Is abortion pill reversal ‘junk science’? Try telling that to Rebekah

On April 19 Rebekah Buell stood before California’s State Assembly to defend AB 2134, a bill stating that all abortion clinics providing the abortion pill RU486 must also inform their clients of the pill’s reversal alternative.

While still a 17-year-old high school student, Buell became pregnant with her first child. Determined not to become a stereotypical teenage mother, she managed to graduate early, get accepted into Sacramento State University and marry the father of her child.

Soon after her marriage, however, Buell realized she was in an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship.

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In India, some authorities punish rape victims. Some at Planned Parenthood do too.

A thirteen year-old girl was raped in rural India this past January. Two months later, the perpetrator was punished. So was his victim.

Social activist Sachin Tukaram Bhise secretly recorded a village council meeting in which the girl was whipped. The man who whipped her, Arun Jadhav, insisted she was at fault for not reporting the attack.

While the footage resulted in multiple arrests, the incident wasn’t unique. And given how other rape survivors have been treated, I’m not surprised this one felt reluctant to come forward. Of course, India isn’t the only place where some side with rapists against their victims. It’s happened at America’s largest abortion chain, too.

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Mom who almost died shares her incredible birth story

Purely by accident, Ashley Costanzo started a viral trend on social media. It all started with a desire to share a little bit of her daughter Everly’s story with the world. Everly is Ashley’s third child, and she was born at 31 weeks in an unexpected turn of events.

When Ashley posted a photo of Everly on Facebook, passionately objecting to Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sander’s support of late-term abortion, other parents of preemies latched on and spread the word, substituting the photo of Everly with photos of their own children.

Many stories of bravery and courage lie behind the preemie photos that spread like wildfire. But the story that started it all is the story of Ashley and Everly.

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In 18 states, it’s illegal to drink when you’re pregnant. In NYC, it’s a right.

The Centers for Disease Control wants you to know about Taylor Allen. Taylor’s mom struggled with alcoholism during her pregnancy, saddling him with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder as a result.

Despite suffering from cognitive impairment, Taylor is “on the high functioning end of the spectrum,” and has earned an associate’s degree in electronics. Sadly, the damage that alcohol causes for many children in the womb is far more profound.

Given these facts, it would be understandable if a bar or liquor store owner refused to supply pregnant women with alcohol. In New York City, it would also be illegal.

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Pro-abortion violence isn’t rare–just rarely mentioned

A news story caught my eye recently: someone tried to burn down a clinic offering “gender confirming surgery.” I was glad to see no one was hurt, but the headline puzzled me. Quoting a former patient, it said the attack “sounds a lot like anti-abortion radicals.”

Given that this facility has nothing to do with abortion, the reference is a little odd. And if you are going to make a comparison, why not cite pro-abortion violence? There’s no shortage.

Abortion makes life a whole lot easier…for guys like this

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Group says people with disabilities have a right to sex… but not to life

Words can mean different things in different places. For example, when Brits say “shag,” they usually aren’t talking about carpets. Of course, you might hear that word used at the University of Georgia, too. There, it refers to people who struggle with logic.

Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) has a chapter at the University of Georgia. SHAG calls itself “a student-led organization that strives to open up the conversation about sexual health, sex positivity, and sexual communication.” According to SHAG’s constitution, the group is “inclusive” and doesn’t discriminate against those with disabilities. It’s fine with killing them, though.

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After taking the abortion pill, this college student realized she made a mistake

Many pregnant women regret taking the first step of the medical abortion pill process and wish they could save their baby.

The good news is they can. To date, 170 babies nationwide – including six in Georgia – have been born thanks to the “Abortion Pill Reversal” (APR) technique. Another two Georgia women – 100 nationwide – are expected to deliver thanks to the program.

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The abortion lobby’s message to women: “Without us, you’re nothing.”

If someone says that “nobody likes abortion,” assume the following: they’re either lying or misinformed. Because the fact is, some people do like it–for obvious reasons.

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College group thinks abortion is “a public good.” Racists do too.

Wanna celebrate abortion? Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) does. Last month, the organization brought their Abortion Positive bus tour to 10 college campuses. Rather than “see abortion as a bad word,” URGE thinks it’s “a public good.” They aren’t the only ones.


Black children face the highest risk of being aborted, something plenty of racists are happy about. It isn’t surprising when you look at the way America’s largest abortion chain has targeted them. Using data from the 2010 U.S. census, the group Protecting Black Life has created a map showing how Planned Parenthood disproportionately locates its abortion centers in or near minority neighborhoods.

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NARAL says senators should “do their job” regarding the Supreme Court. I agree.

At NARAL Pro-Choice America, they believe in staying busy. When the group isn’t defending unsafe abortion mills or fighting laws to protect women from violence, NARAL has another pastime: giving job advice. They gave some to Senate Republicans last month.

Justice Antonin Scalia passed away this year, and President Obama is hoping to name a replacement. After considering Nevada’s pro-abortion governor, Brian Sandoval, the President settled on Judge Merrick Garland. Garland is chief of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and NARAL praised Obama for doing “his constitutional duty” in nominating Garland. Their remarks to Senate Republicans haven’t been as nice.

According to NARAL, Republicans are being “childish,” “irresponsible,” and “ludicrous” for refusing to hold hearings or schedule a vote on Garland’s confirmation. Simply put, GOP senators need to “do their job” because “our Constitution doesn’t change.”

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Are you “abortion positive”? Child rapists are.

I hear a lot of claims from abortion proponents. Some are meticulously researched and challenging to answer. Some aren’t:

Nobody likes abortionPeople who say this are usually one of two things: uninformed or dishonest. If they’re dishonest, there isn’t much you can do. But if they’re just uninformed, then you can change that pretty easily. There’s a group that’s making it even easier.

Abortion Positive

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A pro-lifer’s view on paid family leave

The primary reason women say they have abortions is socio-economic. A 2013 study showed that 40 percent of the time, finances contribute to a woman’s decision to abort her baby. A 2005 study showed that 74 percent said, “Having a baby would dramatically change my life,” and 73 percent said, “Can’t afford a baby now.” Both factor in jobs, with 21 percent saying, “Can’t leave job to take care of a baby.”

The United States is one of seven nations which allows for elective abortions past 20 weeks, and one of four which allows for elective abortions until birth. It is also only one of two, out of 185 nations with available data, which provides no federally guaranteed paid maternity leave for working mothers. (The other is Papua New Guinea, leaving the United States with the distinction of being the only developed nation.)

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America’s love affair with animals shouldn’t overshadow plight of humans

At the National Arboretum are two recently hatched bald eagles, formerly known as DC2 and DC3. The eaglets have been named Freedom and Liberty, as announced in a press conference Tuesday. The names were chosen among 3,600 suggested pairs, according to the Washington Post.

The bald eagle is our national bird, and Americans were excited to participate in naming cute new eaglets. There’s nothing wrong with that. What is troubling, though, is that Freedom and Liberty had better protection while still in their eggs than preborn babies in the womb do.

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