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Killing by euthanasia may be defined by government of Quebec as “health care”

Photo credit:  alexindigo on Flickr
Photo credit: alexindigo on Flickr

According to Alex Schadenberg, executive director and international chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, the government of Quebec is leaning towards including euthanasia as part of health care. They will do this by defining it as a medical treatment:

By defining euthanasia as a healthcare, access to euthanasia will inevitably be extended to everyone, because everyone is provided given equal access to healthcare. People who want to increase access to euthanasia, in the near future, will employ the equality provision in the Canada’s Charter of Rights to convince the courts to logically extend euthanasia. The Quebec government seems to have intentionally defined euthanasia as medical treatment in order to introduce it in a limited form and then let the courts extend it to nearly everyone.

Schadenberg states that Quebec intends to mirror Belgium’s laws and quotes to a recent study that shows that almost one third of euthanasia deaths in Belgium were accomplished with the express request of the victim – while almost half (47%) of all deaths resulting from euthanasia were not reported as euthanasia! Additionally, while the Belgian law calls for doctors to euthanize, in some cases nurses perform the procedure.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has launched a campaign asking Canadian citizens to sign the Declaration of Hope, which details some of the reasons why euthanasia is not in the best interest of the country. It deals with issues such as the morality of causing intentional death, protecting the elderly and helpless, and providing equality for all people. What will happen if people feel that they have a duty to die instead of being a “burden” on society or their family? What about older people who may not have someone to watch out for their best interest?

Below is a part of the Declaration, while the document in its entirety can read here:

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are not socially acceptable responses to terminal or incurable illness or chronic conditions.  Changing the law may result in some people feeling pressured and thereby consider themselves or their loved ones as ‘better-off-dead’.  Some people will feel obliged to justify why they want to continue treatment.  For many, including attending physicians, euthanasia and assisted suicide would become the unspoken, but ever present, question resulting in a subtle, negative change to the doctor-patient relationship.  Will this result in a “duty to die”?

Euthanasia and assisted suicide pose a threat to the equality of persons.  The lives of some in our community will be considered — “not worth living”.  Among those at greatest risk are the elderly, the lonely, those living with disabilities, those experiencing chronic illness and those with limited access to good medical care.  Maintaining the current laws protects all Canadians equally.

Older Canadians are not a problem to be rid of — they’re a generation to be honoured and cared for.  Elder Abuse has become a significant problem in Canada.  We cannot ignore the possibility that dependent elderly people may be coerced into euthanasia or assisted suicide.  We cannot put older Canadians at risk by creating new paths to elder abuse.

  • Julia

    Killing people is not healthcare. Abortion, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, these are all ways of killing people, and none of them are healthcare, but the opposite.

  • Congrats, Heidi! You’ve made terrorists look compassionate! At least
    most of their victims tend to die instantly, and therefore painlessly.

  • Connor

    Euthanasia is not, the right to die. Euthanasia is the right to kill. And they want to do it without your consent. This is part of an agenda. They start by the old and the sick but it won`t stop there. It is the 1930s all over again. It was called eugenics. It hasen`t changed. They have a plan of population reduction in large numers of what they call the useless eaters. That is you. Today as we speek, they practice silent euthanasia. They do it and keep their mouth shut about it. That is not anouh for them. They want complete impunity with a bill of law protecting them no matter what. They say you the patient will make this decision, but this is a lie.
    Many patients die in nursing homes because of neglect, very avoidable medication errors, accidents due to inexcusable carelssness. bed sores, (inexcusale). Plus I withness the fact that the medical staff could care less about the patients, this from the Doctors to the nursing staff and the administration. And the doctors who work in nursing homes most of them are incompetent, and completely ignorant about pain control. I have sean a lady patient in pain for days without anything being prescribed. Than they prescribe so much sedatives that she cannot be fed. If their not trying to kill those poor old folks they shure as hell are doing a great job at it. —So immagine you are old and houling your pain and they want you to sign some paper that sais do not ressusitate, What do you think most people will do? They usually don`t take the time to explain the patient what they are signing in hospital. Well people , you still have the right to informed consent. Don`t ever loose that right.
    This euthanasia busines is very political and it is driven by an ideology. It did not fall from the sky. Wake up folks, because you`re next.

  • Bob

    Have you seen in what shape the medical system is right now? Waiting 23 hours at the emergency to see the doctor. Emergencies are understaffed. One doctor in the whole emergency. I’m not naming hospitals on purpose. And there is also the medical skills of doctors. I heard the case of a patient who was sent home misdiagnosed with an acute appendicitis and peritonitis and the person died. Come on! How stupid are you people? How can a doctor keep his right to practice medicine when he cannot even diagnose this simple thing! This other case of a women in a hospital, where they prescribed the wrong medications and destroyed her kidneys. And nobody is responsible! Yééééé! I know cases of patient who went to the hospital with wounds and the doc did not want to look at it. Wow! With such competent medical quacks of course they want the right to kill, so this way they are covered if they screw up! Now you are surprised that they want to euthanize you? It’s allot easier to kill you than it is to figure out what you have and give you the proper treatment. And it’s allot cheaper to. I bet our elected representatives know that very well. So we elect them, so they can turn around and vote laws to euthanize us. Hemm. And they are not asking our opinion about this. At all.
    Euthanasia is about money. If people die, they get less care and cost less money. That`s the big motivation. That is what euthanasia is all about. The ideology of the dollar bill. Money money money .
    Voters have given their power to politicians who don`t care about them and live by political expediency. They serve the interest of those who pay them big money. Its a big club for a very few. And its not you. You are not in the big club. They have the advantages of the big club, you , you have euthanasia. Happy?
    What happened to this thing called the Hippocratic Oath and things like do no arm?…. .. That, went out the window.
    What happened to people`s common sense? That went out the window also.