No murder charges to be filed against CO woman who cut baby from mother’s womb

Thursday night, Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett informed Colorado news that he will not be charging Dynel Lane with murder.

Days ago, Lane committed a horrific crime against young mother, Michelle Wilkins, by stabbing her nearly to death and cutting her 7-month-old preborn baby out of her womb. She then kidnapped the baby.

Americans have been horrified by the sadistic nature of Lane’s crime. Wilkins survived and was recently released from the hospital into the care of her family. A long recovery process awaits her. Her daughter, whom she named Aurora, did not survive the crime.

Despite the claim of Lane’s husband that he heard the baby’s “gasping breath” while she was alive, and the information provided by hospital staff that the baby had reached a viable age, Garnett has refused to bring a murder charge. On March 27, Garnett announced that “upon further discussion with [Lane’s husband] it appears the baby was not breathing but rather had her mouth open.”

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Government report confirms taxpayers forced to give $1.5 billion to Planned Parenthood

Today, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on its investigation into federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

The GAO investigated six different abortion-associated organizations, but Planned Parenthood was given the most taxpayer dollars, by far. The total handed to the organizations by federal and state governments was $1.7 billion, from 2010-2012. Planned Parenthood received the lion’s share, coming in at a stunning $1.5 billion in a mere three years.

Day after day, taxpayers are forced to fund America’s abortion giant with the hard-earned money from their own pockets. Planned Parenthood’s grand total of $1.5 billion in three years comes out to $500 million each year and over $1.36 million every single day.

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Nurse tells of infanticide: The doctor would signal whether to let the baby live

An unnamed nurse gives a chilling description of infanticides that took place at the hospital where she worked.  The nurse told a reporter from the Catholic Twin Circle that a doctor she worked with had a habit of euthanizing babies born with Down syndrome.

The chilling description below was published a long time ago, in 1983. However, it is just as relevant today.

Currently, 90 percent of preborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome do not make it out of the womb alive. The widespread use of amniocenteses and chronic villi sampling allow for the early detection of conditions like Down syndrome, leaving the parents free to decide what to do with their preborn baby. The parents can choose whether to let their baby live or to have him or her killed.

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Planned Parenthood official: women get “less than sympathetic treatment”

A Planned Parenthood state official, who did not want to give his name, admitted that some women who go to Planned Parenthood are treated poorly. In a 2013 pro-abortion book, he says:

We try to make very sure that everyone seen in our clinics – for any service, not just for abortions – is treated with kindness and courtesy. But the reality is that there is no law that can guarantee sympathetic behavior. There are all sorts of reasons today why women get less than sympathetic treatment: patient overload, job-related stress and the necessity of hiring office staff who may not be fully “in sync” with the right to choose, to name just three.

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Clinic worker describes strange behavior of abortionist

A former employee of an abortion doctor in Louisiana spoke about the strange behavior of one abortionist she worked for. She and the other clinic workers suspected that he was on drugs.  In an interview with long time pro-life activist Rachel MacNair, the former clinic worker said:

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Clinic worker’s phone call reveals Planned Parenthood’s dishonesty

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson sent out a message today about a conversation she had with a clinic worker who called her. Johnson runs And Then There Were None, an organization that helps clinic workers and abortionists who leave the abortion business. And Then There Were None reaches out to those working at abortion clinics and helps them find new jobs and the means to support their families when they leave. And Then There Were None also runs healing retreats for former abortion providers.

Johnson describes the phone call she received:

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Rich women have more abortions than poor women, study finds

A new study by the Brookings institute has found that rich women have more abortions than poor women. These findings contradict those of the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which has said that poor women have more abortions.

The Brookings institute surveyed over 3800 women, and determined that those whose income was 400 percent or more higher than the poverty line were most likely to have aborted their last pregnancy. When asked whether or not they had aborted their baby the last time they were pregnant, roughly 32 percent of rich women said yes, contrasted with 9 percent of poor women.

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Stigma, emotional turmoil, and pro-life pressure keep doctors from performing abortions

A New York Times article entitled “Under Pressures and Stigma, More Doctors Shun Abortion” sheds light on some of the reasons why there is such a major shortage of abortionists in the United States.

Although the article is old, the factors it discusses are still relevant. The article highlights 3 different reasons why most OBGYNs choose not to perform abortions – stigma, the emotional toll of the work, and pro-life activity.

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Baby at 20 weeks

Dismemberment abortions cause providers “emotional stress” says report

A report presented at the 1977 annual meeting of the Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians described the negative feelings abortionists might have after performing D&E  abortions (the procedure pro-lifers are calling a “dismemberment abortion”) .

At the time the paper was written, this technique was new.  This new D&E technique consisted of essentially pulling the preborn baby apart with forceps and extracting her piece by piece. At the time the D&E was introduced, late term abortions were performed by injecting saline or another poison into the uterus and then inducing labor. Besides being risky for the mother, and causing her to suffer through labor, these abortions led to too many live births.

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(photo credit: Cat Branchman on Flickr)

Late term abortion clinics lie to women about fetal development

Cedar River Clinics is a group of three abortion clinics in Washington that performs abortions all the way past 23 weeks.

On Cedar River Clinics’ abortion page, you will find this direction for women:

If you are unsure about your decision,

Pregnancy Options workbook? Sounds informative, right? Well, I headed over to take a look, and here’s what I discovered.

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(Photo credit: U.S. Army Africa on Flickr)

Planned Parenthood says #BlackLivesMatter, but it does something entirely different

Again and again, Planned Parenthood is found tweeting about Black Americans – Black History Month, #BlackLivesMatter, Ferguson. It would be fair to assume that, with such an interest in the Black community, Planned Parenthood would be pro-equality and anti-racist.

Not so.

Not only are a large number of its surgical abortion facilities found “within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods,” but America’s abortion giant also willingly accepts donations that specifically target preborn Black babies.

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Ohio abortion clinic refuses to call 911 after botching an abortion

Whenever people refer to abortion as “health care”, they should remember incidents like this. Abortionists don’t care about protecting women; they care about money. That’s it. So when a patient is injured, it isn’t unusual for the abortionist, along with clinic employees, to not do everything possible to help the patient. They don’t want to call attention to the fact that they messed up.

This attitude was on full display at an abortion clinic in Akron, Ohio. Akron Women’s Medical Group seriously botched an abortion, perforating the woman’s uterus with a cannula. This is a serious emergency, yet the clinic refused to call 911. Instead, they called a private ambulance company, which then called the fire department to notify them of the emergency.

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