Human Rights

Surrogate pregnant with triplets threatened with ‘financial ruin’ if she doesn’t abort

The ethical issues with surrogacy – and assisted reproductive technology – continue to arise. Parents manufacture children on demand, and then when things don’t go as planned, they decide to then destroy the children, who were intentionally created by said parents. This scenario happens over and over and over again, but it’s no less horrifying whenever a new situation presents itself. The latest shocking example is a surrogate, implanted with three embryos by a man who wanted to become a father, who unsurprisingly became pregnant with triplets.

But as the father didn’t want triplets, he’s now demanding that she get an abortion against her will, and is even threatening her if she continues to refuse.

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On World Prematurity Day parents celebrate their children – no matter how small

Today, parents all over social media took a few minutes to go back in time to a perilous, precious moment: the moment their child was born premature. Harrowing tales, tear-worthy reports, and heartfelt celebrations were all shared.

Together, these parents gave the world a picture today. Communicated in thousands of images, the worldwide picture reminded us all that every human is valuable, no matter how small. Regardless of their age, size, or level of development, each human being is worth fighting for – especially at their most vulnerable moments.

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How can killing an embryo be the same as killing me?

Recently Senator Marco Rubio was asked the following question while campaigning in New Hampshire for the Republican Presidential primaries: “Do you believe a fertilized egg has legal protection?”

On its face, this question is silly. For one, an egg ceases to exist as a part of the woman’s sexual reproduction system after fertilization. If it is fertilized, past tense, then it isn’t an egg. It is a zygote, a human embryo, or a whole, distinct, and living human organism; choose whichever of those descriptions suits you. What you cannot call it is a fertilized egg. Also, the questioner ought to have asked, “SHOULD zygotes have legal protection,” not whether they do or not. The former is actually a question specific to Marco Rubio’s belief about the identity and value of human life. The latter is a question that could be answered by a Google search.

A young man asked a similar question of me during Q&A after a recent talk, but in a way that is more helpfully worded. How could I argue that killing something as small as a zygote or an embryo is the same as killing any of the people in this room?

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Economist professor suggests Chinese men should share wives

By 2020, China will have an estimated 30 million more men than women as a result of the country’s one-child population control policy established over 30 years ago. As a solution, a Chinese economist professor has proposed that men in China share wives.

Xie Zuoshi of Shejiang University announced via blog post that women should offer themselves as wives to multiple men in order to fulfill men’s needs for sex and reproduction.

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Why abortion survivors’ stories should be heard

(The Daily Signal) The national frenzy over Planned Parenthood has died down somewhat since the House Oversight Committee hearing that occurred more than a month ago.

News headlines have shifted from the testimony of Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to the latest developments in the race for president. However, as the media spotlight has shifted, I am still amazed at what the intense media coverage missed in the public debate on abortion.

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Baby Safe Haven: Because no child deserves a ditch or a dumpster

Giovanni Johnson was shocked when police told him his girlfriend had just given birth; he says he didn’t even know she was pregnant. Seven stories down from Johnson’s apartment, some of his neighbors got an even bigger shock.

That’s where the baby landed.

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My boyfriend said he would push me down the stairs if I didn’t have an abortion

A woman who said she was pressured into an abortion by her boyfriend, has uploaded a message of abortion regret, accusing Planned Parenthood of sucking out her child with a vacuum, calling it medical waste.

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Pro-life activists gather at Planned Parenthood fundraiser featuring Cecile Richards

As Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, arrived at a Planned Parenthood of Southern New England’s fundraiser in New Haven, Connecticut last Thursday evening, she was met by a group of 70 pro-life activists praying the rosary and holding signs in support of the right to life.

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Video: Things abortion supporters find funny

The following video was put together by Students for Life of America. It complies a variety of statements made by abortionists and other abortion staff, to a crowd at what is presumably a meeting of the National Abortion Federation. Clearly, the crowd finds some of these gruesome statements absolutely hilarious.

How can we even consider supporting something so inherently inhumane?

Abortion ‘counselor’ to distraught woman: ‘I’ll give you five minutes’ to decide

An Australian woman, identified as Genevieve, went to an abortion clinic still unsure about having an abortion.  Driven to the point of desperation by her pregnancy, she nevertheless hesitated to go through with an abortion. Deep down, she knew that an abortion meant killing her child, and yet she felt helpless and overwhelmed with fear at the thought of having the baby.

For hours, she lingered in front of the clinic, unsure whether to go back inside.  After hours of crying, she did go back into the clinic.

Genevieve describes how the abortion ‘counselor’ then treated her…

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Three doctors told my parents to abort me – they were wrong

For as long as I can remember, my mother made sure I understood that God is like no other and that He had saved my life.  My mom told me she would pray that I would not only know Jesus as my Savior but that I would live out that love in kindness and compassionate and tangible ways.

My mom also wanted me to understand the significance of what God has done and is continuing to do in my life.  Recognizing this has compelled me to be His voice for the voiceless.

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Spanish parents kill their disabled daughter by slowly starving her to death

It’s no surprise that people with disabilities are seen as expendable in western society. From horrific abortion rates to state sanctioned murder, people try to deprive them of their basic human dignity. The latest horrifying example comes out of Spain, where parents chose to starve their disabled daughter to death, claiming that they needed to end her “suffering.”

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