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Student Spotlight: Claire Chretien

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Claire Chretien

Claire Chretien is not your average 20-year-old student at the University of Alabama.   Claire has been an outspoken advocate not only for the pre-born, but for the rights of students to speak about abortion in one of the places it is needed most: on campus.   As president of the campus’s pro-life club, Bama Students for Life, she worked with Alliance Defending Freedom when the university threatened the First Amendment rights of the pro-life students on campus.

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Words may hurt us, but they should not change us.

Abortion survivor pens heartbreaking letter to the abortionist that could change everything

Everyday thousands of unborn humans are killed through abortion. They will never meet their mother.  And they will never get the chance to tell the abortionist who killed them that he is forgiven. It isn’t every day that a person survives an attempt on her life, but surviving an abortion isn’t as uncommon or impossible as people think.

People who survive abortion are often full of questions and pain. Knowing that their own mother tried to have them killed is a heavy weight to carry throughout their lives. And knowing that the person who tried to kill them is probably out there killing other children on daily basis just adds to that pain. That’s why one abortion survivor took matters into her own hands, tracking down the abortionist who tried to kill her, and telling him exactly how she feels.

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Bill and Melinda Gates. Photo by Kjetil Ree

16-year pill the latest step to the Cult of Contraception’s brave new world

Above: Freedom.
Above: Freedom.

One useful way to measure fundamentalism is to look at what price someone is willing to pay for his or her desire. Can they recognize when they’re doing more harm than good? Is there any can of worms their dream isn’t worth opening?

For the Cult of Contraception, the answer is a resounding no. The latest example is a new project bankrolled by Bill Gates:

A single smart capsule could release drugs into a patient’s body over the span of years, and respond to remote wireless signals if doctors want to alter or halt the treatment […]

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sex-gender-abortions planned parenthood

Are pro-choice feminists really feminist at all?

It isn’t every day that a self-proclaimed pro-choicer makes a valid argument against abortion. Yet that’s just what Jay Sun did in his essay posted on

The essay, “The Disconnect Between Feminists and Abortion,” was inspired by Jimmy Carter’s appearance on Bill Maher’s show in order to promote former president Carter’s new book. In the interview, Carter mentioned a shocking statistic – that more girls have been killed because of the fact that they are girls in the past hundred years than the combined deaths of all the wars of the 20th century.

These killings are due to sex-selective abortion and infanticide.

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Doctors respond to parents of Down syndrome newborns with cruelty and callousness

LifeNews recently published an article by Mark Leach about what happened when his baby was born with Down syndrome. Leach describes how he and his wife felt abandoned by the medical establishment and how the hospital gave them outdated and scant information about Down syndrome.

In response to his experience, and the experiences of many other Down syndrome parents, he has become the bioethics specialist at the National Center for Prenatal & Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources, and works to get positive, life-affirming information into the hands of new Down syndrome parents and those who go through prenatal testing for Down syndrome. Leach says:

Parents have long described receiving the [Down syndrome] diagnosis negatively. A study of moms reported awful stories both pre- and post-natally. A study just last year reported that parents have a negative experience by a ratio of 2.5 to 1–so for every 100 sets of parents who had a positive experience with their health team, there were 250 who had a negative one.

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Planned Parenthood responds to the “certificate of death” that went viral

A few weeks ago, a photo from Planned Parenthood went viral. It was a certificate awarded by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains to their Aurora, CO office for exceeding abortion visits in 2013 from 2012 – a certificate celebrating death.


Some people questioned whether the award was real, because how could Planned Parenthood possibly be that clueless? Well, wonder no longer, because Planned Parenthood has decided to speak up, confirming not only that the award is real, but defending it as well.

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Video: Adalia Rose gushes about mom’s latest pregnancy

Adalia Rose, a vivacious young girl who has progeria, recently took to social media to announce to her fans her newest sibling’s upcoming birth.

In the video posted to Facebook, she sat on her mom’s lap and rubbed her burgeoning belly as she said, “All my friends have been asking if my mom’s going to have another baby. But she is!”

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Student Spotlight: Gabriella Federico

Gaberial Federico

Gabriella Federico is 19 and attends the University of Evansville, in Indiana where she studies music therapy.

She has been active in leading a campus pro-life group as well as serving as a dedicated sidewalk counselor.

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Ambulance takes patient away under covered sheets from Planned Parenthood abortion center

Images released by a pro-life group show Planned Parenthood employees holding a sheet to shield a victim of a botched abortion from public view. The victim was rushed to the emergency room around 10 a.m. July 10 following an injury at the abortion clinic. The incident was reported by Coalition for Life , a group that regularly advocates for the unborn outside Planned Parenthood in St Louis.

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Pro-life teens throw baby showers for pregnant mothers (new video)

A few months ago, I had the privilege of interviewing and writing an article about a ministry called Showers of Grace. If you have not read it yet, click here.

Showers of Grace is a ministry founded and run by two teen girls, Judah and Annika Cleveland, in New Mexico. They throw baby showers for pregnant mothers, showing love and support in a time of need. After the article was published, Judah sent a “thank you” letter saying that, thanks to Live Action News and the published article, they were put in contact with a couple from Oklahoma who make commercials professionally.

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Child of rape: “you can’t let your circumstances define your life”

Every two minutes, a sexual assault claims another victim in America. Additionally, 17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed rape. According to statistics, victims of sexual assault are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide, 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol, and 26 times more likely to abuse drugs.

In 2012 alone, an astonishing 346,830 women were raped, with a roughly estimated 17,342 pregnancies resulting from those encounters In conjunction, less than 1% of abortions are performed because of a pregnancy that results from rape or incest.

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Magistrate orders closure of clinic known for late-term abortions

A Ohio magistrate has ordered the closure of an abortion clinic held by a doctor known for popularizing partial birth abortions.  Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Magistrate Michael Bachman ruled to close the doors of the Lebanon Road Surgery Center run by infamous abortionist Martin Haskell. Bachman ordered the closure of the clinic due to the facility’s failure to meet state medical standards.

Following arguments on Lebanon Road Surgery Center vs. State of Ohio Department of Health last month, on July 10, Bachman ordered to close the doors of the clinic by the end of business day, but despite the magistrate’s decision, the clinic remains open until the decision is signed by a judge.

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Upset about Hobby Lobby ruling? Text Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has launched a nationwide hotline following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby religious freedom. The nation’s largest abortion provider chain announced that it is trying to help  women whose “contraceptive care is jeopardized by the Supreme Court” decision.

Women can text “birth control” to Planned Parenthood’s hotline to “flag concerns about their coverage.” Individuals who contact Planned Parenthood will receive a follow-up text asking if they would like to be contacted through email or by phone. The program could also allow employees to report employers that refuse to pay for coverage for birth control.

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Pro-lifer physically attacked on public street by angry abortion advocate

A peaceful pro-life protest turned violent today in Columbus, OH—by an angry pro-abortion woman who became enraged and attacked both verbally and physically as the pro-life group Created Equal conducted an outreach for interns. The video shows the woman kicking over pro-life signs in a tirade on the street, then attacking Created Equal’s Director of Training, Seth Drayer. In front of a pro-life sign showing what an unborn baby looks like, the video shows the woman screaming:

“That is not what a fetus looks like. It’s a clump of cells at 12 weeks. It does not look like that! It’s a clump of blank cells. You’re a racist f—-ing male that doesn’t stand for women’s rights!”

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Student Spotlight: Claire Lejeune

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.16.05 PM
Claire Lejeune

Claire Lejeune  is the oldest of 8, homeschooled, trilingual (French, English, and Spanish), and passionate about worldwide travel. She grew up in Northern Virginia and is currently a freshman at NoVa Community College.

Claire is currently an intern at Live Action. Her active participation in pro-life work began when she was only 16, when she founded what would become Prolife Youth, an action platform for young adults interested in getting involved in the movement.

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Mother creates comic to discuss the possibility of aborting her daughter if she has cystic fibrosis

My daughter was six days old when we found out she has cystic fibrosis. The pulmonologist sent specific instructions asking us to stay away from Google until our first appointment, which was two days away.

He said most of the information we would find on CF would be completely outdated. I had two days to sit and cry about my baby, so I Googled CF. It was horrifying. It was heartbreaking. It made me question if I should ever have more children. But here’s the thing: he was right. It was all outdated. Eventually I would learn that.

But since my daughter’s diagnosis 5 years ago, I have learned something else. And that is, you can’t always trust a doctor. After all, in some cases, it’s been 20+ years since a doctor has been through medical school, and they can’t all be experts on every single illness and condition. One mom proved that point when she aborted her daughter with cystic fibrosis at the advice of her Ob/Gyn without talking to a single knowledgeable soul about it. And now another mother is helping to spread the fear of having a baby with CF, fueled by outdated information.

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Wisconsin abortionist wants to retire, but can find no one to take his place

A recent article in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel  highlights the shortage of abortion providers in the United States. The article is about 71-year-old Dennis Christensen, who wants to retire, but can’t find any other doctor willing to take over his job performing abortions at Affiliated Medical Center.

According to the article:

Abortion physician Dennis Christensen wants to retire. But he can’t, the 71-year-old says, because no one wants to take over his Milwaukee clinic, a condition he set for himself for retirement.

Christensen and his professional partner, Bernard Smith, both of whom have performed abortions for more than four decades, hope they can hand over the reins of the Affiliated Medical Center to younger physicians, but so far no one has come forward.

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Limits on late-term abortion will be priority in GOP-led Senate vows McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell foreshadowed issues a Republican-led Senate would tackle if the party secures control of the upper chamber this fall. Speaking in his home state, the Kentucky Republican told pro-life supporters at the National Right to Life Convention that he will push measures that limit access to abortion through the Senate if the GOP wins in November.

“I’m proud of my record and defense of life. If I was majority leader, we’d already have had a vote on it in the Senate,” McConnell said referring to a Senate bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks. “It’s long past time for us to join the ranks of most other civilized nations to protect children past 20 weeks in the womb.”

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Josh Brahm

The Equal Rights Institute: because everyone can be pro-life

An outstanding hallmark of the pro-life movement is its diversity. Our movement boasts advocates from every walk of life, cultural background, religious affiliation, and political stance. We have groups that advocate traditional marriage and pro-life views simultaneously, and those groups coexist with organizations like Alive! Gay Pro-Life. We have Democrats for Life and RNC for Life and Marriage. We have Feminists for Life and Students for Life. In short: the defense of life is a cause that appeals to every kind of human, everywhere.

Pro-life activist Josh Brahm recognized this profound diversity, as well as the challenges that can come along with being a pro-life melting pot. After an intense week of brainstorming with his brother, Tim, and many months of thinking through logistics, Josh has launched the Equal Rights Institute. In a blog post introducing the Institute, Josh explains the mission of the ERI:

We’re going to help pro-life people to think clearly and communicate better with pro-choice people. Do I think that’s a silver bullet for ending abortion? No. There are no easy or quick methods to end abortion. Helping the pro-life movement communicate with the best arguments we have to offer is not a sufficient condition for ending abortion, but I think it’s probably a necessary one.

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Bobby Jindal

Lawmakers reject pro-abortion sex education in public schools

The state of Louisiana has passed a new pro-life bill prohibiting groups that perform elective abortions from presenting sex education materials or instruction in state public schools. HB 305, signed into law by the state’s pro-life Governor Bobby Jindal, prevents children from being targets of sex-education that promotes abortion.

Both the Louisiana House and Senate agreed overwhelmingly in favor of the measure. HB 305 is authored by Congressman Frank Hoffman, a former superintendent of schools. Hoffman sponsored the bill because he saw the abortion industry’s influence in promoting abortion in public schools.

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