The abortion pill as a form of penance?

In an article in the Washington Post, author Hanna Rosin quotes abortion provider Kathy Rogers saying:

[RU-486 is] not just a pill; it’s a process. And it’s not going to be fast or easy or simple.

Rosin discusses why some women choose to undergo chemical abortions, even though they are so much more painful and drawn out than surgical ones. She is referring to a woman who was interviewed and asked her reasons for choosing the abortion pill:

[The woman who was interviewed] expresses a feeling the pill’s advocates don’t like to talk about, but which nonetheless seems common to the woman who have chosen this new method.

It served for her a form of penance, a way of grappling with her ambivalence over any kind of abortion.

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Pro-choice reporter responds to display of aborted babies

Monica Migliorino Miller and several other pro-lifers set up a display of aborted babies outside the abortion clinic where they were found. Miller and the others had retrieved the aborted babies from the clinic’s trash.

Pro-Choice columnist Linda Gorov of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote about the display:

All the antiabortion pickets in the world cannot convey the loss you feel when you look at a 10 week old fetus in the bright sun light. You can be for abortion or against abortion. It doesn’t matter. You look and you look away and you feel lousy for a long time afterward.


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Writer for Salon describes abortions she witnessed

Margaret A. Woodbury, a writer for Salon magazine, describes two abortions that she witnessed in an abortion clinic. The first abortion was done on a woman who was 23 weeks pregnant. It was a “partial-birth” abortion, which is now illegal.

This was the most difficult procedure to watch, mostly because of the pain experienced by the least sedated of the women. As the doctor, with a resident by his side, slid most of his hand deep into the patient’s vagina, she moaned horribly and could not remain still. Only when the anesthesiologist administered a drug to increase her sedation could things proceed.

The doctor, using only his fingers, pulled a foot into view and then another. “OK,” he said, “now I have the sacrum.” Letting the resident take over, the doctor instructed: “Pull down. Down! Not Up! Down! All right, now the shoulder, then twist. Then the other shoulder.”

At this point, only a few minutes had passed. The fetus was perfectly limp, its tiny feet and hands flaccid as they immediately darkened from oxygen depletion. In the three intact D&X procedures I witnessed, not once did I see even a glimmer of response from the fetuses — the anesthesia having passed through the placenta into their bloodstreams. (1)

Actually, the theory that anesthesia given to the mother provides pain relief to the fetus has been debunked.

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Be there for her!

Pro-life pregnancy center finds no room at the inn

Suddenly there’s no room at the inn when Planned Parenthood is next door.

A pro-life pregnancy center in Vacaville, CA is the focus of a lawsuit filed by the Pacific Justice Institute.  Alpha Pregnancy Centers had its lease revoked days before it was to move into a new facility, near Planned Parenthood. The suit asserts that may be exactly why Alpha was ejected.

Alpha  sought a new facility for its growing center, moving from behind a grocery story into a medical arts building. It found a space, signed a lease, paid its rent–and had the rent check returned, un-cashed, saying Alpha wasn’t a good fit in the center.

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Professor: Abortion is okay because of Hiroshima and international aggression

I’ve heard a lot of pro-abortion arguments in my day, but every now and then I run across one that just seems so completely nonsensical, it takes me aback. One such convoluted argument comes from Beverly Wildung Harrison, formerly a professor of Christian ethics at the Union Theological Seminary.  Harrison, who died a few years ago,  wrote the book Our Right to Choose in which she used Christian theology to justify abortion.

The book Abortion: My Choice, God’s Grace by another pro-choice Christian, Anne Eggebroten, puts forth the following quote by Harrison: 

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Behold the patriarchy!

Abortion clinics’ “waste disposal” methods – a place for pro-life activism?

Pro-lifers have employed many strategies to drive abortion clinics out of business, and have had tremendous success within the past few years. One thing that pro-life activists haven’t tried as frequently is regulating what abortion clinics do with the bodies of the babies they abort.

Monica Migliorino Miller, in her book Abandoned, talks about how she and fellow activists started a crusade against a pet cemetery that was incinerating the bodies of aborted babies along with those of cats and dogs. Her efforts shone a spotlight on the grisly business of abortion and led to the end of the practice of burning babies along with animals in the pet cemetery’s  crematorium.

I am also reminded of the single person who closed an abortion clinic by pressuring a lab company to stop working with the clinic. Sometimes putting (peaceful) pressure on companies that serve abortion clinics can have an impact.

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78% of abortions in New York City were black and hispanic babies

Data from the CDC reveals horrifying abortion numbers from New York City. The city already boasts of one of the highest abortion rates in the country, and the governor of the state notoriously affirmed that pro-lifers are not welcome. But the newest statistics are shocking: 78% of the abortions in New York City were of black and Hispanic babies.

The Abortion Surveillance report published by the CDC, for which the latest abortion numbers are for 2011, show there were 76,251 abortions in New York City that year.

For that total, 9,550 abortions were of white babies, which is 12.5% of the total; 35,188 babies were black (46.1% of total); 23,959 were Hispanic (31.4%); and another 7,554 “other” abortions, 9.9%, which includes Asians and Native Americans, as well as those babies not reported by race.

Abortions of black and Hispanic babies combined totaled 59,147 – that is 77.56% of the total abortions in NYC.

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Counselor prevents abortion minded women from seeing sonograms of their babies

Genetic “counselors” are medical personnel that walk women and their partners though testing (usually amniocentesis) to see if their unborn babies have a genetic illness or disability. If a woman is at risk for having a baby with a disability, or if they already know that they are pregnant with one, these genetic counselors are supposed to be unbiased in helping them decide whether or not to abort. In reality, there are subtle ways that this type of “counselor” can influence a woman’s decision.

From one genetic counselor:

As a counselor, I consider it my job to accompany my patients to everything. The sonographer here at City is a right to lifer. When he knows someone has a positive diagnosis, that they are going to abort, he hands them a photo of the fetus. Imagine being forced to take it, to take that picture, when you know the pregnancy is Down’s, you know you’re going to abort!

Genetic counselor Felicia Arcana

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Pro-choice adoption worker wished some of her clients could have aborted their children instead

During this National Adoption Month, a pro-abortion website called “RH Reality Check” released an article entitled Adoption Is Not a Universal Alternative to Abortion, No Matter What Anti-Choicers SayThe point seems to be to assuage pro-choice advocates who like abortion more than adoption– a feat during National Adoption Month (November), when adoption advocates flood the internet with positive stories.

Adoption must be confusing to abortion advocates. It’s a choice that, instead of asking What do I want right now?, asks, What is best for the person who depends on me for his everything?  Contrasted with the egocentric nature of abortion, adoption is a wholly selfless decision for both the birth parents and adoptive parents.  As such, adoption is the antithesis of abortion.

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Pro-choice researcher admits that aborting imperfect children creates disability rights conflicts

Years ago, Rayna Rapp discovered that her baby would be afflicted with down syndrome. She and her partner chose for her to have an abortion. Ever since then, she has been writing about fetal testing and abortion. A supporter of legal abortion who has herself worked in an abortion clinic, the reader can be assured that she writes with no pro-life bias.

In her book, Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: the Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America, she interviewed women and couples who were waiting for the results of an amniocentesis to discover whether their babies would have down syndrome or another genetic disability.

Most intended to abort if the test indicated a problem, though Rapp did describe one or two who spared their disabled babies’ lives. I have cited Rapp’s book before, presenting quotes from some of the men and women who intended to abort a baby with down syndrome.

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New website reveals which insurance plans cover abortion — just in time for open enrollment

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) and the Family Research Council (FRC) have jointly unveiled a new website that will help many families and individuals find abortion-free insurance plans through Obamacare this season. The website features an interactive map and clearly-delineated information about which plans do and do not provide elective abortion coverage. The site is a breath of fresh air to the Americans who have been angered by the Administration’s ongoing refusal to provide transparency about the Obamacare-abortion link.

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ObamaCare abortion deception continues with more tax funded abortions

Americans are unable to make an informed choice if they are denied information, but that’s just what continues to happen with abortion coverage and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It was  bad enough that the  ACA forced pro-life Americans to fund abortion, but now a new accommodation to the act turns out to be not only a non-accommodation, but also a violation of the law.

The National Review reports:

“[T]he Obama Administration issued a new regulation purportedly intended to help insurance issuers in the state Exchanges comply with Obamacare’s major abortion provision. He really shouldn’t have bothered – it does nothing to correct the problems.”

The problems with the ACA and abortion coverage have plagued pro-lifers since the act was passed. President Obama,  insisted in September of 2009:

“[O]ne more misunderstanding I want to clear up — under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

Those words appeased many pro-lifers who weren’t really sure what was in the plan, but they were never true. As the GAO reported recently, the plan not only forced Americans to fund abortion, but has actually allowed federal funds to directly subsidize abortion without their knowledge.

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Myth that 1 in 3 women have abortions persists despite hard evidence to the contrary

The latest in a pro-choice effort to normalize and de-stigmatize abortion among women is the 1 in 3 Campaign. It’s set up the same way as Not Alone; women share stories of why they’re happy they had abortions. The 1 in 3 Campaign‘s entire premise is that abortion is normal and good because 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime.

But, here’s the thing: that’s not true.

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Curtis Boyd

Abortionist Curtis Boyd says of abortion climate: “My God what has happened?”

Abortionist Curtis Boyd, who has been committing abortions since before they were legalized in 1973, was featured Friday by UK-based publication The Guardian in a piece on American abortionists.

The tone of the piece is one of shock and dismay that America has grown more pro-life, rather than more accepting of the tenets of Roe v. Wade, since 1973. To drive this point home, the piece includes this startling infographic from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute displaying the radical pro-life shift in opinion as evidenced by legislative restrictions on abortion.

For The Guardian and for abortionists like Boyd America’s lack of acceptance for abortion on-demand is inconceivable. When Boyd began his first legal abortion business after Roe v. Wade, he says he never imagined that, over 40 years later, abortion would remain a medical industry separated from the rest of medicine – much less one that is opposed by most Americans:

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Video from a NY Planned Parenthood affiliate: inaccurate and downright weird

A lucrative Planned Parenthood affiliate in New York pulls out all the stops to bring viewers the most awkward and misleading video experience possible. The video was released in 2011, but until Saysumthn’s Blog brought it to the fore this week, the video languished in obscurity with very few views… and we can see why. This isn’t the first of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic‘s super creepy and awkward videos, either. This video, for example, shows young girls how the very existence of condoms will make their desire not to have sex magically disappear. Here’s the 2011 video:

Let’s see the sampling of lies PP pulled out for the video above.

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Pro-aborts’ accusations of pro-life hypocrisy aren’t even trying anymore

Screenshot 2014-09-21 at 10.38.00 PMLongtime readers know that pro-abortion publications like SlateRH Reality CheckThinkProgress, and Jezebel don’t exactly have the most stringent evidentiary standards for their attacks on pro-lifers. But for a community as large, influential, and self-righteous as the pro-choice movement, you’d think that at least a few of its websites would be intellectually honest.

So, in the interest of fairness, let’s see how some of the less prominent outlets fare. Here’s one: Medical Daily sounds like a pretty evenhanded name. What does Samantha Olson have to say…

People Against Abortion Hide Their Own Procedures And The Truth To Change Public Perception” 

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Nancy Pelosi vows to empower women… And then discriminates against a pregnant, disabled veteran.

As an online writer, I come across a fair number of memes. Some of them are cleverly arranged to convey a well thought out message. There’s also ones like this:


The sign on the left conveys an obvious fact: it’s pretty hard to hold “pro-choice” beliefs (or hold anything at all) if somebody’s already killed you. The logic behind the sign on the right, however, is a little more hazy.

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Jian Ghomeshi

Made it easier “to f–k women”: Why Jian Ghomeshi favored abortion rights.

Canadian talk radio star Jian Ghomeshi is known for his social activism. In college, Ghomeshi ran for student government on a feminist platform of “battling sexism and racism on campus.” What drew him to these causes? According to fellow student Chris Lawson, the motivation was simple: being a left-wing activist made it easier “to f–k women.” If the slew of allegations that surfaced over the past two months are anything to go by, Jian wasn’t always nice about pursuing that goal.

Thus far, eight women have come forward with claims of being groped, hit, choked, or subjected to degrading comments. Some of these individuals worked alongside Ghomeshi on The Q, a progressive radio program with listeners across Canada and the U.S. One staffer said that the host threatened to “hate f–k” her, while another has accused Gomeshi of grinding up against her at the office. Insp. Joanna Beaven-Desjardins of the Toronto Police Service has confirmed that a criminal investigation is underway.

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ultrasound, baby

Abortion isn’t about a baby; it’s about me, asserts writer

Rebecca Traister attempts to come off as some authority on women, feminism, and the reality of abortion in her New Republic piece entitled “Let’s Just Say It: Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do.” She fails at this task.

She opens her piece by commenting on how she woke up one day in September and realized the implications of the fact that she was 24 weeks pregnant—it meant she had “lost one of the most important tools available to women: the ability to exert control over what’s going on inside my uterus.” Despite the fact that she is carrying a baby she and her husband planned, she comes off as pushy and dramatic. Not too long ago we would chide chauvinistic men who seemed to think they had a right to dictate what happened because they possessed male genitalia. Traister sounds like the female version of that personality, asserting she should have all the control, always, simply because she possesses lady parts.

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Video: Planned Parenthood’s 2014 endorsement failures

The American Life League released an amusing video this week chronicling the “Planned Parenthood rejects” of 2014. The bottom line is that this year, American voters rejected the Planned Parenthood agenda and sided with pro-life values.

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