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A pro-life look at Ted Cruz’s plan to rein in judicial activism

Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_CongressThe Supreme Court’s had a busy week, with blocking Texas abortion clinic regulations, upholding ObamaCare, depriving the people of their right to vote on another contentious social issue, and upholding a certain method of capital punishment. If there’s any silver lining, it’s that public anger may finally push us to get serious about reining in judicial activism—in doing so finally getting proactive about overcoming Roe v. Wade.

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In the 19th Century, many politicians didn’t think fighting slavery should be priority. Some still don’t.

It’s estimated that between 11 and 15 million people came across the Atlantic as slaves. Crammed into ships reeking of urine, vomit, and feces, many didn’t survive the trip. Some of those who did would arrive in America.

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Stay classy: Gawker hijacks Bristol Palin pregnancy announcement to push abortion

Bristol_PalinBristol Palin announced on Thursday that she’s pregnant with her second child out of wedlock. Palin is an otherwise-private citizen who’s been in the media spotlight ever since the press developed an obsession with tearing down her mother, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

I only bring this up because Allie Jones of the perpetually-classless Gawker decided to exploit this sensitive news, which Bristol Palin suggests embarrasses her and her family and only made public to preempt some media vulture from digging it up first, with this headline: “Bristol Palin Makes Great Argument for Abortion in Baby Announcement.” Continue reading


Woman asks for $1 million, or she will abort her 7-week baby

Her abortion is allegedly scheduled for July 10, but one anonymous mother is demanding that pro-lifers give her $1 million to keep her from killing her preborn baby through an abortion.

The woman, who says she will do her “best to remain anonymous in this process as what I aim to prove has nothing to do with me personally,” claims that pro-lifers don’t actually care about the life of a child. She writes:

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Planned Parenthood exaggerates Texas budget cuts; poor women still have cancer screening access

The email from Planned Parenthood Texas Votes almost sounds tragic, until someone reads between the lines. Reporting on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s wise decision to eliminate Planned Parenthood from  participating in a state/federal Breast and Cervical Cancer Services program. While it’s true that this program helps poor and uninsured women obtain cancer screenings, it’s wholly untrue that Abbott’s elimination of the abortion provider from the program eliminates access to cancer screenings for women.

But that’s now how Yvonne Gutierrez presents it. Using her best dramatic rhetoric and manipulative words, she laments:

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First they came for the preborn, and I did not speak out

Martin Niemöller was a German Protestant pastor who spoke out against Adolf Hitler during World War II. Because of his outspokenness, he spent seven years in the Nazi concentration camps. Niemöller survived the war and for the rest of his life, deeply regretted not having done more for those persecuted by Hitler. He helped initiate the Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt through the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, which confessed guilt for failing to adequately oppose Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

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Slate writer furious she can’t outlaw crisis pregnancy centers

angry pro-choicerIn yet another sign that pro-aborts just cannot stand having to compete for pregnant women’s time (and, to them, money), Slate blogger Meaghan Winter asks (hat tip to Connor Williams at NewsBusters), “Why are crisis pregnancy centers not illegal?”

To sane readers, “because it’s a free country” might be a sufficient answer; “because we value charity in this country” might be another. But Ms. Winter is having none of that nonsense:

[CPCs] often use misleading advertisements—sometimes even posing as abortion providers—and regularly dispense inaccurate information in order to dissuade women from accessing contraception and abortion, as NARAL Pro-Choice America has documented. A 2006 congressional report found that federally funded CPCs informed patients seeking abortions that the procedure “could increase the risk of breast cancer, result in sterility, and lead to suicide and ‘post-abortion stress disorder.’” Continue reading

Elisabeth Elliot

BREAKING: Elisabeth Elliot has died; here’s what she said about abortion

Today, the Gospel Coalition reports that Elisabeth Elliot has died.

Elisabeth Elliot (née Howard; born December 21, 1926) died this morning (June 15, 2015) at the age of 88.

She was a beautiful woman of whom the world was not worthy.

Twitter is trending with #ElisabethElliot, as many mourn her death, while celebrating her final meeting with her Savior.

Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot

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While Amy Schumer looks for ‘the right way to joke about rape,’ pro-lifers are fighting to stop it.

This spring, Live Action writer Sarah Terzo wrote about seven early feminist leaders. In an era when women lacked legal equality, these individuals fought for the right to vote and against domestic violence. Many were also committed abolitionists who stood out for opposing slavery. From those early years of struggle, the feminist movement has come a long way.

Amy Schumer. Photo by CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com
Amy Schumer. Photo by CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com


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Planned Parenthood unhappy people will have option to choose health care plan without abortion

What is it that makes pro-aborts think nothing of holding everyone else to rules they don’t follow themselves?

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England is blasting language proposed for the Rhode Island state budget that requires HealthSource RI, the state’s health insurance exchange, to offer plans that don’t cover elective abortions. Providence Journal reports:

Not only could these employers deny their employees a choice, they wouldn’t even have to inform their employees that their health plan only pays for abortion in the cases of rape or incest or when a pregnancy threaten’s [sic.] a mother’s life, according to Jamie Rhodes, director of public policy and government relations for Planned Parenthood. Continue reading


Sometimes your words can save a life

Part of being a friend means being ready to help out. That can involve all kinds of situations, like when a friend has a flat tire, needs to move some furniture, or when she calls in a panic because she’s hidden her pregnancy for 9 months and just gave birth in the bathroom. You know, the usual stuff.

Preborn children can go unnoticed—even to the people who are carrying them. Other times a woman does know that she’s pregnant but can’t accept the reality of it. Either case can lead to a distraught mom and a newborn she no idea what to do with. The results can be tragic.

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Think pimps and abusers deserve a hand? Your tax dollars are giving them one.

It’s not always easy to spot a coherent rationale behind government policy. That shouldn’t be surprising—a lot of times there isn’t one. Consider how the government handles tobacco.

For decades, the federal government spent money on a program to make tobacco farms more profitable. The tobacco they produced was then turned into cigarettes.  What happened when those cigarettes hit store shelves? The government spent even more money encouraging people not to buy them.

This sort of logic isn’t confined to smoking. When it comes to abuse and human trafficking, Uncle Sam takes a similar approach. On one hand, money is spent going after those who perpetrate the violence. On the other, it also goes to an organization that helps them get away with it.

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