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Margaret Sanger, “After Tiller,” and the slippery slope to child euthanasia

What do Margaret Sanger, After Tiller, and child euthanasia have in common? The idea that some lives are not worth living.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a firmly-rooted eugenicist who believed that certain types of people had no business existing, much less reproducing. Her vision of the ideal world did not include humans whom she considered “unfit.” And the list of the “unfit” included everyone from “morons,” to “professional prostitutes” and “unemployables.” In Sanger’s worldview, there was a burden placed upon the “fit” to reproduce, and her goal was to eradicate all who did not belong in that limited category of humans.

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Planned Parenthood’s “Green Choices” initiative fails to inform women of toxic risks

Planned Parenthood’s Green Choices initiative misses the boat in a pretty big way. The abortion giant’s website states:

Planned Parenthood Green Choices supports the creation of a sustainable world by helping you make choices for better health and a greener environment – for you, your family, and your community.

Sounds like a reasonable idea, right? Well, as is so common with Planned Parenthood, this reasonable idea has become rather deceptive. Nowhere in the online information about toxic chemicals and personal care products does Planned Parenthood mention the very toxic (and sometimes fatal) risks associated with some popular forms of birth control.

No, when it comes to these toxic risks, Planned Parenthood is happy to pass them on to unsuspecting women. Under the guise of informing women of bad chemicals and harmful personal products, Planned Parenthood promotes some of the worst offenders.

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You can be pro-life and do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

By now you’ve surely heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, as well as the controversy surrounding it when it comes to the ALS Association funding a study which involves embryonic stem-cell research.

Pro-life sources, including Live Action News, have undertaken noble efforts to educate and warn those who might be participating in the challenge and considering making a donation to the ALS Association.

That pro-lifers would be against embryonic stem-cell research is not surprising. It is only consistent with the pro-life ethic.

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Who's actually under attack here?

PBS misses the real story with plans to air late-term abortion film, “After Tiller”

On Labor Day, PBS plans to air “After Tiller,” a documentary that showcases the work of four late-term abortionists. Except there’s one problem: nowhere in the film is the real “work” of the abortion doctors shown.

What is their “work”? Well, the dead babies of course. The dead babies who sometimes come out in pieces, sometimes alive, but, who nearly always – regardless of the inhumane method used – end up dead.

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ISIS genocide an assault on basic human rights

The world is watching in horror as men, women and children are being  massacred in a bloody genocide that is rapidly unfolding across the Middle East. Members of the Islamic State,  formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), are pillaging their way through countries, leaving behind a trail of bloodshed, tears and shattered lives.

The militant group’s tactful and brilliant rise to power is sweeping through the region, catching governments unprepared. In Syria, Islamic State jihadists violently murdered countless citizens and forced others to flee the onslaught of violence. Syrians, lacking food, water and shelter, are sleeping and begging in the streets of the cities they flee to.

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Porn and Violence: What Planned Parenthood’s role models have to offer

In 1892, Lizzie Andrew Borden stood accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe. Apparently that made her something of a role model: over a century later, “extreme” porn director Janet Romano began releasing films under the name “Lizzy Borden.” Taking a colorful approach to cinema, many of her early works featured women drinking blood and urine. The most famous of these, Forced Entry, included scenes of a pregnant woman being gang raped, tortured, and killed.

Ms. Romano’s fans once had to purchase her material on DVD, but that’s no longer the case. Websites modeled after Youtube now offer clips from every porn genre, all free of charge. These probably aren’t the best sites for teens to hang around on. After all, given the amount of porn that doesn’t involve condom use, they may get the impression that this “safe sex” business is overblown. In any event, no responsible adult would ever introduce a 15 year-old girl to  such a site. Doing so would be reckless, unconscionable, and could result in a felony conviction.

Or it could get you a job at Planned Parenthood.

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h pray candle

Reflections on faith and suicide

After Live Action News re-printed Sarah Terzo’s piece from Secular Pro-Life Perspectives, I felt compelled to share my own thoughts. Sarah writes often for both sites, and it certainly was brave of her to share as much as she did, and selfless as well.

Well I can thankfully not speak to having a suicide attempt, I have struggled with anxiety and depression, and even when not driven to taking my own life, life can still feel pretty difficult.

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woman screaming2

Harsh and judgmental words drive people away from the pro-life movement

Pro-choice author Anne Eggebroten, edited a book entitled Abortion: My Choice, God’s Grace which tells the stories of Christian women who had abortions. The book celebrates abortion as an acceptable choice and tries to justify it based on the Bible. There is one story in particular I want to comment on.

It is a first-hand account of a pro-choice clinic escort who describes how she got involved in the pro-choice movement. I think what she said is worth considering:

My participation in the pro-choice march was motivated by boredom and restlessness as much as by a desire to be of service. I had thought about getting involved in some kind of cause, but I didn’t know which one. Having been too young in the 60s to participate in the peace movement, I look forward to attending a real political march. I didn’t attend the antichoice march held the same day because the newspaper letters to the editor with “pro-life” views seem too cold, uncaring, and judgmental; one letter even said that any woman who died from an illegal abortion deserve to die.

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Still, there is hope. (Photo credit: Paul Willows)

Suicide prevention tips from a survivor

The suicide of Robin Williams has shaken just about everyone, but for those of us who suffer with depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental health issues, it is especially hard. I want to address the difficult topic of suicide from the point of view of someone who has struggled with it. First, I’m going to talk about some reasons why you should’t do it. Second, I’m going to walk you through what happens when you reach out for help.

There are many, many reasons why a person should not commit suicide. I’m going to talk about just a few.

Reasons you shouldn’t do it.

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Matt Walsh, Robin Williams, and the choice of suicide

The tragic death of Robin Williams reminds us all how precious and invaluable one single life is. Each human life touches so many others – often many more than that one person knows.

Robin Williams was a valuable person. But so are you. So am I. And all of us equally so.

Popular blogger Matt Walsh wrote an article on Williams’ suicide that immediately went viral. Many criticized and condemned Walsh for calling suicide a choice.

And yet, if we believe that each life is valuable, precious, and worth keeping around in this world, the only thing we can call suicide is a choice.

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11 week old fetus

Why pictures of aborted babies are a powerful pro-life tool

On August 8, Claire Lejeun wrote a moving article about how she was affected by a video of aborted babies. There is much controversy about whether or not pro-lifers should show pictures of abortion’s aftermath. I would like to take a moment to address this controversy.

When I was about 10-years-old, I overheard a discussion in my local church about abortion. One woman was saying that abortion should be illegal; another was agreeing, and they were talking about it is as if it were a bad thing. But what exactly was abortion?

I asked my mother that night. She told me, “Abortion is when a woman is going to have a baby and she goes to the doctor and he makes it so that she doesn’t have the baby.” My mom is, and was, pro-life. I don’t know why she explained abortion that way; perhaps she felt that I was too young to be exposed to the reality of it. I had only just learned where babies came from in the first place, and I digested this information and came to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing wrong with abortion.

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Ann Coulter, abortion, and the truth about “Christian narcissism”

“I think I speak for all of the writers on this website when I say that her piece is distasteful, ridiculous, and just plain wrong,” Live Action’s Murray Vasser writes of Ann Coulter’s latest column, in which the provocatively prolific conservative commentator criticizes Dr. Kent Brantly for an Ebola-treating mission trip to Liberia, when she would rather see him treat cultural decay here in the United States.

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Dr. Kent Brantly

Why Ann Coulter is wrong on Dr. Kent Brantly

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter seems to enjoy being angry. In a recent opinion piece entitled, “Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded to Idiotic,” she blasts Dr. Kent Brantly, the American missionary who contracted Ebola while serving victims of the disease in Liberia.

She argues that he should have stayed in America and fought the “culture war.” She accuses him of “narcissism,” claiming he “left his wife and children” in Texas and flew to Africa so he could be viewed as “heroic.” According to Coulter, his true motive was cowardice. Christians “slink off to Third World countries” because they are tired of the fierce opposition they face in America.

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The horror that keeps me going

As I was looking through Live Action News, I stumbled upon an article titled: You can’t say you didn’t know: What a real abortion video looks like.”  I had seen a video or two of an abortion before, but not in years. I usually like to stay away from the graphic images or videos out there as they are very ugly. But this time, I felt as though I needed to watch this.

I just watched 2 minutes of pure horror, evil, and complete immorality.

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Florida woman gives birth in secret to avoid forced abortion

A young woman from Palm Bay, Florida, was arrested this week after giving birth in a bathroom and leaving her child in a plastic bag underneath the sink. Let me guess. This happened because she did not have access to a safe and legal abortion, right? Wrong. According to Florida Today,

She told police she hid her pregnancy because previously, her mother and the mother of her baby’s father forced her into having an abortion. She thought they would make her do the same with this pregnancy.

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Pregnant woman

What should the pro-life movement make of this “marked decrease” with Texas abortions?

Live Action News recently published a piece by Susan Michelle Tyrell, detailing research which shows that the abortion rate in Texas has decreased by 13 percent, as a result of the pro-life omnibus legislation, HB2.

Tyrelll makes the point about the reactions of abortion proponents versus opponents in her piece:

Abortion supporters say that women are simply leaving the state for abortions and argue that the laws do not improve patient safety; however, abortion opponents argue that the baby’s safety is certainly increased, and that’s what matters most.

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From choking teens to abusing taxpayers, Planned Parenthood runs an oppressive agenda

So I was going over the itinerary for next weekend, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be whipping any underage girls. Choking them to the edge of consciousness isn’t on my to-do list either. Both of these activities would be morally repugnant of course, and besides, they’d probably get me into some legal trouble. None of that seems to be a concern at Planned Parenthood.

While most people are uncomfortable with the idea of bruises and rope burns being inflicted on a teenager, America’s largest abortion provider isn’t so squeamish. Once again, Live Action has footage of Planned Parenthood staff telling minors to engage in violent, unsafe behavior. And once again, your tax dollars are paying to make it happen.

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Abortion advocates downplay sex-selection abortion to promote agenda

In a recent study, abortion advocates outlined six reasons why they believe sex-selection abortion bans are unnecessary in the United States. The study claimed to replace “myths” about sex-selection abortion with “facts” about the issue. However, its “facts” failed to recognize the plight of girls who are discriminated against across the globe when parents (or governments) exhibit male preference by aborting their female daughters.

The study ignores the fact that Planned Parenthood has been documented agreeing to sex-selection abortions in the United States. It also ignores the fact that even if sex-selection was not a misogynistic trend in the United States, it is pro-woman to make sure that legislation prevents biased parents from killing their daughters (or sons, for that matter) due to a gender preference.

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A beautiful gift

Why do abortion advocates oppose giving parents of children with Down syndrome accurate information?

Earlier this week, Live Action News writer Sarah Terzo wrote an article detailing the abhorrent treatment that many new parents receive from the medical industry after they are told of a positive diagnosis of Down syndrome. The stories are heartbreaking — unless, of course, you’re a pro-abortion extremist who would rather see all babies with Down syndrome killed off as soon as possible, please. The pro-abortion Chelsea Hoffman responded to Terzo’s piece by denying that such abysmal treatment happens all that regularly, and argues against giving women accurate information about Down syndrome.

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Insane “American Taliban” column unleashes the bigotry of abortionism

Apparently pro-choicers can't. *
Apparently pro-choicers can’t…or won’t. (For more, see National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke.)

I’ve long been struck by how the temperament and tactics of “respectable” pro-abortion blogs is virtually indistinguishable from the sheer lunacy of fringe, conspiratorial hate sites. And a truly demented editorial by RH Reality Check Senior Political Reporter Andrea Grimes proves that it’s not just disgruntled commenters; the writers and editors themselves are the source of the madness.

When you first see her headline, “Stop Calling U.S. Lawmakers the ‘Taliban,’” you might assume Ms. Grimes has taken a long-overdue stand against one of her side’s worst exaggerations. Surely it’s not too much to ask that reasonable pro-choicers admit there’s no equivalence between people who disagree with them on abortion and a notorious terrorist regime? Continue reading