Father Pavone from Priests for Life on what pastors should say on January 20

I just filmed an interview with pro-life hero Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life for our January 22 episode of Life Report. After we were finished, Fr. Pavone agreed to answer one more question geared toward pastors and priests as they prepare for Sanctity of Life Sunday (January 20). Specifically, I asked, besides the obvious messages on Imago Dei and the sanctity of human life, what is the most important message for pastors to preach that Sunday morning? What should the congregation walk away with?

If you don’t want to watch the 2-minute video, you can read the full transcript below.


Father Pavone:  The people should walk away with this simple concept: we can end abortion. We can do it. We can succeed. We are succeeding. And they have something to contribute to that. And what our message is to the world – that they can start communicating to their families and friends and co-workers – is the same message  God gives to us: I am with you.

In other words, that the pro-life movement is all about being with the people who are – along with us – enmeshed in this culture of death, and saying, you know what? We’re in this together. Let’s help each other. Let’s help each other through a surprise pregnancy. Let’s help each other raise children and welcome life.

And this is how we do it: if the people can come away from the sermon feeling empowered, realizing that, hey, this is not a hopeless, big situation. This is about my friend down the street or my neighbor that needs a good word from me so that I can change their despair into hope.

I would say, too, for the pastors: there’s a special website we have called And if they go to ProLifePreaching, they’ll be able to see what they can use on January 20 and, in fact, throughout the year.

Please forward this video to your pastor or priest!

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Special thanks to Kimberly Carmany for the transcription.

  • Ashley Whalen

    Left me in a good mood! I believe if there are more of us Pro- life advocates out there preaching the right words and educating people on the facts of abortion,The better the chances are we will make things right ,the way they were intented to be .What the truth is and the depths of it Think about it ,a woman just found out shes pregnant,doesnt know what to do turns to parents ,they say”get rid of it'(rightthen and there she sees it as normal,her parents treat it like trash so she thinks its right.Another example A teeage girl find out shes pregnant,goes to friends tells boyfriend he laughs It off like a joke and she doesn’t want her parents to know,she goes to the clinic and they say “its just a clump of cells not a babymno heartbeat,just cells)she will believe a DR shes only a teen.Some women really don’t have a CHOICE at all,ask them “why did YOU coose to have this abortion?”
    Most woman would say Woman-“MY mother and father,gave me an ultimatum ,move out or get an abortion,boyfriend-i will break up with you if you keep IT *often times later on the man regrets the descision and blames the girl,the breakup anyway) ,friends- will always look at her in a bad way,still be her friend with stale air in between know what I mean…,DR Its just a clump of cells , its safest way for you,the baby could be retarded,have down syndrm a heart defect or who knows they make things up sometimes(NOT ALL DRs do this). or the most popular FAMILY SAID THEY WANTED ME TO”oh well audience does that sound like the Woman really made the descision??