Rand Paul calls on Hillary Clinton to return money from Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton (via Gateway Pundit)
Hillary Clinton (via Gateway Pundit)

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s first response regarding the then two videos of top Planned Parenthood executives discussing their fetal parts business was a tiring but typical response from a pro-abortion politician.

In a more recent interview, Clinton made remarks about not being concerned with the possibility of Planned Parenthood losing funding. She may want to be concerned, however. House committees are investigating the abortion giant. The House of Representatives has contacted the Department of Justice and the Senate has contacted the Department of Health and Human Services. The Senate will also vote soon on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

Such an appearance of maintaining a brave face is not surprising from a pro-abortion candidate – especially considering the considerable amount of money Clinton has taken from Planned Parenthood in campaign donations.

In light of PP’s most recent fetal parts scandal, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has sent out a tweet calling on Clinton to return that money.

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Washington governor won’t investigate Planned Parenthood; lauds abortion giant

The number of states announcing investigations or reviews into Planned Parenthood keeps growing, as do the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress showing top Planned Parenthood employees discussing their fetal parts business.

Unfortunately though,  some state governors, all Democrats, have turned down the call from their legislatures to investigate Planned Parenthood. Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia and Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota, and now Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state have come out against investigating to see if illegal fetal harvesting is taking place at Planned Parenthood affiliates in their state.

Inslee also took the requests as an opportunity to praise the abortion giant.

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Testimonies from TX hearing detail how Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts

The Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services held hearings Wednesday, as part of its investigation into Planned Parenthood. The initial hearings revealed some troubling information and previewed what is to come. Attorney General Ken Paxton announced he has a credible video obtained inside Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, the clinic that Deborah Nucatola, in the first video, said had the largest research program of any Planned Parenthood facility.

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BREAKING: Senate introduces bill to defund Planned Parenthood

In the midst of a national uproar over the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood harvesting fetal organs for profit, senators are banding together to call for an end to the taxpayer funding of the abortion corporation.

Senator Joni Ernst (IA), along with Senators Rand Paul (KY), James Lankford (OK) and 21 co-sponsors, introduced S.1881., a important piece of legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood.

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“All lives matter” – Presidential candidates Martin O’Malley, Jeb Bush weigh in

Earlier this month, presidential candidate Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) found the need to apologize for mentioning at the Netroots Nations conference that “all lives matter.”

The mostly black audience was not too pleased to hear O’Malley say “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” They booed him off the stage, and  O’Malley claimed “it was a mistake on my part” and apologized while on This Week in Blackness.

For some to be up in arms because O’Malley dared to mention that “all lives matter” is a scenario many find to be ridiculous. One particular commentary, by Howard Kurtz, said that O’Malley “wimped out.” Kurtz also criticized O’Malley for his “missed opportunity” with Planned Parenthood and abortion….

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Obama admin defends Planned Parenthood, falsely claims it provides ‘mammograms’

Throughout the current Planned Parenthood debacle, it’s been clear that the White House has given nothing more than ineffectual responses, making constant – and false – excuses for the abortion giant.

Today’s response from the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, may be the worst yet.

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McConnell fails to heed history, blocks amendment to defund Planned Parenthood

If you thought House Speaker John Boehner’s noncommittal take on defunding Planned Parenthood was bad, just wait ‘til you hear what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s been up to. The Daily Caller reports that on Friday, he employed procedural trickery to block numerous amendments to a bill funding the Highway Trust Fund for the next six years, including one that would have defunded Planned Parenthood:

McConnell used a tactic called “filling the tree,” made popular by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid when he was majority leader to block Republicans from being able to offer amendments to Democratic bills. “Filling the Tree” is when the allotted time for amendments is loaded by the leader, generally with small, insignificant measures favored by the majority leader, who controls the process, crowding out everyone else.

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Four governors join the presidential field: Where do they stand on life?

During this June and July, four sitting governors, all Republicans, declared their candidacy for the presidency. Let’s took a look at where they stand on life.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

On June 24, Governor Bobby Jindal announced his candidacy. His state of Louisiana was ranked the most pro-life state by Americans United for Life for 2015, and has consistently been ranked the first or second state since 2009.

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Ben Carson with his wife

Presidential candidate Ben Carson reminds America of Planned Parenthood’s racist roots

Like most of the presidential candidates, Ben Carson has reacted to the release of videos from the Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood executives discussing the abortion giant’s fetal parts business.

On Carson’s campaign website there is a petition, which includes a link to the investigative video, and proclaims that:

We the undersigned insist that our tax dollars not be used in any way with Planned Parenthood in light of their Baby Organ Harvesting Programs.

The day the first video was released, and during that week, Dr. Carson, who is a retired pediatric neurosurgeon, tweeted his response and called on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

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Senate will vote on bill to immediately defund Planned Parenthood

A bill to immediately defund Planned Parenthood been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the Senate. Not only that, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fast-tracking the Senate bill, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act, on Friday.

The Hill reports that:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell started a fast-track process Friday on legislation to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding in the wake of two controversial videos showing officials discussing delivery of fetal parts.
The Republican leader began “Rule 14,” which will let the legislation skip the committee process and be placed on the Senate calendar so it can be brought up for a floor vote.

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Say what? John Boehner won’t commit to defunding Planned Parenthood

A lot of congressional Republicans, most GOP presidential candidates, several governors, and even some pro-choice politicians and commentators are excoriating Planned Parenthood over their organ harvesting side business—launching investigations, calling to eliminate their tax subsidies, and in Ted Cruz’s case, demanding criminal prosecution.

However, while Congress is investigating, House Speaker John Boehner is strikingly noncommittal on how much action he’ll push for beyond that:

Q: By September 30, the House needs to pass a bill to fund HHS for fiscal year 2016. Will that law–whether it’s a stand-alone appropriations or a CR–fund Planned Parenthood?

A: Listen, the Planned Parenthood issue is under review by two of our committees. Listen, I’ve seen these two videos. They’re gruesome, and I think they’re awful. That’s why the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Judiciary Committee are doing an investigation. I expect we will have hearings, and the more we learn, the more it will educate our decisions in the future.

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Pro-abortion Massachusetts Attorney General to review Planned Parenthood

The number of states to investigate or review Planned Parenthood keeps growing.

In light of two videos released by the Center for Medical Progress showing top Planned Parenthood employees discussing the abortion giant’s fetal parts business, Massachusetts has made an announcement.

On July 22, The Boston Herald reported that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey will review Planned Parenthood.

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