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Pregnant at 17 with a baby doomed to die at birth, she chose life

(LifeSiteNews) Micah was just seventeen years old when she discovered she was pregnant. But abortion simply wasn’t an option for her and her boyfriend, Kyle.

“We were not ready at all but we both felt like we needed to take full responsibility for the baby growing inside of me,” she told LifeSiteNews.

Though they did not feel ready to parent a child, the couple soon began to feel a growing excitement about the baby growing inside of Micah. However, their excitement turned to fear and heartache when, at an 18-week ultrasound, they discovered that the baby Micah was carrying had a condition called anencephaly. This meant that their daughter had not developed a major portion of her brain, skull and scalp.

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Baby Zion lived only 10 days after birth, but his story touched the world

Zion Isaiah Blick was born on January 11 with Trisomy 18.  He lived only 10 days after birth, but within just a few short weeks, the story of his life had touched the world.  His father Josh Blick said of his son in a video posted on Vimeo, “I want you to know that you didn’t have to be big and tall or even loud for us to notice you. You didn’t have to stand in front of a pulpit or write a book to capture our attention. You just did.”

A youth pastor at Alpine Chapel, a non-denominational church in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Josh and his wife Robbyn posted touching Instagram pictures and a Video to commemorate Zion’s short time with them and their four other sons, writes the Daily Mail.   In the video, Robbyn reflected, “My sweet, precious Zion, you are my gift.  Every breath you took was a moment to inhale the perfection of God’s beauty.  Every beat of your heart was a measure of love.”

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Pro-life leaders react to Supreme Court’s last minute stay of abortion law in Texas

Texas pro-lifers were dealt a difficult blow on Monday when the Supreme Court granted the abortion industry an eleventh hour reprieve on the full implementation of HB2. The granting of an emergency appeal allows many abortion facilities slated for closure to remain open at least until fall when the high court will issue a decision on whether to hear the appeal.

Pro-life Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded to the ruling, expressing confidence it will be upheld:

“HB 2 was a constitutional exercise of Texas’ lawmaking authority that was correctly and unanimously upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Texas will continue to fight for higher-quality healthcare standards for women while protecting our most vulnerable – the unborn, and I’m confident the Supreme Court will ultimately uphold this law.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had some harsher words for the Supreme Court’s ruling, saying the measures were passed to protect women from harm and said the order places “Texas women in harm’s way” and subjects them to “substandard care.”

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Twitter users ask ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author: Why do you promote abusive sexual practices?

E.L. James is the notorious author of the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy, known for glorifying domestic abuse and dangerous sexual practices. The heroine of the series is Anastasia Steele, a young, naïve, and completely inexperienced girl. She is pursued by Christian Grey, a wealthy and attractive man who is obsessive about BDSM (bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism), and his behavior is disturbing, to say the least.

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Baby saved from abortion after mother changes her mind, seeks abortion pill reversal

A growing number of mothers are doing something different about abortion: they’re changing their minds. Thanks to the efforts of 270 pro-life doctors, women who start a medical abortion can now reverse the procedure and, in 60% of the cases, they go on to have a successful pregnancy and birth.

Becky Buell is one of these women, and her story is nothing short of amazing. Facing Life Head On tells Becky’s story:

When Becky Buell of Sacramento, California, discovered she was pregnant with her second child at the end of her freshman year of college, she was scared and unsure of what to do. With her marriage falling apart, she feared she’d also lose the support of her parents. Becky chose to abort her baby by taking two drugs that cause a chemical abortion. She visited a Planned Parenthood facility and took the first drug, RU 486, while she was there. She was to take the second drug 24 hours later.

But immediately after taking the first drug, she regretted her decision and called the abortion pill reversal hotline (877-558-0333, run by Culture of Life Family Services, the family practice of George Delgado, MD. The reversal treatment was successful and her baby was born healthy at full term.

Becky now advocates for women who change their minds, and she’s speaking out about Dr. Delgado’s work. Many women and doctors are unaware that a chemical abortion can be reversed if treatment is started quickly after the first drug is taken. Dr. Delgado and nurse manager Debbie Bradel are spreading the word and gaining the support and help of doctors across the globe. If hearts and minds can be changed in those first few hours following the chemical abortion, thousands of babies could be saved.

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Baby with anencephaly inspires a movement of kindness

Annie Ahern lived for only 14 hours and 58 minutes after birth, but two years later, acts of kindness in her honor are still spreading across her home state of Oklahoma.

At 19 weeks gestation, Ahern and her husband, Robert, were told that their baby girl had anencephaly, a condition in which the skull and therefore the brain do not fully develop. Babies with anencephaly rarely survive more than a few hours. The couple decided not to give up on their daughter.

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Baby born with half a heart is fighting for his life

Doctors told Whitney Allison and Troy Dunn to abort their one in a million son.  A 24 weeks gestation, Baby Marcus was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome — meaning he has half a heart.

“The options were to terminate the pregnancy, deliver at term and hold our baby until he died in our arms, or deliver him and opt for high-risk surgery, which is what we did,” Allison told The Maitland Mercury. “We knew there was a low survival rate and doctors strongly recommended I terminated, but we were willing to take the risk to give Marcus a chance at life.”

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Murder charges dropped against mother who took abortion pill then birthed live son

A woman who illegally aborted her baby at 5 ½ months gestation is no longer being charged with murder.

According to The Washington Post, Kenlissia Jones, 23, ordered the abortion drug Cytotec online from Canada. Overcome with pain, Jones was taken to the hospital by a neighbor, but she delivered her premature son in the backseat of the car. He lived for 30 minutes.

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Baby with Down syndrome, found in a trash bag, is a joy to his adoptive family

“Mama, where is you?” calls Eddie. He’s looking for his mother who is being interviewed for a documentary about how Eddie came to be in her life. It’s a beautiful story, but one that begins with tragedy.

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Vermont expected to see an increase in abortions due to Planned Parenthood clinic move

The Vermont Right to Life Committee is bracing for what they believe will be an increase in abortions in the state after decades of decline, thanks to Planned Parenthood. According to Vermont Right to Life, in the mid-1980s, over 3,000 abortions were performed annually in the state. By 2013 that number had dropped to 1,214 with Planned Parenthood accounting for about 900 of them.

In 2011, New Hampshire passed a parental notification law requiring abortion clinics to notify a parent before providing an abortion to a minor girl. Because of this, Planned Parenthood began making plans to move their Lebanon, New Hampshire clinic right over the border into White River Junction, Vermont.

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These parents rejected abortion and chose life for their child

Recently, everyday parents have spoken out on social media about choosing life for their children, despite the odds.

Despite a flood of voices telling them to abort, they said no.

Despite doctors’ predictions of low-quality life, they saw the value in their child and said yes to life – however short.

Despite those who may forget, they remember the precious children who were miscarried.

Despite scheduling an abortion, they walked out, knowing that the decision they made in that moment would change their lives in the best way, forever.

These parents – and so many like them – illustrate one reason the abortion rates are dropping in our nation. Despite Planned Parenthood’s claims to the contrary, abortion rates are dropping because more moms and dads are choosing life.

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At the abortion clinic, even one life saved is a victory

Journalist Frank Main wrote an article about an abortion clinic and interviewed its administrator, Esther McGuire. He says:

Women seeking abortions must walk past protesters with the protection of pro-choice clinic escorts. Some of the women become angry, while others burst into tears. Fewer women come back another day, while a handful decide to keep their babies, McGuire said.

“I’m not sure that’s so bad if they were that uncertain anyway,” she said.

Whether or not McGuire is really as accepting of women changing their minds as she claims to be, this quote shows that women DO sometimes change their minds as a result of pro-life activity outside abortion clinics. Sidewalk counseling/peaceful picketing DOES save lives.

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