Media’s abortion “extremist” double standard is showing

When a lone gunman was arrested after killing three people and wounding several others at or near a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood last week, the media (and of course, Planned Parenthood) immediately labeled all pro-lifers “extremists,” claiming their “rhetoric” somehow led to the shooting. This irresponsible and untrue claim is obviously motivated not by truth, but by the pro-abortion bias of many in the mainstream media.

But when others commit crimes – specifically those within the abortion movement – the media, if it mentions the crimes at all, does the opposite of using them to label the entire movement.

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Slate hopes watching ‘Jessica Jones’ will shame pro-lifers

Slate just loves Jessica Jones, the new Netflix show. Slate also loves to promote abortion and has found a way to combine both.

A piece from Nov. 24 by Christina Cauterucci claims in its headline that “Anyone Who Opposes Abortion for Rape Survivors Should Watch This Jessica Jones Scene.” The piece’s byline and content also specifically address those in the GOP who oppose rape exceptions.

It would be one thing if the piece hailed what Cauterucci thought was a television show making an important point about this issue. It would even be plausible if the piece stuck to its headline and suggested that those who hold such a view might look into another perspective. But that’s not what Cauterucci does. Instead, she slams those who do hold such a view.

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Saturday Night Live calls abortion what it is when it comes to Baby Hitler hypothetical

A question posed by New York Times Magazine, which asked readers if baby Hitler should be killed, is an unnecessary and ridiculous distraction. GOP presidential candidates, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, however, weighed in on the issue. And of course, the media loved covering it.

Fox News contributor, Andrea Tantaros, highlighted the question, referencing other GOP presidential candidates.

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Correction requested: Reuters bungles reporting on Texas self-abortion study

UPDATE: Reuters Agrees to Correct Questionable Abortion Statistic


Tuesday, Reuters published an article here by Jon Herskovitz with the following headline:


The articles goes on to state:


There is only one problem: it isn’t true.

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Website that consolidates pro-life news headlines celebrates 1st year

Monte Harms
Monte Harms

One year ago this month, the Harms Report, a unique website which consolidates pro-life news headlines, was launched. The site was modeled after the Drudge Report and it is operated by a long time pro-life activist still unknown to many in the movement. His name is Monte Harms.

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Hulu censors ads that give women choices, but once aired Planned Parenthood ads

(Via MRC Newsbusters) Hulu is under criticism – for censoring women’s choices.

In a Nov. 11 press release, pro-life group Students for Life of America revealed that online video streaming service Hulu refused to air ads offering pregnant women options other than Planned Parenthood. Yet, Hulu had no problem airing ads sponsored by the abortion giant itself.

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3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy hits the box office today

While lilting, otherworldly music strums in the background, the voice of Kermit Gosnell comes through the phone. His cousins contemplate how a man who they are “quite sure” knew right from wrong could commit such atrocities.

Gosnell’s neighbors remember him, that he “took to the children,” that he kept snakes in a cage in his home. The police officers who first stumbled into the formerly “Good Doctor’s” twilight zone were puzzled by the foot-and-a-half length turtles who banged up against their tanks in the waiting room.

It turns out reptiles weren’t the only life forms Kermit Gosnell liked to cage.

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Lila Rose: “Abortion is not a pathway to healing” for rape victims

As the 2016 election amps up, abortion is once again making headlines. The debate is being fueled by damning undercover video showing Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation doctors openly discussing how they advocate and facilitate the harvesting of aborted baby parts.

This was the background for a debate on the Fox News Channel’s Hannity program between radio talk show host Leslie Marshall and Live Action president Lila Rose. Rose criticized the Obama Administration for ignoring the scandal, and later in the conversation, defended children conceived in rape, saying, “Abortion is not a pathway to healing; it’s another violent act.”

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Glamour Magazine names Planned Parenthood CEO a “woman of the year”

Every year, Glamour Magazine recognizes exceptional women in their annual “Women of the Year” awards. And for 2015, despite the scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby body parts, Glamour decided to make Planned Parenthood President and CEO Cecile Richards one of their honorees, calling her “The Health Advocate”...

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Pro-abortion media call woman ‘heroic,’ ‘brave’ for chanting about yeast infections

It’s no surprise that the pro-abortion magazine Slate would be supportive of pro-abortion people. But one of their recent pieces is raising eyebrows for calling a woman who drew pictures of genitalia and harassed children “brave”…

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Media attacks Ben Carson for comparing slavery and abortion

On Meet The Press, host Chuck Todd brought up the issue of abortion with his guest, GOP presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson.

Carson, who is pro-life, is known for refusing to be politically correct. Thus, some of the remarks he has made have been considered controversial. For instance, in the interview with Chuck Todd, Carson compared slavery to abortion.

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Stop the presses! CNN’s Anderson Cooper questions Planned Parenthood “deceptive editing” narrative

Amazingly, it seems Planned Parenthood’s defenders have so overplayed the “deceptive editing!” refrain on the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos that it’s no longer just pro-lifers who are beginning to notice.

During a Tuesday CNN segment (full video here), correspondent Drew Griffin interviewed both CMP’s David Daleiden and Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens about the videos’ accuracy. He challenged the former about using images of aborted and stillborn babies that didn’t come from the Planned Parenthoods in question, but did not challenge the latter to substantiate her claim that the videos were “heavily edited” and “thoroughly discredited.”

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