University of New Mexico Dept. head confirms high school students dissected aborted baby brains

A recent video shows the chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Paul Roth, admitting that one of the university’s summer science programs for high school students dissected  baby brains for research.

This confirms what the House Select Panel on Infant Lives exposed in its report when it referred the university to the New Mexico attorney general for criminal charges for possibly violating New Mexico’s Jonathan Spradling Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

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“Attempts were made to erase” record of hemorrhaging Planned Parenthood patient

On August 9, 2016, an ambulance transported a hemorrhaging, asthmatic patient from the Planned Parenthood in Madison, Wisconsin, to a local hospital. But despite the filing of a Freedom of Information Request on the incident, Operation Rescue reports that even full audio of the 911 call was redacted from some of the released records — as if no ambulance call even took place at the time.

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Late-term abortions “almost never” done on unhealthy babies, says clinic worker

Jackie, a former abortion clinic worker, was interviewed by Abby Johnson on a webcast done by And Then There Were None.  And Then There Were None is an organization that helps abortion center workers leave the abortion industry.  The organization has helped over 200 abortion facility workers and 7 full time abortionists leave their jobs.

Former abortion worker Margot worked in a late-term abortion facility in the POC room. POC stand for “products of conception,” a term clinic workers use for aborted babies. Jackie handled and inspected the fully formed body parts of late term babies killed in abortions.

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Born premature after six miscarriages, little Daisy is thriving today

A mother from the U.K. miscarried six times in 14 years. Her seventh baby defied the odds.

Kim Cruickshanks suffers from polycycstic ovary syndrome, a complication that resulted in six miscarriages. According to an article published by the Daily Mail in 2013, Cruickshanks “was always at risk of miscarrying because she has polycystic ovaries and her six previous pregnancies all ended before 12 weeks.”

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Abortionist tells interns to strangle a child born alive after abortion

Sometimes aborted babies are accidentally born alive. The abortionist then faces an awkward situation. The baby is supposed to be dead. That is what the mother is paying him for. It is not surprising that many babies who manage to hold on to life through a brutal abortion procedure end up dying shortly after birth, either by neglect or by deliberate acts of violence.

A European woman who works as a physician has come forward with a chilling anecdote. She claims to have overheard a doctor give instructions on how to kill a baby if he or she survived an abortion. In a document entitled “Late Term Abortion & Neonatal Infanticide in Europe: Petition for the Rights of Newborns Surviving Their Abortion” (which can be found in its entirety here). Dr. D.F. gives the following testimony. The incident took place while she was still a medical student.

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Mother of baby waving in ultrasound speaks out against abortion

Amy Jedrysek shared an ultrasound image of her baby on Facebook because she saw an opportunity to show people that a preborn child is not just tissue. In the image, her baby is waving as if to say, “Hi, Mom.”  Now Jedrysek has shared a bit more of her story of single parenthood and finding support.

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Mom refuses abortion for baby with intestines outside of his body

When Holly Hodgson was 12 weeks pregnant, she learned that her preborn baby had gastroschisis. His intestines, along with other organs, were growing outside of his body through a hole near his belly button. But what shocked her more than the diagnosis, was that her doctor told her to abort her baby.

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Newspaper editorial board hammers University of New Mexico for fetal tissue research ethics

The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board authored a firm editorial last week criticizing the University of New Mexico Health Science Center for its work on fetal tissue research, as well as its blasé attitude about using dead babies in its lab work. The paper blasts the lab for its lack of respect, as well as some of its practices that the board deems “inappropriate at best and barbaric at worst.”

The editorial begins with harsh words for the university’s health science center:

Respect for fetal tissue harvested from pregnant women during abortion procedures apparently was in short supply in the minds of some of those involved in research at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.

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Baby given no chance of survival celebrates first birthday

Naomi Joy Bakker wasn’t supposed to live.  At 23 weeks gestation, a routine ultrasound led to a diagnosis of intrauterine growth restriction. The placenta had not properly attached to the uterus and she wasn’t receiving enough nutrition. Doctors told her parents, Angela and Michael, that their baby girl was at a high risk of dying in the womb. A second opinion confirmed this and the Bakkers were given the option to abort Naomi. They refused, and now they have celebrated her first birthday.

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Parents refuse to abort their baby, then convince doctors to save her

At their 20-week ultrasound for their baby girl, Elle Brant and her partner Denzil Amoah learned that their daughter has Edwards’ Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 18. Doctors advised the couple to abort their baby, and when the couple refused, doctors  said they would not provide the baby with any treatment to help her survive.

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When her son Zachary was born premature, this mom created gloves that are now helping others

In 2001, preeclampsia forced Yamile Jackson to give birth to her son Zachary twelve weeks early at just 28 weeks gestation. Zachary weighed less than two pounds and had to spend the first 155 days of his life in the NICU. Jackson was able to be with her son during the day, but had to leave him at night. Wanting to ensure that he remained healthy and felt safe, Jackson invented a simple product that is now helping to save the lives of premature infants.

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Researchers: Abortion should be listed as a ‘major cause of death’ in statistics

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte are challenging the scientific community’s refusal to acknowledge abortion as a cause of death, despite the settled science that the embryos and fetuses eliminated by abortion are living human beings.

“The exclusion of a major cause of death from the vital statistics system, especially one with large racial and ethnic disparities, should be a major concern to the scientific community and society as a whole,” write James Studnicki, Sharon J. MacKinnon, and John W. Fisher, especially since “there is no credible scientific opposition to the fact that a genetically distinct human life begins at conception and that an induced abortion is a death.” Continue reading

Texas expands health services, proves women don’t need Planned Parenthood

Poor women who need health care in Texas don’t need Planned Parenthood, and the state is footing the bill to show them the truth. The Lone Star State, which defunded the abortion chain, has unveiled its Healthy Texas Women program, proving that the only thing a woman can get at Planned Parenthood that she can’t get elsewhere is an abortion.

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4 babies who prove children born before 24 weeks can survive

There’s a misconception that babies born before 24 weeks have no chance of survival. This idea is so engrained in our minds that in many cases doctors won’t even help a baby who is born before that point. Even some pro-choicers will argue that abortion is only okay up until that magic moment of viability.

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