Pro-choice students at Johns Hopkins threaten to mob pro-life booth

Students in favor of abortion at Johns Hopkins University have threatened to mob a pro-life table at the Spring Fair this weekend. The Spring Fair Committee had banned fetal models from the North Baltimore Pro-Life Study Group’s booth, calling the model display offensive and disturbing. After JHU Voice for Life joined the group in protesting that decision, the committee reversed their ruling and will allow the models to be displayed.


“I firmly believe that that was the wrong thing to do. As a campus, Hopkins can tolerate a variety of students’ views,” said Andrew Guernsey, VFL Co-President. “The fact that fetal models are disturbing—I found that ironic that they found that disturbing given that Hopkins is a world-class medical institution. That would not be the case in my view.”

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Mike Houlston and Jess Evans2

Baby boy with anencephaly becomes youngest organ donor in the UK

April 22 would have been Teddy Houlston’s first birthday. His twin brother Noah celebrated without him, but his parents marked the occasion in a special way by sharing the story of how Teddy saved lives just hours after he was born and died.

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Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 12.43.51 PM

Dad creates photos of his son ‘flying’ to raise awareness for Down syndrome

A Utah dad’s creative photo series displaying his 18-month-old son, Wil, “flying” has gone viral. Father Alan Lawrence, who created the images, said he launched the series to raise awareness for Down syndrome, noting that “a child with Down syndrome can be a blessing to your family.”

Titled “Wil Can Fly,” the photos showcase the preciousness of individuals with Down syndrome, and the truth that disabilities do not hinder an individual’s potential to pursue their dreams.

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Doctors suggested abortion and starvation, but these parents carried their son to term

“Your husband isn’t with you?” The doctor looked concerned.  Hannah Boland had decided to go alone for her follow-up appointment.

Only a short while before, a pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage. But this pregnancy was different. They were out of the danger zone. The baby was already 20 weeks gestation. Alison and Harry, Hannah’s two toddlers, aged three and two, respectively, were going to have another sibling.

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Torres with baby Savier.

Baby born at 19 weeks lives for two hours, kicks his feet in video

Youanna Torres was 19 weeks and six days pregnant when she started to experience cramping and bleeding. Fearing the worst, Torres and her boyfriend, Fernando Viera, rushed to the ER. After an examination, doctors informed Torres that there was nothing they could do to stop her from going into premature labor.

My baby boy my cervix open too early i was 20weeks i miss him i love him i want him back

Posted by Youanna Torres on Sunday, April 5, 2015

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WATCH: Woman discovers her birth mom has been working at her job for years!

Francine Simmons got pregnant when she was 14 years old, and at 15, she gave birth to a baby girl. Simmons was placed into a group home, and her daughter, whom she never named, was placed into a loving adoptive family. Although Simmons never saw her daughter, she had a special name for her in her heart.

Fast forward 38 years. Simmon’s daughter, La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark, is living in Youngstown, Ohio, and works at a teleservices firm called InfoCision.

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Miracle baby with rare medical condition celebrates first birthday

Baby Jude Peters, or the “brave little warrior,” as his parents call him, has turned one! His first birthday is worthy of great celebration because Jude is living with a disease that only 53 people in the world have.

Jude has rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata (RCDP), which is a rare form of dwarfism.  Parents Hannah and Sully Peters refused to abort Jude even when doctors pressured them to “terminate and try again.”

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Baby in womb, preborn baby, suck thumb

Arkansas leads the nation in recent pro-life legislation

When you ask individuals which of the 50 states is more advanced and progressive, few might top the list with Arkansas—unless they are pro-life.

As the 2015 legislative sessions come to an end, topping the list in pro-life legislation is Arkansas, which passed six pro-life bills, as well as two resolutions supporting pregnancy resource centers. While it’s early in the year, Arkansas is showing its legislative strength.

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Teenager, whose girlfriend had abortion, wants fathers to have rights

Joshua Checksfield
Joshua Checksfield

Joshua Checksfield is a grieving father on a mission. At just 17 years old, he’s felt the devastating effects of abortion and is taking steps to do something about it in honor of his child.

Last year, Checksfield met and fell for a girl. And despite the disapproval of her mother, the two started up a relationship. A few months later, they discovered they were expecting a baby.

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Facebook lifts ban on photos of baby without a nose

Facebook has lifted a ban on pictures of baby Eli, who was born without a nose, after deeming the photos “shocking” and inappropriate for viewers. In addition, the social media giant will allow Live Action News stories of Eli to be promoted, after banning the images for over 10 days.

Eli was born with a rare condition that left him without sinus or nasal cavities. His mother, Brandi McGlathery, shared his story with the world, declaring him “perfect” and worthy of love. Facebook initially rejected a promotion of a Live Action News story on baby Eli, noting that the “image or video thumbnail may shock or evoke a negative response from viewers.”

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Jenny and her family

Doctors advised abortion because of chicken pox, their daughter is thankful they choose life

Jennifer Karcher is a beautiful, caring 23-year-old who is alive today because her parents refused to take their doctor’s advice to abort her. I talked with Jennifer and got her powerful story of survival.

1) Tell me about the time your parents were pressured to consider abortion.
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Why taxpayer funded abortion must end

April 15 is Tax Day — the day that Americans know and dread. For many Americans, it’s the day that tax returns are due to the government, but what the government does with that tax money has long bothered many pro-lifers.

Specifically, it’s the fact that Planned Parenthood receives $1.44 million every day in taxpayer funding. It adds up to over half a billion dollars each year. But what exactly does Planned Parenthood do with all that money? What are your tax dollars paying for?

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