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Planned Parenthood doctor called fetus “a baby” – after she killed him

Pro-lifers often get criticized for calling preborn children “babies.” Of course, we’re not the only ones who do this; when was the last time you heard a pregnant woman say she could feel her “fetus kicking”? Still, we’re told it just isn’t accepted within the medical community.

Well, someone should explain that to Dr. Savita Ginde, because she has no problem with referring to fetuses as babies. Even after she’s killed them.

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Pregnancy care centers help new moms – and don’t sell human beings

So, you’re pregnant and in tough circumstances. What are you going to do? Well, you could go to Planned Parenthood; that’s where people like Dr. Savita Ginde work.

She’ll be happy to perform an abortion on you. Then, as you can see in the video below, she might take your baby’s mangled corpse and shop it around to potential buyers. In fact, she may actually point out that “it’s a baby” before asking how much she can get for the eyeballs or internal organs. Also, one of her assistants might laughingly mention how your that child is “another boy” while poking through his remains.

Apparently this is what Planned Parenthood staff do when they’re not offering to help pimps, covering up sexual abuse, or telling teens to engage in rough sex and asphyxiation.

Of course, there’s another option: you can go to a pregnancy care center.

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President Obama irresponsible in refusing to examine Planned Parenthood videos

In the midst of the troubling videos of slaughtered babies came another troubling revelation that must be changed: President Obama’s press secretary indicated that the White House is getting talking points on the Planned Parenthood scandal from Planned Parenthood itself – and the administration has apparently not even watched the videos.

As the leader of our nation (as well as a man with a law degree), President Obama should be reviewing each video in its unedited entirety before making a single comment supporting a side. His parroting of Planned Parenthood serves as a model of a kangaroo court, where the judge personally knows the murderer of a child and decides to dismiss the case without hearing either the prosecuting attorney’s arguments or the witnesses.

This is twisted justice, but similar to what the White House has shown itself to be doing.

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Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 7.06.41 AM

Defunding Planned Parenthood is “going to take actual guts.” Its latest scandal has plenty of those.

Conservative commentator Dustin Siggins recently said that for Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood, “it’s going to take actual guts.” Well, the abortion chain’s latest scandal has plenty of those. It also features hearts, lungs, kidneys, and “as many intact livers as possible.”

That came to light a few weeks ago when the Center for Medical Progress released a video of Dr. Deborah Nucatola. Nucatola is Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, and she’s shown having lunch with individuals she believed were from a fetal tissue procurement company.

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NARAL joins #SayHerName for woman who died in police custody, ignores women killed by abortion

Somehow, a July 23 blog post from NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio managed to equate videos from the Center for Medical Progress showing top Planned Parenthood employees discussing their fetal parts business and the death of Sandra Bland, a black woman who committed suicide while in police custody. I’m not kidding: “Both are infuriating, but in very distinct ways. Both involve reproductive justice issues.”

The post rants at length about, with original emphasis, “WHITE PRIVILEGE,” as well as the popular slogans of #BlackLivesMatter, #SayHerName, and #IfIDieInPoliceCustody.

For all the discussion about race though, the post never once mentions how blacks are disproportionately affected by abortion at such high levels, or how Planned Parenthood is and always has been a killer of blacks, or how abortion is the number one killer of blacks.

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New group calls anti-abortion accomplishments “degrading”

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.25.25 AMAccording to a new pro-abortion group called Reproaction, women cannot be equal to men unless they have the right to abort their children. But how is this equality possible if men don’t have this same supposed right to abort or to choose life for their children?

Erin Matson (via bluejersey.com)
Erin Matson (via bluejersey.com)

According to their website (which is set to launch on August 19), Reproaction, a group formed by Erin Matson (pictured top right; an “organizer and writer”) and Pamela Merritt  (pictured bottom right; an “activist and writer”), says they celebrate abortion as “a great thing” and believe that denying abortion to women is “an insult and unacceptable.”

The group says “the current state of abortion access – the closed clinics, financial barriers, insulting hurdles, baseless religious exemptions, and terrorism against providers – is a degrading, man-made humanitarian crisis.”

Not being allowed to end the life of your own defenseless child is a degrading, man-made humanitarian crisis?

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How Planned Parenthood is making profits by selling baby parts

Imagine with me, if you will, a fictitious scenario:

The Animal Group of Riverside regularly euthanizes homeless dogs when no one comes to claim them. The Animal Group holds itself out as a boon to society; a compassionate organization – a non-profit, in fact. “We do not sell animal parts, they say.” Then, someone goes undercover and discovers that The Animal Group is piecing out the dogs. Dog liver is quite popular in the market, right now. But dog legs, dog hearts, dog brains – all are fair game; all are harvested and sold.

“No, no, no,” says The Animal Group. “This is all for research. For vaccines and medicines.” (They fail to mention all the experiments for food and skin care products that the dogs’ tissue is used in.) “We do not ever make a profit. All we do is donate to research.”

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When it comes to Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish crimes, are we all guilty?

I am sitting at my desk, taking a moment of reflection over the past week, what I have witnessed, listened to and read. I am disturbed – even haunted and somehow – I am not surprised.

The news of Planned Parenthood’s grisly baby parts operation has been a daily source of news, social media posts, blogs, and videos. I have been caught up in it all, and now…I reflect.

Planned-Parenthood-sells-aborted-baby-body-parts-CMP-2-209x198I think about what is happening in this nation – of 42 years of legalized abortion on demand.

As I ponder what has taken place this last week, I am not shocked that babies are being chopped up and sold for parts like an old car in a junkyard.

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College student: Why I believe the investigation into Planned Parenthood is helping America

Planned Parenthood. Not for women.
Planned Parenthood. Not for women.

I didn’t realize how much the world around me would change when I woke up on July 14.

I woke up in the morning to find an investigative video documenting abuses by Planned Parenthood. The video had been released by the Center for Medical Progress. Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who is the Senior Medical for Medical Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, was documented discussing the organization’s fetal parts business.

I was horrified, but not surprised, as Planned Parenthood has been documented committing abuses and circumventing the law more than a few times before.

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Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards

Planned Parenthood CEO says they don’t sell organs. Someone should tell their executives.

Think your significant other is being unfaithful? If so, then it might be time to have a difficult conversation about the future of your relationship. Or you could have Clark Gable’s grandson do it for you. On national television.

Clark Gable at Finals - Frankly, my dear, I've got some uncomfortable questions to ask you.

Clark Gable III is the current host of Cheaters, a TV show that revolves around infidelity. Each episode begins by introducing someone with suspicions about a partner. Next comes surveillance footage of the person in question. When their guilt is finally proven (and it always is), the evidence is shown to the wronged party. At this point, the victim, Mr. Gable, and a posse of cameramen and bodyguards roll up to confront the target. Voices tend to get raised.

The cheater typically responds by claiming innocence. Amazingly, some will continue to do so even when presented with a recording of his or her transgressions. To most people, this comes off looking absurd.

Apparently the higher ups at Planned Parenthood feel differently; they’ve taken the same approach to handling their latest scandal.

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Lamborghini post 03

All Planned Parenthood wants is a Lamborghini

Planned Parenthood is giving drinks a bad name. And Lamborghinis.

The second explosive video on Planned Parenthood has been released this morning [July 21], and this time, it’s Dr. Mary Gatter’s turn to reveal the true facts about America’s abortion giant and, apparently, baby body part seller in chief.

Gatter is the President of the Planned Parenthood Medical Director’s Council, another top-level position within the national organization. In the video, Gatter is seen haggling and negotiating over prices for baby parts, with great amusement, it would seem.

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New York Times

New York Times shames journalism with presumptuous editorial on Planned Parenthood

Since when did the editorial board of the top consumer paper in the nation resort to sounding like an angry teenager in a fight? Since now, it seems.

An editorial in the New York Times Wednesday brings shame to the journalistic standards of the paper. An editorial is not an opinion column where one person is writing his or her opinion. An editorial is written as the voice of the paper to its readers. Frankly, the Times’ take on Planned Parenthood would have been equally as ineffective as a signed opinion column anyway. Instead the board gets to share the shame.

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