Doctors ought to hear the whole truth surrounding abortion before they are ever asked to perform one.

Belgian woman suffering from depression killed by euthanasia

There was outrage out of Belgium recently after news broke that a pair of Belgian twins were euthanized after learning they might be going blind. Now there’s more disturbing news. A Belgian woman suffering from depression was euthanized, leaving her son angry and wondering how this could be allowed to happen.

My mother suffered from chronic depression. Two years ago she broke off all contact with me. In April 2012 she was euthanased at the hospital of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (the Free University of Brussels).

I was not involved in the decision-making process and the doctor who gave her the injection never contacted me.

Since then, my life has changed considerably. Up until now, I am still trying to understand how it is possible for euthanasia to be performed on physically healthy people without even contacting their children. The spokesman of the university hospital told me that everything happened according to my mother’s “free choice”. After my mother’s death, I talked to the doctor who gave her the injection and he told me that he was “absolutely certain” my mother didn’t want to live anymore.

The death of my mother has triggered a lot of questions. How is it possible that people can be euthanased in Belgium without close family or friends being contacted? Why does my country give medical doctors the exclusive power to decide over life and death? How do we judge what “unbearable suffering” is? What are the criteria to decide what “unbearable suffering” is? Can we rely on such a judgment for a mentally ill person?

The equivalent to this would be finding a person who has suffered from chronic depression and is suicidal and, instead of getting help for someone obviously suffering from a mental illness, handing him a loaded gun. There is simply no excuse for what happened in this case.

When someone is vulnerable and needs help, they shouldn’t be handed death on a silver platter.

  • hiroshima priest

    Why the fuck not? If somebody wants to stop existing that’s their own damned business and NOBODY, especially family, should have a say in it.

    • SF2K01

      How about because she wasn’t even of sound mind if she did ask the doctor to kill her? Because the woman was only suicidal because she was suffering from depression, which is treatable more often than not. If she was given the proper medication or therapy she wouldn’t want to kill herself in the first place.

    • Basset_Hound

      And when THIS mindset takes hold of a society with an aging demographic, there will be no place for the disabled or the elderly. They can be easily pressured into wanting to die. If psychological pressure doesn’t work, then throw in abuse. Abortion, as horrible as it is will be child’s play compared to THIS carnage. Compassion? Perseverence? Those will be “so 20th century”.

    • I’ve had depression for the majority of my life, and I’ve known a lot of other people with depression. No one with depression really wants to die. They want their lives to improve so that they no longer want to die. When depression convinces them that that’s impossible and no one intervenes, they kill themselves.

      So I suppose you think it’s totally not tragic that, say, bullied teenagers have killed themselves and their families are mourning them. It was their own business and parents have no right to grieve because their fourteen-year-old is dead?

  • jedistars

    Last March I walked into a hospital. I told them I was sick of living my life, didn’t know what else to do but couldn’t go home because I would just follow through with my suicide plan. I begged them to help me make the pain stop. I thank God they didn’t just say, “It will only take about 5 minutes for us to kill you. Will that work for you?

    • God Bless you for having the strength to seek help and God Bless the doctors who actually helped. May God Bless you.

  • Gee, a depressed individual wanting to die. Never heard that before.

    I’m amazed at the stupidity of some of the most educated.

    • Jenny M

      Ya know, we pro-lifers, we just want the mentally ill to get the help they need and the unborn to be protected from murder. We’re kina dumb that way compared to those very smart liberal people who have figured out that the best method for mental illness is euthenasia and sucking babies into sinks is a good idea. So, now that Belgium has set the bar, let’s get cracking people. We’ve got at least a good 1/3rd of the country to round up, stick a needle in their arm, and get rid of the inconvenient asses. Oh shoot…that includes me since I’m being treated for depression. Dang it. I didn’t realize I wasn’t worthy to live. My bad!

      • Do I need to explain my post? I’m trying to see how your response relates to my original post, but I can’t seem to make the connection.

        I could be wrong, of course, but it appears that you have missed the point of my posting. Sorry for any confusion.

  • crikit

    Our society is becoming a cesspool of garbage. We are allowed to kill unborn children, sometimes even at 9 months of age, i already see that that the “newest” rage is going to be doctor supported suicide, we are allowing homosexuals to marry and raise children, plus our children are being taught that it is ok as young as kindergarden. God help us and come back soon! You may not agree with me but all of this mess grieves my heart.

  • Steven

    Depression is a brain disorder that there are TREATMENTS for. I cannot believe a doctor would choose death over treatment when treatment is available. You cannot kill the patient to cure the illness. That isn’t science–it’s mad science.

  • No matter how this is rationalized in the so called educated civilized mind, in this case this is an example of arrogant premeditated murder performed by a doctor of medicine. What ever happened to the hippocratic oath…do no harm?

  • CAN EVERYONE SAY…. LARGE DOSES OF NIACIN, for depression,… with Andrew W. Saul has links about success with helping people with depression, as well as many, many more health issues…. this is just a suggestion, not a diagnosis, … but much better than euthanasia.