No, it isn’t a “blessing” when someone with a disability dies

Today’s culture is strangely paradoxical when it comes to disability and mental illness. On the one hand, medical advances have greatly increased both the duration and quality of life. There has been massive improvement in treatments, therapies, and medication. The Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law to protect people with disabilities from discrimination, and now more than ever, people with disabilities and mental illness have been positively featured in the media, slowly erasing some of the past stigmas.

Conversely, though, babies with disabilities who are diagnosed prenatally are at very high risk of being aborted. People with mental illness still feel shamed and keep quiet about their condition. And with assisted suicide becoming more culturally accepted, it’s becoming more common for people with mental illnesses and disabilities to be euthanized. They’re often still seen as burdens on society. Nowhere was that attitude more on display than in a recent essay published by XO Jane. The article, written by Amanda Lauren, was titled “My Former Friend’s Death Was a Blessing,” and was yanked from the website after readers were predictably outraged.

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Pro-abortion Oregon denies justice to abused baby, but pro-lifers get the blame

Sometimes when pro-abortion propagandists are desperate to find a new angle from which to attack pro-lifers as heartless phonies, they end up blaming us not only for problems we had nothing to do with, but for problems that can more closely be traced back to themselves.

At Raw Story, Sarah Burris tells the heartbreaking story of an Oregon couple who came home to find their one-year-old son Jacob (seen above, via the father’s Facebook page) had been beaten by a babysitter to the point where little Jacob could have been killed.

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Pro-abortion attacks on pro-life advertising low on facts, high on hypocrisy

On Wednesday, Sharon Coutts at Rewire (formerly RH Reality Check) reported on crisis pregnancy centers’ use of geo-fencing technology to advertise alternatives to abortion directly on the smartphones of people in or near abortion facilities. In her telling, this “presents a serious threat to the privacy and safety of women exercising their right to choose, as well as to abortion providers and their staff,” and the rest of the pro-abortion blogosphere agrees.

The Daily Kos likens it to the dystopian novel 1984. Jezebel calls it “creepy,” as does Mother Jones. Fusion deems it “harassment” based on “questionable ethics” (try to overlook the irony of abortion advocates questioning the ethics of other practices). Is this just another pro-abortion hysteria campaign, or do they have a point?

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New study: Up to 71% of premature babies can survive if given active care

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics just released a new study that shows that medical advances continue to make the point of viability earlier and earlier in pregnancy. The study, conducted in 2015, tracked 106 micro-preemies, babies born at either 22 or 23 weeks gestation (which is 20-21 weeks post-fertilization), at the University of Cologne Medical Centre in Germany from 2010-2014. Of these 106 babies, 86 of them received active care instead of palliative care. 58 of those babies survived until hospital discharge (67%), with 20% of them surviving without any severe complications.

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Every Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country will now commit abortions

This week, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri announced their plans to merge with the Oklahoma affiliate in July. This will create a new, larger, affiliate, called Planned Parenthood Great Plains… and will mean that every single Planned Parenthood affiliate in the United States will commit abortions.

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Gallup’s newest poll shows more Americans consider themselves pro-life

Gallup released their newest poll on abortion, finding that American attitudes towards abortion have mostly remained steady. However, despite the very best efforts of the pro-abortion media, pro-life attitudes have increased.

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Here are 10 rapists Planned Parenthood has helped

If you’re at college, you might hear about the Sexual Health Advocacy Group – SHAG for short. Known as “shaggers” (seriously), members try “to open up the conversation about sexual health, sex positivity, and sexual communication.” SHAG embraces disadvantaged groups, including those in the disabled community. It’s also fine with aborting them.

SHAG’s chapter at the University of Georgia has a website with links to various pro-abortion articles. Among them is a piece in Teen Vogue titled, “10 Girls Share How Planned Parenthood Made A Difference In Their Lives.”

Included is a story from “Danielle,” who describes being raped at 14 by several male acquaintances.

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Huffington Post scores and misses points reporting on Blac Chyna’s ultrasound image

Blac Chyna has found fame in her modeling career, her engagement to Rob Kardashian, and now also for sharing the Instagram image of her preborn baby, which has 295,000 likes as of Wednesday night.

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Studies: Abortion after a prenatal diagnosis leads to emotional trauma

We often hear that there are cases in which abortion should absolutely be an option – situations that are so emotionally difficult that even so-called pro-lifers seem to think that killing the preborn child is the best thing to do. We hear abortion advocates claim that aborting the child will save the parents unnecessary pain. But it isn’t true.

Receiving a terminal diagnosis for your child is in itself a tragedy. Yet aborting the baby won’t take that pain away: it can actually compound it. In fact, study after study shows that carrying the child to term allows parents to properly grieve, while aborting the child leads to serious emotional stress.

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DA who charged David Daleiden admits she broke the law; calls it ‘minor and harmless’

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson has admitted in a court brief that she violated Texas law in her quest to prosecute David Daleiden. Daleiden, the leader of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), was indicted in January by a grand jury that was believed to be investigating Planned Parenthood. The Associated Press reported that the grand jury never took a vote on indicting Planned Parenthood, and instead, indicted Daleiden and his colleague, Sandra Merritt, for alleged activities involved in their undercover investigation of the abortion chain.

Daleiden’s attorneys filed a motion to quash his indictment, and Anderson filed a brief in response. In the brief, the DA admits that Texas law did not permit her to make Daleiden’s indictment public prior to him being “in custody or under bond.” Yet despite the directives in the law, Anderson sent out a public press release (which she forwarded to PP attorney Josh Schaffer on the same day) announcing Daleiden’s indictment.

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Television producer vows to put an abortion on the air

According to pro-abortion advocates, there just aren’t enough abortions on television. It has become a constant refrain, in fact — abortions must not only be shown on television on a regular basis, but it also must be portrayed positively.

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Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen thinks pro-lifers want “tracking bracelets on every pregnant woman”

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen has been making waves lately, but unfortunately the buzz has also generated some misleading reporting on his pro-life stance, which ostensibly sets him apart from the Libertarian Party platform, primary opponents Gary Johnson and John McAfee, and 62% of self-described libertarians. At National Review, Brooke Rogers reports:

“What’s right isn’t always what’s popular,” he says. To Petersen, being pro-life also means opposing the death penalty, which his website says is the “consistent pro-life ethic” […] The Libertarian nominee will certainly not garner enough support to make it to the White House in 2017, but a third-party candidate might be the only option on the ballot for “Never Trump” and “Never Hillary” voters. If it’s Petersen, he says he’s running on conscience, “damn the consequences.”

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Portland authorities again try and fail to silence pro-lifers

As Live Action News’ Calvin Freiburger reported, on Monday, U.S. District Judge Nancy Torresen ordered police in Portland, Maine, to cease enforcement of a noise provision in the Maine Civil Rights Act that was used to silence pro-life protesters.

Andrew March, pastor of a Lewiston church called Cell 53 and outspoken pro-lifer, sued Attorney General Janet Mills, the city of Portland and several police officers in December 2015, after police told him he could no longer protest from a street near a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Judge Torresen concluded that using noise laws to silence free speech is “likely unconstitutional.”

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Prosecutor shared footage with Planned Parenthood during fetal body parts investigation

Planned Parenthood attorney Josh Schafer in a newly released court affidavit has admitted that the Harris County District Attorney’s office provided him unedited video evidence recorded by the Center for Medical Progress. Schafer said, “The HCDAO produced to me what it asserted was the unedited video footage on December 18, 2015.”

Center for Medical Progress (CMP) attorney Peter Breen in a statement Tuesday said that:

“These filings also include evidence that appears to show that the DA’s office worked with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to undermine the Texas Attorney General’s independent investigation of that abortion provider. The conduct of Harris County prosecutors in this case is outrageous and illegal.”

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