9 reasons why 2014 was a great year for pro-life

The pro-life movement experienced a milestone year, with huge national victories across the board. From a record number of pro-life legislators elected to Congress to wins protecting the freedom of conscience and pro-life legislation, 2014 was a benchmark year for pro-life. Not all pro-life victories of the past year were front-page news. Like Live Action investigations, some of the biggest pro-life victories happen “undercover.”

Here are nine ways you made a difference with Live Action in 2014!

9) Millions of people saw the ugly truth about abortion.

Live Action’s groundbreaking investigations into the abortion industry shaped the dialogue on abortion. In 2014, Live Action’s “What is Human?” video went viral, obtaining millions of views on Facebook. This exposé, released as part of Live Action’s Inhuman investigation, revealed the ugly truth about late-term abortion through taped, undercover conversations with the abortionists who perform them. “What is Human?” details the abortion industry’s refusal to recognize the humanity of pre-born children, as well as the willingness of abortionists to violently slaughter babies in egregious late-term abortion procedures.

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Planned Parenthood caught violating Montana campaign law

Planned Parenthood has a history of flouting the law, and now, they’ve been caught doing it again. This time, they violated Montana campaign law.

Montana’s political practices commissioner has ruled that Planned Parenthood violated campaign law by not alerting a legislative candidate she would be the target of an attack ad.

While it may be a small infraction in this instance, it is just another example in a long line of law-breaking behavior. They have been caught, both in Live Action’s undercover investigations and in real-life instances, covering up child rape again and again, many times returning the victim back into the hands of the abuser.

They had shown a willingness to aid and abet sexual trafficking. They were found defrauding Medicaid, and blatantly broke the law in Wisconsin when they violated the WisconsinEye user agreement, not once, but twice. This stunt in Montana shows yet again that Planned Parenthood believes themselves to be above the law.

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This viral video is changing minds about abortion

How do abortionists describe preborn children and the violent abortion procedures they perform on them? A video has gone viral that exposes what abortionists admit when they don’t realize the cameras are rolling.

Live Action‘s  “What is Human?” undercover investigative video probes America’s late-term abortion industry, and reveals chilling admissions from abortionists on the humanity of children in the womb. The video, which has garnered millions of views on Facebook and YouTube combined, has been shared approximately 50,000 times, and counting.  “What is Human?” details the willingness of abortionists to brutally slaughter babies able to survive outside the womb, and exposes the violent and inhumane nature of late-term abortion procedures that occur daily in abortion facilities. 

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Grief after abortion is common.

Abortionist tells patient: spread your legs, you know how

Merle Hoffman, who co-founded and ran an abortion clinic for many years, talks about sexist remarks several of her abortion doctors made to patients:

… some doctors would make blatantly sexist remarks. “Come on, you knew how to spread your legs before you got here, you can spread them for the exam,” a doctor once chided. Another commanded a patient to keep still, saying, “Keep your backside on the table – you should know pretty well how to do that by now.”

Merle Hoffman Intimate Wars: the Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion from the Back Alley to the Board Room (New York: Feminist Press, 2012) 76 – 77

This is a pro-choice book, and in it Hoffman defends her career as an abortion provider. So she has no pro-life bias.

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Kansas clinic operated under horrific conditions; Planned Parenthood ignored complaints

We have seen how abortion facilities oppose clinic regulations, even the most commonsense ones. Yet there is a long list of abortion centers that have been found to be operating under disgusting, filthy conditions. We’ve seen abortion supporters dismiss such cases and focus on pro-lifers as the enemy, rather than stopping the abortion practitioners who have hurt women.

Ignored is the fact that doctors like Kermit Gosnell were allowed to fly under the radar, injuring and killing women because of the lack of clinic  regulations and oversight.  Keep in mind that Gosnell had already killed one woman and injured many others before Karnamaya Mongar’s well-publicized death and the discovery of the horrors at his clinic.

Kermit Gosnell is not an anomaly. Rather, he is typical of a certain ilk of abortionists who put profit ahead of women’s well-being. Here is another example.

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Abortion clinic owner: no one ever says “thank you”

From abortion clinic owner Charlotte Taft:

For many women nowadays, they’re angry that they had a choice. It’s too bizarre, but it’s like “If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t have to have made this choice.” And so, instead of feeling gratitude toward the physician and a sense of, you know, “You’ve helped me so much” a lot of the time that woman [is] in her own pain or anger, or whatever, and the doctor may not get a lot of that [gratitude] these days…When a woman doesn’t want an abortion, but simply accepts it as her fate, she is unlikely to feel any gratitude toward the one who provided it. As one doctor said “No one ever says “Thank You” to an abortionist.

Philadelphia Inquirer 7/18/93 quoted in Mark Crutcher Lime 5: Exploited by Choice  (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Incorporated, 1996)p 175

Reprinted from Clinicquotes

Embryotomy Scissors abortion

Abortionist: seeing an arm pulled out was “shocking”

This doctor writes, after observing her first second trimester procedure at 21 weeks:

Seeing an arm being pulled through the vaginal canal was shocking. One of the nurses in the room escorted me out when the colour left my face… Not only was it a visceral shock; this was something I had to think deeply about… Confronting a 21-week fetus is very different. It… cannot feel pain or think or have any sense of being, but the reality is, this cannot be called ‘tissue’. It was not something I could be comfortable with.

She decided to do only earlier abortions, in which the baby was either too young to have a human-looking appearance or so fragile that the suction machine would tear it into bloody, unrecognizable pieces.

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Instruments of death: tools used to kill babies in abortions.

Abortionist: showing abortion diagrams is effective because abortion isn’t “pleasant”

Dr. Suzanne Poppema, abortionist and author of the book Why I Am an Abortion Doctor, said the following:

Abortion procedures are not aesthetically pleasant…There’s no question about that. You think these pictures the anti-abortion forces show in Congress are bad? I think if you started showing pictures of `normal’ [abortion] procedures, with forceps, those would be equally effective.

Stephen Chapman “Is Partial Birth Abortion Really so Awful?” Chicago Tribune March 23, 1997 p 23

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New phone scam targets pro-lifers with fake donation request

Vermont Right to Life Committee Treasurer Sharon Toborg emailed a warning to pro-life Vermonters this week asking them to be careful of who they trust on the telephone. It seems that someone has been calling pro-lifers in the state claiming to be from “the Pro-Life Committee” or the “National Pro-Life Committee”.

The caller is asking for donations by telephone to help the pro-life movement, however, it is definitely not a call from the Vermont Right to Life Committee (VRLC) or the National Right to Life Committee, which the VRLC is affiliated with.

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Abortionist: we let babies born alive ‘expire’

A while back, I wrote a series on abortions that resulted in the births of live babies. In the instances I wrote about, these babies were left to die or even killed by the abortionist. Also, in almost every case, the abortionist evaded any kind of punishment.

An investigation by Live Action revealed that many clinics are still willing to allow infants born after abortion to die.  And a representative of Planned Parenthood gave shocking testimony where she refused to condemn the killing of babies born alive after abortions and refused to say what Planned Parenthood doctors did in cases of live birth.   Sadly, it seems that the killing of born babies, either by neglect or by direct action, goes on in abortion clinics to this day.

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Essure birth control is ruining women’s lives

According to recent news coverage and personal testimonies, hundreds of women have experienced adverse side effects from Essure – “the only non-surgical, permanent birth control available”.

How does it work? Metal coils are inserted in both fallopian tubes, causing a woman’s body to grow tissue through them, blocking the fallopian tubes. In most cases, this prevents pregnancy by making eggs unable to reach the uterus.

But Essure stories aren’t all happily finished families as the product owner, Bayer, would like you to think.

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Court Records: Planned Parenthood abortionist horribly mistreated patients

Mark Crutcher, head of Life Dynamics,  wrote a well researched and powerful book called Lime 5: Exploited by Choice.The book compiles stories of abortion complications and deaths. Crutcher draws material from court records, published sources, and firsthand accounts.

Often, stories of abortion malpractice are hidden because abortion related injuries and deaths very rarely make the news. There is generally no legal requirement for clinics to report complications; doing so is voluntary. And since drawing attention to botched abortions is not in the clinics’ best interests, there is very little motivation for clinics to report their mistakes to the CDC.  Women who are injured by legal abortion seldom want to publicize what happened because of abortion stigma. In cases of deaths by legal abortion, often the families themselves keep the matter quiet.

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Five quotes from abortion providers that show abortion’s grisly reality

For those of us who are active in the pro-life movement, and who know what an unborn baby looks like even at the earliest stages, it is hard to believe that so many people do not know that abortions often leave behind recognizable body parts. People really are uninformed about fetal development, especially in the first trimester.  For example, this past May, pro-lifers responded with incredulity when comedian Sarah Silverman called unborn babies “goo.”

The next time one of your proabortion friends or family members makes a statement like Silverman’s, direct them to these quotes by three abortion clinic workers and two abortionists.

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Abortionist indicted on child pornography charges

Susan Robinson, one of the four late-term abortionists featured in the pro-abortion documentary After Tiller, complained that abortionists don’t get very much respect in the medical field, saying that doctors look down on them and see abortionists as the lowest of the low.

michaelisAside from the fact that abortionists are taking lives every day, as opposed to other doctors who strive to save lives, maybe abortionists would get more respect if the abortion industry wasn’t inundated with seedy characters who happily trade their ethics for the few hundred dollars an abortion will net them. Case in point: An Ohio abortionist, Thomas William Michaelis, has been indicted on child pornography charges.

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“Filthy” abortion clinic “treats patients like cattle” according to patient reviews

Best Women’s Medical Care, at has an attractive, professional website. Abortion care gets the biggest billing on the website, but they also offer other services. Their website says they offer “complete gynecological care and New York abortion clinic services in a comfortable, private and supportive environment.”

This clinic, located in Brooklyn, advertises birth control management, STD testing and treatment, and even prenatal care. They offer abortions up until twenty weeks.

There is nothing in the beautiful, professional looking website to indicate the horrible reviews they have received.  On Yelp, the facility received one and a half stars out of five. 

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Pro-choice website takes down ironic pro-life “bully list”

Until a few days ago, stalwart members of the Pro-Life Action League spent years on a so-called “pro-life bully” list at a website called Voice of Choice. The “bullies” include Anne Scheidler and Joe Scheidler, and the League’s Assistant Communications Director, Matt Yonke. Despite the title of the list, none of these pro-lifers ever actually bullied a pro-choice advocate (but who’s keeping track of annoying facts, anyway?).

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Grief after abortion is common.

Clinic worker: we tried to keep the machinery moving

Last Days Ministries publishes a pamphlet called “Abortion Clinics: An Inside Look” which has interviews with former clinic workers. The first clinic worker, whose name is not given, talks about how her clinic would try to get women to come in as soon as possible so they wouldn’t have time to reconsider:

When a girl called to make her appointment, we’d work her in as soon as possible. If she called on Tuesday, we’d have her in no later than Friday. We wanted to avoid a long waiting period where she’d have time to think about it.

The more time that passes between the initial call and the actual abortion procedure, the more time the woman has to think about her choice. In this window of time, she might be influenced by pro-life friends and family. She might decide to seek out more information on abortion’s risks and fetal development on the Internet. She might be exposed to information the clinic does not want her to know. In short, she might change her mind.

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16 weeks

Pro-choice psychologist describes abortion she witnessed; baby would now be adult

Dr. Magda Denes was a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who died in 1996. 20 years before her death, she wrote a book called In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital.   Magda Denes was pro-choice for her entire life and talks in the book about why abortion should remain legal. However, when it was published, the New York Times reviewer called it ”a highly emotional anti-abortion tract.”  Why?

It seems that Denes, who had had an abortion herself, was honest about what she witnessed in the clinic, instead of sugar coating the reality of abortion the way the New York Times (and other mainstream media) has always tended to do. She used plain, honest language to describe abortion procedures and the bodies of aborted babies.

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Abortion takes an emotional toll – even on abortionists

A challenge to the pro-life movement

Wednesday, former Planned Parenthood director and pro-life activist Abby Johnson sent out a letter describing the retreat that her organization, And Then There Were None, recently held. Her letter is an eloquent plea to pro-lifers to support workers who are fleeing the abortion industry and suffering emotionally because of what they experienced.

She included some testimonies from the workers, including:

I can still hear the sound of babies’ skulls being crushed.

By its very existence, And Then There Were None gives a challenge to the pro-life movement – are we pro-life only for the babies, or are we pro-life for everyone – including those who have done things we find hard to understand?

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After an abortion: a look into the recovery room

Carol Everett owned two abortion clinics and was the director of four. She eventually became pro-life and now speaks about her experiences. 

Carol Everett
Carol Everett

Like nearly all abortion clinics, Everett’s clinics had “recovery rooms” where women could stay after their abortions until the anesthesia wore off or they felt well enough to leave. Everett says there were two main reactions among women right after their abortions:

…[T]here are two reactions in the recovery room. The first one is: I’ve killed my baby. And even then, it amazed me that that was the first time they called it a baby and the first time they called it murder. But, you know, as bad as that sounds, that’s probably the healthiest reaction. That woman is probably going to have the ability to walk out of there and deal with it, and perhaps be healed and go on.

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