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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge creates chilly conflict with pro-life values

While many Americans are pouring buckets of ice water over their heads in the name of research for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, few are aware of the life issues involved with this fundraising. The ALS Association, which has been the beneficiary of more than $22.9 million from the Ice Bucket Challenge, is involved in the use of embryonic stem cells for its research practices and has long been recognized as a research organization whose practices conflict with pro-life values. Continue reading


Late-term abortionist Martin Haskell ordered to close his clinic

Notorious late-term abortionist Martin Haskell has been battling to keep his Ohio abortion clinic open, and last Friday, a judge ordered Haskell to close his clinic for good. He has five days to file an appeal, or he will be forced to close his doors permanently.

According to Life News, the state of Ohio has been slowly making that all abortion clinics were in compliance with the law since 1999, as many of them were not operating legally according to Ohio standards. Haskell has therefore been off the hook for 15 long years. Yesterday’s ruling ensures that one less abortionist will be able to flout basic health and safety laws.

Haskell’s clinic has seen numerous emergencies, and one of Haskell’s doctors was barred from practicing obstetrics in Kentucky. Haskell is most infamous, however, for pioneering the grisly partial-birth abortion technique, eventually banned in 2003.


Autopsy report shows woman’s death at Cleveland abortion clinic was probably preventable

Last March, 22-year-old Lakisha Wilson was rushed to the emergency room after having a late-term abortion at the Preterm abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. After a week on life support, Lakisha died–and now an autopsy report reveals that the death was probably preventable.

According to the report obtained by Operation Rescue, Lakisha suffered “uterine atony,” a condition where the uterus does not properly contract after the abortion, causing hemorrhage.

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Supreme Court rules for Christian college in challenge to Obama Admin birth control rule

Just days after the ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby stores, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with a Christian college in a case involving emergency contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The court said in a unsigned opinion that Wheaton College in Illinois can opt out, at least temporarily, in a compromise offered by the Obama administration to religious colleges, businesses and organizations.

Under the ruling, the high court granted Wheaton College the ability to write the Department of Health and Human Services, noting the institution’s religious objections to providing emergency contraceptive coverage, rather than filling out Form 700, to which the college objects. The government then would notify the third party to provide birth control.

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Stained equipment in an abortion clinic right next to an examination table - in one of the "more than 50" clinics that were closed down.

Planned Parenthood “relieved” it does not have to answer Health Department question

[Warning: graphic image below.]

The Daily Journal has reported on a “mistaken” request by the Pennsylvania Health Department, directed to Planned Parenthood.

According to a Health Department spokeswoman, an employee took the initiative to ask Planned Parenthood to “provide information about its physicians’ admitting privileges at Pennsylvania hospitals.” But what seemed like a reasonable request was deemed a mistake by the Health Department.

Health Department spokeswoman Aimee Tysarczyk said the department had not asked employees to seek the information. In an email, she wrote: “In this instance, the department’s intent was not to ask for physician admitting privileges information; however, an employee proactively did so without receiving directive to do so.”

She said the department is not interested in the information about physicians and has discussed the matter with the employee.

Two issues arise here.

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California cuts Medi-Cal by 10%, increases abortion funding 40%

The California Department of Health Care Services will increase funding for abortion by 40 percent in an effort to provide women “greater choice in selecting a contraceptive that meets their needs” to stop, delay, or limit pregnancy. 

In the Medi-Cal Local Assistance Estimate report for fiscal years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, the department details plans to cut Medi-Cal while increasing payment rates for abortion services. The California Legislature left in tact the 10 percent cut to health care providers serving Medi-Cal patients enacted during the recession.

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Behold the patriarchy!

Three Planned Parenthood clinics closing in Oregon after drastic drop in patient visits

Abortion advocates complain that pro-lifers are causing the closure of abortion clinics across the country, and painting this as a crisis for women. But this isn’t always the case — less patients also leads to less clinics, which is exactly what led to the closing of three Planned Parenthood clinics in Oregon.

Planned Parenthood says it is closing three clinics in the Portland area: in Clackamas, Gresham and Clark County. Two months ago, it closed an office in McMinnville, Ore. The organization reports a 30 percent drop in patient visits, in part because of the increased use of long-acting reversible contraceptives and new guidelines for Pap tests. The office in Clark County that is closing is at 2105 N.E. 129th St. Suite 105

Will abortion activists be happy about this development? Probably not — in all likelihood, they’ll either bemoan it or ignore it altogether. It also goes to show how Planned Parenthood’s entire business revolves around abortions. They paint themselves as a “women’s health care provider,” but the reality is that they exist to perform abortions. And without the money from abortion rolling in, Planned Parenthood simply could not survive.


Abortionist claims ‘abortion is safer than penicillin’ and abortionists shouldn’t have to meet medical standards 

A Texas abortionist made several statements last Wednesday which demonstrated a total disregard for women’s health.  The remarks were made at a hearing over an Alabama law requiring that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges.

The bill is poised to shut down abortion mills in the state, because normally an abortionist’s residency near the hospital is required for the granting of hospital admitting privileges. At Montgomery County’s abortion mill, all of the abortionists travel in from out of state (a common practice in the abortion industry).

The admitting privileges issue triggered disdain and inaccurate comments from abortionist Paul Fine of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. On Wednesday he  testified before District Judge Myron Thompson:

I’m not aware of any procedure in medicine where it is required by law that a physician performing it have admitting privileges. 

Fine may be “unaware” of these procedures, but he certainly has no excuse for his ignorance. As Live Action’s Sarah Terzo chronicled,

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A premature babies served by the International Milk Bank

Moms donate breast milk for premature babies

A preemie served by the International Breast Milk Project
A preemie served by the International Breast Milk Project

When a baby is born premature, every little bit helps – literally. Every little bit of oxygen, transfused blood, necessary liquids and medications transferred through PICC lines, and of course, milk.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for the mother of a premature baby to produce enough breast milk for her fragile infant. She, too, needs to be surrounded with love, care, and attention. At what is likely the most stressful and difficult time of her life, this mother needs to know that other mothers are fighting for her baby’s life with her.

There is a very specific way that mothers can fight for life alongside the mother of a preemie – even if you don’t know her. You can donate breast milk.

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Looking for a pro-life OBGYN? Search AAPLOG’s new online directory!


As a woman in her early thirties, I understand the importance of having yearly visits to an OBGYN. As a pro-lifer, I know how frustrating it is to talk to an OBGYN who has opposing beliefs. I’m not concerned if my dentist, chiropractor or eye doctor doesn’t share my pro-life values. It would be wonderful if they did but it likely won’t ruin my visit if they don’t. OBGYN’s are different.

In my personal experience I had an OBYGN accuse me of being foolish for refusing to treat menstrual cramps with birth control. She also told me birth control would be a beneficial way for me to prevent cancer. I’ve heard women complain about OBGYN’s suggesting unnecessary hysterectomy’s and even offering to sterilize them. One friend who was asked if she’d like to be sterilized, was married, in her early twenties, with one child.

These are some of the reasons that make me grateful for the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists. AAPLOG is the largest organization of pro-life obstetricians and gynecologists in the world. Their purpose is to reaffirm the unique value and dignity of individual human life in all stages of growth and development. AAPLOG has over 2,500 members and associates who are board certified, professional, pro-life physicians, residents, medical students and international colleagues. This is a dream come true for countless women.

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Plan B

Studies show all forms of emergency contraception cause abortion

Plan B One-Step

Mainstream media and the anti-life movement cried foul when conscientious business owners refused to comply with the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, which requires employers to cover insurance plans that include all forms of contraception, including emergency contraception. Many of these entities have no problem with contraceptives at all, but they object to contraceptives that can also cause the death of pre-born children.

The belief of business owners such as Hobby Lobby’s Green family that mandatory emergency contraception coverage is unconscionable on the grounds that it is also an abortifacient was scoffed at and mocked by liberal pundits who insisted that these objections were deluded. They claimed that the real impetus behind these employers’ objections had to do with archaic and oppressive views of sex, when nothing could be further from the truth. The employers, in reality, are convicted that they cannot participate in life-threatening “healthcare” practices like abortifacients, and they do have their facts straight.

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Mississippi’s only remaining abortion clinic may close

Mississippi’s state regulations are about to impact Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a lone abortion mill located in Jackson, Mississippi, minutes from the state capitol. Based on the result of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans’s decision, which will be based on arguments over a state law that mandates abortion providers have hospital admitting privileges, this one remaining Mississippi abortion clinic could very well be shut down in the near future.

Pastor David Lane of Pro-Life Mississippi said, “We’re hoping and we’re praying this thing closes. Mississippi will be first in something that’s good anyway, and that is no free-standing abortion mills. That’s what we’re after.”

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man and woman pregnant

Bizarre abortion mill/birthing center hybrid tests the waters in New York

Pregnant woman

Buffalo, New York is now home to one of the most bizarre abortion clinic undertakings in America. At Buffalo Women’s Services, abortions and births take place in the same facility. Whether or not a baby is “wanted” is the only criterion that determines what procedure — birth or killing — its mother will request. Life and death coexist here in stark contrast: the first gasping screams of a newborn can be heard in one room, while at the same time a pre-born child may be struggling to free itself of the calipers that are about to rip her limb from limb in another.

The combined birthing/killing center is the brainchild of Katharine Morrison, the abortionist who has owned Buffalo Women’s Services since 2004. Morrison describes the abortion landscape in Buffalo as “oppressive.” A generation ago, women could abort their children at any number of facilities in upstate New York, including hospitals. Today, legislation representing the pro-life views of the residents of New York has changed that. Morrison told Cosmopolitan magazine:

Fast-forward to today and you cannot have an abortion in any hospital in Buffalo, N.Y. We’re hanging on by our fingernails.

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Doctors ought to hear the whole truth surrounding abortion before they are ever asked to perform one.

What is abortion? By the doctors who do it

Image of partial birth abortion
Image of partial-birth abortion and after-birth abortion.

One of my most memorable moments in pro-life work came when I was about fifteen years old. My brothers and I had decided to hit up the little cement pads outside some of the stores our mom frequented, collecting signatures for an Infant Born Alive Protection Act and a Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

As one man exited a Big Lots, one of us approached him, asking him to sign. He was somewhat perplexed, wondering what “partial-birth abortion” was. So we told him. Bluntly. We let the man know that partial-birth abortion included sticking scissors into the neck of an almost born baby and sucking out her brains.

But the man didn’t believe us. He took another look and informed us that we were making this up. According to him, this didn’t happen in America. And he left without signing.

One of the biggest jobs we have today is letting Americans know exactly what abortion is. It’s simply – and unfortunately – not enough to go around and say how wrong “abortion” is. “Abortion,” in too many Americans’ minds, is a perplexing, nebulous, and vague topic.

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs into law a bill allowing surprise inspections for abortion clinics


You know how normal medical facilities are subject to all kind of regulations? In most states, abortion clinics are completely exempt, with tattoo parlors and veterinary clinics held to higher standards. In February, Arizona State Representative Debbie Lesko introduced a bill to allow surprise inspections of abortion clinics. Governor Jan Brewer has signed that bill into law.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has signed into law a measure that treats abortion clinics just like other medical facilities in the state, making them subject to the same health and safety inspection standards, including spontaneous inspections.

The Women’s Health Protection Act (HB 2284) requires abortion clinics to be subject to the same safety and inspection standards as all other health care institutions. In addition, the legislation makes it a crime to help a minor obtain an abortion and avoid Arizona’s parental consent requirement.

For all the talk from pro-abortion advocates about how important the health and safety of women is, they don’t seem to have much concern about actually protecting their health. They oppose any attempt to hold abortion clinics to the same standards as other medical facilities, while claiming that abortion is “health care”. Somehow, they miss the contradiction there.

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Journal of Clinical Nursing: Abortions of babies with “very human form” is “distressing”

Baby in the second trimester - at 14 weeks.
Baby in the second trimester – at 14 weeks.

In 2009, there was a crisis in New Zealand when a number of nurses refused to assist in second-trimester abortions. In the article “More nurses opting out of abortion ops,” one person interviewed commented:

[It is] an issue of nurses expressing an unwillingness to continue contributing to this particular service. It’s not an area of practice where many staff choose or are comfortable to work.

An article in the Journal of Clinical Nursing sheds light on why. According to the article:

Second trimester terminations require the woman concerned to go through an induced labour, the result of which is a fetus in a very human form. (1)

Indeed, babies in the second trimester have a “very human form.” In these abortions, the baby is injected with poison to kill him or her, and then labor is induced. The woman in effect “gives birth” to a dead baby. In the U.S., third-trimester abortions are almost always done this way – by injecting the baby with poison (usually digoxin) and then inducing labor. (This method is also used in the second trimester in the U.S., although many second-trimester abortions here are done by D&E, where the baby is dismembered in utero.)

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Harold O. Alexander

Maryland abortionist has license suspended for the second time in two years

Harold O. Alexander
Harold O. Alexander

Late-term abortionist Harold O. Alexander had his medical license suspended for three months by the Maryland Board of Physicians yesterday. This is his second suspension in two years, bringing into question why this man is still allowed to practice medicine.

According to the consent order, Alexander is guilty of “unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine.” After his three-month suspension is over, he will be allowed to practice medicine again, although he will remain under probation for “at least” three years. Once the suspension is lifted, he cannot be employed as a sole practitioner for at least a year, and must work under the supervision of a board-approved physician, who will have to file monthly reports.

Alexander was previously charged in 2012, for unprofessional conduct, failure to meet the standard of quality medical care, and inadequate medical recordkeeping. Alexander had been accused of sexual misconduct, as well as self-prescribing medications and prescribing medications for family and friends, and his license was suspended. After the suspension was lifted, he remained under probation.

Last October, his clinic was inspected. It was found to be an unlicensed surgical abortion clinic, yet Alexander admitted to performing abortions there on a regular basis. There was no nurse on site when the abortions were performed, which is a violation of state regulations. Multiple other violations were found as well. He had also applied for his clinic to become a licensed abortion clinic, despite knowing that he could not do so until his suspension was lifted.

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Planned Parenthood, pro-choice, pro-life

Houston Planned Parenthood worker skirts fact that patient is bleeding out on 911 call

Planned Parenthood Clinic Sign

Several months ago, a confusing call was placed by a Planned Parenthood worker in Houston to 911 dispatch during complications following an abortion. A 33-year-old woman continued to lose a dangerous amount of blood at the behemoth abortion mill on the Gulf Freeway as Planned Parenthood tried to circumvent the fact that the woman was bleeding out.

It is likely that Planned Parenthood knew that pro-lifers would be pulling the call records to find out what had prompted the ambulance to arrive at Planned Parenthood, and wanted to obfuscate the facts for the public. But in so doing, the worker also confused the dispatcher, and – as Operation Rescue points out – it took over two minutes of precious time in the 33-year-old patient’s life before the dispatcher knew why Planned Parenthood had called.

The bizarre transcript, obtained by Operation Rescue, reads as follows:

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Cleveland: 22-year-old woman dead after abortion late in pregnancy

A 22-year-old woman died last week after an abortion at the Preterm abortion mill in Cleveland. Lakisha Wilson went to Preterm for an abortion later in pregnancy, which she was reportedly denied at other abortion mills in the area due to how far along she was. It is unclear at this time exactly what circumstances led to Lakisha’s demise, but by the time a staffer called 911 to request an ambulance for Lakisha, she was not breathing at all. Wilson was transported to the hospital and treated, but she passed away a few days later.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.30.35 PM

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood planning new abortion clinic in Texas

texas flagDespite its cries of foul, claiming Texas has removed choice from women and all but confined them to coat hanger abortions with its new laws, Planned Parenthood continues to prove its priorities are wholly focused on making bundles from the killing of babies.

A San Antonio news station reports that the abortion giant is planning to open a $5 million abortion clinic. The clinic will meet all of the surgical clinic requirements so that Planned Parenthood can continue to do abortions in San Antonio. The station reports:

“Planned Parenthood South Texas is fighting to stay open.  The organization announced it is raising $5 million for a new abortion facility that will meet the new ambulatory surgical center standards…. Officials with Planned Parenthood say women’s access to legal abortions is now limited with clinics around the state folding including the Rio Grande Valley.  There’s a chance many will be traveling to Planned Parenthood’s full scale clinic in San Antonio for services.  So far Planned Parenthood has raised $3.5 million for the new facility.  They haven’t released the location of the center.”

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