Washington Times: Planned Parenthood admits it manipulates rules on fetal organ sales to maximize profit

Planned Parenthood has been claiming innocence in the controversy over the organization’s illegal sales of fetal organs, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. But unfortunately for them, Cecile Richards slipped up in an 11-page letter she wrote to Congress. While she meant to further defend Planned Parenthood, she instead made a massive mistake – and the Washington Times has taken her to task for it.

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Open letter to Ebony Magazine: This Black woman doesn’t support Planned Parenthood

Emmett Till
Emmett Till

Dear Ebony Magazine,

In your recent article titled, “What you must know about Planned Parenthood and Black Women,” writer Cynthia R. Greenlee calls into question a pro-life initiative named after Emmett Till. Greenlee writes:

Just days after what would have been Emmett Till’s 74th birthday, Students for Life unveiled a video in which clinic staff allegedly scrutinized an aborted fetus. “Call him Emmett,” suggested the video, and make him this century’s civil rights symbol — just like the 14-year-old Emmett Till’s murder by White Mississippi racists galvanized the modern civil rights movement.

Let’s call the video what it is — the latest in the anti-abortion movement’s appropriation of civil rights and its crass manipulations of history.

The Students for Life video, “Call Him Emmett,” is a response to a series of undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress. To the horror of most, the footage takes us into the abortion labs where we view the remains of fetuses stored in refrigerators and in petri dishes.

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New York Post slams Planned Parenthood for breaking ‘pro-choice ethics’

( You know it’s bad when the media start bashing Planned Parenthood – with pro-choice arguments.

The New York Post Editorial Board argued that the recent Planned Parenthood videos “show a failure to put women’s rights first” in an August 16 piece. While the board normally stays silent on abortion, they said, the videos demanded attention for breaching “pro-choice ethics.”

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Washington Times says #PPSellBabyParts winning the hashtag war on social media

The Washington Times reports that Planned Parenthood is on the losing streak when it comes to their social media campaign.

NetBase, a Silicon Valley firm that analyzes social-media trends, found that “net sentiment” toward Planned Parenthood turned “decisively negative” after the July 14 release of the first video by the pro-life Center for Medical Progress.

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Facebook’s very (very) suspicious ‘trending’ Planned Parenthood story

Update Aug. 20, ’15 at 7:54 AM EST: I woke up this morning, and lo and behold, the “trending” news topic had changed. It now reads, “7th video critical of organization released by anti-abortion group.” That’s more like it.

(LifeSiteNews) I wasn’t particularly surprised to see this afternoon that “Planned Parenthood” was listed as the #1 top-trending topic on Facebook’s trending bar.

After all, my Facebook newsfeed was packed to the seams with posts about the latest video, released this morning, featuring the gruesome testimony from a former StemExpress employee about how they harvested the brains of a baby while its heart was still beating at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

The video was prominently featured on the Drudge Report today and has racked up over 200,000 views in a few hours, while articles on conservative news sites about the videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of shares, and probably millions of views.

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16 journalists accept Planned Parenthood awards – despite horrifying abortion videos

While the media stay away from the recent videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted baby parts, they are drawn to Planned Parenthood’s annual media awards ceremony.

During Planned Parenthood’s Maggie Awards for Media Excellence Tuesday night, the abortion giant recognized 16 journalists for pushing “reproductive rights.” From Buzzfeed and Yahoo! to MSNBC, MRC Culture compiled a list of several prominent media attendees – and found a picture announcing the winners.

Those include’s Jill Filipovic, for TV & Online Reporting; left-wing magazine The Nation, for Excellence In Media, and’s Phillip Picardi, for Youth Media. Salon’s Valerie Tarico won Outstanding Individual Commentary for a piece undercutting liberal claims that no one is pro-abortion. Her story was titled: “I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice.”

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Washington Post: 3 Pinocchios for Planned Parenthood’s “3 percent” figure

The Washington Post has made no secret of their support for abortion and Planned Parenthood before, including recently. However, in a shocking change, the Post has given a “three Pinocchios” rating to one of Planned Parenthood’s most popular claims.

Many – including Planned Parenthood – have claimed that the organization’s abortion services only amount to 3 percent of their total services. (This includes the above-mentioned piece from The Washington Post.) But as the Washington Post Fact Checker acknowledges, there are different ways of looking at this issue.

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People features exclusive story on Tim Tebow Foundation’s 5 year anniversary

In celebration of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s 28th birthday on Friday, PEOPLE Magazine has an exclusive story on the homepage of

[M]ore importantly for Tebow, he’s celebrating 5 years of the Tim Tebow Foundation, his charity that was created “to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

As a birthday celebration, Tebow has shared a video montage of his Foundation’s work.

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Geraldo Rivera sees value in preborn children – once they’re dead

Geraldo Rivera (via
Geraldo Rivera (via

“What is a good abortion to you?”

Those were the words of Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera this week on “The Five” during a discussion of Planned Parenthood’s fetal body parts trafficking scandal.

Rivera vehemently defended the abortion giant, calling the scandal, exposed by The Center for Medical Progress’s undercover videos “baloney.” Rivera, never at a loss for hysterics or hyperbole, went on to say:

A good abortion is sitting in a clean place, where the woman’s health is protected! As opposed to a back alley! As opposed to a back alley where the woman dies with some butcher cutting her to pieces!

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PolitiFact’s abortion “fact-checking” is really political hackery

When we last checked PolitiHack’s… er… PolitiFact’s “fact-checking” on abortion, we found they were actually cherry-picking numbers to falsely deny that the country’s opinion on abortion has been souring. Sadly, a review of their reporting on presidential candidates and abortion since then shows that facts still take a backseat to the agenda.

rulings-tom-halftrueMost recently, they rated “Half-True” Marco Rubio’s debate statement that “The idea that a minor… cannot get a tattoo without parental consent — but can get an abortion without parental consent — is just mind-shattering for the vast majority of Americans.” After reviewing the laws of each state, they concluded Rubio only “has a good argument for about 11 states” (even though they come close to admitting that the judicial bypass provisions of 37 states render their parental requirements essentially meaningless).

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Columnist not sure he’s pro-choice anymore because of Planned Parenthood videos

Screenshot of The Daily Beast website on Monday night.
Screenshot of The Daily Beast website on Monday night.

On Monday morning, Ruben Navarette, Jr. authored a piece on abortion for The Daily Beast. What makes it so newsworthy -especially since the site often publishes pieces in support of abortion – is that it was in the “Grossed Out” section and was titled “I Don’t Know If I’m Pro-Choice After Planned Parenthood Videos.” The post, as of Monday night, on top of the “Read This.list” with over 1,700 comments.

Other than the fact that Navarette is horrified (and rightfully so) about the videos, it is refreshing in how throughout his piece he describes the situation in an objective manner, discussing the cold, hard facts, rather than defending abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Navarette starts his opening paragraph by making the point that he doesn’t like taking about abortion and that he’s never written about it. Why is that? Is it perhaps because he has always known, deep down, that there’s something wrong with abortion? Perhaps all Navarette needed to do was think more about abortion – something he had struggled with, or maybe even refused to do before.

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough admits media biased against pro-lifers

When the major news networks feel that the release of a beanie baby is a more pressing story than the release of multiple videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s illegal selling of baby body parts (containing footage of dismembered babies), the public would not be out of line to suspect media bias.

Now a well-known newscaster has come forward, admitting that the media is biased in favor of Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice position. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was recently quoted in a Washington Examiner article:

You know, I got to say of all the areas where I think there is media bias, I think the greatest area is on this issue [abortion] I think most reporters do the best job they can do and they try to be as fair as possible.

But when it come to the issue of abortion, there is the greatest built-in bias. And it is completely cultural bias, it is unintended.

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