A shot from "After Tiller" (L to R: LeRoy Carhart, George Tiller, Susan Robinson, Shelly Sella)

Celebrating a gruesome profession: After Tiller acclaimed at Sundance

One may think, based on its title, that the film After Tiller is a tribute to the lives that were lost at the end of abortionist George Tiller’s forceps, or that it’s a testimony reminding us that pro-lifers contradict themselves when they attempt to answer violence with violence (as was the case in this late-term abortionist’s murder). Perhaps, even, one might think that a film with this title is about the hotly debated topic of what is going to happen with Tiller’s Kansas abortion business now that he’s gone.

But it seems unlikely that anyone – on either side of the abortion debate – would have expected the film to be an approving commemoration of Tiller’s gruesome profession. Considering how few Americans approve of late-term abortion, it is even more shocking that this film was met with such acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival, where the stars of the show – late-term abortionists – were received with admiration and support.

(L to R) LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Susan Robinson, Shelly Sella
(L to R) LeRoy Carhart, George Tiller, Susan Robinson, Shelly Sella

The four abortionists (three pictured on the right with George Tiller) had a photo op at the Festival, and most of them could be seen smiling away as they celebrated their horrific daily work.

After Tiller chronicles the daily lives of four late-term abortionists (LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Shelly Sella, and Susan Robinson, dubbed “the last four” in the United States) in the wake of George Tiller’s murder. Attempting to incite in the viewer a twisted sympathy for the challenges that these abortionists face in carrying out their businesses, the film conveniently sets aside the dangers to the mother, violence to the child, and emotional aftermath to all involved that third-trimester abortions perpetrate.

Not only has After Tiller been praised; it has afforded these last four late-term abortionists in the U.S. a kind of celebrity status so ironic that it brings to mind images of the twisted support of the Third Reich for Dr. Mengele, the Holocaust’s “Angel of Death.” The production company states that the film was made “in the name of choice,” and one of the co-directors states that “part of the reason [the abortionists] agreed to participate in this film was actually to show that they are proud of the work that they do[.]”

Perhaps the most ironic element to the film is the fact that it attempts to incite a sense of compassion and concern for these late-term abortionists when they go to work every day to rip apart fully formed, viable babies piece by bloody piece.

Who should really be frightened in this scenario: the abortionist, or his victim?

  • Wendy

    Have you seen the movie? It doesn’t sound like it. The pregnant women all have heartbreaking and agonizing choices to make, and they are making responsible decisions not to bring into the world a child they know will have something horrible wrong with it, or that they know they can’t care for. Abortion is a fundamental part of women’s healthcare, it’s been practiced since the dawn of time, and in case people have forgotten… it’s LEGAL. How did we get to the point where an unborn life is more important than an already living life – or maybe several in the case of a woman who already has children depending on her. Women are not incubators.

    • Hannah Mallery

      An incubator generally is used for an indefinite amount of time. A woman’s uterus is only occupied for approximately 9 1/2 months. And who are we to define “horribly wrong?” Are we really going to let media and culture saturate our minds with an impossible standard of “perfection” to the point that we think it’s fine to let those who fall very short of such a paradigm be killed?
      God help us that we have let have let things such as imperfection and unpopularity (since popularity is basically what being “wanted” means in our society) become a crime worthy of death.

    • Basset_Hound

      “responsible decisions not to bring into the world a child they know will have something horrible wrong with it”

      I think the word you want to use in “horribly” And what is defined as something “horribly wrong”…Down’s syndrome? Spina bifida? A bilateral cleft lip and palate? The possibilities are endless….

      “It’s been practiced since the dawn of time”…..

      So has slavery, infanticide, bride burning, and various other practices. Any of those you want to justify???

      “get to the point where an unborn life is more important….”

      Where did we get to the point of pitting the two against each other as enemies…instead of being equally as valuable.

    • KAT

      Terribly heartbreaking… Why did it take them 6+ months to decide? Sorry Wenders but that’s murder plain and simple. 23 weeks gestation is a viable human being. Nobody should get to decide that dismembering that human being is even an option. Oh, by the way, if they don’t want the child that vehemently, ADOPTION IS AN OPTION AS IS LEAVING THE CHILD AT A HOSPITAL OR FIRE DEPARTMENT, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. There is NO excuse or valid reason that late term abortion should even exist. These infanticidal psychopaths need to be arrested and put to death for their innumerable murderous crimes against a helpless group of people.

    • Emerson8

      Just to follow the logic, anything that is legal at any point in time is good. That is the logic of “in case people have forgotten…it’s LEGAL.” Truly, that is the logical argument she is putting forth: abortion is legal, since it is legal it is good, since it is good it must be celebrated and protected. The logical argument that follows is that, as I said above, anything that is legal at any given moment is good.

      The other arguments are just plain selfishness, period.

      Here is some light viewing of abortions being performed. GRAPHIC. http://www.abortionno.org/

    • Fiona

      Abortion, a fundamental part of women’s healthcare, who are you kidding? What about the unborn women they are ripping apart and tossing in the bin??

    • WHEN is it OK to kill a baby in the womb? WHEN? WHEN is it moral to slaughter our own before they can defend themselves? WHEN? WHEN will we start treating our own species better than a non discerning animal. WHEN? WHEN will we begin the elimination of human babies outside the womb because our conscience and hearts have been scard and hardened to the point of no return? WHEN? Wendy, your so called rights pale in comparison to the inhumanity of mankind who have bought into the lies of the first and greatest liar in mankind’s history.

    • “Women are not incubators.” this is the fundamental problem you see carrying a child as being an incubator, not helping life. Sounds like your problem may be with being a women. Your problem is that God made women the bearers of life, and you hate that. Take it up with God when you die, dont slaughter babies because of it.

    • Alden Smith

      Science would disagree with you

  • Wendy, don’t sweat the little details ! It is human life, a human, a viable human person that late term abortionist kill. Focus on killing that.
    All the ‘concerns’ you brought up are either deluded or totally mistaken.
    You do not play ‘unborn life’ against living life ? Who are you to judge, you are not God.
    If one has too many children and cannot care for the current one, put it up for adoption.
    I am an adoptive parent and I am so blessed that my child’s birth mom was pro-Life & put him up for adoption.
    THINK !

  • LCM

    Oh, it’s legal, Wendy? Well, slavery used to be legal. In Nazi Germany, putting Jews, Gypsies, the disabled, and other people groups in death camps was legal. Murder has also been practiced since the dawn of time. So has stealing, lying, cheating, raping, pillaging, etc. So all those things should be fine, right?

    And who cares if there’s something wrong with the baby? What is “horribly wrong,” anyway? My cousin was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2. She was never able to walk, can barely lift up her arms, can barely sit up on her own, and has to have an electric wheelchair. But guess what? She loves to read, is in choir, has been in her middle school’s honor roll for the last two years. Many times doctors can be wrong about a child’s health, so like Tom said, don’t play God and judge who should live and you should die.

  • cgoehling

    I like the phrase “was made in the name of choice”. I have written data that Jehovah promotes the idea that certain choises result in: “paybacks are hell” Heb. 10:30,

  • Basset_Hound

    To see doctors like Tiller and Cathart treated as heroes makes me absolutely want to hurl.

  • Wendy, what was so terribly wrong with these children? Was being delivered feet first, then having holes punctured in the back of their heads in order to have their brain matter sucked out, a better alternative to maybe some corrective surgery after they were born alive? Apparently, you don’t really understand, or care to understand, what these poor murdered infants have to endure!

  • SEH


    It saddens me to hear you use the term incubator because it highlights the general loss for the wonder and miracle of pregnancy and birth. Incubator??? Personally I take great pride in and view as an essential and wonderful part of my womanhood the fact that I am able to produce and nurture a human life in my body. Nurturing, not incubating, is fundamental aspect of femininity. Pregnancy and birth is a miracle and in the gift of that miracle is a responsibility to protect and give every chance possible to that baby. And to let God decide what is life should be and when it should end. Difficult circumstances do not lessen the value of a child’s life. In fact it is in the most difficult circumstances that the child is the greatest gift, the good that comes from the bad.

  • ckm

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20).

  • Andrea