Planned Parenthood doesn’t like cameras. There’s a good reason for that.

In 2008, Live Action founder Lila Rose told a Planned Parenthood counselor she was 14 and pregnant by her 31 year-old boyfriend. Using a hidden camera, Rose recorded the response: lie about his age when seeking an abortion. Under a proposed California law, this shocking footage would have resulted in criminal charges.

For whoever posted it.

Assembly Bill 1671 passed California’s lower chamber in May and is now before the state Senate. The legislation would make posting photographs or video footage of abortion staff or volunteers a crime, punishable by up to a year in jail.

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Would you go to a KKK rally? Planned Parenthood’s founder did.

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) doesn’t have a great image: members get stereotyped as bigots who wear creepy costumes and start fires. In 2015, photographer Peter van Agtmael visited some KKK events. Did he find the Klan to be far more nuanced and diverse than the public assumes?

Nope. Apparently some stereotypes are legit.

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Child abandonment is a reality, but you can change that

Last year, a boy got an unusual moniker: Baby Jesus. But unlike his namesake, this little guy wasn’t born in a manger.

He was left in one.

A janitor found him in the nativity display at New York’s Holy Child of Jesus Church. He had been delivered four to five hours earlier, but despite his ordeal, doctors said the newborn was in good health. Others aren’t so lucky.

Across the country, you can read stories about babies turning up in all sorts of places; a lot of them don’t have happy endings. The good news? It’s something you can help change.

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No, abortion supporters, pro-life men should not “shut up.”

Here’s a tip: If your choices affect other people, don’t be surprised if other people have an opinion on them. It’s a simple concept, but there are folks who struggle with it. You can find some at the University of Georgia.

UGA’s Women’s Studies Organization (WSSO) focuses on “bringing the discussion found in Women’s Studies classes outside of the classroom” and welcomes “all gender identities.” Well, unless your gender is male and you want to discuss abortion; you’re not so welcome then…

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Baby Trevor survived at 23 weeks; Planned Parenthood aborts at 24

Here’s a fact about abortion: the later it happens, the fewer people support it.

This isn’t surprising. You can say a fetus is only “a blob of tissue,” but certain things make that hard to believe: A heartbeat does, and it starts less than a month following conception. So do fingers at eight weeks and fingerprints at ten.

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One year later: A light exposing Planned Parenthood’s darkness

The morning is etched in my mind much like historic events such as assassinations and space shuttle explosions. I woke up groggy that Tuesday morning, as I reflexively opened Facebook and saw the first video. In seconds, I was alert, processing what I was seeing. Someone had finally shown the irrefutable truth about Planned Parenthood. In awe, I cried with relief. The end was near.

But it wasn’t. And it’s with sad reflection I’ve often viewed the last year, knowing that a gullible media, a gullible people, have been persuaded by the rhetoric of a rich abortion giant.

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For abortion proponents, ‘choice’ is a tough concept

There’s a reason I don’t like calling abortion advocates “pro-choice”: a lot of them aren’t. I saw another example of that last week.

An online commentor said if you’re against abortion, then you’re welcome not have one, but don’t take that choice from others. In response, someone asked this person if they supported choice in a different area…

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Abortion and sex trafficking: You’re subsidizing both

Some places are known for a particular industry. Wall Street? Finance. Hollywood? Movies. The Kandapara neighborhood in Bangladesh has a signature business too: prostitution.

Of children.

Located in the city of Tangail, Kandapara is home to around nine hundred sex workers. Most start in their early teens as “bonded girls”–slaves who do what they’re told. While they can purchase their freedom (a process that takes years), many still choose to stay; lack of education and social stigma leave few alternatives.

While human trafficking isn’t as blatant in America, it still goes on. Traffickers often use threats of violence to keep their victims working. Another tool? Abortion.

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Are pro-lifers right to agree with Lincoln and MLK on God’s justice?

The Supreme Court’s Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt decision to strike down Texas’s abortion facility regulations has naturally generated many condemnations from pro-lifers, which have in turn generated a lot of pro-abortion sneering that we have the nerve to dislike it when judges disenfranchise people trying to protect women and children from a corrupt, predatory industry.

Right Wing Watch, a site dedicated to disseminating opinions it finds “extreme” for ridicule, joins in by highlighting recent comments from Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver that suggested America’s abortion trajectory might eventually provoke God’s wrath… Continue reading

Why free will and abortion do not go hand in hand

The pro-life movement is a stronghold for human dignity; however, the fight for life doesn’t come without tribulations, which often wait behind corners, ready to attack.

A few weeks ago, I was walking home at night, and an obstacle finally came out of the shadows to strike me and my strong convictions for the movement. It was easy enough to enter into my life, yet difficult for it to leave my mind. The dilemma was simple: a woman has the right to either choose life or death for her preborn baby. If we, the pro-life generation, advocate against abortion, aren’t we taking away her free will to choose?

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Safe haven laws: Because babies deserve love–not a dumpster

This spring, a little girl in Ohio should have celebrated her first birthday. There was no party, though. Why not? Well, she wasn’t put in a hospital nursery after she was born.

She was put in a plastic bag.

Emile Weaver received a life sentence last month for the murder of her newborn. Weaver gave birth in a sorority house at Muskingum University, and then placed her daughter in a garbage bag. The story isn’t unique, as babies regularly turn up in trash bags, and dumpsters. Many don’t survive.

It is a little surreal, though: while Weaver is going to prison for killing her newborn in Ohio, New Mexico’s Southwestern Women’s Options will perform late-term abortions for women who didn’t realize how far along they were. And under state law, abortion is legal right up until birth.

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