“Care. No matter what:” Planned Parenthood sends child back to rapist after abortion

It’s always been obvious that Planned Parenthood’s new and improved slogan, “Care. No matter what.” didn’t apply to all human beings. (Who could claim that sucking a baby’s spine from his body, ripping her limbs apart, stabbing poison into his heart, or ending her life in other violent ways is “caring”?)

But, it’s becoming ever more obvious that America’s abortion giant doesn’t care about helpless, vulnerable women either.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is being sued for performing an abortion on a 13-year-old girl, R.Z., and then returning her to her rapist.

The suit was filed on June 20, 2014, in Denver District Court. The entire complaint can be viewed here.

Hmm...maybe the abortion giant should take their own advice and "act" on saving minor girls from their rapists.
Hmm…maybe the abortion giant should take its own advice and “act” on saving minor girls from their rapists.

This is the same Planned Parenthood branch that is also being sued for performing a forced – and botched – abortion on Ayanna Byer at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. Here’s what happened to Ms. Byer:

At this time, Plaintiff immediately told the Planned Parenthood Doctor to stop and that she did not want to go through with the abortion procedure because she had not received any anesthetic.  Plaintiff also informed Planned Parenthood Doctor and agents or employees of Planned Parenthood Defendants that she believed this to be a sign she should not go through with the abortion.  The Planned Parenthood Doctor did not stop despite Plaintiff’s request, and assured Plaintiff the I.V. would be administered and the procedure would only take a few minutes.

At this time, the Planned Parenthood Doctor turned on the vacuum machines and told Plaintiff it was too late to stop.

Care. No matter what. Right?

Well, unless the woman tells you she’s changed her mind and no longer wants an abortion. Then, the only thing Planned Parenthood cares about is getting the abortion done as fast as possible.

It would be easy to wonder whether Planned Parenthood purposely botched Ayanna Byer’s abortion as a way to punish her for trying to stop it in the first place. Why was enough of the abortion completed to kill the baby, but also enough of the baby left inside of Ms. Byer to ensure that she had life-threatening complications? Why was the Planned Parenthood doctor accused of “abandoning his patient” by the emergency room doctor who treated Ms. Byer?

Care. No matter what?

And what about little R.Z. – the 13-year-old girl who Planned Parenthood performed an abortion on? While her stepfather (also her rapist) wrote that he was her father on R.Z.’s paperwork before the abortion, Planned Parenthood staff members heard R.Z. calling him by his first name.

Did they “care” enough to ask R.Z. if this man was really her dad? No.

Did they “care” enough to ask R.Z. if she would like her mother to be with her, as her stepfather left to get lunch and didn’t even come into the clinic to get her after the abortion? No.

Did they “care” enough to ask R.Z. any questions that would help determine if she had been sexually abused or raped, since she was only 13? No.

Did they “care” enough to follow Colorado reporting requirements for the sexual abuse and rape of a minor? No. They couldn’t bother themselves to find out the facts.

All Planned Parenthood cared about was killing R.Z.’s child. No care was shown to R.Z. herself. She was a vulnerable, helpless, pregnant child – and Planned Parenthood couldn’t have cared less.

The abortion giant’s grand lack of care led to the death of an innocent baby and the return of a 13-year-old girl to her rapist. She continued to be abused for months after the abortion, when she finally worked up the courage to tell her mother what was happening.

Her stepfather has pled guilty to his crimes against R.Z. Now, it’s Planned Parenthood’s turn to pay, under the law, for what they did to a helpless girl who they were in a perfect position to rescue.

“Care. No matter what.” couldn’t be more different from Planned Parenthood’s real behavior.

  • Mary Lee

    Their motto should be: “We don’t care. No matter what.”

  • MamaBear

    In the case of R.Z., even had she been with her father, there should have been a private interview to confirm the facts of the pregnancy, as it could still have been the father or someone he might have wanted to protect (or the girl might have believed he would want to protect). And she needed to be assured that in the case of incest, she could be provided with an immediate safe place to go, whether she aborted or not.

    • Basset_Hound

      But apparently all they did was to vacuum out her womb, (and stepdad’s credit card) and hand her right back for more abuse.

      • Faithkuz

        typically cash only–profit no matter what

  • blair miller

    If they rely were so call pro-choice they would respect her wishes, and not do the abortion. Planned Parenthood keep saying there for woman,but in reality all they care about is money.

  • Mary Lee

    “Abortion. No matter what.”

    “Dead baby. No matter what.”

    “Lies. No matter what.”

    “Your money. No matter what.”

    I could do this all day

  • Mitzi

    Jamie? Jamie Newman? No? Nothing to say? That’s odd I thought he was a regular here.

    • PJ4

      Nah, you won’t see him here
      He’s too busy pretending to be a religious expert over here


      • JDC

        HA! The idea of him being an expert on anything is just so delightfully absurd.

        • PJ4

          I had to answer him though.. he makes all of us non-theists look like uneducated idiots

          • JDC

            True, and I must say you are doing a very good job countering his nonsense.

          • PJ4

            Why thank you :-)
            But he just makes it too easy…

            A cow could give him a run for his money.

  • Bridget Walker

    I used to volunteer at a battered women’s shelter and one girl said her boyfriend forced her to have an abortion. She went to PP and her boyfriend did all the talking, they never even asked her for any other options than abortion.

  • Elyse A Majur

    And yet people are upset these places are closing. I don’t get it….

  • Susan C. Lalumiere

    Just sick! I hope her step-father rots in prison.

  • Gamaholic2

    There was no reason to suspect the step father. He obviously was good at hiding this from people, including his wife, and he threatened to kill R.Z if she told anyone, maybe even her mother. Maybe PP did ask questions and she lied, or this cunt Tim told them she had been raped by a boy and he was dealing with the aftermath.

    You people just want to demonize this clinic because of their pro-choice attitude. Yes, this man is a terrible cunt who doesn’t deserve to live, but don’t assume these people could have noticed what R.Z.’s mother couldn’t.