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Who is our opponent?

For those unfamiliar with the movie The Great Debaters, it’s about three African-American college students who, participating on their school’s debate team, find success arguing about the civil rights injustices plaguing the better half of the 20th century.

Towards the beginning of the movie, during a debate team practice, these students’ coach repeatedly asks them the same four questions, and the students repeatedly respond with the same designated answers. The last two questions he asks are what I’d like to focus on right now.

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Pregnant and need to make a choice? Here’s one that doesn’t get mentioned enough.

I find that arguments about abortion follow a pretty predictable route. First, the word “anti-choice” gets thrown around a lot. It always sounds odd when that term applied to pro-lifers; after all, if anyone’s helping to limit women’s choices, it’s the abortion industry.

Abortion is an excellent way to both cover up abuse and avoid taking responsibility, so I tend to cite the many examples of women being violently coerced into visiting a clinic. Pointing to surveys showing that more than half of women who abort feel pressure to do so is another habit of mine.

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Especially in the womb, black lives matter!

Prejudice invokes a dehumanizing invisibility.  As Civil Rights leaders today rightly assert, all  black lives matter and should never be treated as expendable.  True justice demands recognizing black lives matter– not just when we can see them readily– but in the womb as well.

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What is the abortion movement celebrating?

Last month, as hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers marched to mourn the 57 million children lost to abortion, the abortion movement celebrated. These “celebrations,” got quite out of hand for some, and even included arrests for those from the Stop Patriarchy group. It has also recently surfaced that pro-life activist and niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Alveda King, who has had two abortions herself, was referred to as “…that old ni***r b***h on the ground[.]”

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5 inspiring songs for pro-life activists

Let’s be honest…sometimes it’s hard to keep in this battle, day after day after day. There are moments when we might question why in the world we’ve taken the burden of saving lives on our shoulders.

A few things keep me going – my ever-encouraging husband, looking into the eyes of my own children, confidence that I’ve been called by the God I serve, and music. Yep, music.

When I’m alone in the car, I love to turn up my radio all the way, and let the music blast. Here are five songs I hope inspire you to keep on fighting, until every, single life – from fertilization to natural death – is valued as it should be.

If you have a special “pro-life anthem” of your own, share it with us all in the comments.

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While kicking a robot dog generates headlines, helping to kill unplanned children doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal.

Boston Dynamics is a Google-owned company that specializes in military robotics. One of its creations is “Spot”–a four legged machine that’s remarkably good at maintaining its balance. To demonstrate this, Spot’s creators have released video footage of it staying on its feet while being kicked. There’s just one problem: Spot (as its name suggests) looks vaguely like a dog, which means that the sight of it getting kicked makes people uneasy.

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Aborting a baby with Down syndrome is not what’s “best” for them

Babies with Down syndrome are aborted at an alarming rate, and too often, the decision is framed as one of “mercy.” Children with Down syndrome are suffering, their lives are too hard, they’ll be a burden to their family, so the best and kindest thing to do for them is… to kill them? Obviously, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but the argument nevertheless gets made. And so says Sophie Horan, a woman who writes about how she decided to kill her preborn daughter, purely because she had Down syndrome.

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Why abortion undermines natural law

When the forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were explicitly assured. They referred to these rights as inalienable: neither person nor government can deny another of them, because they come from a natural law that’s ingrained in all human souls.

The forefathers even explicitly mention “the Laws of Nature” and “Nature’s God;” our country’s very foundation acknowledges and is built upon the belief in a natural law that pervades every aspect of life. There’s that word again – life: the first right promised to us as citizens of the United States of America. But unfortunately, that’s where definitions become subjective, because who is considered a citizen, and if you don’t fall under the requirements, does that mean you deserve to die?

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Why bring a child into this world?

Many of you by now have probably seen this video,  put out by Unilever in celebration of Universal Children’s Day.  Many couples are shown a video which details some of the evils in this world, like death and starving children.

These couples are then asked the following question: Why bring a child into this world? 

This is a very good question.  Why  would anyone bring new life when one knows what humans are capable of?

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How I faked an abortion and escaped sex trafficking

I was trapped in the sex trafficking industry from age 14-17.  Trafficking in persons is not like any regulated industry.  It is unmitigated anarchy. There are no rules.

I was conceived during a brutal rape and learned of it when I was very young. That knowledge and child sexual abuse by my own father and later by a maternal uncle had me feeling worth less than others and vulnerable.  I was 12 when my mother got her second divorce.  By thirteen, I’d been dabbling in drugs and alcohol, wandering the neighborhood and hanging out with a bodybuilder in a black Cadillac.  He was patient as he courted me and manipulated me into his bed.

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Sorry, Planned Parenthood: civil rights comparisons still don’t work in your favor

We will overcome the injustice of abortion and protect the life of ALL people. It is only a matter of time. (Reprinted with permission)
We will overcome the injustice of abortion and protect the life of ALL people. It is only a matter of time.
(Reprinted with permission)

The hypocrisy of modern America’s worst human-rights abusers claiming to walk in the footsteps of her finest human-rights champions will never cease to disgust. In a new interview with Essence Magazine that tries to tie “safe reproductive care access for all” into Black History Month, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Chair Alexis McGill Johnson makes the following comparison:

These things like 20-week bans or not fighting to reimburse Medicaid expansion are like literacy tests. These are like poll taxes. These are things that women have fought for that are natural extensions of health care. [Lawmakers] are trying to essentially chip away at rights that have been affirmed in our constitution. We have to be better about continuing to tell that story. Continue reading


Most of money spent against Tennessee Amendment One came from out of state

On Election Day 2014, pro-lifers saw many victories, at the national, but also on the state level, in Tennessee.

The passage of Tennessee Constitutional Amendment One allows for the people of Tennessee, through their elected state representatives and senators, to enact new statutes regarding abortion.

In 2000, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that many of the state’s abortion regulations were unconstitutional and could not be enforced. The state became a hotspot then for out-of-state residents to abort their children, with 24.5 percent of abortions in the state for 2010 being performed on such residents. The dissent advised citizens to bring forth an amendment that would Constitutionally restore the ability to regulate abortion, and 14 years later they did just that.

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