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Rachel Crockett and her son Connor

Baby born at 23 weeks inspires parents to ask that abortion limit be lowered

Rachel Crockett and her son Connor
Rachel Crockett and her son Connor

Connor Walkow wasn’t expected to live when he was born at just 23 weeks gestation. His mother, Rachel Crockett, and father, Craig Walkow, of Buckinghamshire, England, were told to be prepared to lose him within moments after his birth.

“We were told to say goodbye to Connor and that we wouldn’t see him again. It felt like the end of the world, we were numb,” Crockett told the Mirror. The hospital doesn’t revive babies born before 24 weeks, but the doctor told Crockett and Walkow that if Connor showed signs of life, they would help him.

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Planned Parenthood prez Cecile Richards tells ‘Elle’ magazine she had an abortion

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has revealed that she had an abortion. In an essay submitted to Elle magazine, Richards recalls:

There’s a big difference between sharing your story and being forced to justify your decision… I know this firsthand. I had an abortion. It was the right decision for me and my husband, and it wasn’t a difficult decision.

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Male heckler ironically interrupts female pro-life speaker on behalf of “women”

On Wednesday, Lila Rose and other pro-life leaders expressed their concern about Planned Parenthood’s increasingly negative impact on American culture. Lila Rose pointed out that, as a woman, she finds Planned Parenthood’s complicity with the rapes of underage girls offensive.

At precisely this moment, a male heckler sabotaged the podium to shout insults at Rose and the pro-lifers showing their support.

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Planned Parenthood tweets a picture of baby carriages for its 98th birthday

98 years ago, on October 16th, Margaret Sanger opened the first clinic that would eventually grow into the abortion behemoth that is Planned Parenthood. And they chose to celebrate in a rather odd way… by tweeting out a picture of baby carriages.

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Slate writer: Abortion is a social good and “no big deal”

Let’s get one thing straight: Abortion is not empowering, it’s an abuse of power. As grown adults, we have authority over our children and power to do a great deal of harm to those that are weaker than we are, including killing them in the womb. But that doesn’t mean we are empowered. It means we are tyrants.

Slate writer Hanna Rosin recently reviewed the book Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Pollitt. Rosin is all for abortion. She had one herself between her second and third live births because another child didn’t fit into her life at that moment of raising two children and working.  And she’s proud of her power to abort her child saying that, while having a child is a big deal, aborting a child is “no big deal.”

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A new low… Planned Parenthood uses Ebola outbreak to promote abortion

Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion buddies will exploit anything they can to promote abortion, including holidays. Now, they’ve even sunk so low as to exploit the Ebola outbreak in an apparent fit of jealousy over the attention it has received in the media.

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Mom dying of cancer pens poetic letter to Brittany Maynard, pleading with her to choose life over doctor assisted suicide

Kara Tippets is dying of stage 4 metastatic cancer. All the while, Kara Tippets is living life to the fullest. This beautiful wife, mother of four and follower of Jesus Christ is on a journey to find beauty in the midst of suffering. Her blog, ‘Mundane Faithfulness’ tells the story of her courageous battle.

Kara recently wrote a heartfelt letter to 29-year-old Brittany Maynard. Maynard, who is also dying of cancer, is best known for a video expressing her plan to commit doctor assisted suicide on Nov 1st.

Kara’s letter is full of empathy and compassion. She tells Brittany her heart aches for her. She lets her know she’s grieved by her pain and praying for her. She also affirms Brittany’s decision to tell her story:

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Woman chooses life for her baby conceived in rape, but tragedy strikes again

Michelle (not her real name) had lived a life full of pain. Her father had shot and killed himself right before her eyes. And her mother, disagreeing with Michelle’s lifestyle, didn’t speak to her anymore.  Michelle, a lesbian, had a partner whom she cared about. Then one day, a male friend whom she trusted invited Michelle over to his house. And as she told Juda Myers of Choices4Life, it almost cost her her life.

Michelle’s friend raped her with the help of another man. Together, they beat her until she was unconscious. Thankfully, a couple showed up and the woman, seeing Michelle beaten so badly, screamed for someone to call 911. The men who raped and attacked her were prosecuted. But Michelle found out that she was pregnant.

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“Sorry, not sorry,” says mom in letter to baby she plans to abort

A woman who says she is planning to abort her child next week wrote her baby what seems to be a tender letter to an unborn child in the womb–except for the punchline of how she’s going to kill the child next week.

With poignant tenderness, the mother writes a letter to “Little Thing” and says she loves her child. Then, in a tragic ironic twist, she says since she’s not ready to be a mom, she has to take his or her life next week.

The user scaredthrowingaway, wrote her letter on Reddit, and entitled it, “An open letter to the little life I won’t get to meet”:

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Mario Lopez talks about his abortion loss as a teen in new memoir

Before he ever joined the cast of Saved by the Bell, actor Mario Lopez had fathered a child who was aborted. The young star became sexually active at the age of 12, recalling that sex was his “drug of choice” as a teen. This addiction eventually led to one of his partners becoming pregnant when he was 15.

Mario says in his memoir, Just Between Us, that he planned to care for the mother and child, but it did not work out that way in the end. LifeNews reports:

He was 15 at the time and planned on getting a full-time job to support her and his baby but she eventually had an abortion.

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The ‘Bucket List baby’ was loved by his parents till the very end

Shane Michael Haley was born at 2:25 a.m. on October 9th, 2014. He died just hours later cradled in his mother’s arms, surrounded by family. Baby Shane lived less than five hours after birth, yet his little life has touched millions.

Before Shane was born his parents Jenna and Dan Haley received a shocking diagnosis. They were told the unborn baby they were carrying had a brain defect called anencephaly. This defect causes a baby to be born without parts of its brain and skull. Most children born with this defect die shortly after birth.

Photo: Prayers for Shane Facebook
Photo: Prayers for Shane Facebook

Hearing a negative diagnosis from a doctor is an expecting parent’s worst fear. Dan and Jenna could have chosen to handle the news in a number of ways, including choosing abortion for their young son. Instead, Dan and Jenna decided to love their little boy to the very end.

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29-year-old cancer patient Brittany Maynard will take her life in less than 30 days

Brittany Maynard, 29, appeared to have everything. She was a newlywed with a loving family, who had traveled the world, ran marathons, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Then she started having severe headaches.

She found out that the headaches were being caused by Stage II glioblastoma multiforme, and initially was told that she had years to live. But after having surgery, her doctors discovered that she actually had Stage IV glioblastoma multiforme, the deadliest form of brain cancer, and was given only months to live.

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University of California now offers an online abortion course

The University of California, San Francisco is offering a new online course called Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications. Because, according to UCSF, abortion is a common experience yet remains controversial and inaccessible, UCSF feels that courses on abortion should be available to medical students in order to provide easy access to abortion-on-demand around the world.

Beginning on October 13, this six-week course will include lectures from twenty faculty members on abortion including the history of abortion, clinical aspects of abortion, patient-centered abortion care, abortion counseling, and the obligations of providers. UCSF feels that this will ensure that women will have easier access to abortion while teaching future abortion providers how to navigate the abortion restrictions that a public concerned about human life places in their way.

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Student Spotlight Header

Student Spotlight: Katie Perrotta

Katie Perrotta.

Katie Perrotta is a 20-year-old student at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Having grown up “pro-life” she wasn’t active in defending life until she witnessed a campus display featuring images of abortion victims and the angry reaction of pro-choice students. It was then that she started reaching out to her campus and actively defending life. There’s no question that for Katie Perrotta, pro-life is a verb.

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Blake Lively’s baby news: pregnancy is “the creation of family”

Blake Lively has just announced the news of her new little family on her lifestyle website, Preserve. The site featured the photo journal of party thrown by Preserve for new mothers, with Blake’s announcement coming into focus at the end:

Photo from Lively's website, Preserve:
Photo from Lively’s website, Preserve:

Lively’s team shared that she fleshed out the site around the concept of family: 

Family is the single word our founder, Blake built this home on.

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Vandals declare death on pro-life billboards

Imagine hating the pro-life message so much you proclaim death to any unborn baby. Imagine hating the pro-life message so much you destroy other people’s right to proclaim it. Its’ not hard to imagine that at all since vandals posted it all over billboards in the San Francisco Bay and Eureka, CA areas. PROLIFE Across AMERICA, the sponsors of the pro-life billboard ads, has seen the graffiti repeatedly and the message is anything but subtle.



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David Hasselhoff makes young man’s dream come true with joyride

A Dutch super-fan of David Hasselhoff’s old TV show Knight Rider got the thrill of a lifetime when the star himself took him out for a joyride in LA.

The following segment is from a Dutch TV program called Syndroom, which helps people with special needs to fulfill their dreams and fantasies. Seeing Twan’s joy may bring a tear to your eye – it did for Hasselhoff:

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Metaphase, Chip Reese

Father creates superhero with Down Syndrome

It would be an understatement to call Chip Reece a comic book aficionado. He writes comic book reviews at and even creates his own comics…when he’s not being a social worker or spending time with his son, Ollie.

Ollie has Down Syndrome, and was the inspiration for Chip’s graphic novel, Metaphase.

Chip wanted to share his love for superheros with Ollie, but couldn’t find a series whose superhero had Down Syndrome like Ollie. So he created his own.

Chip hopes that his superhero with Down Syndrome will help readers see past the limitations of individuals with special needs, and focus on their super abilities. He says that new parents will be surprised by how much their children with Down Syndrome will be able to do.

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American College of Pediatrics debunks the myth of “safe sex”

Late last month, the journal Pediatrics, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, released a policy statement entitled Contraception for Adolescents. The statement is an update to the Academy’s 2007 statement on the same topic. The update “provides the pediatrician with a description and rationale for best practices in counseling and prescribing contraception for adolescents,” according to the journal article.  The abstract says:

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians develop a working knowledge of contraception to help adolescents reduce risks of and negative health consequences related to unintended pregnancy.

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Parents knew their son wouldn’t live long, but they gave him a chance at life

Parents, T.K. and Deidrea Lauxs, knew something was wrong when their preborn son, Thomas, was not developing correctly inside the womb. When they discovered that Thomas suffered from Trisomy 13 Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that causes severe developmental delays ranging from profound retardation, malformation of the face and head, and incomplete formation of the brain, kidneys, or heart, they knew Thomas would likely live outside of the womb for a short time. Rather than choosing abortion,  T.K. and Deidrea chose to give Thomas a chance at life.

Watch this gripping and powerful story that details the journey these parents took — the emotional struggles and moments of joy — to give their baby boy a chance at life.

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