‘Married at First Sight’ couple miscarries, chooses name for baby boy

One of the handful of successful couples from FYI’s popular reality show, Married at First Sight, recently shared news about their first pregnancy. But Doug and Jamie Otis Hehner’s joy soon turned to tragedy, as Jamie miscarried their son at 17 weeks. Now, they’re going public with the decision to give their son a name.


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Doctors said Dallan would die at age 2, but soon he’ll celebrate his 30th birthday

Dallan Cloward was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, which affects facial appearance, growth and development, and intellectual disabilities. Doctors told his parents that he likely wouldn’t live beyond the age of two. However, on August 12, Dallan will celebrate his 30th birthday, and his father wanted to make it special. He planned what he calls “30 for 30” in which they will do 30 activities over 6 weeks to celebrate Dallan’s 30 years of life.

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Doctors said Arthur, who has Down syndrome, wouldn’t live long. They were wrong.

In the past 30 years, the life expectancy of people with Down syndrome has more than doubled. Today, people with Down syndrome live to an average of 60 years old. They lead fulfilling lives, work, contribute to society, and build strong relationships. Despite this, doctors often still give mothers a bleak outlook, pressuring those receiving a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis to get abortions, and give parents outdated, inaccurate medical information — saying that their children will never walk or talk, go to school, hold jobs, or make friends. Some people get lucky, and get doctors that deliver the diagnosis in a positive way with accurate, up-to-date information, but unfortunately, these lucky people remain the minority.

The good news is, people with Down syndrome are constantly proving these doctors wrong.

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Baby born 17 weeks early beats the odds and his story goes viral

When Francis Azize was born 17 weeks premature, there was only a 15 percent chance he would survive. He weighed just one pound, nine ounces, and infections and perforated bowels added to his parents’ worries for their son. But when his parents, Jeffrey and Maureen Azize, watched a Ted Talk with Andrew Stanton, creator of “Finding Nemo,” they found one thing they needed: hope.

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Pregnancy test dispensers offer new way to reach women in need

After learning they’re pregnant, most women decide whether to abort within 48 hours. Support for them and their children is available, but too many don’t know it. There’s a group working to change that; you might be able to help.

Save the Storks works with “pregnancy center affiliates to provide expectant mothers with the spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional support they need to choose life.” Part of their mission involves letting women know what pregnancy centers have to offer, and they have a new way to do so: Assure Me pregnancy test dispensers.

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“I had an abortion on Good Friday,” shouts activist at RNC protest

For many stalwart abortion activists, abortion is almost viewed as a sacrament. It’s referred to as a social good, something that women should see positively. Abortion, to them, is what allows women to accomplish anything — without abortion, women would otherwise be useless and powerless, they claim, victims of biology and chained to the kitchen, all because of the inability to kill their own preborn babies. Still, this mindset is typically kept quiet. Publicly, abortion activists tout platitudes about how abortion is a difficult decision that no woman ever wants to have to make, yet we should accept her “choice.” (Remember the idea of “safe, legal, and rare”?) It’s only been recently that the abortion lobby has become more vocal about how they really feel.

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Baby Eva, paraplegic due to cancer, gets custom wheelchair from dad

Eight months ago, at a routine appointment for her vaccines, four-month-old Eva Moore was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. Within 24 hours she was on a plan that included eight rounds of chemotheraphy and emergency surgery.  At the end of treatments, little Eva would be paraplegic.

“It was in her heart, her spine, and her chest,” explained her mom Kim to Global News. “So basically her whole upper body was a tumor.”

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Actress Mila Kunis celebrates pregnancy: ‘I have a human inside’

(Newsbusters) Hollywood constantly flaunts pro-abortion media (think: Obvious Child, Scandal). So when a big-name actress like Mila Kunis uses pro-life language, it’s a rarity.

On Wednesday, Kunis (That ‘70s Show, Black Swan) appeared on Live with Kelly to discuss her role in the upcoming film Bad Moms, which hits theaters July 29. But the interview first and foremost focused on Kunis’ second pregnancy with husband Ashton Kutcher.

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Baby survives after mother’s water breaks at 16 weeks

Sheila Bhatti was four months pregnant when she began to notice that she was losing small amounts of fluid— then she woke up one night soaked. Her doctor, however, assured Bhatti that it was normal.

An ultrasound revealed that at 16 weeks, however, her water broke and her baby was in serious danger. She was advised to abort immediately, but she refused.

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Dedicated teacher helps society understand children with special needs

“Normalizing the diversity of the human condition.” Those are a few of the first words you’ll read on the website for Special Books by Special Kids.

The founder of the non-profit, Chris Ulmer, aims to share the stories of children with special needs in hopes that society will soon accept that these children, no matter their diagnosis, are normal.

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Over 1 million Americans have been saved from abortion because of the Hyde Amendment

Over 1 million Americans have been protected from abortion as a result of the Hyde Amendment –a rider to the federal budget that prohibits federal funding for abortion through Medicaid. Enacted in 1976 and approved by bipartisan support every year since then, the Hyde Amendment is helping to preserve and defend the lives of low-income Americans.

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