“Happy Anniversary, Baby”: Center for Reproductive Rights give us the creepiest abortion ad EVER

The 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade was on January 22, and Jill Stanek found what may be the creepiest abortion ad of all time. This video was brought to us by The Center for Reproductive Rights. The ad features actor Mehcad Brooks, who stars in Necessary Roughness and True Blood, holding a rose in front of a fireplace and giving us some sexy talk for our anniversary. Which anniversary? Well, Roe v. Wade, of course. Because nothing is sexier than abortion!

The tone of this ad is clearly supposed to be sexy and romantic. It fails miserably. Instead, it’s more likely to make your skin crawl. Brooks comes across as menacing and almost evil. The dialogue, that laugh…in real life, a girl would be well-advised to back away slowly from the creepy guy in the chair.

And considering this is an abortion ad, the fact that he says things like “tear us apart” and repeatedly calls the viewer “baby” is uncomfortable at best. When you remember that what this man is toasting to, and getting excited about, is the anniversary of a ruling which caused the deaths of 55 million babies, it’s downright gruesome. The take-home message is that abortion is not something that’s considered an awful choice, albeit one that a woman should be allowed to take…it’s something to be celebrated.

What’s very curious is their choice of a black man as their spokesperson.

First, there is the cold, hard fact that black women are disproportionately affected by abortion. More black Americans are killed by abortion than any other cause. And the abortion industry is poised and ready to take advantage of them, placing most of their clinics in minority neighborhoods. And Planned Parenthood was caught gladly accepting donations specifically for black abortions. So of course, a black man celebrating 40 years of abortion makes perfect sense and isn’t in poor taste at all, right?

And while men absolutely have the right to speak out on abortion, there is something very disturbing about a man glorifying and sexualizing abortion. To say nothing on the act of abortion itself, this ad is making women into nothing more than a vehicle to be used for sex with no consequences by men. You would think that feminists would be outraged by this ad, but since second-wave feminists made feminism synonymous with abortion, they’ll allow men to celebrate the ability to use women as sex objects without complaint, if it means that their cause will be furthered.

It’s sleazy and sickening to see a man so unabashedly gleeful at the thought of abortion. It’s not sexy to have an ad featuring a man who looks like he wants to take you to bed, and then drop you off at the nearest Planned Parenthood. That’s not exactly a turn-on.

Whoever had the idea that equating abortion with romance and sensuality would make for a good ad should be fired. This ad was an epic fail…for the pro-aborts, anyway.


  • Thank you for this commentary. I saw the video last night and immediately sent a “shame on you” message to the Center. Pro choice or Pro life people should be equally offended since it trivializes the choice some women believed was necessary and well…you said it best. This should be taken off the air.

  • Jane

    very very CREEPY

  • Michael

    Thank you for writing about this. I am a 33 year old married man with two little boys and a third on the way. My children are truly the center of my life. I cannot fathom how one could celebrate abortion.

    I am not an emotional person, but this issue makes my skin crawl. How can people be so blind when confronted with this heinous crime against God and nature?

  • Basset_Hound

    Of course he should think abortion is sexy and romantic. Guys like him can bang as many women as he wants without having the hassle of paying child support.

  • Emer McCathy

    I just found this ad so upsetting and disturbing. I live in Ireland and we are fighting to keep abortion out. It made me think in 30 years are we going to have an ad like this in our sitting rooms celebrating the deaths of innocent children.

  • Just when you think abortion couldn’t be scarier.

  • Isabel

    I felt so disgusted as I watched this video. Who thinks this is sexy!? This ad isn’t helping the pro-aborts like they thought it would. They just helped us pro-lifers with their creepy ad.

  • This is so bad I thought it was an SNL spoof! I suspect this guy is celebrating the fact that all the deadbeat guys like him have avoided child support payments over the last forty
    years thanks to handy-dandy abortions!

  • Ruth Enstam Getbehead

    Thanks Cassy –you are right on. Sen Rand Paul (R-Kty) is working hard to get a Life at Conception Act passed in Washington which declares that unborn children are persons legally entitiled to constitutional protection. If passed, this act would negate Roe vs Wade forever! We now have the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that life begins at conception which was not available at the time that R vs W was passed. We need to have millions contact their reps in Congress and the Senate and demand that they support this Act. Sen Paul has made a short video to explain how important this Act will be in ending abortion and why he knows this is the vehicle. We just have to get the word out! Please contact me :[email protected] . Ruth Enstam Getbehead

  • Basset_Hound

    The last time I saw a guy leer like that from the screen was when Jack Nicholson chopped a huge hole in the bathroom door during The Shining and announced “HEEEEEREEEE’S JOHNNY”.

  • Check out this sarcastic pardoy of it by Alfonzo Rachel. He adds in a few facts to illustrate the point.