the nurses. If I were a nurse and had to experience this I could no longer be a nurse.

  • Joseph Collins


    • Charliee

      I know tons of babies from Russia, South America, China and the rest of Asia who would love to be adopted, please adopt them!

  • Isa

    Abortion is not against the Bible, if you truly read, there is no passage mentioning it. But I agree that this should not be happening. If a baby is born alive after a botched abortion, it deserves a chance to live. It fought that long, hard, and far… It deserves that chance. While I believe that abortion is a woman’s right, especially in incest and rape cases, I also know that when I held my baby sister, I could not understand how anyone could give that up. But the thing we have to remember is, they have not held that baby yet, they have not looked into it’s eyes or felt it’s warmth against them. This breaks my heart, knowing I am majoring in nursing, and that this may be in my future.

    • Thorien

      I think “Thou shalt not kill” is in there somewhere.

    • Wendy

      How about the child sacrifice to Molech? How the Bible calls it “an abomination.” Same exact thing. Child sacrifice, plain and simple.

      • Patrea Lynn


  • miesh

    Oh that is so so sad I can’t believe they can’t give the babies a chance:(

  • boden

    its perfectly ok to kill a born abortion, stuff it in a bucket, let it struggle for its dying breath, whatever.. that is acceptable in this world, no imprisonment, not even any charges will be filed involving these children’s deaths at the hands of those who’ve sworn to “do no harm.” but if one of these doctors wrote one too many narcotic prescriptions, or allowed one too many cancer patients too use medical marijuana, they’d lose their medical license, and possibly their freedom.. this is the world of bureaucracy that we live in, and it makes me sick

  • Jonesy

    I feel that they should cite the born-alive infants protection act to these doctors that refuse the treatment when a baby is brought to them. I guess they don’t care about their Hippocratic oath.

  • dawn_marieb

    What happened to the born alive act??? Why isn’t it being enforced??

    • TeaNCookies

      It is. This story is propaganda, this doesn’t happen.

  • Lacey Hatler Gutierrez

    I feel sick.

  • Giane Cortazar

    I don’t know how I can live in a world where this unspeakably horrible practice is legal. I can’t stop crying enough to even formulate a coherent retort, argument, or anything to just throw back at this. Why is it always the innocents who suffer?

  • Anna

    I thought it was illegal to have an abortion after a certain amount of weeks? Like 16 weeks or something? And even then it wasn’t recommended.

    • Patrea Lynn

      no, since DOE VS. BOLTON, 1973, its legal through all 9 months, sadly.

  • Marina Gorokhovskiy-Silkovskyy

    Poor little babies may God rest their sweet little innocent souls. And deal with their killers accordingly! This made me cry my eyes out as i myself am an expectant mother of a beautiful little girl. This article just breaks my heart to pieces….

  • Patrea Lynn

    this is so evil. i had an abortion at 16 weeks because no one around me cared enough about both of us to help me, i felt him kick me once, it was so unfair to him that he had to die that when the nurse came in to give me a pain shot, i said no, if this baby has to die, im not going to be made to feel better, and my mom when she picked me up after wards made me ride the bus. couldnt even pick me up in a car. she was glad he was gone because he was an inconvenience to her, just like i was.and made to feel like. our holocaust has to be over. it left me with so much scar tissue in my cervix that when i tried to deliver my 2 daughters , one in 1983 and 1989 , i had to have 2 csections, i couldnt even open to one after 9 hours of labor. its a lie and it hurts in so many ways no one will tell you.

  • L.P.

    I work in Labor and Delivery…we don’t perform elective abortions on our unit, but we do terminate in cases of infection in the amniotic fluid and or risk to the mother, or if the water has broken and not replenished, and the baby is not viable. Yes it’s hard to watch these little ones live after they are born, sometimes they have heartbeats for several hours, but many times they are so small that their eyes and mouths are still fused together…unable to pass a tube through. The difference is that the babies I deal with are wanted….and are mourned by their parents and families. We provide comfort, warmth, and love to these little ones for the short time they are here. We make memory boxes for the families with footprints, molds, and pictures. I can’t imagine working anywhere where this is a “choice.” We also provide our mothers with a high standard of medical care…. from what I am reading these clinics are full of filth and unsafe conditions and treat the women poorly.

  • Martine Van Assen

    3 countries with no law for abortion, china, north korea and Canada!! of all places, unbelievable!

  • Annabelle

    the only truth is that abortion could never make a mother unpregnant just a mother of a dead child no mater how much weeks the pregnancy is.

  • Di Hodosn

    Amazingly Sad and unbelievable.

  • mom

    for a mother like me who have lost a baby by miscarriage would find this very painful…it is not their burden to carry our mistakes or miscalculations to let them (babies) die like that. For once it was not their decision to pop out and live. Let them suffer like that? How cruel could that be?

  • Dr. Sherrie

    As a Minister & Biblical Counselor, I want everyone out there who is pregnant and even considering the abortion route to email me at: [email protected] and I will be more then happy to get you in touch with someone who will help you through your pregnancy to give a childless couple a chance at having their own baby. You never have to think about killing your baby!! Go through the pregnancy and be a blessing from God to a couple who’se been waiting for God to answer their prayers! God will take a situation like this and turn it around for His good! A couple has been praying for your baby! And you are God’s answer to their prayers!
    God bless everyone who can carry a baby and willingly give it up to an adopting couple for the sake and welfare of that child. WHAT A BLESSING!
    Don’t EVER think there’s no one out there to help you…because God sees what’s happening and He will surely help you!…(and so will I!!)

  • Dandelo

    I think these women, especially the one with cancer, should have been told about their babies’ survival. Some might not have cared, but some might have insisted that their baby receive care. Or they wouldn’t need to tell the mothers at all. Couldn’t there just be some sort of common sense protocol in place? It just seems like such a terrible, terrible waste of life to let these little guys die after they have survived so much. Once the child is here it should not matter whether it was wanted or not! If a woman decided she didn’t want her 7 year old and just abandoned the child, the police would still intervene. If a teenage girl went into pre-term labor and instead of seeking help she discarded the child and it died, she would go to prison. But an adult with several years of medical school behind him can just hand a baby to a nurse and insist that it slowly smother to death? There should be a law protecting any baby that manages to survive an abortion.

  • live_laugh_love

    I cried just reading these stories, I don’t understand how anybody can just stand there and watch an innocent little baby that never asked to be born, just die and not feel anything or try to do anything to save it’s life

  • Free bird

    Hospitals who let these babies die are as GUILTY as the doctor who tried to murder these babies !!!! :(

  • Tasnuva

    And there are women who can’t have kids but would be amazing parents!! Give birth and give the kids up for adoption! NOT THAT HAAARD. Smh =.=

  • Oliver

    As early as 1978 it was being reported that saline aborted infants were and are deliberately suffocated by the doctor should they be found living after the induced labor procedure. This is nothing knew. We have abortion on demand (murder on demand) in the U.S.A. The only difference between us and the Moaabites of ancient times is the false gods we sacrifice to.

  • TeaNCookies

    It is sickening someone would write such disgusting, almost abominable lies just to further their agenda.