Abortion workers admit infants who survive abortions are killed outside the womb

In the Stanford Law & Policy Review, two abortionists made a startling statement. Apparently, when these abortionists committed late-term abortions in the 1990s, they ensured that the child died in the womb prior to delivery in order to avoid delivering born-alive infants. Seeing an abortion survivor, they admitted, was “unsettling.”

We use urea to be certain that we effect fetal death. It is unsettling to all personnel to deliver these fetuses when they are not stillborn.(1)

To these abortionists, having a living, kicking, fully born infant alive in an abortion facility is “unsettling.” I would think so. Imagine how “unsettling” it must be for the mother. To view an unintended live birth as merely “unsettling,” however, would seem to be quite an understatement.

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Why does Neil deGrasse Tyson let embryology deniers off the hook?

Among the most insufferable figures in modern media’s rich cast of ne’er-do-wells is the celebrity expert, someone with a reputation for specialized knowledge in some limited area who the media anoints as the last word on much broader areas, not because he’s earned it but because his judgment is selective enough to make for useful propaganda.

The worst example of this phenomenon is Bill Nye the Science Guy, who first started making the rounds criticizing politicians for alleged scientific illiteracy, conveniently ignored the much clearer and more widespread scientific illiteracy of politicians denying that life begins at fertilization, then eventually used his standing to start promoting the fiction as fact.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hasn’t quite taken that final step (a pro-abortion image featuring him online appears to be a misquote), but his blind spot when it comes to embryology deniers speaks volumes.

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“Catholic” abortionist quits after woman expresses regret

Norma Goldberger was the owner and director of an abortion clinic. In her career she presided over thousands of abortions and worked with a number of different abortionists over the years. In her book Abortion Confidential: Secrets of an Abortion Clinic Owner, she writes about the difficulty of finding doctors to perform abortions. Constantly wanting to expand and bring in more abortion business, she was always seeking new abortionists. At one point, the medical director and head abortionist found another doctor who was considering working at the abortion facility. But he had some reservations…

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Everything about this high school test question on Down syndrome is disturbing

Preborn babies with Down syndrome are still aborted at alarming rates. Abortion advocates often use birth defects like Down syndrome as an excuse for late-term abortions, and the majority of women who receive a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis still report that doctors deliver the news in an overwhelmingly negative manner. Many say that they felt pressured to have an abortion. Societally, it’s still expected that abortion will follow a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Salt Lake City’s Utah Electronic High School apparently not only feels that preborn babies with Down syndrome should be aborted, but also that high schoolers should be indoctrinated with that mindset as well.

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Abortion ‘spa’ shares story of comedian who aborted so she could travel and try drugs

By now, pro-lifers are familiar with Carafem, the abortion facility that compares itself to a “spa.” Carafem’s goal is to “normalize” abortion, and to make it a relaxing experience. Staffers meet their patients in facilities with hardwood floors and “plush” upholstery, and give them warm tea and comfortable robes to make it a more upscale experience.

On their website, they share abortion stories in an effort to “bust abortion stigma.” But one story, from a comedienne named Lucy Samuel (who didn’t have her abortion at Carafem), might not have the intended effects that they were hoping for.

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Remembering Reagan’s judicial nominees on the anniversary of his death

This Sunday was the twelfth anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s death at age 93, following a long bout with Alzheimer’s disease. His leadership gave pro-lifers many things to be thankful for, chief among them nominating brilliant judicial originalist Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court.

With November’s presidential election deciding whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton replaces Scalia, let’s focus this year’s remembrance on Reagan’s efforts to reshape the judiciary, and just how close he came to actually ending Roe v. Wade.

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Pro-lifers aren’t trying to ban abortion because it’s ‘gross’

Abortion advocates will do whatever they can to undermine the pro-life movement. From claiming that pro-lifers are anti-woman to framing abortion as “health care,” it seems there’s no tactic they won’t try.

Vox is trying one that’s fairly surprising. They’re trying to convince people that pro-lifers are trying to ban abortion by “grossing people out”.

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Glamour lies to public about Plan B’s abortifacient nature

Abortion advocates are running a con on the American people. “We don’t have to justify our opposition to any and all restrictions on abortion,” they say, “because those aren’t the most effective way to reduce abortions anyway. Instead, we need to promote more contraception in schools, social programs, and the workplace.”

Awfully convenient how the “real” silver bullet to abortion just happens to be something else the abortion industry is financially and ideologically invested in, isn’t it?

Longtime readers know the evidence shows the promise of contraception to end abortion is wildly overstated, as well as the other reason why it’s a scam: because several prominent contraception methods function as chemical abortions anyway. At Glamour, Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy tries to mislead readers on the potentially abortive nature of Plan B, also known as the morning-after pill…

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State files complaint against violent abortionist who failed to report criminal convictions

A Michigan abortionist may be facing possible sanctions after violating state law through his failure to notify the state about several arrests and criminal convictions. Thomas James Gordon performs abortions at Heritage Clinic for Women, a Grand Rapids National Abortion Federation clinic which has failed to publicly distance themselves from Gordon despite Live Action News documenting his criminal history in January. Now, the state’s medical licensing board has filed a formal complaint against Gordon for failing to notify them of the convictions.

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Abortion facility workers: We were trained never to use the word ‘baby’

Pro-choice author Carole Joffe interviewed abortion facility workers from several different clinics for her book The Regulation of Sexuality: Experiences of Family-Planning Workers.

One of the things Joffe wrote about was the training new staffers went through to prepare them for working with vulnerable women.  The training emphasized what kind of language workers should use with women considering abortion. Employees were trained to avoid using language that affirmed the humanity of the preborn.

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There’s nothing heroic or kind about late-term abortion

Seven years ago Monday, George Tiller was murdered. It was a horrific tragedy that was roundly condemned by the pro-life community, and rightly so. Being pro-life means respecting and protecting all life; violence against anyone, even abortionists, goes against everything that the pro-life movement stands for.

The murder of George Tiller does not, though, excuse his work as an abortionist while he was alive. And true to form, abortion advocates have spent the last few days talking about Tiller as if he was a champion of women. This is stretching the truth, at very best.

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Your money is going to Planned Parenthood whether you like it or not

(The Daily Signal) Whether you’re a painter, pastor, lawyer, or laborer (pro-life or pro-abortion), you work for Planned Parenthood. A portion of every paycheck goes to the world’s leading abortion business through the federal and state taxes allocated by your elected representatives and the unelected bureaucrats they empower.

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Pro-abortion media still shocked that pro-life health providers oppose abortion

Will abortion supporters ever come to terms with the fact that they’re the only ones who think abortion is synonymous with “medical care”? Apparently not, since Nicole Knight Shine at Rewire (formerly RH Reality Check) has what seems like the millionth “scoop” on the “scandal” of pro-life religious health providers declining to promote abortion.

MomDoc is Mormon-owned and the largest OB/GYN network in Arizona. You might think it obvious that an organization affiliated with a church that believes elective abortion to be “contrary to the will and the commandments of God” and makes participating in abortion grounds for loss of membership would not be the place to look for an abortion, but at Rewire, apparently you need to have your reporters call MomDoc and ask for abortions to figure it out.

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