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The real “War on Women” and the motivation behind it

Pro-lifers are regularly accused of waging a war on women when we want to protect women’s health and the lives of the children they carry within. Regulations of abortion clinics to protect women and their children are seen as an attack on abortion access by abortion advocates – not because they want women to have access to what they call safe abortion, but because they know tighter regulations will reduce the number of abortion clinics, and thus the number of abortions will be reduced.

We who defend the right to life understood a long time ago that the interest of the abortion industry is not women’s health and women’s lives, but instead, the abortion numbers in and of themselves.

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Gloria Steinem is raising money for Planned Parenthood: Pimps and abusers should thank her

For fifty years, Gloria Steinem has been one of America’s most visible abortion advocates. Apparently she’s also a Jay-Z fan.

A frequent guest at Planned Parenthood fundraisers, Steinem praised the abortion giant during a 2013 Oklahoma City event for operating while “under siege.” She went on to decry the problems of sexual exploitation, physical abuse, and gendercide. Ms. Steinem picked an excellent venue to discuss these issues. After all, Planned Parenthood has a history of promoting all three.

Many sex offenders are desperate to cover up their crimes, often threatening victims if they come forward. Impregnating a victim is especially problematic, since paternity tests tend to be something of a give away. The good news (for predators) is that Planned Parenthood provides a way out through their don’t-ask-don’t tell abortion policy.

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Does sympathy for abortive women weaken the pro-life cause?

It’s a subject rife with debate in the pro-life community: how do we approach abortion-minded and post-abortive women? For some, the belief is that we should welcome these women, treat them with compassion, and help them to find healing.

Others, however, believe that women who have abortions are murderers who are evil, beyond redemption, and undeserving of our love and compassion. One such person espousing that attitude is a blogger for Doug Giles’ website, Clash Daily, who argues that women who have abortions are heartless, and sympathizing with them weakens the pro-life cause.

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Latest undercover video shows Planned Parenthood’s oppression of women

To believe the media these days is to believe that Planned Parenthood is the oppressed rather than the oppressor that it is. While the abortion giant is making a Goliath about the birth-control issue, the truth about what’s really happening behind closed doors is that Planned Parenthood will stop at nothing to promote its sexual agenda, even oppressing minors and exposing them to pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse.

Yesterday Live Action released a new video showing a Planned Parenthood worker in Colorado, advising an underage girl on how to perform sex acts, find pornography, and hide it from her parents. Exacerbating the tragedy of this video is that it’s not an isolated incident but the latest in a string of undercover videos from Planned Parenthoods across the nation, showing that its primary role isn’t “women’s health” as it purports so much people sometimes believe it without question; instead, its primary role is sex at all costs, with abortion-on-demand as a result.

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There’s no right to sex in the Constitution

After the Hobby Lobby ruling, liberals and abortion activists came crawling out of the woodwork to let everyone know about how this was ruining health care for women. Because in pro-abortion fantasyland, abortion and birth control equals women’s health care. That’s why they do things like compare birth control to treatment for leukemia. Ever eager to be on the front lines of the battle to claim the title of Foremost Abortion Extremist, Jessica Valenti is taking the argument in a different direction though.

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Kids and the question of ‘How many are you having?’

I had the great pleasure of becoming a Mrs. just a few short weeks ago. The wedding was fairy tale themed with a princess ball gown, tiara and one of my 10 bridesmaids singing a Disney love song as I walked down the aisle. It was a day I will cherish forever.

In the months leading up to the wedding I was asked a number of questions: ‘Where are you going on your honeymoon?’; ‘Do you know where you’ll be living after you get married?’; ‘What church will you guys attend?; and, my personal favorite, ‘When are you having kids and how many?’

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Everyone’s pro-life: Abortion, foster care, and pro-lifers

Everyone’s pro-life. That is, everyone supports some people living. Many pro-abortion activists care deeply about saving the lives of domestic violence victims. Even Hitler, evil personified to 21st century Americans, was pro Aryans living long, healthy lives. What should distinguish pro-lifers is that we care about all lives, not just some.

But that’s a difficult task. Pro-lifers sometimes believe if a pregnant mother would only say “no” to abortion, the battle for life would be won. Sometimes, this is the case. But for many unborn children, escaping abortion is only the first step. When I was pursuing my Master’s in Counseling, I interned in a juvenile jail. A large percentage of incarcerated teenage girls are pregnant, have a child, or have aborted. As I spent hours counseling the girls, they opened up about their lives and their kids.

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What you call a rape exception is an innocent child worthy of life

What if you learned after 37 years that your birth father was a rapist and that he brutally beat and raped your birth mother, abandoning her along the side of the road to die? To make matters worse, you discover that  your life was almost taken by abortion because someone wanted you dead and paid a stranger to make it happen.

After uncovering the tragedy surrounding your conception and life, how would you look at your life or yourself? Would you continue on with your life like nothing ever happened? Would you guard your secret, never telling a soul, with the hope that no one discovers that you’re a mistake– a child who wasn’t supposed to live and was better off dead. I am one such child. For me, this is the reality and truth of my life.

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Is it really about a woman deciding her own fate?

When I was a freshman in college at Fordham University, I went a few Saturdays during the school year to be a prayerful witness outside Dr. Emily’s Women’s Center in the Bronx. This is the same abortion clinic which has been featured in Live Action’s Inhuman investigation.

There was often a presence of abortion supporters who would try to drown out those of us who were praying the rosary or trying to inform women of free alternatives. One common chant of theirs was “not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate.”

Now we don’t live in a theocracy, but church lay persons and leaders are allowed to express their views on abortion and lobby the government just as others are. It is also woefully ignorant to assume that just churchgoers are the ones against abortion. And sadly, not all churches are. 

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Faith & Forceps: How churches are promoting abortion

It’s surprising what you can learn about yourself. Recently, I learned that I’m on the same side as the Taliban… the Tennessee Taliban.

So who’s playing at the Grand Ole Opry tonight?

In June, a group known as Tennesseans for Preservation of Personal Privacy published an ad condemning Constitutional Amendment 1, a pro-life ballot initiative. The ad features a sinister looking man in a turban standing atop a frightened woman. Next to the pair is a caption that reads, “Vote NO on the Tennessee TALIBAN Amendment.”

The pro-life/Taliban comparison has always struck me as odd. Whereas the former movement is devoted to saving children, the latter is quite content to blow them up. Further, my fellow Live Action authors would seem to make poor Taliban recruits. If the Taliban is now accepting Marine Corps wives and atheist lesbians, then it has broadened its base to a remarkable degree.

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Religious freedom is more than a hobby

June 30, 2014 is a day that was long anticipated and will be long remembered. On this monumental day, the Supreme Court of the United States passed a decision that favored the preservation of religious liberty and personal conviction with its decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

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So, what if you’re wrong?

Put rather simply, one’s opinion on abortion can generally be summed up depending on whether the person accepts that life begins at conception or not, as science so clearly tells us that it does.

There are exceptions. Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote for Slate last January in which she is shockingly honest with the title of her piece, “So what if abortion ends life?” She admits that “I believe that life starts at conception. And it’s never stopped me from being pro-choice.”

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Lollipops, abortion, and Sheila Jackson Lee

Judging from some of the things she says,  Democrat Texas representative Sheila Jackson Lee occasionally embodies Mark Twain’s quip, “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. ”

In 2011, arguing against the Pence Amendment to appropriations bill H.R. 1, which proposed defunding Planned Parenthood and actually succeeded, Jackson Lee said: “This is not about abortion; this is about saving lives.”

That same year, during the House floor debate on the Protect Life Act, Ms. Jackson Lee defended abortion as a “needed action” and referred to the heartbeat of a fetus as a “sound.”

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Debunking the argument that “fetuses aren’t children”

“Fetuses aren’t children.”

This was the answer I received to my tweet that said, “…Killing children – at any developmental stage – should be illegal.”

The exchange went on:

Me: “Are adolescents children? If children are children at one developmental stage, they’re children at every developmental stage.”

K.K.: “A fetus has none of the abilities/physical characteristics that even a newborn has.”

Me: “Hmmm, really? A baby at 39 wks is still a fetus. You’d really argue that she has none of the characteristics of a newborn?”

K.K.: “She obviously looks, in ultrasounds, like a baby. But she still cannot breathe, move, eat. vocalize like an infant.”

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Column: My deductible isn’t free, so why should your birth control be?

It’s been a week since the Supreme Court released its decision on Hobby Lobby, and the rhetoric has fallen in ugly places. As I listen to the reactions from Planned Parenthood and its supporters (such as this piece from Cyndi Lauper), I’ve been struck with the misleading propaganda that the abortion giant has been using to convince the American people of something that has actually not happened.

Planned Parenthood, while certainly not the only dissenting voice, has been the most vocal voice against the high court’s decision. A glance at their Facebook page might have you believe that something unusual and tragic has happened. When, in fact, nothing has changed at all. Planned Parenthood asserted last week many false statements:

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What women forget about equality and abortion

sad-woman-faceTake a few moments, and picture the following scenario:

If you think I’m talking about abortion, I’m not. These things – and more – happen to women the world over.

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Pro-choice reaction to NRLC speaker scathing and intolerant

Joy Pinto, a pro-lifer and Catholic radio host from Alabama who runs Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center, made some comments at a pro-life convention that have drawn the vitriol of pro-choicers.

Pro-choice people cannot believe that Pinto had the audacity to leave her home last week, much less broadcast that she is a Catholic, a moral absolutist, and a woman who believes that women deserve better than abortion.

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Most women do not "love abortion."

Column: Abortion, the choice alone is child abuse

I have a very dear friend, Ben, who seems to be compassionate, smart and socially responsible.  For years I have tried to get him to concede that prenatal homicide is wrong and should be illegal, but one day he said to me, “You haven’t convinced me.”

I said back to him, “But you are the one who is supposed to be trying to convince me!”  It was very frustrating.  Ben often acted like he was doing me a favor just to listen to my arguments.  He said I was wrong to use the government to try to deter abortion.  I thought the norm was, or should be, for the government to protect the unborn.

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Josie Cunningham says she drank and smoked after finding out her child was a boy

Josie Cunningham, a British model who made headlines earlier this year when she said she would abort her baby in order to gain a spot on the reality show Big Brother, recently found out that she is pregnant with her third son. Cunningham does not have any daughters, and she admitted that she was not pleased with the news that the baby was another boy. She was so disappointed, in fact, that she began drinking and smoking heavily after the sex of the baby was determined via sonogram.

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Planned Parenthood throws temper tantrum against the Supreme Court buffer zone ruling

A story from a guard at a jail recalling  inmates rebellion when they don’t get their way is strikingly reminiscent of the responses from Planned Parenthood regarding last week’s Supreme Court decision striking down buffer zones at abortion clinics.

A worker at a jail, a friend relayed the personality change of inmates when they are denied their desires. The transform from fun, easygoing, well-behaved—until something triggers them. The guard describes an evening watching a playoff game, which was still being played at 9 p.m., the time the televisions has to be turned off. The inmates begged for a bit more time; let them finish they game, they plead. After all it’s a playoff. But he answer is no; rules are rules. And the inmates don’t like that. The guard details the abrupt change in behavior. Some, the guard says, scream as if a crime is being committed, and even rage and kick a 20-feet deep concrete wall over and over. One split is head open from banging it against his cell. All of this from perfectly likable and good behavior, simply because they didn’t get what they wanted.

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