Mom “appalled” at Ohio pro-life Down syndrome bill: ‘I’d have aborted if I had known’

yahooOhio pro-lifers’ move to prohibit abortions due to a Down syndrome diagnosis should be open-and-shut. Technically, it’s not even about abortion, per se; it’s about targeting a class of innocent people for destruction based specifically on their disability. However, on Tuesday, Yahoo Parenting (of all places) ran an article by Hallie Levine, the mother of a little girl with Down syndrome. Despite being “beyond grateful” she didn’t abort her daughter, Levine asserts she would have if she had known during pregnancy, and thinks the push to protect children like her Johanna is “absolutely appalling.” 

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Couple expecting baby with anencephaly: “We’re at peace”

Evan and Olivia Rodriguez were excited to learn they were having a baby girl, whom they named Layla Sky. However, it was during that same ultrasound that they were devastated to hear something wasn’t developing correctly with their daughter.

“[The technician] was like, ‘I see something I don’t like. Her head is not completely round’, explains Mrs. Rodriguez. “They spent about an hour and half trying to figure out what was the problem.”

The couple learned that their precious baby girl has anencephaly, a condition in which the skull and brain don’t completely form. Baby Layla was otherwise healthy and active, so the couple went to another doctor for a second opinion.

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Women’s health care will thrive when Planned Parenthood is defunded

(Daily Signal) Planned Parenthood does not offer any women’s health services that are not offered by other health care centers. None.

The same services it provides are abundantly available, especially serving low-income individuals in urban and rural locations, while at the same time these alternative facilities don’t perform abortions.

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From D.C. to the Midwest, couple fights abortion one life at a time

This is the second of two stories on the Bohlender family. You can read the first here.

“Kelsey and I enjoy (and are challenged by!) six lives that are in our home because we said yes to adoption, but we have that privilege because someone else said no to abortion. Statistically, the likelihood of those children being born was not high.  Our family is not just large, it’s a large miracle.” – Randy Bohlender

The story of Randy and Kelsey Bohlender and their ten children, six of whom are adopted, is a powerful one by itself. But the origins of their story in Washington, D.C., propelled them to where they are today.

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Photos of two babies, miscarried at 7 and 8 weeks, share the truth about abortion

When Mindy Danison shared photos of her 7-week-old baby, whom she miscarried, on Facebook, she had a purpose: to share with the world the preciousness of life.

Danison is mother to five children, ranging from age one to age nine. She and her husband, Gabe, were thrilled to be expecting another baby last fall, but unfortunately, that baby’s heart stopped beating around 7-and-a-half weeks gestation.

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‘To be pro-life is to be pro-child’: Couple who adopted six now open adoption agency

“God will speak to many about opening your hearts to adoption. We cannot cry out for LIFE if we’re not willing to LIVE it WITH them.” -Randy Bohlender

The first one was Zoe. Properly named Savannah Zoe, which means “from a barren field, LIFE!” Zoe was the first life Randy and Kelsey rescued.

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Morally blind critics cheer another pro-abortion propaganda movie

Grandma 2015 Movie PosterBack in February, we told you about Grandma, a “family comedy” about abortion, more specifically a woman trying to help her granddaughter raise money for one. And much like “Obvious Child” before it, critics are celebrating its release with odes to its biases, pretending its shallow and one-sided presentation of the subject is actually courageous sophistication, based on nothing more than the fact that it tells them what they want to hear.

In the New York Times, AO Scott calls it a “sweet, smart” film, with Lily Tomlin’s titular grandmother Elle defined in large part by “her uncompromising commitment to behaving like a free human being.” He lavishes praise on the film for the “sympathy” with which it regards Elle, daughter Judy, and granddaughter Sage… while conspicuously ignoring the total lack of sympathy for the great-granddaughter our protagonists seek to destroy.

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Woman born without arms becomes pilot and inspires many

When Jessica Cox was born 32 years ago, her parents and the entire medical staff were shocked by a disability that they failed to see on the ultrasounds. Cox didn’t have any hands or arms. As she was delivered via C-section, a silence fell over the room. No one had ever noticed the missing limbs until the day of her birth.

“Unfortunately I think it was a little bit discouraging, especially with the doctor who was there who didn’t provide much support,” said Cox. “Mom was told I could get prosthetic arms and that inspired her to know that I could have a normal life.”

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VIDEO: New Orleans residents respond to Planned Parenthood videos

On August 6, Louisiana Right to Life published a video featuring man-on-the-street interviews with several members of the public in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Interviewer Mia Bordlee asked people on the street, “There have been several videos… showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing selling fetal body parts. Have you seen these videos?” And later, “How much money do you think, each year, the federal government gives to Planned Parenthood?”

The responses to those who watch clips of the videos, shown by the interviewer, are a must-see. While Louisiana is largely a pro-life state, several respondents had not seen the videos from The Center for Medical Progress:

Life of the week: Catherine Adair, former Planned Parenthood worker

Catherine Adair grew up in a liberal Catholic home where they were raised to believe that abortion was a woman’s right. Her mother was a member of their local National Organization for Women group.

So when Adair became pregnant at 19, it wasn’t much of a surprise that her mother scheduled an abortion for her. Adair, however, had this notion that she and her boyfriend would live in her parents’ basement and raise the baby together while working and attending college. But by the time she saw the doctor she was 11 weeks along and was told that she was running out of time for the abortion. Adair felt at that point that she had no choice but to go through with it.

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Baby Christopher lived 90 minutes after birth, but his life proves every child is a gift

On April 25, 2015, Christina Byrum gave birth to identical twin boys Christopher and Eli. Christopher had acrania, a condition in which the skull doesn’t properly form. Most babies born with this condition die within hours of birth. Acrania is different from anencephaly in that the brain does form, but exposure to amniotic fluid causes it to deteriorate.

Now the Byrums are sharing a video of that day given to them as a gift from their photographer. In the video, viewers can see the love that the family had for both boys as siblings and extended family members went to the hospital to meet them and to say goodbye to Christopher.

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