‘This baby won’t stop breathing!’ Abortionist strangled baby while nurses watched

In 1977, abortion was legal throughout the country during all nine months of pregnancy. When an obstetrician/gynecologist told teenager “Mary W” that she was 28 weeks pregnant, he suggested that she give the baby up for adoption, as few doctors in the area were willing to perform abortions that late.

But Mary was determined, and she managed to find an abortionist – Dr. William Baxter Waddill. On March 2, 1977, Mary arrived at Westminster Community Hospital for a saline abortion.

Saline abortions are seldom performed today because of the possibility of live births, but in the ’70s and ’80s, they were very common. They were generally used to end the life of a child towards the end of the second trimester.

In a saline abortion, a caustic saline solution is injected into the woman’s uterus. It slowly burns and poisons the baby, and then the woman goes through labor, “giving birth” to a usually dead child.

The abortionist injected the saline and then left, leaving the nurses to tend to Mary. It was common for abortionists to inject their patients with saline and then leave, forcing the nurses to bear the emotional brunt of the abortion procedures and to dispose of the dead babies. In this case, however, Mary gave birth to a living baby girl, 2 pounds, 8 ounces.

At first the nurse did not realize that the baby was still alive. She clamped the cord as normal and placed her in a bucket to be taken to the pathology lab. Then the baby began moving and crying. The nurses gathered around the baby. Unsure what to do, they summoned their supervisor, who called Dr. Waddill at home. Mary was not told that her baby had been born alive – the infant was whisked away from her before she realized what had happened.

All of this came out in testimony at the trial.

baby abortion
File photo: Newborn baby.

While waiting for Waddill to arrive, the nurses cleaned the baby, suctioned her throat to help her breathe, brought her to the nursery, and placed her in isolette. A neonatal ICU nurse began taking care of the child and charted a heart rate of 88 beats per minute. According to the American Heart Association, an ideal heart rate for newborns is 140 bpm. However, premature babies often have lower heart rates, and many of them survive.

When Dr. Waddill arrived at the clinic, he was angry. He reportedly chased all the nurses out of the room and made a call to another physician, Dr. Ronald Cornelsen. The law at that time stated that two doctors needed to be present to pronounce a premature baby dead. The conversation between the two doctors was recorded and entered into evidence in the trial. According to the tape, Waddill said:

If we all tell the same story, there will be no trouble. … So long as we stand together, no one anywhere can make any accusations anywhere. … Do not get squirrely. Just tell them exactly as we’ve discussed. Just say you went in, there was no heartbeat and you left.

Dr. Cornelsen later testified that he believed that the baby was closer to 31 weeks than 28 weeks. He heard Waddill say, “Sorry to get you into this mess. We had a baby that came out alive from a saline abortion, and it can’t live!”

Dr. Waddill requested potassium chloride to inject into the baby’s heart to stop it. Dr. Cornelsen prevented the nurse from getting it. Waddill then discussed throwing the baby into a bucket of water. Dr. Cornelsen said in testimony:

“I said, ‘Why not just leave the baby alone?’ Waddill said, ‘This baby can’t live or it will be a big mess.'”

Finally, Waddill began strangling the child in full view of Cornelsen and other nurses. No one stopped him. He was quoted saying, “This baby won’t stop breathing!”

When the baby was autopsied later, an examination of the lungs indicated that the baby had been breathing for at least 30 minutes. There were bruises on her throat, consistent with strangulation.

Dr. Waddill went to trial. However, despite the fact that the autopsy proved that the baby had been strangled and a number of witnesses watched the strangulation, charges against Waddill were dismissed after two mistrials. He was never punished for strangling the baby. He was not reprimanded in any way.

He did not lose his medical license. In fact, he continued to perform abortions, and as of the year 2000, he was working for the Family Planning Associates’ chain of abortion facilities. He and the facility he worked at were even endorsed by the National Abortion Federation, an organization that supposedly gives endorsements only to the best facilities and providers.

Incidentally, despite the fact that Family Planning Associates has been endorsed by the NAF, at least 12 women have died at their clinics, and there have been numerous lawsuits.

Could the little girl have survived if she had not been strangled? In the 1970s, neonatology was not as advanced as it is today. In the 1990s, over 90 percent of babies born at 27 weeks were able to survive. The number is even higher now.

Statistics from the 1970s are harder to come by, but an article in The Sydney Morning Herald claims that these babies had about a 71 percent survival rate if given medical attention promptly. So it is possible – if not very likely – that the baby would have survived if she had continued to be treated in the ICU.

Much of the information contained in this article was brought to light by Christina Dunigan. Her blog can be found here:
See “History: William Waddill and the killing of baby W” and “Can Gosnell Walk?” 

  • Colonel Neville

    I salute your great IMPORTANT work in exposing and documenting the reality of abortion and other essentially socialist leftist eugenic ‘perfection of the human race’ dream nightmares.

    My God. THIS should be front page news but no, it won’t be, not with a left liberal dominated media. Meanwhile Planned Parenthood, founded by the atheist Marxist leftist eugenicist genocidal pervert Margaret Sanger [admired by Hitler and Sanger was a speaker at KKK rallies, an organisation founded post Civil War by the Democrat Party], continues to exterminate more millions of human beings than perhaps any single organisation in history and for VERY big money.

    Margaret Sanger said “…exterminate the negro race..” The left are a nihilistic mob mentality death cult. Gee, and Planned parenthood are mutual Obamessiah pals too. Nice. Er, no.

    God help us all…

    margaretsanger blogspot com.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • Stormii

    I have no words…

  • Hannah Mallery

    So horrible. Many pro choicers protest, saying that once the baby is out (no longer “harming” the mother) they agree with medical intervention, but the actions of their hero doctors show that the true objective of abortion is a dead baby.

  • Ravi

    One of the nurses should have taken out a gun and shot William Baxter Waddill in the head when he began strangling the baby, or at least called 911 to report that a murder was being committed.

  • Timothy M. Youngblood

    A news commentator stated the other day “This trial against Gosnell is not about an abortion doctor but about someone accused of being a mass murderer.” WHAT!!!

    The other day I stated … “I would LOVE to have the money to place a billboard in every city with this statement… Stop supporting the child serial killers under the deception of abortion doctors.” Well I realized that I had the tools to do it so I created this and we will see how far it goes. Please read this short article and think about the truth concerning this issue.

  • Donna

    My husband says, “How can you keep reading this stuff, watching those videos?” I say, “How can I not?” I had no idea all these things were happening. Though I have always been against abortion, killing babies, I’ve never gotten involved. Once I began researching the atrocities, I am sick, sick with grief and sick with the knowledge that human beings are capable of doing these things to the most innocent of innocents. How can we keep letting them get away with this? In the 60’s I marched back and forth, with signs, in front of an abortion clinic. That is the extent of my life’s protest. What can I do?

    • Erin

      I have the same story. I just keep shareing on FB. The truth must get out! If the media won’t talk about then I will! And all my friends are going to get sick of hearing it but I am not going to sit by and do nothing anymore!

    • Angela

      Take your signs to the nearest abortion center and plead with the women going in, they need to know someone cares for them and their baby.

      • Suffragette_109

        You have no idea why a woman would need to get an abortion. Going to the clinic to make her feel worse on the worst day of her life is horrible and will raise women’s suicide rates. I guarantee you no one will get an abortion spur of the moment, and it’s not an easy decision to come to. And before you suggest adoption, the childcare system in the US makes it very hard for couple to adopt US children. That’s why so many parents go overseas to adopt a baby. If you give a baby up for adoption in the US you are practically sending it into the system. And before you attack me, I haven’t had an abortion, but I don’t see why people insist on ruining a woman’s life over a decision that should be hers. They also provide birth control at planned parenthood, is that bad? Many of the women who die every day in 3rd world countries could have been saved if they had had planned parenthood to educate them about their bodies limits and how to plan having babies. If we ban abortion in 1st world countries what chance do any women of 3rd world countries have of a life? they will be constant baby machines and they will die.

        A country is not built on the backs of babies, it is built on women and men who strive to make it great, and essentially taking away a woman’s right (which we’ve worked so hard for) will cripple the country’s backbone.

        • Dear Suffragette_109, please don’t believe the lies you’ve been told and are sharing. I had an abortion, and I’ve regretted it ever since. Did you know that getting an abortion raises your risk of suicide, depression and drug addiction? Did you know that there are more adoptive-driven parents in the US than there are children, so this is why families look to other countries, in addition to having compassion for children in institutuions? Did you know that there are natural ways of birth control that have NO risk of breast cancer, stroke and heart attack? Did you also know that many women die during abortions, or undergo emergency hysterectomies or colonostomies from abortions? Not to mention that abortion raises a womans risk of breast cancer.Abortion is not safer than pregnancy. No, they’re not rare or safe. You’ve been lied to, and that should make you angry. You appear to be a thoughtful person who is worried about the welfare of others.
          Please research what happens to a baby during an abortion, and look at Silent No More to see what women say happened to them after an abortion. Please get educated. Someone’s future depends on it…maybe even yours.

          • guest

            Did you know that when performed perfectly, natural family planning has a 30% fail rate? Please get educated. If you want to end abortion (a laudable goal), increase sex education and make condoms available.

          • Basset_Hound

            How about teaching young people refusal skills, and the ability to delay short term pleasures for long term gains. This is done by teaching abstinence.

          • I am against abortion but feel that abstinence doesn”t always work.Young people need to have access to birth control.

          • khi627

            Yes, they do. But did you know the birth control handed out at planned parenthood has a high failure rate. Birth control pills are low dose and condoms are thin, break easy. They are literally setting up their money making abortion business.

          • You can’t have it both ways.As a liberal pro-lifer,I support birth control and family planning.You can’t prevent people from having sex!!There are other ways of getting access to birth control,besides PP.

          • khi627

            I wasn’t suggesting abstinence. But these clinics are not good. Birth control should come from a family Dr.

          • CatBug

            “birth control handed out at planned parenthood has a high failure rate”
            I have been having sex and taking birth control from Planned Parenthood for 7 years. I have never been pregnant nor had any pregnancy scares. If birth control had a “high failure rate” I would have been pregnant by now. Do you even have any studies that back up your claim of a “high failure rate?” If you take your pill every day, you won’t have a problem. Most of the time when birth control “fails” it’s because the person taking it missed a few doses. I use condoms too. I’ve never had one break. Ever. It might be because I pay more for the Trojans, I don’t buy cheap condoms.

          • ladeee

            Actually the birth control from PP has been shown to be of low quality. Please do the research because people aren’t making this up. When your business is abortion why wouldn’t you sell the lowest quality birth control?

          • Robin Johnson

            it takes real strong will power to get through the temptations. no high school parties (or if you do go, make sure they are chaperoned and that the adults there are NOT LENIENT and responsible. if you don’t trust or know the host, don’t go at all), group dates. sports.

            young people DO NOT need access to birth control because they should be focused on SCHOOL and WORK and/or SPORTS, plus volunteer service!

          • Abstinence has a high failure rate.I have worked extensively with adolescents,so I can tell you that getting young people engaged in school and sports is ideal but peer pressure and curiosity is just as strong!! Apparenty you are some ultra conservative!!

          • Robin Johnson

            umm… no it does not….i was emotionally and physically abused during middle school and high school. i suffered from depression and moderate to severe anxiety. it is better to be abused than aborted, because the abuse is only temporary (however, the flashbacks, memories, physical pain may linger), abortion is permanent.

            all my aunts were teen parents, one had a kid in middle school; she is now in her 50s and just getting her life situated.

            again, if you can persevere with a strong support system, be it amazing friends, or close relatives, you can fight temptation. faith helps a lot, especially when you feel like the world has gotten colder, and God has become silent, absent: Without prayer, Catherine Doherty states, the life of the Christian dies. She means straightforwardly, that if you stop praying, your spiritual life will shrivel up like fruit. But her statement has overtones, and I start to suspect that the reason my Christian life hasn’t completely conked out is that even when I am not praying, other people are praying for me, on my behalf….All of their prayers have been in me, their prayers the blood running through my own shutting-down veins. For which, gratitude, and the promise of reciprocation in the form of prayers from my mouth, too, or from my hands…and yet again the poet: Just as I was getting good, I lost it. As soon as it was gone, I understood it was not a skill at all (Carrie Fountain).~excerpt from book (Still)

          • Robin Johnson

            you know what else has a high failure rate? birth control. and don’t tell me about abortion, or plan b.

          • Actually when used properly,birth control has a low failure rate.

          • Robin Johnson

            yeah…key words: used properly.

          • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

            TELL IT!

          • my opinion only

            I agree with that, and that is what I teach our daughters. There are more risks with sex amongst young people. Pregnancy is always a possibility, so is disease. Not to mention the fact that sleeping around isn’t good for the reputation, the self esteem, and if you are having sex at a young age the probability of multiple partners by the time you marry are high. Then instead of being innocent, you become a jaded person from the multiple partners and multiple failed relationships. Children have no business dating in high school- very unlikely to meet your mate there. Too much instability at that age.

          • Basset_Hound

            When she was in high school, our daughter mentioned several times how disgusted she was by the guys in her school who thought of her as “nothing more than boobs and a vagina”, and who demanded to be “serviced” in return for doing simple favors for her. If someone is having sex at an early age, they are at increased risks for STD’s, and are more likely to engage in other types of destructive behavior, such as binge drinking. I have never had to raise a son in such an atmosphere, but friends tell me that if a boy decides he wants to bypass all the drama and focus on school, sports, band or some other type of activity, the bored, jaded girls will tease, ridicule and pester him until they can get him to hook up with them. They consider this as an extra special challenge to their “powers of persuasion” if they can weaken his resolve.

          • J

            How about being responsible

          • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

            How dignified!

          • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

            In Africa, the pro-aborts throw these imbecile devices to the African people who are INSULTED by it because they know they are NOT ANIMALS that have NO self-control!

            And, fyi, the Africans are actually FIGHTING BACK with NFP.

          • A Friend

            Hm, you’ve made a grave mistake in your calculations there.

            Google symptothermalbasal method, and google pubmed. Pubmed is the resource that doctors (I’m in med school) use to check our facts, and if you search symptothermalbasal method of birth control in pubmed, you’ll find it has a nearly 99 percent effectiveness rate when done correctly. Learn to do your searches in pubmed for medical information, instead of through whatever resource you’re using.

            I’m not, however, saying that your statistic is wrong. The rhythm method–by which a woman just looks at the calendar and guesses when she’s fertile based on the days of her period–does have an incredibly high failure rate, and in fact, I believe it’s HIGHER than what you’ve stated, although I haven’t investigated that. You can also put rhythm method into pubmed to check the exact number.

            The difference between the rhythm method and the symptothermalbasal method is that the latter is based on taking scientific temperature measurements of a woman’s vagina throughout the month, and checking the position of her cervix, and her vaginal secretions. Basically, you train yourself to become a tiny gynecologist–you need a mirror, an accurate thermometer, a chart, and a lot of dedication. Also latex gloves if you’re uncomfortable handling your own secretions. Using this method, you carefully chart your body’s fertility and remain abstinent (or use a condom) on the five days of the month or so that you’re fertile. This is different from just looking at a calendar because you’re actually scientifically evaluating your body, and it has a lower failure rate than even levonogesterol pills (sorry about spelling) and other monthly birth control.

            When it comes down to it, the difference is always science. Abstinence is the only 100 percent effective way to avoid pregnancy–I think you’ll actually even find that on the Planned Parenthood website, where I unironically get a lot of my contraceptive information. = P But beyond abstinence, a condom can be quite effective, and symptothermal basal is perfect if you’re in a committed monogamous relationship and you’re able to work up the dedication to the method. I prefer both of those methods to any form of hormonal birth control, but you need to consult with your doctor regarding different cancer histories in your family first (combined oral contraceptives can help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, but they can increase the risk of breast cancer according to the WHO, so you need to check with your provider based in your history). Another good option is the non-hormonal copper IUD, but there’s debate, even among pro life gynecologists, as to whether or not it can cause an abortion. It shouldn’t, because as far as we know the copper just poisons sperm so they can’t fuse with the egg, and that may be a good option for someone who is having trouble staying abstinent and is frequently sexually active. However, IUDs have been linked to uterine perforations and deadly infections.

            Really, it’s all about choosing the birth control that works for you. In the end, abstinence is the only method without side effects, and, if you’re in a committed relationship like a marriage, the symptobasalthermal method is a close second, but it’s a lot of work, and a condom is just a nice alternative. Condoms are a lot of fun, too, because the can come in all kinds of different shapes and so on.

            You can double check literally everything I’ve said on pubmed, or medscape. Either of those are resources used by medical professionals to make informed decisions. You should absolutely look up the dangerous side effects of your birth control (preferably on the actual prescription hand-out the drug company gives to your doctor, but not to you–fortunately available online) and make sure you make an informed, educated decision, and if you have a family history of ovarian cancer you should absolutely be on combined oral contraceptives. You really have to do the research yourself, at the primary sources (like pubmed) and not on blog articles or even doctors’ website. Look to the studies, they will guide you.

        • Basset_Hound

          Have you ever thought that the reason it is so difficult to adopt in the US is because so few infants are surrendered? Couples advertise offering to pay medical bills and living expenses for a mom who will allow them to adopt her child.

          A country CANNOT be built if the strong are allowed to extricate themselves from situations they created by killing the weak and the innocent. That isn’t freedom and choice, it’s tyranny.

        • J

          God has a plan for each of us. Men and women can’t become men and women if they are aborted. So we are allowed to be God’s and pick and choose who gets to live and who doesn’t for the sake of convenience and/or population control….wow, isn’t that what Hitler did. Think about it. We call it a woman’s choice and it’s murder people!!!

          • paige

            that doctor should be in jail. the woman had an abortion while the baby was still inside of her but once that baby was born and took breathes it is considered a person. someone should have stopped that doctor from strangling that baby. they should not have hid that fact from her!! there was a reason that baby lived through the abortion!! and it was not not just to be strangled thirty minutes after birth!!!

          • Tonia McBride

            paige – what’s the difference? I don’t ask that to be ironic, but because birth is really an arbitrary event. Was the baby less a person a few hours earlier when the doctor injected poison into it’s environment so it would burn to death? If you’re not okay with strangling a child who was born at 31 weeks or 25 weeks, can you really be okay with killing one who is 25 or 31 weeks old and still inside it’s mother?

        • Abb

          The reason it is so hard to adopt in USA is because all our babies are being murdered.

        • Kathleen Karp


          • Maria Hernandez

            If you go through the fost-adopt program through your county it is easier. I did and it took 1 year but I had the children while the home study was being performed and all the adoption red tape was done. 12 years later, never had regrets. So many kids that need adoption.
            My kids were 2 and 7 month siblings. No regrets ever. They are now 13 and 15 and bith wonderful violin players.

        • Elise77

          A LOT of women have an abortion on the spur of the moment. And why is it “not an easy decision to come to”? Nobody says that about an appendectomy. Nobody says that about a tumor removal. If it’s not a BABY, why shouldn’t the decision be as easy as that? But it IS a baby. It’s a human life in the balance, and women KNOW it. That’s why it’s not an easy decision. For some, anyway. According to the Guttmacher Institute, half of all abortions are repeat abortions. So apparently a significant percentage of women who have an abortion find it easier to make up their minds about that than to decide which BIRTH CONTROL they’d like to use.

          And yes, adoption is difficult and expensive, but it is a LIE that putting a newborn up for adoption is “practically sending it into the system.” There are enough families on waiting lists to adopt- IN THIS COUNTRY- that every child murdered in an abortion clinic could have a home. In my small-town paper there are at least two families constantly advertising their desire to adopt. A pregnant mother can practically hand-pick her baby’s new family. Healthy newborns, placed for adoption by their mothers, do NOT get shuffled through the system. They are placed and adopted quickly.

          “A country is not built on the backs of babies, it is built on women and men who strive to make it great…”
          Are you freaking serious right now? So babies are expendable because they aren’t actively contributing members of society YET? Maybe you weren’t aware that every man and woman on whose back this country was/is built STARTED OUT AS A BABY.

          And no matter what the law says, I never, NEVER had the right to murder my offspring. So that is not a right that can ever be taken away because it is NOT my right. And if it WAS mine, I would gladly forfeit it to make sure that another child was never ripped limb from limb in the womb again. I am a woman. I don’t need a manufactured right to kill my children in order to be a vital, contributing member of society. I don’t want it. It disgusts me that anyone thinks I need that right in order to realize my destiny and worth as a human being. It literally makes me want to vomit. What a vile notion. Men can’t “opt out” of fatherhood under law, and yet they still manage to carry on. What makes women think we have the right to “opt out” of motherhood when we’ve created another human being? Nine months of pregnancy in exchange for a lifetime for the child for whose life you are responsible. What a petty price to pay when the alternative is to pay a “doctor” to mutilate your baby.

          • khi627

            That was so perfectly said. I never thought of it that way, men can’t opt out of fatherhood, a woman shouldn’t be able to either…….
            I’m adding that to my mental list of things to say against abortion. Clever! Thanks!!!

          • CatBug

            Men absolutely can opt out of fatherhood and they do it all the time. My sister’s baby daddy left. He’s never met the child, he pays no child support, he has never wanted anything to do with the kid. That sure sounds like opting out of fatherhood to me. That’s a pretty flawed argument. :/

          • khi627

            You know I actually had this exact conversation with a friend this past weekend and see that point now. Although with that being said if thats how i father chooses to opt-out of being a father then perhaps a mother should do the same. If they don’t want the child, murder should not be the option but perhaps giving a child to the Father who may want the child or adoption to another family.

        • Carrie Cosgrove

          What men and women? Oh you mean the one that were “allowed” to live? So this country was built on the backs of the babies. I don’t know what is more sickening, Your ASSinine statement or the murdering of innocent children.

        • I worked in foster care and adoption,and thereare many success stories.There is never any justification for an abortion,especially a late term one.

      • NeverForgetJewsDid9-11

        And go to prison?

        Sadly, what can be done about these sorts of things?

        What other species on Earth kills their own young?

    • Mikaela

      It is sad to read these stories. You are right, more needs to be done. We have become so worried we will anger someone that we curl up and pretend not to notice.

    • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

      Exercise your civic duty like your life depended on it!

      We MUST vote for a new, ProLife, God-fearing President of the US in 2016!!

    • A Friend

      If you really want to help, consider adoption, or volunteering for a pro-woman pro-life organization like Save the Storks. Save the Storks gives women free ultrasounds that often turn them away from abortion. Protesting outside of an abortion clinic can be dangerous, and is not the most effective method, depending on how you go about it. However, if you go to your local pregnancy center, and get counseling training, then you can go to your local abortion mill and speak with pre-abortive women in a powerful, influential manner, from a place of experience. Google your local pregnancy center and seek training. They really need volunteers, and they’ll love you for it. You can also donate diapers and babysitting service to them.

      Another good resource is Feminists for Life. FFL tries to end the factors that drive women to abortion–like lack of education, poverty, lack of male support, and lack of other resources. You can help provide resources to folks considering abortions, and you can even offer to take their child. Contact your local Feminists for Life representative, as well. They may be able to get you in touch with someone who needs encouragement to keep their baby. You can help by advocating for free babysitting services for single women.

      Finally, consider donating to organizations like Students for Life and Americans United For Life. SFLA, the students’ organization, is fully involved in educating students about the risks of abortion, and if you want to end abortion you need to support my generation as we make it happen. You can also get the young people in your life involved in SLFA, and send them to SFLA talks. One great resource for skeptical young people is Secular ProLife. I’m a Christian, but I like Secular ProLife because of the powerful scientific arguments they offer against abortion, and in my opinion science is THE reason not to abort–philosophy and religion can argue about humanhood all the time, but scientifically, organic life begins when the zygote is formed with a complete, unique set of human DNA, and there’s just no way around that fact: our humanity is in our genes. So using SFLA and Secular Prolife, get involved in your local school or homeschool group, and get the kids around you involved. Rock for Life is another very, very powerful messaging group. Let’s face it, the generation from the 60s and 70s is the generation that created this mess–the people who legalized abortion are old now. If you focus your efforts on educating my generation, you can leave a legacy.

      Finally, I mention AUL, Americans United for Life. They’re by far the most legislative pro life group I know, and they submit Amicus Briefs and various other legal documentation with nearly every case or piece of pro life legislation, connecting doctors and lawyers and a number of other professionals with the lawmakers who need to hear the truth about life. If you have a professional background, you may be able to get involved with them, but it may be that the best you can do is donate to them. Let’s face it, Planned Parenthood, NAF, and their interest groups have the $$ advantage. They make money off the abortion procedure, and on top of that they get federal funding. If we want to win, we have to put our $$ where our mouths are. This is a good candidate for your support, because they work directly with lawmakers.

      I know this can be kind of overwhelming, but the bottom line is this: see if you can donate just a little bit every month to one of these groups, either to a group that helps women considering abortions, or a group that educates youth about the consequences of abortions, or a legislative group like AUL fighting to make the procedure illegal. Then, set aside a few hours every week to volunteer for one of these organizations, or to find training to talk to pre-abortive women. You may find that you’re far better off than a number of pre-abortive women, and you may find you can help them, or at least form lasting relationships that prevent death. If you can make friends with at least one woman, and help her through her difficult times, you’ll have made a difference. The key is follow-up. Follow-up on donating, and follow-up on volunteer time, and follow-up on relationships.

      I hope this information has been helpful. Of course social media shares and the like are good, but you can get more hands on than that.

    • Tonia McBride

      Donna, there are so many things you can do. Support your local crisis pregnancy center. Write your congressmen. Make sure the young men and women in your life know that you are willing to support them if they ever find themselves facing a crisis pregnancy. Find your local 40 Days for Life group. Write letters to the editor. If you’re a Christian, pray and encourage your pastor or priest to talk about abortion from the pulpit.

    • bifatjac

      Join Susan B. Anthony. They are successful and determined lobbyists.

  • I echo the thank you’s for sharing this sad information. But know this: no one will “get away” with this sort of thing. There awaits a day when everyone will be accountable. Those with Christ will have legal representation but the others will have nothing.

    • Amen to that Juda, and the sad thing is, we are supposed to feel sorry for these people when they get their punishment, but I can’t help but think they deserve what they get. They purposely killed innocent babies, they deserve the same punishment. I pray that God softens my heart towards these people, but I just can’t have sympathy for them.

  • mcsteve

    They won’t get away with this in the next world, Our Lord sees all, n he’s the just judge!!! These judges who allowed these abortionists to get away with these mallious killing, will also have to answer to Our Lord Jesus Christ for not being a voice for those babies.

  • lisaj

    Do you people realize that this was a longgg time ago. Seriously, abortions now a days are not like this. Its a more simple procedure and most girls get their abortions near the early stage of their pregnancy which is about 5 weeks or so. The child doesn’t even have a clue. Not just that, there are several people who want to complain and bitch about people being on food stamps and getting government help, but yet if they want to have an abortion you want to bitch about that too! This has been legalized for years now, so people just need to get over it. No one is telling you to have an abortion.

    • “The child doesn’t even have a clue” So, you admit that a child dies in abortion. This is a start. Now please explain how abortion is a solution to poverty.

    • Pilar

      You share the same sentiment as “your” president. When obama was a senator in Chicago his vote reflected your opinion…if an aborted baby survives…finish it off. How proud his daughters must be, in addition to his statement that he wouldn’t want his 12 year old daughter to be “stuck” with a baby. Let her buy an abortion pill.

    • Have you even bothered to watch or read anything about the Gosnell story? That WASNT a long time ago. This goes on all the time! Abortion is an abomination and should be illegal. Women and men need to practice some personal responsibility and avoid this mess. Children don’t ask to be conceived, much less murdered just for theor parents’ convenience!

      • star

        I’m glade to see at least some people can open their eyes and see that this not to harm and murder poor children. I have been told much to many times that well, what if the mother was rapped should she be inconvenienced with a child.” Being told this makes me so upset a child should be killed because it is an inconvenience. although being rapped is not your fault it is not the babies either.

        • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

          A mom-victim of rape benefits from positive, life-affirming love&support that the killing of her unborn baby will NEVER provide and instead will add to her trauma.

    • Dear lisaj,
      you’ve been lied to. The majority of abortions are not done at 5 weeks, but much later. Even so, your assertion that “the child doesn’t even have a clue” is misguided. You are correct, of course, that it is a human child (that’s a fact of science, not a political viewpoint), but you are not correct that because the child doesn’t know that it’s mother is attempting to kill it, that some how it’s ok. That’s as absurd as saying that it’s ok to rape a woman who’s unconscious (because she wouldn’t have a clue), or killing a person who’s asleep. We won’t get over abortion and stand by while a billion dollar industry is killing people. You can say “no one is telling you to have an abortion”, but that’s as rediculous as saying “no one is telling you to kill your wife, so get over it” or “no one is telling you not to rape a child, so get over it.” We proudly stand for those people who need us to speak for them, the innocent. I hope you will research what exactly abortion is, go to silent no more awareness’ web site and hear from people who’ve had abortions and see the after affects on their lives, look at exactly what happens to children in abortion. I hope you will educate yourself, and not accept the lies that have been given to you by a very powerful multibillion dollar industry.

      • khi627

        Perfect :)

    • Basset_Hound

      “No one”????? Really????

      How about the man who impregnated the woman telling her “get rid of it or I’m done with you”?

    • gmdemps

      Slavery was legalized for years too and we didn’t stop complaining about that until it was made illegal.

    • star

      Whether the abortion was done in away you proclaim “safe” or not abortion dosnt just magically make someone baby free it makes them mothers of dead babies. and how could you say if the baby is more or less clueless on week 5 then on week 30. whether it is or not i am sure that the baby being killed will under go some kind of pain and will die , why you find this right? i do not know..

    • paige

      food stamps does not have a thing to do with abortion.

    • Leah

      So, you are saying, if you kill someone when they are young and innocent, it is okay? Just think, life is an amazing gift! What if you were aborted at five weeks? Every person has the RIGHT TO LIFE. Not just the planned, the perfect, and the affordable. Who knows? Our country may be aborting people who would have been great leaders…

    • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

      Hey, genius, hitler “was a long(1’g’, not 3)time ago.”

  • jennifer

    When my mother was born in 1955 she weighed one pound two ounces. Nurses and doctors did not know what to do for her so they just put her in her crib and put her to the side of a room waiting on her to die.
    She overcame all the obstacles, lived, attendedschool where she got top Marks and attended college where she kept a 4.0 GPA, gave birth to three daughters, and is still alive and well today.
    It’s hard to tolerate hearing any news regarding children that are born smaller premature or handicapped being put to death because they lived!
    If my mother could survive in 1955 with no medical intervention, then this baby would have survived with it!!!

    • Basset_Hound

      It is a miracle that your mom not only survived but had no apparent neurological damage.

  • Suzanne McKay

    This is just SO UNBELIEVABLE and SAD and makes me feel sick! The poor, precious baby! Thank God, she was welcomed into Heaven with open arms, and felt no pain at that point. The current similar abortion Doctor, Dr. Gosnell, had better be brought to justice! How long will God have mercy on this country?

  • Jennie

    I don’t believe this story!!!! Hogwash to scare those in need of counseling and sympathy. A woman’s choice is hers and hers alone. No one should judge, lest ye be judged..

    • Jennie, why would you not believe in recorded testimony? There are thousands of reports exactly like this one. A woman doesn’t have a legitimate choice to commit murder of an innocent child, and a real woman doesn’t need to hide behind a cliche, or a misquote of the holy word of God . Be intelligent, check your facts.

    • Basset_Hound

      So Andrea Yates’ choice was hers alone, right? Imagine being trapped in a small home and forced to care for five small children. Who are we to judge her?

      The Bible quotation involves not speculating about a person’s worth as a human being in the eyes of God, NOT assessing their choices and behavior in terms of ethical standards.

    • “I don’t believe this story!!!!”
      OK. That’s your decision to ignore solid evidence. That’s why the story includes links to articles supporting its claims.

      “Hogwash to scare those in need of counseling and sympathy. A woman’s choice is hers and hers alone.”
      So you’re saying that women scared and pressured into abortions by abortionists, abortion clinics’ staffs and “pro-choice advocates” counts as “counseling and sympathy”? And that Pro-life sidewalk counselors trying to save the lives of and care for both unborn children AND their mothers aren’t showing sympathy?

      ” No one should judge, lest ye be judged..”
      So you’re saying pro-lifers shouldn’t judge (lest they be judged)? What about “pro-choice” advocates (ie. abortion apologists) judging the unborn as “unworthy”? And why do you ignore your judging (“Hogwash”, “I don’t believe this story!!!!”)? Since you tried to use a biblical passage to support your argument, how about you spend less time worrying about splinters in other peoples’ eyes and remove the log from your own.

    • star

      nice, you think killing a baby should be a choice just think about what you are saying, just because you order the hit-man ( the abortionist ) to do it for you doesn’t make it right look at any newborn baby if you could see yourself murdering it why could you see yourself murdering any baby at any age.

      • Abb

        Abb • 2 days ago −
        Call Dr Waddill . His home phone is 949-661-4070, I found online last night and called and actually talked to this murderer.

    • Leah


      What the heck?! What if you were the baby? Do you believe that your mother had the ‘right’ to abort you? God said, “Thou shalt not kill.” Everyone who is created has an undeniable RIGHT TO LIFE. You think women can place themselves above God, and handle precious lives however they deem ‘right’? Abortion is killing, and killing puts peoples’ souls in danger. Plus, we ‘judgers’ are just trying to save women from a life of sorrow, depression, and regret, as well as we are trying to save all souls.

      These stories are true, and must be told to help all people….

      May God grant you a change of heart.

  • star

    I dont understand how he could get away with this, how could this be brushed aside? How could anyone hurt sucj an innocent being rest in heaven baby girl

    • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

      The pro-abort agenda=diabolical. We must storm the gates of hell&proclaim the ProLife Truth like wildfire!

  • Leah

    How terrible!:(

  • Abb

    Call Dr Waddill . His home phone is 949-661-4070, I found online last night and called and actually talked to this murderer. I didn’t say much, I was shocked to actually have gotten through to him. I have been praying for him all day.

  • Kayleigh Tyrner

    This pisses me off……of the babies alive LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! let her go into foster care not Kill Her. How sick are you?! This man needs his licenses revoked NOW!

  • Maria Hernandez

    And we chastise ISIS for their atrocities. We are no better. Baby W was alive because she was allowed to live and was spared, only to die at the hands of a doctor who disregarded the hipocratical oath.

  • Alexander T Steward

    Yeah right. I’ve read some bullshit on this site run by smug biblefags, but this takes the cake.

    • What’s it 2 u

      Sweetheart, tone it down a bit. The mods here haven’t gotten better, but please don’t get banned.


      • YouHateMe

        Yep. You need all the filth bag support you can get.

  • There needs to be a post abortion alive act,that will prohibit doctors from killing later term babies that survive.

  • Joshua Oreskovich

    that mother fucker needs to be put to death.

  • Christian Minjarez

    A helpless baby shouldn’t be killed because that girl decided to open her legs up for a guy sorry but its true…that baby shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of her choice. For those people that say ohhhh its their choice okay let’s inject what they exposed to that baby into you. That baby feels everything just like me and you.

  • YouHateMe

    Hard to read that and remember that the same little one would be cherished while laying in her mommies lap.

  • Please educate yourself!! The pill is not the only form of BC around. There are barrier methods like the condom, diaphragm, and the sponge.There is also the IUD.Conservative pro-lifers like yourself are what gives the movement a bad name!!

    • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

      No, really you are seriously ignorant&must educate YOURSELF!!!!

      You need to open your mind just a bit and try&comprehend that
      women deserve better than shoving potent chemicals in their precious bodies WHEN THEY ARE NOT EVEN SICK.

      You’re drunk on the kool-aid, quit abusing the adjectives to push your agenda&your moniker is ridiculous, because there is just ONE kind of ProLife Advocate—& you AIN’T it!

      • There are many pro-life advocates who believe in birth control.There is more to BC than potent chemicals.And by the way,I have been a pro-life advocate for years and run numerous pages on FB.You should educate yourself and check out Pro-life Liberals.Oh and by the way there are pro-lifers from many different backgrounds.I am also a member of Feminists For Life,and Democrats For The Life Of America(DFLA)

        • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

          And, you do understand that that does not make it right.

          Wait—so the poison in a poison will not discourage you from taking it…oh. That is really not good. You are NO ProLife Advocate.

          • We are talking about other methods of BC here.It is apparent,you have this fixed mind set that only people who believe as you do are pro-lifers.What about people who are pro-life and atheist or gay pro-lifers?Are you consistently pro-life?I know I am.

          • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

            You have NOT condemned the poison that chains women down to begin with! You are the narrow-minded “liberal” whatever. THAT is what’s clear here.

            Don’t try to open up another can of worms because you can’t make a point here. Are you ok with women shoving chemicals down their throats to render themselves temporarily barren?? VERY misogynist&inconsistent.

          • You haven’t replied to my previous points,which shows you are narrow minded and not open to discussion.You only refer to hormonal birth control.I will respond no further to anything you have to say.I only converse with open minds!!

          • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

            Since I brought it up first, you ought to do what is right and address it first. But, it wouldn’t surprise if you back out.

            That’s the best thing that an intolerant like you ought to do. Bye-bye

          • my opinion only

            To Hillary: I was on birth control for about 20 years when I had a tubal ligation. All went well, no problems being on the pill. To Francis and many others in this blog, I wish everyone was “pro-life” regarding the children already born. I used to be pro-life for fetuses and embryos, but I have become disenchanted with watching the news and hearing about children being murdered either by their parents or step parents. Until people serve stiffer penalties for child abuse or child murders there is no hope for abortion. The most disgusting wake up call is when mothers carry their babies to full term and murder them with their bare hands and get a slap on the wrist. Abortion is only a speck compared to the huge problem at hand.

          • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

            To m…: TMI, keep your private sh!t to yourself.

            You do NOT speak for all women, ESPECIALLY those who DIED from the drugs that are pushed on them when they are NOT sick.

          • my opinion only

            “Keep your private sh– to yourself” unless they agree with you, right? Good luck on your cause, but with a mouth like yours no one will believe your views hold much credence. This is a healthy debate that you are unable to have without using vulgarity and name calling.

        • Joe

          I respect your right to your views, but overall I’m surprised how many people are not willing to tell people that sex is powerful and while one may not be able to stop from having it consensually in a particular situation one has to always remember that no matter what pleasure it provides the ultimate reason it happens is to provide new life and no one can really take away that aspect of it, else some form of contraception would be 100% effective, and none are. So I am no longer able to see how more people aren’t able to tell people to never have sex unless you’re open to new life because it is always a possibility. I believe this both because of my religion but also would believe it even if I were not religious. I’m trouble by this pervasive notion that sex is really separable from procreation…it is not no matter how much we pretend we can “rein it in”.

          • Joe,Sex is seperable from procreation,but being Catholic(I assume you are)you wouldn’t see that.You cannot impose your views on others.People have sex because it feels good and in many instances brings individuals closer together.What about couples who are in commited relationships(married or not)who do not want or cannot have children.Are you going to tell them not to have sex.That is unrealistic.And by the way,I am Catholic as well and many fellow Catholics share my view.Look up the statistics for how many Catholics use BC.

  • Crystal K.

    Terrified girls who have hidden their pregnancies and given birth alone and abandoned their babies have gone to jail based on autopsy reports that show the baby took even one breath after birth. I can’t believe this guy walked.

  • Elat

    It’s so so so so so evil… I don’t have words. Abortion is the biggest genocide in human history.

  • I am a liberal in the tradition of Eunice Kennedy Shriver,and her husband Sargent Shriver,both of whom were pro-life, but supported the Democratic Party.I am not now,nor have I ever been a one issue voter.I detest everything the GOP stands for(big business,unfair immigration reform,cuts to social programs,the right to bare arms,etc)As someone who considers herself”whole life”,I support the party that cares about whether or not families can put food on the table,about creating some kind of health care program,increasing the minimum wage,so families can pay bills and not live in poverty.I support the party that cares about education and not cutting programs and services for those who are struggling to get on their feet.And that is the Democratic Party.

  • sarah5775

    Keep in mind that the whole reason we are allowed to put restrictions on abortion is because of a Democrat. It used to be that that you couldn’t pass parental notification, you couldn’t pass informed consent, you couldn’t pass waiting periods,. But then a Democrat, Gov. Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, took a case against abortion all the way to the Supreme Court, throwing his support behind it and actually legislating the case all the way up to the Supreme Court, and now we have the ability to pass all those laws. He was a true pro-life Democrat – he extended health care coverage to people in the state, fought poverty, and fought against abortion consistently and always. If it hadn’t been for Planned Parenthood versus Casey, no restrictions on abortion would be allowed whatsoever, and the abortion rate would be much higher than is now because women would not had to have seen ultrasound, they would not have to wait 24 hours, teens would not have had to tell their parents. (Though the court slipped that judicial bypass in despite Casey’s objections) You need to do some research on the way it was in the 1990s before these laws were allowed or were always being overturned. The Supreme Court now allows restrictions and that was single-handedly due to a Democrat.

  • YouHateMe

    Marg and Adolph would be so proud.

  • Christi Crawford

    No one has the right to have an abortion! NO ONE!!! It may be your body, but its someone else’s life inside your body and you don’t have the right to take it no matter what. It’s murder plain as day. If you don’t want it, give it away to a loving couple who will shower it with more love than you ever had in your life. Grow up and face the fact that if its your decision to spread your legs the consequence of that few minutes of pleasure may very well lead to a lifetime of responsibility.

  • Anna H.

    I am sure I will get attacked for my opinion. But I am on the fence with abortion. And no amount of facts will change my opinion. In the case above and every other case where a live baby was killed. The doctors should be strangled. I am against late term abortion unless it’s medically necessary. And still, I think everything should be done to avoid it. But it is a women’s choice and no one should have the right to take that from a women. Abortion is not birth control! I’ve seen frequent fliers in planned parenthood. I think it should be free to have your tubes tide. My question for pro-life folks… where is the help once the baby is born? It seems pro-lifers are done caring when the baby breathes air. I am expecting again after 10 years. I picked life for my child and myself. In fact he saved my life because a serious heart condition was found when I was pregnant. I yelled at the doc that suggested termination at 14 weeks. He was perfectly healthy. I almost died but after all that, we are both alive. AND I hope my body will be ok for this baby. I would have certainly died had I picked abortion early on with my son. So for me it’s a no. But for others, it’s their right. And not anyone else’s choice.

  • I wish my fellow Pro-lifers were not as uptight about sex.Safe and resonsible sex definitely needs to be taught.

    • Michigan_Pat

      Other than being “uptight” about sex, can you think of any other reason that your fellow pro-lifers would oppose birth control?