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California legislator introduces bill to stop forced abortion coverage

The state of California thinks churches should be forced to provide abortion coverage to its employees, no matter what its convictions, but one California legislator is trying to make sure that can’t happen.

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove
Assemblywoman Shannon Grove

California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove introduced AB 1254 in an effort to stop the state from its strong-arm tactics that came when the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) issued a policy requiring mandatory abortion coverage on all of the insurance providers in the state.

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Abortionist who performed over 40,000 abortions becomes pro-life activist

It should have been a routine abortion in the early second trimester. The woman was having her ninth abortion, as former Serbian abortionist Stojan Adasevic describes in the documentary “The First Hour.”

Adasevic, who is now a pro-life leader in Serbia, had performed over 48,000 abortions before doubts about the procedure made him stop —other sources claim that number is closer to 60,000.

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Fargo school district faces demand to approve pro-life student club after discrimination accusations

The ongoing battle between the Fargo, ND, school district and students trying to start pro-life clubs on two of the district’s campuses continues this week. The legal group Thomas More Society, which represents the students, issued a second demand letter to the school district’s attorney, asking that the clubs be approved within a week.

The original complaint notes that the refusal to pro-life clubs constitutes a violation of students’ rights, as well as a violation of both the Federal Equal Access Act (EAA) and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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13-episode pro-life TV program could soon air nationally

Those engaged in the battle for life are well familiar with the Life Training Institute’s Scott Klusendorf. He’s debated everyone from the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s first medical director Dr. Malcolm Potts to Kathryn Kolbert, a pro-abortion attorney who argued against preborn rights before the United States Supreme Court and has been “credited” with saving Roe v. Wade.

Now, Klusendorf has taken on a new project that may bring him and the pro-life message into millions of homes across the United States.

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Following discrimination accusations, Fargo school district now says it will allow pro-life group

A North Dakota school district says students can form pro-life clubs after it received accusations of discrimination. But pro-lifers say the school district is now trying to save face and put the blame on students.

Fargo Public Schools came under fire for discrimination when students at two schools were denied the right to start a school-recognized pro-life club on their respective campuses.

Fargo Public School District No. 1. students, Brigid O’Keefe of Fargo North High School and Katie McPherson of Davies High School, were joined by Students for Life of America and represented by Thomas More Society in a discrimination complaint against the district.

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Iowa high school accused of discriminating against pro-life students

Isabell Akers is about to graduate from Hampton-Dumont High School in Hampton, IA, and she’s fighting for a legacy of life to continue for years to come.

The mission statement of the school “is to create a safe, caring culture of high expectations where all reach their greatest potential”; however, Akers may disagree after more than two years of failed attempts to start a pro-life club. Akers is a high school senior who has been fighting for a school-recognized pro-life club since she was a sophomore.

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Oklahoma becomes second state to ban dismemberment abortions

Last week, Kansas passed a ban on dismemberment abortion —this week, its neighbor to the south, Oklahoma, followed suit. On Monday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, which passed the state House 84 to 2, and the state Senate 37 to 4. The law takes effect November 1.

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Abortion patient: Planned Parenthood’s counseling consisted of ‘five terse questions’

Pro-choice author Jennifer Baumgardner, who started the t-shirt campaign “I Had An Abortion” told the story of an abortion patient in her book “Abortion & Life” (New York, NY: Akashic Books, 2008):

I went with my boyfriend and friend to Planned Parenthood. I think I was headed into my eighth week at that point. I went into a room for pre-abortion counseling- five quick, terse questions. I had assumed that I was going to get a half-hour and I would finally be able to tell someone or talk to someone about how freaked out I was, but I didn’t get to.

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ND schools discriminate against students trying to start pro-life clubs

North Dakota may be a leader in pro-life legislation, but its schools are being left behind in the state’s progress—by choice. Two North Dakota high schools have denied students the right to form pro-life clubs, and now the Thomas More Society is representing the students in a discrimination claim against Fargo Public School District No. 1.

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Speeding driver who killed preborn baby girl in Colorado will only face misdemeanor

Another preborn child in Colorado has been killed, and the assailant will not be charged with manslaughter or murder.

Via gofundme.
Matt and Leah Montgomery via gofundme.

Last month, a Colorado woman who cut a viable baby from her mother’s womb was not charged with murder in the death of the child, despite the evidence that the baby took at least one breath.

According to Life News, the attacker will not be held accountable for the baby’s death unless an autopsy proves the child took that breath outside of the womb. Colorado is one of a few dwindling states without a real fetal homicide law protecting preborn children.

Now a second preborn baby in two months will not receive proper justice in Colorado.

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Former facility worker: ‘You are killing a life’

A pamphlet produced by Last Days Ministries entitled, “Abortion Clinics: An Inside Look” contained the testimonies of two former abortion facility workers. One worker who tells her story is Sam Griggs.

Griggs talks first about the job interview. Some time ago, Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson wrote about how abortion facilities often tell prospective employees that they will not be assisting in abortions.

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Abortion group releases app that encourages self-induced abortions

Women on Waves, a group that advocated for abortions overseas, has developed an app to help mothers in countries where there are tough abortion restrictions obtain abortion pills.

Women on Waves was founded by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, a Dutch physician whose mission to commit abortions on international waters in order to skirt restrictive abortion laws, received media coverage several years ago.  Gomperts is a former Greenpeace doctor who also founded Women on the Web, which advises visitors to procure abortifacients.

The Android app allows users to learn the abortion laws of various countries, as well as “the availability of abortion pills, how to get and use them, and what clinics or organizations are working on abortion issues” in a given country. The app’s description says users can “access safe abortion pills by doing the online consultation.”

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