Most women do not "love abortion."

Cruel irony: teen sues parents for right to not abort her baby

Pro-life advocates have often pointed out the absurdity of parental consent laws as they relate to abortion, like the fact that a fifteen-year-old can’t get her ears pierced at a shopping mall without Mom or Dad signing the “OK,” but a 12-year-old can leave school and undergo an invasive surgical procedure without her parents ever being the wiser. This might be the newest ironic twist in parental consent laws, though: a teenager suing her parents to prevent them from coercing her to have an abortion. Apparently, while parents are keenly aware they can’t keep their daughter from undergoing a risky surgical procedure, some of them think they can require it.

pregnantThe 16-year-old Texas native, identified by the initials REK on account of her status as a minor, is currently 9 weeks pregnant and wants to carry her baby. Her boyfriend and his family, and his paternal grandparents (with whom she has been living for the past seven months), agree with her decision and are intending to help her in it. The girl’s parents, however, are adamant not only that she needs an abortion, but that it is their decision to make. According to the complaint, her father told her he was going to “drag her little a** out of the there” and bring her to the clinic, and “the decision was his, end of story,” while her mother has stated she will “make the decision for her.” Her parents have also allegedly taken away her car and her cell phone in an attempt to force her to go along, and also kept her home from school for the purpose of bringing her to have an abortion. The young girl’s mother even intimated that if she does not consent, she will slip her daughter an abortion pill without her knowledge.

So in an ironic twist, the teenager is petitioning the courts for the exact opposite type of relief usually sought. In Texas, courts are usually petitioned by minors who want to obtain an abortion without parental consent, but REK is suing instead to ensure that her parents won’t force an abortion. The complaint requests a declaration that the teen has the right to carry her pregnancy if she so chooses, and also seeks a permanent injunction barring the girl’s parents from using verbal, physical, or psychological coercion to attempt to force her to obtain an abortion. Currently, a temporary restraining order is in place, which will accomplish the same thing, until the full trial is held.

With the broad paintbrush of Roe v. Wade, the law ought to be firmly on this young girl’s side – after all, if she has essentially absolute freedom to choose to have an abortion, she logically has the same freedom to choose not to have one. Consistency  has never been a strong point in pro-choice America, though, and Brian Claypool, a civil rights litigator interviewed on the matter, believes that the “overriding issue” is whether a 16-year-old is “really a woman, as contemplated in Roe v. Wade” and suggested that the courts would have the ability to involve her parents in the decision and even make their own determination as to whether she is “mentally fit” to have a baby or make that decision for herself. After all, says Claypool, “she is a minor,” and “parents know best.”

“Parents know best”  is a strange mantra to employ, to be sure, when used by the same groups also fighting for unfettered access to birth control, abortifacients, and abortion for preteen girls, all without parental consent. Apparently the only parents who might “know best” are the ones who aren’t pro-life.

Sadly, while REK’s situation is a bit unusual, it isn’t unheard of. In fact, the first woman to die at the hands of abortionist LeRoy Carhart (the same doctor who was responsible for the recent death of Jennifer Morbelli) is also believed by friends to be the victim of an abortion she wouldn’t have consented to. Christin Gilbert was a young woman with Down syndrome but who functioned at a level where friends say she would have been able to give consent for an abortion, and never would have done so. Tragically, Christin died a brutal death while undergoing a late-term abortion, and the full truth may never be known.

Coercion to abort is really nothing new – a 2004 study revealed that a full 64% of women report feeling coerced to abort, a statistic that becomes more personal after finding out the mother of one of my grade school friends was forced by her own parents to abort a previous pregnancy. Because she was 17, the clinic workers accepted the parent’s consent and didn’t require the consent of the teenager, performing an abortion on her as she screamed that she wanted to keep her baby. Society has yet to learn that when the value of life and freedom is torn down for the weakest, respect for life and freedom as a whole crumbles, too.

The question of what role parents can play in their daughter’s decision to abort or carry a baby has opened a Pandora’s box of double-standards. Maybe one consistent rule would be better. No one has the right to consent to the murder of someone else. That should clear it up just fine.

  • Detroiter327

    Could you link to the study that claims 64% of women are coerced into abortion? Most importantly Id be curious to know the sample size and who published this.

    • DrewBee

      Just being a reader that saw your question and did a quick search, I’d guess it came from here….. which has references at the end.

      • has also published the fact that at least 60% of women have been coerced.

        • Guest

          How about a scientific study or journal? Neither of those sources are citing facts from legitimate studies. Please research using facts, not numbers thrown at you by these false media sources.

        • Detroiter327

          This is not a confirmed fact, at all.

      • Detroiter327

        As “Guest” points out below I would love to see the actual study. It seems to be conspicuously missing!

      • Detroiter327

        I actually tracked down the study myself and there are several glaring errors. First (as I suspected) the “study” is written by Coleman and Reardon. Priscilla Coleman has long been criticized for the inaccuracies in her work. Reardon is a mail order doctor. The initial “study” has nothing to do with coercion and abortion, it is a cross cultural analysis. Secondly their sample size is (drum roll please) 217 American women. IN 2008 1.2 MILLION abortions took place in America. Doing a little bit of math you would see pulling any actual information about abortion with a sample size that small is laughable. The data used is also 20 plus years old. Using shoddy information damages your movement.

    • The stat is even higher for women who are found to be carrying babies with birth defects. Up to 80% of these women are pressured into an abortion when their babies have defects that are moderately difficult to incompatible with life outside the womb.

      • If ever a “doctor” suggests abortion to anyone, they should find another doctor.

      • Detroiter327

        I would love to see this study as well! Fascinating!

        • It wasn’t a study, it was an article that was published about the time someone I knew was under immense pressure to have one ofher twins aborted by a saline injection. He had a significant birth defect where a teratoma was growing on his neck at a very rapid rate and there was serious concern that the defect would endanger the other twin by forcing an early delivery for both. It was an incredibly painful and difficult decision for her to make…and she made it.

          I have been looking for the link, but it has been about 4 years ago and I am not finding it anywhere. However, having two out of my eight children be born with birth defects where abortion is routinely advised, there IS immense pressure from the medical community to abort children with defects, particularly babies who have defects that are rare and widely unknown. My daughter, who survived, has a defect that only about 100 children in the US are born with every year. I had to deliver her out of state because my own state of Montana had no facility equiped to deal with it.

  • lisa

    Thank you, Lila Rose, for your Courageous group at Live Action

  • Thorien

    I have a question about the study of women coerced into abortion. It can’t be 64% of all women – it must be 64% of women who have had abortions. Are there any other qualifiers? This is the kind of study that could foster discussion about a deep dark secret that needs to be brought to light, but I’m pretty sure that, as it’s worded in the article, that statistic is incorrect.

    • thorien you’re the one that’s incorrect and us rational folks who have gathered the whole story and not a word here and a sentence there knew she was talking about 64% of women who have had abortions

      • Thorien

        It’s too bad that accuracy isn’t important to such a rational person. Mistakes like the one I pointed out make it very easy for pro-abortion people to distract themselves and others from the main point of the article.

  • Mareza

    What a INCREDIBLE story. She is definitely a very courageous young mom. She already is such a great mom. I also became pregnant at a young age and was forced by many to get an abortion
    at ten weeks. I turned around after a man told me God Bless you No wait God Bless all three of you. acknowledging the baby. My son is happy and living and I placed him for adoption. A decision Both the mother AND baby can live with.
    By the way that Man that was standing outside the abortionn mill is NOW my sons God Father.

    • sweet, i gave my son up for adoption, too. He was four years old by the time i did, but i did it for his sake and you deserve to be commended for doing what was in that little fellow’s best interest.

  • I had to stop reading for a minute after I read “performing an abortion on her as she screamed that she wanted to keep her baby.” I cannot imagine how horribly devastating that must have been

    • Me too. I had to stop and re-read it several times. Oh, God, what is this country coming to?

    • courtney m moore

      Yea same here

    • um yeah like when are we seriously going to declare war-of course spiritual first, and then as God leads. How long did they put up with this in China before the government literally started hunting down pregnant women and aborting them of their innocent children over 31 years ago?


    i was told in the state of ohio that it is completely the mother or the one carrying the child makes full desions of the baby because it is her baby and no one else can change that.. her parents need to offestly learn that. she had sex and got pregnant and now she makes FINAL DECISIONS WHEN IT COMES TO HER CHILD NOW!!

  • Malissa

    I think they are wanting to be good parents but they are a litttle too late. In fact if they wanted to be good parenst they would have given their daughter birth control before she got pregnant in the first place and would have made sure as best as they could she wasn’t having sex. But now a life is at stake here they have already let us know they are terrible parents but now they want everyone to know they are terrible grandparents as well :(

  • If she is 16, several issues should arise. The parents should be seeking criminal charges against the boyfriend for statutory rape. If the mother is threatening to induce abortion with a pill, she could be arrested for terrorist threats. At minimum, the girl should consider living elsewhere-would be easy at this point with involvement from Child Protective Services. The only misstatement was when the article alleged that the parents were threatening to take away “her” car and cell phone-she’s a minor so those items are not technically “hers”.

    • wow, even if someone else like her boyfriend’s parents bought them? I did think to myself as i read that that if the parents had bought them, they were really theirs anyway, prob the case, rather irrelevant when making a decision for life, as most truly loving mommies will forsake all worldly possessions to keep their child safe, warm, and fed.

    • Sixteen is the age of consent in most states. The boyfriend wouldn’t be charged…and shouldn’t be anyway.

  • Guest

    So the parents allow their 16 year old daughter to live with her boyfriend’s for the past 7 months-and NOW they want to take charge of her life??? Idiots!

  • So the parents allow their 16 year old daughter to live with her
    boyfriend’s family for the past 7 months-and NOW they want to take charge of
    her life??? Idiots!

    • courtney m moore


  • Sandy Burnside

    THIS MAKES ME SICK !!!!!!!!!!!! as the MOM of 4 Grown Young Adults I, can’t IMAGE how Lonely My Life , Would Be Without Them In IT !!!!!! WE Are There For Each Other and That’s A REAL GOOD FEELING !!!!!! What Right do her parents have to TRY 2 BE GOD !!!! GOD MAKES THESE DECISION’S not MAN or WOMAN !!!!

  • SAA5of5

    It’s hard to imagine the courage this young girl has had to muster to push back against the two people that are supposed to be her greatest support in all things.
    If you know a young girl in this situation, there are legal declarations that can be sent to the local abortion clinics informing them that if they perform an abortion on a particular individual they are going against her consent and will be prosecuted. The Justice Foundation in Texas can help.

    • Amy

      I think that’s a great idea! We should all learn about those laws, and then we can help girls who are being coerced way better because we can give them a realistic way out. Can you post the link or inform Live Action of the possibility? (Or any solid pro-life group, really). We could do so much good for girls who don’t want abortions! Rock on, SAA5of5! : )

    • that’s real good to know

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really see the double standard. Pro-choice means just that: choice. It doesn’t mean pro-abortion. It should be the mother’s choice whether or not to have the baby. No one else is allowed to make that decision for her. I am pro-choice and if this young girl wants to keep her baby, than that should be entirely up to her.

    • Amy

      I appreciate that you are at least consistent with your post. What we are saying is that most pro-abortion/pro-choice (I consider them to be synonymous, but that’s another matter) activists want parents to be entirely uninvolved in their kids’ sexual choices. Therefore, laws that require parental consent to have abortions are opposed at every turn by the pro-choice side. Basically, in scenarios where teens *want* abortions, parental involvement is a big no-no.

      But then, in cases like this, all of a sudden, the pro-choice side is not speaking out against this girl’s parents. Instead of at least being consistent and keeping the girl’s parents uninvolved in her decision to have (or not have) an abortion, they seem to be fine with the extreme parental involvement in this case. What does this look like to us? It looks like the pro-choice side of things is happy to keep parents out of the choice to have an abortion if the teen wants it, but if the teen *doesn’t* want the abortion, they are fine with parents running the whole show (and destroying their grandchild and daughter’s trust). Basically, pro-choice activists, by their lack of speaking out against this injustice, seem to say that abortion should always win in these cases, even if the mother wants her baby.Since the pro-choice side isn’t speaking out about this, it seems that they care more about having lots of girls get abortions rather than girls legitimately making their own choices.

      Like I said, I appreciate that you think this girl should be allowed to keep her baby. I absolutely agree with you on that. But I also absolutely see a double standard.

    • You don’t have a double standard, but a lot of the abortion-supporters involved here do.

  • Amy

    So, according to pro-choice logic:

    Being pro-choice is OK as long as you choose abortion.

    Parents being involved in their kids’ lives is bad unless they let the kid experiment sexually from a young age.

    Parents making decisions for their child is fine as long as that decision is to kill their own grandchild. (Other things, like trying to have your kids save sex until marriage, are ways parents try to control their children; forcing your daughters to have abortions is not a way to control your children.)

    Women who want to keep their babies aren’t always entitled to the right of motherhood and must defer their choice to others who make the “right” choice—killing the baby.

    And, sadly, this happens to young girls, some as young as twelve, who are trafficked in America. Their pimps make the decisions for the girls, and they don’t want to lose their babies. This girl’s parents are sounding more like pimps than loving parents with their daughter’s (and grandchild’s) best interests in mind.

    Let’s be deep in prayer for this young woman.

    • yes amen God give her courage and strength to endure this to the end and to continue loving her precious little one who You blessed her with. That baby is Your baby, not this young girl’s parents. It’s not their place to decide if or when Your baby’s life should end. Jesus send the support this young girl needs. Send me.

    • I’m pro-choice, and I don’t think it is right to force/co-erce somebody into an abortion. You are under-educated and making wild stereotypes. Pro-choice people do not believe that the ‘right’ choice is to ‘kill babies,’ but, to be able to have the freedom to choose whether or not you will let a failure in birth control or a rape be something that changes your life in a way that you don’t want it to be changed.

      I agree, that forcing this girl to have an abortion is wrong. She should be able to make a decision for HER pregnancy and HER own life, HERSELF, and not be co-erced.

      However, forcing girls in the same situation to keep their babies if they don’t want to, is just as bad, if not worse as it changes their entire lives and puts them through traumatic pregnancies and births which have a negative impact on both mother and baby.

      By promoting this uneducated idea that ‘pro-choice’ means you want to kill babies, you are in fact part of the problem. Educate yourself about these things before you make assumptions and spread you uninformed, biased opinion all over the internet.

  • courtney m moore

    Omg “parents know best” well you know what, R.E.K. IS a parent now and its her choice,god how I wish I could slap some people,I wish abortion was illegal

    • Jennie Hernandez

      It will never be illegal because this country of voters has given females of all ages the right to kill what results from satisfying their vaginal itches.

      • It’s not killing if it’s done before the baby is alive, at the proper early term which has been proven with science and medicine. It’s just a bunch of cells, and is just as much ‘killing’ as getting your hair cut.

    • If it was illegal then there would be women who cannot look after babies being forced to keep them, victims of rape being forced to keep their embryos, victims of child sexual abuse being forced to keep their embryos, and women with medical problems who will likely die as a result of pregnancy, being forced to keep embryos that will likely kill them, because you don’t want to come to terms with the fact that women should be allowed to make these decisions for themselves? That they should have accidental/unwanted pregnancies forced on them? Ruin lives with unplanned/un-consented pregnancies?
      It’s a shame that people like you don’t believe in abortion, because we don’t need more of your uneducated, deluded, ‘pro-life’ (pro-life of the baby, but not of the mother?) irrational opinions.
      It’s is none of your business if somebody else wants an abortion. Keep your uneducated nose out of other peoples’ lives.

  • I so agree-even though i would certainly not go back on the statement that i made when i told my 12 year old when she became a woman that she is now a woman. An easy way to determine this age is-a female is not a woman until she reaches puberty and is able to become pregnant, therefore, just like the fact that EVERY child conceived was conceived only because God opened that woman’s womb and allowed conception to occur, EVERY female who conceives must be a woman!

    • Jennie Hernandez

      Every female who conceives must be a woman : six years old, nine years old… If they have had sex and God opens their uterus to conceive they’re women now, huh? What if no conception occurs? They still remain children to have sex with? Interesting theory…

      • Patti.RCIA

        Becoming a woman (puberty) has nothing to do with the sex act. Girls are “blossoming”, as my grandmother called it, at younger and younger ages. So yes, every female who conceives is a woman – even if she’s only six years old.

        As for your other questions: as long as society promotes immoral behavior there will be pedophiles, that certainly doesn’t mean pedophilia is acceptable behavior.

    • BadWhisky

      I’m thinking your drinking something I want to stay away from. Look the real problem these days is our government and society has destroyed the family and moral/spiritual conscience of the individual. Now mom works to make ends meet and in many cases dad is missing. Long ago, the family gave the individual moral support and the father kept most of the suitors honest, Premarital sex was frowned upon, not because it was anti nature; but, because it was not good moral behavior and the cost of the consequences were steep enough to discourage it. If a girl got pregnant she gat married and possible wound up with a husband she did not like and a child she did not want. Now there are no consequences,
      divorce is easy and abortion government funded and encouraged. WHAT AN ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY WE HAVE BECOME……. If you eliminate the costs/consequences and subsidize bad behavior you’ll get more of what you pay for.

  • Jennie Hernandez

    How about we take it back to when does a teenager have the right to decide when to pull her underwear off and put a penis inside herself to get pregnant in the first place? Whether to get consent to kill the kid or not is closing the barn door when all the animals have already gone.

    • BadWhisky

      The parents tend to share the blame for this ignorant behavior….. My father use to tell me, you knock her up you had better love her because yer going to take care of her and the baby. Scared the crap outa me and gave me incentive to keep my pecker out of her purse……….

  • mamdog45

    when i was a teen in the deep south one of my friends was sterilized by her parents not because she was pregnant, but because she was dating an african american boy and might become pregnant. parental “rights” are nothing new, even when they are wrong they can find some doctor that will do the unthinkable.

    • Patti.RCIA

      How awful!

  • Patti.RCIA

    Teenagers and others who want to keep their babies and are being coerced or forced to abort need to know their rights:

  • 24601

    Okay, it doesn’t say that she wants to keep the baby, it just says that she wants to carry the baby. Obviously, her parents don’t know what adoption is. She’s 16 and may not want a child, but she is smart enough to be pro-life. REK is such a smart girl, now just do something about her parents.

    • BadWhisky

      Yup sometimes in spite of the genes in the pool the smart ones find each other like drunks in a large city.

  • Guest123

    Can anyone cite that 64% statistic from a REAL journal or study? Nope, didn’t think so.

  • Mary

    Do you all realize how ironic these comments are? You are supporting her right to CHOOSE what is best for herself!!

    • BadWhisky

      Only if it leads to abortion, read it where it say they are arguing that she is a teen and unable to make this decision yet if the parents didn’t want her to have an abortion, she could do that without consulting them. Folks make a choice I for one am tired of your inconsistency.

  • Online72

    This world just can’t get any sicker. …..can it?

    • Basset_Hound

      There’s one bright spot in the story that people seem to be missing. The young man involved was willing to step up to the plate and take his share of responsibility for creating the situation. So many teen boys, once they see they can reproduce leave the girl to fend for herself.

      • BadWhisky

        He and his family.