Here’s why Planned Parenthood’s 3 percent abortion claim is misleading

Planned Parenthood officials, staff, and supporters love to spout the overly-tired phrase that abortions are only “3% of the services” the abortion giant provides.

But in recent days, their claim has been exposed as hugely deceptive. Even some in the mainstream media have refused to use Planned Parenthood’s 3% claim number. Let’s look at a few visual examples that show exactly why the 3% claim is such a joke.

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The US government helped rapists in Afghanistan; It’s helping them here, too

In 2011, Afghan police officer Abdul Rahman was confronted by two American soldiers. Why? Well, he liked children.

Especially when they were chained to his bed.

There were reports Rahman had abducted a boy, tied him to a bed, and repeatedly raped him. It wasn’t the first such allegation, and the boy’s mom believed Rahman would come for her son again.

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Dear pro-aborts: ‘Legal’ doesn’t equal ‘safe.’

You can’t always predict what’s going to happen in life. Six years ago, I would have said the odds of me ever wandering the streets of South Korea in a codeine induced haze were precisely zero.

I would have been wrong.

On the other hand, some things are entirely predictable; most pro-abortion arguments fall into this category. Here’s one you see a lot:


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Choosing life doesn’t always mean choosing to raise a baby

In a September op-ed for Time magazine, left-wing activist Sarita Gupta talked about some of the struggles that single mothers face:

Patricia is a single mom whose job at a big-box store pays $13.20 an hour. Even though Patricia works full time and earns more than the national minimum wage, she still relies on food stamps and food banks in order to feed herself and her daughter. “After I pay my rent, I have to decide which bills I absolutely must pay that month,” she said. Like many American women who are often the key breadwinners for their families, Patricia lives one unanticipated event—a layoff or a medical emergency —away from extreme poverty.

So how can Patricia’s daughter be protected from “extreme poverty?” Simple: kill one of her siblings.

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Planned Parenthood isn’t above the law. Time to stop treating it that way

It looks like Planned Parenthood has found the cause of its latest scandal. According to Dawn Laguens, vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the problem is that “extremists” are waging a “relentless campaign” to “villainize providers” and “block millions from accessing basic reproductive health care.” It’s because of this conspiracy that Planned Parenthood officials are now facing questions on Capitol Hill.

I guess all those felonies they discuss on tape have nothing to do with it.

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Pope Francis’ visit could have been a watershed moment in U.S. abortion history

Last week, Live Action President Lila Rose wrote an open letter asking that Pope Francis “continue pray for us and speak out for a culture that truly respects life.” Sadly, it is hard to look at his visit to the United States last week and conclude it was anything other than a lost opportunity for the cause of God’s tiniest children.

In fairness, Francis is unambiguously pro-life, and he did take the time to meet with the Little Sisters of the Poor, targets of the Obama Administration’s persecution campaign against dissenters from his vision of compulsory abortifacient coverage.

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Laughing at dead children is wrong. What’s worse? Helping them get that way.

Last month, Sarah Terzo wrote about  abortion activist Bunnie Riedel. Riedel composed the foreword for a book called Abortion: My Choice, God’s Grace. Written by Anne Eggebroten, it presents a number of moral arguments for abortion, such as:

Usually, the news of beginning pregnancy is a time of celebration, but when it is not, a safe and legal way of ending the pregnancy should be available. Jesus can speak to the zygote or even fertilized egg, bless it, and call it back to God’s presence.

As Terzo pointed out, they’re not the most convincing. Yet despite spending decades supporting the abortion industry, Riedel recently found herself troubled by it.

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Biden rationalizes stance as legalized abortion supporter – with Catholic interviewer’s help

America: The National Catholic Review identifies itself as a “smart, Catholic take on faith and culture, the leading provider of editorial content for thinking Catholics and those who want to know what Catholics are thinking,” but their new interview with Vice President Joe Biden is strikingly indistinguishable from the secular mainstream media’s normal practice of giving pro-abortion politicians a complete pass.

Much of the interview consists of Biden monologuing about how much he cherishes his Catholic faith and how it supposedly defines his political philosophy, culminating in this statement:

I don’t think there’s any fundamental disagreement that, you know, we hold these truths self-evident, that all men are created equal. You can say it another way, the pope says it, every human being is entitled to be treated with dignity. So I find it totally consistent.

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Christian blogger wrong to point finger at pro-lifers instead of Planned Parenthood

It’s clear that Ashley M. Gorman is a Christian.

But from a recent post, it’s a little more confusing where she stands on the life issue. And what’s also disquieting is that Gorman seems  to regard Planned Parenthood as some kind of necessity, since she claims it “has been meeting a need that the church has ignored.”

If Gorman is a pro-lifer, she certainly isn’t doing a sufficient enough job convincing her audience with these points.

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Funding Planned Parenthood in the name of women’s health is irrational

Let’s consider two organizations.

One is marred by scandal, yet still receives taxpayer dollars. This organization is also the nation’s largest abortion provider. While federal funds cannot legally go toward abortions, money is fungible. Abortion is also a sensitive and divisive topic for Americans, and many don’t want their hard earned money to be associated with such a place.

Despite all the money it receives, this organization has seen a drop in clients, yet brags about its 2.7 million patients. Despite touting itself as necessary for health care, the most vital services are decreasing in number. Its representatives have also lied about what services the organization provides.

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Christian blogger should lead by example instead of chastising pro-lifers

I read with great interest a blog by 29-year-old Ashley M. Gorman, who recently wrote about the need for pro-life Christians to care about the born as well as the unborn. Of course, this assumes that we don’t already do that. And there begins the problem with Gorman’s blog.

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