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The troubling “Christianity” of abortionist Willie Parker

Esquire ran a piece last month lauding the abortion “ministry” of Willie Parker, a Chicago abortionist who rotates into Mississippi to commit abortions at the state’s lone remaining abortion mill. The facility’s owner has been unable to procure an abortionist who is capable of obtaining admitting privileges at a nearby hospital because all of the Mississippi abortionists appear to have too-shoddy records to be considered fit by any nearby hospital credentialing committee.

One of the many troubling aspects of the piece is Esquire‘s portrayal of Parker as a dedicated and faithful Christian. In Esquire‘s view, the abortionist is, simply paraphrased, more enlightened than the rest of the ‘judgmental’ Christian community (cue the article’s predictable segment bemoaning the awful Christian sidewalk counselors who are ruining their lives).

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Pregnant and single: Mickaela’s story of hope and grace

Embrace Grace, an organization dedicated to helping single, pregnant mothers to find the strength needed to choose life and find hope in their difficult situation, recently released the following video testimony by Mickaela.

Mickaela is a young mom who found herself abandoned by her father as a teen. The abandonment left her questioning her own self-worth and in search of someone who would accept her for who she was. She thought she had found a good companion in her baby’s father, but before long Mickaela realized that her boyfriend was not meant to be a permanent fixture in her life and that of her son.

Alone and unsure where to turn, Mickaela found Embrace Grace through a friend. The group helped her find camaraderie with other moms like her, and assisted her with the other needs she experienced during that time.

Learn more about Embrace Grace’s mission here.

Most women do not "love abortion."

Delusional, Planned Parenthood takes credit for abortion decline in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a state full of dedicated pro-life advocates, the abortion rate last year reached its lowest since 1974. Credit for the continued decrease is due to pro-life citizens who have insisted on life-affirming laws despite opposition from the state’s pro-abortion governor, Mark Dayton. Dayton has vetoed every effort pro-lifers made to lower the abortion rate.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood demonstrates its delusional attitude towards the abortion rate drop in the state, saying that credit for the drop goes to their preventive “services” like STD screenings, and child sex ed programs.

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Latest court rulings show that it is the abortion industry being protected, not women

While the abortion industry is certainly rejoicing, pro-lifers have cause for concern with the latest court rulings.

Operation Rescue has reported on three such rulings in which a judge, or numerous judges, have allowed abortion clinics to stay open. With the case of Toledo, Ohio, this was the city’s last abortion clinic. The ruling for Mississippi allowed the state’s only abortion clinic to remain open. Certainly for a city, or a state, to be without any abortion clinics would be daunting. The supposed right to an abortion does not mention that every state or city is required to have an abortion facility, however.

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Abortion activist Sunsara Taylor calls abortion a “great decision” that should be “as common as is needed”

Most Americans who call themselves “pro-choice” aren’t abortion activists. They believe it should be legal, but not after the first trimester; they understand what might drive a woman to feel she has to have an abortion, but they don’t think abortion is a good thing to be celebrated.

But then you have the rabid pro-abortion extremists, people for whom it will never be good enough for abortion to merely be allowed. Abortion must also be free, widely available, and performed right up until the baby is born for any reason whatsoever.

The idea of this kind of widespread abortion is abhorrent to most people, but tone-deaf abortion activists don’t realize that. One such activist is Sunsara Taylor. Taylor is the “initiator” of the pro-abortion movement Stop Patriarchy, advocates for “revolution” and communism, and is most widely known for calling an 11-year-old pro-lifer praying the rosary a “stupid kid”. Given all of that, perhaps the following clip isn’t altogether surprising.

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BDSM sex “normal”? Planned Parenthood admits it doesn’t think so

In recent months, Live Action has released a series of videos investigating Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex advice for children. When asked by a girl posing as an inquisitive 15-year-old what “kink” is all about, Planned Parenthood counselors consistently – and enthusiastically – encourage dangerous sex practices that put vulnerable young teens at risk.

In Live Action’s most recent installment in the series, a Planned Parenthood clinician repeats the mantra that any “consensual” sex is “normal” sex – even if it involves using a horse whip. Consent and a prior agreement to stop when a submissive partner says “stop” is all teens need for a healthy sex life, as far as Planned Parenthood is concerned. But the latest counselor-teen exchange reveals that Planned Parenthood employees, who by and large toe the organization’s line that any sexual activity is, as this worker states, “normal as long as it’s consensual,” may really feel that BDSM sex isn’t so safe, after all:

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Yeah. Um, are you on any form of birth control?

15-YEAR-OLD: Yeah.


15-YEAR-OLD: Yeah.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: So you feel like you’re having safe sex—

15-YEAR-OLD: Mm-hm.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: —in that regard?

15-YEAR-OLD: Yeah, definitely.


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Pro-abortion counter protesters display a lack of awareness and knowledge

A pro-abortion “activists” couple thought they were cute when they decided to counter protest pro-lifers outside an abortion clinic in North Carolina. But all they were successful in showing was how ignorant about abortion and disconnected from reality they are.

The couple had been walking by this clinic and the pro-life activists for years when one day they decided to start counter protesting. Soon their efforts went viral as they posted pictures of themselves and their homemade signs on Tumblr. Suzanne Buckley, the Executive Director of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League North Carolina even emailed words of gratitude to them for brining humor to the sensitive topic of killing innocent people.

So how compelling are these signs that have gotten the pro-abortion movement all jazzed up?

Here are some examples:

Legally False. (In response to a pro-life sign that reads Babies are Murdered Here)

This is true. Legally, abortion is not murder. But let’s remember one other horrific crime that was once completely legal: slavery. Legality doesn’t make abortion right or justified and it definitely doesn’t mean that abortion is NOT the taking of an innocent life. It might not be classified as “murder” but it is still killing.

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Planned Parenthood Clinic Sign

Wendy Davis attacks Greg Abbott on rape, but looks the other way for Planned Parenthood

Wendy Davis has released a new campaign ad attacking Greg Abbott for how he sided in an old state Supreme Court case. A woman was raped by a contractor for the Kirby vacuum cleaner company, and she and her husband sued Kirby — the rapist was a sexual predator, and Kirby had not run a background check on the salesman. Abbott, who was a state Supreme Court justice at the time, was one of three dissenting opinions, and felt that Kirby was not responsible.

In the ad, Davis insinuates that a company should be held responsible for the actions of their employees.

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Pregnant woman

Is there a nine-month pro-choice conspiracy?

When I first heard, in the 1990’s, that abortion was legal through all nine months of pregnancy, I couldn’t believe it.  If that were true, why would it not be common knowledge?  Why would there be debate over where life began?

I had just abandoned the pro-choice movement and was researching the pro-life position and was finding most of what they said quite persuasive.  But how could abortion be legal until birth?  Many other people who I have spoken to also could not believe the law could be so extreme.  I snuck into a local law library and read Roe vs. Wade and its companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, and discovered the pro-lifers were telling the truth: abortion really is legal through all nine months, in every state, for any reason, and has been since 1973.

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Pro-choice former clinic worker: care at clinic was “rushed and inadequate”

In the book Abortion under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice, which was released in 2006, pro-choice writer Jenny Higgins says some disturbing things about an abortion clinic where she had once worked.

Jenny Higgins was pro-choice when she wrote her essay for the book that was edited by Krista Jacob.  To my knowledge, Higgins still holds a pro-choice viewpoint. But she criticized the clinic where she worked with women seeking abortions.

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Sex Education

‘Very pornographic’ textbook for ninth-graders sparks outrage

A public school district in Fremont, California is coming under fire from local parents for including a sexually explicit 400-page textbook in its curriculum for ninth-graders (i.e., thirteen-to-fifteen-year-olds).

According to a local CBS station, the almost 400-page-long “Your Health Today” contains subject matter ranging from bondage to vibrators to binge-drinking, complete with explicit imagery that parents say qualifies as pornography.

When confronted, Fremont Unified School District superintendent Jim Morris defended the book by saying that “teachers won’t be teaching about sex toys[.]” He did not mention whether Fremont’s schools would rip out the pages covering this material, or whether they would leave it for high school students (and their younger siblings at home) to leaf through.

CBS reporter Chris Filippi interviewed some “riled up” San Francisco area parents regarding the explicit textbook, even showing them some pages. “It’s a bit much for me,” one mother said: “I mean, wow, that’s, the graphics are extreme – oh my gosh.”

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Media repeatedly deceives public in Hobby Lobby coverage

In the buildup to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, and even more so in its aftermath, prominent news outlets have been aggressively spreading falsehoods about key aspects of the case. Beyond logical fallacies about who is imposing their will on others, many reports and commentaries also contain statements that are discredited by the scientific facts at the core of this case.

Although journalism standards give commentators “wide latitude” to express their views, this is not a license to mutilate the truth. In the words of New York Times deputy editorial page editor Trish Hall, “the facts in a piece must be supported and validated. You can have any opinion you would like, but you can’t say that a certain battle began on a certain day if it did not.”

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Mississippi admitting privileges law struck down by 5th circuit judges

An all-male panel of judges from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has, at least temporarily, struck down the Mississippi requirement that abortionists obtain hospital admitting privileges before committing abortions in the state.

The state’s sole remaining abortion mill, located in Jackson, is surrounded by hospitals that refused to grant privileges to the abortionists who practice there. As a result, abortion activists argued that the requirement posed an “undue burden” on women seeking abortions because Mississippi would have no operational abortion mills with the provision in place. Pro-life activists, on the other hand, hold that the provision is a basic medical necessity, without which women in Mississippi are denied essential protections in the event of an abortion-related emergency.

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Is the economy the untold casualty of abortion?

The pro-life movement often talks of the science behind life in the womb, the fact that abortion leaves emotional, psychological and physical scars on women and the inherent beauty of every life. What we don’t often talk about, though, is money.

After all, doesn’t it seem somewhat crass to couch pro-life arguments in terms of economic benefit? The reality, though, is that abortion hasn’t impacted our society only in emotional, social, and cultural ways. It’s also impacted our society economically. And one political scientist is now claiming this very thing.

Mark A. Olson, a former liberal community organizer turned pro-life consultant, has published research that abortion in America has cost our nation more than $16 trillion in federal revenue – or approximately the amount of our current national debt.

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Pro-Choice politicians find models of unborn babies “repulsive” and “shocking”

LifeNews recently shared a story on Facebook that was published in July of 2013 called “Abortion Advocates Go Nuts Over Pro-Lifers Distributing Fetal Models.”

The story was about the angry pro-choice response to a pro-life group distributing fetal models, like the one above, at a fair. According to Andrew Blair, the writer of the article:

Samantha Gordon, director of public affairs for NARAL Pro-Choice America, told ABC News, “Watching the anti-choice movement attempt to engage the public by using extreme and unsettling tactics is nothing new.”

Life-size models of unborn babies are powerful visual aids that can be held, touched and experienced in more ways than a simple two-dimensional drawing or picture. They have been displayed and distributed by pro-life organizations for many years. Children are often drawn to the doll like models, and it is a good opportunity to educate them. Such models are valuable pro-life tools.

But Samantha Gordon of NARAL Pro-Choice America was not the only one who expressed horror at being confronted with such models.

In 2003, Republican delegate Richard Black mailed models of unborn babies to politicians on both sides of the abortion debate. The models came with a card saying:

This is the size and shape of an actual first-trimester baby. Abortionists kill most babies at this stage of development.

The models depicted a developing child with little arms and legs, complete with fingers and toes, as is consistent with a first-trimester unborn baby at or around 10 weeks.

According to an article in The Virginian – Pilot:

Senate Minority Leader Richard Saslaw of Fairfax County said [it] was one of the most inappropriate things he has seen in his 23 years in the Senate.

“Quite frankly, the people who saw this were pretty repulsed by it,” he said.

What exactly is repulsive about the models? If you dressed them in baby clothes, they would be indistinguishable from children’s dolls that could be bought at Walmart or a toy store. What is repulsive, perhaps, is the prickling of the consciences of the pro-choicers who see them.

When politicians vote to promote the killing of unborn babies, or block laws that would protect them, coming face to face with what their victims look like can be “repulsive” to them. It is not hard to see why Senate Minority Leader Richard Saslaw finds the dolls “repulsive”, any more than it is hard to imagine why Samantha Gordon, who has dedicated her career to facilitating the deaths of unborn children,  finds them “unsettling.”

Another lawmaker, Sen. Leslie Byrne, D-Fairfax County, said:

It shocked me …It hurts the decorum of the General Assembly.

Ah, decorum. Who would want to impose on the decorum of the general assembly with a little bit of reality?

Models of unborn babies are a powerful pro-life tool, and while the hearts of hardened, diehard pro-choicers are unlikely to be moved by them, they can be a powerful visual aid to help others see the reality of what abortion destroys.

You can see a catalog of fetal models for sale here. 

Source: JUSTIN BERGMAN  “Republican sends Senate members plastic fetus doll” Virginian-Pilot 2/5/2003

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Many abortion clinic workers have been ready to leave for some time - but they need help getting out.

The devastating reality of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome

She sat across from me, tears streaming down her face. The subject of abortion came up and this woman struggled to discuss it. ‘Emotionally damaging’ was the phrase she used to describe the procedure.

She thought about her child. She wondered how old he or she may be. As she reflected on her past she wrestled with feelings of regret. She admitted to choosing abortion without knowing all of the facts. She felt rushed into the decision, wishing now that she would have gathered more information before she decided.

This woman’s story is all too common. In the decade I’ve been involved in the pro-life movement I’ve heard similar tales. I met a woman who was so affected by her abortion that she couldn’t talk about it for 20 years.

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sex-gender-abortions planned parenthood

Liberal study claims sex-selection abortion bans are unnecessary; argument is full of holes

Three organizations recently joined forces to produce a strange study that concludes that international sex-selection abortion and male child bias are issues that are exaggerated by pro-life groups in order to restrict access to abortion.

The “study,” conducted by the International Human Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School, the National Asian-Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), and Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), analyzes birth rate statistics and uses them to downplay the injustice of abortion based on sex. Furthermore, the study uses these numbers to suggest that sex-selection abortion is really a non-issue created by pro-lifers to advance an anti-abortion agenda.

The study, entitled Replacing Myths with Facts: Sex-Selective Abortion in the United Statespresents six supposed myths about sex-selection and male child preference, and provides a counter argument to each. The “myths” and corresponding “facts” are the following:

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Cecile Richards compares abortion to colonoscopies

Planned Parenthood has been desperate for a long time to make themselves out to be purveyors of women’s health care, when really, their business revolves around — what else? — abortion. Oh, sure, they like to pretend that they care about things besides abortion. They certainly do offer other services, but their own annual report shows that abortion is their bread and butter.

According to their annual report, abortion makes up 94% of their pregnancy “services”, and the number of abortions they performed has increased over the years, while their other health care services have decreased. It’s all about the money for Planned Parenthood, and abortion sure is lucrative. That’s why they have required all Planned Parenthood affiliates to perform abortions, causing them to subsequently lose affiliates that actually did care about health care. What abortion is not, is PR-friendly. People don’t like abortion. So Planned Parenthood has to pretend they actually care about women’s health, even lying about the services they perform. (Remember the mammogram debacle?)

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Widespread corruption in Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Planned Parenthood is finally being exposed for what it really is.

America’s abortion giant. The place that doesn’t actually provide mammograms to women. The place where women die after abortions (while children are ripped apart); where a clinic shuts down because of utter filthiness. The place where women are routinely lied to; where ultrasounds are often left unexplained; where human traffickers and child rapists are helped – instead of the women they are violating.

It couldn’t be clearer that Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve another red cent of our hard earned tax dollars. Through this organization, we are funding the real War on Women. And until it is rightfully stripped of government funds (our funds), it doesn’t look like Planned Parenthood is planning on stopping anytime soon. Planned Parenthood is out for the money – even when it’s given with blatantly racist purposes – and until the money stops, the abortion giant won’t either.

Let’s take an inside look into one of the particularly corrupt branches of Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM).

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A Hobby Lobby store (photo credit: Fan of Retail on Flickr)

Disappointment or deceit: Analyzing reactions to the Hobby Lobby decision

There have been strong reactions following what was perhaps the most eagerly awaited decision of this year’s Supreme Court term.

A 5-4 Court decided Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., ruling that closely held corporations do not have to provide abortifacients to their employees as part of their healthcare packages. Hobby Lobby already covers 16 of the 20 forms of FDA approved contraception, but it is against their religious beliefs to provide ones which can act to end a baby’s life after fertilization.

From the reactions we’ve seen to the Hobby Lobby decision, one would think we were on our way to overturning the right to obtain contraception, found in Griswold v. Connecticut.

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