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Victorious pro-life lawyer: ‘There is no such thing as a small pro-life case’

On a hot 2012 summer day in Columbia, Missouri, 40 Days For Life campaign director Kathy Forck handed a bottle of water to a Stericycle truck driver outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Mrs. Forck’s seemingly innocuous deed became the target of trespassing charges from Planned Parenthood. Accused of crossing the Planned Parenthood property line, Mrs. Forck was found guilty in Columbia Municipal Court.

Enter Daniel J. Baker, Thomas More Society special counsel at the Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC in Sedalia, Missouri. Previously, Baker was a college graduate with a degree in mathematics when his church sent people to pray outside a Granite City, Illinois abortion clinic.

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Female, African-American Democrat calls abortion genocide of African-Americans

In a discussion regarding a bill in Louisiana’s health and welfare committee, Representative Katrina Jackson expressed her distaste for the large number of African-American abortions.  House Bill No. 388 would require abortionists to provide more information to pregnant women seeking abortion, as well as new regulations for abortion practices.

One group arguing against the bill said that it would help minority women, especially African-American women who “don’t have necessarily the same access to contraceptive use that higher income women do.”

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Congressmen demand answers over abortion quotas

In the wake of new evidence provided by a former Planned Parenthood manager detailing the abortion giant’s disturbing annual quotas, Texas congressmen expressed outrage and called on Planned Parenthood to address the issue. The action by lawmakers follows news of an alarming award handed to a Colorado Planned Parenthood office praising its increased abortion rate. Lawmakers also called for nationwide defunding of the organization, which receives half of a billion dollars in taxpayer funds each year.

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Half of Texas abortion clinics close: Planned Parenthood, NARAL concerned

Half of Texas abortion clinics have closed following the enactment of HB 2, a law signed by Governor Rick Perry last year that requires abortionists to obtain hospital admitting privileges within a certain radius of an abortion clinic. The restriction cut the number of abortion clinics from 41 to 20, and it is expected that the number of operating clinics could drop to six by September.

Many abortion clinics shut down due to an inability to comply with the state mandate requiring hospital admittance privileges.

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Most ‘radical’ pro-abortion bill considered by Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats will consider legislation on July 15 that would undermine pro-life laws across the country, if passed. Titled the “Women’s Health Protection Act”, S.1696 is considered “the most radical pro-abortion bill ever considered by Congress” by some pro-life organizations.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, would remove almost all current protections for unborn children and void limitations on abortion. Pro-abortion proponents have been advocating heavily for the bill since it’s introduction last year.

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A banner month for pregnancy centers beleaguered by pro-abortion sign language

Signs of hope abound in the ongoing fight to preserve the sanctity of life in America – and one of the best signs in recent weeks has been the removal of … some signs.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, Alliance Defending Freedom staff and allied attorneys have been fighting a law that required pro-life “limited-service pregnancy centers” to post signs essentially advising women against using their services. The signs were required to say that a) the centers don’t have a medical professional on staff, and b) the county health department advises any potential clients to speak with a licensed medical professional.

Interestingly, the county deliberately crafted the law so that it doesn’t apply to pro-abortion centers, such as Planned Parenthood, even if counseling at those centers is offered by non-medical persons.

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New Hampshire halts buffer zone law after Supreme Court ruling

The state of New Hampshire has agreed to temporarily halt the implementation of a anti-speech zone law pending litigation. A lawsuit, filed by legal group Alliance Defending Freedom and allied attorneys, opposes the New Hampshire law restricting a 25-foot zone of public sidewalk around the entrances of abortion clinics. The legislation is similar to a law struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court last month.
New Hampshire’s law bans pro-life advocates from speaking to individuals entering abortion clinics, but allows abortion escorts and activists to encourage women to obtain an abortion procedure.

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Democrat candidate Lucy Flores: I don’t regret aborting my child

The race for lieutenant governor in Nevada has an unlikely candidate: Democrat Lucy Flores, who has served a prison sentence and was a gang member. Flores, 34, is also outspoken about her past abortion and her troubled past.

Unlike many political hopefuls, a personal abortion story is a subject untouched in the public square, but Flores’s past does not seem to faze her political career. Flores, who was raised in a low-income home and dropped out of high school, said she convinced her father to pay for the abortion – one she says she does not regret. 

“I don’t regret it,” Flores said, “because I am here making a difference, at least in my mind, for many other young ladies and letting them know that there are options and they can do things to not be in the situation I was in, but to prevent.”

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White House seeking to circumvent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling

The Supreme Court today ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and religious freedom, agreeing with Hobby Lobby that the Obama administration can not force them to pay for abortifacient birth control.

Hobby Lobby was only refusing to cover four out of twenty birth control methods, which they assert cause early abortions. As a company founded on Christian beliefs, this violated their religious principles. The Obama administration was going to fine Hobby Lobby hundreds of millions of dollars each year if the organization did not provide those four methods of birth control — an amount that would have equaled 20% of their yearly revenue. The court rightly stated that a religious person should not be forced to choose between their religious beliefs and the ability to operate a business in the private sector.

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Breaking: SCOTUS rules in favor of Hobby Lobby

The long-awaited verdict on Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius was released by the Supreme Court of the United States this morning. SCOTUS ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby’s (and all conscientious employers’) opposition to providing abortion-inducing drugs.Today’s SCOTUS decision also responds to a case brought forth by the Amish company, Conestoga Wood.  According to tweets from the SCOTUS Blog:

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Abortionist kicked out of Illinois; denied admitting privileges at 3 Milwaukee hospitals

An Illinois abortionist who transplanted to Wisconsin after his filthy Rockford facility was shut down by authorities has been unable to obtain hospital admitting privileges within a 30-mile radius of his Milwaukee facility.

Abortionist Dennis Christensen was ordered by a District Judge  William Conley to try to obtain hospital admitting privileges as he mulls a decision over whether or not to reinstate a currently-blocked Wisconsin state law requiring them.

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11 week old fetus

Gov. Jindal signs law protecting pre-born children of brain dead moms

Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a bill yesterday which will protect the pre-born children of women who are declared “brain dead” in Louisiana. Earlier this month, Jindal signed a bill into law which requires abortionists in Louisiana to obtain hospital admitting privileges before being allowed to commit abortions. Yesterday’s signing was another victory for pro-life advocates who have worked for more stringent rules regarding abortion.

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The US Supreme Court will be hearing a case on the constitutionality of a buffer zone in front of abortion clinics (Photo Credit: on Flickr)

BREAKING: Pro-life victory as Massachusetts ‘buffer zone’ law struck down

A contentious law prohibiting pro-life sidewalk counselors from exercising their free speech rights outside of abortion mills has been struck down by the Supreme Court this morning.

The SCOTUS ruling, says attorney Eugene Volokh, “doesn’t overturn Hill v. Colorado, ” the 14-year-old Colorado law which essentially affirmed the legality of an eight-foot buffer zone outside of abortion mills in that state. However, according to USA Today, Massachusetts “went too far — literally” when it instituted the 35-foot  buffer zone, which effectively bars any form of successful communication outside of the facilities.

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Governor Martinez’s political strategist lashes out at pro-life group

The political strategist for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez might have some explaining to do. It has been reported that on Saturday, June 21st, Jay McClesky unleashed his anger towards a group of pro-life demonstrators in Albuquerque, saying ‘You are all pieces of sh*t.’ He was identified as the individual making the remarks, from members of the pro-life organization Protest ABQ, led by Bud and Tara Shaver.

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Doctors ought to hear the whole truth surrounding abortion before they are ever asked to perform one.

Christian leader calls California rate increase for abortionists “insanely distorted health care”

The Catholic bishop of Sacramento, California did not mince words when he responded to the recent California State Budget, which reveals that the California Department of Health Care Services will be allocating a 40% higher rate for abortionists. Meanwhile, all other hospitals and providers continue to suffer from a 10% cut in their rates thanks to Medi-Cal budget cuts. The bishop, the Most Rev. Jaime Soto, is concerned for the women and families who will suffer from what he describes as distorted priority in the budget.

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Pregnant woman

More good news from FL: Gov. Scott signs bill penalizing crimes on pregnant mothers

On the heels of signing a viability-related abortion bill into law on June 13, Governor Rick Scott of Florida has just signed a bill that will more harshly punish criminals who cause pregnant mothers to lose their unborn children at any stage of development. The law follows the tragic case of Tampa native Remee Lee and her unborn child, Memphis.

Lee’s child was murdered by her former boyfriend, Andrew Welden after he tricked Remee into taking pills that he told her were antibiotics. They actually constituted a lethal dose of Cytotec, a drug whose purpose is to prevent stomach ulcers, but which causes an abortion if taken while pregnant. Weldon obtained the drugs by forging his physician-father’s signature on a prescription.

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Rand Paul: I will stand up for unborn children

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul vowed on Friday to defend the unborn and oppose abortion for the rest of his political career. Addressing attendees at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, D.C., the Republican stated that no nation that fails to respect human life can continue to prosper.

“I believe that no nation, no civilization, can long endure that doesn’t respect life from those that are not yet born to life’s last breath,” Paul said. “I will stand up for unborn children as long as I’m privileged to be in office.”

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The US Supreme Court will be hearing a case on the constitutionality of a buffer zone in front of abortion clinics (Photo Credit: on Flickr)

Supreme Court to decide on Obamacare HHS mandate soon

The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to rule soon on challenges to the birth control mandate under the Affordable Care Act. The challenges filed by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties argue that the Obama administration’s mandate violates the religious freedom of faith-based business owners.

The court’s decision on the challenges will determine whether  for-profit business owners can claim a religious exemption to providing birth control if it violates their conscience.

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man and woman

From Three Days to a Lifetime: A Synopsis of HB 1307

How long should someone contemplate abortion before actually getting one? A couple of hours? A day? A week?

Truly, no time should be dedicated to considering abortion. But until this practice is universally understood to be murder and is not even on the table for discussion, we will have to strive for limiting the likelihood of people choosing to abort. What better way to accomplish this than for an abortion-minded mothers to be legally obligated to seriously consider her choice over the course of not 24 or 36 hours, but 72 hours? That’s three days! Well, that’s what a certain mid-western state has been up to recently.

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The US Supreme Court will be hearing a case on the constitutionality of a buffer zone in front of abortion clinics (Photo Credit: on Flickr)

Free speech victory at Supreme Court for pro-life Susan B. Anthony List

The Susan B. Anthony List works to get pro-life politicians in office, and on Monday, the group unanimously won its political free speech case at the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, a lower court will be forced to rehear the SBA List’s case, as they challenge an Ohio law on free speech grounds. Continue reading