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‘Girls’ star inadvertently exposes the flaws in pro-abortion mentality

Jemima Kirke, star of the HBO series “Girls,” recently opened up about her abortion at age 17. In a video for the Center for Reproductive Rights, she says at that time, she didn’t feel it would be fair to allow her child to live because she wasn’t ready to be a mother.

Kirke says she is sharing her story in order to end stigma surrounding abortion. Unfortunately, all Kirke really proves is how anti-woman and greedy the abortion industry really is, and just how much those in favor of abortion are missing the big picture.

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RH Reality Check: Self-induced abortions are “empowering”

Andrea Grimes is an aborto* from Texas, so I consider her my enemy. I don’t mean “enemy” in the sense that I want to slash her tires or anything. I just enthusiastically root against her in her quest to expand, fund, and promote abortion.

Andrea Grimes digs on abortion, y’all. Like, big time. In fact, she recently joined the self-induced abortion fan club with her pals at RH Reality Check.

A few years ago I wrote about RH for the first time, having been stunned by their defense of the dangerous (and super duper illegal) practice of self-induced abortion.

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NARAL knows about the ‘anti-choice’ agenda. After all, they’re the ones pushing it.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is among the country’s most powerful abortion advocacy groups. Thanks to an interesting set of events, I ended up on their email list and started getting getting regular updates. Some of these messages display an impressive level of honesty; granted, it’s usually unintentional.

You can see that in the email NARAL President Ilyse Hogue sent out last last week. Hogue opens by declaring, “Anti-choice senators are blocking legislation that would help women sold into slavery–unless those survivors are denied access to abortion care.”

NARAL email

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Jemima Kirke

Actress Jemima Kirke laments ‘obstacles’ to aborting children in new PSA

In the fourth PSA in its Draw the Line campaign, the Center for Reproductive Rights is trotting out actress Jemima Kirke to discuss her 2007 abortion.

Kirke, best known for her role on the HBO series “Girls,” became pregnant with her boyfriend’s child and decided she “didn’t want to be attached to this person.” (Apparently she was referring to her boyfriend, not the child.)

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‘Dear Abby’ tells teenage girl scared of forced abortion to go to Planned Parenthood

A teenager facing an unplanned pregnancy is very likely facing what will be the most stressful time in her life. A teenager that wants to fight to give her baby life could very well face even more stress and hardship.

If her parents want her to have an abortion and she refuses, she could face financial hardship, homelessness, even violence. Abortionists are, too often, all too happy to look the other way, even when the patient tells them that they are being pressured to get an abortion.

A recent “Dear Abby” column featured a question from a teenage girl, scared because she is pregnant and wants to keep the baby.

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The US government is protecting wildlife from cruelty. Protecting children? Well, that’s another story…

Have you ever looked at your fingernail clippings and wondered if they could somehow cure cancer, HIV, or malaria? If so, then I’ve got some important news for you: Stop wondering. They can’t.

Human fingernails are made of a protein called keratin; rhino horns are comprised of it too. There’s no scientific evidence to show that rhino horn is any kind of a wonder drug, but many believe otherwise. The substance is valued in parts of Asia for its supposed medicinal properties, and that’s motivating poachers to pursue the animal. Their methods can be gruesome.

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Abortion advocacy blog compares terminating a baby to removing cancer

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback just signed into state law a bill that bans the “dismemberment” abortion method known as the D&E: dilation and evacuation. It is the first ban of its kind in the nation.


While abortion is always a violent and grisly procedure, the D&E is especially so. These abortions are typically performed in the second trimester, and the baby is literally ripped apart limb by limb. It is so horrific that, when the technique was first refined, a paper spoke of the emotional distress it caused for the doctors who performed it.

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Democratic Party leader: There should be no restrictions on abortion. ‘Period. End of story.’

In response to a question poised by Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul, the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said there should be no government restrictions on abortion: “Period. End of story.”

Wasserman Schultz made the following statements in a press release after Paul challenged her to respond to whether she would support killing a “7-pound baby in the uterus”:

“Here’s an answer. I support letting women and their doctors make this decision without government getting involved. Period. End of story. ”

Wasserman Schultz’s response to abortion-on-demand is basically a resounding “yes.”

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Abortion pill reversal information empowers women

(TexasRightToLife) — First, anti-Life Democrats blocked a measure that would help victims of sex trafficking because the bill did not include free abortion access to victims – in other words: abortion, or nothing.  Sorry, sex slaves.

Now pundits are at their vicious game once again -this time in Arizona – where the legislature passed a measure to enhance informed consent before an abortion by apprising women of abortion pill reversal resources to avail, should they change their minds after beginning the process of a chemical abortion.

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There must be justice for 7-month baby cut from mother’s womb

The world learned in horror the grisly details of an attack against 26-year-old Colorado mother Michelle Wilkins, who was stabbed and assaulted by a woman who ripped Wilkins’ 7-month-old baby from her womb. Dynel Lane, a 34-year-old mother of two, lured Wilkins into her home through a Craigslist advertisement for baby clothes.

After stabbing Wilkins, Lane kidnapped the child, and was discovered later by her husband in a bathtub, covered in blood with the baby, named by Wilkins as Aurora, by her side. Lane told her husband, who admitted to authorities that the baby had gasped for air before she died, that she had miscarried.
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Planned Parenthood thinks it’s above the rules. Pro-lifers should make it think again.

Saul Alinsky was an important thinker on the American Left, and his writings have in influenced some of the most powerful figures in the Democratic Party. Where did he get many of his ideas from?

In an interview with Playboy magazine, the author talked about befriending Depression-era mobsters, stating that he “learned a hell of a lot about the uses and abuses of power from the mob, lessons that stood me in good stead later on, when I was organizing.” According to Alinsky, “The most effective means are whatever will achieve the desired results.”

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The imprecision of pro-abortion language

In The Giver, a novel written by Lois Lowry over two decades ago, a boy named Jonas lives in a utopian society where emotion is not experienced and lies are not told. Although this utopian society is actually extremely flawed and impractical, it holds something worth noting: its emphasis on precision of language.

In chapter nine, there is a dialogue where Jonas expresses his hunger by saying, “I’m starving.” He gets taken aside by an adult and lectured on language precision because he was not actually starving, but rather merely hungry, and to describe his hunger as starvation would be a lie. To quote the book directly: “…the reason for precision of language was to ensure that unintentional lies were never uttered.”

So when we, as a society, stray from language precision and replace it with deceptive rhetoric, lies take root.

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