Pro-abortion children’s book calls aborted baby girl a ‘happy ghost’

Many people who find out that they had a sibling who was aborted are not happy about it. And why should they be? An entire childhood was stolen from them, a brother or sister taken away. What kind of memories might they have had? A lifetime of playing together, of stupid fights and giggling and bonding, is gone. It’s understandable that people would have mixed emotions about it, at the very least.

Of course, the pro-abortion lobby doesn’t care about the reality of abortion, or the trail of devastation it leaves in its wake. And case in point is a new pro-abortion book, written for children, in which a little boy discovers that he has an older sister who was aborted, and rather than being devastated by it, gleefully proclaims that his sister is a “happy ghost”.

“Sister Apple, Sister Pig” is a free e-book written by Mary Walling Blackburn, assistant professor of art at Southern Methodist University, and founder of the Anhoek School, an “experimental” all-women’s school.

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Debunking NARAL’s lies about crisis pregnancy centers: Part three

We’ve been dealing with a downpour of lies from NARAL this week, but the end is finally in sight.  Here it is, the third and final chapter in which we destroy the rest of their malicious attack on crisis pregnancy centers.

Sin #10: CPCs underhandedly try to get women to delay their decision until they’ve missed the legal window for abortion.

NARAL condemns anonymous CPC volunteers in New York and Maryland for “falsely” telling women they had a lot of time to think about abortion because it’s legal throughout all nine months, when in reality laws generally put the cutoff at viability or earlier. What NARAL doesn’t mention: under current controlling judicial precedent, late-term bans must still allow a health exception so broad as to be effectively meaningless. The CPCs’ (alleged) advice is correct.  Continue reading

petrol bomb

Disgust: TV station falsely reports that target of bomb throwing was Planned Parenthood, not pro-lifers

Just this morning, I wrote an article about a petrol bomb that was thrown into a group of pro-lifers praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Austin, Texas. According to a press release written by Central Texas Coalition for Life, the bomb was thrown and landed amongst the pro-lifers, with them as the intended target. One pro-lifer was able to stamp out the flames.  The pro-lifers gave the license plate number to police, and the woman has been apprehended.

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Debunking NARAL’s lies about crisis pregnancy centers: Part two

On Monday, we began dismantling a NARAL report jam-packed with vicious lies about crisis pregnancy centers and the work they do helping women choose paths other than abortion. The misinformation was simply too much for one post to contain, though, so today we’re back with for more.

Sin #5: “Greatly exaggerating the risks of abortion” to “frighten their clients into carrying a pregnancy to term.”

The next several pages document the prevalence of CPCs telling women that abortion is fraught with risks such as breast cancer, future infertility, and mental illness, but spend relatively little effort demonstrating that these warnings are false. Maybe that’s because they’re true.

Fatality: In 2012, Professor Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University challenged the oft-cited claim that abortion is 14 times safer than childbirth, noting that the previous study claiming that suffered from severe underreporting of abortion data, wrongly classified deaths due to abortion as mere pregnancy deaths, and failed to consider abortions past the first trimester. Continue reading


Harry Reid likes the term ‘pro-life.’ It’d be nice if he knew what it meant.

What does it mean to be “pro-life”? The label’s definition is open to debate. However, most people would agree it doesn’t include sabotaging a bill to protect human trafficking victims simply because the legislation won’t pay for more abortions. Harry Reid isn’t most people.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has long claimed to have pro-life convictions. In 2009, a spokesman declared that the senator was “strongly pro-life” and that “his voting record speaks for itself.” It’s certainly true that Senator Reid’s recent record has been speaking volumes; what it’s been saying is anything but pro-life.


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The language that masks the abortion industry

Over the years, there is one thing that the abortion movement has mastered; there is one thing at which they are wickedly talented – they are masters of language. The use of language has become their most potent weapon: with it, they have misled seven Supreme Court justices and as a result, entire generations of women and men.

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Analysis: Blaming the Victim and the ideology behind abortion

In a class I’m currently taking, I was assigned to read a chapter taken from a book that came out in the ’70s called Blaming the Victim, written by William Ryan. The gist of the chapter has to do with how our society analyzes social problems in terms of the people these problems affect.  These “victim-blamers,” as Ryan has termed them, have a simple solution for reforming social issues – change the victim.

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This isn’t China: Protect the right not to choose

Legal precedent holds that a decision to obtain an abortion must be “free, independent, voluntary, and non-coerced.” This is basic to the notion of choice. However, force is part of 64 percent of the abortions performed in this country, according to a Medical Science Monitor study in which women described their experience as involuntary or coerced.

To address that fact, Representative Molly S. White (R-Belton), a freshman Republican member of the Texas House, recently co-sponsored the “Coerced Abortion Prevention Bill.” As her website details, the bill notifies women of their rights and gives them access to assistance should they need it.

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Should nature have rights that preborn humans don’t?

Right now there is a global effort taking place to give nature the very rights that preborn humans don’t even have. According to, nature should be valued as a “living being.” This includes the right to exist and live free from cruel treatment. In addition, nature would have the right to “maintain vital processes necessary for the harmonious balance that supports all life.”

According to the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, in 2008, Ecuador became the first country to add rights for nature to its constitution. Then in 2010, a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth was announced at the World People’s Conference on Climate Change in Bolivia. Cities and towns in the United States have even enacted rights for nature.  The trend continues to spread across the globe.

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Undercover tapes show Planned Parenthood aborting girls based on their sex

Live Action investigators traveled to five states – Texas, New York, Arizona, Hawaii, and North Carolina – and recorded evidence of abortion clinics’ willingness to participate in sex-selective abortions.

Sex-selective abortions typically target baby girls for death, based simply on their gender (though they can target boys, too). Worldwide, the sex-selective abortion of girls is epidemic, constituting a gendercide – the systematic killing of human beings, based on their gender.

While the entire investigation revealed just how far “abortion-on-demand” can go, a few moments were particularly shocking.

You can see the whole investigation here.

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Federal court sticks final nail in Steve Driehaus’s attempt to silence Susan B. Anthony List

Score another legal victory for the good guys! You may recall the case of former Congressman Steve Driehaus, an Ohio Democrat who voted for ObamaCare, then got so upset that the Susan B. Anthony List pointed out that was a vote for taxpayer abortion funding that he tried to get the force of law to shut them up.

Last summer, the U.S. Supreme Court vindicated SBA’s free speech rights by unanimously striking down the Ohio “false statements” law Driehaus originally tried to claim their billboards violated, and on Friday the U.S. 6th Court of Appeals vindicated them on the merits, too.

SBA Driehaus Billboard
SBA List billboard attacking Steve Driehaus for his vote supporting ACA.

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woman clock

Studies blast ‘safe abortion’ myths

Considering abortion, a woman is likely more concerned with immediate fears for her livelihood than possible complications from the “simple procedure.” Everything has prepared her to assume a trip to her local abortion facility is safe. After all, it’s legal, right?

It is popularly assumed American woman seeking abortion are safe. Reuters, for instance, depicts abortion as very safe, citing a 2012 study authored by Planned Parenthood employees, a member of the National Medical Committee of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and an author compensated by the U.S. distributor of abortion drug mifepristone, Danco Laboratories. No possible conflicts of interest there, right?

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