Yeah, Planned Parenthood fights… just not for women

Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion chain, performing over three hundred thousand every year. But given some recent comments, you might think they’re running an MMA promotion instead.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave that impression, anyway. He highlighted Planned Parenthood’s martial prowess last month, saying, “They’re standing up and fighting the important fights that have to be fought.”

Earlier, Sanders had said Planned Parenthood represents “the  political establishment,” something the folks there weren’t too pleased with. In response, they tweeted about their willingness to throw down for “women’s health.”

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Super Bowl stars Cotchery, Manning, and Wolfe show the power of choosing life

Three players. Two teams. Three successful careers culminating in the question of an NFL player’s lifetime: who will win the Super Bowl? And yet, earlier in each of their lives, a far more important question was asked: will you choose life?

And the answer for Panthers’ wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery, Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning, and Broncos’ defensive lineman Derek Wolfe was a resounding yes.

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Silence and spin: the pro-abortion response to brick attacks on pro-lifers’ homes

In the more than two months since Robert Lewis Dear’s killing spree at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, the barrage of pro-abortion attempts to connect pro-lifers with the crime was virtually nonstop, and continues to this day—just last week, Media Matters complained that our accurately describing abortion “creates space for anti-choice activists and extremists to justify violence,” while radical mayors are devoting entire panels to “anti-abortion terror.”

If we were to take these as good-faith stands for a more peaceful discourse, then it stands to reason they would have also condemned the recent bricks thrown into the windows of Jill Stanek and John Jansen’s homes.

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Planned Parenthood & Lindsey Graham hit Ted Cruz for pro-life stand

Some people were less than thrilled with Ted Cruz’s Iowa primary victory, and not just his presidential competitors. Both Planned Parenthood and fellow Republican Lindsey Graham reacted by taking potshots at him, albeit for different reasons. Well, somewhat different, anyway.

Planned Parenthood fired off a series of tweets complaining that Cruz’s “vision for America would be a nightmare for women,” he “supported TX HB2 bill, the anti-abortion law that has already shut down more than 1/2 the providers in the state,” he’s “so against your rights, he’d add a ‘personhood’ amendment to constitution, banning abortion & some” birth control, and most hilariously, claiming Cruz “doesn’t know how birth control works” because he quipped that the War on Women is “nonsense” because “Last I checked we don’t have a rubber shortage in America.” Continue reading

7 Pro-Life Questions for Donald Trump

Donald Trump insists that he is pro-life. However, like many in the pro-life movement, I am skeptical of both Trump’s understanding of and commitment to the pro-life cause. Here are 7 questions I would like to ask the GOP candidate to clear up all the confusion:

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Responding to pro-abortion advocates: Bernie Sanders

Responding To Pro-Abortion Advocates is a series where I will focus in on comments made by pro-abortion persons. These comments might be seen in the news, read on various websites, or heard elsewhere. As always, the goal is to be respectful and respond to the arguments, not to attack the person.

Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist from Vermont, is known for his support of abortion. Under the guise of “leaving people alone,” Sanders makes no apology for his backing of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. Recently in Dubuque, Iowa, Sanders said this:

They [Republicans] love families, can’t stop talking about families. When Republicans talk about family values, what they are saying is no women in this room, in this state, in this country should have the right to control her own body… I disagree.

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NARAL doesn’t fight for choice, but you can

Recently, I described how some really nice folks put me on Planned Parenthood’s fundraising list. While I’m hesitant to give money, I did offer America’s largest abortion chain some PR advice. For example, I pointed out that it sounds kinda bad when clinic staff refer to an aborted fetus as “a baby” or “another boy.” Also, providing child rapists with cover-up abortions doesn’t look great either.

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only outfit that has my email address, however. NARAL does too, which is why I get stuff like this…

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When taking the abortion pill failed, she came to us with her crisis pregnancy

Weeks ago, I walked into our crisis pregnancy center and witnessed a miracle. I have been volunteering as a counselor for over 7 years now and never before have I seen this. I was honored to see God’s handiwork up close—watching the face and eyes of the woman who received a redemptive gift.

If you aren’t familiar with the abortion pill RU-486, I would like to introduce you before going any further. RU-486 is not a contraceptive. RU-486 kills an unborn baby (typically within 5-7 weeks of conception) whose heart has already begun to beat.

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The prosecution of investigators who exposed Planned Parenthood even has abortion activists worried

Both sides of the abortion debate are watching to see what will happen in Texas, now that Center for Medical Progress investigators have been indicted for exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities. Abortion advocates have been celebrating with supportive tweets, and the Daily Show even held a pep rally. Meanwhile, pro-lifers quickly pointed out the shocking conflict of interest within the prosecutor’s office, as Harris County prosecutor Lauren Reeder sits on the board of directors of the very Planned Parenthood affiliate that was under question.

But not everyone falls neatly into the prescribed pro-abortion or pro-life boxes. Even abortion advocates are finding themselves troubled by what a prosecution could potentially mean.

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Writer says indictments of pro-life investigators are “poetic justice”

Her tone sounds more like an amateur debater who hasn’t yet learned the art of argumentation; instead, she’s a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, whose hyperbolic accusations indict her for her emotional outburst instead of thoughtful facts.

Robin Abcarian, a longtime Times reporter, uses her platform at the paper to announce that the recent grand jury indictment against is actually a move of “poetic justice,” and she says the videos, which exposed the acts of Planned Parenthood profiting off the sake of body parts, were “malicious as they were untrue.” She writes:

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Trump gambles big in snubbing abortion questions

No candidate is perfect, but the last major candidate to try winning the Republican presidential nomination without working to earn the support of pro-lifers was the pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani, whose campaign flamed out almost as soon as the actual voting started. Donald Trump at least says he’s pro-life, but it’s hard not to be reminded of the former New York mayor after hearing his latest statements.

During a press conference last Tuesday, Trump refused to get specific when discussing abortion beyond “All I can tell you is this – I’m pro-life and I’ve been pro-life a long time,” answering a question about how he’d enforce an abortion ban by saying, “I just don’t want to talk about that right now,” and deflecting a question about the morning-after pill by changing the subject to his endorsements and his poll numbers.

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Hillary Clinton likes idea of Supreme Court Justice Obama

Judicial nominees are one of the most critical ways the next president will influence the future of abortion in America, which is why Hillary Clinton’s latest comments on the campaign trail are so terrifying…

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Disgusting: The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah leads ‘pep rally’ over journalists indictment

The Daily Show’s reputation as a vehicle for Generation Y to speak truth to power was never true, but its latest bit of propagandizing brings the farce to a new low that can only be described as foul.

On Wednesday, host Trevor Noah reacted to news that a Texas grand jury decided to prosecute the Center for Medical Progress for exposing Planned Parenthood rather than Planned Parenthood themselves by turning his show into a full-blown pep rally for Planned Parenthood’s “vindication.”

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Video: How one D.C. mom and baby found a home away from home

Nobody liked Aneshia’s new boyfriend.

Recently released from jail but full of promises, Aneshia’s mother saw trouble from a mile away. As she urged her daughter to break things off and focus on seeing her associate’s degree to its conclusion, mother and daughter clashed to the point that Aneshia wanted out of the house.

When Aneshia moved in with her grandmother, she was frustrated to see that her grandmother, like her mother, was convinced the new relationship she had stepped into was self-destructive.

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