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Confessions of a pro-life volunteer

Dear World,

You’ve asked, many times, why I work to save “fetuses” instead of helping “real people.”  Well, I have a confession to make.  I truly do believe that “fetuses”—which, by the way, means little ones in Latin—ARE real people.  I don’t just say that to make my work sound good.  I believe it from the bottom of my heart.  Honest science has always stated that human life begins at the moment of fertilization.  And I really do believe that every human is a person.  It’s common sense to me, and I think, to many.

I confess to you that, in addition to my work for unborn children, I also help many of those you consider “real people.”  I’ve built houses for the poor in Mexico.  I’ve written letters to lonely soldiers overseas.  I’ve brought my children to sing at our local nursing home.  I’ve donated stuffed animals, blankets, and books for homeless kids.  I’ve given my hard-earned money to orphanages in Africa.  I’ve volunteered at my son’s kindergarten class.  I’ve even taken in an emergency foster-care baby for two nights.  It’s just that these kind of things don’t make the news like the pro-life issue does.  And I don’t like to broadcast what I do.

I confess to you that I don’t believe any person on earth should have the choice to kill another innocent human being.  A tired, overworked mom who holds down two jobs shouldn’t have the choice to kill her three year old just because it would make her life easier.  A dictator shouldn’t have the choice to kill his citizens who start an uprising against him.  A tribal warlord shouldn’t have the choice to kill the neighboring tribe’s women to get back at his rival.  Gangs in inner cities shouldn’t have the choice to gun down innocent citizens just because they think it’s a fun past time.  And no mother should have the choice to kill her unborn child because of her inconvenient or difficult circumstances.  She shouldn’t have the choice to kill her child because he was conceived in rape or incest.  No child should pay the penalty for his father’s crimes.

I confess to you that I’m not a co-dependent, needy helper.  I’m not trying to manipulate women.  Trust me…I have nothing to gain from spending my time, money, and effort trying to convince moms to love their children.  Well, I have nothing to gain except for more love in my own heart for more people.  But really, the children AND moms are the ones gaining.  Not me.  I don’t want anything other than every single person on earth to have the chance to live.

I confess to you that I’m not donating my money to project my personal religious views on you.  Even though I’m a Christian, I think you can (and should) be pro-life whether you’re a Christian or not.  Fighting to save every innocent life is the decent thing to do.  While I love Jesus and go to church, I’d be pro-life even if I didn’t.  For me, letting babies live isn’t just about religion.  It has a lot to do with accurate science, moral decency, human dignity, equal justice, civil rights, and common sense.

I confess to you that I do indeed want everyone on earth to share my views.  That’s why I volunteer on this issue.  It’s why I spend my time and money on it.  Don’t you think a world where every single person was welcomed and loved would be a wonderful place to be?  Don’t you think less killing would promote peace?  And doesn’t it start at the very beginning…when each person is making their entrance into this world?

That’s all for now.  Thanks for listening to my confession.


An Anonymous Pro-Life Volunteer

  • Thegrouch4491

    How is this anonymous if the author’s name is posted at the top?

    • PointeforJesus

      I think the name at the top is just the name of the person that someone decided to email this to. I could be wrong, but I’ve heard of it happening in other places before, so it could be what’s happened here.

  • Hoffmom

    Amen and ditto on all of the above! 
    Pro-“choice” has NO facts in its favor. Not even the statistics to back up their tired rhetoric. Conservatives (which include most pro-lifers) are more charitable in every category than liberals (which includes most pro-choicers). They give a greater percentage of their time, talent, and money to help others. Time to put this “pro-BIRTH” fallacy to bed already. Pro-life is pro-humanity.

  • Miss-Nancy

    Yes it should start at the very beginning when each person is making their entrance into this world, we should give all new babies a Birthday!  Maybe not happy, but at least a BIRTH day!

  • Allan

    May God richly bless you, and all the babies that are saved!

  • Nancy T.McFall

    Carol, As a very close friend of yours I can unequivocally state that you,  yourself were a fetus at one point in time. Futhermore the individuals that try to give you a hard time were also a fetus. NOW* the truth is out. Love you!!!

  • Joanie

    “For me, letting babies live isn’t just about religion.  It has a lot to
    do with accurate science, moral decency, human dignity, equal justice,
    civil rights, and common sense.” YES. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect, how can you presume to tell an eighty-pound fourteen year old girl who was brutally beaten and raped by three men, came from an abusive and poor family with little access to medical care, and had no education or job skills to support a child that she must carry to full term? Having an abortion was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And I do not regret it. I prayed night and day when I found out I was pregnant. My faith in God brought me to that decision. My faith in God helped me heal from that rape and abuse. My faith in God helped me not only finish high school, but also finish Yale. Until the pro-life movement finds empathy for women instead of “condemning them to hell” through their judgement, and takes it upon themselves to adopt every unwanted child in orphanages, you will never change the minds of countless women like myself.

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2)

    • Anonymous

      Probably not. God’s word says “you shall not kill”…so I seriously doubt that God would go against His own rules to give you permission to kill your child. If you were that 80 pound fourteen year old, I fell sorry for you that you couldn’t carry that child to term to give it a life. Children, born and unborn, should not pay for the sins of their father and whichever man was the biological father is now, “off the hook” b/c the abortion killed the only evidence you had to nab that creep!. Second of all, it’s only 9 months of your life and there are many parents who would have gladly paid you a good sum to take that baby off your hands and love it for you. No one is condemning abortive women to hell  and we all have great compassion for them.(although most of us would love to know what happens to the creepy men who rape women in the afterlife). Women/girls get abortions b/c they are told to get them. But the alternative (giving birth) is much healthier emotionally for everyone involved. Ask Juda Myers, who was conceived in rape by 8 men who raped her mother…does she wish she wasn’t alive…no…she is so happy her mother made the right choice. Her value does not depend on how she was conceived but on the fact that her Creator allowed her to be conceived and her mother courageously choose life for her. And she works with many rape/incest women who love their babies from rape/incest and are glad they kept their babies alive. She also helps ease the pain for those rape victims  who got the abortion that they now regret.

       Abortion is rape..there is nothing natural about killing a child in the womb while it is helplessly developing and feeling safe inside it’s mother. Abortion is murder for hire and the person who should pay the price for it isn’t the mother, it’s the abortionist who gets rich doing 100’s of them a week and the creepy sperm donor who caused the birth. (I dare not call them “fathers” because true fathers love their children and don’t rape women.) 

      Sorry but there are too many scriptures to unjustify permission to abort. God alone tells us to choose life…and he also tells us that HE knows us before we are born. So, that baby you aborted is living in heaven..it had a life here that God planned for it…but alas, that live will not be lived here.

    • Anonymous

      My compassion to you, FiveBirdFive. I am sorry you had to go through such a horrible experience and I am extremely glad that you had the option of a safe and legal abortion so you could continue with your life. Best to you.

    • LowlyOne

      FiveBirdFive, It is amazing how giving birth and raising a child has the ability to heal past troubles. You have truely missed out.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t know that, and you can’t know that.

    • Megan Hoyt

      FiveBirdFive, I’m so sorry no one was there to walk you through a pregnancy, to protect you from abuse, and to offer you job skills so you could thrive in society. I’m thankful that you were able to finish high school and graduate from Yale. Rape is an ugly crime, and you were well within your rights to pursue an abortion. What I’m most sorry about is that you felt you had no other choice. I wish there was a way to find the perpetrators of that rape and punish them. It does seem unjust to me that the baby had to die. I am pro-life, and I don’t believe in abortion. But that doesn’t stop me from having compassion on you. I love equally — both you and your child.

      You may not know that there is a shortage of babies to adopt in this country. The waiting list is long. Women who have been unable to conceive are waiting years to adopt. We don’t have many orphanages in this country. More children are in foster care than orphanages. And the babies are first to be adopted. I don’t believe you would have been a bad mother, nor do I believe your child would have been unwanted had you carried to term. You were too fragile and the crisis was too great for you to handle. I fault myself and other pro-life women and men who were asleep on the job. Things are changing now. We are actively assisting women throughout America who, like you, have been victimized and are frightened. I hope you can see the empathy I have for you. It’s real. Our compassion is real. We care about women just as much as we care about their children. Of course we do. Please be wary of the false compassion you see at abortion clinics. It’s a money-driven industry.

  • Mary

    I believe every child, from the moment of conception, has the right to live. They should not have to pay for the mistakes and actions of their parents. We have prisoners sitting on death row behind bars for a crime they did commit. Is it fair to the unborn to face the same sentence without doing anything? Life is very precious and should not be wasted and thrown out like yesterdays trash. That tiny fetus might surprise you if it was only given a chance to live. Don’t punish the unborn for the mistakes made by others.

  • Holickb

    Bravo. Amen.  quiet voices are not heard, we, as human beings, Christians or whatever…need to speak out when injustice happens.  Good for you.