Pro-life OB/GYNs raise awareness of advances in abortion reversal process

Did you know that the effects of the abortion pill can be reversed for women and their babies? Many women have reported changing their minds about the termination of their preborn child after ingesting the first dose of the abortion pill. Thanks to pioneering research by Dr. George Delgado and his colleagues, the abortion reversal success rate is high and rising.

In an older article, we explained how the chemical abortion process works. It’s important to understand the process in order to understand how it can be reversed:

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Moving video highlights holocaust of special needs abortion

For many pro-lifers, the high number of babies with Down syndrome aborted purely for having an extra chromosome is not new information. But Steven Crowder has released a heart-wrenching new video that is resonating with thousands of people exposing the tragedy of the special needs abortion holocaust.

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Prochoicer: Witnessing abortion is “intense emotional experience”

Abortion advocacy website RH Reality Check published an article by Kathleen Reeves in response to another article where a pro-choice writer described witnessing an abortion.

I’ve witnessed abortions not as a journalist but as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood. I assist the doctor, scrub technician, and anesthetist with room set-up and other simple tasks during the procedure, and I support the patients before, during, and after the abortion—taking their blood pressure, encouraging them to breathe deeply if they’re upset or in pain, holding their hands. It’s true that it’s an intense emotional experience, especially the first time you witness it. First, it’s overwhelming for someone outside the medical profession, like Sarah Kliff, and me, to be present for a surgical procedure.”…. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, after my first day at Planned Parenthood. I think it’s wise that Kliff, after writing about abortion for years, has finally seen the procedure. If she’d like to further explore her emotional reaction to it, I’m sure her local Planned Parenthood would be glad to have her help.

Kathleen Reeves “Witnessing Abortion” RH Reality Check August 20, 2009

While early suction abortion may not reveal recognizable body parts, later abortions do.The person witnessing abortion may not see the recognizable parts traveling down the suction tube, but carefully examining the remains as early as 7 weeks post-conception will show arms and legs in the aftermath.

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Future abortionist: “abortion is beautiful”

From an abortionist in training:

“I am a young woman in my final year of medical school, training to be a kick-ass feminist doctor. I am fiercely committed to reproductive rights. Since my first year of school, I have been assisting with abortions as well as providing opportunities for other future doctors to learn this important skill. I believe abortion is a beautiful and powerful thing. I find anti-choice rhetoric to be predictable, hollow, and fraudulent.”

Quoted at Abortionclinicdays April 19, 2010 

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Mitosis, a short pro-life film, is now available on YouTube

One decision can change everything. Mitosis, a short film from 18-year-old director Hannah Victoria (Worth Saving), aims to prove that. It may seem that the choices we make for ourselves will affect us and us alone, but it simply isn’t true. There is always a ripple effect, whether small or large.

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New pro-life short film offers unique view into the reality of abortion

“You have to do what’s best for you,” an interrogator says in a room that looks like a police station.

With this opening, viewers are in for a surprise in this new pro-life short film, “The Appointment – a mother’s choice,” both directed and partly produced by filmmaker Brandon Rice.

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(Photo credit: Ashley Picco Memorial Fund)

Grieving father records song for his dying newborn after the death of his wife

In a viral post, BuzzFeed features a musician father singing the Beatles’ “Blackbird” to his newborn son. Before the recording, the wife and mother of this little family had died after an emergency c-section.

Chris Picco shared many precious moments in the four days he had with his tiny son, Lennon, before Lennon also died. Chris was able to “focus completely” on his son and honor the memory of his wife, Ashley, while he did this.

Lennon – who had been born premature at only 24 weeks – died in his father’s arms. Chris wrote about the inestimable worth of Lennon’s life – before and after his birth.

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New Jersey news cast reacts to graphic abortion images

A New Jersey news crew recently produced a story on their own collective reaction to a video developed by Created Equal, a pro-life group that shows graphic images of abortion in public areas. Created Equal operates under free speech rights, setting up overt displays that put the reality of abortion in plain view for passers-by in busy pedestrian locales.

The crew, Chasing New Jersey, watched the following Created Equal video, and “Chaser” Bill Anderson instigated a discussion about their reactions (second video) after they saw it. Warning: The first video below contains graphic abortion images.

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Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks sings about unborn babies, moms, and God on Good Morning America

This morning, country legend Garth Brooks appeared on Good Morning America and sang a brand new song off of his newest album, “Man Against Machine.” The album is Brooks’ first in over a decade.

The song is simply titled “Mom.” Women in the audience were brought to tears, while smiles covered their faces. Brooks sang about God sending a child He created down to Earth, to meet his mom.

According to Rolling Stone, Garth Brooks spoke of the power of “Mom:”

“It should’ve been written 50 years ago…It’s a conversation between God and this unborn child, [who is] about ready to go down to earth. And when God describes what a mom is… whew, it kills me. It’s a beautiful song; I wish I’d written it. ‘The Dance’ is my favorite Garth Brooks song ever, but if there was ever a song that could ever rival it — just because of the context of it…”

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Thousands fight back against pro-life censorship on TLC

Viewers can probably guess where the stars of 19 Kids and Counting stand on abortion. Heck, you could probably figure that out from just reading the title of TLC’s hit show. But for some reason, TLC thinks pro-life speech is too offensive for their audience to handle.

In the past, the Duggar kids have worn Stand True’s pro-life t-shirts on the show which simply say “I survived Roe v. Wade, but Roe v. Wade will not survive me.”

But on a recent episode, the shirt was blurred out on the program. Can you believe it? A simple statement of opposition to Roe v. Wade was deemed too offensive for viewers of the show to handle.

Censored! (photo credit: Bryan Kemper / Stand True)
Censored! (photo credit: Bryan Kemper / Stand True)

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Live Action and pro-life allies call for ending Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding

This morning, pro-life advocates led by Live Action held a press event raising awareness of Planned Parenthood’s dangerous influence in American culture. Live Action was joined by leaders from major pro-life organizations, who noted that the abortion giant’s power in the US is made possible by tax funding opposed by many Americans.

Missy Martinez of Students for Life of America was clear about the goal: “Defund Planned Parenthood, and stop this corrupt organization from preying on our women.”

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MattyB and Sarah Grace on Instragram

11-year-old rapper sensation, MattyB, defends his sister with Down Syndrome

Early in September, kid rapper MattyB released a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” The music video – featuring MattyB’s younger sister Sarah Grace – quickly soared to hit status and stands at nearly 4.5 million YouTube views.

The song’s words convey how MattyB thinks of his sister and how the entire world should view people with Down Syndrome and other genetic conditions or disabilities.

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Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey and “Hope in Front of Me”: Rising music star affirms that every life is worth living

Perhaps best known for his third place finish in the eighth season of American Idol, singer and songwriter Danny Gokey knows the value of life – no matter how long or short one life may last.

Gokey’s first wife – and high school sweetheart – died after a heart surgery.

His wife Sophia encouraged his dreams and urged him to audition for American Idol. Just a month before his audition, Sophia died unexpectedly after what should have been a routine heart surgery. The couple had been high school sweethearts and Danny was devastated. Yet in the midst of his sorrow, he honored Sophia’s wish and auditioned for American Idol a month after she passed. He advanced through the competition. Viewers were touched by Danny’s story and the depth and power of his voice made him a fan favorite.

In Sophia’s honor, Gokey started an organization called Sophia’s Heart that aids “children and families who have been touched by poverty, sickness, disease, broken homes, and broken dreams.” Clearly, Gokey has a pro-“whole life” take on his ministry and work.

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Cosmopolitan snubs pro-life women

Cosmopolitan magazine is branching out. Instead of just encouraging promiscuity and cheering on abortion, the editors have launched the #CosmoVotes campaign. The magazine will endorse political candidates, encourage readers to vote and to share their votes on social media, and have hired a political writer to write about “women’s issues”. And while they claim to care about a number of political issues,  they are clear that the most important one is abortion.

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Anomaly album cover

Rapper Lecrae’s new album includes song on abortion experience

This past Tuesday (September 9), Christian rapper Lecrae released his new album, Anomaly, which addresses abortion in the song “Good, Bad, Ugly.” Behind the hip hop beats and master rapping comes a tale of the artist’s life, including an abortion experience he’s been open about in past interviews.

The verses of the song dealing with abortion details life over a decade ago when he was waged in a war between his new found faith and his sin. You can hear the song in the video below:

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So you’ve seen “After Tiller:” 5 things you need to know that you won’t find out from the film

Over the objections of plenty of taxpayers, PBS – a publicly funded channel – aired “After Tiller” on Labor Day. “After Tiller” is a documentary glorifying the work of four late-term abortionists in the U.S.

Day after day, these abortionists willingly take the lives of viable babies, some of them nearly full-term. And often, despite what “After Tiller” shows, the only reason for the murder of these innocents is their inconvenience.

People who’ve seen “After Tiller” need to know another side to the story of late term abortion. Here, for starters, are five things you need to know:

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Planned pro-life film from Bruce Marchiano aims to save lives

Perhaps most known for his portrayal of Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew film, actor Bruce Marchiano has turned producer and screenwriter and is currently working with a team to bring Alison’s Choice: A Film about Life to the screen.

With a completed screenplay, now the producer is raising funds to finish the project, saying “funding is by donation, which releases the film to reach many more lives.”

The film takes a simple premise, asking, “What would Jesus say to a woman having an abortion?”

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Dear PBS, I don’t think there’s a compassionate way to murder infants

Dear PBS,

This is quite the bold move. As a third rate, tax subsidized broadcasting outfit with a viewership in the single digits, I’d expect you’d try your best to fly under the radar. There is, after all, no conceivable reason for you to exist, nor is there a solid justification for spending tax money to keep afloat an irrelevant television channel that has long since drowned amid a sea of a million other channels.

Sure, you “only” bring in about 40 million dollars a year in tax money, but why draw attention to the scam? It might be a good 460 million dollars less than the amount that Obama gave to Planned Parenthood last year, but it’s still a sizable sum. It’s still 40 million dollars earmarked for a TV channel which provides absolutely nothing that can’t be found on dozens of other TV channels.

Yet here we are, and you’ve decided to air a 90 minute pro-late term abortion propaganda piece. Of all of the documentaries at your disposal, you chose to give airtime on your tax funded airwaves to a film that glorifies the butchery of viable, fully formed human beings.

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Latest Live Action SexEd video featured on O’Reilly

Live Action’s newest undercover investigation, SexEd, which exposes Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex advice for children, has shocked Americans across the country. The fourth, and latest, video takes place in Eden Prairie, a suburb of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.

This particular video was disturbing because a 15-year-old girl was told that sexual violence was OK, as long as it was consensual. The girl was told that BDSM-like sexual practices, such as the use of horse whips, ropes, and clamps can be used to the extent of leaving welts and burns, are acceptable as long as they’re consensual.

Bill O’Reilly featured this video on his show last night, and also pointed out how Planned Parenthood in Arizona helped cover up the crimes of Tyler Kost, a serial rapist, because they didn’t want the “hassle” of notifying police — even though at least one of his victims told Planned Parenthood they were raped.

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New movie “The Giver” praised for life affirming message

The new movie, The Giver, adapted from Lois Lowry’s classic young adult novel, is being hailed by pro-life leaders as a genuinely pro-life movie.

Sometimes an author writes a story because she wants to write a good story, and Lowry’s story tells of the value of life and the tragedy of killing babies–and the elderly–we find somehow less valuable than others. Now, the story has been translated to the big screen, but pre-release reviews say the pro-life message hasn’t been changed. President of Student for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins says:

“The Giver will go down as one of the turning points in our ongoing efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our society. This movie beautifully articulates the dignity of each human person and the gift of life.”

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