Do cats like abortion? Sexual predators sure do.

Did you know house cats typically oppose pro-life legislation? Yeah, I didn’t know either, and there’s actually a pretty good reason for that. It’s because they don’t. They’re cats.

Image via prochoicecats.com
Image via prochoicecats.com

Amanda Patton seems to have other ideas. In addition to working at an Ohio abortion facility, Patton is a blogger who designs t-shirts and political memes featuring her pet cat. Bearing the slogan “Leave my p***y alone,” the shirts help pay for pro-abortion advertising. “Cats,” Patton insists, “are just naturally pro-choice because they do not care what women do with their bodies.” Oddly, she doesn’t cite any polling data to support this claim.

But while feline attitudes towards abortion remain largely undocumented, not everything about the issue is so obscure. For example, there’s plenty of evidence that the abortion industry doesn’t care what men do with women’s bodies… or with the bodies of underage girls.

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Abortion advocates throw stones at Huckabee from judicial activism glass house

Over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made some comments at the Iowa Family Leader Conference about how he’d handle abortion – and abortion advocates are in a tizzy:

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WI judge’s admitting privileges ruling weak on facts, weaker on law

Following the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision Monday to strike down Wisconsin’s admitting privileges requirement for abortion facilities, pro-aborts are hailing the ruling’s author, Judge Richard Posner, for supposedly landing an authoritative blow against pro-lifers.

Becca Andrews at Mother Jones calls it a “withering ruling” from a jurist “known for his tart legal arguments.” Tara Culp-Ressler of ThinkProgress cheers Posner for “lay[ing] bare the larger strategy that abortion opponents are pursuing across the country” in “just three sentences.” And Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick says he “pretty much just pantses the judges who argue that the real intent of this law is to protect women.”

Let’s see if Posner’s legal arguments, which attempt to show the law is invalid because its medical rationale is a disingenuous front, really are as devastating as they say.

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Gratitude for amazing wonder of life this Thanksgiving

At this time of year we often reflect on our blessings and we summarize all that the Divine Creator has done for us. But, as we try to recall all the ways we have been blessed, we should pause in gratitude for life itself. Often, we take for granted the beauty of life and the very complicated design that fashions our very core. The intimate and detailed way we were formed in the womb with the loving and tender hands of our Creator shows that the very essence of life is a gift beyond measure.

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A compassion lecture from Cecile Richards turns hypocrisy into an art form

Cecile Richards is either the least self-aware person on the planet, or she’s got a really sick sense of humor. Those are the only possible explanations for the following tweet she made over the weekend:

A lecture from the CEO of Planned Parenthood on compassion and safety from those in need is really too much.

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Judge orders Sherri Shepherd to pay child support for surrogate baby she abandoned

Sherri Shepherd (via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain)
Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd will not be able to cut off the baby she chose to abandon, a judge has ruled.

People across the nation were outraged when the details of Shepherd’s abandonment became public. The former co-host of “The View” was married to Lamar Sally, and when the two were battling infertility, they turned to assisted reproductive technology. With a donor egg and a surrogate mother, the two were going to be parents. But halfway through the pregnancy, Shepherd and Sally’s marriage failed. So Shepherd decided that she didn’t want to pay child support — and abandoned the surrogate baby whose life she helped to create.

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“Scandal” actor’s comments allude to a much better story ABC could (but probably won’t) tell

In response to my piece on ABC’s abortion-promoting episode of Scandal last week, a commenter suggested that pro-lifers’ condemnation of the show was premature because we didn’t allow for the possibility that future episodes in the plotline might present a more complex view of abortion.

The cast and crew themselves seem to undermine that wishful thinking—producer Shonda Rhimes is a Planned Parenthood board member, and stars Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young have both professed their support for Planned Parenthood—but the idea does show how a more objective creative team could use this episode as a springboard for a very different, genuinely powerful story.

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Marcotte mangles TX abortion case, unwittingly admits problem with judicial supremacy

The Supreme Court’s decision to hear the Texas abortion clinic regulations case is not sitting well with Amanda Marcotte, who takes the opportunity at Salon to peddle misinformation about medicine, confusion about the Constitution, and inadvertently boost pro-lifers’ spirits about the case’s fate…

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Yes, defunding Planned Parenthood will affect “low income” women; It’ll help them

Do you know what upsets TV host Joy Behar? If not, then don’t worry. She’ll tell you.

She certainly told Jeb Bush. In October, Bush made the mistake of saying actress Melissa Benoist was “pretty hot.” Behar wasn’t amused, and accused him of “objectifying women.” Behar went on to complain that “talking about women’s looks” is something she doesn’t want to hear politicians doing. She doesn’t mind doing it herself, though.

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Planned Parenthood’s celebration of the “Scandal” abortion is appalling

On Thursday night, ABC and “Scandal” sank to a new all-time low (a difficult feat for the popular but scandalous “Scandal”). Star Olivia Pope had an abortion – in yet another attempt to cover for her affair with President Grant. Pope’s abortion was mockingly performed to “Silent Night.”

While it was appalling for ABC and “Scandal” to set the killing of a child to a song about the birth of a Child, it was even more appalling that Planned Parenthood celebrated the scene with pride and glee.

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Why judicial appointments matter to pro-lifers

When you’re a pro-life activist, you hear a lot of reasons why abortion should remain legal. Among the more popular? That “the right to choose” is constitutionally guaranteed. It’s often said with a tone of certainty, as if further objection has just been rendered moot.

The tone usually changes when you ask where exactly the Constitution specifies this. Replies tend to be a little vague, which isn’t surprising. After all, even the guys who came up with the idea couldn’t give a straight answer.

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Abortion fans think ‘Scandal’ makes them look good. It doesn’t.

All of these breathless accolades at once can only mean one thing: another TV character’s gotten an abortion.

Live Action’s Cassy Fiano has excellently dissected the moral backwardness and political deceit teeming from this week’s episode of the ABC political drama Scandal, in which Kerry Washington’s lead character Olivia Pope has an out-of-the-blue abortion, though there’s one more aspect of the episode, and a few gems from its fans, that warrant further attention.

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