What NARAL missed: Doritos ‘Ultrasound’ ad features filmmaker’s preborn son

Culture surrounding the annual Super Bowl usually isn’t complete without some haggling over controversial advertisements as companies try to make the most of their $5 million half minute. But NARAL brought political correctness to a new low while live tweeting the football game…

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Fudging the numbers: Media misrepresents TX Planned Parenthood study

Thursday morning, I woke up to find this story trending on Facebook:study

Wow! “Births paid for by Medicaid rose 27 percent.” That is quite a statistic. Did defunding Planned Parenthood really restrict the distribution of contraceptives to such an extent that low-income Texans experienced a 27 percent increase in childbirth?

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NARAL and Planned Parenthood: Rand Paul is going to get punched

In another classy move, NARAL and at least one Planned Parenthood affiliate are tweeting that Rand Paul is going to get punched. Paul, a U.S. Senator and GOP presidential candidate, has been in the news recently for his sponsorship of the Life at Conception Act. The proposed law would recognize preborn children as persons deserving of protection under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

But when Paul dared to speak out against abortion at the GOP debate on Thursday, NARAL apparently couldn’t take his protection of all life a second longer:

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Mainstream media coverage miscategorizes March for Life, just as you’d expect

When it comes to coverage of the March for Life, many of us know that it’s hardly existent, if it is at all. It’s certainly not why we march, but it would still be nice for the mainstream media to be held to high enough standards to provide fair coverage on pro-life events.

While there was some coverage this year, most of it focused on the snow, whether it was good or bad press. Certainly representing the latter, a pro-abortion feminist site, Jezebel, blithely likened “anti-abortion protesters” to the snow DC residents apparently likewise had to be protected from.

The New York Times wrote that “hundreds” attended the March for Life in Washington D.C. The Washington Post called it a “small” turnout.Watch the TRUTH below. Pass it on since the media won’t do their job.

Posted by Live Action on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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HuffPo desperate to categorize David Daleiden as ‘radical’

In a head-scratching piece at the Huffington Post, Miranda Blue attempts to paint The Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden, the man behind the undercover video project investigating Planned Parenthood’s fetal parts business, as a ‘radical’ in the pro-life movement.

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Jezebel likens ‘anti-abortion protesters’ arriving for March for Life with snow DC residents must face

I was doing a Google search for the March for Life on Thursday early evening, and the first result was from Jezebel, the radically feminist, pro-abortion site. The piece was, with all emphasis original, “Blizzard Arrives Just in Time for Annual ‘March for Life.'”

The pro-life movement did not choose for this day full of mourning to be in the dead of winter. Nevertheless, it has never deterred pro-lifers from bringing attention to the day in which seven Supreme Court justices decided two cases, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, legalized abortion in all 50 states and throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

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New website features compelling pro-life stories via book and video

There is nothing more powerful than a person’s life story. The new book, We Choose Life: Authentic Stories, Movements of Hope is a collection of inspiring stories from men and women dedicated to ending abortion and saving lives.

The book, edited by author and founder of Disruptive Truth, Dave Sterrett, features some of the most compelling testimonies in the pro-life movement.

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Pro-abortion Canada shouldn’t envy risky U.S. abortion businesses

The United States has some of the most relaxed abortion laws in the world. We are one of only seven nations which allows for elective abortion past 20 weeks, and one of only four allowing abortion for virtually any reason up until birth.

Few nations are more pro-abortion, but one of the select few which is proud to hold that distinction is Canada. Our neighbors to the north not only allow abortions up until birth for any (or no) reason, they support it with taxpayer dollars. (They’re so pro-abortion, they couldn’t even pass a motion to simply study when life begins.)

But Canada is apparently looking for ways to make abortion access even more appealing. Earlier this month, D.C.-based writer Matt Kwong reported in the Canadian media outlet CBC News on Carafem, a “spa-like” U.S. abortion facility which Kwong says is “part of a new U.S. trend.” Perhaps most disturbing, however, is Kwong’s subheadline which reads, “Reproductive health centre focus on holistic approach to ‘de-medicalize’ abortion.”

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Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page filling with outraged supporters

Since Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, many of the abortion group’s supporters have been in disbelief. Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page continues to fill with incensed expressions of outrage – not from pro-lifers, but from PP’s own former supporters.

Many are assuring Planned Parenthood that they will no longer send donations, and that they are “unliking” PP’s Facebook page or unsubscribing from PP emails. Women and men are expressing anger over their general sentiment that Hillary Clinton has oppressed vulnerable women. They are telling PP that the endorsement is evidence of cronyism and corruption, and some are even agreeing that it is time for Planned Parenthood to be defunded.

Clinton, Planned Parenthood, defund, Hillary

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1973 video: Eugenicist and former Planned Parenthood president responds to ‘Roe’

A news report which aired just following the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion nationwide shows that Planned Parenthood has long viewed abortion as positive for women and for society (and long ignored the humanity of the preborn child), despite the harm abortion does to women’s bodies and the fact that it kills preborn children.

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New York Times editors lament pro-life laws of 2015

Earlier this month, the editors of the New York Times made no effort to hide their pro-abortion bias with their piece, “The Reproductive Rights Rollback of 2015.”

The pro-life movement of 2015 has much to celebrate: the closure of abortion facilities and the pro-life laws that have been passed. But the New York Times, right from the start, lets us know what their angle is:

How many laws making it harder to get an abortion will pass before the Supreme Court sees them for what they are — part of a tireless, coordinated nationwide assault on the right of women to control what happens with their own bodies without the interference of politicians?

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No mom needs to choose between her “wishes” and her baby’s life

(Via Pregnancy Help News) Gentle readers of the educational journal known as Cosmopolitan are in for their third installment of fruitless attacks from serial pregnancy help detractor Meaghan Winter.

Winter has been on the warpath against community-funded nonprofits serving women and families with life-affirming pregnancy help for the past year, nabbing two previous bylines (here and here) in Cosmopolitan, one at and even one at the New York Times back in November.

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Media tries to associate unrelated shooting with Planned Parenthood

We’re all familiar with how abortion advocates have politicized last week’s tragic shooting in Colorado Springs.  While the accusations that pro-life “rhetoric” somehow incited the violence are absolutely ridiculous, they could appear at least vaguely relevant, since the shooting took place at a Planned Parenthood.

But since then, the media has taken things to a whole new level of absurdity, bringing up Planned Parenthood in a completely unrelated shooting.

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