Human Rights

Man writes about caring for wife with Alzheimer’s: “I have been blessed”

Often, when we hear about adults with terminal illnesses, it’s in relation to the debate over assisted suicide and euthanasia. Degenerative illnesses that slowly kill are understandably seen as a person’s worst nightmare. After all, no one wants to slowly lose their memories and their ability to function. No one wants to be trapped inside a body that slowly becomes frozen. And so the idea of assisted suicide becomes attractive, thanks in large part to the persuasive catchphrase: “death with dignity.” The implication is that living with, and ultimately dying from, a disease like Alzheimer’s or ALS is undignified.

For one man, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Midwife on babies born alive after abortions: They are viewed as “waste”

In June of last year, the European Centre for Law and Justice released a report entitled “Late Term Abortion & Neonatal Infanticide in Europe: Petition for the Rights of Newborns Surviving Their Abortion,” which documented cases of babies born alive after abortions in Europe. These children were not allowed to survive. Some were killed by direct action, others were left alone to die of neglect.

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Pro-choice author: Even if they love life, persons with disabilities are just too expensive

Pro-Choice author Miriam Claire wrote a book called The Abortion Dilemma: Personal Views on a Public Issue.  In her research, she interviewed a disabled man, Glenn Little, then president of the Disabled Persons Association in Victoria, Australia. Little had cerebral palsy, a condition that causes severe muscle spasms and prevented him from walking normally. His condition was caused by brain damage incurred during birth.

Despite his disability, Little told Claire he was happy to be alive…

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Student witnesses baby who survived an abortion struggling for life

In the “Late Term Abortion & Neonatal Infanticide in Europe” Petition for the Rights of Newborns Surviving Their Abortion, a midwife student who wished to remain anonymous described witnessing a baby survive a late-term abortion in France.

Sarah Terzo at Clinic Quotes shared the story, which begins:

I am a midwife student in my last year, and saw, during an internship in a maternity department of the North of France, a child born alive from an abortion on medical grounds. He was 24 weeks of gestation and the midwife left the child struggling to breathe, by leaving the baby alone on the resuscitation table. He died within 10 minutes, greatly weakened by labor contractions (triggered).

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Abortionist forcibly kills child while mother cries, ‘I want to save my baby’

In her book The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories, Abby Johnson compiles the stories of former abortion center workers who have left the abortion industry. Among the compelling and disturbing stories in the book is that of one facility worker who witnessed a third trimester induction abortion and its aftermath.

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He aborted 1,200 babies, but now he fights to save them

Dr. Anthony Levatino is an OB/GYN who not only performed abortions, but considered himself a firm believer in “abortion rights” at the start of his career.

While he didn’t work for an abortion facility, he did commit 1,200 abortions in hospital delivery rooms over the course of a nearly a decade. But during that same time period, personal struggles and great loss in his life opened his eyes to the realities of abortion and his participation in it.

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Worker describes how abortionist incinerated babies in the third trimester

Abortions in the third trimester are committed by induction, which is a multi-day procedure. In this type of abortion, a needle is inserted into the baby, and a lethal does of digoxin (a medication normally used to treat certain heart conditions) is injected, poisoning the child and sending him or her into cardiac arrest.

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Abortion worker describes six-pound baby born dead after late-term abortion

Abortions in the third trimester are done by injecting a lethal dose of digoxin into the baby and inducing labor. The procedures take three days. On the first day, the abortionist injects digoxin, which causes fatal cardiac arrest. Laminaria sticks are then inserted into the cervix (the muscle under the uterine cavity that holds in the baby) where they slowly expand, opening the cervix.

On the third day, labor is induced. Sometimes a woman goes into spontaneous labor; she may be in a hotel room or at home when this happens.

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Protests of ‘Me Before You’ movie take place around the world

The newest “romance” to hit the big screen has been widely publicized as a film that portrays how to “live boldly” with a disability. But this has people with disabilities as well as disability-rights advocates rightfully upset because in this film – Me Before You – the person with the disability kills himself. Now, as the movie premieres around the world, disability advocacy groups are coming out in full force to protest this inaccurate depiction of life with disabilities.

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Abortionist quits when he holds a living baby in his hands after an abortion

People have asked me why I became a doctor who performed abortions. If I’m honest, the original draw was the money. I didn’t have to take call. I didn’t have to work any emergencies. There were no overnights. I walked into the clinic, worked a few hours and walked out with a paycheck for several thousand dollars.

So begins the story of an abortion doctor who has recently quit his job. He contacted And Then There Were None, the ministry of Abby Johnson (herself a former director at Planned Parenthood) when he walked out of the industry. In an email, Johnson revealed the story of this doctor, which he told her he “really wanted to tell.”

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