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What if it doesn’t look human?

You have probably seen the pictures. The little arms and legs torn off, the little feet of the aborted babies. The pictures have been plastered on trucks, held above overpasses, shared on facebook and other websites, and even towed over beaches by a plane.

They are some of the most powerful tools of the pro-life movement.

But there is still one nagging question. What about abortions that take place before the baby looks human? Is it still morally wrong to kill “it” when it only vaguely resembles a person? What about the very early stages when it is indistinguishable to the naked eye from the embryos of other creatures?

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Sherri Shepherd, surrogacy, and the commodification of children

Sherri Shepherd, host of “The View”, made waves earlier this year when news broke that her marriage had broken up. While the news of another celebrity marriage failing isn’t unusual, what made it so alarming to so many people was that Shepherd and her husband, Lamar Sally, had contracted a surrogate to carry a baby for them — and that following Shepherd’s decision to divorce her husband, she had also decided that she was going to have nothing to do with the baby.

People were understandably outraged, and as more news concerning this troubling situation breaks, it only gets more disturbing. The surrogate gave birth to the child on August 5th, and is being raised by Shepherd’s ex-husband, Lamar Sally. Shepherd has had no contact with the baby, was not present for the delivery, and even took him off of her health insurance.

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The birth defect that never was: the story of my son

On a midsummer’s night, he came rushing into the world – in all of his 9 pounds, 6 ounces of glory. When they laid him on my chest, he raised a big baby hand and thudded it down on me, somewhat remniscent of a tiny wolf cub. Below our hospital room, a beautiful statue of Jesus with the children seemed to stand watch – reminding us where this precious boy came from and Who he would always belong to.

The next day, his pediatrician came to visit. She looked him over and declared him healthy – with one potential problem. A potentially big problem. She was concerned that he might have been born with a spinal cord defect that can be related to spina bifida and the tragic diagnosis of anencephaly.

He would live: he was in no danger of losing his life, unless of course, you consider the danger inherent in a serious surgery for a baby.

I am notorious for my focus on the future, instead of the present. And so, for the next three weeks, my mind continually traveled to the time around his first birthday, when my tiny and helpless son might require a surgery to untether his spinal cord.

The consequences of rejecting the surgery?

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Pregnant woman

Bombs, bullets, and abortion: Here are the facts that Ilyse Hogue and NARAL Pro-Choice America don’t want you to know

Ilyse Hogue is the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and she’s a little upset. Yes, I know–that’s nothing new.

What is new, however, is the target of her wrath. When the crowdfunding website recently announced that it will no longer raise money to pay for abortions, Ms. Hogue wasn’t pleased. In response, she put out a mass email accusing GoFundMe of subjecting “one in three women” to “stigma, shame, or judgment.” This, she explained, is because the site also prohibits fundraising on behalf of terrorist organizations. According to NARAL’s president, that means GoFundMe must “consider abortion in the same category as terrorism and violence.”

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Simple ideas for communicating the pro-life message to children

As parents (or kids’ caretakers), we have the opportunity to build pro-life values into them from a young age. Of course, we can talk to them directly about the value of every life, explain things, and answer questions. One day we’ll have to explain exactly what abortion is to them.

But, there are also ways to reinforce pro-life values as we’re living everyday life. For instance, when a baby cries at the store, children are often naturally concerned – not annoyed like many adults are. Encourage that concern and tell children how important it is to care for everyone, especially when they’re helpless like those little babies. Love and compassion for others should always trump our selfish feelings.

Storytime is another prime opportunity to instill pro-life values in our children. In general, it’s important to be selective about which books we choose to read to our little ones. And with a little effort, we can find excellent stories that teach why every life matters.

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Thank God pro-aborts don’t apply their human-rights standards to the rest of us

Pro-lifers are constantly hearing that we don’t really believe the unborn are living human babies threatened by a barbaric evil, which is ironic because pro-aborts themselves don’t fare particularly well on the sincerity scale.

We’ve discussed before how the “woman’s rights” rationale for abortion is mighty suspicious since in basically every other major public policy issue they tend to reject the individual’s rights in favor of the perceived greater good. And they certainly don’t act as if they believe their own arguments in areas other than abortion. Continue reading


The do’s and don’ts of sidewalk counseling

Sidewalk counselors around the country celebrated the 9-0 Supreme Court ruling striking down an anti-sidewalk counseling buffer zone law enacted in Massachusetts in 2007. In the McCullen v. Coakley decision, all nine justices agreed unanimously that the sidewalk counseling law violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“By its very terms, the [Massachusetts] Act restricts access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s],’ places that have traditionally been open for speech activities,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts in the opinion. “The government’s ability to regulate speech in such locations is ‘very limited.’  Roberts went on to say, “While the Act may allow petitioners to ‘protest’ outside the buffer zones, petitioners are not protestors; they seek not merely to express their opposition to abortion, but to engage in personal, caring, consensual conversations with women about various alternatives.”  McCullen v. Coakley, 573 U.S. (2014).

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Don’t want to have an abortion? We’ve got some alternatives.

As a pro-life writer, I’m often confronted by articulate, well informed opponents who are ready to engage in thoughtful debate. I also meet people  like this:

And good day to you too…

It’s not surprising that some abortion supporters want to silence pro-life arguments online; they try to do it everywhere else. Pro-life organizations have been the victims of theft and vandalism on college campuses, while some institutions have attempted to shut them down with “hate speech” bans.

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Most women do not "love abortion."

Why would pro-choicers care about cutting the abortion rate?

Pro-Choice vs Pro-AbortionLast month, Live Action’s Lauren Enriquez took Minnesota’s Planned Parenthood to task for claiming they deserved credit for the state’s falling abortion rate. “We plan to help keep that trend going,” PP of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota president Sara Stoesz incredibly claimed.

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Planned Parenthood opens multi-million dollar “HB2-proofed” clinic

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas wants women to know that even if the rest of HB 2 is enforced, they will still provide abortions because they built a whole new expensive clinic just to make sure babies could still die no matter how many laws were passed making it more difficult.

The Dallas Observer calls it an “HB2-Proofed Clinic” that can perform abortions no matter the law’s limitations. The paper’s blog not only calls Planned Parenthood’s new clinic “unnecessary,” but says it does nothing to help women’s safety.

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She Announced Her Pregnancy Way Before 12 Weeks. Why More Women Should Consider Doing the Same.

NOTE: This article first appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

Fans of the hit TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” were excited to watch daughter Jill Duggar get married in June–but they weren’t expecting to hear she was pregnant just two months later.

Duggar and her husband had pledged to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. So, had they violated the pledge? Or was she just sharing the news before the customary 12 weeks most women wait to make sure the baby survives the first trimester, when miscarriages are most likely?

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Will the abortion industry set a trap for itself?

At Regent University, where I am currently a first year law student, our classes run a little bit longer than is required by the American Bar Association. That is because at the beginning of class we have devotionals. A professor will usually read a Bible passage and then provide some Scriptural analysis. He or she then prays.

Now I don’t make it a habit to relate every class to abortion (just for Christian Foundations of Law). Oftentimes though I find that I cannot help but apply our devotional to real world experiences, namely abortion.

For Tuesday’s devotional, our professor read to us Psalm 7. The Psalm speaks of God as a “righteous judge” and one “who displays his wrath every day.” The author of the Psalm is especially asking God to “[b]ring to an end the violence of the wicked…”

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By donating to Planned Parenthood, you can lend a hand… to an abuser.

As you might know, I got a major surprise some years back while attending a political event. The venue was surrounded by protesters, with one of them declaring that I was a racist who hated minorities. I was surprised to learn that about myself. My biracial girlfriend was even more puzzled when she heard the news.

I recently got another surprise: it appears that I support the abortion industry. Cecile Richards seems to think so, anyway. She’s the president of Planned Parenthood, and I received an email from her asking for my help. While I have a fairly good idea as to how I ended up on Planned Parenthood’s mailing list, the content of their message is a little perplexing.

PP Fundraising Email1
Yeah, Cecile and I are on a first name basis.

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Margaret Sanger, “After Tiller,” and the slippery slope to child euthanasia

What do Margaret Sanger, After Tiller, and child euthanasia have in common? The idea that some lives are not worth living.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a firmly-rooted eugenicist who believed that certain types of people had no business existing, much less reproducing. Her vision of the ideal world did not include humans whom she considered “unfit.” And the list of the “unfit” included everyone from “morons,” to “professional prostitutes” and “unemployables.” In Sanger’s worldview, there was a burden placed upon the “fit” to reproduce, and her goal was to eradicate all who did not belong in that limited category of humans.

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Planned Parenthood’s “Green Choices” initiative fails to inform women of toxic risks

Planned Parenthood’s Green Choices initiative misses the boat in a pretty big way. The abortion giant’s website states:

Planned Parenthood Green Choices supports the creation of a sustainable world by helping you make choices for better health and a greener environment – for you, your family, and your community.

Sounds like a reasonable idea, right? Well, as is so common with Planned Parenthood, this reasonable idea has become rather deceptive. Nowhere in the online information about toxic chemicals and personal care products does Planned Parenthood mention the very toxic (and sometimes fatal) risks associated with some popular forms of birth control.

No, when it comes to these toxic risks, Planned Parenthood is happy to pass them on to unsuspecting women. Under the guise of informing women of bad chemicals and harmful personal products, Planned Parenthood promotes some of the worst offenders.

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You can be pro-life and do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

By now you’ve surely heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, as well as the controversy surrounding it when it comes to the ALS Association funding a study which involves embryonic stem-cell research.

Pro-life sources, including Live Action News, have undertaken noble efforts to educate and warn those who might be participating in the challenge and considering making a donation to the ALS Association.

That pro-lifers would be against embryonic stem-cell research is not surprising. It is only consistent with the pro-life ethic.

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Who's actually under attack here?

PBS misses the real story with plans to air late-term abortion film, “After Tiller”

On Labor Day, PBS plans to air “After Tiller,” a documentary that showcases the work of four late-term abortionists. Except there’s one problem: nowhere in the film is the real “work” of the abortion doctors shown.

What is their “work”? Well, the dead babies of course. The dead babies who sometimes come out in pieces, sometimes alive, but, who nearly always – regardless of the inhumane method used – end up dead.

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ISIS genocide an assault on basic human rights

The world is watching in horror as men, women and children are being  massacred in a bloody genocide that is rapidly unfolding across the Middle East. Members of the Islamic State,  formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), are pillaging their way through countries, leaving behind a trail of bloodshed, tears and shattered lives.

The militant group’s tactful and brilliant rise to power is sweeping through the region, catching governments unprepared. In Syria, Islamic State jihadists violently murdered countless citizens and forced others to flee the onslaught of violence. Syrians, lacking food, water and shelter, are sleeping and begging in the streets of the cities they flee to.

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Porn and Violence: What Planned Parenthood’s role models have to offer

In 1892, Lizzie Andrew Borden stood accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe. Apparently that made her something of a role model: over a century later, “extreme” porn director Janet Romano began releasing films under the name “Lizzy Borden.” Taking a colorful approach to cinema, many of her early works featured women drinking blood and urine. The most famous of these, Forced Entry, included scenes of a pregnant woman being gang raped, tortured, and killed.

Ms. Romano’s fans once had to purchase her material on DVD, but that’s no longer the case. Websites modeled after Youtube now offer clips from every porn genre, all free of charge. These probably aren’t the best sites for teens to hang around on. After all, given the amount of porn that doesn’t involve condom use, they may get the impression that this “safe sex” business is overblown. In any event, no responsible adult would ever introduce a 15 year-old girl to  such a site. Doing so would be reckless, unconscionable, and could result in a felony conviction.

Or it could get you a job at Planned Parenthood.

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h pray candle

Reflections on faith and suicide

After Live Action News re-printed Sarah Terzo’s piece from Secular Pro-Life Perspectives, I felt compelled to share my own thoughts. Sarah writes often for both sites, and it certainly was brave of her to share as much as she did, and selfless as well.

Well I can thankfully not speak to having a suicide attempt, I have struggled with anxiety and depression, and even when not driven to taking my own life, life can still feel pretty difficult.

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