Abortion advocates are not experts on pregnancy centers

“Crisis pregnancy centers may look sweet and helpful, but they’re really full of toxic bulls**t,” claimed comedian Samantha Bee on a recent episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, which smacks of pro-abortion desperation.

The segment featured claims from guests who could hardly be considered impartial or objective: Vicki Saporta, president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation, and Cherisse Scott, CEO and founder of SisterReach, a Tennessee-based pro-abortion organization (though Scott’s association wasn’t mentioned in the clip).

Comedian Patton Oswalt also appears in the segment as a magician, claiming, “Tonight we look at both sides of the equation: the truth, and the illusion.” But can we really expect the truth about pregnancy centers to be told by those who have everything to gain from the sale of abortions? Short answer: no.

(WARNING: Explicit language)

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Viral Facebook video shows remarkable mother-child bond in-utero

A viral Facebook video by scientist Hashem Al-Ghaili shows the remarkable power of the mother-child bond in the womb. Posted on Mother’s Day, the video already had well over 30 million views within two days. “Mothers and Their Babies” is a striking look at the reality of life in the womb, and it includes research that flies in the face of every abortion argument that tries to discount the lives of preborn babies.

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Viral music video celebrates motherhood

Christian artist, Nichole Nordeman, is out with a new music video that is already going viral, a mere three days after “Slow Down” was released. While the video has over 17,000 views on YouTube, its Facebook total has already hit 2.5 million.

The song celebrates the preciousness of children, calling them “everything I wanted” even in the unexpected and tearful moments.

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Amy Schumer’s comedy sketch pushes false narratives about women’s health

For Thursday’s season premiere of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, comedian Amy Schumer, who has made pro-abortion jokes before, appeared in a sketch known as “Dr. Congress.” Actors posing as male congressmen have replaced her doctor to perform her pap smear as members of the House Committee on Women’s Health. They laugh off that they have “a better idea than any science-y nerdles” once Schumer asks if they have any medical training.

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The Daily Beast’s “abortion” story wasn’t about abortion at all

The Daily Beast is no stranger to posting pro-abortion articles. But recently, they used Donald Trump’s comments on punishing abortionists (and women) for abortions to peddle a completely misleading, fear mongering piece.

The pro-life movement has long believed that it is abortionists who should be punished for performing illegal abortions – not women.

But The Daily Beast’s Chavi Karkowsky capitalizes on fears of incarceration for both in a piece inaccurately titled, “The Hardest Abortion I’ve Ever Had to Perform.” As it turns out, the procedure she discusses wasn’t even an abortion – it was the delivery of a stillborn child following the premature rupture of amniotic fluid at 19 weeks. But you have to read the article to find that out…

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MSNBC lets pro-abortion journalist tout debunked Texas self-abortion claim

Pro-abortion extremists abhor pro-life laws in general, but HB2 in Texas especially sent them into a frenzy. The bill did nothing more than make abortion safer in Texas — requiring hospital admitting privileges for abortionists and that abortion clinics meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers. It was to prevent abortionists like Kermit Gosnell from practicing, because sadly, there is no shortage of Gosnells out there.

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Abortion activists furious with Jeremy Irons for saying abortion harms women

Last week, Jeremy Irons was interviewed by The Guardian to promote his new movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which he plays Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred. In the interview, he made some statements about abortion. While he said that he believes women should be allowed to choose abortion, he also pointed out that abortion harms women. Irons said that it can both physically and mentally attack a woman, which is very much true, if the myriad of women who suffer from post-abortion regret are any indication. But of course, Irons’ comments sent pro-abortion advocates into an apoplectic rage, furious that anyone who supports legalized abortion would publicly show anything less than fawning adoration for their sacred cow.

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Actress Olivia Wilde stars as a person with Down syndrome in PSA

CoorDown, Italy’s national organization for people with Down syndrome, has released a new short film in time for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21. The film, by Saatchi & Saatchi, is a PSA featuring pro-choice actress Oliva Wilde.

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Fusion writer calls getting an abortion a “joy”

It’s not often that people look at abortion as a “joyful” experience. For most people, being put into a situation where you have to undergo an abortion is always a tragedy, even for people who consider themselves to be “pro-choice.” While the most extreme of the pro-abortion advocates try to act as if getting an abortion is as small a matter as getting your teeth cleaned, most people are able to understand that abortion is a terrible thing.

For a woman to be in a situation where she feels she has no other choice but to kill her preborn child — that there is literally no other alternative — there is no celebrating. Even if you support abortion, there’s nothing joyful about women having to make that choice. But, again, there are those few people whose fanaticism for abortion is so great, that abortion is practically something to celebrate.

Fusion writer Kristen Brown is apparently one of those people.

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Powerful new pro-life film has already saved babies

Bruce Marchiano is reprising his role as Jesus. Yet again. The actor, producer and screenwriter is best known for his first appearance of Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew. Now, he’s about to be the face of Jesus to the pro-life community—and hopefully many pro-life converts, as his new film, Alison’s Choice was released last week.

Alison’s Choice is a full-length feature film about a girl named Alison who finds herself pregnant and makes an appointment at an abortion facility. There, her conflict as she waits to be called for her abortion becomes the powerful story, behind the unique  pro-life film. Marchiano plays the role of Jesus, in the form of a janitor at the abortion clinic. Throughout the course of the film, his personification of God is forefront in Alison’s decision.

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New Care Net curriculum equips churches to address abortion

Church leaders wonder how they can address abortion in the church without crushing the spirits of the many post-abortive women sitting in the room. Unfortunately, many churches have often avoided the topic altogether, but a new curriculum from Care Net is designed to help churches effectively address the crisis of abortion.

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‘House of Cards’ furthers pro-abortion propaganda, praises Planned Parenthood

The hit Netflix series House of Cards is continuing its pro-abortion propaganda in its recently released fourth season.

This season – specifically within the first few episodes – has gone out of its way to praise Planned Parenthood. House of Cards joins other television shows, across networks, in its near obsessive focus of reminding viewers how apparently necessary or even pleasant the nation’s largest abortion chain is. The information spouted is both false and misleading.

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Samantha Bee attempts the most inane abortion humor-propaganda yet

Larry Wilmore, John Oliver, and Trevor Noah have been using their TV shows to follow the Jon Stewart model of propaganda: feed the audience pro-abortion lies by coating them in a layer of arrogant certainty and sarcastic, condescending “humor” that creates a false impression of confidence in what they’re saying.

Now comes a new disciple, Samantha Bee, who on her TBS show Full Frontal recently attempted to gin up some more hate against Texas’s HB2 abortion regulation law (as if we didn’t get quite enough of that from the media already). And worse, it’s being hailed as substantive analysis by the likes of the Huffington Post, Jezebel, and the Dallas Morning News.

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Samantha Bee takes desperate shot at John Kasich’s pro-life views

You would think comedians were supposed to be funny, right? Lately many of them though have turned into bastions of pro-abortion idiocy while making fun of pro-lifers. All for laughs. And a Comedy Central veteran recently added herself to the list.

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