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Bullying and Coercion: Why America Doesn’t Need Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood giantIt’s not just pro-lifers who have nicknamed Planned Parenthood “Planned Bullyhood.”

The organization has earned its reputation for bullying legislators, organizations, and women into doing exactly what it wants, which tends to be exactly what is good for its bottom line. The following are a few examples of Planned Parenthood’s favorite bullying tactics – and this list barely scratches the surface.

After being cut off from its funding stream, Planned Parenthood forcefully bullied its way back into the coffers of the Susan G. Komen Foundation:

 Buckling under the pressure, Komen reneged on its short-lived decision to bar Planned Parenthood from funding while the organization was under Congressional investigation.

To fully comprehend the scope of this lunacy (that is, of funding Planned Parenthood), consider these two facts: Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms, which help to reduce breast cancer by providing early detection of potential problems, and Planned Parenthood does commit abortions, which increase a woman’s susceptibility to the condition.

Planned Parenthood staunchly opposes any piece of legislation that hurts its bottom line, even if it is a boon to women’s health.

Planned Parenthood’s motto of “Care. No Matter What.” comes into serious question when they turn around and oppose legislation that is specifically designed to protect and care for women’s health.

The organization bullies pro-lifers who support pro-woman legislation. We saw a perfect example of this bullying at the Texas capitol last year during HB2 debates and Wendy Davis’ infamous filibuster of the pro-woman law, which protects women from some of the most predatory practices of the abortion industry. The “pro-choice” community’s opposition – supported and even paid for by Planned Parenthood – can be described as nothing less than a mob. Maybe the organization’s ambiguous motto actually refers to the “care” they have for their profits.

Planned Parenthood bullies its way into public school classrooms without regard for the conscientious objections of teachers and parents.

When workers hired by Planned Parenthood bombarded Bill Diss’ public school classroom in Oregon last year unannounced to offer incentives to students for participating in their teen programs, the teacher was understandably concerned for the well-being of his students. He didn’t know where the “team” had come from, whether they had permission to be in his classroom, or whether they had been certified in the child and sexual abuse courses prerequisite to interacting with teens in a public school environment.

Bill Diss
Bill Diss

Bill asked the team to leave his classroom, and after the principal said the team would be staying, Bill asked if he could leave. He conscientiously objected to being party to Planned Parenthood’s deceptive practices and did not want to be present during the classroom takeover. The principal overrode Bill’s right to remove himself, however, and mandated that he stay until Planned Parenthood was finished interacting with and offering monetary incentives to his students. After the event, members of school faculty – aware of Bill’s outspoken pro-life stance – moved to have him fired. Planned Parenthood, in its trademark bullying manner, was behind the push to have Bill kicked out. And they succeeded.

America has no need for an organization that has its own power and money interests at heart – above the interests of those they claim to be serving. Planned Parenthood’s bullying and coercion has gone too far, and it’s time America said, “enough.”

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  • MamaBear

    Excellent piece on the bullying of Planned Parenthood. But they are worse than bullies, at least worse than the schoolyard bullies. Planned Parenthood has blood on their hands.
    Blood of over a million babies a year.
    Blood of an unknown number of women who die in abortions, for ER doctors hide causes of death by listing infections or hemorrhages as causes, leaving out the abortion.
    And by their misuse of funds meant for breast cancer detection, surely there must be blood on their hands for some portion of the 40,000 women who die each year from that dreadful disease.

    Please note: mammograms do not in an way prevent breast cancer. They often detect it earlier, resulting in raising the 5 year survival rate, allowing for less drastic treatments, and lowered risk of recurrence.

    • Ingrid Heimark

      Not to forget the breast cancers caused by the abortions themselves, and the cervical cancers caused by the promiscuity they so propose

      • MamaBear

        You are so right.
        And all these who whine “it’s my body and I’ll do what I want with it,” will find that either cancer is quite unpleasant for that body. Pregnancy is a breeze in comparison. Too many of us deal with cancer who have done nothing to cause it. It is foolishness to purposely risk it.

        • Ingrid Heimark

          Yes, my doc told me that my risk of cervical cancer is 1 in 30 000, as I am not sexually active, I don’t even need the pap smear. Feels quite good.

          • MamaBear

            They make it sound like that HPV vaccine is a magic answer. When it came out, our family doctor asked my girls if they were sexually active, if they planned to be sexually active. When both answered, “no sir, not until marriage,” he said he had already seen so many side effects, he was not giving it to girls who were abstinent. (And among patients he had known since infancy, he was pretty sure who to believe.)

          • Lauren Enriquez

            Mutual monogamy also gives that sense of relief of not having to worry about STDs or an abnormal pap resulting from… interesting… sexual activity :) But PP definitely doesn’t prmomote that, either. Quite the opposite.

          • Basset_Hound

            In fact delaying sex and remaining faithful are held up for ridicule

          • Ingrid Heimark

            True, they even claim waiting with sex till amrriage is unhealthy…. Maybe that’s why I’m so weird :D

  • MamaBear

    It is past time for our government and others to keep funding Planned Parenthood. Put the money into providing for single moms, promoting stable families, and funding research on diseases that kill so many women or where women are disproportionately represented – breast and other female cancers, RA, lupus, heart disease and others.
    Let us start funding life instead of death!