Cecile Richards: When life begins isn’t relevant to the conversation

Planned Parenthood tries very hard to keep the truth about fetal development from women. They’ve been caught manipulating the facts and giving women false information about their pregnancy. It makes sense, though. Planned Parenthood is the country’s largest abortion provider. If women were to know the truth about the inherent humanity of the unborn, it would likely put a big dent in their business.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, recently did an interview with Fusion TV’s America with Jorge Ramos. Interestingly, Ramos asked Richards when she felt that life began. The exchange was awkward, to say the least.

Ramos: So for you, when does life start? When does a human being become a human being?

Richards: This is a question that I think will be debated through the centuries, and people come down on very different points of view on that –

Ramos: But for you, what’s that point?

Richards: It’s, I mean, I feel like it’s not something that’s part of this conversation. I mean, to me, we work with women – I guess the way I’d really like to um – I think every woman has to make her own decision. What we do at Planned Parenthood is make sure that women have all their options for health care, and that they have the option to have a healthy pregnancy; they have an option to put a child up for adoption if they decide to carry a pregnancy to term; or they have the right to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy.

Ramos: But why would it be so controversial to say — for you to say when you think life starts?

Richards: Yeah. Well, I don’t know that it’s controversial. I don’t know that it’s really relevant to the conversation, but I mean, for me, I’m a mother of three children. Um, for me, life began when I delivered them. They’ve been probably the most important thing in my life ever since. But that was my own personal — that’s my own personal decision.

She certainly tried to dance her way out of answering that question, huh?

One interesting aspect of that conversation is how heavily Richards touted the “options” Planned Parenthood gives women. Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report shows that they’re really only interested in one option, and that’s abortion. 94% of their pregnancy services end in abortion. Prenatal care has decreased, as did the number of adoption referrals. They performed 149 abortions for every one adoption referral.

And much like pro-abortion MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, Richards evidently feels that life begins whenever a person feels like it does. Science? Who needs science when you’ve got feelings instead?

And why would the science of embryology, pregnancy, and reproduction be irrelevant to the conversation? Of course it’s irrelevant for Richards, whose livelihood relies on women believing that life can begin at conception, or at 12 weeks, or 20 weeks, at birth, or whenever you feel like it does.

If science were to definitively say that life begins at conception (which it does), and Richards were to admit that, then she’s admitting that her business is one of snuffing out a life for pay. It makes her a glorified hit man in heels. The problem is that the science of embryology and reproduction has answered that question — life begins at conception — and the question is not over whether or not the baby is alive, but whether killing this life is acceptable.

Abortion advocates say no problem because he’s too small, because he depends on the mother to grow and thrive, because he lives within the mother’s body. They give plenty of excuses, but dance around the “question” of when life begins because it’s an ugly, ugly truth for them. Ignore the science. Focus on your feelings. Moral relativism is key. After all, what’s murder for one person is just taking care of a little problem for another.

  • Ankos

    “I don’t know that it’s really relevant to the conversation”. Oh, but it’s entirely relevant to the conversation. Of course she won’t admit it, because to admit that life begins at conception would be to admit that abortion is killing a living human being, and that’s classified as murder. Not only would it get her in hot water, but it would also scare away pro-choicers. People call us ignorant, but flat out ignore when the pro choice side outright denies or tries to avoid science.

    • DLouise

      She would also have to admit that she talked to her unborn babies, gave them names, and tried to communicate with them while they were still in the womb. All mothers do that, and it is relevant. We KNOW we’re talking to our children even before they are born. She might just be insane – talking to people who do not yet exist, then denying it.

  • saa5of5

    It’s amazing to me that anyone would fall for a ridiculous defense like people have come down on different sides of the issue throughout history. What other time do we completely deny science? Oh, wait, there’s the gender issue that is also using feelings as their basis rather than science. How did we get here?

    • Daniel P. Durham

      As little as a hundred and fifty years ago, half this country believed slavery was justified. Around two millennia ago, most of the world still practiced human sacrifice. Difference of opinion is no guarantee of ambiguity.

    • demoncratWarOnWomen

      Ask a nazi. I hear some hide out in argentina. Noticed a large black population there?

  • MamaBear

    For her, her children’s lives began when she delivered them? Her pregnancies must have been very different from mine. I had three almost non-stop little kickers! No question they were alive!

    • Basset_Hound

      Both of mine were big time hiccup-ers.

      If I had a dime for every time I’ve read that claim from our All Time Favorite Trolls, I’d have enough to buy a professional sports franchise. My favorite was the claim that ‘babies come from childbirth, not from intercourse.’

      • MamaBear

        I really do wonder something. My first was a little over a month early. Did that mean he was not alive yet? (Sure a lot of feedings, crying, rocking, and diapers in that month before he was supposed to be born.) And if you say he was alive, how can you say his little sisters who stayed put the full nine months were not alive during the last month before birth?
        Logic would say if the baby born early is a baby, the baby still inside is, too. And it can’t be something magical in the birth canal, because babies born by C-section are babies, too.

        • Basset_Hound

          Better yet, if your sister or bestie conceived at the same time you did, you’d have a baby, and she’s have a ????? (albino corn snake, I guess)….

          I asked one of the Favorite Trolls specifically what was so magical about a trip down the birth canal (or through a c-section incision) that made one life worth protecting and another not. I got a lecture about the restructuring of the baby’s heart once he starts breathing, a statement that this process was a “biological fact”, (that I could call magic if I wanted) but other than that, no clear answer. That’s another Troll Tactic…Begging the Question…

          • MamaBear

            I remember that one. That was the same “nurse” who unborn and even newborn babies only move reflexively, and also thinks modern medicine has everything in control because terminal patients can get really good pain meds.

          • Basset_Hound

            Yep… That one.

  • Basset_Hound

    Translation – “It’s not a baby until I say it is…”

    • Ingrid Heimark

      Well, it is interesting that the pro-aborts use sentience for being awarded the right to life. Obviously Cecile Richard hasn’t entered that stage yet. Luckily for her, we are pro-life

      • Basset_Hound

        Sentience, purposeful movement, the ability to take the derivative of a second degree equation….whatever…

        As Humpty Dumpty said in “Alice in Wonderland”, “words mean what I want them to mean…nothing more and nothing less”

  • Calvin Freiburger

    Just like with Hogue, Pelosi, and Obama, the leaders of Big Abortion are always this abysmal because that’s all the more our media and political cultures expect of them. They skate by with answers that don’t even try to sound halfway credible because they’ve never been challenged enough to need to develop real debating skills. I bet Richards wouldn’t last five minutes in an actual debate.

    • Basset_Hound

      It’s sickening how complacent the media is in covering their sins.

  • 1517Genevieve

    I’m Pro-Life and proud of it and i’m ready to put all aborton clinics like planned parenthood out of business,proscuted to the fullest extent of the law to help bring justice for all unborn babies permantly across america and let’s get pro-life centers open and operating like hand n hand pregnancy centers open to help protect all unborn babies permantly across america right now.

  • blair miller

    So were not alive until we are born, so I guess the docteos were waisting there time to save me from drowning in blood when I was in my mothers womb.Because obviously I couldn’t drowned if I wasn’t a live right?

    • Basset_Hound

      And they should have just tossed our daughter down the disposal when she was delivered not breathing and with the cord around her neck. Even though it was evident by her color that this had just happened. As it was, she started crying a second or two later, and was fine.

  • elcer

    I’ll bet Cecile will be much more wary of whom she agrees to be interviewed by in the future. How embarrassed a normal person would be by this inability to make a sound argument for a case!

  • Helen

    This is a glimpse into a non functioning brain but a bigga mouth!! Having had 5 children I can tell you they were all alive and kicking during those 9 months and I defy anyone to say a non-living infant can do that…….They are full of life….I doubt that MZ Richards is capable of having much life in herself to make such statements.

  • demoncratWarOnWomen

    This demonrat witch is DONE. This misogynist pro-abort has struck the last nail in planned”parent”hood’s coffin.

    WOMEN DESERVE BETTER than abortion. abortion KILLS an unborn HUMAN BEING and emotionally MAULS his/her mother. BREAK THE CHAINS of abortion! ABOLISH abortion—NOW!!!


  • razzy1492

    Just before her children were birthed, she could have killed them and that would have been all right with her. Stunning!

  • Fig Newton

    Rotten, stupid, Godless witch. . .who deserves the same pain and destruction that she has wished upon babies, , ,