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Texas pro-abortion activist: “the anti-abortion movement is winning”

During mid-August, Texas Right to Life was in Austin to monitor the federal court trial of HB 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Law passed last summer. They witnessed a protest by extremist abortion supporters chanting: ”abortion on demand and without apology,” at the Texas Capitol.

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Campaign asks Pope to declare Planned Parenthood an enemy of the Catholic church

Some Catholics are hoping that Planned Parenthood will join the infamous ranks of the historical enemies of the church, and the American Life League (ALL) has prepared a report asking Pope Francis to do just that. Entitled “Defend the Family,” ALL launched the campaign in advance of the Vatican’s October Synod on the Family.

The 7-point plan elaborates on the offenses of the abortion provider to the doctrine and foundation of the church itself. In a video, ALL introduces the report, saying:

“That Catholic Church has had many enemies over the centuries. Through persecutions, heresies, schisms and scandals, the powers of darkness have always found earthly allies willing to try to try to destroy Christ’s plan for the world…. Planned Parenthood is carrying on the work of killing and ruining souls. It’s very existence stands in direct opposition to Catholic teaching.”

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Breaking: Haskell’s attorneys will not appeal, surgical abortions to end Friday

martin-haskellOn Monday, a judge ruled that late-term abortionist Martin Haskell had to close his abortion clinic for good. Haskell was given five days to appeal the judge’s ruling. Operation Rescue has revealed that Haskell’s attorneys have decided not to file an appeal, meaning that the clinic will close permanently, with surgical abortions to end tomorrow.

Attorneys for Martin Haskell’s Sharonville abortion facility have announced that they will not appeal a ruling issued last week by Judge Jerome Metz upholding the Ohio Department of Health’s closure order. Haskell must cease surgical abortions his Sharonville office by Friday, August 22, 2014.

“This is such a huge victory for all who respect life and the rule of law,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which worked with Greater Cincinnati Right to Life to expose Haskell’s abortion abuses. “Haskell had the attitude that he was above the law and deserved to operate under a different standard as everyone else. Today, the law has prevailed.”

Haskell is the abortionist who pioneered the notorious partial-birth abortion method which was banned in 2003.

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Richard Dawkins: It is immoral to NOT abort babies with Down syndrome

Richard Dawkins, the outspoken atheist, has triggered outrage after he announced on Twitter that it would be immoral to bring a baby with Down syndrome into the world. The conversation started when Dawkins slammed Ireland for being a pro-life country, saying it was a civilized country except for “this one area.” England and Wales, on the other hand, are much more civilized. One incredulous follower responded, unleashing Dawkins’ stream of hatred and intolerance for people with disabilities.

Dawkins later retweeted the puzzling argument that just because all babies with Down syndrome should be aborted, it doesn’t mean that he thinks that none of them deserve to live:

Except that’s exactly what he’s saying — if he believes it is immoral to allow your child with Down syndrome a chance at life, that is more than just saying that he would choose personally to have an abortion. His comments about autism vs. Down syndrome also illustrated his disturbing thought process on who is worthy of life: those who can contribute to society by Dawkins’ standards, and those who cannot. While he tries valiantly to claim that this is not an example of eugenics, he fails, because eugenics is exactly what this is. He believes certain people should be aborted because he feels they don’t contribute enough to society — he probably would have gotten along famously with Margaret Sanger, then.

Continuing his pitiful attempt to defend himself, Dawkins also claims that he just wants to prevent the “suffering” of people with Down syndrome. It’s more merciful to kill them before they have a chance to live, since their lives will be so horrible and painful, right? It’s an argument that pro-abortion extremists make quite frequently, and it’s a lie. People with Down syndrome aren’t suffering, and that’s not why people who choose to abort them have abortions. Too often, they do it because they’re selfish and because a baby with special needs is inconvenient, plain and simple. A comment on a previous post of mine illustrated that point rather perfectly:

We terminated after a positive DS diagnosis. I am so glad we did. Our quality of life would have been terrible. We actually have the chance to retire in 9 years at age 54. Had we birthed such a needy child, such dreams would have gone down the drain as would our summers in Spain, Mexico and Israel.

A baby with Down syndrome will ruin your life, didn’t you know that? That’s the steady drumbeat pounded by abortion advocates, despite the reality of raising a child with Down syndrome. They’re dumb, miserable, empty people forced to plod along, living a meaningless, unfulfilling life until they finally do the world a favor and die. The reality, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. One study found just how much positivity people with Down syndrome bring to the world: over 99% of people with Down syndrome report that they are happy with themselves, their lives, and their appearances. Over 90% of parents report that they love their child with Down syndrome and an overwhelming majority also report having a more positive outlook on life; almost 90% of siblings report that their brother or sister with Down syndrome has made them a better person.

We obviously need to abort those babies with Down syndrome, stat, because if we don’t, we might end up with a world full of happier, more loving people, and that would be just awful. Richard Dawkins surely prefers a world filled with selfish, judgmental, hate-filled people like himself instead.

When I was 15 weeks into my second pregnancy, less than a week after my husband had deployed to Afghanistan, I got the phone call notifying me that my son has Down syndrome. Obviously, since Wyatt is still here, we didn’t choose to have an abortion. I never even considered it. And while Wyatt has some developmental delays, he is still a healthy, happy child who is an integral part of our family.

People with Down syndrome are now living longer, fuller, healthier lives than ever before; they can go to college, work, live on their own, get married, and even have families. My decision to let Wyatt live was hardly immoral. Choosing to rob someone of life simply because they don’t fit into your personal definition of a worthy human being… that is immoral.

An interview with Kelsey Hazzard, founder of Secular Pro-Life

Kelsey Hazzard is the founder of Secular Pro-Life, a pro-life group for atheists, agnostics, and other “nones.” ” She was kind enough to let me interview her about the group and her pro-life activism.

Were you pro-life growing up? If not, what led you to adopting the pro-life position?

Abortion wasn’t something my family ever talked about, either for or against. I know some pro-life activists who’ve been out at abortion facility sidewalks since before they could crawl, but that’s not me. But my parents did equip me with good general values: sticking up for the little guy, that sort of thing. And those values led me quite naturally to become pro-life, once I was old enough to learn what abortion was.

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The Congratulations Project: Downs kids celebrate parents who chose life

PALS Programs provides a place for young adults with Down syndrome and their peers to have fun, grow as individuals, and build transformative friendships. Members do different projects, including the Congratulations Project, an initiative in which members of the PALS family write letters to new members of the Down syndrome community. These letters are designed to inspire, encourage, welcome, and congratulate new parents and siblings of a child with Down syndrome.

The campers of PALS are paired up with a counselor, who helps them during the whole camp and helps them write the letters to the parents.

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Ohio Right To Life places pro-life billboards in African-American neighborhoods

This month, Ohio Right To Life launched a new pro-life ad campaign in Cleveland’s low-income, majority black neighborhoods.

“African Americans experience a shockingly disproportionate number of abortions,” said Katherine McCann, public relations manager at Ohio Right to Life, in a press release. “We constantly hear about the racial disparities in infant mortality, gun violence and voting. Our goals with this campaign are to spread awareness about the racial crisis of abortion, and most importantly, to save lives in Cleveland, Ohio’s abortion capital.”

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Women’s rights advocates rally against Planned Parenthood that couldn’t be bothered to report rape

A Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Arizona has been implicated in the crimes of an 18-year-old serial rapist.

The abortion giant allegedly failed to report one of the rapes Tyler Kost committed after his 15-year-old victim, whom he impregnated, came in for an abortion. When the young girl’s mother brought her to Planned Parenthood, she was told that it would be too much of a “hassle” to report the rape.

Instead, a counselor intentionally coded the sexual encounter as “consensual” to save herself the time and paperwork of reporting the young girl’s abuse.

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Former Planned Parenthood staffer: “we never discussed fetal development”

Catherine Anthony Adair worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic that performed abortions. In an interview I did with her, she spoke about what she witnessed there.

Getting started at Planned Parenthood

I asked Adair how she felt about abortion before she took the job at Planned Parenthood, and what led her to enter the abortion industry. She said:

I really didn’t have any feelings on it [abortion], I was much more concerned about feminism and women’s rights, and I felt that abortion, as a politic issue, was part of the feminist framework of forwarding women’s rights. I didn’t have any understanding that abortion could/did have any negative implications for women, and I certainly didn’t consider the baby involved. Looking back, I can see that my own abortion I had several years before working at Planned Parenthood greatly affected my views on abortion. I had found it highly traumatizing, and my way of dealing with the emotional aftermath was to bury it and not deal with my emotions. Instead, I turned to radical feminism.

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Pro-life group sues Boise State University for censoring display

First, there were “free speech zones.” Now conservative speech on college campuses evidently requires a warning label. A pro-life group at Boise State University is suing the school for attempting to squelch their events last spring.

The group, Abolitionists4Life (A4L), says administrators corralled them into “free speech zones,” forbade them from passing out literature, and even required them to post warning signs for any students who might be “offended.”

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“Care. No matter what:” Planned Parenthood sends child back to rapist after abortion

It’s always been obvious that Planned Parenthood’s new and improved slogan, “Care. No matter what.” didn’t apply to all human beings. (Who could claim that sucking a baby’s spine from his body, ripping her limbs apart, stabbing poison into his heart, or ending her life in other violent ways is “caring”?)

But, it’s becoming ever more obvious that America’s abortion giant doesn’t care about helpless, vulnerable women either.

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Pro-life woman denied employment by Florida health center

A Florida health center has allegedly refused an applicant employment based on her pro-life view and unwillingness to prescribe contraception that could cause the death of a human embryo. In a federal lawsuit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom, attorneys note that the human resources director of Tampa Family Health Centers questioned applicant Sara Hellwege about her involvement with the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a pro-life organization.

When Hellwege, who submitted an application for a nurse-midwife position, confirmed her membership with AAPLOG, the director notified her in an e-mail that she was rejected due to her involvement with the organization.

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Supreme Court rules in favor of another corporation challenging the HHS mandate just one day after the Hobby Lobby ruling

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday, in a narrow 5-4 decision, that closely held companies like Hobby Lobby cannot be forced by the Obama administration to pay for contraception and chemical abortions.

While this is no doubt a victory for craft chain Hobby Lobby, it has a much wider impact than just one business. The Thomas More Law Center has put out a press release announcing that, just one day after the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of their client, Eden Foods, also challenging the HHS mandate.

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Planned Parenthood human termination center closed after abortionist retires

The abortion industry is home to a new epidemic: closure. Another clinic, this time in Asheville, NC, closed this weekend, local news reported. It was the only abortion facility in western North Carolina. The owner of the Femcare facility, Lorraine Cummings, is retiring, according to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood says it has the land and permits to open a new abortion facility in the city by December, and is planning to replace the closed facility with a Planned Parenthood. Currently, patients will have to drive to Charlotte if they want an abortion.

Asheville isn’t an anomaly, though. Just a few weeks ago, the only abortion clinic in Corpus Christi, TX became non-existent when the sole abortionist there, Eduardo Aquino, retired, as well.

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Oxford Pro-Life Club wins free speech vote following discriminatory attack

In order to understand what pro-lifers on college campuses are up against, I recommend reading this piece by Oxford student Dan Hitchens, “Pro-lifers: the student censor’s favourite target.”

Of course, Hitchens resides in the UK. But that’s even more reason for all of us to wake up and pay attention. As we know by now, illiberal ideas tend to take off in Europe before they’re adopted by U.S. “progressives.” And what happened to pro-lifers at Oxford is downright alarming.

“If you want some first-hand experience of the contemporary free-speech debate, I recommend joining a student pro-life society,” Hitchens writes. “Last month, Oxford Students for Life, of which I am president, discovered the following clause was being put forward at the Oxford University students’ union: ‘Never to [provide a] platform [to] any group or organisation which provides directional advice around abortion or explicitly stands against women’s right to choose.’”

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Heartbeat Act continues pulse on appeal

“Three generations of Americans have witnessed decisions by the United States Supreme Court which explicitly degrade fellow human beings to something less in law than persons in the whole sense[,]” stated Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Staver’s remarks were made in light of the recent filing of Liberty Counsel’s amicus brief on June 3, 2014 to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in response to a district court’s decision in Edwards v. Beck.

The Edwards case examined the Arkansas’ Human Heartbeat Protection Act. The Heatbeat Act was passed in 2013 by the Arkansas General Assembly requiring a physician to perform an ultrasound to detect the baby’s heartbeat, disclosure from the physician to the patient that the fetus has a heartbeat, and banning abortions performed at 12-weeks or more where a fetal heartbeat is detected (with few exceptions).

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16 weeks

And then there were three: Another Alabama abortion clinic closes

Monday will dawn with more hope for the unborn in Alabama, where the only abortion clinic in the northern region of the state will close its doors. reports that the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives in Huntsville plans to surrender its license June 30. Brian Hale, the state health department agency’s deputy general counsel said:

“State inspectors had determined the clinic, located on Madison Street near Huntsville Hospital, would need “moderate to significant alterations…. Voluntarily relinquishing the license is a way to avoid the adverse licensure action,”

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Advocate adventures

On June 6th, the Live Action summer interns (Erin, Claire and myself) participated in what was our first distribution of The Advocate, or as I will call it, our Advocate adventure. It was a positive, invigorating and challenging experience! Not without its highs and lows, and anything but boring, it was definitely an adventure worth having—one which we will be having many times again.

First, we prepared for our venture by doing a few vital things: we familiarized ourselves with the magazine articles so that we could strike up lively conversations with passersby; we made sure we were amply hydrated and properly attired (It’s nearly summer, so we went casual.); we energized ourselves through prayer and kept each other encouraged; and we took numerous Advocates with us— passing them all out, by the way (and here’s how anyone else can too!).


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Hannah Rose Allen-Luke's Heaven Day

Mother of underage rape victim gives testimony for law protecting minors

In a May first article, Live Action’s Lauren Enriquez told the story of a 12-year-old incest victim who was scheduled for an abortion by Planned Parenthood. Enriquez describes how the victim’s abuser, her older brother, took her to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test. According to the incest victim:

I heard a lot about “being responsible” and “taking control of my body…” My older brother maintained a strong silence throughout the entire time — no one asked him a single question.

The Planned Parenthood clinic even encouraged the young girl to go to the abortion appointment with her brother, the abuser, and suggested she didn’t have to tell her parents.

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Ohio man pleads guilty to beating 17-year-old daughter for refusing abortion

Once again abortion and domestic violence are intertwined as earlier this month an Ohio father pled guilty to beating his 17-year-old daughter for refusing to have an abortion.

The girl’s mother also participated in the attack, but the charges against her were dropped.

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