Washington State’s message to pro-life pharmacists: Get out

The state of Washington has a message for pro-life pharmacists: Get out. The Supreme Court doesn’t object.

Greg Stormans and his family run a pharmacy in Olympia, Washington. Greg says “the principle of valuing human life” is what guides their business, so they’ve always refrained from selling abortifacients. Their governor didn’t like that.

Under her orders, the Washington State Board of Pharmacy compelled pharmacists to supply abortifacient drugs–regardless of their beliefs. Thirty other pharmacies operate within five miles of the Stormans, and the state conceded they posed no threat to consumers. Nevertheless, the family lost when their case went before the Ninth Circuit. This week, the Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal.

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Abortionist and pro-lifers agree: “It’s a baby”

I’ve been in the pro-life movement for a while, and I’ve noticed certain things bother abortion advocates.

Explaining how abortion helps pimps and child rapists usually does. Pointing out that girls are disproportionately aborted can too. But the worst? Referring to a fetus as “a baby.” That’s clear from the response to Live Action’s latest video project.

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Women’s safety: Another reason court appointments matter

If a business promised “fabulous” service, what would you expect?

Luxury? Excellence?

How about getting rusty objects shoved in you? If it’s Amy Hagstrom Miller’s business, then that just might be on the agenda.

Miller is CEO and founder of Whole Woman’s Health (WWH), the plaintiff in the recently-decided Supreme Court case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. WWH promises “fabulous abortion care.” An inspection of its Beaumont, Texas facility found something else: “numerous rusty spots on the suction machines,” a hazard with “the likelihood to cause infection.” Also noted? The potential for “rodents to enter the facility.”

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Pro-lifers aren’t enabling violence, but the abortion industry is

America witnessed a horrible crime this month: 49 people were murdered at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Who was responsible? You might blame the guy that pulled the trigger, one Omar Mateen. But according to Rewire editor Jodi Jacobson, he wasn’t the only culprit. The next day, she said pro-lifers also bore some responsibility.


Pro-lifers have been accused before of crimes we had nothing to do with. However, it usually happens when the perpetrator and motive have yet to be identified. That wasn’t the case here: Mateen called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS–not 40 Days for Life.

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UN bureaucrat: Pro-life laws are “torture” but murderers have right to life

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death last year for his role in the Boston Marathon Bombing. That didn’t sit well with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan E. Méndez. According to him, “The death penalty does not show respect for life, in fact it does the opposite.” As you can see,  Méndez is passionate about defending the right to life…

…for murderers. Children in the womb? Not so much.

In April, Méndez released a report stating that pro-life laws constitute “torture.” He said they’re based on “humiliating and judgmental attitudes” while inflicting “tremendous and lasting” damage on women.

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Oklahoma’s fetal education bill: a model for the pro-life movement’s future

Among the various pro-life bills introduced at the state level, Oklahoma’s recent plan to start teaching fetal development in public schools deserves far more attention than it’s gotten so far.

Banning certain abortion procedures, regulating abortionists, defunding Planned Parenthood, etc., are all important for their own sake; but each of them, and the long-term goal of ending abortion for good, are ultimately too dependent on public opinion changing on its own. Continue reading

British abortionist: Abortion is acceptable killing because there’s “no sense of life or death”

Ann Furedi is the chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. Despite the misleading name, it is the country’s largest independent abortion chain. Unsurprisingly, she’s a seriously radical pro-abortion extremist, promoting sex-selective abortion, fighting against abortion clinic inspections because she fears they’ll scare away future abortionists, and supports abortion even though she agrees that abortion is taking a life. Furedi’s organization performs more than 1 in 3 of abortions in England and Wales, and for Furedi, that’s no big deal.

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‘Scandal’ actress Kerry Washington supports human rights… after birth, that is

During the United State of Women Summit at the White House, Senior Politics Reporter for The Huffington Post, Laura Bassett,  sat with actress Kerry Washington for a video interview.

Bassett, who called herself a ‘reproductive rights reporter,’ asked the “Scandal” actress if she received any negative feedback after her character Olivia Pope had an abortion during Season 5’s finale.

The controversial scene Bassett is referring to is one in which Pope has an abortion while Silent Night plays in the background. Many people, even Scandal fans, expressed anger and offense towards the episode. Washington seemed unaffected by the backlash, saying…

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UN official says pro-life laws are “torture.” The facts say otherwise.

The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) is “responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe,” and it received a report on torture in April. HRC members are often familiar with torture.

About half of them commit it.

Member countries include China, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia–a place where rape victims are whipped and being gay can bring a death sentence. But instead of focusing on that, this document was more concerned with abortion. “Abortion” is used 24 times–21 more times than the word “police.”

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Fathers can change the situation, and children can also change fathers

While a mother carries her child for nine months, she did not conceive the baby alone— fathers also bear responsibility. The man doesn’t only play a role in conception. A father can decide whether the mother of his child has the support she needs, or if she lacks it. The amount of support from a man can even decide if that baby lives or dies in an abortion.

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Abortion is the answer to the Zika virus, claims Slate writer

As soon as the Zika outbreak started, abortion activists seized upon it, ready to exploit people’s fear and pain to push for more abortions. Originally located in Central and South America, the virus is now slowly moving into the United States, with some women choosing to have abortions after being infected. Pro-abortion extremists were seemingly thrilled, as the only way to combat the Zika virus, which could possibly lead to birth defects like microcephaly, is abortion. Or at least that’s the argument from Nora Caplan-Bricker at Slate, who is trying to claim that pro-life policies will lead to a Zika “disaster” in Florida and Texas.

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The real reason why abortion centers are closing in Texas

Ever hear how the abortion industry cares about women? Its history of lying to women and helping the men who abuse them makes that tough to believe. New information from Texas isn’t making it easier.

The Texas Tribune reports that there are currently 19 abortion centers in the state, down from 40 in 2013. Why? They’re refusing to comply with basic health and safety rules.

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Advice column tells grandmother to help kill grandchild in abortion

Slate has always been hostile to the right to life, but this week’s “Dear Prudence” advice column takes it to a new low.

Let’s break this down.

Q. Daughter wants late-term abortion: My daughter left her husband, and now wants to abort what had been a wanted pregnancy. She is too far along to terminate in our state, but she could get it done elsewhere.

Translation: she is at least five months along. The baby looks like this:

Why buying a gun and getting an abortion are not the same

The terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday morning has fueled the fire of the anti-gun movement. While there is a very noticeable crisis of the heart in the United States, there is also an overwhelming fear of guns, and confusion about how those guns ended up in the hands of someone who had been on the FBI watch list. But now celebrities and others are taking this moment to compare purchasing a gun to getting an abortion.

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