Planned Parenthood sold baby parts without woman’s consent says former tech

The Center for Medical Progress released a new tape today that features an interview with former StemExpress blood and tissue procurement technician Holly O’Donnell. In the video, O’Donnell describes the process that is used to harvest organs from babies aborted by Planned Parenthood.

O’Donnell, who worked inside a Planned Parenthood center, noted that they would collect body parts from aborted babies whose mothers had not consented to this. She says, “If there was a higher gestation, and the technicians needed it, there were times when they would just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know. And there’s no way they would know.”

United States federal law is clear that patient consent is required before tissue can be harvested and that this consent must happen subsequent to giving consent to the abortion procedure.

O’Donnell describes how she would also get women to consent to the tissue collection before they had committed or consented to having an abortion.


She also describes how Planned Parenthood would give StemExpress access to patient records and schedules so that they could plan when the supply of baby parts would be the greatest.

Center for Medical Progress Project Lead David Daleiden who had led the investigation into Planned Parenthood, stated that:

“Experiences like Holly O’Donnell’s show that Planned Parenthood’s abortion and baby parts business is not a safe place where vulnerable women can be cared for, but a harvesting ground for saleable human ‘product.’ Taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood’s barbaric abortion business should be revoked immediately, and law enforcement and other elected officials must act decisively to determine the full extent of Planned Parenthood’s offensive practices and hold them accountable to the law.”

The latest allegations follow the release of multiple undercover tapes with top-level Planned Parenthood staffers which depict negotiations over compensation for fetal body parts.

The first tape released has garnered almost three million views, as the public reacted in shock to seeing Planned Parenthood Director Deborah Nucatola explain how they would modifiy their abortion procedure to collect organs:

“We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

Video from a second, third, and fourth Planned Parenthood affiliate followed, and calls to end taxpayer funding for the U.S. abortion giant intensified. While a move by the U.S. Senate to end funding for Planned Parenthood and move the funds to other providers garnered majority support, it fell short of the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster by Senate Democrats.

Over 10 states, in addition to Congress, have launched their own investigation into the practices of Planned Parenthood.  State level action has also occurred with Alabama and Louisiana terminating their Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood and New Hampshire ending state funding.

  • P Smith

    Asking a woman if she would be willing to let her baby’s baby parts be used in medical rat experiments kind of kills the abortion moment for Planned Parenthood.

    • Little Wing

      Most women just assume it’s going to be thrown away. That it can maybe help someone is a positive thing…. to anyone normal anyway.

      • P Smith

        So maybe we should ask the child for it’s consent to be experimented on, instead of making an assumption that he/she would agree.

      • John3v36

        The sad thought is it my end up in our food supply

        • Texastim

          Oh lord, I hope we aren’t to the point of “Soylent Green” … yet.

      • Ali

        You speak for ‘most women’? And you determine ‘normal’? You speak for yourself and that level of immaturity and arrogance isn’t ‘normal’.

  • Linda Beachy

    I find this nauseating and anyone who does not has serious issues and a seared conscience

    • Little Wing

      Maybe you should expose your conscience to the number of kids dying in America’s greed wars.

      • Ali

        Greed isn’t a country – greed is an individual action. It’s also a flawed assumption if your particular contorted view is ‘money – bad’, that’s a propagandized view.

  • TheSenator1

    Referring to these women who are getting abortions as “mothers” seems like of strange.

    • dwarf

      But they are mothers, just mothers that didn’t appreciate the gift they were give. Mothers of dead children.

    • technically they are mothers because they conceived a child. sadly they eliminated the child…

  • Georgia Rivera

    When a mother is willing to brutally and savagely rip apart her own child, I doubt she cares what happens to the tissues and organs after. If she cared the slightest, she wouldn’t kill her child…PERIOD.

    • SandyJ

      Don’t forget, the woman is sometimes lied to about the development of the child.

  • Valerie Finnigan

    The tissue procurement agencies involved in this ghoulishness also need to be held accountable. It’s not about choice when they don’t bother to get consent.

    And the pro-abortion crowd thinks pro-lifers favor forced tissue donation….

  • Scott Adam Bailey

    I’m okay with stem cell. We’ve already have known about this a long time.

  • VividVick

    If you don’t like advances in science which have made it so that you live twice as long as your ancestors, then keep attacking science and using religious buffoonery to make your case. The rest of the world is moving forward leaving you nutcases to complain on computers, internet, and social websites developed by atheists.

    • JanetS

      Science does not need to use murdered children to make advancements. Here’s some more amazing science news: “Every human embryologist in the world knows that the life of the new individual human being begins at fertilization. It is not belief It is scientific fact.” Ward Kischer, Ph.D, Human Embryologist, University of Arizona

      Day 1: Fertilization
      The sperm joins with the egg to form one cell. This single cell contains the complex genetic makeup for every detail of a new human being—the child’s sex, hair and eye color, height, skin tone, etc. After fertilization, nothing new is added but oxygen, nutrition, and time.1

      1st Month (1-4 Weeks)
      The first cell divides in two, and cell division continues as the newly formed individual travels down the fallopian tube. More than 500 cells are present when this tiny embryo reaches the uterus 7 to 10 days after fertilization.2 By day 21 the heart begins to beat in a regular fashion.3

      2nd Month (5-8 Weeks)
      By six weeks, brain waves can be detected. 4 Fingers and toes are developing, and at seven weeks the chest and abdomen are fully formed.8 Swimming with a natural
      swimmer’s stroke in the amniotic fluid, she now looks like a miniature human infant.9,10

      3rd Month (9-12 Weeks)
      Unique fingerprints are evident and never change.11 The gender can be visually determined, and family resemblances may appear.12 By the end of the month all the organs and systems of her body are functioning.13

      4th Month (13-16 Weeks)
      By the end of the fourth month, the baby is 8-10 inches in length and weighs about one-half pound. Her ears are functioning and she hears her mother’s heartbeat,
      as well as external noises like music. Mom begins to feel baby’s movement—a slight flutter at first that will become stronger.14 Lifesaving surgery has been performed on babies at this age.

      5th Month (17-20 Weeks)
      If a sound is especially loud, the baby may jump in reaction to it. Thumb-sucking has been observed during the fifth month.15

      6th Month (21-24 Weeks)
      Oil and sweat glands are functioning. She grows rapidly in size and strength while her lungs become more developed.16 In a recent study, 70% of babies born between 22 and 26 weeks lived past age one, thanks to modern medicine.17

      7th Month (25-28 Weeks)
      The baby can now recognize her mother’s voice. She uses the senses of hearing,touch, and taste, and she can even look around with open eyes at her watery home.18

      8th Month (29-32 Weeks)
      The baby swallows a gallon of amniotic fluid per day and often hiccups.20 The baby’s kicks are stronger, and mom may be able to feel an elbow or heel against her abdomen.21

      9th Month (33-36 Weeks)
      Gaining a half pound per week, the baby is getting ready for birth. The bones in her head are soft and flexible to more easily mold for the journey down the birthcanal.22 Of the 45 generations of cell divisions before adulthood, 41 have already taken place. Only four more come before adolescence. Ninety percent of a person’s development happens in the womb.23

      Human Life Alliance © 2013

      • VividVick

        A mass of cells is not a child. Go back to the stone age. We who love science and it’s advancements will move forward. You can keep your psycho babble to you minority who believes in such. The majority is moving forward.

        • JanetS

          If you actually read the scientific facts (not “psycho babble”) above you would understand that there is a beating heart of a child present before a mother even knows she’s pregnant. I refuse to follow a blind “majority” (which is no longer a majority) of people who apparently can’t read, can’t discern life, or can’t feel anything for ripping limbs off of a baby in order to end a pregnancy and/or support research. The blind may feel that is “moving forward”, but that’s nothing short of the deadest end of all.

          • VividVick

            There are plenty of scientists, doctors who disagree with your “facts”. Welcome to the modern age. Feelings and beliefs do not trump reality. You and your small, tiny minority of like minded dolts can beckon and cry and come up with all kinds of interesting “facts” to propagate your beliefs, but no one is listning. You eat animals, support death penalty, step on God’s beautiful bugs as you walk out your door. You’re not pro-life. You are pro-control of other people’s vaginas. How many miscarriages have you prevented this year? How many life breathing sperm samples have you saved from a condom or a tissue? The problem with infinity is that it never goes back far enough. A cell is a life from. A mass of cells are life forms. We are talking about a developed baby, by which you can’t seem to make the distinction. Your factual ambiguity and own hypocrisy by which you people live by many contradictions, cannot be justified by your beliefs, or your vague attempt to define what you consider a life from worth saving. 20k people per day starve to death around the world. What are you doing about it besides trying to force more to be born to often unfit mothers to live unfit lives, poor, burdening others and having to listen to people like you spout how they should keep all of their mistakes and continue to overpopulate the world with criminals, bigots, racists, confederate flag degenerates. The conservative agenda, family values has always been about production, because stupid people have big families they can coerce to a republican vote. They need war babies! Because that’s how pro-life they are. You send your kids to war, so they don’t have to.

          • JanetS

            Modern age? Which age is that that denies the obvious in order to deceive women and kill the unwanted non-white “weeds of society” a la Margaret Sanger (founder of PP)? I know that you are blinded, but I’ll share this in case seeing reality is still possible. If you really could care less about killing and ripping babies apart in the womb just admit it – admit to supporting murder – just get it out of the way. EVERYONE knows it’s a baby with a beating heart before the mother even knows she’s pregnant, but I realize the abortion industry does not talk that way since it would be bad for business. This is science, dear, using technology to prove the truth. You can’t keep closing your eyes to the facts. It doesn’t work that way to just keep denying the truth so it goes away. No one who’s ever had an abortion just forgets all about the life they killed. There’s immense emotional damage done – I can tell just by the fearful and angry comments from people who post on these articles! Just admit the truth that you are (or have been lied to about) pro-baby murder – at least be honest with yourself and begin again from that point. Then there’s a real chance of moving forward in truth, hope and forgiveness.

          • VividVick

            I have no problem aborting masses of cells, just like you have no problem sending 18 year olds to die in battle. You have no problem eating meat or killing things do you? Who the hell do you think you are? You and your tiny minority of morons can go back to the stone age. We are moving forward, and your cause isn’t gaining any ground… Get used to it. You already lost. Now kill yourself. We’re better off without you hurting women and making the world a worse place to live. You and Hilter, the guy you don’t think should have been aborted because that’s your answer to all considering abortion, can go take your hate elsewhere. We the people are taking our country back from you fools creating and maintaining the welfare state by forcing unfit people to bear more children. You need those idiots to vote for your wars so your military can bomb villages filled with children. Wake up, you are a hypocrite and we won’t stand to be schooled by people like you.

          • JanetS

            Wow, can you even hear yourself? Can’t even watch a video of a moving baby in utero without still insisting it’s just a mass of cells? Why are you so angry, so judgmental, so assuming I think a certain way or do certain things? Would it really matter to you if I told you how many families and poor children my husband and I support on a monthly basis? How many rescue dogs we’ve brought into our home? How many spiders and frogs we gently carry back outside? How often we supply meals to our local homeless diner? Get a grip and just listen to yourself. You’ve become the very kind of person you hate and that’s hardly “moving forward”. Bless you, dear one. May you find reality and lasting Peace. When you calm down you might see that there is plenty of movement in the direction of protecting innocent human life whereas StemExpress has cuts ties with the illegal doings of Planned Parenthood and Arkansas has become the 4th state to de-fund the abortion industry giant.

          • Texastim

            JanetS – I know how you feel and I too have prayed to and for people like this. Paul has advised us in his letters to focus on the ones who are known to us, and to Christ, before we start on those that have heard the good news but denied Him.

            I have found this advice to be good as it takes a special person, one who has the Call, to win through the closed heart. Almost to a person, unless I am face-face with them, atheist, particularly one’s with a mouth like VV, are a waste of time.

            Just sharing some scars that I have :)

          • JanetS

            Thanks for your thoughts Texastim, but I do not feel it is a waste of time at all! No effort is ever wasted in this life. It really depends on if *I’m* the one deciding to do the commenting or if I feel a nudge of encouragement to try to shine some light of Truth on what I’m seeing and reading. I don’t write because I think *I’m* going to change anyone’s mind or make some kind of points for myself, but my desire is that someOne else will be working in the situation to take the blinders off. Even if VV refuses to see the obvious truth that he/she is not supporting the abortion of a mass of cells because PP is not selling “masses of cells”, they’re selling brains, livers, arms, hearts, “It’s a boy” genitalia, etc., then someone else reading the comments might take the time to think deeper about the issue than they have before. I’m sorry you have scars from this process, but for me it is what I can do where I am right now. I’m at the point of understanding that I lose no sleep over how others get up in arms in these discussions, how hateful they are toward me to tell me to go kill myself, etc.. The level of unkindness and hysteria only shows the level of their deception, and probably hurt and anger (some of it for good reason, no doubt!) How much better that we can reply in kindness and rationality to show them that we’re not all standing on street corners chanting “death to abortionists”. It’s their consciences for them to figure out and ours to reply in compassion and Truth when we have the nudge to expose the lies of PP and abortion in general. Bless you with peace and healing.

          • Texastim

            JanetS – Definitely keep doing what you can as there is the great possibility that He may guide your words that may have a life changing effect. We all have our calling and it seems you have a thicker skin then I do.

            You can see by many of these posts that I doubt many of them have heard from their conscience in a long time.

            God bless you and your persistence.

  • Little Wing

    If you ask people who have had abortions they will tell you that if they cared what was done with the tissue they’d have mentioned it. It’s medical waste. If it can be used to save lives why are the pro life people crying about it? Abortion is legal. Grow up and move on.

    • cranemaker

      We cannot accept legal abortion nor any other genocide. It’s (he or she is) not medical waste but what once a real living person before he or she was murdered. He or she should not be wasted nor sold for research but properly buried or cremated. Abolish abortion!

  • Brian

    May God have mercy on those who believe ABORTION is OK.

  • Mongo

    We’re depraved.

  • cranraspberrypuff

    I appreciate this young lady’s honesty. There is simply so much unnecessary horror and tragedy occurring because of Planned Parenthood…