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Spiritual fatherhood

Spiritual Fathers are men who pray and sacrifice for little lives they cannot yet see — the most innocent and helpless creatures on Earth, so weak they don’t yet have a voice.

Men are called to save these little ones by standing up to a culture of death and a society that discards them — with vigils on cold nights and hot days amidst scornful looks, degrading gestures, spit, and insults as their pay and reward.

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Do pro-lifers believe in “shaming women”?

One of the most common accusations thrown against pro-lifers is that we want to “shame women” into agreeing with us. Here are three reasons why that’s simply not true:

1) It’s not “us” we want people to agree with.

We don’t think we’re that great or that important. Really, we don’t. The pro-life issue isn’t about “us” at all. It’s about innocent, helpless human beings who are literally being executed every day.

Strong words, I know, but it’s the reality of what actually happens in abortion that we want people to face. Human babies are ripped apart, limb from limb; women are physically and emotionally damaged — sometimes destroyed; families are broken apart; society becomes callused to violence and death because it occurs literally everywhere we look.

So what is abortion? Go here to read more about it, here to see the reality with your own eyes, and here to read about 10 reasons not to choose abortion.

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Our actions have consequences

Many actions have consequences. For some reason, though, there is a whole movement centered on the belief that our sexual activities don’t have to have consequences if we don’t want them to. There are even organizations that stand to profit off such a belief, as a part of “care,” as their tagline claims.

For a cost (and not just a financial one), you can get rid of that which would be a consequence if allowed to develop. Never mind that this consequence is a human being already. And you can do so relatively easily in the United States, especially compared to the rest of the world.

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Football in grass. Licensed from Dreamstime.

When will destroyed human lives get more news attention than deflated footballs?

Yesterday, I visited my mom and we watched a popular talk show.  In the middle of the show, a breaking news update flashed on the screen. Suddenly the show was interrupted. My mind began to race.  Did something happen to our President? Was there another terrorist attack? Did a school shooting occur? Soon my fears were erased. Patriots QB Tom Brady was in a press conference, denying claims he knew about deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game. This was the breaking news that interrupted a scheduled program.

I’ll admit I’m not a football fan. I also barely watch TV. So perhaps this counts as a legitimate ‘breaking news’ update in our America today? I personally thought it was a bit ridiculous. It made me wonder, what does the public value as newsworthy in our time? Is the media reporting what matters the most?

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Amanda Marcotte’s new low: demonizing grieving fathers of aborted children

man-sadLast week was not great for Amanda Marcotte’s image. The day after bemoaning the prospect of “forcing” Down syndrome kids on their parents (eviscerated here on LAN by Cassy Fiano), she followed up with an angry condemnation of fathers who grieve for their aborted children in stories shared by Heroic MediaSilent No More, and others. While the natural reaction for anyone with a soul would be empathy, Marcotte’s is “vomiting in your mouth.”

The instigator of her venom was “The Apology,” a recent Heroic Media video featuring the heartfelt confessions of several men who either agreed to or failed to more strongly object to girlfriends’ abortions earlier in their lives. They apologize for not fighting for the sons and daughters they’ll never get to know, who lost their chance to grow in and experience this world, and to the women considering or suffering from abortion today who aren’t getting the support they need: Continue reading


Breaking: House halts vote on 20-week ban over rape exception

If you were looking forward to the U.S. House of Representatives voting on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, you’ll be disappointed to know that you’re going to have to wait. And if you were happy with the bill as it was, that may be too bad.

Despite earlier reporting from Politico that House leaders were sticking to a vote on Thursday, an updated piece now reports that the vote will not take place after all. The dispute had been over rape language in the bill.  Instead, a vote will take place prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion.

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Responding to Gerard Biard: Was MLK a threat to democracy?

On Sunday, Gerard Biard, the current editor of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, argued in an interview with NBC that religion should be a strictly private affair. The publication, which is known for its satirical jabs at religion, was recently the target of a terrorist attack carried out by Islamic extremists. Twelve people were killed in the massacre, including Stéphane Charbonnier, the magazine’s former editor.

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2015: The year of the pro-life woman


I don’t know what you’re up to next week, but I’m going to Washington, D.C.

There’s this little thing you might have heard about happening next Saturday in Our Nation’s Capital called the March for Life. A few people are gonna stop by and rap with the rest of the country about a few things. (Yes, that was a Ghostbusters reference. You’re welcome.)

If you’re there, say hi. I shouldn’t be that hard to pick out of the crowd. I’ll be the one in the coat.

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Is “personally pro-life” good enough?

A couple years ago, I wrote about why “there is no such thing as ‘personally pro-life.‘” But even beyond the question of whether it’s possible to be “personally pro-life,” there’s the question of whether it’s good enough.

Even if we could be “personally pro-life,” would it matter?

Well, since abortion seems to be a harder topic to wrap ourselves around these days, let’s bring up a few easy ones.

  • Is it good enough to be “personally pro-consent” when it comes to rape?
  • Is it good enough to be “personally pro-designated driver” when it comes to drunk driving?
  • Is it good enough to be “personally pro-paying for what I buy” when it comes to theft?

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Rules for feminists in 2015

I’ve been an ultra-feminist, so I can teach you how to be ultra-feminist in 2015.  First, you need to understand that being ultra-feminist has nothing to do with actually preserving anything peculiar to womanhood. Being ultra-feminist means holding up abortion’s promise of equality.

Second, rebel against values terminology by dogmatically using feminist phraseology such as “reproductive rights.” You’ll want to keep your eyes closed especially tightly with this one, because now you’re going to insist on a sexist premise — that women are inferior to men and that, in order to be equal, we have to change our biology to become like men. You’re going to want to stress that abortion is essential for women to participate freely and equally in society, that surgery is necessary to be equal.

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Double standard? Court rules teen not mature enough to make health decision, yet teens abort without parental notice

I remember the day the governor of Connecticut came to visit my church. Governor Dan Malloy talked to our congregation about increasing the minimum wage and urged those without insurance to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

As I listened to his speech, I realized I had to talk to him. I knew that if I didn’t take the opportunity to approach him, I might not have another chance. As he left the building with his companions, I hurried after him. After thanking him for coming, I asked to share something important. He obliged, and I told him that allowing abortions without parental notifications or consent was dangerous for young women in our state. I shared that pimps use abortion to keep sex-trafficked girls in business. I mentioned that it’s unsafe for teenagers to be able to get a potentially life-altering procedure without allowing their parents to know. The governor looked at me and politely nodded.

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Joy of Motherhood

It’s not always easy to be pro-life, but it’s worth it!

The pro-life movement doesn’t always have it so easy. The divisive issue of abortion is not always the easiest one to discuss. And it seems that it can be especially difficult for those speaking from the pro-life perspective.

The percentage of pro-choice Americans reached its record low a few years ago, and the numbers remain close. Young people are particularly pro-life.


So what is the issue?

Well, the abortion movement is at a huge advantage. For one, they have more money. We often hear of pro-life groups being outspent in elections yet still emerging victorious at the ballot box. The abortion giant Planned Parenthood also receives around $1.4 million in taxpayer money per day. And while federal law prohibits that money from being used for abortion, public funds free up other money in Planned Parenthood’s coffers for other services.

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