What it’s like to raise a child with Down syndrome

For many people, the idea of raising a child with Down syndrome is scary. I should know — it certainly was for me. At 15 weeks into my second pregnancy, I received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, and I was terrified. I never considered having an abortion, but the idea of raising a child with a serious disability was something that struck fear into my heart.

I had never even known someone with Down syndrome. How could I raise a child with it? The image I had in my head was of a child who would fight a myriad of health problems, have trouble learning, and live with us our entire life. The future for us seemed to be very bleak. And this is indeed the stereotype that many people have in their heads, and it’s why so many mothers choose to have an abortion when they’re in my position.

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Canada has no rules on late-term abortion. The US isn’t much better.

In Canada, a pregnant woman was hit by a car this month. Despite efforts to save her, Marie-Pier Gagné passed away. However, doctors did manage to deliver Gagné’s baby.

Legally, they could have killed her instead.

Canada has no rules on when an abortion can take place, and children aren’t necessarily protected even after they’re born. The Canadian government has admitted that between 2000 and 2009, at least four hundred ninety one babies were born alive during botched abortions. None survived. When members of parliament raised the possibility they had been murdered, the lawmakers were attacked.

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Colorado news outlet was right to refuse to romanticize assisted suicide

Proponents of assisted suicide don’t like for people to call it that. As anyone familiar with the debate over legalization of assisted suicide knows, they prefer to call it “death with dignity” instead. It sounds much more pleasant, doesn’t it? Instead of having the negative connotations that suicide carries, proponents can spin a tale of dying in a “dignified” way. Never before has suicide ever been considered dignified, but now they’re trying their hardest to convince people that suicide equals dignity — and they aren’t happy when people don’t play along.

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Federal judge wants to make you pay for abortions

The Constitution is a marvelous document. Not only are important rights recognized, they’re easy to locate. Free speech? It’s in the 1st Amendment. The right to bear arms? It’s in the 2nd. If you need to kill some time, try finding a right to abortion.

You’ll be looking a while.

Nowhere does the Constitution mention abortion. Oddly, that didn’t stop Justice Harry Blackmun from declaring it a right. In Roe v. Wade’s majority opinion, Blackmun said abortion was part of the larger “right of privacy.” There was just one problem: “The Constitution,” Blackmun admitted, “does not explicitly mention any right of privacy.” Blackmun still managed to find one, though. He just couldn’t say where.

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Pro-choice language dehumanizes children in the womb and obscures honest debate about abortion

The pro-choice community is so desperate for support that they will literally redefine words in order to champion their agenda. “Fetus” is a formal term to identify the developmental state of a human or animal. But as a means of undermining the cruelty of termination, they simply manipulate the term fetus to be a clump of cells or abstract tissue. It’s no wonder that this form of dehumanization instills a great apathy towards their view of the value of life.

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Children don’t choose to be vulnerable, but we can choose to protect them

A Zika virus outbreak has hit Florida. Spread by mosquitoes, it’s been linked to microcephaly, a condition affecting head size and brain development in preborn children. While some see it as justifying abortion, Florida mom Haneefa De Clercq couldn’t be more opposed. She had this to say about her two microcephalic children:

That what I want those mothers to know, that it’s not the end of the world because you have these kids,” she said through tears. “They will teach them so much. They’ll teach them how to love, they will teach them patience. Everything is in God’s time, and if we have the patience to go through that, the rewards are so much greater, and my kids are the greatest gift. They’re the greatest gift God has ever given me.”

De Clercq isn’t the only one who feels that way. Recently, I spoke to a friend who’s a home care nurse for children with special needs. They often have conditions aren’t that detectable until later in a pregnancy, and my friend observed how a lot of abortion advocates won’t deny the humanity of kids like hers. Instead, they’ll act as if some people just aren’t worth having around.

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Here’s why “unwanted babies” aren’t really a thing

Capital punishment is controversial. Even among supporters, there’s sharp debate over what crimes deserve the death penalty. Mass murder? Treason? How about being “unwanted?” That last one is surprisingly popular.

The idea that we should execute undesired children is bad enough; it gets worse when you see what that can involve. While the Supreme Court has said dismembering a murderer would constitute “cruel and unusual punishment,” a second trimester baby is fair game.

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Congressman says pro-lifers have “dirty hands.” He should see Planned Parenthood’s.

Are you pro-life? If so, you may wanna get to a sink; a congressman thinks you have dirty hands.

That would be Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). He recently said pro-life legislators should “keep their dirty, filthy hands off of Planned Parenthood,” America’s largest abortion chain.

Now, it’s likely Gutierrez isn’t talking about hygiene; he might mean “dirty” in a moral sense. In that case, he picked the wrong target. After all, if the congressman is worried about “filthy hands,” he should look at Planned Parenthood’s.

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Olympian Simone Biles’ adoption story challenges us to consider those in foster care

When 19-year-old Olympian Simone Biles does her signature move, the “Biles,” crowds go crazy.  Fans may adore the 4 foot 9 inch, three- time world all-around champion, but no one is as proud as her parents. Simone’s parents have been with her from the early days of seeing her tumble in their living room to witnessing her rise as one of the world’s greatest athletes. What makes Simone’s family unique is the fact that her committed and loving parents are also her grandparents.

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Only 30% of churchgoers say their pastor or clergy discuss abortion

With a legally-sanctioned death toll of almost sixty million innocent children, abortion is easily the single greatest American moral crisis of our lifetimes—both from secular and religious perspectives. Conscientious men and women of every faith —and no faith —should all be shouting from the rooftops, in one voice, to end the bloodshed.

But on Monday, Pew Research Center released the disturbing results of a survey (hat tip to Life News) suggesting that the majority of churchgoers haven’t even heard about abortion in their churches: Continue reading

The abortion industry is waging the real war on women

It’s an often repeated, tired line: opponents of abortion are waging a war on women. The statement, based on the mythology of the abortion industry and its campaign of misinformation, however, contradicts the very ideals of feminism and the personhood of the woman.

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Author Rachel Held Evans offers more misguided advice to pro-lifers

It was a year ago almost to the day that “progressive” Christian Rachel Held Evans wrote about how Planned Parenthood should keep being funded, even though she claims to be pro-life. She’s outdone herself this time.  In a blog post in which she tells her readers to vote for pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Evans manages to contradict her pro-life stance many times over.

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