Despite assurances to the contrary, taxpayers now forced to pay for abortion under ObamaCare

Barack Obama is the most avidly pro-abortion president our nation has ever seen.

Many pro-lifers breathed a sigh of relief  back in 2010 when President Obama agreed to sign an Executive Order, purportedly assuring that abortion would not be forced on the taxpayers through ObamaCare.  Still, many other pro-lifers saw through this empty promise to the reality of the truth.

As Family Research Council’s David Christensen put it, an Executive Order “simply cannot trump statutory law.”  For a discussion on the nitty-gritty details of Obama’s Executive Order and why it can’t work anyway, go here.

Throwing the Executive Order to the side (in the trash heap of history, where it deserves to stay), two things become readily apparent.  First, Bart Stupak and his pro-life Democratic colleagues who caved to pressure and voted for ObamaCare were had.  They allowed an empty promise to ring in their ears as they voted for pro-choice legislation.  Rife with conscience and religious freedom violations on the issue of abortion, ObamaCare is anything but abortion-free.

Second—and most important to the everyday taxpayeryou will now be paying for abortions.  You know that oft spoken of thing called the “individual mandate”?  (Which just so happens to be scheduled for debate before the Supreme Court on March 26-28.)  Well, that individual mandate is now being used to force you to pay for other people’s abortions, whether you like it or not.

And, unlike the contraceptive mandate, there’s not even a pretense of a religious (or moral) exemption.  Of course, the “final rule” that was just put out by Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services says that

Nothing in the Affordable Care Act shall be construed to have any effect on Federal laws regarding: 

(i) Conscience protection;

(ii) Willingness or refusal to provide abortion; and

(iii) Discrimination on the basis of the willingness or refusal to provide, pay for, cover, or refer for abortion or to provide or participate in training to provide abortion.

But then this “rule” (and other parts of ObamaCare) go right ahead and fly in the face of conscience protection and a taxpayer’s right to refuse to pay for someone else’s abortion.  According to Steven Ertelt of LifeNews,

Nestled within the “individual mandate” in the Obamacare act — that portion of the Act requiring every American to purchase government — approved insurance or pay a penalty — is an “abortion premium mandate.” This mandate requires all persons enrolled in insurance plans that include elective abortion coverage to pay a separate premium from their own pockets to fund abortion.  As a result, many pro-life Americans will have to decide between a plan that violates their consciences by funding abortion, or a plan that may not meet their health needs.


Specifically, according to a “knowledgeable pro-life source” from Capitol Hill that Ertelt quotes,

To comply with the accounting requirement, plans will collect a $1 abortion surcharge from each premium payer, the enrollee will make two payments, $1 per month for abortion and another payment for the rest of the services covered. As described in the rule, the surcharge can only be disclosed to the enrollee at the time of enrollment.  Furthermore, insurance plans may only advertise the total cost of the premiums without disclosing that enrollees will be charged a $1 per month fee to pay directly subsidize abortions.

There you have it, folks.  No matter your views on the morality—or immorality—of abortion, you now have a taxpayer-funded responsibility to pay for it.  Oh, you could always opt for a possibly inadequate healthcare plan for your own family instead.   Or, you could choose to be fined for not having a healthcare plan at all.  The cold hard reality, though, is that—unless the individual mandate gets overturned—the majority of American taxpayers will be forking over $1 a month to kill someone else’s baby.

Should this really surprise us, though, when Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, reportedly destroyed evidence to protect Planned Parenthood, when President Obama voted against saving the lives of babies who survived abortion, and when Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, is a top White House advisor on ObamaCare?


  • Oedipa Mossmoon

    “Many pro-life Americans will have to decide between a plan that
    violates their consciences by funding abortion, or a plan that may not
    meet their health needs.”

    Oh that’s rich. *Now* you care about the quality of the policy people might be under? While Ms. Fluke was excoriated for caring about the very same thing? What was the advice given to people who didn’t want their contraception coverage denied at Catholic hospitals and universities? Oh, yeah. You can always change jobs. Well, in this case, you can always change plans.

    That is, of course, if LifeNews’s “reporting” is accurate, which I won’t be holding my breath on.

    • Sic Borodin

      What exactly don’t you understand about a government mandate?  Regarding Fluke, it’s not a matter of “you can change jobs” — it’s a matter of “you can seek out a different job.”  Remember how Fluke specifically picked out Georgetown so she could challenge their contraception policy?  You act like businesses conscript their employees and then refuse to provide them certain insurance goodies.

      If ObamaCare is enacted, the government really WILL conscript people into health insurance.  Sebelius will tell people, hey, if you don’t like it, go find another, crappier plan in which we’ve also buried our fingers — and in the meantime, we’ll happily force you to flout your own conscience and fund infanticide.

    • nicole

      Your an idiot. 

      • 12angry_men

         Kind of ironic

        • bubbalouwee

          There is a BIG difference between correct English and funding the communists culture of death.  The culture of death is engaged in a battle they cannot win, as they are opposed to Jesus Christ, the author of life.  Christians believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and He is about to put an end to this insanity.  Everyone has a choice, whose side you on?

      • MoonChild02

        Insulting people does not help the pro-life cause. It just gives them more ammo against us. For the sake of the women and children, it would be better to injure their cause with truth and love.

        “Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.”
         – Mahatma Ghandi

        “Now there is a final reason I think that Jesus says, ‘Love your
        enemies.’ It is this: that love has within it a redemptive power. And
        there is a power there that eventually transforms individuals. Just
        keep being friendly to that person. Just keep loving them, and they
        can’t stand it too long. Oh, they react in many ways in the beginning.
        They react with guilt feelings, and sometimes they’ll hate you a little
        more at that transition period, but just keep loving them. And by the
        power of your love they will break down under the load. That’s love, you
        see. It is redemptive, and this is why Jesus says love. There’s
        something about love that builds up and is creative. There is something
        about hate that tears down and is destructive. So love your enemies.”
         – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Navymom

      Not wanting to be forced to fund abortions through an extra “fee” and not believing that insurance policies should be forced to provide women with “free” services in the form of birth control if a church run employer follows their religious beliefs and chooses not to cover contraception, abortion, etc. while stating the Ms. Fluke didn’t have to go to Georgetown but could choose a school that covers what she wants is not in any way hypocritical, as you are implying. 

      Ms. Fluke chose to attend with the specific intent of taking on the belief system of the Catholic church! People who go to work at “religious” run organizations, be it a church or a hospital, know they are going to work there and know that the belief system exists. 

      When a person goes to purchase insurance, the government has no right to tell us we have to “pay” an additional fee to fund something in which we do not believe and are, in fact, adamantly opposed. The right to life is inherent in our Christian belief system. This isn’t being hypocritical. It’s demanding our “freedom of religion” that is protected by the constitution!

    • mcrognale

      Oedipa, what i would like to know is, do you have permission from Blizzard to use a character name here and on Facebook? I know the real Oedipa in Darnassus and you are not her.

    • MoonChild02

      This is part of the individual mandate, a.k.a the public plan, the one you have if you can’t afford any other plan. In other words, this is a plan that one cannot turn from if they can’t afford any other type of insurance, unless that person wants to go to prison, since, under Obamacare, it is a punishable offense to not have health insurance. It’s insanity, since it doesn’t hurt anyone but ourselves to not have insurance – oh, other than the pocketbooks of the government and the insurance companies.

      Therefore, one cannot just change plans like one does a job. If one does not agree with they Church, they should not be working for the Church, anyway. That was the point of the Sandra Fluke discussion. One should not be compromising their values when they work. Therefore, work where your values and needs are met. However, one cannot help it if they don’t have the money for any other insurance plan. Therefore, Obamacare is forcing us to compromise our values in order to not be thrown in prison. This country was founded on freedom, most importantly religious freedom. We should not have to pay for things we don’t agree with due to our religious beliefs.

  • great we already have to pay for prisoners a place to stay and eat now we have to pay for people to kill children, this world is freaking ridiculous!

    • MoonChild02

      Would you rather those prisoners walk the streets? No? Then please don’t complain about it. It’s not like they can actually get a job with a fair wage while they’re in prison. Also, some of them were wrongfully convicted, because they had really bad public lawyers. Even if they are guilty, they are still human beings. They are not beyond redemption. Some are actually there to serve time they know they deserve. If they haven’t died, God’s not done with them. In fact, Jesus commanded us to visit and minister to the imprisoned for just that reason.

      Paying for prisons and paying for abortion are two completely different things. The first is a corporal work of mercy, and the second is murder. Let’s not confuse the two.

  • Michael Durham

    Sucks this is coming around now.  I would be thousands of dollars richer if this were instituted years ago.  So not fair!!

  • Eekthegreek

    nothing is free. there is a price for freedom, it was not our price someone else paid it. religion is not an agenda anymore any chance they can get away from it they will. morals are paintings on walls and most politicians are living heart donars….. yes its sarcasum. we are not canada or the uk. i am sick of other countries putting their stinking comments on something they know nothing about or dont live in. socialist health care sucks. you wait or die, half the money never gets to where its supposed too and most doctors are too tired to deal with you on socialist health care. canada and the uk need to stopping lying about how great their health care is…… i lived in canada it was not good. they reused the same needles. most of hospitals had c diff in them and third world diseases google welland and st. cathariens nhs. niagara health system but they brag what great health care. its good for normal sickness. if you got anything serious better make out a will cause they will not care for you. i worked in hospice if the doctors dont have the time they sow you up with whatever is on the table and tell you to go home to die… when a simple operations between lunch, dinner and all their breaks is too much. not to mention 1 doctor for an entire county….. now they are even shutting down most hospitals here in the niagara region dont let outsiders lie to you america. health care is good for walk in clinics or boo boos …… anything else they usually turn to the usa ……