Most women do not "love abortion."

Clinic escort: woman who had 10 abortions is “empowered”

An abortion clinic escort, whose blog can be found here, wrote the following in a post on March 18:

There are times a client and/or companion is so empowered they instantly gain my admiration.

What is she so impressed by? She goes on to explain:

The companion [of the woman who was having an abortion] got out of the car first. E [the pro-lifer] was hovering right behind me ready to start shaming. I was able to explain the vests and offer to escort them before he began his spiel. E handed the companion some literature. When I explained he was a protester, they handed it right back to him.

cutepregnantThe companion and I escorted the client down the sidewalk. We were in a line: E, companion, client and me. E started with “Women regret their abortions. Don’t lead her into this place.” The companion waved dismissively at him and said, “Oh, I know all about abortion. I have had 10 already.” There was a pause then E leaned over towards the client and said “You don’t have to go into that place.” The client turned to me and said, “I am not listening to him.” I replied that was best.

It was great to witness these two completely ignoring the words meant to hurt and shame them…I felt privileged to witness this calm confidence.

Elsewhere in her blog, the clinic escort talks about sidewalk counselors offering to help the women with adoption or other alternatives. Pro-lifers often offer free help to pregnant women outside abortion clinics. To the escort, this is “shaming.”

It’s takes a person who has embraced a truly hardcore pro-choice position to consider a woman who has had 10 abortions empowered. Is this the ideal world for clinic workers and escorts? A world where women use abortion as birth control, having multiple abortions and then getting pregnant again and again? How can repeatedly having an invasive surgical procedure that raises the risk of ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, and miscarriage be empowering?

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 47% of all abortions are repeat abortions. Among the women who have repeat abortions, 59% have had one previous abortion (and are getting their second), 25% have had two (and are getting their third), and 15% have had at least three (and are getting their fourth or more).

In an article about repeat abortions, pro-choice author Jennifer Baumgardner (who started the “I had an abortion” T-shirt campaign) says the following:

In the clinic world, repeat visitors are called, not unkindly, “frequent fliers.” The reason that casual term is not an insult is simply due to how common multiple abortions are. …

Virtually everyone I’ve spoken to was working the clinic has a story of one patient who had not two or three abortions, but 20 or more despite contraceptive counseling with each clinic visit. (1)

A clinic worker participated in a question-and-answer session on Reddit.

One reader asked the unnamed clinic worker the following question:

Q. Have you seen women get several abortions? Or use this as a method of birth control?

A. Unfortunately yes. Their contraceptive choices are always stressed at these appointments but some women simply do not wish to use birth control.

In an interview on Nightline on January 11, 2006, Martin Bashir spoke with abortionist William Harrison.

Harrison comments, “I’ve had lots of patients who come in for second, third, fourth, fifth, even one who had nine abortions.”

When asked, “Is that really appropriate?,” he replied: “If she needs nine abortions, yeah. … Basically, abortion is a method of birth control. You know, it’s not the best method of birth control. But all it does is stop the birth of a baby that a woman doesn’t want at a time she doesn’t want it.”

A clinic worker who responded to a post on The Abortioneers about repeat abortion said the following in response to the blog writer’s question about whether repeat abortions made clinic workers uncomfortable:

I dunno, the more I talk to people about it I come to find that some women simply don’t want to use hormonal/unnatural contraception. Period. And these are not always poor, disadvantage, unaware women. Just as responsible and knowledgeable women make the choice to have abortions, those same women sometimes choose not to use anything. And that’s still OK!

I tried to explain this once to a friend who just couldn’t believe it, and understandably so. But I think it’s unsafe to typecast the “repeat offenders[.]”

The blogger herself states:

The patients who have had more than three abortions are few and far between. But, the fact of the matter is there are women who will present in a clinic five, six, seven times for a procedure. This makes a lot of people, myself included, uncomfortable on some level.

A different clinic worker who writes for the same blog said the following in another post:

Sometimes, just to feel people out, I ask, “How do you feel about repeat abortions?” Some people will answer, “One is OK, but more than that is just irresponsible,” which I may use as a teaching opportunity, or I might just walk away. It depends on my mood. But one person answered, “It’s an expensive type of birth control, but if that’s a woman’s preference, that’s fine with me.” That counted as a good answer.

Is this the true pro-choice litmus test, then – embracing the use of abortion as a form of birth control? The logical pro-choice answer would be yes. If there’s nothing wrong with abortion, if it is simply the removal of tissue or the emptying of the uterus, there is no reason why women shouldn’t have one or two or 10 abortions. But some clinic workers, who are not fully hardened to the reality of abortion, do feel uncomfortable when the same women come in again and again.

The blog “RealChoice” by Christina Dunigan quotes a letter a pro-choice columnist received from a nurse who works in an abortion clinic that does late-term abortions. First, the clinic worker writing the letter, identified only as Kay, talks about the typical abortion done at her clinic. In the words of the columnist:

Every so often, a letter arrives in a columnist’s mailbag that throws a hand grenade right into the middle of a long-held view…. The letter came from a Registered General Nurse named Kay who works on a gynecological ward that regularly deals with late abortions. She apologized for the “unpleasant and upsetting aspects of her letter” but felt her points needed to be said. I agree, and felt it also warranted a wider audience. Apparently, at 20 weeks, tablets can be given to kill the fetus prior to expulsion. But at 24 weeks it is sufficiently strong to survive the treatment and many are born with signs of life. “It is all too easy for people to picture a clump of cells or mush. People don’t want to picture perfectly-formed miniature babies and I don’t blame them. I was once the same. But having cut the umbilical cord on one who survived, then had to watch him gasp for breath for ten minutes on the side of a sink before he died, the sight will haunt me forever.

The reason given in this particular termination was that the mother’s current boyfriend had a toddler son who might get jealous of a new baby. It took them 21 weeks to come to that conclusion.

The pro-choice columnist then says the following:

Kay doesn’t believe in criticizing or hounding women who have to make this extremely tough decision due to severe disability. Her feelings are reserved solely for those who use termination as a form of contraception. Women who, up until last week, I hoped were few and far between. But, according to Kay, these terminations far outstrip those carried out because of fetal abnormality or genuine emotional distress. She says:

‘There are girls who come back five or six times demanding terminations and they get them. How can someone coming in for their fifth termination be allowed to keep saying it is due to emotional distress? I should imagine in ten year’s time the emotional distress of being allowed to have five terminations is going to take its toll. What is going on?

How should pro-lifers respond to women who use abortion as birth control? These women seem to confirm the worst stereotypes that anti-abortion activists have about women who abort – that they are uncaring and irresponsible. But if you look deeper, many of these women are suffering from emotional turmoil.

In father Frank Pavone’s book Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting It, he quotes Dr. Theresa Burke, who gives some perspective in her book Forbidden Grief:

Repeat abortions and replacement pregnancies are two common ways in which women reenact elements of their abortion trauma.

sadPavone also quotes mental health professional Dr. Philip Ney saying the following:

Tragedy is repeated not because we do not understand, but because we are trying to understand. Meaning that a woman is reliving her abortion experience trying to resolve the trauma by having a replacement child, but then realizes that the same reason she had an abortion before is still present.

These doctors explain how the emotional trauma of abortion can translate itself into repeating the same traumatic event again and again. Rather than being cold and uncaring, many of these women are in fact deeply hurting. The abortion clinic is not helping them by sending them on their way, again and again, to repeat the destructive pattern. From father Frank Pavone:

An underlying conflict, perhaps created by previous trauma, is unresolved. We find we cannot resolve it by simply replaying it in our minds. So we relive it. This happens in many arenas of life. The sexually abused child may become seductive; the child who lacked touch and affection may seek an emotionally cold partner, and so forth. We repeat what we don’t understand, in the hopes of mastering it.

He eloquently gives pro-lifers guidance in how to respond to these women:

Repeat abortions can be repulsive even to people who call themselves “pro-choice” and even to those who work in abortion mills. Sometimes the reaction is exasperated, indignant, “How could she do that??!!” But we should change the question and ask instead, “How can I help you to heal?” That question expresses the heart of the pro-life movement, a movement that knows that the destiny of mother and child are forever intertwined and that we can’t love one without loving the other.

Rather than judging mothers who repeatedly have abortions, the pro-life movement needs to reach out to them with compassion.

1. Jennifer Baumgardner “Twice is a Spanking” from the pro-choice book by Krista Jacob. Abortion under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice (Emeryville, CA: Seal Press, 2006) 222.

  • ldwendy


    Regarding “shaming” . . .

    You weren’t at this clinic. Since you weren’t there, you can’t prove that the protesters didn’t yell at the pregnant woman for being a whore, a sinner, a murderer, and every other name in the book. I think “shaming” would be an accurate description right there.

    >Pro-lifers often offer free help to pregnant women outside abortion clinics.

    They may say so, but it can come out the wrong way. For example, take the following post from EverySaturdayMorning:

    “[A pro-lifer yelled through the waiting room window]

    “We can arrange an adoption for you. You don’t even have to hire a lawyer. We will take care of everything.”

    All of the clients had entered the clinic when this was yelled by T at the waiting room windows. [The escort’s} first thought was, “Sure, I am going to trust a man who comes out to yell at me with taking care of all of my legal questions.”

    How words are delivered is important in getting the message across.

    • Basset_Hound

      I was at a clinic protest a week ago Thursday. We held signs saying nothing more provocative than “Women regret abortion” and “Adoption not Abortion”. We, prayed and talked to each other. We did NOT yell “whore”, “slut” or “sinner”. In fact we are given specific instructions NOT to do this. That didn’t stop some immature jerks from rolling down his car window and yelling vulgar insults at US.

      If offering to help a woman find a lawyer and arrange for an adoption “comes out the wrong way” then you’re the one with the thin skin.

      • ldwendy

        My point is, the protester was yelling.

        He had been yelling for a long time. That’s why it came out all wrong to those listening. “Sure, I’m going to trust a man who comes out to yell at me with taking care of all my legal questions.”

        • Basset_Hound

          I don’t like the yellers either. A couple of years ago, we were on a family vacation, and found them in front of the Alamo. I don’t know what they thought they would accomplish there. Don’t think they were particularly focused on abortion…just a “Repent or Burn” type of group.

    • Umm…you weren’t there either! Don’t you think if the protesters were verbally abusive, the blogger would have mentioned that?

  • LoveTheLeast8

    If abortion is just another “choice” when whether a woman aborts one fetus or 100, it shouldn’t matter. The pro-choice position logically has to be one that has no problem with abortion as birth control because if abortion = empowerment, then how could more empowerment be bad?

  • Basset_Hound

    I feel that repeating abortions is a sign that a woman is hurting deeply. I put it in the same category as cutting, or anorexia.

  • musiciangirl591

    hooray! killing children is sooooooo empowering!

  • Oubli

    Abortion vs. Repeat Abortion
    According to the 2006 Guttmacher
    Institute report Repeat Abortion in the United States, women having a
    second or higher-order abortion are substantially different from women
    having a first abortion in only two important ways: They are more than
    twice as likely to be age 30 or older and, even after controlling for
    age, almost twice as likely to already have had a child. (Among all
    women having an abortion, six in 10 are mothers.)

    Just as
    with women having their first abortion, however, the majority of women
    having their second or even their third abortion were using
    contraceptives during the time period in which they became pregnant. In
    fact, women having a repeat abortion are slightly more likely to have
    been using a highly effective hormonal method (e.g., the pill or an

    This finding refutes the notion that large
    numbers of women are relying on abortion as their primary method of
    birth control. Rather, it suggests that women having
    abortions—especially those having more than one—are trying hard to avoid
    unintended pregnancy, but are having trouble doing so.

    • Can you please explain why contraceptives are less effective for women who have had abortions?

      • Oubli

        Honestly I think it’s luck of the draw, statistically there is a failure rate and some women do not want to let fate and a failure rate decide how many and when they have children, so they have an abortion or another abortion.

        The question should be how many women just let fickle fate and a failure rate decide how many children they have, too many women have oops babies, oops as in their birth control failed and they decide to keep it.

        I don’t think contraception is less effective in women who have multiple abortions. Contraception simply fails, it can fail all of us and does, numerous methods can fail a woman over her 30 yrs of being fertile, pregnancy can even happen when doubling or tripling up on your contraception methods and then a woman/couple must decide if she is going to keep the oops pregnancy or terminate it.
        “Women having a second or higher-order abortion are substantially
        different from women having a first abortion in only two important ways:
        They are more than twice as likely to be age 30 or older and, even
        after controlling for age, almost twice as likely to already have had a
        Just as with women having their first abortion, however, the majority
        of women having their second or even their third abortion were using
        contraceptives during the time period in which they became pregnant. In
        fact, women having a repeat abortion are slightly more likely to have
        been using a highly effective hormonal method (e.g., the pill or an

        Women are just fertile for a long time and more likely than not have an unintended pregnancy(ies), sometimes women have multiple children because of this and some women choose to have multiple aboritons and most women fall between the two on the spectrum.

        • Old R.N.

          Everybody knows that contraception is not 100% effective. Therefore, a woman should ask herself, before committing the act that could possibly create a baby, if she indeed is willing to go through a pregnancy and delivery. I mean, the woman should ask herself this question if she would like to consider herself a moral and ethical human being.

          • Tobin

            Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. What about married couples who have completed their family? In your ideology the couple is just suppose to stop having sex or accept more children than they want if their birth control fails????

            How about you let me and my husband decide how big or small our family will be and let us decide what to do if our birth control fails, ok?

            Your input is not desired, required, needed or asked for – butt out of our marriage and everyone else’s please.

            Ps – Been following this thread and haven’t commented yet but you ma’am are just ruttin’ ridiculous. Consent to sex is NOT consent to pregnancy, it never has been or we women would get pregnant every time we had sex.

          • Old R.N.

            It most certainly is. You know sex could potentially create a baby. You also know birth control is not 100% failproof. It doesn’t matter whether you are a married couple or not, this is a fact of biology and science. Consent to sex is implied consent to pregnancy, given what everyone already knows.

            If a potential pregnancy is something that is absolutely not an option at the time, then the responsible thing would either be sterilization or abstinence. Pregnancy does not always result for every sexual encounter (ergo, your final sentence is pure nonsense), but it is always a possibility. As I said, any moral and ethical woman would think carefully before partaking in the act that creates children.

          • Tobin

            See this is where it get’s really silly, my husband and I aren’t about to let a perfect stranger on the internet dictate our sex life, we aren’t ready to get sterilized because we aren’t done adding to our family and we as a married couple shouldn’t have to practice abstinence for years between children.

            Yes, we know we risk pregnancy even with the most effective birth control out there, it only has a .4% failure rate (better than some methods of sterilization), if were were to get pregnant with my IUD in situ, removing the IUD has a 50/50 shot of causing a miscarriage and IUDs can cause abnormalities to the growing pregnancy hence we would terminate it if yanking it didn’t do it for us.

            And now that I’ve told you far more than you needed to now about our sex life and birth control, let me reiterate that we have our own moral code, we don’t need or desire your judgements or your moralizing, we will make our own decision in accordance to our own moral code, religion and the needs of our family.

            Your “solution” is untenable and unreasonable. Your morals aren’t gonna dictate how we live our lives, we have our own morals thank you and don’t need yours. I find it utterly laughable that you sit behind your computer and pass judgement on all, dictating that you know better on how they should live their lives, have sex and decide how many children they have. Utterly laughable.

          • Old R.N.

            I’m sorry, I didn’t bother to read your reply in any detail, because I really don’t care about what birth control choices you make or who you involve yourself with.

            The fact of the matter is, it is immoral and unethical to have sex (with or without birth control), knowing full well that a baby human might be created, and then “terminate” the baby human because you wanted to have sex. The baby human didn’t ask to be created, and the baby human didn’t ask to be killed. This whole thing falls squarely on the people who created the baby human, and it is immoral and unethical to kill a baby human, period.

  • Basset_Hound

    More evidence that abortion does not empower women…it enables them.

    • Dax

      Yes abortion does enable women to take control of their fertility. (If anti-chociers were so darn serious about preventing “the murder of the unborn” then they should be protesting at fertility clinics, they by far terminate more embryos than abortions clinics do. Example – Bob and Sue create 8 embryos and only have two implanted to be come babies, the other 6 embryos are chucked in the garbage. One women is terminating 6 “unborn babies” in one go – more “murders” happen at fertility clinic than at abortion clinics.)

      And bring up Irene Vilar? She was in an abusive relationship, she was used and controlled by a man 50+ yrs her senior. Her situation is the furthest extreme of the spectrum of repeat abortions and really isn’t relevant because of it extremity.

      • Basset_Hound

        Abortion is not “controlling one’s fertility”. Abortion is pushing the inconvenient consequences of a choice off on an innocent person and violating his/her rights.

        • Dax

          Abortion is controlling one’s fertility, you just don’t agree with it. There are plenty of reason for an abortion and not all of them are a matter of “mere inconvenience”.

          Severe mental illness
          Severe drug addiction
          Severe physical illness
          Advanced or very young age (pregnancy can *very* dangerous)
          More offspring than she can support ie feed
          A very demanding job or jobs that are keeping her and/or her family from grinding poverty
          A chance at education that can free a woman from grinding poverty
          The child being the offspring of an abusive man from whom she cannot afford to be legally connected to for a lifetime
          Severe birth defects
          A woman recently widowed or otherwise recently enduring a trauma that she cannot immediately overcome to appropriately mother her offspring.
          Being black listed by church and family for being pregnant.
          Exposure to known teratogens (substances that cause birth defects)

          And those are just a few reasons that aren’t a matter of convenience.

          Working at a Planned Parenthood I saw very, very, very few woman who even I considered to be terminating for mere inconvenience sake. You are making a specious argument but you wouldn’t know that having had no experience working at an abortion clinic.

          Also I love how you ignore the fertility clinic argument, they do end many, many, many more pregnancies than abortions clinics do. It’s intellectually disingenuous to pick on abortions clinics when you know fertility clinics are doing much, much worse (by your logic).

          • Basset_Hound

            “Plenty of reasons”….or just lame justifications….by a Planned Parenthood profiteer so let me pick and choose just a few from your list because it’s late…

            Severe mental illness….Mom had that…I survived….and thrived in spite of that
            Severe physical illness…in all but the tiniest handful of cases can be managed so that both can be saved…
            Advanced or very young age…can also be managed without killing the child Both my husband and I were born to menopause moms….
            More offspring than she can support or feed….
            Demanding job that keeps one from poverty….
            Education that keeps one from grinding poverty….how about taking that into consideration BEFORE going on one’s back for a guy one hardly knows…how about adoption….
            Abusive man…what about adoption….
            Widowed….adoption, or being strong and facing up to the responsibilities of the child like a big girl

            No, I didn’t touch the fertility clinic gambit, because I know a red herring argument when I smell one…

          • Dax

            Profiteer? No I volunteered.

            And you seem to be missing the point here, YOU and your morals do not get to decide for someone else.

            So you or your has or would family reacted differently for those situations, that’s great for you. Aren’t you glad your had the ability to choose? I would never take those choices away from you or your family.

            My mum works at a fertility clinic and she has volunteered at Planned Parenthood in younger yeas, this isn’t a gambit, it’s fact. They destroy more life at fertility clinics than at abortion clinics.

            Have a nice day : ) Done with you now, go play with someone else . . . .

          • Old R.N.

            And that is why fertility clinics are immoral. They allow for the belief that children are commodities, not living human beings from the moment of conception. Abortion gave rise to this mentality, that a human child is nothing more than a piece of property, to be purchased or disgarded as the “mother” or “father” see fit.

            While I feel very sorry for the couple who can’t conceive (and dearly wish to), I could never support the dehumanization of children. I suppose it certainly is a “Brave, New World”.

          • Basset_Hound

            Since you’re done with me you probably won’t see this.

            It’s ironic that you say “you and your morals don’t get to decide for someone else And YOU seem to be missing a point, not me so I’ll reiterate.

            Every one of these circumstances can (and has) been used to justify killing a child that has already been born….

            extreme mental illness….ever heard of Andrea Yates?

            new boyfriend doesn’t want kids….ever heard of Susan Smith?

            abusive relationship….how many times do you hear on the news of someone beating a baby into a bloody pulp

            Women in every one of these circumstances have these options if they have children already born.

            1. They can readjust their attitudes and/or their finances (with or without professional help).

            2. They can place the child in temporary foster care.

            3. They can terminate their parental rights and place the child for adoption.

            The CANNOT neglect the child, and they CANNOT abuse or kill it. That is “limiting choices”. And that’s not “me and my morals” deciding anything, it’s what a civilized society DOES. There is no difference between born children and unborn ones biologically or physiologically other than size and level of development. That should not be a criteria as to whether someone lives or dies.

            I don’t have any experience working in an abortion clinic. I’ve never made meth in my garage either. But that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize when something is destructive.

          • Dax

            LOL, what part of done now didn’t you understand?

            Unlike you I have a life and refuse to waste anymore more of it arguing with you, as a pro-choice midwife I work to empower women in various ways, I help empower women who want to be pregnant and have babies and I help women terminate pregnancies they aren’t ready for.

            Miscarriages happen when your body isn’t ready to be or sustain a pregnancy and abortions happen when the women decided she isn’t ready or cannot sustain a pregnancy.

            Now please go practice your mental masturbations on someone else : )

          • Old R.N.

            If you are “done”, why are you still replying?

            I see you are very involved with “empowering” women. I can’t help but wonder if you feel so inclined to empower a baby girl, should her mother want her life terminated?

            For the record, you engaged Basset Hound by responding to her comments four days ago. Therefore, you are free to leave. Your silly “dismissal” clearly illustrates how confused you are.

          • Basset_Hound

            She’s as “empowering” as the neighborhood crack pusher.

          • Basset_Hound

            I have a life too, sweat pea. I responded to this for the benefit of the lurkers.

            “Unlike you I have a life” OH REALLY!!!! I have a family and two jobs.

            It is an INSULT to me as a woman, as someone with a technical degree AND as a human being that I can’t achieve my dreams and participate in society or “control my fertility” unless I stand on the shredded bodies of my unborn children. That’s not “empowerment”…that is TYRANNY.

            “Miscarriages happen when your body isn’t ready to be or sustain a pregnancy and abortions happen when the women decided she isn’t ready or cannot sustain a pregnancy.”

            Bad analogy. Miscarriages happen when an unborn child dies a natural death OR something goes horribly awry with the woman’s body. It is a totally natural, but unfortunate process. An abortion is a deliberate ending of a natural process that would otherwise continue.

            “Now please go practice your mental masturbations on someone else : )” EXCUSE ME??????

            1. Who died and made you the moderator?

            2. Maybe you should take this advice instead of dishing it out. Take your selfish justifications (and your nasty metaphors) to Jezebel.

  • Dax

    LOL, 10 abortions sounds like she was being facetious to shock the shaming, bullying anti choice protesters. From the escorts reactions and blogging about it, I bet the diversionary tactic worked. It stunned the protesters into silence and gave her to time to make it the rest of the way into the clinic without hassle.

    Whats the big deal. She made a flip joke to get out of an awkward situation?

    • Basset_Hound

      Really? I guess you’ve never heard of “Impossible Motherhood”?

    • Old R.N.

      Yes, because killing one’s own child is so hilarious.

  • Gurl

    In The picture of her holding the t-shirt, there is a nazi band around her arm.. 10 abortions,,she’s really responsible…and blind

  • Living In An Ugly World

    I can not believe some of the comments made here. Abortion is not a reasonable form of birth control. Regardless of what our society feeds these women about it being okay to kill their own child, it is not okay. There are no excuses for such a selfish act. If you dont want the responsibilty of a child then either abstain from sex or use the many, many forms of birth control that are available today. Everyone one that promotes this heinous act should be ashamed of themselves.

    You say it is the right of the pregnant mother, but who speaks for the unborn child? And it is a child make no mistake. Calling the baby a fetus or just a blob of tissue does not make it any less a child.

    If these women are not already reaping the consequences of their actions, they will.

    Carthaginians sacrificed their children in times of trouble. This is the same thing. They dont want to deal with all that having a baby entails, so they just get rid of it. As a mother who has lost a child in infancy, who was born with physical issues, I am deeply offended that anyone would use that as an excuse.
    Millions of couples desire to have children but cannot and we have selfish individuals systematically killing children.
    It is a sad world we live in. It makes me angry to read about such crap, but I will do as Jesus instructed, I will pray for all these lost women and the people who encourage and support them to continue in their sin.
    Whether you believe there is a God or not,
    is not going to save any of you from judgement. We will all stand before Him one day and have to give an accounting……..

    • Basset_Hound

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Marcy Castro

      I worked an a nurse in Labor and Delivery at a Catholic Hospital most of my career, so I was shielded from abortion most of the time. I will never forget one patient, She was in her mid to late 20s.. I had just come on duty , The board said Mrs. Doe in room 1 was Gravida5 Para0 Ab4 who had been admitted with mild cramping. I assumed she had had 4 spontaneous abortions or in lay terms , 4 miscarriages. During report I learned that she had had 4 induced abortions, but was now married and having her first full term baby.
      The other nurse on duty who was doing her admission vitals, had just put her on the fetal monitor. She called out to the desk and asked if the attending doctor was in the doctor’s lounge. I said, ” Yes he is.” She said , “Get him in here please.” He went down to the room and a few minutes later I heard the cries and wailing that meant only one thing……the baby had died in utero.
      I’ll never forget the pain in her cries and her words,” It’s all my fault, God is punishing me for all those abortions I had. It’s all my fault. I murdered my babies and now the baby I wanted is dead.”
      I was so relieved that she was not my patient that day. I prayed for some consoling words that we could offer her other than, I am so sorry, but none ever came to my mind. .

  • Collie girl

    If a woman chooses not to be responsible and use birth control, then either give the baby up for adoption or have a hysterectomy. Abortion is legalized murder.