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Pro-choice website takes down ironic pro-life “bully list”

Until a few days ago, stalwart members of the Pro-Life Action League spent years on a so-called “pro-life bully” list at a website called Voice of Choice. The “bullies” include Anne Scheidler and Joe Scheidler, and the League’s Assistant Communications Director, Matt Yonke. Despite the title of the list, none of these pro-lifers ever actually bullied a pro-choice advocate (but who’s keeping track of annoying facts, anyway?).

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Grief after abortion is common.

Clinic worker: we tried to keep the machinery moving

Last Days Ministries publishes a pamphlet called “Abortion Clinics: An Inside Look” which has interviews with former clinic workers. The first clinic worker, whose name is not given, talks about how her clinic would try to get women to come in as soon as possible so they wouldn’t have time to reconsider:

When a girl called to make her appointment, we’d work her in as soon as possible. If she called on Tuesday, we’d have her in no later than Friday. We wanted to avoid a long waiting period where she’d have time to think about it.

The more time that passes between the initial call and the actual abortion procedure, the more time the woman has to think about her choice. In this window of time, she might be influenced by pro-life friends and family. She might decide to seek out more information on abortion’s risks and fetal development on the Internet. She might be exposed to information the clinic does not want her to know. In short, she might change her mind.

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16 weeks

Pro-choice psychologist describes abortion she witnessed; baby would now be adult

Dr. Magda Denes was a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who died in 1996. 20 years before her death, she wrote a book called In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital.   Magda Denes was pro-choice for her entire life and talks in the book about why abortion should remain legal. However, when it was published, the New York Times reviewer called it ”a highly emotional anti-abortion tract.”  Why?

It seems that Denes, who had had an abortion herself, was honest about what she witnessed in the clinic, instead of sugar coating the reality of abortion the way the New York Times (and other mainstream media) has always tended to do. She used plain, honest language to describe abortion procedures and the bodies of aborted babies.

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Abortion takes an emotional toll – even on abortionists

A challenge to the pro-life movement

Wednesday, former Planned Parenthood director and pro-life activist Abby Johnson sent out a letter describing the retreat that her organization, And Then There Were None, recently held. Her letter is an eloquent plea to pro-lifers to support workers who are fleeing the abortion industry and suffering emotionally because of what they experienced.

She included some testimonies from the workers, including:

I can still hear the sound of babies’ skulls being crushed.

By its very existence, And Then There Were None gives a challenge to the pro-life movement – are we pro-life only for the babies, or are we pro-life for everyone – including those who have done things we find hard to understand?

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After an abortion: a look into the recovery room

Carol Everett owned two abortion clinics and was the director of four. She eventually became pro-life and now speaks about her experiences. 

Carol Everett
Carol Everett

Like nearly all abortion clinics, Everett’s clinics had “recovery rooms” where women could stay after their abortions until the anesthesia wore off or they felt well enough to leave. Everett says there were two main reactions among women right after their abortions:

…[T]here are two reactions in the recovery room. The first one is: I’ve killed my baby. And even then, it amazed me that that was the first time they called it a baby and the first time they called it murder. But, you know, as bad as that sounds, that’s probably the healthiest reaction. That woman is probably going to have the ability to walk out of there and deal with it, and perhaps be healed and go on.

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Former abortion worker describes filthy clinic and rampant drug use among staff

While most pro-lifers know that Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe Vs. Wade, is now pro-life, fewer know that she worked in two abortion clinics before her conversion. She tells her story in her book Won By Love.

McCorvey had a lot to say about what working in an abortion clinic was like.  The first clinic she worked at, A-Z, was horribly run and filthy. Here, she describes what she saw in that clinic: 

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10 quotes that reveal how profitable abortion is

Abortion doctors face stigma from the medical community and society, protests and pressure from pro-lifers, and the emotionally disturbing aspects of the abortion procedure which often includes sorting through individual body parts,  i.e., arms, legs, etc.  So why do they do it? For some, the motive may be as simple as making money. Here are some quotes from abortion providers, from now and in the past, that indicate how profitable abortion can be.

1.) “It started out as a financial thing. But I got heavy into the [abortion rights] movement and realized there was a lot of need for physicians…. My income will go up, but I earn it. I work hard for what I do, and I am proud of what I do.” (1)

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law books

Indiana AG awaits decision on abortionist Ulrich Klopfer’s medical license

Ulrich Klopfer
Old photo of abortionist Ulrich Klopfer

The legal case against abortionist Ulrich Klopfer moves forward as the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana considers whether or not it will renew his medical licenses.

The Indiana-based abortionist first drew scrutiny after failing to report the sexual abuse of three minor girls which is a violation of Indiana’s mandatory reporting laws. WSBT, a CBS affiliate in Indiana, reported earlier this month that Klopfer is currently free to commit abortions, but that may not be the case for long:

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Even a baby this small can fight for her life.

Former clinic worker defends her work: “people got to die anyway”

In her fascinating book, Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars, Monica Migliorino Miller gives a riveting account of the discovery and burial of the remains of aborted babies, and of her participation in the rescue movement in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Miller stood trial for blocking abortion clinics on several occasions and, at one point, was sentenced to nine months in jail. While in prison, she encountered a former clinic worker who had been incarcerated for crimes not related to abortion.

Miller recounts the conversation between them:

I asked her how she felt about working there and she said, “It was the woman’s decision.” I said “your job involved you in taking innocent life.” But she kept saying “I didn’t do anything, It was the woman’s decision.” She admitted that she did assist Tarver [the abortionist] in the abortions. I tried over and over again to help her realize her involvement with the process of killing. I asked her “do you think the unborn are human?” And she agreed! She said, “Yes they are. They have a heart, a brain, and everything.”

I asked her “What if a woman were stabbing her born child – would you help her do that?” She said: “No” I asked her “Would it be okay for me to stab you just because it was “my decision?” She said: “That would be your decision and it would be my decision to live or die. People got to die anyway.”

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Two halves of baby found in Connecticut sewage plant

Recently in Dallas, Texas, a school custodian found what authorities referred to as a “deceased fetus” in a high school bathroom stall. Now, just a few days after that grisly discovery, in a sewage treatment plant is Stamford, Connecticut, two halves of a human fetus were found by plant workers.

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Dr. Tiller burned dead baby’s bodies in a full sized crematorium in his clinic

The documentary After Tiller portrayed late-term abortionists in a flattering light, highlighting the tragic stories of women who were carrying dying or disabled unborn babies. Dr. George Tiller, who the documentary is named after, was assassinated by a man who claimed to be “pro-life.” All established pro-life organizations condemned the murder, including Live Action.

But was Dr. Tiller a kind, compassionate hero who relieved women of the burden of carrying dying babies? The reality is far different.

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Former Tiller employee alleged insurance fraud, kickbacks

The murder of Dr. George Tiller was rightly condemned by every reputable pro-life group in America including Live Action. Dr. Tiller has been hailed as a hero and martyr by the pro-choice community. He performed third trimester abortions on women who came to him from all over the country.

Tracey Jones was the former administrative director of Dr. Tiller’s clinic.  She would later file suit against Tiller, claiming she was denied overtime wages for menial tasks she was instructed to do around the office. Her testimony was published in The Tiller Report, a publication by Operation Rescue which exposed disturbing practices at Dr. Tiller’s clinic.

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Abortion clinics ignore abuse of underage girls, investigation finds

Life Dynamics has just released the results of an extensive investigation of abortion clinics and statutory rape. The Child Predator report describes how Life Dynamics had a undercover investigator call over 800 abortion clinics seeking information about having an abortion.

In each case, the girl identified herself as a 13-year-old and said that the father of the baby was a 22-year-old adult. The caller explained that she was planning on abortion because the “boyfriend”had convinced her she should hide the pregnancy from her parents so that the abuse could continue. Abortion providers, like any other professionals, are legally required to report cases of suspected abuse to the authorities.

The results of the investigation are, in Life Dynamics own words, “appalling.”

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planed parenthood arizona

ADF files complaint against Planned Parenthood for sex abuse reporting failure

On August 7, Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter of complaint to the Arizona Department of Health Services against Planned Parenthood AZ, Inc. The letter states that the Planned Parenthood at 1250 E. Apache Blvd in Tempe, AZ violated Arizona’s mandatory law to report sex abuse of a minor when a counselor failed to report the sexual assault of an underage girl.

The girl and her mother went to Planned Parenthood on December 31, 2013 and again on January 4, 2014. They informed Planned Parenthood of the rape, however, the counselor intentionally miscoded it as consensual sex and told the mother and daughter that the clinic did not want the hassle of reporting the assault. Because of this, the alleged assailant, Tyler Kost, went on to assault four more girls.

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Planned Parenthood: Sexual violence is OK if it’s consensual

Torture. Physical violence. Abusive sex.

Live Action’s latest undercover investigation unravels Planned Parenthood’s startling sexology. Live Action’s new investigative video reveals how far the abortion-giant will go to promote questionable practices to teens, and how the organization’s rationale essentially condones any sexual activity among partners. Teenagers are not only encouraged to experiment with a slew of sexual practices, they are coached by Planned Parenthood staffers how to view pornography, obtain adult sex toys, and even defecate on each other for sexual pleasure. The organization’s sexual ideology caters dangerous and violent Fifty Shades of Grey-type BDSM relationships to youths as acceptable, “normal” practices based on personal preference.

Episode Four of Live Action’s SEXED investigative series takes place in Eden Prairie, a city in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The footage reveals an employee encouraging an investigator, who told the worker she is 15, to experiment with alarming sexual activities. The counselor coaches the girl that sexual practices, including the use of horse whips and ropes to inflict welts and bodily pain, is not sexual abuse as long as activities are consensual among partners. In addition to offering advice on where to obtain adult sex toys, the Planned Parenthood counselor exposes the organization’s corporate sexual culture.

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Take care down there?

Live Action is most recently engaged in uncovering the dangerous sex agenda endorsed by Planned Parenthood and its affiliates. Adding more fuel to the fire enlightening the public on how Planned Parenthood is supporting sexual-deviance and erotomania is an interactive “education” website (, rife with off-color, sexual innuendo to lull its viewers into its objectionable message.

Upon entering into this mature-themed site, created by Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette, one is greeted with this curious claim:

“Your reproductive health is important to us, and we want it to be important to you.”

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Colorado Attorney General takes notice of Live Action investigation

Following troubling allegations against Planned Parenthood for failing to report child sexual abuse and violating laws protecting minors,  Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced that attorneys will review Live Action’s investigative video into the Planned Parenthood clinic at the center of the controversy.

Suthers told The National Catholic Register that attorneys will review a Live Action SEXED expose showing a staffer at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains coaching a girl, who told the staffer she was 15, to visit neighborhood sex shops, secretly view pornography and experiment with BDSM.

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Planned Parenthood SEXED Episode 2

Live Action releases a third video exposing Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex advice for children

It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood preys on children.

By getting their hooks into our kids early, they ensure a lifetime of faithful customers who will continue to line Planned Parenthood’s pockets with blood money. In the recent past, Live Action’s undercover investigations have shown how dangerous Planned Parenthood can be to children – by covering up sexual abuse and child sex trafficking -but our newest investigation shows that they’re also peddling depravity to children.

Our newest investigative video series, SexEd, has found Planned Parenthood counselors across the country telling young girls to experiment in BDSM, asphyxiation during sex, choking and torture, whipping, and other disturbing things that they call “sex ed”.


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Planned Parenthood, SexEd, investigation, video

New Live Action video reveals more disturbing sex advice from Planned Parenthood to kids

Live Action’s latest undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood explores sex advice that the government-funded organization gives to kids.

The latest video in the series reveals more of the disturbing input Planned Parenthood counselors give to minors (which they receive tax dollars to do). The first video of the series can be found here. This advice includes encouragement to participate in dangerous and illegal activity behind parents’ backs.

In the newest video, an actress, posing as a fifteen-year-old, tells a Planned Parenthood counselor at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains that her boyfriend wants to “start trying some new stuff with sex” – an idea, she says, that he got from the book Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Planned Parenthood SEXED Episode 2

Planned Parenthood coaches teen girl to hide porn from parents

A new investigative video produced by Live Action shows a Planned Parenthood staffer coaching a 15-year-old girl on how to view pornography, visit sex shops, and experiment with torture and bondage sex without parental knowledge. Episode Two of Live Action’s video series, SEXED, details how a counselor in Colorado’s Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains encouraged a teenager to subject herself to or inflict sexual pain on her boyfriend. The investigation is the latest in a series of exposes under covering the abortion giant’s dangerous sex education for kids.

SEXED: Episode Two reveals how a Planned Parenthood counselor tells a teenager that “sexual exploration is normal” for minors. The counselor encourages the minor to visit adult sex shops, which is illegal under municipal law, and watch pornography to obtain ideas on how to experiment with BDSM with her boyfriend.

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