Blog for Life Day: what do they mean by “choice”?

565600_10200344040269360_2012432767_n The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is next week, on January 22. And each year, NARAL Pro-Choice America hosts its annual Blog for Choice Day.

Blog for Choice Day gets more people reading and talking about reproductive rights online on one of the most important days surrounding a woman’s right to choose: the anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade decision, when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion should be legal. Your participation in Blog for Choice Day lets your readers and the mainstream media know that a woman’s right to choose is a core progressive value that must be protected. As you know, reproductive rights were a critical issue in the presidential election. Thanks to you, we helped re-elect pro-choice President Barack Obama and defeated some of the most extreme and outspoken anti-choice candidates. But our opponents aren’t backing down, and we need to be ready for any attempt to take away women’s access to safe, legal abortion and birth control. It’s our personal stories that change hearts and minds about the importance of always protecting a woman’s right to choose. That’s why this year we’re asking you to share your story about why you’re pro-choice.

They’re right: pro-lifers aren’t backing down. And for the third year in a row, we’re responding with the annual Blog for Life Day.

What I’m most curious about is how the people at NARAL can claim to be pro-choice when they so often fight tooth and nail against choices for women. As far as pro-aborts are concerned, there’s only one correct choice, and that’s abortion. They throw hissy fits over things like informed consent. They don’t want parents to have any choice over a medical procedure that their child might be undergoing. They lie about pregnancy and fight to keep women from seeing ultrasounds, because it might convince them that they’re actually carrying a baby, and not a clump of tissue. They insist that all women are required to support abortion. They get angry when pro-lifers are given an outlet to speak. And Lord knows they want things like adoption and resources to help a woman keep her baby — like crisis pregnancy centers — kept quiet.

Thinking about all of that…how on Earth does that describe a “pro-choice” movement? The answer is simple: it doesn’t. Pro-aborts like choice about as much as a fetus enjoys abortion. They don’t want women to have choices. They want them to have only one choice, and that’s abortion. If any woman, anywhere, has an unplanned pregnancy, the pro-aborts want her to do nothing but abort the baby. They will try to silence anyone who could present alternatives, demonize crisis pregnancy centers, keep options like adoption quiet, and fight against any kind of informed consent laws.

These are radical pro-abortion extremists. And it just sounds so much better to say that they’re fighting for “choice” than to say they’re fighting to keep women killing their babies. But that’s exactly what it’s about. Lose abortion, and suddenly, the abortion advocates have lost not just their cash cow, but their ticket to political power and influence.

So just remember: on Blog for Choice Day…it’s not choice they’re fighting for, and it’s not women they care about.

  • you are using projection…. you are all about calling yourselfe “pro-life” while at the same time promoting anti-choice ideas, and therefore assume that opponents are doing the opposite: all about calling ourselves “pro-choice” and promoting anti-life ideas (ensuring the termination of a pregnancy, etc.). It’s not like we pro-choicers are standing outside hospitals with signs protesting and saying that women should be forced to terminate their pregnancies. education, abstanance, contraception, adoption, parenthood, and abortion are all choices that should remain legal

    • Julia

      Yeah, what about the choice for the child? Under current law, she/he doesn’t have any say about whether or not to be ripped apart and murdered.

      • Deege

        An unborn child can’t exercise free will. Like it or not, that’s the truth. It has no say in the abortion decision, so this is a strawman argument. Even if the law were changed, the child wouldn’t be making a choice someone else would.

        Instead of the “what about the choice for the child” angle, the real argument is that the parent should learn to see that abortion is not an acceptable choice. Using words like “murder” doesn’t help, because that word has a legal definition that doesn’t include abortion. No court can convict anyone of murder for having an abortion, so pounding on that word is disingenuous (although killing applies). The prolife movement should be a positive movement for change, not a screaming and shaming movement. You don’t change anyone’s mind or heart with stridency or shame. Half the time we talk about the beauty of life, which is positive energy, and then it gets spoiled with the “you’re a murderer who tears babies apart” agenda which is negative energy. Changing hearts and minds is a permanent solution. Changing laws comes after. Changing laws first, without consensus, just sets them up for repeal in the future. You have to win people, not legal battles. People are where it’s at.

        • Julia

          Point taken about the child not being able to make a choice anyway. However, people who are making choices for the child (usually parents) are supposed to make the choices for the child in the child’s best interest. Abortion is never in the child’s best interest. Would a parent be allowed to have a doctor euthanize their 9 year old?
          As far a calling abortion murder – can I ask you a question? Before the civil war, killing an african-american slave would not have been considered murder legally; would you have a problem with an abolitionist calling the killing of a slave murder?
          Would you say that the Jews were not murdered by the Nazis because the killing was not legally considered murder?
          If you would call these murder, why would not call the killing of an unborn child murder, even though it not legally considered murder?
          The intentional killing of an innocent human being is murder, whether the law backs it up or not.
          I did not call anyone a murderer, because in order to be a murderer you have to realize fully that you are killing an innocent human being.
          I get where you are coming from, but I feel that sometimes you have to tell it like it is.

          • Deege

            Throwing the word “murder” at abortion rights advocates has not worked for 40 years. They KNOW a baby (or a fetus, their preferred term) dies in an abortion and it is not a deciding factor for them. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. What brought me to prolife was ultrasound technology, appeals to reason and a bunch of reading I did on abortion and ethics. The inflammatory rhetoric and didacticism of the prolife movement kept me from considering the message for a very long time. I can only speak from my own experience. In the absence of gruesome photos and accusations of murder I think I’d have come over much sooner, but I was turned off by what I perceived to be a holier-than-thou stance. The positive message of the ultrasound and appeals to my reason and intellect got me here. To me, it’s less important to be “right” about whether it’s murder and more important to change people’s minds about abortion — whatever they consider it to be. When I felt attacked, I went away. When I felt respected and reasoned with, I opened up. And here I am.

        • John Q

          We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…T. Jefferson.

          One of our unalienable rights is being taken from these innocent children.

          • Deege

            A born child can run away or at least seek help from another adult. So to me, the comparison doesn’t work. Hopefully that answers your question.

          • John Q

            infants can run or seek help?

          • Deege

            Your question said “young children” not just infants, An infant often has other family members looking out for them besides just the parent. The birth has been a public event in which other people have taken an interest. An in-utero child is not usually looked after or considered by others in the same way.

          • John Q

            And that ( An in-utero child is not usually looked after or considered by others in the same way.) is the problem. It is a child and some people don’t think of it as such.

        • Paula Pike

          I think the “what about the choice for the child” angle IS the real argument.. The baby in it’s mother’s womb is the very one who’s life is under threat and must be defended and protected, and it by its very existence he/she has chosen life. When a baby is “allowed” to be born, doesn’t he/she scream and cry out in a loud voice? Those of us who fight to save the lives of these defenceless little ones must scream out for them! Ask any known “abortion survivors” what their choice would have been. They speak out loudly about their love for life and the injustice of what was done to them. We must keep focusing on the preciousness and beauty of the child, of the miraculous nature of the developing fetus in the womb, and the love, joy and beauty of motherhood. This, and prayer is what can change hearts and minds. I agree “People are where it’s at.” But the ultrasound doesn’t lie, nor do the heartbreaking images of the horror of mutilated fetuses up to full-term babies. Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words!

          • Deege

            I believe that the majority of prolife advances have in fact been due to the ultrasound technology, not protests or gruesome photos. The protests and gruesome photos have been used for almost 40 years. The situation didn’t change measurably until the advent of ultrasound technology, which shows a positive image not a negative one.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      With “pro-life” you know what someone’s position is. With “pro-choice” that could mean almost anything on any topic. The issue is whether abortion violates human rights or not.

    • Sarah

      I’m sure you are anti-choice about a lot of things – rape, murder, theft, etc. Pro-lifers aren’t anti-choice about most things. Only things like taking the life of your child, etc.

  • Ashley Whalen

    What kind of choice is that anyways,murder I didn’t think we had that choice in America,i thought it was wrong,to me its absurd that anyone thinks its ok to chop the little hands and feet legs and arms off a unborn child then crush its head along with he or she’s little innocent soul and suck it out of its womb ,almost like someone ripping you out of your warm bed and beating the living S**t out of you .Those babies do feel if you don’t believe me then look up an ultrasound while a woman is getting an abortion.Oh and where is the choice no body really gets a choice a woman usually gets told that she must get an abortion and 9 times out of ten is lied to and told that its just aclump of cells which is sucha lie (a woman finds out she is pregnant about 6-8 weeks ) look up a fetus at 6-8 weeks ,has a heart beat and when a doctor or murderer shall I say goes in there dialates the cervix and pokes the baby it moves to avoid being hurt,and then the doctor does it he stabs the baby killing it ,dead with no chance at life.Im not making this up not trying to get attention,im trying to let you por-aborts know why we Pro lifers are so passionate about making abortion illegal,murder is Illegal right?
    Signed VFTI( Voice for the innocent)

  • Bekka Rapp

    Planned Parenthood actually has a page on their website that warns about crisis pregnancy centers. It makes you want to bang your head on the desk and laugh your head off at the same time.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      Yea, Planned Parenthood is for choice unless that choice is a center that will help you have and raise or adopt your baby.

  • John Q

    My question now is this…if someone is truly pro choice, wouldn’t they want their child to live to make some choices of their own?