Ridiculous study tries and fails to prove pro-lifers are sexist

There’s so much pro-abortion propaganda cluttering the web that try as we might, sometimes something slips through the cracks. But there’s no statute of limitations on truth, so today we’re going to talk about a “study” released last year (helpfully sent my way by Live Action News commenter PJ4) that claims “pro-lifers are sexist” isn’t just a malicious pro-abortion cliché; it’s science!

Spoiler alert: it’s not science.

The study, by Professor N. Eugene Walls and PhD candidate Stephanie Begun and published in the May 2015 issue of Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, took a sample 651 undergraduate students (70% female, 30% male), and purports to show a correlation between pro-life views and agreement with sexist statements.

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Baby girl abandoned on campus in 1984 graduates from same college

Jillian Sobol was beaming with joy as she recently graduated from San Francisco State University. Jillian, 31, has a special connection to the school that sets her apart from her peers. This beautiful, bright woman was actually born on campus.

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Baby with Trisomy 18 denied life-saving surgery by insurance company

In November of 2015, Greg and Heather Puruleski learned that their fourth child, Jonah, had Trisomy 18, also known as Edward’s syndrome. Parents of children diagnosed with this condition prenatally are often advised to abort their baby, but this couple refused and worked to give their son every chance possible.

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DirecTV runs commercial depicting children as regrettable, disposable mistakes

It can be rough to be a parent to young children. They test your boundaries, break your stuff, and push your patience — but that doesn’t mean you would wish to go back in time and never have those children, or perhaps abort those children, does it?

DirecTV thinks it does, and that’s upsetting some viewers.

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Pageant star with Down syndrome accepted into college

While debate rages about aborting those diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero, those who are living with it continue to inspire in all sorts of ways.

Just like many other students, Mickey Deputy has been accepted to start her college career in the fall. Mickey, whose excited reaction  was captured in a video shared by “HumanKind” for USA Todayhas Down syndrome. Mickey read her acceptance letter aloud while her mother, Jenny, and father and brother, Michael and Brad, watched. She paused after reading “we want to congratulate you on your,” and after prompting from her mother, excitedly finished with “acceptance into our program.”

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How ultrasounds are shaping women’s views on abortion

“Can’t choose abortion now.”

Those were the words written on a feedback form after a young woman had a no-cost ultrasound at our pregnancy center. She came into the center undecided, but the pictures of her preborn child on the screen helped her make the decision to parent.

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United Methodist Church disavows itself from radical Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

The concept of being religious and pro-abortion is one which has been discussed plenty before.  For many, the view is a contradictory one, but not for all. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is a particularly vocal abortion advocate, with nearly 30 coalition members. It will soon have two less members though, thanks to a vote from the United Methodist Church.

As the Institute on Religion & Democracy announced on Thursday, United Methodists voted, 425 to 268 (61 to 39 percent), to require church boards and agencies to withdraw immediately from RCRC.

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The contrast: Giving birth to baby with Down syndrome or aborting

Louise Drinkwater’s daughter Molly has Down syndrome.  Her mother describes why she is grateful she chose life for Molly despite her having Down:

She’s an incredibly happy little girl. She lights up our lives… I’ve been a person who thought academic achievement was really important, and it’s been a beautiful learning experience to realize that value is about the soul of the person. Molly has really helped me to sit back and enjoy the moment rather than racing to get ahead.(1)

Having a daughter with Down syndrome changed Drinkwater and gave her a different perspective on life.   She has come to believe that there is more to life than what society considers to be achievement. As you can see, she does not regret giving birth to her daughter. Molly enriches her life.

Drinkwater’s experience is in stark contrast to the experience of another mother, Marie Ideson, who aborted her baby with Down syndrome:

I was bullied into going ahead with an abortion,” says Ideson, 46, a GP surgery manager. “I only wish I could turn back the clock. I think of the daughter I never had every day. I’ll always regret it.(2)

Ideson has been left with nothing but the memory of seeing her daughter’s dead body, which was shown to her after her abortion. She named her child Lillie. You can read more of her story here. 

Choosing life for Molly brought Drinkwater peace and happiness, but choosing (under duress) to abort Lillie only brought Ideson grief and regret. The contrast between these two women, one who chose life and another death, is striking.  Drinkwater has no regrets, but Ideson may spend the rest of her life mourning her aborted child.

  1. J Robotham and D Smith “Love Me or Let Me Go” Sydney Morning Herald, August 31, 2004
  2. Alison Squire Smith ‘I was bullied into aborting my baby” Herald Sun December 4, 2011

Pro-life doctor buys abortion facility, immediately halts abortion procedures

(Pregnancy Help News) Wrapping up a medical residency, most doctors are focused on establishing themselves in their chosen field, joining a practice and starting the long process of paying down the student loans that have piled up over the previous decade.

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Where can women like Candace get help when they’re being coerced to abort?

via the "Remembering Candace Pickens" Facebook page
via the “Remembering Candace Pickens” Facebook page

As soon as I saw a picture of Candace Pickens I began to cry. This  beautiful 23 year old mother from Asheville N.C was shot at point blank range along with her son Zachaeus on the morning of May 12th. The violent crime occurred just one day after her son’s third birthday. Candace was pregnant with her second child and according to loved ones, her boyfriend Nathaniel Elijah Dixon was against her keeping their preborn baby. Candace’s close friend Vanessa Peterson said she was killed after refusing to have an abortion. Peterson wrote this message on a GoFundMe account:

Candace was an amazing mother, friend and person. She was always smiling and made the best out of life. She had recently found out she was pregnant and was murdered because she refused an abortion.

It’s hard to even process Candace’s story because she reminds me so much of the young women I work with at my pregnancy center. Although it makes little sense when I learned of her death I thought, “Could I have helped her?” I never knew her but in her smile I saw a girl so similar to ones I’ve helped.

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Pro-choicer: Sex-selection abortion is no big deal because fetuses aren’t people

Currently, PRENDA (the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act) has been introduced to the Senate and is now in committee. The bill would ban abortions that are done on the grounds of race or sex. It is particularly aimed at preventing sex-selection abortions, in which a couple wanting a boy, for example, aborts a baby girl.

With all the rhetoric from pro-abortion people about the bill, I am reminded of a 2012 Slate article. In the article, pro-abortion writer Allison Benedikt cautions fellow pro-choicers not to be swayed by qualms about sex-selection abortions. She argues that being pro-choice means accepting every possible reason given for an abortion, no matter how trivial it seems. And while I would never argue that most women abort for trivial reasons, there have been women who have aborted in order to go on a vacation, in order to preserve a tummy tuck, and to be thin enough to look good in a wedding dress.  

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Actress Patricia Heaton’s pro-life messages are a ‘breath of fresh air’

“Everybody Loves Raymond” actress Patricia Heaton made Facebook’s trending topics list Thursday after she tweeted several statements in celebration of life.

Heaton, who is known for her pro-life views, tweeted a shout-out to the Northwest Center.

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New book equates killing a baby with removing a wisdom tooth

On Sunday, Glamour published an excerpt of feminist writer Lindy West’s just-released book—and of course, the part deemed most share-worthy is the story of West having an abortion, because pro-aborts just can’t get enough of telling each other how brave they are for telling each other about their abortions.

What the snippet lacks in originality, though, it more than makes up for in inadvertent examples of why abortion shouldn’t be normalized.

So I did what I always did when I needed a common, legal, routine medical procedure—I made an appointment to see my doctor.

Ever notice how common the phrase “common, legal, routine medical procedure” is? It’s like a magic chant, meant to ward off evil spirits by imbuing abortion with unquestionable legitimacy.

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Parents file appeal to keep their son on life support

The parents of two-year-old Israel Stinson, who was declared brain-dead, filed an emergency appeal with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday to keep their son on life support after a court-ordered extension expires on Friday.

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