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Mom posts amazing photos of her babies, miscarried at 7 and 8 weeks, on Facebook

Mindy Raelynne Danison has suffered through two tragic miscarriages – one with the baby at seven weeks, and the other at eight weeks and five days. In response, Mindy created a Facebook photo album for each child, where she publicly celebrates their short, but much-loved lives. Mindy’s photos – especially one of Annabelle – have been shared on social media, and Mindy has expressed her desire for many to see her tiny babies. Their humanity could not be more obvious.

For more information on the development of babies at this stage – including amazing videos, ultrasounds, and photos – see The Endowment for Human Development. Eighty nine percent of abortions occur in the first trimester, when many babies look just like Riley and Annabelle. At only seven to eight weeks old, babies can touch their faces and their feet. At this stage of gestation, preborn babies can squint and roll over, and their hindbrain “presents striking resemblance to that of the newborn.”

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Baby saved from abandonment after mother surrenders child under Safe Haven law

As volunteers in the pro-life movement, there are many instances where we aren’t able to see the fruits of our labor. From the dedicated sidewalk counselor who prays her words have reached a young mother contemplating abortion to those who spread the joy of adoption. We can sometimes go days, months – even years – without seeing the results of our efforts, often making it a challenge to keep our hearts and minds focused on what we are truly fighting for: mothers and their unborn babies.

To that end, we must continue to be faithful and trust that we are following God’s plan.  Every once in a while, though, we are rewarded by that one special moment in time when a plan is realized before our very eyes, allowing us to experience first-hand the impact our actions have made on the life of another and the beautiful ripple effect it has on the lives of those around them.

It’s this rare and special moment that makes all those years of work and dedication worth it. Jane’s story is one such moment for me.

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Longtime pro-choice activist troubled by Planned Parenthood videos

Bunnie Riedel is a pro-choice activist who served as founding executive director of the Southern California Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights from 1989 to 1994. Twenty years ago, she wrote the foreword for the pro-abortion book Abortion: My Choice, God’s Grace. This book justifies abortion by telling the stories of Christian women who chose to abort their babies. It uses arguments based on the Bible to “prove” that abortion is moral. Here is one excerpt from the book:

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Planned Parenthood abortionist sexually abused patients for decades

It’s no surprise to pro-lifers that Planned Parenthood staffers do not have women’s best interests at heart. That doesn’t make it any less shocking when we discover more information about the horrific misdeeds that take place behind the doors of their abortion mills. One of their abortionists, for example, was found to have been sexually abusing his patients for over 20 years.

Ian Hardy
Ian Hardy

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine has filed a disciplinary petition against Vito Cordone for failing to report the sexual abuse of patients committed at his fertility clinic by former Planned Parenthood abortionist Ian Hardy.

In 1992, while Hardy was employed by Cardone’s Boston area infertility clinic, he began providing abortions for Planned Parenthood of League of Massachusetts, Inc. Why Hardy eventually left Planned Parenthood is unknown, but a Boston Globe article published on May 1, 2014, indicates that Hardy’s abhorrent sexual misconduct stretched back as far as 20 years. Hardy was working for Planned Parenthood during that time, in which Planned Parenthood abortion patients were likely exposed to molestation by Hardy as well.

Cardone was aware that Hardy was sexually abusing patients while they were under anesthesia for infertility treatments, but Cardone kept quiet and allowed Hardy to continue the abuse.

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Baby Claire was saved from abortion after her mother changed her mind

I was recently searching online for an encouraging pro-life story. I happened to stumble upon a YouTube channel called “Facing Life Head On.”

The story I watched, “A Miraculous Reversal,” brought tears to my eyes. It is the story of a mother named Jamie who was addicted to drugs, struggling to survive. Jamie had a daughter named Vanessa, but since she was unable to care for her, Vanessa lived with her grandparents. Through a series of events, Jamie’s parents let her move back in with them and Vanessa. Jamie was beyond grateful for another chance to be with her daughter, but Jamie was 20 weeks pregnant.

Jamie’s family decided that since she was in the early stages of drug recovery, and unstable, abortion was the only option. Thankfully, Jamie’s neighbor, Marina, who worked at a pregnancy care center, discovered her intentions.

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Las Vegas high school sued for violating pro-life student’s First Amendment rights

A refusal by West Career and Technical Academy (WCTA), a high school in Las Vegas, Nevada, to allow a student to form a pro-life club has earned the school an F in free speech–and a lawsuit to accompany it.

The school has been ranked as one of America’s Best High Schools, but its continued refusal to allow Angelique Clark to exercise her free speech rights has resulted in a lawsuit, filed by the Thomas More Society on behalf of Clark against WCTA and the Clark County School District. Jocelyn Floyd, Associate Counsel of Thomas More Society, said:

High school administrators should not censor but rather encourage students to exercise their free speech rights. We hope that the court will quickly recognize the illegal and unconstitutional denial of Angelique’s Students for Life club and require West Career and Technical Academy to respect the rights of all its students under both the First Amendment and Equal Access Act.

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CLOSED: Abortion clinic shuts down after abortionist takes early retirement

(Operation Rescue) A Southern California abortion clinic that had long been the site of pro-life outreaches has unexpectedly closed.

The North County Women’s Medical Clinic, located in the North San Diego County community of San Marcos, was owned and operated by abortionist George Kung. Its website was quietly replaced with a message noting that the closure was effective August 1, 2015.


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Women share how abortionists killed babies born alive, ran ‘meat-market’ clinics

The abortion industry claims to represent the health and welfare of women, but a look inside the walls of facilities across the country tells another story. These abortionists do not care for the often vulnerable women who enter their clinics. Instead, in many cases, the mothers are told to shut up and stop crying. They are treated roughly, inhumanely, and unsafely. Countless women have also been forced to abort after they change their minds.

Women who have dared to speak out reveal the atrocities committed by America’s most notorious abortionists.

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Planned Parenthood has committed over 7 million abortions since 1970

In July of 1970, Planned Parenthood Center of Syracuse became the first free-standing abortion facility in the nation, just one day after New York legalized abortion. That year, Planned Parenthood reported an estimated 100 abortions.

As the passage of abortion legislation dominoed across the country, Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers spiked the following years, reaching approximately 5,000 in 1973. The Roe v. Wade decision that year paved the way for abortion-on-demand across the country, propelling Planned Parenthood forward as America’s largest abortion chain. In 40-plus years, Margaret Sanger’s corporation grew to become a billion dollar enterprise, killing over 320,000 preborn babies every year.

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There must be justice for the preborn victims of Planned Parenthood

Americans have been riveted by the release of now five undercover videos exposing the gruesome face of America’s largest abortion chain. On Tuesday, new undercover footage inside the pathological laboratory of a Texas Planned Parenthood mega-clinic reveals how the abortion mill stores the bodies of aborted babies in freezers. The video shows workers examining the eyeballs, intestines, and limbs of a deceased victim, as they callously describe the child.

The video by the Center for Medical Progress views more like a horror film. Once again, Planned Parenthood staffers sort through the organs and limbs of babies brutally killed by abortion procedures. A worker even describes, while laughing, how aborted baby parts were “mixed together in a bag,” while another claims that sometimes the babies come to the lab “really intact.”

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Doctors speak out about abortions and their struggle to perform them

How does a person who pledges to “first, do no harm” justify actively taking a person’s life on a regular basis? How can a doctor switch back and forth between healer and executioner?

The July issue of the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology explored how this affects residents, as they grappled with the moral implications of performing abortions. Four residents were profiled, and each of them struggled with a variety of questions. When does life begin? How can I justify harming a preborn child? What would God, my parents, or my friends think? Here, we see that even residents who choose to continue performing abortions are not truly comfortable and at peace with that decision.

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Leader of Planned Parenthood fetal body part investigation speaks out on The O’Reilly Factor

Planned Parenthood has been claiming that the recently released undercover video exposing their sales of fetal body parts is “outrageous.” But the video, recorded by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), isn’t simply the result of a two hour conversation with one of PP’s top docs, it’s the first of a series of videos in the culmination of three years of deep research and undercover investigating.

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