Pro-lifers don’t respect women? Not so, says pro-lifer from Ireland

Following last week’s pro-life victory in the Irish parliament, which saw the defeat of a bill legalizing abortion in cases of “fatal fetal abnormality,” Seán MacGiollarnáth, a friar in Dublin city, defended the pro-life position in the Irish Times.

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UK parents call new Down syndrome testing ‘state-sponsored eugenics’

Dominic Lawson is the father of Domenica, a beautiful, 21 year old woman living with Down syndrome. He is also a columnist for the UK Daily Mail, who recently wrote a piece strongly against a new screening process that detects Down’s syndrome. He wrote:

The Department of Health is about to approve a scheme designed to bring about a world in which people like my youngest daughter will cease to exist.

Dawson is referring to a new non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT) called ‘cell-free DNA’ or ‘cfDNA’. Cell-free DNA works by analyzing fetal cells in the mother’s blood and genetically testing them for signs of abnormalities. A pilot study (RAPID) commissioned by the  United Kingdom National Screening committee concluded that if implemented, cfDNA would lead to 102 more babies with Down syndrome being detected every year.

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Victim of sexual abuse euthanized in the Netherlands

The legalization of euthanasia always starts off in a seemingly benign manner: a case is made that people who are suffering from incurable illnesses and are dying anyway and should be allowed to choose “death with dignity” and without pain. But this quickly descends down a slippery slope.

Europe has become more and more accepting of euthanasia over the years. The Netherlands has been one of the most extreme countries on this front, with people being euthanized without their consent, and 1 in 3 Dutch doctors have said that they’re willing to euthanize people who are mentally ill.

Now, a 20-year-old Dutch woman is the latest victim of this flawed substitute for real medicine.

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Health Minister of Trinidad and Tobago defends pro-life laws following Zika outbreak

Recent outbreaks of the Zika virus, which has been linked to microcephaly in infants, have served as arguing points for abortion advocates in several nations around the world. As Live Action News’ Cassy Fiano reported:

As soon as the Zika virus hit the news, abortion advocates rushed in to exploit the crisis…The virus causes only mild symptoms in most people, but in pregnant women, it might cause birth defects. It’s believed to cause microcephaly in preborn babies whose mothers have the virus, thus the “need” for abortion.

Following the first confirmed case of Zika in a pregnant woman in Trinidad and Tobago, the Family Planning Association, an affiliate of Planned Parenthood, issued a statement calling on government officials to liberalize abortion laws…

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African woman to UN: Pushing abortion on Africa is colonization

For decades, organizations such as the United Nations and Amnesty International have sought to push abortion “reform” on less developed countries, including several nations in Latin America and Africa. While pro-abortion citizens of the Western world may view this activism as liberation, some natives of the target nations find it to be neo-colonization.

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Former addict, abortionist rescuing children in Mongolia

The last thing on Mitchell Tillman’s mind 15 years ago was the idea of becoming a missionary to Mongolia. Although he was raised in a Christian home in Birmingham, Ala., Tillman rebelled against his roots and moved out at the age of 17.

After the death of his first wife, and a following marriage that ended in divorce, Tillman spiraled into a lifestyle of drinking and crack cocaine addiction.

“I was a car painter living in the body shop,” Tillman said. “I was making $1,000 a week and spending all that on drugs. When some friends of mine overdosed, I started thinking about where you go when you die.”

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Ten million more abortions annually in China than previously reported

Forced abortion, sterilization and other abuses were still commonly used to enforce China’s population control policy through 2015, the U.S. State Department has confirmed.  In addition, the number of abortions in China appears to be a staggering 10 million higher than the commonly quoted figure of 13 million per year.

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Poland: Abortion activist compares babies to cancer

Polish officials were spurred to act after a baby with Down syndrome survived an abortion, yet was left to die alone after crying for an hour in the hospital. Abortion is illegal in Poland except for a few rare instances: if the mother’s life is in danger, if the pregnancy is a result of rape, or if the baby has birth defects or disabilities. But after international outrage in response to the abortion survivor being left to die, Poland government officials are considering banning all abortions.

Abortion activists are, unsurprisingly, furious, and have been staging protests in response. This weekend, thousands of people showed up, some with children, to protest the potential measure in front of the parliament building in Warsaw. The protest was organized by a coalition of 60 pro-abortion groups that claim abortion is a woman’s right. One protester, Anna Jakobic, brought her 10-month-old baby to the rally, and compared a preborn baby to cancer…

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Friend of mother who self aborted: The baby was “so fully formed”

Earlier this week, a Northern Ireland woman was sentenced to three months in jail (suspended for one year) after pleading guilty to using illegal abortion pills in 2014. Now, her former housemates, who originally contacted authorities about the abortion, are speaking out about the details surrounding the abortion.

The woman’s two former housemates, both of whom remained unnamed in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, described a chilling series of events which ultimately resulted in the abortion of a “fully formed” baby boy, who was left in a bag inside a bin for eight days before police were contacted.

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UK man sentenced to two years in jail for pressuring girlfriend to abort

45-year-old James George pleaded guilty last week in Oxfordshire, England, to buying a poisonous or noxious pill to cause a miscarriage. He was sentenced to two years in jail.

In August 2014, George’s girlfriend became pregnant. She made it clear that she was choosing to keep the baby. However, George apparently did not want a child, and the Oxfordshire Guardian reports that he ordered abortion pills online three times.

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I was conceived through sexual abuse, but the law in Chile saved my life

(Save the 1) My mother was sexually abused at age 15 and because of this violation, she became pregnant.  In those years, talking about sexuality or any similar theme was abhorrent to society of that time and partly because of the shame and disrepute to any family.  My unwed mother faced this situation for six months and had to endure the fact of living a few meters from her abuser.  After this time, her pregnancy belly began to grow becoming evident; I could not continue to be hidden.

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Family may be kicked out of Ontario because of son’s Down syndrome

Felipe Montoya and his family moved from Costa Rica to Canada so he could work as a professor of environmental studies at York University in Toronto. He’s currently working full-time, and has tenure. The Montoya family has been happy in Ontario, so they decided to apply for full-time residency. The family all underwent medical exams as required for the application, and all were declared healthy. But then, they received shocking news: they could be forced to leave the country, for a reason that Montoya couldn’t believe. They were deemed inadmissible for citizenship in Canada because his son, Nicolas, has Down syndrome — and would be too much of a burden on the Canadian health care system.

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President of Sierra Leone halts legalization of abortion

President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone has refused for a second time to sign into law a bill legalizing abortion.

Specifically, the bill would allow abortion for any reason up to 12 weeks, as well as in cases of rape, incest, and fetal impairment up to 24 weeks. The bill was passed by members of Sierra Leone’s Parliament in December. President Koroma refused to sign it, and members of Parliament returned it to him in February. Now, he has again refused to sign the bill, and has referred it to the Constitutional Review Committee.

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