One day, abortion rights will never strike again.  Photo Credit:  jeff_golden on Flickr

Crude bowling campaign raises over $446K for abortion, relates abortion to “the event of a lifetime”

One day, abortion rights will never strike again. Photo Credit: jeff_golden on Flickr

The National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon is dedicated to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for abortions. This organized series of events, which started on April 11 and ends on Monday the 30th, has raised $446,783 at the time of this printing.

This (2012) is the Abortion Bowl-a-Thon’s third year. What’s the purpose? To “raise money to help women and girls pay for abortions they couldn’t otherwise afford.” Specifically, the “abortion funds help women pay for their abortions, help them buy bus or plane tickets, and even offer a place to stay for those who have to travel for an abortion.” Apparently, the organizers of the Bowl-a-Thon consider abortion a charity category that people should be able to donate to. After all, how much more charitable can you get than killing your own child or paying for someone else to kill hers? People with a giving heart should definitely be lining up for this stellar opportunity to spread the love.

On the Bowl-a-Thon’s website is a list where people can locate the event in their area, discover the teams participating, and find out how much money was raised. In my own state of Colorado, the Denver event gave its money to “The Freedom Fund.” Many of the team names are very telling. In Denver, they included The Gutter Belles; Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat; GLAD (Good Looking Abortion Defenders); and Split Happens: Like Unplanned Pregnancies.

Needless to say, this group finds abortion a laughing matter. Many of their teams sport crude and cruel names: The Public Cervix Announcement, The Terminators, The Unused Condoms, The Rhythm Method, Operation Not Mothers, Vag of Courage, The Charlottesville Harlots, Sin City Sirens, and The Valient Vulvas. I don’t know about you, but I get they impression that they think that 1) abortion and promiscuity are absolutely hilarious; 2) children are an accident, so killing them is no big deal; or 3) you should be proud to support the killing of innocent, helpless babies. I’m not sure which is the worst.

One of the photos posted on Flickr by NNAF showcasing a mother with a baby who is participating in the Bowl-a-Thon that pays for other mothers to kill their babies.

As LifeSiteNews reported, several women are pictured at the Bowl-a-Thon’s events with their children or small babies. What a statement! “For some reason, I chose to keep you. But remember, you were once just a clump of cells that I had the right to kill. If I happen to ever get pregnant with another clump of cells or potential life that may turn out to be your brother or sister, I reserve the right to kill it and then laugh about it while celebrating with my friends in the bowling alley. You get to watch and remember how fragile and uncertain your own life once was.” Or something like that. Creepy.

Ben Johnson of LifeSiteNews also reports details about where all the cash goes (emphasis mine):

According to its press kit the bowl-a-thons’ beneficiary, the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), is “an affiliation of more than 100 grassroots abortion Funds in 40 states in the United States, as well as Funds in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and online.”

Last year, NNAF distributed more than $2.9 million last year to pay for 21,000 women to have abortions. Its George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund “provides funding to women seeking later abortion care.”

“Over the past two months, more than 75% of the calls we received were from women who were 16 weeks or further into their pregnancy,” the foundation states.

The fund concentrates its work on “women living in the South,” as well as “women in prison, immigrant women, very young women and girls, and women for whom English is a second language.”

If you’d like to find out more about NNAF, read Ben Johnson’s article, as he details several foundations who donate to them as well as the recommendations that NNAF makes to women and girls seeking abortions. (Lying to family members to get the money, for example.)

I will leave you with a final sickening list, written by the National Access to Abortion Bowl-a-Thon (emphasis in the original).

 Why participate in the Bowl-a-Thon?  

  • Because you know that the legal right to abortion is meaningless if you can’t afford to pay for it.
  • Because you’re pissed at the way health care reform has rolled back women’s rights.
  • Because you love being a part of building the movement for social and reproductive justice.
  • Because you’re a crack bowler who wants to strut your stuff.
  • Because you know: friends + abortion rights + rented shoes = the event of a lifetime!


  • Christina Marie Martin

    This is so sad. The names of the teams are awful. When will people realize abortion is not a joke? You don’t name a bowling team, ” Operation Not Mother.” Are u kidding me? That’s so painful. There are so many women living with hurt and sorrow over the lost of their children. So distasteful and sad. I pray that all these men and women would see the truth and understand how valuable life is.  

    • Ashley

      I agree 120%. This is beyond depressing

  • Rebecca Downs

    This is the event of a lifetime… because abortion is such an irreversible decision though that leaves you  oftentimes with physical and/or emotional scars. I really think that if people understood the truth behind abortion, more people would not be so inclined and excited to be pro-choice, or at least as ferverently so as these pro-aborts actually *raising money* for it. These people may think they’re having such a fun time raising money for a cause they believe in, but they’re actually doing far much more damage to women. Do they think women actually want to get an abortion, that they want to find the situations they’re in funny? These people are anti-women, when they’re treating the plights of women as such a joke…

    • missdk

      They’re damaging women by raising money to help women who want to have an abortion? I don’t see how that is more damaging then forced pregnancy. 

      • mrcj

        Well, by damaging, what they really mean is that they’re giving women without means a way out of a situation that can only come about by sex. You see, it’s the sex that gets them. (Note that “abortion and promiscuity”. This writer forgot that it’s supposed to be about fetal rights, not controlling women’s sexuality.) It doesn’t matter if a woman’s been raped, is unable to financially or emotionally support a child, has medical complications, or simply doesn’t want (more) children (right now); the punishment for sex is nine full months of pregnancy.

        These people believe that anybody who find themselves in this situation must be evil. They have decided that the rights of a fetus trump those of a woman, not because they truly believe a fetus is a person, but because they believe that a woman is not a person, capable of directing her own life.

        • missdk

          Good catch. Also note the callousness assumed of the mothers in attendance at the bowl-a-thon instead of women fighting for the right for all women to (as you put it) to direct their own lives – especially women in high risk situations.  

        • –gmg

          Menstration may make you a woman, but it hardly makes you an adult.  These women at this bowl a thon are crude–trying to shock because they find humor in it.  Pro-life finds the serious nature in it.  It is not a joke to end a life–to joke so cruelly about killing an innocent is just showing how debased this group is. 
          If a woman has been raped or a victim of incest, she is in a very small minority of abortion seekers–most victims of incest are taken by the perpetrator to have an abortion (and since abortion providers are so upset with silly laws that protect those abused vs. the abuser paying, they overlook them and the abuse continues).  Those who are unable to support a child can easily give it up for adoption.  What medical complications?  I have heard this phantom medical complication that cannot possibly be dealt with without ending a pregnancy.  Please give me one!  (I’ve asked this many times, with no answer–why?  Got your talking points but nothing to back them up?) 
          A pregnancy is not the punishment for sex, but it is a possible outcome.  Women should understand that all contraceptives can fail, so it is in the possible realm that she will get pregnant.  That is understanding and knowledge.  Not the immaturity of ‘getting rid of it.’ 
          Women’s sexuality is different than men’s and by trying to force it to be more like men’s, we are losing our womanhood.  We are giving our power to those who destroy and empty rather than enjoying our ability to be just as smart, just as able, AND able to embrace our natural abilities rather than trying to imitate men. 

          • mrcj

            Sorry, but I don’t play this game of trying to justify abortions. You’re framing it as if they have to prove they didn’t get themselves into the situation willingly, as if that has anything to do with your right to dictate what happens to their bodies.

            If a wanted child is an unambiguous good, then by the same token, a wanted abortion is an unambiguous good. Anybody that tries to coerce a woman into having either is coopting a woman’s right to decide her own destiny.

          • gmg

            Forced reason–A wanted child is unambiguous good.  Not what I said.  ANY child is unambiguous good. Child is defined by one with separate DNA from its parents, no matter where on the developmental scale it is (including before it exits the mother’s body).  THAT is my definition. 

          • mrcj

            Ah, there we go. Now you’re getting back on the party line. It’s about fetus rights, not controlling women’s sexuality.

            And your insistence that women provide for these “children” surely extends to forcing women with means to care for the children of women without, once they’re born.

          • missdk

            You want a medical complication of pregnancy? Here’s one: death.

            Pregnancy is a SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION. Each woman must choose for herself if she can go through it. Embrace womanhood and women’s natural abilities by respecting their bodies and their choice.  

            And no, adoption is not easy. Anyone who has gone through it can tell you that. 

          • grdawg

            Does everything in life have to be easy?  Or can people think of more than just themselves sometimes?  Read this story Live Action just posted for an example:  Yeah, sometimes you gotta be a little selfless.

          • I’m happy to respect women’s bodies. I’m not willing to respect women assuming dominion over SOMEONE ELSE’s body by labeling it as part of their own.

  • Oedipa

    Of the dozen or so team names you chose to write about, I only find one of them offensive when I look at it through a pro-life lens (“The Terminators” … maybe an honorable mention for “Operation Not Mothers” if you’re particularly cynical like Ms. Martin, below).

    If you look through a sexually repressive lens, however, then they all become offensive. So, yeah, just goes to prove what I’ve been saying here all along. The pro-life pique has as much to do with angst about female sexuality as it has to do with saving the unborn. Because, c’mon. “The Public Cervix Announcement”? That’s funny.

    • What’s offensive is that the names are trying to turn an event for abortion into something funny.

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      First, just because you think it’s funny doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s crude.  Some people find dirty jokes to be funny, others find them offensive.  Doesn’t change the fact that they’re crude.  The “pro-life pique” has zero to do with any sort of opposition to female sexuality.  Just because some pro-lifers don’t like to broadcast details about their sex lives and announce to the world exactly how sexually active they are or aren’t doesn’t make them “repressed.”  It makes them a private person, which, I’ll remind you, they have every right to be.  While I obviously find these team names crude, the biggest problem I have is their intention is to make abortion a laughing matter.  The bowl-a-thon isn’t raising money for women’s sexuality…it’s raising it for abortion.  And there’s nothing funny about abortion, no matter how you twist it.