A look inside the womb: Parents share moving video of 18-week-old babies during in utero surgery

Sharon and her husband were thrilled to be expecting identical twin girls, but at 17 weeks gestation, they received news that no parent wants to hear.

“We found out that they had twin to twin transfusion. We did an extensive ultrasound and that’s when we found out it was quite serious,” explained Sharon.

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Controversial Oklahoma abortionist loses medical license, now a convicted felon

Last year, Live Action News contributor Calvin Freiburger wrote about Naresh Patel, an Oklahoma abortionist with a checkered past. In 1992, he was caught burning the bodies of aborted babies in a field, causing outrage. However, he was never charged with a crime… until he got caught in a vicious RU-486 scam. Patel pled guilty last October to lying to women about being pregnant so he could get their money. Now, he will never be able to practice medicine again and is a convicted felon.

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Late-term abortionist harvests baby body parts ‘within minutes’ of abortion

The University of New Mexico and late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd (pictured above) are facing questions of whether Boyd broke the law in obtaining liver and kidney tissue for research.  New Mexico Alliance for Life (NMAFL) reports it “has obtained details from a 2015 University of New Mexico research study describing how aborted baby liver and kidney tissue [was] harvested from ‘six fetuses,’ only 15 minutes after the abortion procedure.”
Now NMAFL is calling for state leaders to investigate and for UNM to terminate contracts with Boyd and his late-term abortion facility.

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Abortion facility worker describes “stopping little hearts from beating”

The book Abortion at Work: Ideology and Practice in a Feminist Clinic was written by from a pro-abortion perspective by feminist Wendy Simonds. She has a chapter devoted to how the abortion workers battled with pro-life demonstrators who picketed the facility and tried to close it with mass demonstrations. She calls these pro-life activists “antis,” standing for “anti-choice,” a term sometimes used by abortion supporters to label pro-lifers. But among her many interviews with abortion facility workers, there are some very candid admissions.

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Longtime abortionist opposes late-term abortions and D&Es

British abortionist Dr. Vincent Argent has been doing abortions for over 30 years and was once the medical director of one of England’s largest abortion providers.  But when legislation was proposed that would lower the country’s abortion limit from 24 to 20 weeks, Argent supported it. In fact, despite his commitment to providing abortions, Argent wanted the law to go even further. In an article in The Telegraph, Argent says that even twenty weeks is too late to do an abortion. He preferred a limit of 16 weeks.

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Man becomes pro-life after witnessing late-term abortion

A man who witnessed a late-term abortion while working in a hospital became pro-life because of what he saw. As I said in another article, 4% of all abortions are done in hospitals rather than in outpatient facilities.

On January 12, 2013, I corresponded with the man, who described the grisly abortion procedure he witnessed and assisted in. At his request, I am withholding his name. He says…

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Woman’s Planned Parenthood abortion led to serious health problems

In the book Life at All Costs: An Anthology of Voices from 21st-Century Black Pro-Life Leaders, former Planned Parenthood patient Tegra Little describes her abortion at Planned Parenthood and its tragic aftermath. At the facility, she was not given counseling, nor was she allowed to look at her ultrasound. It was only many years later, when she began experiencing health issues culminating in a partial hysterectomy, that Little realized how much she had been exploited by the abortion providers she’d trusted.

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Pathologist assistant provides photographs of aborted babies

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains graphic photos of violence below .

A woman whose job includes examining aborted babies has taken pictures of some of the babies killed in the hospital where she works.

Gahra Jenkins (a pseudonym) is a Pathologist Assistant at a hospital (the name and location of which I am withholding to protect her identity) where she helps the pathologist examine tissue. She has worked at the hospital since May 2014.

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New book allows mothers to access ultrasound clips by smartphone

Tyndale House Publishers recently released a book being marketed as “the most technologically advanced pregnancy book in the history of the world.” In addition to advice from obstetricians and the latest findings from neonatal studies, The Wonder Within You by Carey Wickersham includes smart phone scan codes which enable expecting mothers to view beautiful video clips of preborn children at each week of pregnancy. All of these clips have been uploaded to YouTube, where they are freely available to the public.

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Former abortionist: Life begins at conception, preborn feel pain

Coral Ridge Ministries released a series of pro-life videos called “The Truth about Abortion.” The videos, which were uploaded on January 15, 2009, feature comments from former abortionist Dr. Robert Siudmack.

In the first video, Siudmack states that life begins at conception: 

As a doctor, I know, as do my colleagues, that life begins at conception. That life begins the moment of conception is no longer a matter of personal opinion. It is an established medical fact. And this fact is not in dispute in any reputable medical textbook in the world. At the beginning of conception, a distinct, living, and whole human organism is formed.

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Thanks to NARAL Oregon, dentists will now advise poor women about birth control

We’ve all likely heard the argument people like to use about how if you don’t like something, don’t use it or don’t do it, but don’t take away somebody else’s “right.” It’s commonly stated when it comes to abortion and contraception. That argument is already weakened when we consider the number of coerced abortions, but it may further be weakened when it comes to contraception.

A recent piece from Public Discourse warns “Attention, Low-Income Women of Oregon: Your Reproduction Is Now the Government’s Business.” The piece explains that the state has implemented a new contraception metric. Low-income women who receive government-funded health services will now be bombarded with questions about their plans for pregnancy and contraception methods…

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Scientist: Fetal tissue research is an “antiquated, dying science”

Today, the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (comprised of a number of state senators and representatives) held an informational hearing on Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

One expert, Dr. David Prentice, flew in from Washington, D.C., to testify. Dr. Prentice is the Vice President and Research Director for the Charlotte Lozier Institute, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Molecular Genetics and an Advisory Board Member for the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center. He has personally performed federally funded research on human tissue, but never on fetal tissue.

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Baby saved from abortion after mother seeks abortion pill reversal

FOX 46 anchor Bill Melugin in Charlotte, North Carolina, shared a news report on Facebook that has people talking about “choice” and abortion in a whole new way.

Melugin interviewed Autumn Barnes, who took the first pill (mifepristone) of the RU-486 abortion pill regimen and regretted it, wondering if there was some way to reverse the process. To her relief, she found Dr. Matt Harrison, a creator of the Emergency Abortion Pill Reversal Kit, who administered progesterone injections in an attempt to reverse the effects of the pill. Barnes later delivered a healthy baby boy. The news report states that there are 300 physicians in the abortion pill reversal network, and as of the date of the video, 137 babies had been born thanks to the reversal:

[ABORTION PILL REVERSAL] Autumn Barnes panicked when she had an unexpected pregnancy last fall. She already had a…

Posted by Bill Melugin FOX 46 on Monday, November 2, 2015

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Abortion patient tells of experience at North Carolina ‘house of horrors’

On Monday morning, Operation Rescue, in a piece titled, “One Hour From Death: Abortion Patient Warns of Incompetence, Squalor at North Carolina Abortion Mill,” shared the story of “Amanda” and her abortion experience at the Hallmark Women’s Clinic in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with abortionist Melvin L. Henderson.

In no way is the piece’s title an exaggeration. Actually, “incompetence” and “squalor” may be putting Henderson’s actions lightly.  It is a helpfully detailed account of Amanda’s experience but is extremely disturbing, and some readers may have difficulty reading the whole thing.

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