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Dr. Phil Show advocates for “mercy killing” of people with disabilities

This week on the popular Dr. Phil Show, a mother named Annette Corriveau was featured. She’s special because she wants the right to be able to kill her children.

That’s right. She is the mother of two severely disabled adult children, and she feels that the moral thing to do would be to kill them by lethal injection, to end their “suffering.” Her children were diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, causing them to lose motor function and be institutionalized. They cannot speak, and they have to be fed through feeding tubes. Any more information on their condition wasn’t made clear – probably because, as Annette admitted, she visits her children only once every two months. The people who actually work with her children every day, and see them on a regular basis, and could therefore give a better idea of what their lives are like, were not interviewed for the show. We had only Annette’s point of view, which is that – according to her – if her children could choose, they would choose suicide.

She admits that she doesn’t know if they are in pain. She doesn’t know if they’re deaf or blind. She doesn’t know if they recognize her or not, and she doesn’t know what actions and activities, if any, are comforting to them. She doesn’t know if they are able to communicate in any way. She says that they’ve never left the facility they’re in over the past twenty years, but she also doesn’t disclose if she’s done anything to try to take her children out on trips – although considering that she visits them only once every two months, my guess would be no.

Yet she feels that, because she is their mother, she should be allowed to end their lives – because she doesn’t think their quality of life is worth living for.

Also invited on the show? Attorney Geoffrey Fleiger, who defended the infamous Dr. Jack Kevorkian. As we all know, Dr. Kevorkian performed assisted suicides for his patients, and the argument being made is that this is the same thing: helping people put themselves out of their own misery.

Assisted suicide arguments aside, there is a glaring difference between what Dr. Kevorkian was doing and what Annette Corriveau is advocating: these children wouldn’t be committing suicide. They wouldn’t be calling Dr. Kevorkian themselves. They aren’t consciously making that decision. It is a choice being made for them, by the person who is supposed to love and protect them. No matter how sympathetic you try to make yourself seem, this is murder, plain and simple. Taking someone’s life and calling it “merciful” does not change the fact that you are taking someone’s life.

The most disturbing part of all? Dr. Phil offered a weak rebuttal to her argument, but he still went on calling this an act of mercy to her children. He then polled the audience to see how many of them agreed with this mother.

Almost every single member of the audience did.

The woman crying at the end of that video was the one person speaking out for those children. She was given all of a minute, tops, to make her case for why murdering people with severe disabilities is abhorrent and wrong. And in that minute, she was able to pretty much hit the nail on the head: that you can’t kill your children just because it’s too much work for you to keep them alive.

This isn’t the first time Annette Corriveau has spoken publicly about this issue. She was featured in a documentary, Taking Mercy, along with a father who actually did kill his disabled daughter in the name of “mercy.” (You can watch the video here – it’s about fifteen minutes long.)

Robert Latimer, the other parent in Taking Mercy, murdered his daughter to end her “suffering” by putting her in the cab of his truck and letting her die of carbon monoxide poisoning. The affliction that meant that her life was not worth living? Cerebral palsy.

These two parents want to make it legal to murder your children if, as a parent, you feel that their lives aren’t worth living, because they are supposedly suffering too much. And what makes a life not worth living? Apparently, having a disability.

While you can’t argue that Annette Corriveau’s children are severely disabled, Robert Latimer’s daughter was nowhere near them in terms of disability. You can see her in videos, laughing and smiling. The reason he decided to kill her? She had to have surgery to repair her hip, another surgery in a long line of them, and he felt that her life was too “painful” to live. He says that after she died, he knew she was at peace. And of course, so was he.

What makes these people think they have the right to decide whether their child gets to live or die? Annette Corriveau repeatedly says that you can’t judge her unless you’ve “walked in her moccasins,” but that is a load of nonsense. This has nothing to do with being judgmental, and everything to do with refusing to open the door to euthanasia.

It’s repeatedly said that this should be between the parent and the physician, and no one else, but it isn’t the parent’s choice to make. You don’t get to decide whether someone’s life is worth living or not. You don’t get to decide that it’s better to murder people than let to let them live.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this entire argument – that “mercy killing” should be legalized – is the potential for a deadly slippery slope. If they get their way, then who gets to decide what the marker for quality of life is? Who chooses when life is worth living for someone else? What disabilities deserve a death sentence? Sure, Annette Corriveau’s children are severely disabled. But what about parents who feel that their child with, say, Down syndrome has poor quality of life and doesn’t deserve to live? Multiple sclerosis? Muscular dystrophy? Cerebral palsy?

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world living with disabilities, and I’m sure they wouldn’t want someone deciding for them that their lives aren’t worth living and that as such, they’ll be murdered. The fact that this issue has been brought to prominence on The Dr. Phil Show and portrayed as a legitimate issue of compassion and mercy is horrifying; even worse is that so many of his viewers apparently feel that killing someone because of a disability is A-OK.

The reality here is that no one gets to play God and decide who lives and who dies, or whose life is worthwhile and whose isn’t. Just because you brought your children into the world doesn’t mean that you have the right to take them out of the world, whether it’s done in the name of mercy or not. Because no matter how you may try to paint the picture, there is absolutely nothing merciful or compassionate about murder.

  • Well said, and well written.  I simply cannot comprehend the mindset of someone who would, even for a moment, give serious consideration to killing his or her child.

    It should be pointed out that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned parenthood, was also a supporter of Eugenics, and advocated for the “mercy killing” of anyone not fit to be self-supporting in society.  

    • PatiFatty

      That is correct. I recently read a Margaret Sanger book in which she was quoted as stating, “The most merciful thing a mother of a large family can do for a new infant is to kill it”. The Nazis would take a dump truck full of physically disabled people, back up to the edge of a cliff and dump them alive over the edge. We must be EVER vigilant in our watching of people who think it is within their rights to “put another person out of their misery”. Our country already has cheapened life thru abortion and limited medical treatment of the elderly. These parents are greedy and selfish. Their parental rights should be terminated. It is the ultimate child abuse. Lord, have Mercy.  

      • OldManQfwfq

        More Margaret Sanger misquotes!  Really, people seem to love bringing them up.  No, PatiFatty, she DID NOT, in fact, advocate child murder at any point in her career, as much as you might like to believe that she did.  This quote is referring to what she perceived as a problem faced by many poor families in the US, that a lack of access to contraception and other medical services and materials was leading to more children than their parents could support.  In fact, as many at the time were pointing out, one of the major causes for infant and child mortality in the US was simply this problem of having too many children per family.  While not actually out killing their children, poor women with large families were often placed in the position of not giving new infants the care they needed to survive simply because they lacked the resources to do so.  In response to this problem, Margaret Sanger devoted her career as a medical professional to the establishment of Planned Parenthood as an organization through which people could gain access to general contraceptive and family planning services.  The degree to which you and others have attempted to mis-portray and put words in her mouth through the selective reading of here writings, in the end, is pretty sickening, especially as I know you probably haven’t read anything more of her than these quotes you picked up from an ant-Planned Parenthood propaganda website.

        • PattiFaty

          Then, pray tell, why is it written in her own book? Have you read it? My mom has it and lives in another state. I would be happy to scan the page and surrounding pages and send it to you. Mom was shocked, too and she is pro-choice. I am pro-life.

        • hsmom3

          Right….it’s so much better to kill the child before it’s born than to give it a chance at life.
          I love the way PP advocates refer to abortions as “family planning”

    • Kristin Mason

      Our founding fathers didn’t believe in equality for women, minorities and non-land owners. That doesn’t mean that everything they ever did was wrong. Planned Parenthood is about *planning* parenthood.  

      • Mrgrt

        Choose life or death.  You must choose life the Bible says. Planning parenthood “naturally” comes before conception. The organization that calls themself Planned Parenthood are not  advocating planning but rather destroying those conceived who did not have the permission of their parent(s).  How often do you hear how many babies they have helped people conceive?  Their goal has been to increase the number of abortions done in their facilities.   They plan for the destruction of people, and they destroy them.  One can plan to be without children by being virtuous, by honoring women and their bodies, by avoiding the act that makes babies. It takes discipline and self respect. It takes honoring God’s law, the law which comes from love itself. 

      • Spiritglogal

        Sanger was a racist who believed in eugenics, and that blacks were less worthy or intelligent than whites, so abortion was the best way to eliminate them. She also went to Germany and met with Hitler to give him the idea that led to his killing the disabled and less than “fit for life.” Her & famous British author, George Bernard Shaw (who came up with the idea of the gas chambers that Hitler ultimately used!)

  • This is the result of abortion being so accepted as a mother’s choice.  Now, we have slipped into the idea that a mother can have her child killed – her choice, not the child.  It is an evil, anti-human idea that all people must be perfect – oh, wait, wasn’t that part of Hitler’s plan?

    • PBrenda

      There is a czar in Obamas regime (I don’t remember his name) but he has written papers on how we should be able to kill a child until age 2 when the child realizes they are a person………this is frightening…..when will the rest of the country wake up?

      • psychic outlaw

        John Holdren. He supports ChemTrails to end global warming as well, even names all the hideous chemicals he wishes to rain down upon us.

  • In the twentieth century, there was an organization that not only advocated the “mercy killing” of the disabled, they carried out the killing of the disabled. You will recall them as being known as Nazi’s.

    • Jkvondrak


    • ndoldman

      It’s good to know that there are more people that know this, as they were the first(disabled) then came the jews.

    • Mouse

      That’s exactly right. They STARTED with the disabled, you know, not with the Jews…and everyday doctors and nurses were convinced they were doing the “compassionate” thing. Same evil story, different decade. And did you also know that prior to all this, Germany had become accustomed to calls for abortion and euthanasia. The same ground is being paved today – we are heading in the same diretion, and we need to wake up now to the horrible reality (even more horrible than it already is) that is right around the corner.

    • Mouse

      That’s exactly right. They STARTED with the disabled, you know, not with the Jews…and everyday doctors and nurses were convinced they were doing the “compassionate” thing. Same evil story, different decade. And did you also know that prior to all this, Germany had become accustomed to calls for abortion and euthanasia. The same ground is being paved today – we are heading in the same diretion, and we need to wake up now to the horrible reality (even more horrible than it already is) that is right around the corner.

    • Ordinarily I’d be screaming “Godwin’s Law!” on this…
      But it’s totally warranted and accurate.

  • sarah

    This is just evil. You have no cause to explain yourself or your position to these people. They are evil. They don’t care about your assertions that every human life has value and it is wrong to take another’s life. They’ll just rationalize it in order to make their lives easier. They are little better than sociopathic in this their goal. All you can do is expose their evil and oppose it at every turn. 

  • Helen1rogers

    Cassy, I had Katharine Mary November 30, 2011. She had Downs Syndrome. I couldn’t believe that God chose our family for this precious gift. I can’t even tell you how everyone loves her and the miracles she has brought with her. Bless you for your articles and know that you are not alone, these babies come with angels. Many blessings to your family!!!

    • Annabanana1961

      God bless Katharine and your family, I love how you put that you were chosen for this precious gift!  I agree and your post warms my heart.  Many blessing to you.

    •  Downs Syndrome and Sanfilippo are in no way comparable.

      • oldmanbob

        Downs and Sanfilippo different?  Since when have you been given the title God Almighty????  God and ONLY God gets to decide who dies and when.  Any time someone besides God starts acting as God things in any socity go bad and in a hurry.  You may never know when you break a leg that we need to kill you as we do a horse, you are after all in pain and need to be put out of my misery, (I am a horse breeder), give it some real think before you decide who lives and who dies; it ain’t easy even to kill a critter that you can”t help and is in total pain.   I take only 1 shell so I can’t use the second on me.  Do some reading about WW2 both in Europe and Japan and see where your thinking will take you.

        •  All I am saying is that they are not comparable. You are projecting and reading into my comment which is your issue.

          • cinderellagirl

            So you are just stating repeatedly that they are not comparable for the sake of posting it? That is illogical. Obviously you are trying to make a point by your statement or  you wouldn’t be bothering. If we are misunderstanding you, perhaps you should be more explicit.

          • Proud Mom

            It is comparable if you generalize the conditions as a disability. Which is what I believe they are saying. My son has Down Syndrome. I never thought eve of an abortion. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to this family. I have also volunteered a lot of time in Special Education rooms in different school districts starting from age 8. Many different conditions, many different situations. It doesn’t matter. These children deserve the life before them. This mother needs fixed like a dog.

        • Stuwebb

          Your “God”  isn’t keeping these  these people alive – medical intervention is prolonging their existence. 

          • Jgordon

            I believe we should put our time and energy supporting the care givers better and observe the fundamental rule “thou shalt not kill.”  Whether you take this on Religious Authority, or on the authority of the natural law makes no difference.  None of us can make a person from nothing or even from something so no one has the competence to take their lives.  Consider the total context of the elimination of even one person’s lives.  You can’t, that is why like any Barbarian who can see no use in something breaks, crushes, or in someway destroys it.

          • Joyce

            How may I ask you know?

          • Stuwebb

            Try withdrawing the radical medical intervention and see what happens.

      • MoonChild02

        It depends on the severity. Those with Down’s Syndrome can have mild to moderate intellectual and cognitive disabilities, growth inhibitors, congenital heart disease, thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, high risk of spinal cord damage, high risk of epilepsy, breathing difficulties, etc.

        The sister of one of my best friends has a severe form of Down’s. She still looks and acts like she’s three years old, even though she’s 26, and will have to be cared for the rest of her life. However, she is the sweetest person ever, and her family would not trade her for the world! Even though she can’t speak, her family knows that she has the will to live, because of the marvelous spirit she has.

        Ms. Corriveau doesn’t even spend enough time with her children to really
        decide what is best for them – trust me, once every two months is not enough time. What’s worse is that Ms. Corriveau is
        speaking for her children who cannot speak for themselves, to tell her
        to stop. She doesn’t know that they don’t want to live, they could not
        tell her either way. It is BEYOND WRONG to just assume that someone
        would rather die, without actually knowing.

        Furthermore, Ms. Corriveau lumps her case in with that of Tracy
        Latimer, whose father Robert killed her simply for having cerebral
        palsy. CP, while painful and difficult to live with, does not mean
        that someone is cognitively disabled, or that their quality of life is
        low. In fact, it was shown in the court room that Tracy was very aware
        of her surroundings and loved life. The Supreme Court of Canada
        unanimously decided that Mr. Latimer should serve at
        least the 10 year minimum prison sentence.

        Really, you can’t judge the severity of someone’s syndrome, saying that one is not comparable to the other, when you don’t know them. Please, stop and think about what you’re saying before saying it. I know you feel like you know, but until you have actually met these people and those who care about them and for them, other than seeing them on a television show, you can’t really decide who is in a worse situation, or what someone’s quality of life really is. Without actually knowing someone’s mind, you cannot decide who should live and who should die.

        •  There’s a big difference between even being moderately functional and completely vegetative.

          You also might want to check out the stories of Cody Curtis and Carol Carr.

          My mother has been an ICU nurse for over 25 years and knows these people very well. It’s much more than a “television show” for her. She has given me explicit instructions of what to do if she is in a vegetative state. I know exactly what I would want under such circumstances.

          • MoonChild02

            My grandmother was an ICU nurse for almost 50 years. She still would never support euthanizing someone with a disability, or who is in a vegetative state. She didn’t euthanize my grandfather when his mind went, and he wasn’t able to take care of himself anymore. She didn’t euthanize either of my great grandmothers when they were in the same boat. She knows that doing something like that is wrong.

          • MoonChild02

            Also, my uncle worked in an insane asylum in Pennsylvania, and saw the horrors that went on there, the abuses against the patients. He was the one who let in the reporter who exposed what was going on, which led to the closing of those places, first throughout Pennsylvania, then throughout the nation. He knows all too well what being a vegetable means, and he’s active in the pro-life ministry in his community, including acting against euthanasia.

            Furthermore, my aunt probably wrote the books your mother learned from. She wrote about palliative care, and her nursing model is in most nursing textbooks. My aunt is a well-known nurse, nursing theorist, professor, and nun, who is also against euthanasia.


        • Sarah M

           Exactly! Ms. Williams has stated several times on this comment thread that there is a “big difference” between the effects of one disease and another– what does that matter to the people living with these disorders? The fact that one person might suffer less with Down Syndrome than does the person with a severe autoimmune disease like Sanfilippo does not mean the latter person has less of a will to live. And what might be too much suffering for one person is manageable for another. It should never, ever be in the hands of parents to decide if their children’s lives are worth living.

      • cinderellagirl

         That’s really not the point, Michelle. Every disability is different and no two people with the same disability have the exact same experience. The point is that the families of those who have disabilities value and love them. The point is that they are human beings and have the same rights. This woman on the Dr. Phill show wants to put her kids down like an injured dog. Its wrong.

    •  It is called Down syndrome.

      • Bluebee

        Down Syndrome or Downs Syndrome…. it doesn’t matter whether it has an ‘s’ or not. It depends where you come from. Both terms are used frequently in the Medical field & if you want to get really techinical…. Trisomy 21, is the correct medical term. And besides, correcting someone (incorrectly, cos it could be the common terminology for where she comes from) isn’t what this thread is about.
        It’s about life & death & Helens child was given life.

      • Bluebee

        Down Syndrome or Downs Syndrome…. it doesn’t matter whether it has an ‘s’ or not. It depends where you come from. Both terms are used frequently in the Medical field & if you want to get really techinical…. Trisomy 21, is the correct medical term. And besides, correcting someone (incorrectly, cos it could be the common terminology for where she comes from) isn’t what this thread is about.
        It’s about life & death & Helens child was given life.

  • Mariafair

    As a person with a disability herself, I have to say that is terrible and sick.What has this world come to making “merciful murder” legal?That’s just sick and what is even more sick is that Dr.Phil defended this woman and the audience agreed!That one woman who was crying should of gotten more than a minute to speak, hell if I was her, I would of gone up on the stage and smacked the woman and her husband saying she wanted to kill her kids and said “What are your problem?I have a disability and my parents don’t wanna kill me!You can handle being parents?Then don’t have kids, simple as that, shame on you and your husband!” is exactly what I would say to them.

    • Mariafair

      *Can’t handle, Their kids (typos)

    • I still can’t get over the every two month visits. Shame on her, those babies need their mothers love and affection.

  • samONT2011

    Robert Latimer should still be in jail but instead he was shown leniency and compassion and is free but where’s Tracy? Dead.
    Forever dead.
    I am disabled, no one but ME gets to decide whether my life is worth living, and obviously it is!
    Dr. Phil needs to get his head out of his b.u.t.t.

    • tabs95

      Robert Latimer should never have been put in jail! He received a harsher sentence than most who are found guilty of murder! 

      • MoonChild02

         Actually, Latimer was given Canada’s minimum sentence for murder, 10 years. That in itself proves that he wasn’t given a “harsher sentence than most”, since no one in Canada who is convicted of murder can be given less.

        • Stuwebb

          Robert Latimer is the only person in Canadian history to be sentenced to even a single day in prison for a court acknowledged compassionate homicide /mercy killing.

          • bodica

            “MERCY” killing, Stuwebb?
            I’ve faced death’s door a few times, and you know something, the impulse of the body is for LIFE!  How lonely that young girl must have felt in the car knowing her father found her useless and was putting her to death.Let us hope and pray that you never have to encounter the same “MERCY!”

          • bodica

            “MERCY” killing, Stuwebb?
            I’ve faced death’s door a few times, and you know something, the impulse of the body is for LIFE!  How lonely that young girl must have felt in the car knowing her father found her useless and was putting her to death.Let us hope and pray that you never have to encounter the same “MERCY!”

  • cindy


  • Let her, then kill her with a lethal injection for murdering her children.  I just lost my severely disabled child last Sunday.  I would give anything if he hadn’t died.  This bitch can go to hell.  

    • Annabanana1961

      Bless your heart Susan, I will say a prayer for you and your family.  I cant imagine the loss.  God bless

    • PatiFatty

      I am so very sorry for the loss of your child, Susan. Bless you.

    • cinderellagirl

       So sorry for your loss!

    • MoonChild02

      I’m so sorry for your loss. May God bless and keep you and your family in this time of need!

  • Meiglan1996

    Their argument of disabled people having a poor quality of life is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard of. I have cerebral palsy and schizencephaly, and I’m happier than most non-disabled people I know. I also know several severely disabled children who are some of the happiest people I know, most are mentally retarded, autistic, or have down syndrome. They live in their own world and have very little stress in their lives simply because that’s all they know.

    •  Those diseases are still not comparable with Sanfilippo syndrome.

      • Meiglan1996

        Of course not. I’m just saying that we can’t judge someone else’s happiness and life quality since we aren’t them and we don’t live their live’s.

  • Killing a unborn child is murder.  Killing a disabled person is murder, killing a elderly person is murder.   Murder is a sin.   All those who murder will answer to God.  

  • L.D.

    I am pro-life and would never support mercy killing, not even in this scenario, just to make that clear. I have a family member with sanfilippo, and can tell you that it is a horrific disability. If her children were adults living with the same form my family member has, they are virtually vegetables. Teens/adults with this degenerative disease are unable to communicate verbally, walk, feed themselves, even go to the bathroom, and have constant seizures – the syndrome is fatal. I have watched my loved one go from being a healthy happy child, to a young adult virtually wasting away to nothing. It is a terrible, terrible disability that requires 24/7 care around the clock. I encourage you to all go learn about this disease and please contribute to the research looking for a cure. http://www.mpssociety.org/mps/mps-iii/


    Abortion – partial birth abortion – post birth abortion – mercy killing – all together = MURDER..

  • I watched and cared for my severely disabled child go through many surgeries due to her Cerebral Palsy.I quit work and cared for her. God was always with us.  We made sure the doctors were always caring for her and if she was in pain, we contacted the doctors and made sure she got pain medication and massaged her tight muscles  She could not talk, had a feeding tube all her life, she could not walk, but she could smile, laugh, and love.  It was a honor to be her mother until her death at the age of 13 due to a heart condition. If this mother cannot understand how to help her children, she should give them to the care of people who will understand their condition and would know how to advocate and care for them until God decides to take them home.

  • Some ridicule the “slippery slope” but anyone with half a brain can see the result of devaluing the unborn. Now we are devaluing the lives of those already born. God forbid anyone gets seriously ill under Obamacare. You’re a goner.

  • Denise

    I am a mother of a child with a disability.  He had a brain tumor as an infant and now has moderate autism.  If anybody ever thinks to threaten his life, or try to convince him to end his to relieve the world of the “burden” that he is, I am morally justified in using force, even if it is lethal, to defend him.  You sick shits that support euthanizing the disabled will have people like me to account to in this lifetime, and God in the next.  Mark my words.  

    • Jdjdjeeeeerrrryyy

      Ummmm lethal force for someone using words is most definitely not morally justified

      • Mrgrt

        You know that is clearly a defensive position from Denise. I would loudly and clearly say that too if my child was threatened with death. People are threatening to make the law that will do exactly what we all fear, murder of children/adults with disabilities. If this HHS mandate takes place it will happen, although the Nazi’s took the elderly and disabled to so called hospitals/camps and killed them. This is an evil idea and must be recognized it as such.  We must not kill innocent people, no matter how lovingly it is presented. It isn’t love, it is murder.

        • 12angry_men

          You make a lot of assumptions in one little post. 

    •  Get a grip.

      • Mrgrt

        Get it yourself. She’s talking about the threat to her child..which comes before action.  

    • AZSarita

      You tell them, Denise.   You go girl!

  • Shashee

    Horrible horrible story and I wll never watch Dr. Phil again! I have a daughter with Cerebal palsy and I couldn’t dream of murdering her! Even with her diabilities, she’s enjoying life and we enjoy having her, hard work and all!

  • Kat2u

    This grieves my soul. I am earnestly praying,Lord Jesus,save the people of this nation.
    This is so sad that it did not disturb his audience. I can’t believe so many people have allowed themselves to become this desensitized. You’re right it is a slippery slope,and it started with abortion. :(

  • Giovannina

    Many Hospice organizations have become dangerously powerful in ending people’s lives prematurely.  If anyone contracts with Hospice for a Loved One, be certain you are informed and in charge.

  • HisKids

    My oldest daughter works as a companion for a severely disabled woman who was born with spina bifida almost 30 years ago. It has really taught my daughter immeasurably about patience, not just in working with the young woman, but also with the family and with those in the public as they interact. We’ve been blessed with extraordinarily healthy kids, the worst issues being asthma and a couple of cracked heads, I can’t imagine the day in/day out of dealing with that kind of handicap. That being said, I have several friends with children of various level of disability, and universally they speak of the extra measures of grace and understanding and patience that *they* have learned, and in no way would ever have considered abortion, either pre-born or post.

  • bubbalouwee

    Excellent views, Cassy, on defending the precious gift of human life.  Your heart is full of love and your mind with wisdom.  It seems Dr. Phil and his audience have minds that are full of a different type of substance, something like you may occasionally find in a toilet.  Life is nothing but suffering.  Suffering has value, and people need to find meaning and purpose in suffering.  Suffering is unavoidable and it will touch the life of everyone.  Suffering has redemptive value.  Remember, the Blessed Virgin Mary told St. Bernadette when she appeared at Lourdes that she (the Blessed Virgin Mary) could not promise to make Bernadette happy in this life, but in the next. 

    • Lmyers806875

      Very well said !

  • Brenda

    I do not understand the mentlity of women who can carry a child for 9 months, then spend the rest of its lfie trying to kill itl You can’t feel that childs pain if there is any, and how do you know it is suffering? If you know it is suffering, you live in the richest, greatest, country in the universe, and somwhere out there are meds, an other things that will make that child feel better, Drugs to help the pain and treatments to help them walwalk, eat, see, hear, speak, as much as the ability will let them, People that will encourage them and build up their self esteem, which you are sure not doin

    So You say you have no money, no insurance, that is bull.  Very few hospitals will tun down a dying child, and some are regular childrens hospitals, and practicly free for the kids, So please MOM, if you want to help the kids, get them to a childrens hospital, and leave then there,  They wonn’t need you except to sign papers. Then later somene that can love them can adopt them, And please quit saying the kids wuld want this..THOSE KIDS WANT TO LIVE and it is up to you as a mother to see that they do, the best they can, Only God can take a life and it be acceptable, but never a mother,  I believe they have a special place in hell for moms who harm
    kids.   I will bet you recieve state checks for them don’t you.  Well, sign those over to a hospital and leave the kids there,  Better there with strangers than one more day with you.
    Grannie Rapp

  • I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I (SMA1) and the average lifespan is 2 years.  I am now 18 and attending college as a geology major, thriving and healthy as ever.  Every doctor told my parents that they “shouldn’t get too attached” since they based my lifespan on a textbook.  Not once did my parents ever consider me “sick” and even though I’m physically disabled, my mental faculties are still are still intact.  No on should have the right to kill anyone no matter what the situation is.

  • Will you help? The Believe Again Project, working with Covenant House, Project 50/50 and The King Center, was created specifically to remind people what Reverend Kings’ message was about and how we can apply it today. Please check it out, the organizations we are trying to help, the Video we have created to remind us and what we are all about. Feedback via the contact us tab is GREATLY appreciated. Also any ideas on sharing this web site and its message is greatly appreciated. If anybody knows Oprah,Ellen, Conan, Jimmy or David tell them I said hey..

  • This is so disturbing we have a 6 year old with CP she was born at 26 weeks. she is now 6 and dose everything a normal child does except she has leg and hip braces. I would never imaging anything harmful happen to her. This women is sick in her head and needs help. and as for watching doc. phil again that isn’t happen. i thought he was better then this. god gives us our special little ones to show us theres nothing in this world to hard and we can do anything if we put our minds to it. 

  • ndoldman

    Go re-read the bill of rights  and the constitution with out hate filled glasses on. The word man refers to man kind not gender or race.  

  • ndoldman

    this was a reply to kim masons comment on planned parrent hood but didn’t post that way

  • Rhonda Davidson

    4Sure !!! Another Reminder of The END TIMES!!!!! ~JESUS~!!! IS….COMING SOON!!!!!!!! VERY SOON!!!!!!!

  • Sdipiazza

    Dr Phil is a hack psychologist and anyone watching his show is a moron…so I would expect the audience to agree that to kill a disable person is okay. These people are morally bankrupt. God forbid they are ever in a position of passing judgment on a disabled human being.

  • Kathy

    My husband and I are walking in “Annette’s moccasins”.  We have an 18 year old son (Daniel) with Hunter Syndrome, in the same family of syndromes that Annette’s children have.  In addition to not speaking and being fed through a feeding tube, Daniel also has a trach, a shunt (due to hydrocephalus), is cognitively like a 6-12 month old, and in the last year has become totally wheelchair bound.  Hunter and Sanfilippo syndromes are degenerative and have shortened life expectancies.  Life is not easy taking care of these kids.  But oh the blessings they can bring us if allowed to do so!  Those caregivers at the institution should have been interviewed for their perspective.  We bring Daniel with us whenever possible and he attends a special needs school as well.  He has touched so many lives in his short life already (family, teachers, nurses, therapists, strangers out in the world).    Our kids with disabilities have purpose and meaning in their lives.  They give our world a chance to be loving and compassionate.  They give us a chance to show unconditional love toward our children, whether they’re “perfect” or not.  And they are gifts from God, made in His image, to be loved just as much as any child, not to be closeted away, or killed, when their lives (or our lives) become inconvenient or messy.   

    • AZSarita

      Kathy, what a beautiful comment.  The verses from the Bible that come to my mind are that Christ’s strength can be made perfect in our weakness and that “Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me (Jesus).”   The former verse occurred to me when my father was growing more and more feeble during the last year of his life.  And the later verse (in quotes) is one reason that I would be extremely fearful to take the life of a disabled person.  The more disabled the person, it would seem that the more they would qualify as “one of the least of the brethren.”  This verse indicates that these individuals, therefore, have a strong advocate in the person of no one less than God Almighty. And, of course, in the end we all must answer to Him. 

      Yes, clearly, taking the life of a disabled person is a severe transgression. Fortunately, our salvation does not depend on our innate goodness, for we ALL would fail on this account.  If I trust in God to forgive my sins and indwell my life because of Jesus’ death for me on the cross, though, (see John 3:16) God will not only take away my sins, but He will give me undeserved ETERNAL LIFE starting NOW. I would wish this ETERNAL LIFE for ALL, whether or not they are disabled, because God has declared all people to be worthwhile by sending His Son for them.

  • Amberbrommeland

    This is absolutely disgusting. I have a daughter with a disability which comes with a LOT of other things, mostly behavioral stuff. Never ever would I ever think her quality of life isn’t worth living. Yes, I am exhausted at the end of the day, but it is up to ME as her mother to make sure her quality of life is a good as any other human being on this earth. The day I gave birth to her was my solemn vow to make sure she always knows her worth & that she is worth the best life I can provide for her. People are sick. That women her just failed God.

    • cinderellagirl

       “but it is up to ME as her mother to make sure her quality of life is a good as any other human being on this earth” From that quote alone, I can tell you are an awesome mom!

  • Yvonne Taylor

    This is horrible, what would this mother do if she had a child with SMA Type 1,  which is like a death sentence at or before age 2.  These children have more challenges then most, they can’t sit up, can’t walk, can’t turn their head, they have feeding tubes, some on ventilators,this disease takes their muscles from them.  But these children have all mental faculties, they are blessed with parents who work 24 hours a day to keep them alive and not 1 of them ever think of ending their childs life.  This is a gift from God and God has a reason for his gifts that no one should try to take away.  Their are many of these children that we are blessed with that live beyond 2 yrs old and in a split second it can be gone. Their parents thank God for everyday they have their children with them.

  • Morten Knudsen

    Anyone referering this to Nazi’s are stupid.

    • concerned American

      anyone unwilling to look into the moral, economic, political, and social similarities between the early 20th c and the early 21st c is stupid.
      “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana 

    • MoonChild02

      Why? The Nazis did “euthanize” the disabled, and considered them unfit to live. They considered them less than human. Before telling us that the situations are incomparable, look up Action T4 (a.k.a. Aktion Tiergartenstraße 4), the specific law in Nazi Germany that put to death anyone who they judged to be “incurably sick”. Under the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring (a.k.a. Gesetz zur Verhütung erbkranken Nachwuchses), they were also allowed to sterilize anyone who was a carrier of said illnesses. Similar laws had been passed in the US at the time, and Nazi Germany just followed suit. However, after World War II, there was an outcry against it, since people saw the horrors for themselves in images from the war, and those laws were repealed.

  • Mrblackwood2u

     Help save a life! I made this video to encourage expecting parents to save their child. Please forward. If it saves one innocent life it is the most important thing we can do today.

  • Guest

    This is disgusting. I have to wonder if the audience that was polled was the audience that was shown raising their hands, or if it was a different audience that answered positively to a different question that was just edited in to make it look that more people had the same sick minds that Dr. Phil & Annette Corriveau obviously have. Hmmm, I wonder if having a distorted pov like this qualifies you to be considered as “not worth living?” js

  • Guest

    This is disgusting. I have to wonder if the audience that was polled was the audience that was shown raising their hands, or if it was a different audience that answered positively to a different question that was just edited in to make it look that more people had the same sick minds that Dr. Phil & Annette Corriveau obviously have. Hmmm, I wonder if having a distorted pov like this qualifies you to be considered as “not worth living?” js

  • chenal

    Where do you draw the line?  It truly shows how selfish people can be if left to their lower human nature.  Children and adults whom have disabilities cause compassion and mercy to be drawn out of otherwise selfish human beings.  They are truly God’s way of drawing us away from our own selfish lives and helping us to see beyond just ourselves.  It’s hard to understand if you living to satisfy self.  May God bless those whom have chosen the selfless path to be an example to us all of God’s mercy towards all of us.

  •  Excellent points, Cassy, and I just spoke about this very topic on my program last week about using “mercy” as a reason for abortion when you know your baby will be disabled.


  • May God forgive Dr. Phil and those who as he would say on the cross – they know not what they do!.  By that I mean as a mother of a special child and the teacher of many others I am so sad to see that anyone would think they have the right to make their life easier by not having the responsibility of being a PARENT! But what am I thinking that is what we have been teaching our kids with abortion.  As the president would say “I would never punish my daughter with an unwanted child” Dr. Phil you may want to go to your mother and thank her that she wanted you!  Sometime our biggest disability is our MOUTH!

  • Suz Mcconnell

    How disappointing..DR.PHIL!  You have no idea what you are advocating here…I had some gut feelings about him a few years ago and quit watching…like all the rest…controversial shows makes lots of hoopla and money, don’t they?  Sounds like GREED has clearly gotten in the way on this one.  Watch out, Dr. Phil, you are messin with God’s least!

  • Cassie Wonderalke

    This all started with Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler.  Next came the birth control pill and the so called sexual revolution.  After this came abortion.  Now we want to be able to kill the disabled and elderly.

  • Christy S.

    Casey – Fabulous article!  Thank you for bringing this to the public’s attention!  I saw your article shared on FB by a friend.  I read in your bio that you are expecting your second child in June – Congratulations!!  I have a 4 1/2 year old son with Ds and he is the light of our lives and the center of our home/universe :-). The possibilities for our children today are better than ever before.

    I am so proud of you for becoming an outspoken advocate for people with disabiities so early in your journey with Ds! 

    Christy S.

  • what an awful mother..not only has she dumped her kids off in an institution, she now wants them to die. who wants to bet that shes taken a huge life insurance policy out on them and wants to cash in? i have a child who is deaf, mentally retarded, has a feeding tube, and cannot communicate, but he is the light of my life! it takes almost all of my time to care for him and keep him happy, but that is my job as his MOTHER.  she has no right in any decisions regarding these poor kids, seeing as shes let the workers at the institution raise them!!!

    • Jdjdjeeeeerrrryyy

      What a horrid assumption to make

      • Joyce

        No worst that assuming your child wants to die!

  • Robynirizarry

    I have not found this video yet. Anyone have a link?

  • I am insulted, I am a quadriplegic from Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy, blind, and seizure’s along with other medical issue’s. I am also tube fed and receive my med’s through the tube as needed I will also someday be on a ventilator due to the MD complications. I am disgusted that she should think anyone, even a parent has the right to KILL their child or any disabled individual. I have the right to life in its many and varied forms, SHAME ON YOU DR> PHIL, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!! An educated person should have researched this subject and produced others like myself who live with the same challenges and choose LIFE! My paperwork at the hospital states “SAVE MY ASS!”  If that woman was a true mother she would see her children more often and be a larger part in their lives and think of someone else then herself! If you want to see the whole picture speak to myself and my peers who live daily with disabilities and want every minute life has to offer. Live and learn from those that you want to terminate. Termination is easy letting us live with quality and dignity is harder, just like life is!

  • Why don’t we ask people like Mattie Stepanik’s Mother about doing stuff like this?  How HORRIBLE!  This sounds like something HITLER would do to have a “perfect person”! 

  • Stuwebb

    All these people talking about their “God” could maybe explain away the slaughter of millions of innocent people in the name if religion over the past two thousand years. They might also want to explain their support for the R.C. church which tolerated and covered up the sexual exploitation (rape, forced castration, etc.) of children placed in trust in their care.   

    • JTLiuzza

       Man’s inhumanity to man is a function of humanity, despite religion, not because of it.  When a religion preaches to love one another, then one of it’s adherents murders, you blame the religion?

      And what are these “millions of innocent” people slaughtered in the past 2,000 years?  Just look back at the last century of butchery at the hands of Nazis, Communists, leftist atheist regimes all.

      We don’ t even have to look back that far.  The bloodthirsty activity of the godless marches on every day in the land of the free.  How many millions of innocent children have been slaughtered right here in our own country since the 70’s?  Fifty million and counting?

      If those are the millions you are talking about I agree with you.  But they have been slaughtered in the name of the religion of the left; atheistic secular “humanism.”

      • Oedipa

        And, boy oboy, I’m sure those Crusades sure did make Jesus and Mohammed proud.

      • Stuwebb

        JTLiuzza is obviously in complete denial when it comes to crimes against humanity by the world’s major religions.

        Note to Oedipa: – Thanks for your input, but we must be careful not to confuse these people with historical facts.

        BTW: –  It is also an established fact that religious people are more judgmental and unforgiving of others than the general population. There is no shortage of literature on this subject by a multitude of reputable research organizations. To those who would deny this, my only advice is to do your homework.

    • Joyce

      And what does that have to do with our God.  Many bad things have happened through out the ages.  God gave all people free will.  He does not interfere unless we personally ask to do His will.

      • Stuwebb

        And those fringe groups who profess to be Muslims ( suicide bombers, etc )

        would certainly agree with you that, ” GOD IS GREAT ! ” 

  • Before people get oh a high moralistic horse or believe that they are the living incorporation of a messianic promise, read life views from the parent of a totally disabled, non-verbal and non-ambulatory child…me.  I was under the impression that judgement was always reserved for higher powers.  The actions of these parents is not reminiscent of Aktion t-4, it has nothing to do with “devaluing the severely disabled”, nor does it have to do with “life not worthy of life.”
         Unless you care for a severely disabled child/adult you have a diminished right to cast judgement, please my written comments further…condemnation is inappropriate, let’s try compassion, empathy and understanding.


  • Ian Covill

    This is a lack of perspective. The children’s life is definitely lesser than your average person, and reletively suffered compared to there mother. That being said, many people are suffered. Many people make the choice not to die. Wanting to live is not just a want but an instinct. If their suffering was as bad as to want death, they would have attempted suicide.

    About perspective, they know nothing but their disability. To live with their disability is their instinct over death. They don’t want to die. No one but people with this disease cannot have the the perspective of these people’s lives. (I reject saying adult children)

    The mother is obviously wrong on many levels. Asking to “walk a mile in her moccasins” is a selfish conscious ploy for pity. For her life is so hard. That means she is suffering, not her children. That means she should be put out of her misery. Very different than what her children want.

    I am not surprised of the audiences reaction. It is very difficult to disagree with someone in so much pain and stress. Particularly with someone who is seasoned to express and evoke pity. Negligent child deaths happen all the time, swimming pool or bathtub drownings as example. Many people judge these people as malicious and less of a parent. No matter how accidental the death has been. Those actually in front of these parents, friends and family, are not going to think ill of a person like that because they can see the actual pain.

    There are many reasons to kill. Assisted suicide, death penelty, as humans we kill simply for our need to eat meat. But is this reason good enough to kill. The problem is, that we cannot find out what the children want, due to their disability. There is no way of know if her children wish to be dead.

    In my opinion, there is enough doubt not to kill these people. But I also don’t believe it’s as black and white as this article and most of its posters say it is. It is also completely different than Nazi Genocide or Abortion. Actual I think it offensive to compare it as such. It is much more important to do what Annette’s parents want, not what she wants. Due to survival instinct, there is much more of a likelihood that they do want to live.

  • Mom in PA

    In 1977, my father re-married a young woman who had a child from her previous marriage. That young girl, I will call her “Maria”, had severe cerebral palsy.  She was blind, deaf, unable to eat on her own, walk, or crawl.  She wore diapers.  I grew to love her dearly!  Her life taught me how to love, how to be patient, how to listen.  I was 10.  Maria cried when she was in pain, which was often.  But she laughed, too.  She was happiest when her family talked to her and brushed her hair.  She died of natural causes only 2 years after I met her, yet she changed my life forever.  Was caring for her a lot of work?  Yes.  My step-mother cared for her full-time with so much love and patience.  That experience for me at 10 has helped me now, at 45.  My mother is totally disabled.  She lives with our family of 7 children.  What I learned from Maria at 10 is what my children are learning now from their grandmother—love is about what you can do for other people, not about what they can do for you.  What does it say about a society when we openly advocate for killing the most venerable members of that society??  May God have mercy on us.  

  • Michellebusiness

    Uhh! So disgusted!

  • Rosebud858

    Right on Cassy! You have eloquently stated the truth. Murder is murder! I have several friends with adult children who live at home with SEVERE disabilities and they would ask…what is too severe? They bath, feed, change, talk and sing to, pack them up and take them into their communities and do everything else for them. Never expecting them to do anything in return except exist to be loved and cared for. Disabled does NOT mean inhuman. I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch Dr. Phil.

    I also agree with samONT2011 – Dr. Phil needs to get his head out of his butt!!!!

  • Subvet

    Too many people will happily point to the German Nazis as examples of where this goes. But one of Hitler’s main inspirations was the eugenics movement in this nation. Check it out folks, there was even a case brought before the Supremes in 1927 on the topic (Buck vs Bell). The Supremes held mandatory sterilization of the “unfit” was okey-dokey. So we’re not on new ground here, those of us who complacently feel “it can’t happen here” need to wake up.

  • gregoryvii

    Maybe we could put Dr. Phil at the top of the exterminate list, as he obviously has a grossly deformed conscience. Too horrible to imagine, it would be much better for him if he did not have to live with it. 

  • Johnsonbryan84

    i agree with what alot of people say. people have the right to dictate their own lives so why do mothers think they can kkill a child before the child even knows what is happening cus im pretty sure the kids aren’t told they are going to die like that girl that died in the truck of carbon monoxide i’m pretty sure she thought they were going out for ice cream or something like that and then poof she suffocates to death which is probably a worse way to die than the way she would have lived

  • CS

    Where can I get a comment to Dr. Phil?

  • Mary

    Annette’s children must want to live if they have lived for over twenty years in an institution.  No one had brought up killing them for so many years.  Now, suddenly, the mother wants to kill her children?  This is not mercy.  It is not compassion.  It is selfishness.  How sad.

  • David Wendell

    I had a sneaking suspicion that Dr. Phil was not pro-life.  My wife (who worked for many years at a Right to Life office watches Dr. Phil regularly.  Hopefully, after I tell her about the “doctor” she won’t watch it anymore.

  • Mouse

    The horrifying thing is that all in the audience (except one I guess) agreed the mother should kill her children. When I read that, do you know what image came to my mind? The cheering crowds of citizens in Nazi Germany, smiling and waving and saluting, Heil Hitler, as Hitler went by in parade…happy, at peace with themselves, and about to usher in one of the worst genocides in history.

  • Mouse

    The horrifying thing is that all in the audience (except one I guess) agreed the mother should kill her children. When I read that, do you know what image came to my mind? The cheering crowds of citizens in Nazi Germany, smiling and waving and saluting, Heil Hitler, as Hitler went by in parade…happy, at peace with themselves, and about to usher in one of the worst genocides in history.

  • carol

    Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, would have surely advocated this. That was the whole idea behind her “movement” — to wipe out “imperfections”, she even considered being of a minority race as an “imperfection”.   Just look up her writings..it’s all there.  She was an evil woman.
     Equally disturbing is the audience approval .   What direction has society gone??

  • Spilausky

    Being a mother is selfless love , she can only consider giving up her parental right and not profit off her children’s life insurance which I’m sure she has for them. There is no scripture that says kill your children because they are defenseless, they need her love not her excuses

  • Artmom

    Well said, Cassy Fiano.  You have nailed the logic, or twisting of, so clearly and  eloquently!  Unfortunately, that idea of mothers having some right to take children out of the world, (which takes God off the throne), distracts our whole society from adoption (Steve Jobs was adopted) and helping the disabled who are here with us and also supporting their families.

  • Maxine

    Thank you for reporting on what the media and everyday nice people find entertaining…the killing of our most vulnerable citizens of society.  May God bless you Cassy for speaking out.  May God bless you and your unborn baby boy!  He will bring you much joy!  I am the mother of a beautiful little girl named Grace.  She is turning 10 this month and has D.S.  Gracie has brought myself, her sisters,  brothers, nephew, and grandparents nothing but pure joy!  Maxine Creamer

  • Courtney

    No parent, especially this yahoo, has the right to kill their child. We must continue to fight this lunacy and sickness that is becoming prevalent in our world. 

  • Dave

    Let us all pray for the protection and respect for life in all of its forms 

  • Lccpraise

    Horrid. What is compassionate about that? Nazi is right, will not watch Dr. Phil again, amazing what you will interview for the ratings, apparently. During a ski accident in 1998, I sustained a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, etc. Went Coma, declared Persistive Vegitative State, never be able to put together a sentence, never bear weight, blah, blah. If my POA (Power of Attorney) had pulled the plug (as advised, since I was on life support to breathe & in coma) my daughter would not have been born, my grandchild would not have been born, I would not have had a successful career, bought my own house, traveled the US, sit on advisory boards and assist other people with disabilities get jobs. I would be curious what the mother did to enrich their lives and maximize capability vs talk shows about lack of able bodied capacity.

  • Victress Jenkins

    No one has the right to play God and murder their children! Such twisted minds there are in this country. May God have mercy on the children!!

  • mugwort2

    If I remember correctly Hitler’s idea of perfection was blonde hair, blue eyes.  Pretty ironic since he himself was brown haired and brown eyes.  He sought “perfection” by eliminating everyone who he thought was otherwise.  Starting with disabled.   OTOH I don’t see these advocates of wanting their daughters,. sons to be perfect.   I do highly suspect these mothers and fathers are at the very least twisting the phrase “quality of life.”  That is for they think is quality of life.  Who decides quality of life?  What is the definition?   Where does one draw the line?  To what degree, severity?  Who decides?  By what criteria?  How far from the physical, intellectual ideal does one deviate? 

  • MOM of 3

    I am absolutely horrified to think that this woman believes that she has the right to decide for her children what their quality of life shoud be. She should never refer to herself as a mother again!!

  • Calbloom

    None of my family members has been institutionalized because that’s NOT how you show that you LOVE someone!  One of my brothers had epilepsy and was mentally handicapped and lived at home.  My parents also lived at home until they passed away at 80+ years.  They had serious health problems but we figured out how to take care of them at home.  Investing one’s time to take care of a family member is a loving activity.  Sticking one’s family members in an institution or “mercy killing” them is NOT a loving activity.  We are middle class and not interested in welfare or government intervention of any kind.

  • boldaq

    Thanks, Cassy. Great article.

  • Robin

    My son became disabled after a stomach virus. I had to fight with the DOCTORS to be able to keep him alive because they did not think his quality of life would be good enough to keep him alive. Today, he is not the same little boy I used to have as far as physically or mentally, but he is still my little boy who knows me and knows his surroundings. I trust the Great Physician, and to Him, ALL life is precious!

  • I watched that episode very closely since I’m very much against mercy killings or assisted suicide or anything like that. I believe that God should choose when someone’s life is to end, just as he chooses when your life begins. I listened and watched the terrible, awful thing that happened to Terri. I prayed everyday that someone would stop her starving and dehydration because I SAW a light in her eyes, I KNOW in my heart that she smiled at her mother. Her ex-husband will probably go to Hell for what he did to her. BUT, Dr. Phil did not advocate the mercy killings. He stayed neutral from what I could tell, I despise that mother who wants to give them lethal injections vs. starving and dehydration. I guess we should applaud that cause if we have to pick between the two! hmmmm I was outraged by how the audience clapped when they were asked. I was shocked! I really didn’t expect them to clap and cheer as much as they did. That really scared me. I like Dr. Phil and I watch everyday and he does help a lot of people, I guess he should have told his audience “Shame on you.” But he didn’t. Just like most of us don’t get into religious, political or pro-life vs. abortion debates unless you know that they agree with you. Most try to avoid conflict. He can’t lose his show so probably contractually he has to stay more neutral, it’s his job. I truly believe he’s a good man or I wouldn’t watch his show. But yeah, even though I believe he was NOT an advocate for “mercy killings”, I wish he would have been a little more harsh with that mother.  Where was the father? I don’t remember any mention of him….maybe I missed that part…. OHHHHH, and that lawyer… total scum! And CHEERS for the mother there, crying with disabled children! She SHOULD have been given more time…but it unfortunately was not about her, it was about the other woman and her 2 severely disabled children. And yes, I agree with the blogger…it’s a scary, slippery slope we are headed into.

    • Joyce

      I also like Dr. Phil very much, but he only gave about a minute and half to the mother in tears giving another opinion.  I’m just not so sure HE didn’t agree with the audience.  He could of asked the audience if it was this case or any case of mothers right to kill their disabled children.

  • Whatever!

    What an idiotic assumption ” If my children could choose they would choose suicide!” 

    If they could choose they would put her butt in jail for attempted murder !!

  • Another consideration is the “butterfly effect”. We don’t know why things happen. Could it be that people with these conditions are giving other people an opportunity to show care and compassion, and to learn from them?

  • bodica

    Eloquent, Cassy, and congratulations on Ben and the new baby.  Wonder how Dr. Phil would feel if we decided that people who advocated the murder of children were “legally insane” and by their criteria had no Right to Life!!!  Or that his height and weight made him an excessive eater, and therefore a risk to other people on the so called “overpopulated” planet!  (That’s bS, btw!)  Or if the Black Panthers had their way and decided to kill whitey?  

    How would he feel if his life was in the hands of arbitrary and callous power mad mavens…People like Phil are too arrogant to feel any vulnerability – until it’s too late.

    “Whatever you do to the least of My people, that you do unto Me…”

  • bodica

    Eloquent, Cassy, and congratulations on Ben and the new baby.  Wonder how Dr. Phil would feel if we decided that people who advocated the murder of children were “legally insane” and by their criteria had no Right to Life!!!  Or that his height and weight made him an excessive eater, and therefore a risk to other people on the so called “overpopulated” planet!  (That’s bS, btw!)  Or if the Black Panthers had their way and decided to kill whitey?  

    How would he feel if his life was in the hands of arbitrary and callous power mad mavens…People like Phil are too arrogant to feel any vulnerability – until it’s too late.

    “Whatever you do to the least of My people, that you do unto Me…”

  • Great article.  Very similar sentiments in my own blog post:


    There is no justification for killing someone in this manner.

  • Kathy

    “True ‘compassion’ leads to sharing another’s pain;  it does not kill the person whose suffering we cannot bear.”  The Gospel of Life, no. 65.

  • Think about it

    People are playing god right now. Keeping people alive who would be dead if it weren’t for constant supervision. This debate has 2 heated sides for a reason, but to say that it is wrong to let these people die because then they will start killing more normal people is off topic. They are vegetative. They will never get better. At best they are a prisoner of their own body. I want you to lie in a room and stair at the ceiling for a couple of years without moving, speaking, communicating in any form, and see if you like to just exist. If you do, then you can say let them live. For too long have I seen people keep others alive, in pain or anguish, just to make the living feel better about themselves. I feel that it is a hard call, but the humanity of it does not sit on either side.. both sides are wrong.  

  • I already told my mother, if I were to end up like a vegetable, not moving, eating through a tube, than please end me. Though yes I agree some parents look to eager to end their childs life but my mother understands and she told me to do the same for her, there is no use. I mean your unmoving, you have to rely on tubes to be breating and eating, and the doctors tell you that its likely to ever to change, sorry but thats torture, quietly screaming in you head, no one can hear you.

  • Bill-krsten-miller

    My stand is first, murdering someone was a crime historically in the USA.
    Our nation was built on “One nation under God….and His will be done.?

    I find people with developmental disabilities among my greatest teachers. To dispose of such treasure I do not understand.

    Suffering is a part of the world we live in, and we live to come along side each other in suffering.

    Try to think of the gift of life, and gift this person is to you.

    Take joy in being a Mother and continuing in the process of life.

    I know it is a struggle. Value life.

    Dear Lady, I travel accross oceans to visit, two hours a day, with people who are my friends, and disable. It is one of the greatest pleasures of my life….not to see each one suffering…..but to share in suffering and form beautiful frindships.

    As others have written the Nazi’s introduced Mercy Killings into Germany. 

    May you pray, and seek God.

  • When death penalty still continues in many countries, life imprisonment is allowed for criminals who are guilty of horrendous crimes, it seems alright to decide when a person is suffering too much in life and need not do so. Mercy killing should be done on case to case basis.

    • grdawg

      How are these things related? The death penalty (at least in the U.S.) is for people who are guilty of a serious, violent crime – usually murder. Life imprisonment, as you said, is for those who are guilty of horrendous crimes. What are suffering people guilty of? Nothing. Why do we treat suffering people the same as guilty people? Suffering people deserve our care and compassion, not our sentence of death.

  • KillPhil

    I read this article and read these comments and I feel compelled to voice my thoughts on this matter as well. Depending on how sever the disability is and how bad off the child is the parents of the child should make an executive discision on whether the child lives or dies. If anyone believes other wise please contact me through my email. We can have an adult rebudle.
    [email protected]

    • grdawg

      Are you really advocating for killing someone – making an “executive decision” – just because they are disabled? Why, because they cost too much and are too hard to take care of?

  • I came across this page while looking into to problems with sanfilippo. I am a mum of 2 boys with sanfilippo, a real mum might I add. One of my boys passed away in February of this year and am now nursing the older of the two and have two other children. Living a home all their days, don’t get me wrong it’s one of the hardest jobs there is, but I don’t think that woman has the right, she doesn’t know what it is like to look after the kids cos she ain’t doing it. Yes they can suffer but it’s ur job to as a mother to look after ur children and care for them no matter what……..

  • CaroleV

    We are the parents of two adult daughters with disabilities. They are a complete joy to us. Euthanasia is another word for murder. If the day comes when our daughters are to be eliminated, my husband and I will go as well. God help this country!

  • Ashley

    This is sick. I am so close to tears. How could any mother want to kill her children, ever?

  • Who gets to decide if a person is living a “quality”
    life?? If a person is unable to make that decision for themselves, is that a quality life?? If a person suffers everyday of their lives is that a quality life?? If we decide to prolong a persons suffering in the name of compassion is that not selfish and abusive. I am prolife but sometimes, we have to think about others and not ourselves.

  • Dale Dale Biberman

    Thank you for writing such an insightful article. What it all boils down to is selfishness. The motivating factor behind these so-called “mercy killings” is that the parents want to end their own suffering. Each time you see “their” suffering in here, just replace it with the parent’s suffering. For example “These two parents want to make it legal to murder your children if, as a parent, you feel that their lives aren’t worth living, because YOU are supposedly suffering too much. And what makes a life not worth living? Apparently, having a disability.” Just replace it throughout the article. It’s all about THEM. It’s too hard for them to watch. And I agree, the lady in Dr. Phil’s audience hit the nail on the head when she said, “.. that you can’t kill your children just because it’s too much work for YOU to keep them alive.” Those selfish parents are only concerned about how it is affecting THEM. When Dr. Phil polled his audience to see who agreed with the mother and almost every single member agreed, it’s because they felt sorry for the MOTHER. They were not thinking of the children.
    When my mother was dying of cancer in a hospital (hospice was not involved), toward the end she started going into convulsions. They assured me she was not in pain. The cancer had spread to her brain and this was just a consequence of the dying process when the brain is affected. We were traumatized when this started happening. None of us had witnessed such a thing and we were all crying at the confusion of it all. The nurse said she could give my mother something to “calm it down.” I knew what that meant and I asked her if it would hasten my mother’s death. She nodded yes. The nurse’s facial expression was one of surprise when I asked that question because it seemed like it was something that was just not questioned. I guess most would just live in denial that they were in actuality performing a mercy killing. My response to the nurse was that we would let her die naturally. And she did a couple of hours later. Giving my mother a fatal dose of medication to “calm her down” would have been nothing more than something to calm us down because it appeared we couldn’t handle the dying process. But we did! It wasn’t easy but at that moment one cannot think of self and how upsetting, inconvenient, frightening….fill in the blank…..something is for yourself. You rise above that and you do the right and moral thing.
    Again, thank you for writing this article. I wholeheartedly agree with all that you say. It’s a scary, evil, and selfish world we live in if we think as parents we have a right to end our child’s life just because it’s too hard on US. It sickens me.

  • cookie163

    I used to work with a girl her had Sanfilippo syndrome. It is severe and she needed lots of care and will for life. But she loved to watch Barney and she smiled at familiar people. She is a human being and it seems ridiculous that anyone has to point that out to these crazy people who think they get to decide when murder is ok. Most people with Sanfilippo die during their teenage years, some live a little longer. This woman’s children are probably close to the natural end of their life. Why doesn’t she just leave them alone since she has already left them in an institution for their entire lives?

    • cookie163

      correction *who has*

  • Myla

    any one of us may not be fit to be part of society because we ALL have faults. but that does not mean that anyone can advocate for our mercy-killing. most especially not our mothers who should be the ones to protect us. who decides who can be part of society, let them cast the first stone?
    i am so glad i am the mother of my special needs child… i just could not imagine what would happen to her if her mother was like that.

  • OldTradCat

    The only thing Dr. Phil knows for sure is how to part his hair.