Students for Life battles culture war on college campuses

(Students for Life) The school year may be winding down on many college campuses, but the pressure has been turned up. These past couple weeks have been insane especially.

Our students are facing discrimination on campuses, Christian schools are hosting avid abortion activists like Cecile Richards and Bill Clinton, and that’s not even all of it.

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Phone call with pregnancy center volunteer “saved me,” says new mom

(Pregnancy Help News) Alicia was a new college graduate with a great job and a bright future in Houston, Texas. Then, she received the shock of her lifetime.

In Houston’s impoverished Fifth Ward, where more than 60 percent of residents over 16 years of age struggle with unemployment and just under 60 percent have not graduated high school, Alicia was already living out a dream.

But four days into her new position with a public relations firm, Alicia fainted on the job and rushed to the hospital where she heard the news: she was pregnant.

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Mom shows why it’s terrible that abortion is legal until birth in most states

One Facebook mom decided to show the world why the abortion debate is personal to her. Her twins were born at 36 weeks, and yet, abortion is still legal up until the moment of birth in a number of states.

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Born without arms, Polish artist inspires with his portraits

Mariusz Kedzierski is an award-winning Polish artist who creates beautifully detailed portraits. His work is so good, he won 2nd place for Best Global Artist in Vienna in 2013. His love for art began at the young age of three, but Kedzierski, now age 23, is unlike most people who draw. He was born missing most of his arms.

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New book discusses Christopher Hitchens’ pro-life views

Many probably remember Christopher Hitchens for rising to fame as the atheist polemic who irreverently titled a book, god Is Not Great. But while he was often classified among the hardcore “New Atheists” – including Richard Dawkins who gained notoriety on Twitter for saying that aborting a Down syndrome baby is the moral thing to do – Hitchens didn’t march in uncritical lockstep. “Don’t assume I buy into the whole platform,” Hitchens told his good friend Larry Taunton, executive director of Fixed Point Foundation, in a conversation recorded in Taunton’s latest book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist.

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When it comes to abortion, compromise shouldn’t be the goal

In a rare, refreshing instance of someone other than the pro-life blogosphere telling pro-abortion extremists to grow up, Kyle Lorey has a column at Odyssey this week making the case that abortion defenders should stop calling pro-lifers “anti-choice.”

After explaining his decision to not state his own position on abortion in hopes of keeping readers on either side from reading his critique through a predetermined lense, Lorey writes that the label needlessly gets in the way of having productive conversations about abortion and potentially finding areas of compromise…

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Planned Parenthood reacts to Cruz’s selection of Fiorina as VP candidate

On Wednesday, presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced his selection of ex-Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate, should he win the party nomination.

Before the announcement was even made, Planned Parenthood took the opportunity to go on the offensive. In a blog post by Planned Parenthood Action, the abortion group attacked both Cruz and Fiorina, labeling them liars and the “Most Loathsome Pair in America.” Despite the abortion giant’s shamelessly distasteful slam of Cruz and Fiorina, coupled with typical empty and self-promoting rhetoric, Planned Parenthood apparently still considers itself in good standing to criticize what it calls Cruz’s “shady campaign tactics.”

Several Twitter users took exception to Planned Parenthood’s statements, calling out the abortion giant on Twitter…

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Miscarried at 7 and 8 weeks, Riley and Annabelle are changing minds about abortion

When Mindy Danison miscarried her baby boy Riley at 7 weeks gestation, she was devastated. But a dream from God led her down a path very few could have imagined. As she shared images of Riley on Facebook, she knew that he could help save the lives of preborn babies at risk of being aborted. And when she miscarried her daughter Annabelle at 8 weeks gestation, she knew that she had to share her life as well, in hopes of saving even more babies.

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Pro-life woman shines a light in pro-abortion documentary

Reagan Nielsen is a passionate, 24-year-old woman who works as the Midwest Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America. Reagan was raised in a pro-life family and spent her early years outside abortion facilities with her parents.

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Multiple reports confirm that Planned Parenthood videos were not manipulated

Planned Parenthood has been called out on social media for its deception and spin when it comes to… well, pretty much everything. But in this case, Planned Parenthood Action Fund claimed that the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover videos featuring Planned Parenthood’s own employees were “faked criminal videos.”

Some Twitter users weren’t having any of it. According to Twitchy

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Planned Parenthood employee’s profanity laden rant hyped by Raw Story

Without accurate facts and superior reasoning to vindicate their position, the pro-abortion media often finds itself having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for morale boosts.

On Friday, Raw Story’s Tom Boggioni provided a golden example of the phenomenon by gushing over how “awesome” it was to read a Portland, Oregon Planned Parenthood employee known only as Damien “smack down” pro-lifers in a Tumblr post (Tumblr sign-up required to read) and follow-up to critics supposedly illustrating the critical importance of the abortion giant’s work.

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Heartbeat International launches new fundraising tool for pro-lifers

Serving as a focal point of the running world, Monday’s annual running of the Boston Marathon raises an interesting question for pro-lifers who double as runners—or at least fancy themselves as such.

The question: Is there a way to tie in my life-saving passion with my pleasure in running?

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Pro-life march to show the humanity of those conceived in rape

On May 6th, rape survivors and children conceived in rape will gather at the Mississippi State Capitol to remember that 50 years ago, on Mother’s Day of 1966, abortion was legalized in the state for reasons of rape and incest.

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Cecile Richards mocked pro-life student in speech at Georgetown

(Students for Life) In case you missed it, the president of Planned Parenthood, an organization that commits close to 900 abortions every DAY, was invited to speak to Georgetown University. Georgetown is a Catholic institute of higher education. Catholic doctrine teaches abortion is a ‘grave evil.’

But no matter, said Georgetown, it’s all about a ‘free exchange of ideas’. But Cecile Richards’ speech wasn’t about a free exchange of ideas. It was a lovefest of Planned Parenthood and promotion of abortion – and mocking pro-lifers.

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