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Lila Rose joins Dr. Drew abortion discussion panel

Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, was recently part of an intense debate on the Dr. Drew show in which a panel discussed the issues surrounding a 26-year-old woman who is threatening to abort her seven-week-old preborn child unless she raises $1 million dollars online in 72 hours. The anonymous woman posted her challenge on, insisting that if her fundraising efforts failed, this would prove that pro-lifers don’t care about the preborn but about “controlling the lives and choices of women.”

The discussion touched on a number of topics including when life begins, women’s privacy rights, and the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade. In the company of strong and opinionated guests, Lila was firm in her beliefs and clear in her stand for life, remarking that many women today feel pressured to abort. She also declared that a woman’s privacy rights end where another person’s right to life begins.

Interestingly, Dr. Drew shared that he has spoken with women who have suffered emotional consequences after having an abortion – despite the fact that abortion-supporting groups in the medical community dismiss that reality.

As Dr. Drew said, these issues – like the 600,000 frozen embryos in the U.S and our responsibility to them – can’t be solved in a single discussion.  Nevertheless, it’s good to bring attention to them and like Lila, take a stand for what is just and true.

Jerome Lejeune Foundation

You can’t miss this heartwarming Father’s Day video from a boy with Down syndrome

Learning that you will be having a child with Down syndrome is, for most people, a scary experience. Far too often, that fear can turn into abortion. Parents that give their children a chance at life despite not only experiencing fear and grief, but also pressure to take their preborn child’s life, should be applauded. And this Father’s Day, the dads who took on the challenge of raising a child with Down syndrome are the subject of a heartwarming tribute from the Jerome Lejeune Foundation in “My Dear Dad”.

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Wise up, Bill! O’Reilly insists preborn are ‘potential’ humans

Bill O’Reilly needs a reality check, stat.

On several occasions over the years, the Fox News superstar has erroneously referred to embryos and fetuses as “potential” human beings/life. On Wednesday, he did so again in the context of discussing a new Gallup survey on Americans’ shifting social views:

On the subject of abortion:

In 2001, 42% found it morally acceptable.

Fourteen years later, 45% do.

Now this is an area where the entertainment industry and the progressive movement have failed to move the dial.

Most Americans well understand that destroying a potential human being is not a righteous act.

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TIME publishes pro-life writer: Abortion debate needs more voices

What about the women who have had abortions and now regret it? What about those who decided to have their babies? Their stories matter, too.

So says Kate Bryan – a pro-life writer, former Live Action Communications Director, and the current Director of Communications at American Principles Project. Yesterday, TIME published her article, “An Honest Debate About Abortion Needs More Voices.”

And indeed, as Kate poignantly pointed out, while numerous celebrities and other less-famous women deeply regret their abortions, pro-abortion campaigns act as though abortion is a purely positive experience.

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Abortion ‘spa’ glamorizes the procedure: ‘There’s no shame in it’

Carafem, the Washington, D.C., abortion facility that sells itself as a spa, has released a new ad glamorizing an abortion procedure.

In the ad, a few uptight women sit around a table drinking tea. The socialites speak in affected voices, as they obviously avoid using the word “abortion” when discussing the circumstance of their friend. The women look snooty, and give the impression that being with them would make for a horrible day.

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‘Tricked': Documentary film shines light on human trafficking in the U.S.

“I just knew that sex got me attention and attention got me something that I thought was close to love.”

These are the words of Danielle, a victim of human trafficking who began having sex for money at age seventeen. She tells her story in the documentary film “Tricked,” currently available to view on Netflix. “Tricked” is an eye-opening look inside human trafficking in the United States, and how public perception of prostitution is not grounded in reality.

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40 Days for Life celebrating pro-life victories scheduled for Monday

This Monday, 40 Days for Life will throw a party celebrating life, and you’re invited. The one-time webcast celebration of pro-life victories is set for Monday, April 13 at 9 p.m. Eastern. The group announced that 40 Days for Life National Director David Bereit, along with Campaign Director Shawn Carney, will participate in this “hope-filled” webcast.

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‘I love you Mommy’ video has the sweetest preborn cartoon you’ve ever seen

I may be emotional after witnessing an amazing ultrasound at the pregnancy center I work for. However, even if I hadn’t seen a preborn’s child’s heart beating today, I would still want to cry after watching this video. Gocrazie, an online media portal for education, news, articles, short films and much more posted a video on their Facebook page in November titled, “I love you Mommy.” Since it was first shared, the video has been seen over 3 million times, and continues to gain comments and shares daily.


Posted by Gocrazie on Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In the video, we see a woman with a little cartoon circle jumping around inside of her.  The circle represents her pre-born child who is talking to her with the sweetest voice. “Hi Mommy, this is our first day together, but you didn’t know I was there yet!”, the little voice says. As the mom puts down the pregnancy test reading positive the little baby yells, “Surprise!”

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Facebook rejects picture of precious baby as ‘shocking’

Facebook says a recent Live Action News story cannot be promoted on the social media site because “the image or video thumbnail may shock or evoke a negative response from viewers.”

The “shocking” image is of baby Eli Thompson who was born last month without a nose; in the touching piece, his parents say they love him exactly as he is and think he is “perfect.”

But Facebook thinks the picture of young Eli is too troublesome to be a promoted piece, and it refused the ad.


The actual story posted on Live Action’s Facebook page has several thousand likes, and as of Friday evening, had over 150 shares, demonstrating the story actually does appeal to Facebook viewers.

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(Photo credit: Kathy and sam on Flickr)

State legislator condemned for saying Planned Parenthood ‘rips its victims to shreds,’ but it’s true

Last week, a number of New Hampshire fourth-graders went to visit their state legislature. They had designed a bill which would have named the red-tailed hawk as the state raptor.

The bill went down in defeat, and the media have been right to condemn the legislators who laughed at the bill and seemed to ridicule the children’s idea. This is no way to encourage young citizens to participate in a free and interactive government.

However, the media have also appeared to roundly condemn a comment from Representative Warren Groen:

The hawk “grasps them with its talons then uses its razor-sharp beak to basically tear it apart limb by limb,” State Rep. Warren Groen (R) said on the House floor as the class of 10-year-old students watched from the gallery. “And I guess the shame about making this a state bird is it would serve as a much better mascot for Planned Parenthood.”

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‘Memes can change minds and save lives’

While searching pro-life hashtags on Instagram, I experienced love at first meme. I found a page with memes that were kind, provoking and modern. The memes were created by a grassroots strategic marketing organization named Alice Paul Group.

The first meme I posted
The first meme I posted on my Instagram.

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