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Website launches interactive ‘choose your own abortion adventure’ game

Remember those books that you read as a kid?

You would read to the end of one chapter, and then be faced with a choice. The results of that choice would vary throughout the book, leaving you facing heroic or hilarious antics or even death.

Now, pro-abortion feminists have decided to snag that brilliant idea and turn it into a “choose your own abortion adventure” game, as Newsbusters author Kristine Marsh described it.

This is Fusion, a new website that includes contributors, such as Jezebel Founding Editor Anna Holmes, has created an interactive game that allows you to make decisions for a young woman living in South Dakota, the most evil anti-abortion state ever.

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Baby Carson was saved from abortion after his grandmother begged his mom to choose life

Laurie Burk’s life changed at 19 when she had an abortion. But that abortion was also a turning point for the life of her daughter. And today she is a grandmother of a child that almost wasn’t born.

Burk was 19 when she found out she was pregnant. As she cried, realizing how alone she was as a college student without family nearby, her doctor placed a piece of paper in her hand; it held the number of an Iowa City, IA abortion clinic. And soon after, she was a patient in that clinic, having an abortion.

“I went by myself and denied any pain medication during the process as I felt I needed to feel what I was about to do.  I asked them to stop at least 3-4 times (not because of the pain but because I knew I was making a mistake and wanted my baby) and finally was told there was no stopping from that moment on.”

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The disturbing and inaccurate headlines that could turn deadly for newborns

It’s a heartbreaking and upsetting trend – women and teens dumping their newborn babies. It’s been happening in increasing numbers over the years since abortion was made legal. News stations once covered the stories with a bit of remorse, but now it seems, they are taking a different approach.

The term “fetus” is used to describe a person who is preborn. And it fits perfectly since it means “offspring” and “young one.” But the abortion rights groups have twisted the word in order to diminish the humanity of preborn humans.

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6 scandalous moments from Planned Parenthood sex-ed

Across the country, Planned Parenthood is working to take over sex-ed programs in our school systems. In addition, they provide seminars for teachers, “education” videos for children and teens, and offer advice to teens who come into PP offices. If you trust that Planned Parenthood has your child’s best interests at heart, you shouldn’t.

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Children delivering teddy bears are “exploited”; aborting children is fine

In their pro-choice book Crow after Roe,  Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo wrote about the Heartbeat Bill, which was proposed in Ohio. This measure, which was defeated, would have banned abortions from taking place after the baby’s heartbeat could be detected. Since a preborn baby’s heart starts beating in the third week after conception (the fifth week as pregnancy as it is usually measured) this would have banned most abortions. Had it passed, it most likely would’ve been a direct challenge to Roe vs. Wade.

Some pro-lifers delivered flowers to the offices of senators to encourage support of the bill.  Members of another pro-life group brought their children to the Senate offices to present senators with teddy bears and a message to support the bill. The pro-lifers most likely felt that seeing innocent, living children delivering a pro-life message might make those who opposed the bill reconsider their position.

There was a pro-choice outcry. According to one senator:

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Sam Martin’s “Song for My Unborn Son” inspired by his baby’s heartbeat

When songwriter Sam Martin saw his son’s heartbeat on an ultrasound, it was a life-defining moment.

“The lyric came right then — ‘I’m going to love you anyway,'” Martin, 32, told Mashable. “I almost started crying just singing it over and over again. … It was a spiritual experience.”

“Song for My Unborn Son” is on YouTube (and posted below). The touching lyrics are accompanied by a video of a baby’s heart – presumably Martin’s son’s – beating away on an ultrasound screen.

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People features a look inside Night to Shine: Tim Tebow’s prom night

On February 13, thanks to the Tim Tebow Foundation, people with special needs and disabilities all around the globe celebrated with their own night to remember. The Foundation sponsored its first annual Night to Shine “at host churches in 44 cities, 26 states and 3 countries.” Over 7,000 guests attended with over 15,000 volunteers ready to serve them.

Guests had their makeup done, received crowns, walked down a red carpet, heard special messages, and danced the night away. At one prom in South Carolina, Tebow stopped and shined shoes for some of the guys.

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Couple adopts baby with Down syndrome, celebrates her first year

Last May, Live Action News featured a story on Sunflower Mae and the California couple who adopted her.  Andy and Mercedes Lara adopted Sunflower, who has Down Syndrome, three days after she was born, and chronicled their journey with Sunny on social media and Youtube.

While the Laras prayed to adopt a child with Down syndrome, tragically 90 percent of preborn children who are given such a diagnosis are aborted. After working with special needs individuals, Mercedes and her husband sought out such a child. The couple documents meeting and adopting Sunny at birth:

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Easton, just a few weeks old, after surgery.

The doctors said he would die, but baby Easton is a fighter

Like all first time moms, Danielle Orris was a bit nervous when she first discovered she was pregnant, but once she made the announcement to her family, she was nothing but excited. She made it through weeks of nausea, stocking up on baby items in eager anticipation, and at her 20-week ultrasound, she and fiancé Brenden DeJong learned they would be having a son.

The doctor scheduled a follow up appointment for three weeks later. That appointment would change her life drastically.

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The happiest pregnancy announcement ever

It’s both uplifting and heartbreaking to watch. Actor Justin Baldoni and his wife Emily made a video as they announced their pregnancy to family and friends around the world. Their coworkers, their friends, their parents, all cheered for joy. They literally sobbed tears of pure happiness and excitement. You would think this was the first baby ever created these people are so elated. Men and women alike. No one was untouched by the news. You can watch the video here, but just be ready, you are guaranteed to cry, or at least smile.

But as your heart melts, you may wonder what’s so heartbreaking about this beautiful video. Quite simply, there are babies who won’t ever receive such a warm welcome or any welcome at all. But this video shows us how it should be with every baby. Every single baby, no matter the situation, the family, the age of the mother, should be welcomed with this level of enthusiasm. THIS is how we should all see new life.

Think of the relief that unexpectedly pregnant women will feel when you jump for joy at their news. So many women are scared to tell family and friends. So many women are pressured to abort their beloved child out of fear – fear of what their family will think, fear of what the future will bring, fear that no one will help them care for their surprise baby. But you, with love in your heart, can change that, by not just crying for joy, but actually helping them welcome their baby into the world and helping them care for that baby – whether it’s through gifts, advice, or babysitting.

Some pregnancies are going to come as a shock. That’s just the way it is. But once that shock is over, listen to the parents and really hear them and their concerns, but always treat their child as nothing less than a blessing and a gift. You can bring the kind of joy in this video to a mother, father and child in your life.


8 to 12 week preborn baby plays in mom’s womb

”He’s jumping! He looks like a frog.”

Those adorable comments were spoken by a young child watching a preborn baby on an ultrasound screen. In this video posted on YouTube, you can see this baby jump and move around in it’s mother’s womb. It’s a powerful image. So powerful in fact, that it currently has over 500,000 views.

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