Emergency room

Carhart patient dead after 33-week abortion


Operation Rescue has discovered that a 29-year-old woman has died following horrific injuries sustained during a 33-week abortion.

Early Thursday morning, the woman began suffering chest pain and other discomforts. Her attempts to reach Carhart were unsuccessful. The woman was taken by her family from her hotel to a nearby hospital emergency room at approximately 5:00 a.m. Efforts by hospital staff to contact Carhart or get informational assistance from the abortion clinic were unsuccessful.

The patient suffered massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity. She slipped into a Code Blue condition approximately six times before finally succumbing to her injuries at around 9:30 a.m. The case has been placed with the Medical Examiner for further investigation.

The fact that Dr. Carhart was unavailable not just to this woman’s family, but to hospital staff trying to save her life as well is chilling. It shows an unbelievable level of callous indifference to the welfare of his patients. But then, why should he care? He got his blood money. What happens after that doesn’t matter, clearly.

This is not the first patient whom Dr. Carhart has killed. Christin Gilbert died following a 28-week abortion. Christin had Down syndrome and had suffered sexual assault. According to her family, she was likely a victim of an illegal forced abortion. She suffered a tear in her uterus, after which Dr. Carhart administered a fatal dose of the abortion drug RU486. Although her condition was deteriorating, the abortionist sent her to a hotel room rather than to a hospital to be monitored. When she eventually was taken back to the clinic, fainting and unresponsive, the employees refused to give emergency dispatchers vital information about why an ambulance was needed. Christin was suffering from sepsis and was bleeding from multiple orifices. She died of her injuries. Dr. Carhart escaped unscathed, free to continue practicing medicine and free to harm more women.

And he is the man being acclaimed the the Sundance Film Festival. Far from being celebrated, he shouldn’t be free to practice medicine. How many tragedies need to happen before he is stopped?

  • Prolife Mom

    How despicable. Such a tragedy for two lives snuffed out for no reason. 33 weekers are viable. My 22 year old daughter was born at 31 weeks. I cannot imagine the torture the mother and her baby experienced before dying.

    • Myshoesonfire

      Actually, FOUR lives were snuffed out for no reason.

  • Raquel

    I blame the mother. Who kills their own child like that?! It may just be God’s punishment. Kill & be killed..

    • Jenny M

      Dear Lord, this whole thing is horrific, but ascribing God to such and evil act is reprehensible. Shame on you. Those types of stupid comments cause us to stagnate and are ignorant. Grow up!

    • ummm you might want to ask yourself one question…why did she feel it was the only option she had? by the way, I’m a post abortive woman and I share my story. fortunately I have met few women or men who think like you…forgiveness is wonderful!

      • Jenny M

        Suzie, Keep talking and sharing. Your experience could be saving lives and could stop such horrible things happening such as the unnecessary death of not only this young woman, but her child too.

    • Ugh, I can’t “dislike” this enough. You’re not one of God’s own. You’re just as sick and twisted as any pro-abort for celebrating the death of anyone at all. Shame.

    • DancingDi

      Raquel, Jesus Himself bore all our sins on His body on the Cross, taking the punishment in our place, though we did deserve it and He didn’t. Consequences for our and others’ choices may still come our way, but punishment is no longer an issue.

    • Kingskid

      Oh my Raquel!!!! U need 2 HATE the sin NOT the sinner sweetie. The just sucumbed 2 the lies of the great deceiver that scumbag satan!!!
      It is a horrible thing but we hav 2 b careful not 2 condem women who believe the lie! Most women how ever long it takes 2 realize they killed there child & sometimes can’t hav another cause of it. Live in hell 4 they realize what they did. God has mercy on them even thou He does NOT like it, so u should too. Just sayin

    • Chaoticblu

      (To everyone being rude to Raquel)

      People have a right to their own opinions. Perhaps it seems harsh to
      some people, but it’s perfectly logical for some people to view “God” as
      being capable of harsh things as well as mercy. Please remember that
      not everyone practices religion the same. There is no right way to view
      God’s role in this or any case.

      One one end, it could be argued that God did nothing and let both
      mother and child die, but one could argue that was not His doing but the
      abortion clinic and Dr. performing an illegal abortion (33 weeks is
      outrages!) and then not assisting the hospital by providing the
      requested information. It could also be argued that God could have
      awakened the abortion workers’ conscience (since He supposedly works
      in indirect ways like that) causing them to choose to assist the
      hospital, or not perform an illegal(as far as I understand) 33week
      abortion in the first place.

      See? Everyone’s take on God can be different. And since God hasn’t
      cleared any of this up for us, all we can do is speculate and hopefully
      find out the truth about life in the next. By no means does anyone
      to agree with Raquel, and it’s ok to be offended, but there is no need

      to tell her to “Grow up!”(Quoted from Jenny M, first post under
      mine now) or try and push your own view of God on her when she isn’t
      doing that to any of you.

      Furthermore, I doubt she was saying the
      baby’s death was punishment, only the mother perishing. I am not saying
      I agree with that or not; the thought that it may be Karma at work
      crossed my mind, though it is sad when any life ends too soon. Perhaps
      if the mother had survived she would have changed her abortion minded
      ways and became a pro life activist. I do not know. And I don’t even
      know if this woman was coerced into this very late term abortion- so I
      guess I will not make that judgment for now. But even if I may not agree
      completely with Raquel, I see too much bullying and people
      disrespecting each other online to not say something once in a while.
      Try and get people to see what they are doing and that things such as
      this-being rude to someone you don’t even know over an opinion that
      doesn’t even affect you- are what are making us less civil as a country
      and as people.

  • Basset_Hound

    And THIS is one of the “Heroes for Choice” lauded by “After Tiller” at the Sundance Film Festival. If anything Cathart should go to jail for this. But they’ll probably circle the wagons around him and shield him from any public scrutiny.

  • CS

    It is unconscionable of the protesters to have stalked this poor women
    in the middle of a medical tragedy and of Jill Stanek to have released
    her name without the permission of her family. Cassy Fiano and everyone
    else trying to use her death without knowing the facts should be ashamed
    of themselves. This is absolutely horrific. Leave this woman’s family
    to mourn in peace.

  • CS

    It is unconscionable of the protesters to have stalked this poor women
    in the middle of a medical tragedy and of Jill Stanek to have released
    her name without the permission of her family. Cassy Fiano and everyone
    else trying to use her death without knowing the facts should be ashamed
    of themselves. This is absolutely horrific. Leave this woman’s family
    to mourn in peace .

  • Michelle Lynn

    Wait, you cant use ru 486 after like 8 weeks? 28 weeks? why is this guy still allowed to practice?!

  • Manuel Camacho

    Dr? Carhart must be made to answere for not caring enought for his patients that died after suffering internal wounds sustained from Carhart’s intervention. Even the abortion law requires the safety atleast of the mother even if she may have signed a waiver.

  • Athanasius

    What’s UNCONSCIONABLE is the audacity that the pro-aborts-in-disguise have to whine about “leaving the family to mourn” when this double-homicide could have been prevented if only the mother truly loved her unborn infant unconditionally, instead of holding her unborn baby’s disability as a reason to kill her. Truly sad.

  • The blood of these women and children is on the hands of anyone who promotes the prochoice agenda from the White House to the local Planned Parenthood clinic. As Molech laughs women and children die.