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Proposed SIECUS sex education curriculum for grades K-12 under fire

Last week in Clark County (Las Vegas), NV, the local school board meeting was flooded with parents, furious about sex education proposals in the Clark County School District (CCSD). While the superintendent denies that Kindergartners would be taught about masturbation, as the media has reported, he does not deny that discussion is happening to change the sex education curriculum, and that the source of those proposed changes is a document which does call for children to learn about masturbation at a young age—as well as abortion.

The proposed curriculum is based on the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, known from Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) This document is a framework for sex education curriculum from Kindergarten to grade 12, and it contains some disturbing aspects about abortion.

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Disability Equality

These stories prove that disabilities don’t affect human dignity

In the pro-life movement, we work to help each other recognize the value of all human life. Unfortunately, many people tend to correlate a person’s abilities with their value. Individuals who don’t have a “normal” set of abilities are often  judged as less worthy of a full life.

This outlook leads to the termination of babies who receive a difficult prenatal diagnosis while they’re growing in their mothers’ wombs. It has also led to an increase in euthanasia and assisted suicide. The correlation between human value and ability is often referred to as “quality of life,” suggesting that a person’s value can be quantified based on how capable he is of leading a life that he or others consider to be normal.

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Decode pro-abortion talking points with the Choicespeak-to-English Dictionary, Part 1

DictionarySpend any time talking to defenders of abortion, and pretty soon you’ll notice that more than a few words seem to suddenly change meanings. No, you’re not going crazy; pro-aborts simply find that some…creative…tweaking of the English language is necessary to make their logic work.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Armed with this guide to Team Abortion’s most common linguistic fictions, you can spend less of your next rhetorical excursion deciphering sophistry, and more time dismantling it. Here we focus on redefinitions surrounding the debate’s basic medical facts; Part 2 will set them straight on ethical terminology.

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D & E diagram, abortion

Rebutting TIME’s “Making Abortions Illegal Doesn’t Make Them Go Away”

On September 24, TIME published an article by Quinn Cummings about illegal abortion.

According to Cummings, abortion already is illegal in the U.S., in practice. She tells the story of Jennifer Whalen, a mother who purchased abortion pills online for her 16-year-old daughter and was sentenced for breaking the law.

Cummings makes a number of flawed arguments, but one of the worst appears in her final paragraph:

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Episcopal priest praises new Planned Parenthood clinic as “safe place for the termination of pregnancy”

It’s certainly no secret that some churches support the choice to abort. While it’s counter-intuitive to the Christian faith, which began with Mary’s surprise pregnancy, it’s a reality in 2014 that many who identify as Christian also identify as pro-choice.

Despite this troubling truth, it’s still disconcerting when a minister of the gospel speaks out and makes a statement welcoming a new abortion facility to his region the same way one might welcome a new business offering jobs to a troubled economy. However, that’s what’s happening in New Orleans where an Episcopal priest wrote this week to express his disappointment that Christians are protesting a “needed” Planned Parenthood clinic.

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NARAL on illegal abortion: The politicians made her do it

These days the in thing for abortion advocates seems to be defending abortion at all costs. We recently told you of the disgraceful editorial in the Des Moines Register which defended a mom endangering her daughter by illegally performing a medical abortion on her.

Now NARAL Pro-Choice America is jumping on the abortion-no-matter-what bandwagon and has issued a statement defending the illegal abortion, as well as taking responsibility off the person committing the crime.

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The abortion pill: the greatest medical advance in history?

It seems to be happening more and more frequently that in my research I uncover quotes from pro-choice leaders that are completely astonishing. For example,  pro-life writer George Grant quoted Molly Yard, then president of the pro-abortion group the National Organization for Women, explaining how important it was for women to have access to the abortion pill.

The abortion pill, then called RU-486, had not yet been approved in the United States and pro-choicers were pressuring the FDA to approve its use for American women. A number of pro-lifers have written about how the FDA may have rushed the approval of the abortion pill for political reasons; pro-choicers dispute this. But in the words of Molly Yard, the abortion pill is:

“…[Perhaps even]  the most significant medical advance in human history and the symbol of a brighter future for women everywhere.”

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16 weeks

When truth leads to death: the abortion doula’s mission

After many years of immersion in the pro-life world, I believe myself to be rather unshockable. I’ve heard stories that would make you lose your lunch, that would give you nightmares for a week. But this week, my sense of abortion shock was renewed with Alex Ronan’s piece in New York Magazine, “My Year As an Abortion Doula.”

Until recently we simply thought of them as labor coaches. Doulas were the compassionate people helping a woman through childbirth, caring for them so women could be more relaxed in the labor process. Until recently no one thought of a doula as a kill coach. That is, until the term “abortion doula” began rearing its paradoxical head.

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Myths about Roe v. Wade

As both an active member of the pro-life movement and a law student, I am frequently confronted with the fact that the vast majority of activists on both sides of the abortion debate have many misconceptions about what Roe v. Wade actually says about the legality of abortion. Most of this arises from the fact that they have not read the case themselves, or if they did read it, they were unable to understand it due to a lack of legal training. My goal is to attempt to clear up four of the most common myths surrounding Roe v. Wade, and the legal state of abortion in general, so that our conversations about the issue will be more informed going forward.

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Amanda Marcotte’s lie of the day: Lila Rose attacks the equal rights of women

Lila Rose
Lila Rose

In a bizarre article on Salon this week, Amanda Marcotte pins Lila Rose as one of seven women whom she believes are working to “attack equal rights for women.” It must have been backwards day in Marcotte’s universe, because, in fact, the exact opposite is true.

According to Marcotte:

Rose concentrates most of her energies on demonizing Planned Parenthood in hopes of cutting off state and federal funding, so that low-income women lose access to affordable contraception and reproductive healthcare services.

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Kira Kazantsev

Miss America Kira Kazantsev worked for Planned Parenthood

The country watched — some in admiration, many more in shock — as Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, was crowned Miss America after singing Pharell Williams’ Happy with a red cup, an admitted rip-off of Anna Kendricks’ performance in the film Pitch Perfect. That alone was enough to make many Americans react with indignation and outrage, but when they find out at the new Miss America is an abortion supporter who worked for Planned Parenthood, there is likely to be an even bigger outcry.

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The deadly truth of abortion

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, Live Action News published a piece on the abortion-suicide link.

Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, pro-abortion forces deny such a link. By doing so, they not only hide the truth, but shame the memory of women who have tragically turned to suicide after abortion.

The psychological risks associated with abortion are not only limited to suicide.

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#WhatWomenNeed abortion

Cecile Richards complains about over-the-counter birth control plan

Abortion advocates have long been pushing for birth control and emergency contraceptives to be sold over-the-counter. According to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, some politicians are trying to make the birth control pill available without health insurance and over-the-counter. But rather than being excited about this, Richards has written an op-ed for CNN explaining about how bad this will be for women.

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Abortion safer than childbirth? Not where suicide is concerned.

Abortion advocates (especially abortionists themselves) like to repeat the soundbite that abortion is safer than child birth. This is untrue medically speaking, and it is profoundly untrue psychologically speaking. Wednesday, on World Suicide Prevention Day, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life drew attention to the startling statistics of the abortion-suicide link.

The psychological danger of abortion cannot be underscored enough. Numerous studies have all pointed to the same conclusion: abortion poses a markedly higher risk factor for subsequent suicide than child birth or natural pregnancy loss (miscarriage). Sarah Terzo, the Live Action contributor who created ClinicQuotes, compiles some important facts about the abortion-suicide link. She shares that women who have experienced abortion also suffer from:

— 6-7 times higher suicide rate. Two national from Finland based on medical records revealed that aborting women were six-seven times more likely to commit suicide in the following year than were delivering women.(1)

— Up to 60% have suicidal thoughts. According to a recent study in a major scientific journal, 31% had thoughts of suicide after abortion. In another survey, approximately 60% of women with post-abortion problems reported suicidal thoughts, with 28% attempting suicide and half of those attempting suicide two or more times.(2)

— 154% higher risk of suicide. Another study of more than 173,000 American women who had abortions or carried to term found that, during the eight years after the pregnancy ended, women who aborted had a 154% higher risk of suicide than women who carried to term.(3)

Shockingly, Terzo points out that post-abortive teens are the most vulnerable group, being “10 times more likely to attempt suicide if they have had an abortion in the last six months.”

Among the notable studies that have attested to the abortion-suicide risk is a  Finnish study that was published in the British Medical Journal. Its conclusion states:

The increased risk of suicide after an induced abortion indicates either common risk factors for both or harmful effects of induced abortion on mental health… Increased risk for suicide after an abortion indicates either common risk factors for both or harmful effects of induced abortion on mental health.

Women who are suffering from the psychological anguish of a past abortion can contact Rachel’s Vineyard for free and confidential help. Rachel’s Vineyard can help women find resources and retreats that will lead them to healing and psychological stability.


Campaign to raise money to pay for 20-week abortion reveals values of abortion industry

The abortion industry is crying foul after GoFundMe shut down the site of a woman begging for money to kill her baby. NARAL Pro-Choice America likens a person raising money for a late-term elective abortion as being in the same category as a medical emergency.

Playing the victim card, laced with hyperbole, NARAL says the poor women in need of abortions are being treated like terrorists and criminals and drugs, adding, “That’s right, they consider abortion in the same category as terrorism and violence.”

Of course GoFundMe didn’t actually say that. This is a further example of the pro-abortion rhetoric that plays victim every time someone can’t kill a baby at will with someone else paying for it. What GoFundMe said was this:

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Yeah, her again.

Mad Marcotte: what’s the big deal about dead babies in bathrooms?

I generally try to space out my Amanda Marcotte posts better than this, honest. But come on, after seeing this tapestry of sheer madness, how could I pass it by? Opening with a glorious lack of self-awareness (“given that anti-choice hysteria is, you know, hysteria”), Marcotte proceeds to blaze thrilling new trails in imaginary patriarchal oppression.

As Jeannie Deangelis reported on September 2, a dead fetus was recently found in a Dallas high-school bathroom. Now, to those of us who aren’t insane, finding a human corpse where human corpses ought not be (i.e., pretty much anywhere that isn’t a hospital, morgue, or funeral home, and definitely not a bathroom) is kind of a big deal.

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Alisa LaPolt Snow

The infanticide in “The Giver” was an abortion, as far as Planned Parenthood is concerned

Pro-life advocates have widely celebrated the new film, The Giver, a screen adaptation of the novel by Lois Lowry. An overview of the plot and more in-depth examination of the pro-life themes in the film can be found here. In the film, a turning point for the main character comes when he begins to understand that infanticide is regularly practiced within his community. At one point, he witnesses one of these killings, which certain care-giving members of the community had been trained to carry out. The book describes the scene as follows (and the film was true to this depiction):

To his surprise, his father began very carefully to direct the needle into the top of the new child’s forehead, puncturing the place where the fragile skin pulsed. The newborn squirmed, and wailed faintly. …

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Planned Parenthood forced to face fraud lawsuit in Iowa

Planned Parenthood almost got away with alleged fraud in Iowa, until the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a district court’s dismissal of fraud claims by a former employee.

Sue Thayer, who was an office manager at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, alleges that during her time in Planned Parenthood’s employment, the clinic committed multiple counts of Medicaid fraud and other questionable activity (such as being told to perform sonograms without medical training).

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Andrea Grimes complains over lack of post-abortion herbal tea

Shortly before the news broke that a judge had struck down a key part of the new Texas abortion law, RH Reality Check writer Andrea Grimes — the genius behind the “Taco and Beer Abortion Challenge” that was an utter flop — wrote about how horrible sterile abortion clinics are. According to Grimes, they’re just too cold and intimidating. And there’s no recliners or herbal tea!

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South African mother sues for “wrongful suffering” because her son was born with Down syndrome

Wrongful birth suits are not limited to just the United States. Intolerance of people with disabilities is an international problem, and one South African mother proved that point again, by filing a “wrongful suffering” lawsuit because she gave birth to a son with Down syndrome. She evidently did not have any prenatal testing — no, she’s just suing because she was at high risk for having a baby with Down syndrome, and had she known, she would have had an abortion… simply because she might have a child with an extra chromosome.

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