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Brainstorming: how do we respond to this act of pro-abortion vandalism in Seattle?

Pro-abortion activists are praising someone who vandalized a pro-life pregnancy resource center’s advertisement on a major bus route in Seattle, WA with this sticker:

The sticker reads: “Be advised: this is an anti-choice organization. They will NOT present you with all your legal & medical options. Call Planned Parenthood instead: [number].”

It’s ironic this anonymous vandal would promote Planned Parenthood over a pro-life pregnancy center when an Illinois woman just died after going to a Planned Parenthood clinic for an abortion (see my previous report here), and considering the news today that yet another woman has been injured during a Planned Parenthood abortion.

Here is what some pro-abortion bloggers had to say about this act of pro-abortion vandalism:

Vanessa of Feministing: “Bad-a** of the Day. Awesome.”

Kaye of Upworthy: “Something pretty awesome happened – it got sticker-bombed”

Shelby of SK: “This is fabulous! Go random Seattle activist doing good in the world.”

All these pro-abortion activists seem to think this vandalism is justified because pro-life pregnancy centers don’t present women with all their “choices.” But of course we know it is Planned Parenthood that regularly misinforms, makes distortions, and lies to women about their total range of options (including adoption).

After all, what woman doesn’t already know about abortion? Instead, it’s the many, many women who don’t know the full range of abortion alternatives and types of support for pregnancy who need to be reached through effective advertising such as bus and metro ads like this one. The sticker pretty clearly obscures this bus ad claiming to offer “abortion alternatives,” so how can pro-aborts accuse this pro-life center of false advertising?

I think we need to respond to this act of vandalism aggressively. Here are a few ways we can do that (please share your additional ideas in the comments!):

  1. The Seattle pro-life pregnancy center in question is Birthright. Their local chapter in Seattle is located at 9641 20th Avenue SW (Ph: 206-957-7790). I know, for instance, that they were looking for volunteers this summer. Let’s support this local pro-life pregnancy center!
  2. The metro service this vandalism happened on was Metro Transit. I think we should inquire with them if they intend to investigate this act of vandalism (or compensate Birthright for their lost advertising use).
  3. We should also contact Planned Parenthood and ask if they condone or condemn this type of vandalism of public property.

I’m open to other ways of responding, but these are the top three that come to mind for me. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of pro-abortion activists gloating after they break the law and endanger more young women (and unborn children!) by harassing legitimate pro-life initiatives.

  • kimmy

    God can always use evil for good… maybe the flashy black and yellow sticker drew the attention of a woman in need of this CPC’s info..

  • SueCB

    The pro-abortion activists had a large sticker made ??? They vandalized with forethought. I personally know women who were not given all their options and were uneducated about the development of their pre-born child at a Planned Parenthood clinic. It is not pro-choice when you are not given the education to make a choice.

  • Roy

    “This is fabulous! Go random Seattle activist doing good in the world.”
    Good will be called evil and evil will be called good.

  • AJP

    Why would someone call it “choice” if they take away the pro-life alternative? I can’t even imagine any rational thinking going on in the person who vandalized it. Do you know if this Birthright is a franchise of the same provider that was vandalized with spray paint in Canada ?

    • Biggz

      The only anti-choice alternative is to carry the pregnacy to full term… What other options do you guys offer? None.

      • Liberal Fascism 101: hate, attack, blame, lie, deny

  • MyChoice

    I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of anti-choice activists using underhanded and dishonest tactics to stop women from making their own private medical decisions! (The most basic thing they lie about: Statistically, abortion is actually safer than pregnancy and childbirth.)

    People “vandalize” bus stops and other ads all the time. Making a big deal over it is kind of stupid. I’m afraid you’ll just have to suck it up.

    • Have to concur. Plus, if Birthright is upset about it, I’m sure the Seattle transportation authority has some recourse for them if they want the vandalism addressed. Or, they could just not advertise. There’s always that.

      • Jeanette Leighton

        The “tolerance” crowd speaks again: you must respect my decision to stop the beating heart of an unborn child via cutting him or her to pieces (and your tax dollars should pay for my abortion regardless of your religious views), but I refuse to respect your free speech because I disagree with you.

      • Rebecca Downs

        Why should an organization not have the right to advertise? That’s giving into bullying and vandalism from the pro-choice side. The organization has the right to advertise without others vandalizing their ads because they simply disagree with their views, and in an immature way.

    • thisoldspouse

      You mean Pro-abortion. Stop with the pathetic, obvious euphemisms already. You just make yourself look more stupid, and conniving at the same time.

      • Biggz

        “Pro-life” is quite a euphemism coming from people who murder doctors in front of their families in church on Sunday… The only choice offered by the anti-choice movement is to carry the pregnancy to full term and that is not a choice.

        • Your complaint only applies to individuals who do murder doctors – which is almost nobody in the pro-life movement. To paint the movement generally with such a broad, malicious brush is slander of the most contemptible order.

        • Rebecca Downs

          You seem mistaken and are generalizing the pro-life movement, actually. Almost all pro-lifers, like myself, believe in peaceful methods to ensure that the unborn are given the same right to life that others are, who all started off the same way that the unborn did. To carry your baby to full term is a choice, and is the loving choice for everyone involved. Many women are coerced into abortions or don’t know really what they’re getting into and will regret this “choice” for years, maybe even the rest of their life. By your logic, if carrying the pregnancy to full term isn’t a choice (obviously it is if there are people alive on this planet and new people are born everyday), then it seems like your choice would be for every woman to have an abortion. How is it not a choice for a woman to carry her pregnancy to term? And if a woman chooses not to keep the child that she conceived, for whatever reason, she can still carry her pregnancy to term and give it up for adoption. Everyone survives, and it’s another choice right there.

  • Raven

    How funny! I just went to a pro-life clinic three weeks ago and we discussed every option. Even abortion and the effects it would have on me and on my unborn child. Something PP doesn’t do. They also offer counseling for women who are suffering after an abortion. Pro-aborts are so sadly misinformed :(

  • pointe4Jesus

    Right, it’s not ok for pro-lifers to vandalize pro-abort stuff, but it’s fine for them to vandalize pro-life stuff? Seems a trifle disconnected to me.

    • pointe4Jesus

      No, disconnected isn’t the right word. Hypocritical is what I wanted to say.

      • Actually, you still don’t have the right word. Let me help:

        • pointe4Jesus

          Ok, my brain is a little tired tonight, so feel free to tell me if I’m misunderstanding what your saying. If I understand you right, you’re saying that I shouldn’t characterize all pro-abortion people by the few that vandalize things. Is that what you’re trying to say? Because if it’s not, you’re going to need to tell me more specifically, because my brain is too tired to figure it out right now. Sorry.

  • We leave a sticker. You use a firebomb and shoot doctors.

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      Live Action is completely opposed to all violence in the abortion debate – from either side. However, you forget that abortion supporters have also killed, planted bombs, and violently vandalized the houses of pro-life protesters. I would hope you could denounce that kind of violence, too.

  • How about minding your own business?

  • Detroiter327
    • Prolifeevangelical

      Lame. Murder of unborn people by planned parenthood is in the millions. Stop with the victim thing really. PP kills the unborn and now apparently they are not happy unless everyone else does too.

  • LifeNews Buoy

    I think we should put up more ads and open more such centers. The answer here is to be yet more present in whatever way we can. Obviously, someone took a lot of effort to engage others. We should meet them wherever we can, especially to recognize that such people are our coworkers and neighbors-one of us lives next door to the person who did this.

  • 229Mick

    “AntiChoice” The most moronic word ever conceived… But that would make sense.

  • Justin

    Calling it Anti-choice is not only a lie, but hypocrisy. Pro-Abortionists who choose death to the child in the womb deny them from all choices in a future life they could have had.

  • MirandaElizabeth

    Does PP even understand the meaning of the word choice? I think the word theyre actually looking for is murder. I know for a fact that PP will hide the whole truth about fetal development and abortion from women and if you ask about adoption or assistance programs for raising the child the best youre going to get is a number scribbled on a piece of paper. PP only seems to like choice when the one you make is to kill your unborn child. Apparently PP just wants every woman who ever gets a positive pregnancy test to make that choice so they can get more of their blood stained money.

  • planned parenthood does not tell a woman the truth about child development in the womb. And they don’t like Ultrasounds. Why? Because the ultrasound/sonogram is the WINDOW TO THE WOMB. Sonograms show the BABY in the womb, not a “clump of cells”.

  • Alyssa

    I find it funny that a week ago I sent PP an email about this and they still haven’t replied. Can’t think of a good way to spin this, I guess.

  • stormyblueseas

    So many (NOTE: I am not saying all) women who go into an abortion clinic and have an abortion come out and have stated that they regret their “choice” and felt they had “no other choice.” Pregnancy Resource Centers provide women with all their options: Parenting, Adoption, and Abortion. All the information provided is approved by those in the medical feild with regards to abortion and years of studies. All information provided is referenced so as if validation is needed regarding such information, it can be demonstrated as valid/factual. PRCs do not MAKE a choice for the woman but simply provide them with information so they can make an informed choice.