Media welcomes male opinion on abortion – if he’s VP of Planned Parenthood

Eric Ferrero (via Facebook)

Most abortion activists will say that abortion is an issue of women’s rights. When it comes to men, they’re often told that they have no right to voice their opinion on abortion, because it doesn’t affect them – unless, of course, the man in question is pro-abortion. And then, they can’t get enough of the male voices.

Case in point is a new interview in Elle Magazine with Planned Parenthood Vice President Eric Ferrero, whose thoughts they enthusiastically published.

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Planned Parenthood defenders admit they didn’t watch the videos

The Washington Free Beacon has published a short video of clips from Planned Parenthood defenders. Again and again, abortion supporters like Representative Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, and others admit that they haven’t even watched the videos that show Planned Parenthood is breaking state and federal laws.

It may be easy to defend something when you refuse to face the factual realities (that have been caught on tape, no less)…but should it be? Is this the standard our government leaders should be allowed to abide by?

Planned Parenthood defenders who haven’t seen the Planned Pare…Planned Parenthood defenders admit they didn’t watch the videos…

Posted by Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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MSNBC’s attempt to tarnish undercover Planned Parenthood videos backfires

Walter Joshua Fretz who lived 19 weeks.
Walter Joshua Fretz, who lived 19 weeks. (Credit: Lexi Fretz & F2 Photography)

As Cecile Richards was testifying on Capitol Hill and letting many of Planned Parenthood’s secrets out, MSNBC attempted to chip away at the reputation of the Center for Medical Progress, whose undercover videos have exposed Planned Parenthood’s illegal fetal organ sales. Their efforts failed.

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts interviewed Lexi Fretz, a photographer and mother who shared images of her son Walter, born prematurely at 19 weeks, on Facebook. One of the photos of Walter was used in a Center for Medical Progress video, depicting what a child at approximately 19-20 weeks looks like.

Lexi’s photos of her son have now saved countless lives and helped change people’s minds about abortion.

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Post-abortive women are shouting their abortion regret and speaking for life

The #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag has some of the most disturbing confessions on the Twittersphere.  Post-abortive women are supporting Planned Parenthood by telling the world how abortion made their life better. Regardless of their reasoning for choosing to abort, the tweets all convey the same false message that abortion is a social good without lasting negative consequences.

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#ShoutYourAdoption: Pro-lifers respond to pro-abortion hashtag

The House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and so abortion advocates responded in a particularly gruesome way: by celebrating the murder of countless preborn babies through the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion on Twitter. Supporters wrote callous messages about how they didn’t regret their abortions, or how murdering their preborn child made them feel happier and more fulfilled, that they were thriving and had no guilt and no shame.

But then, pro-lifers came up with a new hashtag: #ShoutYourAdoption.

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#ShoutYourAbortion push shows Planned Parenthood is all about abortion first

In response to the U.S. House’s vote to defund Planned Parenthood (for a year, while Congressional investigations continue), pro-abortion Planned Parenthood supporters have been told to #ShoutYourAbortion.

On Twitter and Facebook, they’ve been doing exactly that, proudly exclaiming about the time they personally chose death for an innocent child. Yet, is the ability to speak of abortion – a violent procedure – in 140 characters or less truly impressive?

Or does it, instead, speak volumes to the real motivation of those who want to give over $500 million of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood: promoting abortion at all costs?

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CNN is wrong: Planned Parenthood has broken the law

In a vain attempt to defend Planned Parenthood, CNN has merely shown that it, too, is blind to the truth. In an attempted slam of presidential candidate Ted Cruz, CNN has ignored the actual facts, manufacturing opinions to serve its own purpose. CNN’s “fact check” merely serves to slam the news agency itself – as well as Planned Parenthood.

The admissions of Planned Parenthood’s own top executives conclusively show that America’s abortion giant violates federal law on a regular basis, flaunting prohibitions on selling human baby body parts. For more detailed analyses on how Planned Parenthood is breaking federal law, see here and here.

Watch Live Action’s fact check of CNN’s “fact check.”

CNN is wrong: Planned Parenthood has broken the law. Top-level executives have been caught on tape admitting how they illegally profit from the body parts of aborted babies. It’s time for a fact check.

Posted by Live Action on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Why the media bias in coverage of Planned Parenthood hearings?

(RedAlertPolitics) – If you turn to the mainstream networks for your news, you likely wouldn’t know that the House Judiciary Committee last week began their investigations of Planned Parenthood. Undercover video evidence alleges that the abortion provider is illegally profiting from the sale of fetal parts.

A new video was just released today, actually. Throughout the video, Planned Parenthood admits they are afraid of the media.

Newsbusters has been covering the numerous undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. They’ve also followed the media’s reaction, or lack thereof.

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Of course: Pro-abortion bloggers falsely declare Planned Parenthood “exonerated”

While Planned Parenthood somehow manages to look worse and worse with each new video, their increasingly-undeniable guilt seems to directly correlate with apologists’ decreasing willingness to discuss the allegations’ merits.

MSNBC’s Steve Benen and Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum, for instance, have decided to skip the entire “evidence” phase of the conversation and matter-of-factly declare Planned Parenthood innocent. Here’s Benen (whose wife works at PP):

Planned Parenthood never actually did anything illegal. It didn’t sell fetal tissue for a profit; it didn’t misuse public resources, and it didn’t violate any laws. The Republican plan was based on a foundation of quicksand.

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Planned Parenthood praises abortion doctor who mocks the law

In an unsurprising turn of events, Planned Parenthood and its president, Cecile Richards, have taken to Twitter to publicly praise an abortion doctor who has little regard for the law.

Planned Parenthood calls the mockery “fantastic,” and Richards names it “just the right amount of sassy,” demonstrating Planned Parenthood’s propensity to publicly mock the laws that are designed to keep women safe and fully informed.

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The Washington Post plays defense for Planned Parenthood – again

“Republicans should stop wasting time attacking Planned Parenthood.” That’s the title of a recent piece from the editorial staff of the Washington Post. The media outlet is no stranger to defending the abortion giant. But it seems that this time, the editorial staff may have been reading directly from a Planned Parenthood talking points memo.

The Washington Post’s editorial staff gives up the charade of objectivity with a flippant and dismissive remark about those who oppose abortion:

… Whatever one thinks of abortion — and we understand the discomfort of those who are deeply opposed — a woman’s right to end a pregnancy is constitutionally protected, and there is nothing wrong with using the resulting tissue to help people as long as scientists believe it can be useful…

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Washington Times: Planned Parenthood admits it manipulates rules on fetal organ sales to maximize profit

Planned Parenthood has been claiming innocence in the controversy over the organization’s illegal sales of fetal organs, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. But unfortunately for them, Cecile Richards slipped up in an 11-page letter she wrote to Congress. While she meant to further defend Planned Parenthood, she instead made a massive mistake – and the Washington Times has taken her to task for it.

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