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Planned Parenthood expands behemoth abortion business in NYC

America’s abortion giant is growing a new tentacle in the nation’s abortion capital. With a new abortion mill in Queens, Planned Parenthood adds its fifth killing center in NYC alone. The New York Times reports that Planned Parenthood of New York City is constructing a $9 million facility that will gain easy access to a solid percentage of the clientele who are currently traveling to other boroughs to patronize Planned Parenthood.

Democrat Queens Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer boldly acknowledged the borough’s agenda of offering abortion as the healthcare of poor women, telling the New York Times:

We know that we have a significant population in Queens that are uninsured or underinsured. And we need quality health care that is tailored to their needs.

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Alabama just got more dangerous for the unborn

The cities of Birmingham and Huntsville, AL became a bit more dangerous again as two closed abortion facilities reopened. The state is large on abortion coverage, as it now houses five licensed abortion clinics.  The state Department of Public Health, which licenses clinics, said Wednesday that both have received licenses and are operating again after complying with laws.

These re-openings are more than just businesses complying with laws; they are certain death for the unborn, allowing abortion access again in close proximity to most areas of the state.

Most notable of the openings is the  Birmingham Planned Parenthood reopened in its original location after being shut down suddenly last January, leaving Birmingham abortion-free for most of 2014.  The Associated Press reported:

“The Birmingham clinic closed in January after firing two employees for selling abortion medication to a person in the clinic parking lot. The clinic replaced its staff and made other changes, according to public records at the health department.”

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Will a Texas law bring another great abortion case to the Supreme Court?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently halted parts of the Texas pro-life omnibus bill, HB2. And while the decision from the Court may seem disappointing and discouraging, we need not be completely disheartened.

Both sides of the abortion issue believe that the highest court of the land will ultimately hear a case to do with the Texas state law. And experts in the pro-life movement are confident.

As was mentioned in Lauren Enriquez’s piece for Live Action News, Casey Mattox, of Alliance Defending Freedom, says that they “remain confident that the entirety of Texas’s law will ultimately be upheld.”

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Planned Parenthood, pro-choice, pro-life

Taxpayers forced to fund new abortion complex for Planned Parenthood in New York City

Last week, America’s abortion giant broke ground on a new abortion complex in New York City. Though The New York Times refers to the complex as a “$9 million health center,” Planned Parenthood’s complexes throughout the nation are really abortion assembly lines.

One woman in. Get her done. Another woman in. Get her done. All day long. Erect fences around the property, like a jail. Keep the women in. Have them come back. Make them “need” Planned Parenthood for everything.

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Planned Parenthood president celebrates her own abortion saying it “wasn’t a difficult decision”

In the name of ending the “stigma” about abortion, the president of Planned Parenthood says aborting her baby “wasn’t a difficult decision.” In a story written for Elle, Cecile Richards says abortion isn’t an issue that should be stigmatized, and sometimes it’s what’s “right” for people.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards lists abortion as #WhatWomenNeed for Valentines Day.
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards lists abortion as #WhatWomenNeed for Valentines Day.

“I had an abortion. It was the right decision for me and my husband, and it wasn’t a difficult decision. Before becoming president of Planned Parenthood eight years ago, I hadn’t really talked about it beyond family and close friends. But I’m here to say, when politicians argue and shout about abortion, they’re talking about me—and millions of other women around the country.”

Richards joins the chorus of pro-abortion voices who are straying from calling abortion a difficult but needed choice to boldly praising the act of killing. But Richards says abortion should never have been an “issue” in the first place.

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One couple’s heartbreaking tale of miscarriage gives contrast to abortion

A pro-life woman whose unborn baby girl died in the womb shared her experience on her blog.   The loss of her daughter, whom she and her husband named Olivia Amy, led her to reflect on the lives abortion takes every year.

Lisa and Bill were expecting their fifth child, and the couple was eagerly awaiting the baby’s birth.

Just like with my other pregnancies, we spent time wondering if this child was a boy or a girl; deciding on names; dreaming what he or she would look like and so on. Reading over the fetal development pamphlets was amazing; we got to “watch” our baby change and grow daily.

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Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis goes negative with despicable ad on opponent’s disability

Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis seems to have realized that her pro-abortion platform has failed to capture the attention of Texans and she’s stooped to a new low in her desperation to win. She has spent much of her time rushing ridiculous attacks at her opponent, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Because Abbott has a squeaky clean record (unlike Davis), Wendy has stooped to attacking him for being disabled. Watch her new ad here:

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NARAL Pro-Choice America is worried about November. Abusive men should be scared too.

What does desperation look like? Well, if you’re NARAL Pro-Choice America, it looks like this:

I kid you not.
I kid you not.

Polls show that a number of pro-life candidates have a good shot at winning this November, and that includes aspiring North Carolina senator Thom Tillis. Tillis has been endorsed by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List in his race against the Democratic incumbent, Kay Hagan. In response, NARAL compared pro-lifers to sexual predators in a new ad featuring the image above. I suppose it’s not surprising that a pro-abortion group would take this approach. After all, most people feel comfortable talking about what they know. When it comes to helping sexual predators, NARAL’s friends at Planned Parenthood know plenty.

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Genetic counselors report sex-selection abortion qualms yet do nothing

Pro-choice feminists find themselves in a quandary when they are faced with sex–selection abortions, especially when, as is usually the case, they are performed because the baby is a girl.

Sadly, most feminists have chosen to overlook this obvious misogyny and support such abortions. They argue that a woman has the right to abort her child even if she is doing so solely to prevent another prenatal “woman” from being born. This seems like a blindingly obvious case of  discrimination against women, but pro-choicers tend to support these abortions based on “women’s rights.”

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Not "essential health care"

Abortionist rips off leg of another woman’s child while her own kicks inside of her

In addition to being an abortionist, Lisa Harris is also a mother. In a startling account, Harris matter-of-factly recalls an abortion she committed on a baby who was about 18 weeks gestation — exactly the same age as the pre-born child she was carrying in her own womb. The story comes from a 2008 piece she published in the journal, Reproductive Health Matters:

As I reviewed her chart I realized that I was more interested than usual in seeing the fetal parts when I was done, since they would so closely resemble those of my own fetus. I went about doing the procedure as usual, removed the laminaria I had placed earlier and confirmed I had adequate dilation.

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No talking point left behind: Choicespeak-to-English Dictionary, Part 2

In our first installment of the Choicespeak-to-English Dictionary, we took a look at various scientific facts the abortion movement tries to hide and twist by mis-defining terminology. Today we move on to the realm of moral and philosophical language, which, as less technical and empirical spheres than science, are particularly vulnerable to rhetorical manipulation. That’s where we come in. Continue reading


Writer Sady Doyle shocks with bold declaration that abortion is “great”

Abortion is being touted as the greater good, deeply moral, and even lifesaving in a new book, which writer Sady Doyle hails in an article this week. Usually even those who proclaim “women’s rights” as the cause for abortion advocacy have the decency to acknowledge it’s not ideal to abort, but this article says that’s all bunk and that abortion is “great.”

In fact, as Doyle reviews the book Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, by Katha Pollitt, she highlights points that are astounding to hear, even by pro-abortion extremists.

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Grief after abortion is common.

No need to report rape of minors says Virginia Attorney General in shocking opinion

The Attorney General of Virginia recently released an opinion sure to delight rapists, sex traffickers, and pedophiles all over the state, freeing them to do more of their deeds without fear of being known. No longer do medical personnel–which includes abortion clinics–need to report suspected rape when a teenage girl is found to have an abortion. According to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D), those reporting laws only apply if someone thinks a parent or guardian raped a girl.

The opinion, which includes, “prenatal or abortion services” as possible rape indicators that no longer have to be reported to law enforcement, was quietly released last month, Herring writes: Continue reading


Planned Parenthood finds clergy to help them oppose Tennessee pro-life amendment

Once again, some clergy are hanging out with Planned Parenthood, united for a cause that surely opposes God’s cause for life.

Held at Evergreen Presbyterian Church (PC-USA, a supporter of abortion) in Memphis , TN, the event opposing the upcoming ballot Amendment 1, a pro-life amendment, was attended by varying clergy who argue that women should have the choice to kill.

In fact, Amendment 1 is rather innocuous, saying only this:

“Shall Article I, of the Constitution of Tennessee be amended by adding the following language as a new, appropriately designated section:

“Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion. The people retain the right through their elected state representatives and state senators to enact, amend, or repeal statutes regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest or when necessary to save the life of the mother.”

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The Virgin Mary: the first pro-choice supporter?

Did you know that the Virgin Mary, who is honored as the Blessed Mother in Catholic tradition, was the first pro-choice activist? No? Well, apparently she was the first person to embrace the ethic of “Choice”- according to Sister Donna Quinn, a pro-choice Catholic nun.

In a 2009 article in the Chicago Tribune, entitled “Pro-choice nun still fighting for women’s care,” Sister Quinn makes the following statement:

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Proposed SIECUS sex education curriculum for grades K-12 under fire

Last week in Clark County (Las Vegas), NV, the local school board meeting was flooded with parents, furious about sex education proposals in the Clark County School District (CCSD). While the superintendent denies that Kindergartners would be taught about masturbation, as the media has reported, he does not deny that discussion is happening to change the sex education curriculum, and that the source of those proposed changes is a document which does call for children to learn about masturbation at a young age—as well as abortion.

The proposed curriculum is based on the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, known from Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). These guidelines were developed by a task force that included members from Planned Parenthood,  the National Education Association, and American Medical Association. Planned Parenthood had the most members of any organization on the original task force at three and was also a part of the latest update panel.

This document is a framework for sex education curriculum from Kindergarten to grade 12, and it contains some disturbing aspects about abortion.

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These stories prove that disabilities don’t affect human dignity

In the pro-life movement, we work to help each other recognize the value of all human life. Unfortunately, many people tend to correlate a person’s abilities with their value. Individuals who don’t have a “normal” set of abilities are often  judged as less worthy of a full life.

This outlook leads to the termination of babies who receive a difficult prenatal diagnosis while they’re growing in their mothers’ wombs. It has also led to an increase in euthanasia and assisted suicide. The correlation between human value and ability is often referred to as “quality of life,” suggesting that a person’s value can be quantified based on how capable he is of leading a life that he or others consider to be normal.

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Decode pro-abortion talking points with the Choicespeak-to-English Dictionary, Part 1

DictionarySpend any time talking to defenders of abortion, and pretty soon you’ll notice that more than a few words seem to suddenly change meanings. No, you’re not going crazy; pro-aborts simply find that some … creative  …tweaking of the English language is necessary to make their logic work.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Armed with this guide to Team Abortion’s most common linguistic fictions, you can spend less of your next rhetorical excursion deciphering sophistry, and more time dismantling it. Here we focus on redefinitions surrounding the debate’s basic medical facts; Part 2 will set them straight on ethical terminology. Continue reading

D & E diagram, abortion

Rebutting TIME’s “Making Abortions Illegal Doesn’t Make Them Go Away”

On September 24, TIME published an article by Quinn Cummings about illegal abortion.

According to Cummings, abortion already is illegal in the U.S., in practice. She tells the story of Jennifer Whalen, a mother who purchased abortion pills online for her 16-year-old daughter and was sentenced for breaking the law.

Cummings makes a number of flawed arguments, but one of the worst appears in her final paragraph:

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Episcopal priest praises new Planned Parenthood clinic as “safe place for the termination of pregnancy”

It’s certainly no secret that some churches support the choice to abort. While it’s counter-intuitive to the Christian faith, which began with Mary’s surprise pregnancy, it’s a reality in 2014 that many who identify as Christian also identify as pro-choice.

Despite this troubling truth, it’s still disconcerting when a minister of the gospel speaks out and makes a statement welcoming a new abortion facility to his region the same way one might welcome a new business offering jobs to a troubled economy. However, that’s what’s happening in New Orleans where an Episcopal priest wrote this week to express his disappointment that Christians are protesting a “needed” Planned Parenthood clinic.

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