CNN anchor: “How can you not call that a person?”

An eight-minute segment on Monday night reached a turning point when CNN host Erin Burnett exclaimed: “That baby was 8 pounds, 2 ounces. He was going to be born in a couple of days. How could you not define that as a person? That is a viable life.”

Burnett covered the story of Heather Surovik, who was days away from giving birth to her son, Brady. She was returning from her final prenatal checkup when a drunk driver on his fifth DUI smashed into her car. Although Heather and her other family members survived, Brady did not. Since Colorado law does not recognize pre-born children as persons, state prosecutors could charge the drunk driver only with destroying Heather’s vehicle, not with Brady’s death.

The Surovik case is one of many similar Colorado cases, such as the death of an unborn baby at the Aurora theater shooting. During the segment, Burnett also covered a recent medical malpractice case against Catholic Health Initiatives, which denied compensation to a widower who lost his unborn twins because they were not considered persons. In all these cases, justice was denied, and each family’s loss was belittled.

Brady ProjectImmediately after Democrats and Planned Parenthood representatives quashed an abortion-neutral bill in the Colorado legislature to make fetal homicide a crime, Heather Surovik joined Personhood Colorado and Colorado Right to Life to file for an amendment to the state constitution. Once approved, a signature campaign to put The Brady Project on the ballot will commence.

After interviewing Heather and her mom, Erin Burnett was convinced that Brady should have been considered a person under Colorado law. So why has Colorado’s Democratic-controlled legislature shot down previous fetal homicide bills that would have protected him? Because admitting that killing Brady was a criminal offense puts the dishonest abortion narrative in jeopardy.

  • Julia

    It’s sad, but the reason for the outcry of this child is because he was wanted.

    If the mother had taken this same child to be killed by an abortionists the day before birth, she would have been lauded for exercising her right to choose.

    Basically, in our country wantedness=personhood

    • Julia

      outcry *over* this child

    • jp2feminist

      You are absolutely correct, Julia. Planned Parenthood’s motto is “Every baby a wanted baby.” Wantedness = personhood . . . very sad.

    • tom721

      I agree, as far as abortion cases go. But these two cases were different. One was a car crash caused by a drunken driver, in which a near-term baby died; the other was
      a woman pregnant with twins, who died from an embolism, and both babies died also, though they were viable. In both cases, ‘personhood’ was denied, not because the babies were unwanted, but because that’s the way the law is written in Colorado.

  • SAA5of5

    Juliea, I was thinking the same thing – it’s simply a matter of whether the child is “wanted.” If it’s not “wanted” creeps like Carhart call the baby a parasite. WHEN will we face how inhumane we’ve become, that the most dangerous place to be is in a mother’s womb and safety is only protected once we’re outside of our own mother’s body? When will the pro-aborts realize they’re giving a nod to MURDER…and for what? sex supposedly without consequence.

  • sad for the loss praying for mercy, justice and forgiveness God will prevail

  • melissa

    You can’t even use the unwanted excuse as long as there is a waiting list for newborn adoptions. The pregnant woman may not want there baby, but someone else does.

    • Molly Morris

      absolutely. someone wants those babies. they are all wanted-just not by the woman sheltering the fetus and the the rich abortionists who want the fetuses so they can pay for their million dollar homes.

  • Gus Prasuta

    Quashing a bill to make fetal homicide a crime is not a secular or free choice, or a religion-free action. It is an evil action.

  • Basset_Hound

    This brings to mind another recent story out of Colorado. The OB on call twiddled his thumbs while a gravely ill mother died, along with her unborn twins. Apparently he made no effort to perform an emergency c-section.

  • Barryboomer
    • mcvickerski

      Will do! Thanks.

  • cgoehling

    Why are Christians allowing evil people to set the stage and conditions of the debate. Why aren’t we talking about the accepted scientific fact that the father’s DNA was there at conception? A father is a person who has sired a human being. Child support cases have used DNA to prove fatherhood and set court precedence. Why doesn’t Colorado Right to life and Personhood Colorado present scientific facts and especially God’s words about premeditated murder. Roe vs. Wade did not annul Colorado’s law against murder. It does allow abortions.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Ms. Burnett, that’s been our point too….for 40 yrs. Glad to see you finally ‘get it’. That wasn’t to hard was it?

    • That’s pretty good for a CNN anchor! Who knows what she would have said if Brady were aborted, but that was a moment of prophesy, nonetheless!

  • veto

    And to think our Government – lead by a radical Muslim sympathizer, who cant prove his citizenship – is forcing Catholics to pay for this holocaust.

    That is not religious liberty, tolerance,
    or tolerable!

    Impeach! Repeal!! indict!!!

  • Grace

    Even with “viability” being the determining factor in other states, how is this rational? We have the technology to aid in survival of even the smallest babies. Also, abortion is legal through all nine months, up to the moment of birth. Ditto on Julia’s comment: it’s a person if it’s wanted, and it’s “the woman’s body” if it’s not. No wonder the wrath of God is coming upon the earth.

  • tom721

    Let’s hear it for Erin Burnett, and hope she keeps her job at CNN.

  • guy Mcclung

    How could you define that negro as a person?

    How could you define that Jew as a person?

    How could you define that woman as a person?

    How could you define that immigrant as a person?

    How could you define that old person in a coma as a person?

  • This communist regime, along with the rest of the “Dem-O-Coms” are a culture of death – abortion, queer marriage and soon to be implemented euthanasia! They’ll kill them in the womb and when they are near their tomb! What make’s you sheeple think that they won’t go for the imbetween as well? It has come down to Good against Evil, death means nothing to these Godless communist ghouls that are now running AMERIKA! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

  • Even the Roe V Wade decision stipulated that abortion should not be even considered after viability, saying the court would consider the baby’s rights to override the mother’s wishes and that the court would be responsible to protect those rights. A non-person isn’t endowed with inalienable rights – so even the Roe decision implies a viable baby is a person. It’s written in there. Read the whole thing.

  • Allen

    Even a big company like Kimberly-Clark, makers of Huggies, gets the reality that once you are pregnant “there’s a human being growing inside you” — a fact is boldly announced in a recent :30 spot for its diapers: Is it only a human being when you want it to be a human being? Of course not.

  • mcvickerski

    Thank you, Lord, for Little Brady.

  • mcvickerski

    Regarding the twins who did not receive medical care….how awful. Usually the pride of a parent is that their children live on and continue the family line, the family’s values, the family’s gifts, etc. We all die someday, but this woman AND her husband, lost their posterity. This man can never have another child with his wife. What a wonderful gift those children would have been to him. And all because of a law. Not right. Let’s get our thoughts and values in proper perspective and speak up as a People.

  • mark

    As a Colorado resident I am ashamed of my state. The analyst said it. We legalize marijuana but don’t give 2 cents about a child. Sickening. . . but with God’s help we will change this.

  • E.

    So sad and frustrating. I’d like to see a “pro choice” person look this woman in the eye and NOT say sorry for her loss. Tell her she didn’t lose anything because Brady wasn’t a human being! Well I do say to Ms. Surovik, “So sorry for your loss and that you did not receive justice for Brady. May he rest in peace. ” And may the laws change soon so babies wherever they may be -inside the womb or outside- are protected and receive justice for such things.

  • E.

    I don’t watch much tv news, but when I do I”m going to have to check out CNN.Thank you Erin Burnett for speaking the truth on air.

  • Vicky

    We need the Dads to speak out!!! Where are they hiding, Why are they so silent!!!
    Don’t they care about their babies????

    • Well said Vicky. Any man that does not stand up for his child killed through abortion is also guilty. Real men love and support their children.

  • Marei

    Thank you Erin for your objectivity. Respect for human life in our current American culture and society is trumped by the prevailing cult of narcissism. The right to choose does not mean the right to take a human life. Is it possible that once we again embrace the right to life, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” we as a nation will find integrity and wholeness. The hypocrisy heralded as a right, aborting a human life, in these cited instances in the state of Colorado do not enforce clear thinking. A life is a life is a life. Women, insurance companies and hospitals do not have the moral right to pick and choose who dies. A baby days away from birth is a full fledged human being… from the moment of conception.

  • Steve

    It is not a hospital run by true Catholics. True Catholics would tell you that science, not even bringing religion into it…..that SCIENCE proves life begins at conception.