Planned Parenthood spending $20M to elect pro-abortion allies, with help from media

373013_8934429638_1540723686_nPlanned Parenthood is mobilizing to get their pro-abortion allies elected, thanks to $20 million, but also thanks to a glowing feature from pro-abortion media like ThinkProgress.

As for Planned Parenthood’s stake in the election, ThinkProgress begins reporting by noting how the abortion giant views this election season as a “war,” and is “building… an army of pro-choice advocates trained in how to win political campaigns.”

Planned Parenthood also told ThinkProgress that a recent training session “is just one part of what… will be the most expensive electoral effort in its 100-year history.” Cecile Richards, president and CEO of the abortion chain, said, with added emphasis, “that her organization plans to spend at least $20 million to help win key Senate races and the presidency this November.”

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A pro-life look at Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees

On Wednesday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a list of eleven potential Supreme Court nominees he considers “representative of the kind of constitutional principles I value.”

Trump has also promised, “I won’t go beyond the list, and I’m going to let people know. Because some people say maybe I’ll appoint a liberal judge. I’m not appointing a liberal judge.” Continue reading

#DismemberRoe: Texas GOP adopts dismemberment abortion ban in party platform

(Texas Right to Life) Good news for Pro-Life and preborn Texans comes from the Republican Party of Texas Convention being held in Dallas last week.  The Party has taken a hard line on Pro-Life issues for 2016, including adopting language favoring a Dismemberment Abortion Ban – a bill passed by five other states and a measure Texas Right to Life considers a Legislative Priority for the upcoming legislative session.  Pro-Life delegates to the convention showed considerable support for the measure by voting for this specific plank in a convention general session Friday evening.  90% of the voting delegates voted to add the Dismemberment Abortion Ban plank in the Party’s 2016 Platform.  Convention attendees also showed their support by signing a petition for the Texas Legislature to pursue codification of a law protecting the preborn in the next Texas Legislative Session.  As well, Texans are showing support for the protection of tiny Texans from dismemberment abortion on social media with the hash tag #DismemberRoe 

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If Trump is serious about protecting the preborn, here’s how to prove it

As we discussed on Saturday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made some preliminary moves to satisfy pro-life skeptics that they should vote for him. But how strong is his case, and how far does he have to go?

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Trump’s promise of pro-life judges is a good start, but needs some work

Now that Donald Trump has effectively secured the Republican presidential nomination, his work begins to convince pro-lifers who voted for other candidates to rally around him. He impressed some pro-lifers last week by hiring veteran pro-life legislative advisor John Mashburn as his policy director, and now he’s promising pro-life judicial nominees, as well.

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The presidential race isn’t the only one that matters

In about six months, Americans will pick a new president. On one hand, there’s Donald J. Trump, a man who says he’s pro-life but who’s given pro-lifers some cause for concern. He’ll probably face former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, someone opposed to limiting when abortions can take place and who voted against the 2003 partial-birth abortion ban.


While those options have left some feeling unenthused, the presidential race isn’t the only one with consequences.

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Planned Parenthood mocks Cruz, Fiorina: Pro-life values “will never win elections”

In yet another classless move by the big business abortion group, Planned Parenthood and its president, Cecile Richards, took to Twitter to poke fun at Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich after the Republican candidates dropped out of the presidential race earlier this week.

Promoting the hashtag #rejecTED, Planned Parenthood on Tuesday tweeted that Cruz and Fiorina’a opposition to corruption in Planned Parenthood “will never win elections,” despite the obvious fact that Sen. Cruz has already won several elections. In case you’re still confused, Planned Parenthood, that’s why they call him Senator.

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Donald Trump hires pro-lifer as policy director

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has made some questionable statements concerning the pro-life movement throughout his campaign. But he has also recently hired John Mashburn as his Policy Director, who is a noted pro-lifer.

John Washburn (via LinkedIn)
John Mashburn (via LinkedIn)

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser applauded the move in a post for The Pulse 2016, calling it “an excellent hire, especially for the pro-life movement and our legislative priorities.”

Dannenfelser continues her praise:

I have known and respected John Mashburn for many years. He is a smart strategist with deep pro-life roots. John is well-respected across every issue set. For him, the life issue is foundational and one which helped draw him into politics.

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Trump: Republican Party should weaken platform on abortion to include more exceptions

Following a win in New York’s primary, Donald Trump took to NBC’s Today on Thursday morning to express his opinions on abortion, an issue which he has been unpredictable on at times. Specifically, Trump argued that the official GOP platform should be changed to allow for abortion in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

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Rep. Marsha Blackburn reveals what will happen at the hearing on baby body parts today

This morning, Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s office released her opening statement for the Hearing on the Pricing of Fetal Tissue. Blackburn is the Chairman of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives that is investigating the facts behind the fetal parts industry and the late-term abortion industry where babies are sometimes born alive. The hearing began at 10am ET and can be watched live here.

Opening Statement of Chairman Marsha Blackburn

“Welcome to all the witnesses who are here today.  I will be introducing each of you in a moment and I look forward to hearing your testimony on The Pricing of Fetal Tissue.  As part of my opening statement, I will present a narrative about the exhibits that today’s hearing will discuss.  I have said many times, my hope is that both parties can work together on some things and today’s subject matter should be a perfect opportunity to do so for two reasons:

First, at our initial hearing on Bioethics and Fetal Tissue, all witnesses from both sides agreed that no one should profit from the sale of baby body parts. No one.

Second, the Democrats overwhelmingly supported a prohibition on profiting from fetal tissue sales during the 1993 passage of the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act.

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Cecile Richards: Women voting for Cruz are like chickens voting for KFC

In Episode 5204 of Outlandish Statements by Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant’s president, Cecile Richards, criticized women today. At a campaign event for Hillary Clinton, Richards took to the microphone to declare: “A woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

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No, Hillary Clinton doesn’t really think you can be a pro-life feminist

After her sickening contention this weekend that “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” Hillary Clinton was apparently looking for an opportunity to sound a little more reasonable on abortion. She found it during her interview on “The View” Tuesday (abortion talk starts at 9:40):

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Planned Parenthood president: ‘Lives are at stake in this election’

The president of the largest chain of abortion facilities in the nation actually had the audacity to claim that lives are at stake in this election. TheStranger.com cited Cecile Richards from a rally held recently in Washington State:

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Hillary Clinton calls them ‘unborn persons,’ but then denies them Constitutional rights

On Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton once more stuck up for abortion as she discussed the issue with Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press.

On the April 3 episode, Todd asked Clinton her “straightforward position on the issue of abortion.” Her response referred to Roe v. Wade and privacy, as well as typical pro-abortion talking points. She also made this point:

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