Baby survives chemical abortion – 40 Days for Life

In its one-week e-mail update on February 21, the 40 Days for Life Campaign shared the exciting news that prayer warriors participating in the campaign have already served over 60 women. In addition to helping women find prenatal care and pregnancy assistance, the campaign has also begun saving the lives of children who were carried by abortion-minded women.

File photo: Woman holds up ultrasound image of unborn child.

One baby in particular has an unusual and quite amazing story. He or she has survived not one, but two attempts at being chemically aborted. The RU-486 process involves two pills: one deprives the fetus of oxygen and nutrition, while the other expels the baby from its mother’s womb. In the case of this miraculous baby, neither pill did its job either time – a felix culpa indeed.

An RN who manages a pregnancy assistance bus outside an abortion facility where the 40 Days for Life campaign is present recalled the story:

Earlier this week a young lady came to the bus thinking that she might be pregnant.

She explained that she had taken the pills (RU 486) to abort a baby in December at 4 weeks pregnant, and then took more pills in January two weeks later because the repeat pregnancy test showed a weak positive. Then on January 10th it was negative.  This was all done in a certain abortion facility.

The test in our bus this week was positive. The ultrasound we performed showed that she was 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant and she became very angry. She realized that they had taken her money, and had lied to her. She did not want the baby because she does not like the father of the baby, who she says raped her.  She was very conflicted about the size of the baby, saying that she could handle taking a pill, but she could not handle going through a procedure. 

Thanks to the attention of the nurse who followed up repeatedly, and the prayers of the many 40 Days for Life participants, this mother has decided to carry her pregnancy to term. The ultrasound image of her baby’s little beating heart and fetal movements won over her heart, and we look forward to many stories like this one before the 13th 40 Days for Life Campaign reaches its conclusion this spring.

  • SAA5of5

    WHEN are we going to say “ENOUGH!”? If everyone who said they were pro-life got involved in a significant way, there’s no way we’d have legalized abortion thru 9 mos. for any reason! If women were TRULY getting “choice” then any aboriton clinic would cover in detail every single option available to her “without judgment.” But they can’t. They can’t because to acknowledge she should consider other options would be to admit there’s is not the best, is not a good choice. Then they could no longer do what they do. They work very hard to hold up, hold up, hold up their work as “non judgmental” and a necessary thing for women facing any number of difficult circumstances. Who do WE know that’s risking a crisis pregnancy? What schools are our kids involved in? What medical community tends to our regular medical needs? It’s time to put a STOP to this insanity! This baby will live because an abortion didn’t work. Praise God, in all sincerity, praise God! But WHERE were the people that could have helped her? WHO in her life said it wasn’t their problem? Thank God for those who were there to intervene. They took time and energy from their own busy lives and someone lives because of their willing, loving sacrifice.

  • Maktesh

    Here’s hoping that the baby wasn’t injured if the first pill had any effect.

  • There is always adoption.

  • if people are really “pro choice” and those nasty maouth women that tak about my “vag” well then why didnt they use condoms, the pill the shot the the the the ow many different birth control CHOICES are there… be “pro choice” choose to prevent rather than kill!!!! i promise if a man wants to have sex with me he WILL wear a condom!!!!! thats my “pro choice” i wont murder

    • Hmm perhaps the woman wasn’t even having sexual relationships? Perhaps she was raped before she even had sex with anyone else? Physically I lost my virginity to rape when I was 7. My rapist didn’t stop raping me til I was 12. So don’t go saying to use birth contol. Also, there are women out there who don’t believe in using birth control and use the rhythym method. Think before you speak.

      • asdf

        Mikaela: The majority of abortions are NOT due to rape. What this girl says is the cold, honest truth. Don’t believe in birth control? Either don’t believe in abortion, or don’t believe in sex. And I don’t believe that rape justifies abortion. Adoption. You don’t even have to look at the kid. Why should it have to pay for what someone else did? Two wrongs aren’t going to make a right.

        • Grandmama 16

          Adoption….you are so right. There are so many couples waiting or advertising. I knew I would adopt someday when I was a teen and saw how many babies were left in Korea after our troops left…..many wanted to take the mom and baby home but could not. One Christian man went over there and through many trials, including taking care of 10 by himself, and finally brought babies home and that started one of the largest international adoption agencies in the world….God rest his and his wife’s” souls. That was on the 50’s. I grew up, married, had 4 boom boom boom boom…whew. I never was happier, yes, I nursed them but also bottle fed….that’s a whole other story, but I remembered my dream, so we adopted an 11 mo.old boy from Korea who was supposed to have a seizure problem which never developed but he did have the problem of being spoiled rotten by his siblings and he spoils their kids now. We wanted so much to adopt again but money ran out and one of those little problems of life cropped up….a surprise grandchild, then the wedding. Ditto that with another of our kids but I couldn’t be prouder of them for the way they handled it. Yes, it was difficult but we had love….still do. They have a bunch of beautiful adults now. We’ve even had weddings before the babies came and have step grands too

  • Jeannie Calvit

    please follow up on this mother and child, this little one is going to need to be adopted by a loving couple who wants a baby .

  • juliet

    That baby wabts to live fight for his or her kife tell me this why would somone do the first pill omg made me angry and cryed because who would do tht :'(

  • Vanessa

    Well how is the baby? Did the pregancy carry to term? I only ask because I am in the same situation. My baby has also survived both pills..im now 10 weeks pregnant. I also took progesterone therapy.