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Viral photo of baby in amniotic sac proves humanity of the preborn

A few news sources have recently reported an extremely rare occurrence: a baby, delivered by emergency caesarean section at 26 weeks, with his amniotic sac still completely intact around his tiny body.

According to reports, this is something so rare that many OB-GYNs will never see it in their careers. In roughly one in every 80,000 births is the baby born with a portion of the amniotic sac, let alone the sac fully intact.

From this amazing photo of baby Silas Johnson, it’s easy to see his hands, feet, head, and little torso, which makes it more horrific to realize that in many states, it’s perfectly legal to rip him limb from limb in the womb through a late-term abortion procedure. According to the Guttmacher Institute, eight states have no gestational limits on abortion, meaning these states allow abortions at 26 weeks – and beyond.

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Nurse who assisted in abortions now pro-life, opposes abortion

A nurse identified only as “Julia” talked about her experience as a nurse at a teaching hospital that did abortions. Her story appears at Priests for Life. She says:

20 weeks
20 weeks

I was a nurse practicing in North Carolina.  I worked on a Gynecology/tumor unit at a teaching hospital. The unit included 4 prostaglandin abortion beds.  The babies who were aborted were between 18-20wks of age.  Most women were young, but occasionally there were patients whose babies had life threatening defects.  I assisted the doctor in the initial placement of the prostaglandin.  Then the women were left on the floor to deliver.

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Mississippi’s restrictive abortion law lands at Supreme Court for review

A Mississippi abortion law is the latest to arrive at the Supreme Court. Mississippi has asked the high court to review the decision of a federal district court that blocked a law from going into effect; that law requires physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges in local hospitals.

Common in many states, the law helps ensure women’s safety by assuring them of quick hospital care should something go wrong during the abortion. But abortion advocates say it’s a ploy by pro-lifers to disguise outlawing abortions in the guise of safety.

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Clinic worker: The first time I saw an aborted baby’s arm, I couldn’t believe my eyes

One could say that the best way to learn about abortion is to listen to the stories of those who have actually been there, in the rooms where abortions were performed- the former abortionists and clinic workers. These first-hand accounts, like the you one are about to read, are powerful testimonies of the inhumanity of abortion.

In the article “Abortion Clinics: an inside Look” published by Last Days Ministries and online here two abortion clinic workers tell their stories.

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Abortion doctor condemns pro-lifers for “dwelling on the details” of abortion

For years, Dr. David A. Grimes has written books and manuals, detailing how to perform abortions.

Now, however, he is roundly condemning pro-lifers for “dwelling” on those exact same details. In an article for RH Reality Check, Grimes writes, with Carole Joffe, that the pro-life movement is attempting another “public-relations success” with new proposed legislation that would ban D&E abortions:

[T]hat same playbook is being used again in Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota in a new campaign to outlaw yet another second-trimester abortion method, “dilation and evacuation” (D and E). Once again, the medical term for this procedure has been replaced by a garish one, “dismemberment abortion,” and once again, abortion opponents are hoping that dwelling on the details of this procedure will lead lawmakers to ban it.

Well, note to Dr. Grimes: pro-life advocates came upon the term “dismemberment abortion” because that’s exactly what a D&E abortion is. In short detail, a baby is literally ripped apart with metal instruments, limb by limb. While still alive, the baby is made into piecemeal and taken, bit by bit, out of her mother’s womb.

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Medical intern horrified by late-term abortion of twins

In an article profiling the now deceased late-term abortionist Dr. William Rashbaum  (which I’ve referenced before) writer Rebecca Paley says late-term abortions are more dangerous than early ones, as well as more difficult to perform safely. But this is not why many abortionists don’t like to do them:

Technical difficulty, however, is not why many doctors don’t want to do second-trimester abortions. What troubles them is that as a pregnancy progresses, the fetus increasingly resembles a baby….

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Kansas Senate advances “dismemberment” abortion ban

The Kansas Senate has approved a measure that would outlaw dilation and evacuation abortion procedures, usually done for second trimester abortions. In Kansas, this will affect about 8% of abortions. The bill redefines these abortions as “dismemberment” abortions.

Senate Bill 95 easily passed the Kansas Senate Friday with a vote of 31-9. The dismemberment section reads:

“‘Dismemberment abortion’ means, with the purpose of causing the death of an unborn child, knowingly dismembering a living unborn child and extracting such unborn child one piece at a time from the uterus through the use of clamps, grasping forceps, tongs, scissors or similar instruments that, through the convergence of two rigid levers, slice, crush or grasp a portion of the unborn child’s body in order to cut or rip it off.”

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Scandalous abortion clinic kills woman, stores frozen dinners with fetal tissue

About ten miles north of downtown Chicago lies Lincolnwood, a small village with a horrendous tale. In May, 2009, 18-year-old Antonesha Ross died after complications from an abortion at Larisa Rozansky’s Women’s Aid Clinic.

Shortly after her first trimester abortion, Antonesha began coughing up fluid and blood and had difficulty breathing. Clinic staff failed to provide CPR, and two hours after her abortion, the young mother was declared dead in a hospital emergency room.

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New York City: Where pizza parlors are safer than “filthy” uninspected abortion clinics

In New York City, there is good reason to believe that your pizza is safer than your local abortion clinic as inspections have been few and far between. A bill in the state assembly, along with a new advertising campaign, aims to change that by asking for regular inspections of the city’s abortion facilities. The bill in the New York State Assembly, A03048 was introduced by Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island). The bill notes:

“A recent Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request uncovered the fact that only 17 of the 25 abortion clinics in New York had been inspected between 2000 and 2012, and five of those 17 had received only one inspection during that time period. Eight abortion clinics received no inspections.”

The bill would require abortion facilities be inspected by the health department once every two years  and report findings to the governor and legislature, which is in accordance with the policies for restaurants and tanning salon inspections in the city.

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“Three-parent babies” may be born in England soon

On Tuesday, the U.K. House of Commons voted 382-178 to advance legislation thatwould allow scientists to create a baby from the DNA of mom, dad, and another mom.

The reasoning behind the idea is that it may help mitochondrial disease. USA Today explains:

Mitochondria are tiny compartments inside nearly every cell of the body that convert food into usable energy…. Defective mitochondria, which are passed down only from the mother, lead to brain damage, muscle wasting, heart failure and blindness.

The mix of DNA, scientists say, will be used in about a dozen women a year who have the “faulty mitochondria, the energy-producing structures outside a cell’s nucleus.” The problem, they say, is fixable by this procedure:

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Journal reviews Plan B: “abortion is a likely mechanism of action”

The authors of the review, featured in The Linacre Quarterly, put it lightly when they say in the abstract that “[t]here has been much debate” regarding whether so-called emergency contraceptives actually work by destroying a newly conceived human being (that is, a human embryo).

“Many doctors and researchers,” the authors elaborate, “claim that it has either no – or at most – an extremely small chance of working via abortion.”  But “the latest scientific and medical evidence now demonstrates that levonorgestrel emergency contraception theoretically works via abortion quite often.”

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7-week baby survives abortion after mother reverses ‘the pill’

Since 2012, 77 children have survived abortion attempts on their lives from RU-486 — also called “the abortion pill” — thanks to and their network of 226 pro-life OBGYNs.

Women who take the first dose of the abortion pill and regret it are able to seek help from pro-life clinics such as Assure Pregnancy Center, who can put them in touch with doctors who are able to give them an immediate dose of progesterone to block the abortion-causing effects of Mifepristone. The doctors also follow up to ensure that the baby remains healthy.

One such woman, “Jen,” visited Assure Pregnancy Center after Planned Parenthood gave her RU-486 and she took the first pill. It was Memorial Day weekend. The staff at the clinic was looking forward to the three-day weekend, but when Jen walked in, they quickly got to work to save a little life.

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